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My best friends father part 3

Based on my life: Names and some places have been changed to protect privacy.


He slid his fingers into my panties I began to shake. His body was crushing mine, his mouth was so incredibly hot and wet. I was panting, my body thirsting for him. "Lola... I love you so much..." he whispered in my ear.

"I love you too I whispered softly, licking his neck, tasting the salt on his skin. I meant it, I loved him. Hopelessly, deeply, loved him. I loved him so innocently, so purely. Things like that only happen once.

He slipped his finger into me slowly. "Please let me do

it..." he said into my neck.

"No... Honey... not yet..."

"But I want to make you feel good," he said, sucking on my nipple.

I moaned and rubbed his neck. "Ohh god..." I moaned.

"Please," he said, looking up, pulling my panties down and licking my navel.

"Yes..." I gave in.

He slowly spread my legs and I felt his tongue licking me slowly. "Hmm, you taste so good, Lola..." he murmured into my pussy and he spread me open with his tongue, exploring my young flesh. I began to shiver and moan harder as he continued. "Yess... oh god, yes..." I started to cum; his tongue was tickling me so deeply my ears rang.

Suddenly the door opened and light poured into the black room. "What the hell!" We both sat up quickly; I covered myself while he

pulled up his pants.

"Parties over... Get out Ken! Lola... Oh for Christ sake... You stay

put!" yelled Lisaís father. He pulled Ken up by the arm and walked him out the door of the bedroom. He then looked at me with a look could have killed. His eyes ran over my body harshly. "Iíll deal with you later!" he said seriously. I found my panties on the bed and put them on, quickly.

As I slipped my dress over my head, I could hear Lisaís motherís voice

downstairs. I walked down the steps slowly; Lisaís motherís voice was

growing louder and angrier with each step. Lisa and Carrie were

sitting on the couch looking shocked and horrified while Lisaís mother paced back in forth in front of them. She looked at me standing on the landing of the steps. "Oh, great! You too?" I just stood there.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Senior year, with her parents out of town - what would any young person do? Lisa decided to throw a party while her parents went up north for the weekend. And it had been a history maker in progress before it was broken up. I didnít think much of anything when my boyfriend started leading me up the stairs of Lisaís house through the crowded halls of drunken teens. We went into her parentsí room, where I quickly attacked his pants, giggling, and began sucking his cock hungrily. It tasted and felt familiar and the pure love and worship I had for him made fact that Lisaís father had taken my virginity (which id given him fairly willingly a few months before) not even cross my mind - until that door swung open.

Carrie and I were sent home. Mr. Schaffer dropped Carrie off first, then he pulled into the parking lot of our grade school. I became nervous; we were just blocks from my house - and his. He stopped the car. My heart was pounding. He grabbed my face hard. "You little slut!" he whispered. He began to undo his belt. I was shaking hard. He was furious...

He pulled my mouth onto his. I gasped as I kissed him back. He threw me back hard against the door of the car. "Is he fucking you too?"

I felt tears running down my cheeks as I replied.. "No," I whispered,

covering my face, pushing the tears from my cheeks.

"Heís not fucking you?" he repeated.

"No..." I sobbed. "No...just... just..."

He smiled cruelly "No just me huh?" I nodded. He leaned over to me, pulling me toward him. "Good girl..." he whispered, stroking my hair.

"Iím so sorry... I... I just..." I looked up at him and he kissed me again. I kissed him back hungrily - I didnít know any other way to respond. His hand slid to my breast and he began squeezing and kneading them roughly through the fabric of my dress. I whimpered in his mouth as our tongues searched each otherís desperately. My mind flashed back to my boyfriend, his gentle loving hands moving over my body. John grabbed my breast roughly, making me moan in his mouth as he pinched and pulled my breasts through my clothing. I heard him unzipping his pants and my body began to shake hard with anticipation and desire. I wanted to feel him in me, fucking me. Oh, my pussy burned for him...

He pushed me back again quickly, startling me. He grabbed my hand-jerking my hand forward slightly, pulling it to his cock. "See what you do to me, you little bitch!" he growled. My hand didnít leave his cock; my fingers slid around it gripping it automatically. He grabbed my neck, pulling my face to his again, kissing me. I began to stroke his cock feverishly as he pulled my body against his. The center console of the car separated us, and I whimpered softly in my own frustration as he kissed me, my hand never ceasing the massage of his cock. He sat up quickly again, and pulled the lever pushing his seat back away from the steering wheel. "Get over here" he saidí looking at me harshly.

"No..." I said softly, "I..."

He grabbed my arm, pulling my upper body over the center console and with his other hand pulled my thigh along with it. I sat on his lap oddly for a second until my body somehow without my permission righted itself and I was straddling his thighs. "No? No what, you stupid girl?" e laughed "Think you can save yourself now for your little

boyfriend?" His hand slid up my dress, feeling my stomach and chest before he caressed my bare breast. I shivered in pleasure; I was a slave to his touch and he knew it.

He laughed softly "Look at you!" He grabbed my hips pulling me forward toward his throbbing cock. "You poor little slut, you canít even help yourself," he murmured, lifting me up over him, rubbing his cock between my pussy lips.

"Oohhh" I whimpered softly. He chuckled and began to push me down onto him. I was very very wet for him, but it was an extremely tight fit; he moaned and looked at me almost frustrated with the tightness of it.

"Come on now..." he said, thrusting upward, with his hips. Finally, my body let him in and I sank down against his pubic bone, his hard cock stretching me out once again. I bit my lip in unexplainable pleasure and pain, my young body shaking softly in his arms. He didnít move in me at all; his eyes were clamped shut in pleasure - or guilt - for a few seconds.

When he opened his eyes he looked at my face and kissed my lips softly, sucking my lower lip as he did. I slowly realized I was rocking back and forth on his cock gently and I was going to cum very soon. He sucked in a deep breath, feeling me on him. "Oh shit..." he moaned as he felt my movement, "Goddamn, its so good... Oh god, Lola..." he whispered, leaning back against the car seat.

I was almost to orgasm, my pussy finally loosening enough for him to move in and out of me, when reality struck him. "Oh fuck!" he said,

sitting up quickly. "Get up!" I did as I was told and quickly rolled back over to my seat. I was frightened and nervous.

He started the car "God, girl" he said smiling at me "Youíre not even..." I turned away from him, guilt rushing over me - oh god... he was my best friendís dad! I was in love with my boyfriend... oh Iím gonna burn in hell...

He turned down my street and pulled into the driveway, getting out of the car - which surprised me - and started up the front walk. ĎWhat is he doing?í I thought to myself as I slid out of the car, my limbs still jelly like from the previous pleasure.

He turned and looked at me. "This way," I heard myself say, pointing towards the side of the house where I always entered. My mother and her husband were never home, especially on weekends. My 20-year-old stepbrother, who was supposed to have been watching over me, had actually been at the party at Lisaís house with Carrie, and I had no idea where he was at that moment. Obviously, he was not at the house since his jeep wasnít in the driveway.

I fumbled with the keys to the house and finally opened the door. The dog growled at John for a moment as he entered the house but walked away soon after. I felt his body heat against me; the house was big and dark and quiet as usual. He followed me or I led him up the back staircase into my bedroom. I laid my coat down on the chair by my door and walked over to my bed and sat down. I was emotionless and almost dazed.

I heard him stripping off his pants and shirt, then he shut the door and locked it. He walked over to my desk, picking up my telephone dressed in only his shorts. I watched his body in the gray light that the moon provided through my bedroom window. He picked up the phone and dialed. "Hey" he said into it, "Iím going to the office for a while." He nodded, "Yeah... Her parents must be out.... No neither of them said anything.... I donít think so... He must be out too.... I guess I could... Rene, whatever you think is best... Okay, love you too... Bye!" He hung up the phone and walked towards me. "My wife cares a lot about you..." he said, kneeling down, sliding his hands up my thighs under my dress. "She doesnít think itís a good idea for a young girl to be alone in a big place like this." He pulled my dress over my head and tossed it over his head, "I have to stay here till your brother comes home!"

I sat there in nothing but my red cotton panties and couldnít believe what came out of my mouth: "That could be hours..." I whispered.

He grinned, "I know!" I covered my breasts with my arms and looked away from him. "Donít get shy on me now, little girl..." he whispered, pulling my arms away from my body.

"Please... donít..." I said softly. He grinned and stood up, pushing me back against the bed. He lay down on top of me, kissing me slowly, hotly, my mouth feverishly pressed against his. Half of my body wrapped around his, my legs around his back. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. His hands caressed my body, brushing over my breasts and stomach. "Hmm..." he moaned, "Youíre so beautiful...". I wiggled and shook, pushing him away and pulling him into me all at the same time. I was in total panic and pleasure. I wanted him, I needed him - but I hated him, I hated myself. How could I let him do this to me when I loved Ken? My body wouldnít listen to my mind screaming no. "No..." I squeaked as I felt him pulling off my panties.

"No?" he laughed, sliding them off and began to laugh again as he stood up pulling his shorts down and stepping out of them. I sat up covering my exposed body with a pillow. I looked at him, standing there naked, his hand stroking his cock back and forth. He wasnít a really big man, taller than me, but not by much. His body was strong and lean. He walked toward me slowly stroking his hard cock; my eyes locked on it.

"Youíre so pretty, Lola, so damn sexy..." His hands were in my hair, my cheek was against his stomach. I felt his cock poking me in my chest. "And youíve been very bad!" I looked up at him. "Did you suck that boys cock in my bed, Lola?"

I nodded yes, before I could stop myself. I saw the anger and lust in his eyes flash before they changed back to the aloof stare that they often carried. "You know youíre very good at that," he said, lowering my head to his crotch, "I think you owe me an apology!"

He put his cock to my lips; I opened my mouth automatically and began sucking. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth and he moaned loudly, grabbing the back of my head hard. "Goddamn, little girl..." he gasped, pushing my head back and forth on his cock. I moaned softly on his cock; my own excitement was beyond my control. His cock tasted hot and metallic in my mouth and as I sucked him in deeper the head of it jabbed the back of my throat making me gag softly - but I kept sucking. He half laughed, half-moaned as he watched me sucking his cock. Looking around my bedroom quickly, he grabbed my head stopping me and pushed me back. He reached over and turned on the light over my bed. The light hurt my eyes! I saw him grinning down at me as he crawled next to me on the bed. "I want see you!" Standing between my legs, he pushed me back and lifted my hips up him. I tried to press my legs together, but he was already positioning himself against me. My hips and ass were in his hands as he forced his cock into me slowly. We both groaned as he retreated backward slightly to force more of himself into me. I gasped for breath, my hands clamped against my body. I looked up at his torso in front of me, his strong hands pulling my body onto him. My legs wrapped around his hips as his pelvic bone thrust against me.

He was looking down at our movements, watching his cock plunging in and out of my tight opening. He looked up at me and smiled as he continued to fuck me. He leaned over, pushing me farther across the bed, lying down on top of me. I moaned softly as his weight pressed me down into the mattress. He kissed me softly and I kissed him back, my arms wrapping around his waist. He groaned as I pushed him deeper into me with my thighs. "Hmmm yeah..." he mumbled into my neck. His lips moved down to my breasts and he sucked and licked my nipples as I pushed up against him with my hips.

I began to cum on him hard, shaking, my small pussy clamping around his hard cock. I moaned. "Fuck...!!" he cried out loudly. I shook hard in orgasm, tears running down the sides of my face. He slammed into me violently as he came, my nails scratching the skin of his lower back, trying to stop the incredible over-stimulation.

He lay on top of me, breathing heavily, looking down at my face. Our eyes met for a moment and I quickly looked away. He grabbed my face, forcing me to look at him. "Donít pretend you didnít enjoy that!" He let go of my face and pulled out of me, standing up. Guilt rushed over me; I had enjoyed it, and I had even maybe wanted it. I began cry softly wrapping my body up into a ball. I was so ashamed, so much pleasure made my heart ache.

He lay down next to me, pulling my back into his chest, holding me

tightly. As soon as I felt his hot skin on mine I stopped crying. "Youíre so beautiful," he whispered, slipping his hand in-between my thighs. I wasnít listening to him anymore as he began to finger me gently kissing my face, holding me tight. I felt his cock, hard again, against the backs of my thighs. I spread my legs wider; his fingers moved deeper into me. I grabbed his cock in between my thighs and our mouths met in a ferocious wet kiss.

"Please..." I whispered stroking him with my fingers. He groaned and sat me beside him on the bed. He kissed me hard on the lips and began slowly working his way down my chest past my navel and began lapping my pussy slowly. I wiggled and moaned as he ate me intensely. My hands ran over his neck, my fingertips wrapping around his short hair as I began to cum.

He stopped suddenly looking up at me harshly. He pulled me up to him violently, as his eyes flashed anger again "You let him..." he spat, "In my fucking bed!"

He spun me around pushing me on the bed on my hands and knees. He spread my thighs with his knee quickly and slammed his cock into me hard.

I screamed; it hurt but I began to cum immediately. I came so hard my breath was taken away and my entire body seized in pleasure. My ears rang from the pleasure, he kept fucking me hard, slamming my body against the bed with his weight. He fucked me hard, pinning me into the mattress. My breathing returned and I gasped in excruciating pleasure and fear. His hands were clamped tightly around my waist impaling me with his cock. He moaned and came hard in me again, falling on top of me in exhaustion.

I must have almost fallen asleep, right there with him on top of me, because his pulling out of me startle me back into consciousness. He stood up and quickly began to get dressed. I pulled back the covers of my bed and got under them. "I m gonna be late..." he muttered at me.

I rolled my eyes and pulled the pillow over my head. He yanked it away, grabbing my face and kissing me. He looked at me for a moment, shut his eyes and looked again. "Fuck..." he whispered, "Iíll see you soon." He shut the door to my room as he left. I was asleep before his car left my driveway.

Heíd said "See you soon" He meant it.