Little Dan

I’m the best cameraman in the country.  I know it.
Everybody knows it.  So it did not come as a complete
surprise when North American Pharmaceuticals offered me a
ridiculous amount of money to film a new infomercial.

North American Pharmaceuticals had a new product on the
market.  A breakthrough product.  It was going to be a
blockbuster.  It was a brand new type of sexual lubricant
called Slippyslidey.  A wonder lubricant.   They were
spending a large amount of money to promote it, and they had
decided to go after the gay dollar.  I guess they figured
that not a lot of Christian dollars were going to be spent
on a new sexual lubricant.

It seemed that somehow in this day and age of religion and
anti-porn; in this age of family values determined to
eradicate extra-marital and especially same-sex sexuality,
Quantumvision, the vast cable network company, had also
decided to go after the gay dollar and establish a hard-core
gay pay porn channel, ‘Effenesse.’

North American Pharmaceuticals had decided that Effenesse
would be the perfect outlet on which to place an
informercial for their new wonderproduct, Slippyslidey.
They had hired me to film the informercial.  And today was
the day.

I didn’t have to leave for the studio for another fifteen
minutes, and I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a
second cup of coffee.

“Daddy, will you play ball with me?” asked Reggie, my six
year old.

“I want to play too.  I want to play too,” screamed Jackie,
my four year old.

“No.  Your father has to go to work.  And you have to go to
school Reggie,” said Veronica, my wife, as she shoveled
another spoonful of strained peas into baby Alice’s mouth.

“Aaahhh,” screamed Alice in delight, as she pounded her tiny
fists on the high chair.  Some of the peas flew out onto
Veronica’s face.  Veronica wiped her face with a paper
napkin, and delivered another spoonful into Alice’s tiny

“I don’t care.  I think it’s disgusting,” said Veronica.

“The peas?” I asked naively.

“The infomercial,” she said.

I knew I should never have told her.  “It’s money, Veronica.
It’s good money.”

“But it’s perverted and immoral.”

“But it’s money, Veronica,” I explained very slowly.  “And I
don’t want to hear any more about it.”

She sighed and got one more spoonful into Alice’s mouth.

“What’s a imfomercial, Daddy?” asked Jackie.

“It’s a long commercial, like you see on television,
Jackie,” I answered, swallowing the last of my coffee.  It
was time to leave.  I kissed the kids.  I kissed Veronica.
I took a napkin and wiped some strained peas off my mouth,
and I went out the front door.  I got into my car, and I
drove down to the studio.

I parked in the parking lot, and proceeded to soundstage 12.
Perry Pierson, the director/announcer was already there.

“Hi, Perry,” I greeted him.

“Leo,” he nodded, and we shook hands.

“As you can see, the set’s already up,” he gestured.

I looked.  There was a large table full of tubes of
Slippyslidey, and also an older brand, and to the right of
it was a large vinyl mat on the floor.  Yes.  The set was

“The boys are in the dressing rooms,” said Pierson.  Just
tell me when you get set up.”

“Fine,” I said.  I set my lights all around the set and
picked up my camera.  I was not going to use a tripod for
this.  It would be hand-held camera, so I could get in all
the tight places.  Film all the crazy angles.  I was
determined that this was going to be as artistic a project
as possible, even given the subject matter.

I pointed my camera at the table.  I moved over to the mat
and walked all around it, pointing my camera down.  I got
down on my knees, and looked through the sight.  I seemed to
be ready to go.

“Okay,” I said.  “Let’s begin.

“Okay.  First you focus on me,” said Pierson.  He took a
position beside the table.  In one hand he held a
microphone, and his other hand rested on the table.  I began
to shoot.

“Gentlemen.  Gentlemen,” said Pierson into the microphone.
I’m here to introduce you to the new wonderproduct.
Slippyslidey, the aloe based lubricant, invented by North
American Pharmaceuticals, especially for your pleasure.

He continued.

After many years of experimentation and exhaustive animal
testing in our laboratories, North American Pharmaceuticals
is pleased to unveil its exciting new product, Slippyslidey.
We are going to show you just how wonderful this product is.
How superior it is to what was already on the market, which
I will simply call ‘The Rival Brand.’

Here, Pierson simply held up a blank white tube.  The brand
name had been covered.  There was no point in embarrassing
its manufacturer, Lethe Laboratories.

Today we have two handsome young couples with us to help us
with the demonstration.  (I closed in on Pierson’s face.
Off to the side, four young boys emerged from the dressing
room, wearing purple silk bathrobes, tied around the middle
with a looped cord.  Pierson turned to them and introduced
them.  I focused on their handsome young faces.)  First,
Teddy and Elmer are going to have sexual intercourse using
‘The Rival Brand,’   (Teddy and Elmer bowed slightly and
smiled shyly at each other.)  Then, Len and Mark (they bowed
and grinned into the camera) are going to fuck using
fabulous new Slippyslidey, the revolutionary aloe based
lube.   Len and Mark.  You can go back to the dressing room
for now, while Teddy and Elmer get it on.  (Len and Mark
turned and went back into the dressing room.  I filmed their
backs. Then I turned my camera on Teddy and Elmer.)  Okay,
boys.  Time to get started.   (I trained my camera on Teddy
and Elmer’s long slender bodies, as they slipped off their
robes.  They came together and started kissing.  I moved
right in close and my camera got Teddy’s tongue snaking
between Elmer’s lips, and licking, licking inside his mouth.
I lowered the camera and got Teddy’s hand squeezing Elmer’s
beautiful round butt cheeks.   He took both his hands and
pulled the cheeks apart, so I could film the tiny pink
aperture between the white fleshy mounds.  I moved in close
and shot a lot of feet of colored film.)

They continued kissing, and sucking tongues.  Elmer got down
on his knees in front of Teddy’s long thick instrument.  It
wasn’t all that hard.  Elmer took it in his mouth and worked
on it.  It got harder.  Teddy moved Elmer’s mouth up and
down on his dick.  I filmed the blowjob, though I would
probably be cutting it later.  This infomercial was not
about blowjobs.

The two of them stretched out on the mat.  They were kissing
again, and Elmer was manipulating Teddy’s big cock.

You ready, guys?

(smiling into the camera.)
We’re ready.

(picking up a tube of The Rival Brand, and kneeling on the
mat, where he opened the tube and smeared the clear gel all
over Teddy’s cock.  Then he squeezed more on his fingers and
began feeding them into Elmer’s tight asshole.   It wasn’t
that easy squeezing the tube and holding the microphone at
the same time.  He squeezed more gel onto his fingers.)
Okay, guys.  You see what I’m doing.  I just covered Teddy’s
penis with The Rival Brand, and now I’m packing a load of it
up Elmer’s sweet little asshole.  (I closed in on his greasy
fingers packing into Elmer’s clutching pink hole.)  Now none
of you can say we didn’t use plenty of lube, here.  See how
much I’m getting into Elmer’s lovechannel.  A lot.  Okay,
guys.  You’re ready.  Go for it.  (Elmer turned over on his
belly, and Teddy climbed on top of him.  I closed in on the
big rod as it started to push into the little opening.)

“Oh, shit,” said Teddy.

“What’s wrong?” asked Pierson.

“I’m losing my hard on.  Oh, fuck.  Goddamn.”  He kept
trying to stuff it in, but my camera could clearly see that
his dick was limp.

“Fuck.  Shut off the camera,” Pierson said to me.  “He needs
some plumping,” explained Pierson.

I didn’t know what plumping was.

“I guess, I’ll do it,” sighed Pierson.   He laid down the
microphone, and made Teddy straighten up on his knees.
Pierson got down and took the limp cock into his mouth.  He
lovingly tended it, and teased it into hardness with his
tongue.  Now I knew what plumping was.  I just stood there
with the camera dangling on the end of my arm, and waited.

When the cock was hard again, Pierson covered it generously
with The Rival Brand and made Teddy stretch out over Elmer.
He fed the cock into Elmer’s asshole with his greasy
fingers.  I switched on the camera and got behind Teddy’s
asscheeks and took a close-up of the hard rod pushing into
the tight channel.  Or ‘lovechannel’ as Pierson had called

“Oh, god,” screamed Elmer.  “This was not a delighted
passionate ‘oh, god.’  It was an ‘oh, god’ of pain and

“Stop.  Stop,” screamed Elmer.  “It hurts.”

“Keep going, boys, or you don’t get paid,” said Pierson in a
low voice.  You would still be able to hear it in the film.
I would have to edit it out.

Teddy started humping his dick into Elmer’s protesting ass.
Elmer was twisting every which way trying to get away from
it, but it was a guided missile.  It wasn’t going anywhere
but in.

(crying.  I closed in on the tears streaming down his
cheek.)   Oh, god.  It hurts.  It hurts.  Please take it
out.  I can’t stand it.  OOOOOWWWWW.   OOOOOOWWWWW.

(bravely humping.)
Damn.  Your ass is hurting my dick.  It’s like fucking

Teddy started grimacing as he stroked in and out.  I
alternated on his pained expressions and on his cock moving
in and out of the asshole, pulling flesh with it on the
outstroke.  Elmer’s passage was clinging to the long
cylinder instead of releasing it.  The dick was not slipping
and sliding easily into the ‘lovechannel.’

I moved around in front of their faces and knelt.  I got
Teddy’s displeasure.  Then I moved my camera down onto
Elmer’s agonized contorted face. I focused in on the tears
streaming down his cheeks.

AAAAGGGHHH.  AAAGGGHHHH. It hurts.  It hurts.  Oh my god.
Oh my god.  Please.  Please.  I can’t stand any more.
Please.  Please.  OHHHHHHH.  OHHHHH.  It hurts. It hurts.

Not only was he crying.  He was sweating.  So was Teddy.
Elmer was trying to throw Teddy off his back.  He was
thrashing and struggling.  But Teddy wanted the money.  He
was going to finish the shoot no matter what.  He held Elmer
down, and stabbed into him.   Elmer pushed up on his knees,
and crawled a foot or two, but Teddy adjusted.  He held onto
Elmer’s shoulders and crawled with him.  That cock was not
going to be dislodged from that ass.

Teddy wasn’t having a good time, but he was persistent.  He
just kept plugging away trying to build up a load.  I shot
between their bodies, and my camera saw the now-red
asschannel holding on to the marauding dick.

I’m coming.  I’m coming.

Come on.  Come. God damn it.  Finish.  Hurry.


This was not pain.  This was ejaculation.  My camera beamed
down on Teddy’s ass going into the short shoves.  His hips
whapping away against Elmer’s round buttcheeks.   Teddy
flattened out on top of Elmer’s back.  The two of them were
panting.  Elmer was still crying.   Pierson motioned for me
to swing my camera around to the juncture of their bodies,
and I filmed furiously as Teddy raised his ass, and placed
his arms on the mat on each side of Elmer’s head.  He was
lifting off.  I filmed the shiny cock withdrawing, and I
filmed the angry red gaping hole that was Elmer’s ass.  It
was nasty looking.  Swollen and puffy.  Pearly white liquid
started dribbling out of it.  Then came a few pearly globs.
I was shooting a male creampie.  And the whiteness of the
cream only made the unclosed passage look redder and sorer.

How was that boys?   (Pierson held the microphone up in
front of Elmer’s agonized face.)

It was horrible.  It was just horrible.

And how was it for you, Teddy?

Well, Perry.  Since you asked.  It was really really lousy.

I’m really sorry that you guys lost the toss and had to use
The Rival Brand.

I’ll never use that brand again. Never. Never  Never.

Me neither.  That stuff is really shit.

I tell you what I’m gonna do.  I’m gonna give you each a
free tube of our new wondergel, Slippyslidey.   The gel with
the aloe base.  Next time use Slippyslidey and see what a
good fuck you get.

They each accepted a tube from Pierson, and thanked him.
Elmer was tenderly fingering his damaged asshole.  They put
on their purple bathrobes and tied the cord, before heading
back to the dressing room.  As they entered, they held the
door open for Len and Mark who were walking toward us.   I
filmed them as they approached.

Mark was a wiry dark-haired stud.  He was shaved but you
could see the shadow of a beard.  Len had peachy skin, and
light brown hair.  He was slightly rounder.  Both were trim,
good-looking young fellows.

When they got to the edge of the mat, they stripped off
their robes.  Mark had the bigger dick, and he already had
half a hard-on.  He would probably not have the same
difficulty as Teddy. He would be hard when the time came to
fuck.   Len had a smooth hairless perfectly round butt.  Or
rather, two perfectly formed tight fleshy globes.  Well-
cushioned but firm.

They dropped their robes at the edge of the floor, and
stepped onto the mat.  They each shook hands with Pierson.
Pierson held the microphone up in front of Mark’s face.

So, Mark.  Tell everybody.  Are you ready to fuck?

I sure am, Perry.

I can see you are, Mark.  Look at that nice big hard dick.
All ready to plunge in.  (He reached down and wrapped his
hands around the boy’s cock.  I moved the camera down and
filmed his hand as he stroked the big dick.   His hand moved
lower and started fondling Mark’s tense balls.

Feels good, Perry.  Man that feels so good.

Just making sure you’re nice and hard for Len’s beautiful
little ass.   We want to make sure you’re up to it.

Oh, I’m up to it, all right.  You don’t have to worry about

Just take a look at this beautiful ass on Len here.  (He
took Len’s arm and turned him away from the camera.  I
focused the lens on his beautiful round swellings.  Pierson
whispered something in Len’s ear, and he separated the two
globes so that the film would capture the beauty of his rosy
assmouth.  I let the camera linger on his aperture.)  Isn’t
that a beauty of an ass, Mark?

It sure is.  It’s really a great ass.

Why don’t you feel it, Mark?

Thanks, Perry.  Don’t mind if I do.  (I filmed his hand
reaching down and stroking Len’s beautiful globular
fleshmountains.  Len was getting turned on, with a hand
stroking his principal erogenous zone, his prominent twin

UNNNNGGG.  (He started rotating his buttocks against Mark’s
pinching hand.

You want to feel Mark’s big thick dick crawling up your
asshole?   (He held the mike up to Len’s face.  Len’s back
was to the camera, but he turned his face to the side and
spoke into the mike.  I got a whole body shot of him
speaking into the microphone, while circling his excited ass
against Mark’s palm.)

Yes, Perry.  I sure do.  I sure do want to feel that big
cock in my tight back passage.   (He reached over and
wrapped his hand tenderly around the gift that Mark would
give him.)

Well, let’s get started, boys.  No time like the present.
Why don’t you both lie down on this nice comfortable vinyl
mat.   (They nodded and sat down on the comfortable mat.
Mark’s anxious cock was jutting out ten inches in front of
him. Pierson raised the microphone to his own lips and spoke
into it.)  Now these boys are the lucky pair.  They won the
toss.  These two boys get to use North American
Pharmaceuticals incredible new product, Slippyslidey. (He
held a tube of the product up to the camera.)  Slippyslidey,
the aloe based lubricant.  Slippyslidey for the fuck of a
lifetime.  Now all you folks get to see a Slippyslidey fuck
in our controlled experiment, in our comparison copulation.
You’ll never want to use anything else again.  I can
guarantee you that.   (He turns to the boys and holds the
microphone over to them.)   Are you ready, men?

Boy, are we ready.

Yes.  Let’s get this show on the road.

Pierson opened the tube and punctured it with the sharp end
of the cap.   He squeezed a large gob into his hand, getting
it all over the microphone in the process.   He reached his
hand down, and lovingly covered Mark’s big hammer with the
slippery glob.  I filmed his hand.  Then I filmed Mark’s
ecstatic face as he reacted to the rubbing.   Then back to
the stroking hand.  But now the hand was leaving.  He was
squeezing more Slippyslidey, this time onto his fingers.
The fingers reached between Len’s muscular thighs, and
reached into the dark crack.  Len adjusted his body.  He lay
on his back, and swung his legs up, exposing his opening,
allowing Pierson’s fingers to reach in and begin coating his
‘lovechannel’ with wonderful new Slippyslidey.  His face
registered pleasure as the fingers entered.  I filmed his
face, and I filmed his hole.  I would cross cut the two
shots later.  Pierson squeezed more goo and stuffed it into
the boy.  Mark and Len were both well coated now.

I filmed Mark walking on his knees, prick outstretched,
toward Len’s asshole.  He got in tight, and grabbed his
rigid dick.  He placed one hand on the underside of Len’s
raised thigh, as he pushed his cock inside.  It went in
easily.  Len gasped.  This was not a gasp of pain.  It was a
gasp of limitless joy.  His mouth spread in a smile, and his
eyes narrowed contentedly as he felt the long rod moving
into him.  When Mark’s balls hit against his full
bottomcheeks, he went   “HHHHMMMMM,” in appreciation and
swung his legs around Mark’s waist.   His heels were
pressing against Mark’s asscheeks.  He was pressing Mark
into him.  He wrapped his arms around Mark’s body and held
Mark against him.  Mark wrapped his own arms around Len, and
they were pressed chest to chest, as Mark brought his mouth
down to Len’s and they began kissing and sucking each
other’s tongues.

I filmed the kiss and then I panned over their bodies and
knelt down behind Mark’s ass, as he plowed into his partner.
Mark’s ass was slim and strong.  It was not smooth like
Len’s.  It was covered with black hairs.  It was masculine
and sexy.  I moved the camera past Mark’s tight balls, and
filmed his shiny cock as it stretched into the bottomless
whole that was Len’s body.  In. Out.  In. Out.
It was going in so smoothly.  So easily.  It looked so good.
I could imagine my own cock covered with Slippyslidey and
moving into that tiny pretty stretched hole.  So tight.  So
slippy.  So Slidey.   I was getting a hard-on.

I had to concentrate to keep the camera from shaking.  I was
getting so horny.  I wanted to stick my cock into that
pretty hole.  I wanted to fuck that tight lovechannel.  I
wanted to fuck.  I wanted to fuck.  I reached down and put
my hand on my fly, trying to calm my troubled prick.

UUNNNNFFFF.  UNNNNNNFFF.   Yes.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Stick
that big dick into me.  Slide it way up my hot hole.  Give
me your slick dick.  Give me your slick dick.  So smooth.
So sweet.  I love it.  I love it.  Oh, fuck me, man.  Just
fuck me.

Yeah, man.  I’m fucking your hot tight hole.  My cock is
slipping and sliding deep inside your rectum.  It feels so
good.  So good.  I want to come, but I never want this to
stop.  I’m trying not to come.  I want to make this last.
This is so good.  So good.  This is the best fuck I’ve ever
had.  The best fucking fuck.

Yes.  The best fucking fuck I’ve ever had.  The best.  The
best.  I never felt anything like this before in my whole

Oh, your ass is just the greatest.  The greatest, and the
tightest and the hottest.  I want to wade in it forever.

They were driving me crazy.  I was about to shoot off in my
pants.  If I had been a teenager, instead of a married man
and father of three, I would have shot off in my pants.  But
I was old enough to control myself.  Still they were driving
me into a sexual frenzy.

Oh, shit.  I’m gonna cum.  I’m gonna cum.  I’m gonna shoot
my river of cum into your tight canal.  Open the locks.
Open the fucking locks.

His ass started going like a jackhammer as the hot sperm
bubbled up out of his balls, down the long straight tube,
and deep into Len’s lower gut.  The minute Len felt  the
flood inside him, he began moaning and screaming.   He was
arching the circle of his hole against Mark’s balls and
abdomen.  I filmed his ass closing down on the spurting
dick, as he reached between their pressed bodies.  Mark
lifted slightly to allow Len’s hand in.  Len grabbed his own
hard dick and gave a few quick pulls.  And suddenly his own
juice was arching out of his little eyelet, and coating both
their bellies.

Oh, yeah.  That was so good.  Thanks man.  That was so
fucking good.

Thank you, man.  That was fucking unbelievable.  Fucking
unbelievable.  (He began shaking his head from side to side,
not understanding why it had been such an out-of-body

There’s your proof gentleman.  (I swung the lens up to his
face.)   Slippyslidey.  Slippyslidey made this the best fuck
that either of these young men has ever experienced.  (I
swung the lens over to the tube of Slippyslidey that he was
now holding in his hand.)  You’ve seen it for yourself.
Don’t waste another minute.  Run right over to your
neighborhood drug store and buy yourself a good supply of
wonderful new aloe based Slippyslidey.  You don’t want to
waste another fuck without it.  Slippyslidey.  Remember
Slippyslidey.  The wonderful new aloe based lubricant for
the best fuck you’ll ever have.  (I let the camera roll on
the Slippyslidey tube, and I would edit that into a fade

I lay the camera down on the mat, and took a deep breath.  I
still had that fucking hard-on.  I looked down at the
evident disturbance in my pants.  I saw that Pierson had
seen it too.  I was embarrassed.

“Go ahead, man,” said Pierson.  “You can fuck him.”

“No.  I can’t.  Really.  I can’t,” I protested.

“Sure you can,” Pierson assured me.  “Len.  You wouldn’t
mind if Leo, here, fucked you.  Would you?”

“No. Of course not,” said Len.  “Come on, Leo.  Take it out.
You can fuck me.”

“Go ahead, man,” Mark encouraged man.  “He’ll like it.
Believe me.  You’ll be doing him a favor.”

“But I really shouldn’t…….”

“Fuck the shouldn’t,” said Mark.  “You want his ass, take
it.  What are you waiting for?”

I paused a second too long.  Pierson knelt down and
unclasped my belt buckle.  They were all anxious to speed me
along on the road to ruin.  I knew I shouldn’t, but I was
going to.  I let Pierson unzip my fly, and lower my pants.
He undid my shoelaces and removed my shoes and socks before
lowering my pants.  He sat me down on the mat, and I lifted
my legs as he pulled my trousers off.   When he went for my
underpants, I raised my ass slightly, so he could lower
them.  Mark was lifting my shirt over my head.   I was
naked.  And I had a big stiff cock.

“You ready?” asked Pierson.

“I guess so,” I said.

“No you’re not,” Pierson laughed.  “You forgot the
Slippyslidey.  You’ve gotta have Slippyslidey for the best
fuck of your life.”  He opened the tube and squeezed a large
dollop into his hand.  He rubbed it all over my cock.  It
felt cool and soothing on my fevered member.

Len turned over onto his belly, with those magnificent twin
orbs jutting up to me.   And that dark warm space between.
My cock was hungry to get in there.   Pierson squeezed some
more Slippyslidey onto his fingers, and relubricated Len’s
dickcase.   I was inexperienced in this, so I let them move
me into position, and feed my erection into the forbidden

Oh, my god.  It felt fantastic.  I’d never in my life felt
anything like this.  Never.   Veronica’s pussy wasn’t like
this.  No woman’s pussy was like this.  But it wasn’t just
the pussy.  It was more.  It was so smooth.  So slick.  So
slippy.  So slidey.  That was it.  It wasn’t just the pussy.
It was also the Slippyslidey.  It was great.  It was just
great.  That aloe really did something.  Something
fantastic.  I made up my mind then and there that I was
going to go into a drugstore at my earliest opportunity and
load up on a big supply of my favorite new lubricant,
Slippyslidey.  Oh.  It felt so good.  So good.  So smooth.
So slick.  So slippy. So slidey.  I began hunching my ass,
hunching and hunching, working my dick into Len’s beautiful
hot smooth clasping sheath.  What a fuck.  What a fuck.

“Unnnnnggggghhhh,” breathed Len.  It was great for him too.
“Unnnnnggggghhh.  Fuck me.  Fuck me, daddy.  Fuck me, Leo.
I love your big thick married-man cock in my queer faggot
asshole.  Fuck me.  Fuck me, Mr. husband.  Fuck your
faggot’s tight hot asshole.  That’s it.  That’s it. Oh.
It’s so good.  I love it.  I love it.”

“I love it too, faggot.  Take my big thick hard dick inside
your hot boypussy asshole.  Keep telling me how much you
love it.  Keep telling me.”  I was really getting off on all

Suddenly I felt a new sensation.  I felt a glob of
Slippyslidey sliding between my own virgin asscheeks.  A
glob on the tip of Pierson’s fingers.

“Ungh Ungh,” I protested, shaking my head ‘no’.

“Come on, Leo.  This just makes it better.  Give it a
chance, guy.”   He inserted his slippyslidey finger into my
ass.  I stopped fucking for a minute, as I evaluated the
sensation.  It was okay.  It was interesting.  It was hot.
I raised my ass up in invitation.  A second finger entered
me.  They were moving around inside me.  Dilating me.  I
liked the cool refreshing feeling of the aloe gel inside my
rectal passage.  It was almost like menthol.  But better.
So smooth.  So slick.  So refreshing.  I was raising my ass
up onto Pierson’s three fingers now, and as I moved my ass
up my cock moved inside Len’s lovechannel.  What a feeling.
My cock inside a queer, and fingers inside my ass.  What
could be better?

I soon found out.  Pierson’s fingers came out of my ass, and
I saw he was stripping for action.  When the boxers came
down, I saw a thick stubby erection.  It looked too thick
for my little bottom.  I would just have to wait and see.
He picked up the tube of Slippyslidey and coated his stubby
with a generous amount.  Then he crawled between my
outstretched legs.  Mine and Len’s.   He leaned over me and
positioned himself.  I felt the nubby tip pressing at my
entrance.  “How was that going to get in?” I wondered.

But then I felt my muscle separating around his insistence.
And it wasn’t even hurting.  It was smooth.  So smooth, and
so cool.  I felt his hard nubben stuffing me.  Oh.  It felt
good.   He started hunching into me.  As he hunched into me,
I hunched into Len.  I was fucking and getting fucked at the
same time.  I was getting a crazy feeling in my balls.  A
crazy feeling.

What more could there be in life?  This was beyond anything
I had ever imagined.

There was something more.  Suddenly Mark was kneeling in
front of my face, with a newly minted hard-on.  He pressed
it against my lips.  It smelled sweet and soapy.  He had
gone to wash while I was fucking.  He pressed his tip
against my lips again.  What the hell.  I opened my mouth.
His cock went in.  It tasted great.  I slurped up and down
on it. Up and down.

“Suck my cock, Leo.  Suck my big cock.”

“MMMMHHHHHMMMM,” I assented, and let him force the iron rod
further down my throat.  I was gagging a little, but so
what.   Meanwhile I was hunching my itchy peter deep inside
the faggot’s ass.  My hips just rolled around on his
incredibly firm bubbles.   And Pierson.  Well Pierson was
investigating unknown depths inside my body, and stroking my
prostate at the same time.

“AAAAGGGGHHHH,” I screamed, around the cock in my mouth.
“AAAAGGGHHHH.”  That was pleasure not distress.  I closed my
mouth around Mark’s iron cannon one more time, and that did
it.  His dick swelled up inside my throat and his spooge
jetted past my uvula and slid down the back wall of my
throat into my stomach, where my digestive juices would have
at it.

“GGGRRRAAAAGGGHHHQQQ.” That was Pierson as he began to
hammer into my behind.  His dick was swelling.  It was gonna
shoot.   It was gonna shoot.  I didn’t want to waste this
moment.  I wanted to come at the same time as his thick load
jetted into my colon.  The very same time.  I sped up my
movements.  I fucked and fucked Len’s beautiful ass like
there was no tomorrow.  And it happened.  My balls started
churning butter, and just as Pierson screamed again, and
shot his cum into my straight ass, my own cock unloaded what
seemed like a gallon of Leomilk into Len’s delicious gay

“aaaaaaggggghhhhh,” I sighed.  What more could I say?  I lay
on Len’s damp back, my face against the back of his head.  I
moved my hand down and stroked the firm bubble supporting my
left hip.  I felt Pierson’s cock losing its stubby thickness
inside my ass.  And then it slipped out.  He lifted himself
off me.  I withdrew my cock from inside of Len.  I lifted
myself off of him.

We all stood up and looked at each other.  We all smiled.
The boys picked up their robes and went back into the
dressing room.  Pierson and I stood on the comfortable vinyl
mat and began to put our clothes on.

When I was dressed.  I picked up the camera and packed it
away.  I took the film, and put it in an envelope addressed
to the lab for processing.  The lab would be surprised.
This was not the type of content they were used to getting
from me.  This was not an insurance company ad starring
Sammy, the singing seagull.  This was not an avant-garde hip-
hop vid with a band of angry gangstas stabbing each other.
This was not a reverential documentary about the first
person to swim the length of the Mississippi from north to
south.  This was hard-core.  You would only be able to see
it on the new Effenesse channel.

Before I drove home, I stopped at the first pharmacy I saw
and went inside.  I bought every tube they had in stock of
Slippyslidey.  Fifty-two.  I was hoping my cock would feel
as great in Veronica’s cunt as it had it Len’s ass.

As I drove into my driveway, my two boys were on the lawn
tossing a baseball back and forth.  Little Jackie kept
missing it, but he ran after it like a trooper.  I smiled to
myself.  They were both so adorable.

As I got out of the car, Reggie yelled, “Come on, daddy.
Come on.  Play baseball with us.  I walked toward them, my
hands in catch position.  “Sure.  Why the hell not?” I