Emerald Hall
                                  Little Dan

Professor Chadwick was sitting behind his large oak desk
when the four accountants came into his office carrying the
books of Emerald Hill.  Emerald Hill Preparatory School for
Young Gentlemen.  The finest, most exclusive prep school in
the whole country.  And now there was a real danger that it
would go under.

The accountants took chairs on the opposite side of the desk
and spread out the financial documents on it.  They
patiently explained to Professor Chadwick the precarious
state of the school’s finances.  He had spent too much
building the new special dormitory for Honors Students,
Emerald Hall, a first class luxury residence for the twenty
students with the highest grades in the school.  It was not
even going to be open until next term, and now it was like a
lethal weight on the entire institution.  It had all been a
mad dream.  What had he been thinking of?

Of course, if it had come in as budgeted, they would have
been all right.  But costs had skyrocketed.  Unions had
caused problems.  The building was six months late in
completion.  And now the costs were way too much for the
school to bear.  With all the other expenses: the supremely
gifted staff, the excellent cuisine, the school infirmary
with its doctor and nurses.  It was all just too much.  The
tuitions, as high as they were, and they were the highest in
the country, just couldn’t cover this deficit.  They would
go bankrupt.  The school would have to shut down. He would
be disgraced throughout the entire world of academia.  A
joke in the world of middle education.  He was sweating
under his collar.  He didn’t have the vaguest idea how to
extricate himself from this morass.

When the accountants left, he buried his head in his arms on
the desk and just cried.  After a little time, he got some
control of himself and headed out onto the small campus.
Boys passed him on the way to their classes, and he nodded
and smiled.  His mind was a million miles away.  He saw
handsome young Tom, the football team captain going into the
gym.  He didn’t think there were any gym activities at this
hour, but he wasn’t sure.  Then he saw Barry also go into
the gym. He continued to walk the leafy path on the way to
his house.

“Professor Chadwick,” a voice called.   He turned around and
saw the slender young boy with the longish red hair running
to catch up with him.

“Oh, Wendell,” he said.  “It was Wendell Prentiss, the young
boy who had just played the title role in the school play,
‘Queen of Neptunia’.  And a convincing beautiful young queen
he had been.  In fact, Professor Chadwick was just now
realizing that Wendell played all the female leads in all
the school play.  He was the school’s top actress.

“I wanted to speak to you, Professor Chadwick.”  Suddenly
the boy’s face clouded over and he started to sob.

“What is it, Wendell?” he asked, in great concern.  “What’s

“Oh, Professor Chadwick. I’m so unhappy.”

“But why?”

“It’s the kids in the dorm.  They keep making fun of me.
Imitating the way I walk and the way I talk.  And they keep
calling me ‘Sissy’.”

“I don’t like hearing this, Wendell.  These boys have to
learn to be tolerant.  Not to be cruel.  I’ll give them a
good talking to.”

“Oh, thank you, Professor.”  He threw his arms around the
professor’s waist and hugged him tightly.  “I knew you would
help me.”

“Now run along, Wendell.  Go to your next class.  I won’t
let them treat you like this.”

Wendell smiled and backstepped down the path toward Milburn
Hall for his French class.   Professor Chadwick watched his
slender young body, as he turned and skipped down the path,
kicking the multicolored leaves as he went. Chadwick didn’t
like to hear things like that.  People shouldn’t make fun of
other people.  That was mean.  He didn’t like meanness.

At least Wendell had brought his attention back to campus
matters and away from the financial difficulties, if only
for a few moments.  He was curious about the gym.  It should
be empty now.  Why had Tom and Barry gone into the gym?  He
decided to find out.

He quietly opened the door and stepped inside.  He walked
into the locker room and it was vacant, but he heard the
shower running.  He furtively sneaked up to the shower room
to peek inside, but he kept himself hidden.  It was just as
he had suspected.  Football Tom was soaping himself, but
mostly soaping his big cock, which was pretty hard and
pretty huge.  He was staring lasciviously into Barry’s
anxious eyes.  Barry’s gaze was glued onto Tom’s dick, and
he licked his dry lips.  Lips that were dry despite the
shower water that ran over them.  Barry licked the shower
water off his lips.

Tom was now openly displaying his cock for Barry, and
smiling.  He was waiting for Barry to come over to handle
his big stick.  To jack it and maybe even to suck on it.
Barry made a couple of tentative steps, and Tom began to
shake his dick more brazenly, staring into Barry’s nervous
eyes and smiling.

Barry couldn’t hold off any longer.  He walked over, reached
out his hand and encircled the warm flesh.  Now he was
smiling.  He played with it, and jacked it up and down as
Tom arched his back, and eyes closed, raised his head toward
the shower head, as the water ran over his nose and lips and
chin.  He was enjoying this totally.

After a couple of minutes, he put his hand atop Barry’s head
and began easing him down onto his knees, in front of his
bobbing penis.  Barry looked up at Tom’s face, but Tom still
had his eyes closed with the water running over his lids.
Barry leaned forward and eased his mouth over the big thing.
You could see he had never had a cock in his mouth before.
He was trying it.  He was tasting it.  He was studying it.
He was licking it.  And then he made the big decision and
mouthed the whole kit and kaboodle, trying to get as much in
as possible.  When it got back a little too far, he started
choking and gagging, and he started to pull his head away,
but Tom was too fast for him.  He clamped his hand behind
Barry’s head and forced it back onto his hard cock.  Barry
choked again, but he was adjusting to it.  He started to
suck it in earnest.  Tom was moving his hips gently backward
and gently forward, fucking the younger boy’s face.

All of a sudden he pulled Barry’s mouth off his dick.  He
had obviously been ready to shoot out his load, but he
didn’t want to do that yet.  He spun Barry around and began
soaping the youngster’s slender ass, working his finger into
the cavern between the cheeks, working his finger into the
small hole.  After a few minutes he soaped up his own hard
dick, and putting the soap back in the tray, grabbed Barry’s
hips with both hands and began pushing slowly into him. They
were both making loud sex sounds.

Professor Chadwick watched in fascination.  The prick was
going in.  He could see it actually separating the tight
ring. Tom now pushed the length of his pecker into the boy.
Slowly it was disappearing inside of Barry, and the boy’s
fleshring hugged and squeezed it.

Tom began moving backward and forward, hunching his own ass
as he fucked the boy’s.  Professor Chadwick began playing
with his own prick through his pants.  He was getting turned
on by this.  After a few minutes, Tom started battering his
partner with increased speed.  His face took on an added
glow.  Then his asscheeks started trembling and Chadwick
knew he was coming deep within the hot tunnel.  Barry
grabbed his own nicely proportioned cock and started to
furiously jack it so he could cum along with Tom.  And he
did.  They came together. The two of them wailed in

Professor Chadwick didn’t hang around to see if they would
kiss afterward.  He quickly and quietly got out of there.
He didn’t want to be discovered.  But damn. He was hot.  His
prick was tingling.  He hurried across the campus to his own
house, and burst through the front door.  His wife, Lydia,
was sitting on the living room couch watching a TV soap
opera and eating a bowl of popcorn.

He pulled the bowl out of her hand and moved her into a
lying position on the sofa.  He raised her skirt and pulled
her panties down in a frenzy.  He didn’t even take the time
to remove his own clothes.  He pulled down his zipper,
reached in and pulled his rod through his boxers and through
the zipperslit and tumbled on top of Lydia jamming his hard-
on into her cunt.  He pounded away like a crazy man until he
felt his load coming, and it shot out into her still-
slightly-dry pussy.  What a relief.

“Thanks for the foreplay,” Lydia said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.

“What got into you?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he lied.  “I just needed to fornicate.”

She shook her head as she straightened out her clothes.  He
could see his cum making a dark wet spot in her panties,
before her skirt fell over it.  Feeling relieved and able to
think more clearly, he went out onto the campus again.  It
was deserted.  All the students and teachers were in class.
He decided to look in on some of the classes, and entered
Milburn Hall.  He spent about ten minutes in Mr.
Bartholomew’s algebra class reviewing equations, and then
decided to go up to Monsieur LaSalle’s French class.  Then
he remembered that this was Monsieur LaSalle’s free hour and
he would probably be tutoring one of the poorer students.

He got to Monsieur LaSalle’s door and the shade was pulled
down, covering the glass window in the door.  He heard
strange noises coming from inside, and then he heard
Monsieur LaSalle’s French accent whispering fiercely,  “Suce
ma grosse bite!”  My god.  What was going on in there?  He
knew enough French to know that ‘suce ma grosse bite’ meant
suck my big dick.  “Oui!  Oui!  AAAARRRGGGHHH.”   It seemed
that Monsieur LaSalle was getting a great blowjob. “Suce ma
queue.” Suck my cock, Monsieur LaSalle ordered.
Professor Chadwick just had to see this for himself.

He quietly opened the door just a crack and surreptitiously
peeked his head in.  They were over by the blackboard.
Monsieur LaSalle was standing there with his pants and
shorts down around his ankles, and his big bulbous wet dick
sticking straight out perpendicular to his body and in young
Max’s hungry mouth.  Max also had his pants and shorts
pulled down, but to his thighs, leaving his young dick
exposed. He was squatting in front of his teacher and had
his left hand around his dick and was pulling his pud as he
gobbled Monsieur LaSalle’s queue.

Monsieur LaSalle wrapped his hands around Max’s head and
pulled him down on the thing.  The boy choked a little.  But
he was game.  You could see he was almost spreading his
throat to be able to accommodate the pole. Monsieur LaSalle
may not have been teaching him French at the moment, but he
was certainly teaching him to French.

Then, apparently Monsieur LaSalle decided that a blowjob
wasn’t sufficient, because he spun the boy around and threw
him over a student desk, with his ass in the air.   Monsieur
LaSalle squatted behind the boy for a few moments to moisten
his asshole with his long tongue.  He licked and prodded the
pink rosebud.   Then he stood up and placed his queue in the
narrow cleft and pressed forward.  You could tell by the
happy look on his face that he was getting in.  When his
hips were against the boy’s rounded bottom, he paused for a
moment to enjoy the sensation.  Then he started to fuck.
“Oui. Oui.  Quel cul tu as!”—Yes. Yes. What an ass thou
hast. And what a hard-on Professor Chadwick had again.

Monsieur LaSalle bent the top half of his body over, so that
his chest was lying on Max’s back.  He licked Max’s neck as
his hips jackrabbitted around.  He threw his arms around
Max’s chest, and when Max turned his face to the side,
Monsieur LaSalle moved his lips from the boy’s neck to his
questing mouth, and they sucked tongues, which brought the
Frenchman closer to completion.

“AAAAhhh, je vais gicler!  Je vais gicler”  AAAAhhh, I’m
going to come.  I’m going to come, screamed Monsieur
LaSalle, and he apparently talked himself into it.  It was
just so obvious he was shooting, the way he was jiggling
around from the waist down.  Slowly he pulled his prick from
the warm asylum, and Professor Chadwick, even from a
distance could see a white wet glaze around the just-vacated

Professor Chadwick quietly closed the door and walked down
the hall, trying to calm his fresh erection before he
stepped into Mr. Ludlow’s Biology class.
He sat listening to the biology lesson, and making notes on
Mr. Ludlow’s lecture. It was all about zygotes and how they
were cells that were formed by the sexual union of two
gametes.  There it was again.  He couldn’t get away from the
subject.  Sex.  Maybe he should be learning something from
all this.  But what?  He pondered, as he dug the eraser end
of his pencil into his nose.  Finally he shook his head in
ignorance.  Whatever the significance, he just didn’t know
what it was.  He left the Biology class and returned to his
office where the school’s financial records were still lying
on his desk, full of red ink.

He sat down in his desk chair and stared vacantly out the
window.  There was no way to save his beloved academy.  He
would just kill himself and that would be that. It would all
be over.

But wait.  Maybe there was…….No.  He couldn’t do that……..But
maybe he could.  It was an idea.  It was an interesting
idea.  But would anyone go along with it?  Maybe if he threw
himself on their mercy.  Maybe if they knew they were
performing a charitable service and saving their beloved
institution.  And they did love Emerald Hill. He knew they
did.  It might be worth considering.   He might talk to a
few people tomorrow.

He could open Emerald Hall right now. Before next term.  But
it wouldn’t be for Honors Students.  It would be for Special
Students.  Students who would help him save Emerald Hill.
Emerald Hall.  A beautiful new dormitory with twenty
magnificent brand new bedrooms.  And downstairs a luxurious
comfortable lounge, a kitchen, a poolroom, a study hall, a
library.  Bathrooms everywhere. The new building would be
more than perfect for what he had in mind.

Before classes the next morning, he called Monsieur LaSalle
to his office.  He explained the situation to Monsieur
LaSalle.  He explained the solution he had in mind.  The
students could save Emerald Hill.  There were men everywhere
who wanted to screw boys.  And what did Emerald Hill have a
wealth of?  Boys.  Lots and lots of boys.  They could move
twenty boys into the bedrooms of Emerald Hall, and they
could entertain gentleman callers.  Gentlemen who would pay
a lot  of money for the use of a pretty boy.  And it was so
convenient.  They were near an airport. They were near a
luxury fishing and hunting resort hotel.  It would be so
easy.  Now these gentlemen wouldn’t have to fly off to
Thailand to indulge their fantasies.  They could indulge at
home.  For a price.

“Why are you telling me?” asked Monsieur LaSalle cagily.

“I would need a teacher to live in Emerald Hall with the
boys.  A dorm advisor.”

“But why me?” LaSalle persisted in being dense. Dense in a
thick French accent. “I sink you need a gay teacher.  You
should be talking to a gay teacher.”

“I know that,” said Professor Chadwick, “and I am.”

“I don’t know what you mean?” said LaSalle stubbornly.

“Suce ma grosse bite.  Suce ma queue. Je vais gicler. Je
vais gicler,” explained Professor Chadwick.

Monsieur LaSalle’s face flushed slightly.  “Aaahhh,” he

“Oui,” said Professor Chadwick triumphantly.  “Let’s not
play games.  The future of Emerald Hill is at stake.”

“Tres bien,” said LaSalle. Very Well. “But what students
would you approach? Je ne comprends pas, (I don’t
understand)” said LaSalle.

“I think I have some ideas,” said Chadwick.

“Tres bien.  I will do it.  I will be the dorm advisor at
Emerald Hall,” LaSalle decided.

“Tres bien,” said Chadwick.  “I thought you would.”

“Only for Emerald Hill,” said LaSalle patriotically.

“Je comprends parfaitement, (I understand perfectly)”
Chadwick answered.

Later in the morning, Professor Chadwick called Barry out of
his History class.

“Barry.  Our school is in great trouble.  Our school
desperately needs you.”

”What kind of trouble?”

“Financial trouble,” Chadwick explained. “And you can help.”

“How can I help?” he asked.  He was confused.

“How can I put this delicately?”  The professor wove his
fingers together trying to decide how to phrase his
suggestion.  “You’re a very handsome young man, Barry.”

“Thank you,” he flushed.  He was flattered.

“I bet a lot of people really like you.”

“No, they don’t,” protested Barry.

“Oh, yes they do,” Chadwick insisted.  “For instance, I bet
if I went and spoke to our football captain, Tom, he would
tell me that he liked you a lot.”

Barry sat back in his chair and his face froze.  “Yeah.  I
guess…. Well…maybe.”

“There are a lot of handsome men out there, Barry.  A lot of
handsome men who would make large donations to Emerald Hill
to spend some time with you.”

“There are?”

“Absolutely,” Professor Chadwick assured him.  “I can
guarantee it.  And you would be doing it for Emerald Hill.
It’s like showing team spirit.  Am I making myself clear?”

“Yeah,” he said, starting to smile.  He was mulling the idea
over and starting to like it.  He could get grownman cock,
and he would be saving the school at the same time.  “Yeah.
Okay.  I’ll help the school.”

“Good boy,” Chadwick said, and breathed easier.  He had one.
He needed more.

“Barry.  Do you know of any other students who might be
willing to help the school?”

“I know a couple,” he nodded his head.

“Tell me who they are.”

“I think Dean and Walter might be interested in helping.”

“Wonderful.  I’ll speak to them.”

“But don’t say I told you,” he cautioned.

“No. I’ll be discreet.  You can depend on me.” Professor
Chadwick told him.

When Barry left, he called Tom out of Chemistry.  Tom
slouched in the chair across from the professor, his long
legs sprawled in front of him.  The professor patiently
explained the setup, but Tom just got surly.

“Why are you telling me?” he asked.

“There are some guys who would really like a handsome stud
like you.”  The professor tried the flattery thing again.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.  They might even make a big donation to the school to
spend some time with you.”

“You mean like have sex with them?”  He wasn’t stupid.

“Yeah,” Chadwick said.  “Have sex with them.”

“Hell, man.  Are you crazy?  I’m no fag.”

“They would blow you, and let you fuck them,” I continued.

“I said, I’m no fag,” he repeated angrily.  “I only get
sucked by women.  I only fuck women.”

“And maybe a boy sometimes. A boy like maybe Barry….and
maybe….”  Chadwick decided to let him finish the sentence

“Who told you?” he asked.  “Barry? Mark? Sidney? Harold?

The professor let him continue.  He was getting a good list
of names.

“Hot mouths. Tight asses.” Chadwick continued to tempt him.

“Oh yeah?”  He stopped saying he was no fag and began to
picture the hot mouths and tight asses.

“And you would be helping the school,” Chadwick continued.

“Well, if it’s for the school.  Yeah.  Maybe I might do it.”

“Good boy,” Professor Chadwick exploded, standing up and
reaching across the desk to grab Tom’s hand and shake it.
They had a pact.

The next one he called in was Wendell, who played all the
heroines in the school plays.  He had no real knowledge
about Wendell’s proclivities, but he had his suspicions.

But Wendell was proving difficult.

“A lot of the other boys have volunteered,” Professor
Chadwick revealed.

“I’ve never done anything like that.  I just couldn’t,”
Wendell said.

“Listen to me,” Professor Chadwick explained.  “None of the
boys would ever tease you again.  You’d be a school hero.”

“I would?”


“But I don’t know how.”

“Suppose I got someone to teach you?” Chadwick proposed.


“Maybe Tom, the football captain.”  Professor Chadwick
dangled the thought.

“Tom?”  Wendell was weakening.

“Yes.  I know he would be willing to teach you.”

“Really?”  Wendell still seemed slightly resistant.

“Think of it as theatre,” Professor Chadwick tried a new
tack. “You’d be playing the part of the most beautiful woman
in the world, ‘Miss Wendy’.  And the costumes.  Think of the
costumes.  You’d be wearing a shiny sexy short silk slip.
You’d have beautiful black stockings on your long lovely
legs, attached to a very sexy garter belt.  And your hair
would be done up so beautifully.  You’d have flaming scarlet
lips and gorgeously made-up eyes.  Lots of blue eyeshadow.
And crystal drop earrings……”

Chadwick could see that Miss Wendy was practically
salivating.  It sounded so wonderful.

“And don’t forget about Tom,” Chadwick offered.  “Say the
word and I’ll get him right over here to train you.”

“Yes,” said Miss Wendy very softly.

“What?”  Professor Chadwick wasn’t sure he’d actually heard

Wendell spoke up.  “I said yes. You said ‘say the word’.
That’s the word. Yes.  Get Tom.”

Chadwick smiled. It was all happening just as he had planned
it.  He picked up the school phone and called the room where
Tom was and asked Mr. Montague to send him over.

“Crystal drop earrings?”  asked Wendell.  He wanted to be


“My ears aren’t pierced.”

“We’ll get them pierced,” Chadwick promised.  “And when the
callers come, I’ll even let you dangle a cigarette from your
slutty lips.  Not smoke it.  Just dangle it. Part of the
costume.”   Wendell smiled happily.  He was still smiling
when Tom knocked on the door.

“Come in,” invited Chadwick.  Tom entered.  He looked at
Wendell and knew something was up.

“Wendell has agreed to help us in our fundraising,” Chadwick
explained to Tom. “But he’s had no experience.  He’s still a
virgin. I thought maybe you could assist in his
instruction.”  Tom nodded and smiled.  He hadn’t expected
such immediate action.  Just the thought of a hot blowjob
and a virgin ass was giving him this immense boner.  He
started fondling his crotch, looking at Wendell.

“Come on, boys,” Chadwick prodded.  “Get undressed.”

“You want us to do it here?” Tom couldn’t believe his ears.

“Of course.  Let’s not waste time.”

The two boys started taking off their clothes and throwing
them over the chairs.  Finally they both stood there naked.
Tom with his big thick dick ready to go.  And Wendell not
ready at all.  His small pale instrument was limp.  But he
really didn’t need a hard-on.  Only Tom needed a hard-on.

“Come on, Tom.  Tell him what to do.”

Tom took Wendell’s small hand and wrapped it around his rod,
and placing his own hand on top of Wendell’s began to frig
his dick with Wendell’s palm and fingers.  Now Wendell was
getting the hang of it.  Tom took his hand away but Wendell
didn’t.  He continued to milk the cock.  Chadwick smiled.
He knew everything would be all right.  Wendell was a
trooper.  He just needed a little rehearsal.  In any new
role you needed rehearsal.

When Tom had had enough jerking, he gently placed his hand
atop Wendell’s red head and eased him down onto his knees,
directly in front of the raging red pointy flagpole.
Wendell knew what was expected of him, and he tentatively
opened his mouth.  He rubbed his lips against the prick.
Then he stuck his tongue out and licked around the pole, and
then the head, and he even licked at the little drop of
wetness oozing out of the eye.  He decided he could manage
it and clamped his whole mouth over it.  Now he began to
suck it in earnest.  He was really getting into the part.
What a little trooper.

Tom closed his eyes and luxuriated in the warm wetness, and
moved his ass back and forth slightly, fucking the thin
boy’s mouth.  “Aaaahhh. Aaaahhhh,” said Tom.  He was
enjoying it.  Professor Chadwick was so happy.  But Tom was
enjoying it too much.  Chadwick was afraid he might spill
his seed in Wendell’s mouth.  “No. No,” Chadwick cautioned.
“You have to teach him how to get fucked.  He has to learn
how to take it up the ass.”   Tom came to his senses and
eased the eager ingénue off his big dick.  He sat Wendell on
the edge of the desk.  He raised Wendell’s legs to the
proper position, so that there was full access to the pink
hole hiding between the two slim cheeks.  Tom got on his
knees and began spitting into the opening.  He spat gobs and
gobs of saliva, and then started working his fingers in one
at a time, moving his hand around to spread the entrance, to
make it wider, to make it deeper, to make it roomy enough to
allow the entrance of a big hard cock.  A big hard cock with
a lot of spit on it.  He started wetting his fuckengine.
After deciding it was a go, he stood up and placed the point
into the tight muscle.  A little at a time, Chadwick was
watching it go in.  This was a really hot dramatic scene.
Wendell started twisting up his face as if he were in agony.
What a performance.  And little by little the emotions
changed until there was just joy.  Joy and a big smile, as
Tom fucked up his newly minted fucktunnel.  He was wailing
like a bitch.  Then Tom started to wail and move his ass
spasmodically.  He was cuming like a lunatic.  “Aarrgghh.
Aarrgghh. Aarrgghh.”  There were eight of those.  Wendell’s
assring was clutching his shooting dick and spasming right
along with it.  What a performance the kid had given.  Gold
statuette time.

Professor Chadwick was just delighted.  What great kids he
had at Emerald Hill.  He was confident now that his plan
would work, and tomorrow he would embark on all the small
details.  He would sound out the other boys until he had
twenty rooms filled.  He would also need a few handsome lads
as lounge attendants, to serve food and drink and whatnot.
After that it would be curtain time.

In the next three weeks, Professor Chadwick finalized all
the details.  He selected his working and waiting staff.  He
moved the residents into Emerald Hall.  He ordered sexy
green jockstraps for all the boys to wear.  They had Emerald
Hill spelled out in script on the front and the back of the
waistband.  Only Miss Wendy would wear something different.
The sexy short slip with the black stockings and the garter
belt.  They got Wendell’s hair done.  Chadwick warned all
the boys that if they made one denigrating comment to
Wendell they would be promptly expelled.  He let everybody
know that these boys were heroes.  They were saving the

He got a special phone and had it installed on the new desk
placed right in the front hall, where he would personally
greet every visitor, to make sure there would be no problem.
Then he got in his car and drove to the airport and also to
the hunting and fishing resort.  He had had fliers printed
up with a small description and the number of the special
phone, and he left them in men’s rooms everywhere.

At the airport and at the resort, he took a red magic marker
and went into every stall in the place, scrawling on all the



                        Call 892-7493 between 4 and 5 p.m.
                                          For private appt.
                                Visit our beautiful

The advertising campaign took three days alone.  There was a
lot of writing to do.  Especially after he remembered the
bus depot and the department store.

But before you knew it, it was opening night.  A grand
celebration.   The guests were expected to start arriving at
eight p.m., but from seven to eight the entire staff
gathered in the comfortable lounge and drank champagne out
of the glittering big new crystal punchbowl.   The boys
looked good enough to eat.  Each of them in their sexy green
jockstraps, which bunched up their bulky cock and balls into
a huge lump, while leaving their luscious smooth asses
hanging out between the straps in the back.  They looked
great.  Miss Wendy of course was made-up like a Hollywood
star, with her slip, black hosiery, crystal drop earrings,
wearing bangs now, and puffing on an unlit cigarette in a
long black holder.  Miss Wendy had decided that she was
going to be the sexiest sluttiest femme fatale since Weimar
Berlin in the twenties. She was going to outdo Marlene
Dietrich.  She battered her big dark eyes, now bejeweled
with silver glitter and spoke in a thick German accent,
trying to use German words she had heard from her
grandmother.  If only she had paid more attention at the

Professor Chadwick and Monsieur LaSalle wore long black
pants with white shirts, green ties, and white jackets.  On
the lapel of each jacket was embroidered the script logo of
‘Emerald Hill’ in green.  At ten to eight, all the boys and
Miss Wendy went up to their rooms to be ready for the
guests.  They all lay down lengthwise on their beds facing
the open doors, and began manually enlarging their cocks.
When a customer arrived at the room, he would find his young
man gazing into his eyes and manipulating his equipment.
Miss Wendy, however, lay on her stomach, with her slip hiked
high, and her bum facing the door.  She had her chest
propped up on two pillows, which pressed into her falsies,
and she gazed naughtily over her shoulder, puffing on the
long slender black holder.  She moved her ass around
brazenly, just as Marlene would have done it.

Meanwhile Professor Chadwick sat behind the big desk in the
front hall, where he could register each guest and accept
credit cards.  Payment would be only by credit card.  No
cash allowed.  They had to know whom they were entertaining.

The first to arrive was a tall husky cowboy in full gear.
Cowboy hat and all.  He signed in.   His name was Clem
Fefferdine, and he was in town from Montana.  Professor
Chadwick made him check his two guns at the front desk.

“You got one of them there girlie boys?” he asked Chadwick.

“We have a gorgeous young lady who’s going to love you to
death.  Miss Wendy.”

“Great,” said Clem, grinning happily.

“Sit in the lounge and have a glass of champagne.  In a few
minutes we’ll get one of the escorts to bring you upstairs
to Miss Wendy’s chamber.

“Great,” said Clem.  Everything so far was to his liking.
Everything was just ‘Great’. He moved into the lounge for
his champagne, as Professor Chadwick busied himself with the
next gentleman to arrive.

His face was not unknown to Professor Chadwick, who had seen
it on many news broadcasts crusading against gay rights.  He
was an eminent politician who held high office in a nearby
state.  Leland Gagstaff was not happy about paying by credit
card.  He had particularly gone to his bank and withdrawn a
large sum of cash, so that this would not happen. They
should have told him when he called for the appointment.
But he was here now, and he was horny, and he had no choice.

“How can we help you this evening, Senator Gagstaff?”  Asked
Professor Chadwick.  Drat. He had been recognized.  Even
though he had used the name Bill Smith when he phoned.

“What do you mean how can you help me?” he asked
belligerently. “You know what I came for.”

“You came for a boy.”

“Damn straight.” Gagstaff was getting nastier by the minute.

“ ‘Straight’, my ass,” thought Chadwick.  “I mean, What sort
of a young man would you prefer?  Confide your dreams to

“I want one with a real big engine,” said Gagstaff.

“Aha,” thought Chadwick.  “He wants to get fucked.”  “I’ve
got the perfect teen for you,” he told Gagstaff.  “A very
handsome muscular lad.  He’s the captain of our school
football team.”  He made a notation on his chart.  Gagstaff
would be conducted to Tom’s room.  “Why don’t you go into
the lounge and have some champagne?  I’ll get someone to
take you upstairs in a few moments.”

Gagstaff entered the lounge and sat down on one of the
sofas.  Monsieur LaSalle ladled some champagne into a cup,
and flawless young Dennis, who was acting as a waiter this
evening, brought it over to Gagstaff.  Gagstaff admired the
boy in the tight green jockstrap which accentuated his
perfect white butt.  But Dennis was not exactly what he
wanted.  Too boyish.  He was hoping he would get someone
more commanding.  Someone really exciting.  As he thought
about what was waiting for him upstairs, he fondled the
stiffening cock below his small paunch.  He needed sex.  He
had just divorced another cunt.

Professor Chadwick marked down Marine Lieutenant, Philby
Cox, for young Max, and Police Captain, Wally Gorge, for
Barry.  The farmer, Hiram Gadge, got Ken R, the traveling
salesman, Willie Lomo, got Ken C, the right wing hateful
talk show host got Kenny X, and on and on, until all the
evening’s visitors had checked in.

Professor Chadwick locked the heavy front door of Emerald
Hall.  As he strode into the Reception lounge where all the
guests were waiting, he looked out the window and happily
noted that the ivy was already starting to cover the new
building. Branches were already crawling over the window
panes.  There were four beautiful jockstrapped young men:
Billy, Bobby, Bernie, and Bo, who were the escorts.  They
would take the visitors upstairs to the proper rooms.
Chadwick consulted with the boys and handed each a list,
identifying which gentleman caller was which, and each boy
took a visitor upstairs before returning to get another.  As
the couches emptied, Professor Chadwick sat in a vacated
seat, and Monsieur LaSalle, bringing over two cups of
champagne, joined him.

Marine Lieutenant, Philby Cox, was delighted when Billy
brought him to Max’s room, and he saw the slim handsome boy
stretched out on the bed, playing with his jockstrapped
crotch.  The lieutenant smiled, closed the door, and walked
over to the bed.  He reached down and displaced Max’s hand
with his own on the boy’s confined basket.  Now that his own
hand was free, Max reached out and began caressing the hunky
lieutenant’s big equipment through his pants.  That felt
really nice.  Really nice and really big, and getting really
hard, and he wanted it in his mouth.  Lieutenant Cox stood
up and drew his crotch away from the boy’s hand, only to
begin undressing.  He folded each item of clothing neatly
and laid it on the chair.  He threw his jacket over the back
of the chair.  Finally he stepped out of his military issue
underwear, and his excited cock was in full view.  Red and
raw and angry.  There were already a few drops of clear
liquid leaking out of small eyelet.   Max pulled him over to
the side of the bed and licked up the liquid.

The lieutenant started moving his ass, and moving his dick
in and out of Max’s incredible mouth.  “What a dick,” Max
thought.  The lieutenant’s massive arms closed around Max’s
head.  Those muscular arms, each of which had a large USMC
tattooed around it.  “What a great guy,” thought Max.  A
really big strong straight guy.  This was so much better
than sucking the cock of his effete gay French teacher.  He
gagged himself on the big rod.  He choked himself and he
loved it.  Cox reached his long arm down and started playing
with the boy’s excited member as he was getting blown.
After a few minutes, he reached his arm around and under the
boys asscheek to get his long finger into that hole.  Max
tilted his body to one side, so that it would be easier for
the lieutenant. Max liked the lieutenant so much that he was
hoping they could have a permanent friendship—but probably
not.  He wouldn’t want the other guys in his unit to know he
was plugging a fag.

The school had thoughtfully provided each room with a few
tubes of lubricant.  Max pierced the metal head of a tube
with the sharp side of the cap and squeezed some cool gel
onto his fingers.  He regretfully took his mouth off the
poker and covered it with the lubricant.  Then he squeezed a
little more onto his fingers and began feeding them into his
ass.  That was a big pole, and he wanted it to slide, not
scrape.  Finally he turned over and lay on his belly, his
ass in the air.  He moved one of the pillows down from under
his head to under his crotch, to raise his ass even more
invitingly.  The lieutenant accepted the invitation and
crawled over Max, aiming his stiff dick into the begging
hole.  It was going in so nice and easy. Sliding right down.
Oh, yes.  This was worth the money.  A beautiful boy who
liked to get fucked.  It was hard to find them.  You
couldn’t just walk over to the baseball diamond and ask
‘Which one of you kids likes to get fucked?’  Now he had
just what he wanted and he slammed his cock into the ass
beneath him.  Then he withdrew a little and slammed again.
Then he started a slow and steady fuck.  And he fucked for
the next two hours.  He held off coming.  He was going to
get his money’s worth.  Max got into the marine’s fucking
rhythm and raised his ass to meet the incoming dick.  After
an hour or so his ass started to get a little sore, a little
raw.  But who was complaining?  He just kept raising his ass
to meet every downstroke.

Tom was not thrilled with the paunchy politician, but he had
a job to do and he would do it.  He was a guy who had wood.
He never had to worry about his cock going down.  He could
always get it right back up.  All he had to do was not look
at Gagstaff, not think about him.  In his mind he would be
fucking young Barry in his tight smooth ass.

Gagstaff was on his naked knees at the side of the bed,
slobbering over Tom’s thick rod.   He had to keep that dick
nice and hard, and was fantasizing about the feelings he
would have when it was shoved up his anxious ass.  Screw his
ex- wife.  Screw all his ex-wives.  Stupid cunts.  This was
what he really wanted.  Of course he didn’t want anyone else
to know what he really wanted.  It was sick. It was dirty.
It was perverted. It was forbidden.  But it felt so good.

Tom pressed the Senator’s head down on his dick.  “Suck it,
bitch.  Suck my big cock, you disgusting cunt.”  Hearing
this, Gagstaff was actually going out of his mind with
excitement.  He jammed his head down so far, the big stick
was actually going into his esophagus.  He dribbled over
Tom’s muscular thighs.  Tom smiled and tried to hammer
against the back of the man’s throat.  He thought he could
feel the soft tissue against the tip of his dick.

“Fuck me,” Gagstaff pleaded, looking supplicatingly into his
eyes.  What could Tom do?  When someone was begging you like
this, it would be just wrong to deny him.  Even someone as
revolting as Gagstaff.  He stood up and literally threw the
pasty Senator down on the bed.   He noticed the tube of
lubricant on the end table.  But fuck him. He wasn’t going
to use it.  He was going to slam it in dry.  A mean smile
crawled across his lips.  What he didn’t know was that
Gagstaff would have wanted it that way.  He loved pain.

Gagstaff liked the way Tom was throwing him around.  He was
so strong. So authoritarian.  Tom was just the kind of kid
who could give him the kind of beating he knew that he
really deserved.  He knew he deserved it.  He deserved it
and he should have it.

“I’ve been a bad boy,” he explained to Tom.  “I should be
punished.  You should punish me.”

Tom was trying to translate this in his head.  He didn’t
have that much experience as a male hooker, but he could
have sworn that the guy wanted him to beat his ass.  To
illustrate this, Gagstaff started swaying his ass in the
air, repeating, “I should be punished.  You have to punish
me.”   Tom shrugged and sat down on the edge of the bed.  He
pulled Gagstaff over his thighs and began to slam his palm
down on the man’s jiggly bouncing buttocks.  Gagstaff kept
moving his reddening painful ass around, but he needed more.
He knew he needed a lot more smacks.  He had really been so
naughty.  So bad.

Tom’s hand was actually starting to sting a little, but
mentally he was loving this.  He never knew he could get
into spanking like this, but it was a real turn on.  He was
getting so turned on that he wouldn’t even mind fucking
Gagstaff’s nasty ass now.  Now he started using both hands.
One on each cheek. And his pleasure was doubling.  In a few
minutes, he was just going to have to throw Gagstaff flat
down on the mattress and plow into him, and drop his urgent
load into that fat behind. Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.

Then he tossed the Senator down and slammed into him dry.
The Senator screamed in agony but immediately began to wrap
his battered asswalls around the handsome boy’s handsome big
dick.  He wanted that cum in his ass.  He wanted this hot
stud to make a baby in his ass.  In his male Senatorial
cunt.  Oh. It felt so good.  Tom sailed along on the mature
squooshy cheeks.  It wasn’t half bad.  It was like being on
a sea cruise.

Clem Fefferdine closed the door of Miss Wendy’s chamber.  He
looked longingly at the girlie boy stretched out on the bed
with her slip pulled up and her ass wiggling invitingly.
Miss Wendy was looking coyly over her shoulder at him, and
smiling, and flexing her behind.  All the while she was
sucking on a cigarette holder, but the cigarette wasn’t lit.

He walked over to the bed and started to fondle the young
cheeks.  Miss Wendy seemed to be enjoying this.  “Ach, jah,”
she said.  “Das ist so gut.”  That is so good.

“Are you German?” he asked, surprised.

“Jah.  Ich bin deutsch.”  Yes. I’m German.  “I vant your big
cock.  You get undressed now, jah?”  Miss Wendy really did
want that big cock.  That big schwanz.  Clem Fefferdine was
very handsome, and very virile.  Briefly, she wondered what
it would be like to be a cowboy’s wife.  To live on a ranch.
But that was a fleeting dream.  The cowboy would never marry
a trampy German slut like her.

Clem threw his garments on the floor.  He didn’t care.  He
was in a hurry to get it on with this sexy Teutonic cunt.
He was going to make her suck his big dick like a woman
should.  And then he was going to plow it into her rear
hole.  He liked rear holes.  They were really tight.  He had
never been able to get into fucking cows like some of the
other ranch hands.  No. This was what he liked.  A real
honest to goodness girlie boy, with sexy red lips, and human
asscheeks surrounding a delicious hot hole.  A delicious hot
hole leading into a delicious hot dark tunnel.  A place for
his prick to crawl into and get real comfortable for a long

He made Miss Wendy lie flat on the bed, face up, and
straddled her face.  He let his heavy big balls sit on her
red lips.  She got the message and holding his strong thighs
tightly with her little hands, she began to bathe his nuts.
This was the first time she had bathed anybody’s nuts.  It
was a turn on.  Her hands started to stroke up and down his
hard muscular thighs and she opened her mouth and took a
ball inside, running her tongue over it in every direction.

When Clem felt that his balls had gotten proper attention,
he moved down on her body a fraction and pointed his big
thick pointer at her lips.  She got the point right away,
and took the point into her mouth.  She was like a baby with
a bottle.  She couldn’t get enough of it.  And she knew she
wanted his milk.  She sucked and she sucked.  She wanted the
cowboy’s milk.

He raised himself up slightly and moved his legs down to the
side and began a missionary fuck into her mouth.  “NNNNGGGG.

“What does that mean in English?” he asked.


“Oh. It’s the same in both languages.” He laughed and kept
fucking her face.  She put her hands on his solid butt
cheeks and fondled them.

Clem didn’t want to come in her mouth.  He wanted to come in
the bitch’s ass.  Finally, when he could hardly stand any
more sucking without dropping his hot load, he eased his
cock out from her.  Now, he knelt between her slender legs
and raised them over his shoulders.  Her hand reached out
and grabbed the lube tube from the night table.  She handed
it to him.

He applied it to himself and to her.  His fingers were
feeling inside the cave which his dick would soon be
exploring.  He put the tube down on the bed, and let his
adventurous dick enter the dark cavern.  It felt good in
there.  His prick moved further into the cavern, and when it
had gone as far as it good, he collapsed his body on hers,
and wrapped his arms around her.  He began to kiss her
luscious scarlet German lips.

“Ach, jah, mein schatz.  Liebschen.  (Oh, yes, my dearest.
Darling).  Geben sie mir dein grosser schwanz.  (Give me
your big cock.)”  She wasn’t sure that her German was
absolutely correct, but it hardly mattered.  The cowboy
would never know.

When Clem heard her throaty voice babbling in German, he
went crazy.  His cock went crazy.  It just wanted to fuck.
To fuck this hot German slut.  Her cunt was grasping at his
dick.  Her cunt liked big American dick.  Well, he would
give her big American dick.  He slammed into her aqain and
again. She wrapped her nylon legs over his strong round butt
and her heels made love to his asscheeks.  The nylon felt so
sexy against his ass.  What a great evening this was.  What
a great cunt Miss Wendy was.  He kissed her greedy lips
again and again.  Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and
his big cock was expanding inside her and shooting his hot
cowboy juice into her transsexual vagina.

“”Ach. Liebschen,” she cried feeling the hot spurts inside

“Oh, fuck,” he cursed.  I didn’t wanna come yet.  I wanted
it to last the whole night.  ----Could I maybe go a second

“Of course, mein schatz,” she promised him.  “You can fichen
mich (fuck me) forever.”

“Thank you, Miss Wendy,” he said, kissing her lips

“Das ist Fraulein Wendy,” (That’s Fraulein Wendy) she
corrected him, and then kissed him back, forcing her tongue
down his throat.

Later in the evening, much later, when all the guests had
left, Professor Chadwick and Monsieur LaSalle toasted each
other in the lounge.  They had pulled it off.  It had all
gone beautifully.  The only thing was that Professor
Chadwick kept thinking about all those men fucking all those
asses upstairs, and he had sent his wife out of town to her
mother’s.  He wanted her out of the way when he was busy
setting up Emerald Hall.  But he hadn’t gotten laid in a
week and he needed to cum, and with all this sucking and
fucking going on all around him, it was hard not to think of

Monsieur LaSalle, of course, had been wildly turned on since
the beginning of the evening, when they had all gathered in
the lounge to have champagne.  All those gorgeous young male
bodies in their unspeakably sexy green jockstraps.  He
wanted to lick every one of them up and down and all around.
He wanted to get his cock into every sweet asshole.  He
wanted to feel every sweet cock in his own asshole.

“Pardon,” he said to Professor Chadwick.  “As I am ze dorm
advisor of Emerald Hall, I feel I should be allowed a few
special privileges.”

“What privilege were you thinking of?” asked Chadwick.  As
if he didn’t know.

“I would like to make wild passionate love wiz one of ze

“Which one?”

“I am deciding,” Monsieur LaSalle put his hand to his chin
and pondered the problem. I sink maybe wiz Henry” Professor
Chadwick nodded. Henry was a beautiful young man, tall,
slender, muscular.  A good choice.

“My wife is on vacation.  I’m going out of my mind.  I gotta
get laid,” said Chadwick.  “I think I’ll visit one of the
boys too.”

“Which one?” asked LaSalle.  A natural question.

Professor Chadwick stopped cold.  He didn’t know. He just
didn’t know. “I don’t know,” he admitted.  He sat there
trying to come to a decision.  John had absolutely the most
perfect, beautiful ass he had ever seen.  Yeah.  Maybe John.
He would sink his cock down into the cleft between those two
Apollo-like cheeks and fuck John’s heavenly hole---yeah.  He
was starting to get hard just thinking about fucking John.
And then he had another thought.  He had always been the
fucker, even though it was never with a boy.  Still he knew
what fucking felt like.  What he had never tried was getting
fucked in the ass.  And he had all these big cocks around.
Maybe now was the time.  Maybe now was the perfect time.
Yes.  That’s what he would do tonight.  He would get fucked
in the ass.  He decided on Tom.

“I’ll take Tom,” he told Monsieur LaSalle.

Monsieur LaSalle grinned knowingly.  “Tomorrow you may need
some lotion for your sore behind,” he said.

Professor Chadwick hated Monsieur LaSalle knowing so much.
But what difference?   They went upstairs.  Monsieur LaSalle
knocked softly on Henry’s door.

“Who is it?” the boy asked.

“C’est moi.  It’s me.  Your teacher of Francais. May I come

“Okay,” said the boy’s voice.

Monsieur LaSalle opened the door and went into the room.  He
closed the door behind him.   Professor Chadwick stood alone
in the hall.  He walked down to Tom’s door and rapped very

“Yeah, who is it?” asked Tom.

“It’s Professor Chadwick.  May I come in?”  Without waiting
for an answer he opened the door.  Tom was lying in the
dark.  He had been sleeping.

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to say hello.”

“It’s late, and I had a hard night.  I was sleeping.”

“I’m sorry.  Can we talk?”

‘What is it? I’m tired.”

Professor Chadwick closed the door behind him and walked
over to the bed.  He pulled the covers down, and looked at
Tom.  The room was dark, but he could still see Tom’s hot
body lying on the white sheet.  He could see Tom’s
beautifully shaped cock nestled in the warmth of his pubic
hair, long even in limpness.  Just resting there.  Waiting.
Waiting.  He reached down and felt the living instrument of

“What are you doing?”  Tom was a little surprised, to say
the least.

“I want to suck your big dick.  I want you to put your big
dick in my hot asshole.”

“I’m tired, man.  That dumpy guy took a lot out of me.  I
had to beat his ass.”

“I want you to put your big dick in my hot, tight, never-
been-fucked-before, virgin asshole.  I want you to stretch
me wide.  I want you to make me your whore.”

“Well.  When you put it like that….”  Tom was weakening.

Chadwick got down on the floor on his knees and swallowed
Tom’s dick.  Tom let him continue.  He wasn’t pushing him
away.  Professor Chadwick labored over the meat lovingly as
it stretched out and stiffened in his mouth.  Before this
occasion he had only stuck his tongue out and licked pussy
(as infrequently as possible).  Now he had this big monster
stretching across his tongue down his throat.  He felt a
little bit of a gag reflex.  This was something new.  He
concentrated on controlling the reflex and not gagging.  He
started breathing heavily through his nose.  It was working.
He was taking the big cock.  He was sucking the big cock.
Tom stretched out his arm and started playing with
Chadwick’s hair, as his mouth bobbed up and down.

While Chadwick was sucking, without stopping, he undressed
himself.  He got his shirt off, his shoes, his socks, his
pants, his underpants.  He had to lift his lips for a second
to pull his undershirt over his head.  But just for a
second.  Now Tom was like steel.  He was ready to fuck.

“Get on the bed,” ordered Tom.

“Can I face you?  Can you fuck me like I fuck my wife?”

“Sure. Anything you want, honey.  Get on the bed.”

Chadwick stretched out on the bed and holding his ankles in
his hands, raised his hole up.  He was actually trying to
will it to open on it’s own, to welcome the long fleshstick.
To French kiss it.  Tom now opened the unused tube of
lubricant and oiled all parts.  This time he was gentle.  He
pierced the upturned hole and sank down, and Professor
Chadwick sighed happily.  He was liking it.  They both knew
he was liking it.

As Tom fucked him, Professor Chadwick threw his legs around
the boy, just the way his wife threw her legs around him—if
he gave her foreplay.  Tom bent his lips down, and they had
the sweetest most romantic mutual mouthsuck as the professor
was getting plugged.  “Yeah.  Oh, yeah.  Oh, fuck me.  Oh,
fuck my hot hole, baby,” screamed the professor.

“Oh, yeah, honey.  I’m fucking your hot hole.  I’m fucking
your tight hot virgin hole, and it’s making me feel so good.
It’s making my cock feel so good, that my cock thinks it’s
going to cum.  My cock knows it’s going to cum.”  Tom
continued rhapsodizing as his thick white cum jetted out
coating the professor’s quavering asswalls.  ”I’m cuming.
I’m cuming,” Tom screamed.  “I’m shooting my hot manseed up
your pussy.  Milk me.  Milk me.”

The professor milked Tom’s long dick for a very long time,
even after he had cum.  He didn’t want to separate from this
boy.  He wanted that cock inside him for a very long time.

Many years have now passed since Emerald Hill was first
rescued.  New classes have come and gone and come and gone.
The original boys long ago graduated, and went on to
University and graduated, and went out into professional
life. Young Tom became a college Physics professor.  He
married and had six children. Four of them were boys who
followed in the footsteps of their father and attended their
dad’s beloved Alma Mater, Emerald Hill, where they proved to
be outstanding tops as well.

Barry became an admired architect.  Unfortunately he had
only daughters.  Three of them.  But he never failed to
return on homecoming weekend, happily waving the school
colors at the football game.

Wendell studied library science and became a knowledgeable
librarian in a big city.  He remained a steadfast bachelor,
and in the evening he would don his costume and wander down
to where the truckers were parked, where he would assume the
role of Fraulein Wendy, the hot German slut.  He never asked
for money.  He only wanted to give those poor men pleasure
on their long drives so far from home.

The original boys were gone, but every year new boys arrived
with a genuine desire to help their beloved school.  The
work continued.  The fund-raising never stopped, not even
for a moment.  The school was now one of the most
financially secure institutions in the country.  Emerald
Hall stood proud and tall.  The ivy now covered almost the
entire building, and it was the jewel of the campus.  Every
boy wanted to live in Emerald Hall, but only the best were
chosen.  The Honors Students who gave so much of themselves.

Professor Chadwick and Monsieur LaSalle had aged as well.
They were a little stooped now, and each had some gray in
his hair.  Professor Chadwick’s wife had long ago left him,
due to lack of foreplay.  But Chadwick had adjusted.  He had
learned to really enjoy boymouth and boyass, and, of course,
by now he was thoroughly addicted to having a cock up his
ass as often as possible.

Monsieur LaSalle flitted from room to room each night like
the horny old French scoundrel he was.  He couldn’t get it
up too often anymore, but he was a very willing receptacle
for the lustful insatiable teenage appetites in Emerald

And, of course, the most beautiful nostalgic moment every
year was in the spring, at Commencement, when all the
students and all the staff gathered in the large auditorium
and sang the school anthem accompanied by the organ.

We love you, Emerald Hill.
For we love to learn.
And to you, Emerald Hill,
Will our hearts return.
Years from now, faithful still,
Through sorrows and through joys.
Emerald Hill, Emerald Hill,
We’ll always be your boys.