Don’t Wake Daddy
                                      Little Dan

Perhaps my earliest memory was seeing my father walking down
the hall late at night in a zombie-like state.  Every night
I would hear strange noises in the hall, and being a curious
child, one night I decided to investigate.  I got up and
walked over to my bedroom door and stealthily opened it a
crack.   There was my tall handsome athletic father, his
muscles rippling above and below his tight white jockey
shorts, walking slowly down the hallway as if in a trance.
His eyes were open, but he was unseeing.

My mother came out of their bedroom in her silky lacey
nightgown and followed silently close behind him.  When
daddy got to the top of the staircase, my mother touched his
arm.  Slowly he turned and gazed through her.  His hand came
up and began stroking the fabric of her nightgown.   The
enormous bulge in his tight white garment began to bulge out
even more.  I didn’t know what was happening.  I was afraid,
but I was fascinated.  And even at that young age, I
couldn’t help  but appreciate my daddy’s magnificent build.
He was so handsome.  If only when I grew up I could look
like my daddy, but I knew that would never happen.

I didn’t tell my mother what I had seen.  I was afraid I
would get punished for getting out of bed.  I was also
afraid she would forbid me to watch.  And I watched every
night.  It happened every night.  I would see my handsome
father walk down the hall in a trance, bulging out of his
dazzling white jockeys.  As I got older, I began to stroke
myself (my own little bulge,) as I watched.  It looked good.
It felt good.

I guess I was about ten years old, when my mother took me
aside one day to explain everything to me.

“If you ever get up at night to go to the bathroom, and you
see your father in the hall, you must be very quiet.  Don’t
say a word.”

“Why not?” I questioned.

“Daddy has a medical condition,” she explained.
“Somnambulism.  Sleepwalking.  He walks in his sleep.”

“He walks in his sleep?” I laughed.  “That’s silly.  You
can’t walk in your sleep.”

“Some people walk in their sleep,” mommy explained.  “And
you must be very very careful not to wake them.  It could be
very dangerous.  They could have a heart attack and die.
And we don’t want daddy to die, do we?”

“No,” I agreed.  I certainly did not want my daddy to die.
My heart fluttered inside my chest.  I felt fear.  I loved
my daddy so much.  I had to be very careful never to wake

“So remember,” mommy emphasized.  If you ever see daddy
walking in his sleep, remember.  Don’t wake daddy.  Promise

“I promise,” I said, and crossed my heart.

In those days, mommy and daddy loved each other so much.
Every day was like Christmas or a birthday.  He was always
bringing home presents for mommy.  Beautiful packages.  But
it’s funny.  He always bought the same thing.  Never flowers
or candy.  Never jewelry.  Never perfume.  Mommy would open
the box and pretend to be surprised.  “What a beautiful
nightgown.”  She would lift the negligee and hold it in
front of her.  “Oh, Lance.  Such a beautiful nightgown,” she
would always say.

“I can’t wait to see it on you,” he would always say.  Then
he would start feeling the fabric.  He really loved

“Look, Kenny,” Mommy would say to me.  “Isn’t this a
beautiful nightgown daddy bought mommy?”

“Yes,” I would answer.

“Come over here, Kenny,” Daddy would say.  “Feel mommy’s
nightgown.”  I would start running my fingers over it.
“Isn’t that silky.  Doesn’t that feel nice?” Daddy would ask

“Yes,” I would agree.  It felt nice, all right, but not that

Then daddy would lift me on his lap and hug me.  That part I
really liked.  I knew I was sitting on daddy’s bulge.  I
kind of rolled my behind around on top of it a little,
without him realizing what I was doing.  It felt big and
soft and fleshy inside his pants.

As the years went on, however, I could see that my mother
was tiring.  Every night she would be up walking the halls
with him.  Making sure he didn’t wake up, didn’t bump into a
wall, didn’t fall down the stairs.  Every night she would
touch daddy’s arm, and he would latch on to her nightgown,
and blindly follow her as she led him back into their
bedroom and closed the door.

“I’m so tired,” mommy would complain to me.  “I haven’t had
a decent night’s sleep in years.   Every night I have to
watch your father, and stay with him to make sure he doesn’t
hurt himself.  I wish I could have a vacation.  I need a
vacation so badly.”

“Mommy. Take a vacation,” I said.  I was eighteen now.  A
young man.  I felt that I could handle things.

“No.  No.  That wouldn’t work,” she said.

“Why not?”  I was so naive.

“Well, even though your father is asleep, he has a certain
routine he follows.”

“I could follow it.  Just tell me what to do,” I said.

“No you couldn’t follow it,” she said.  “Don’t ask me to
explain.  Your father likes to know that I’m near him, even
in his sleep.”

“Oh,” I said.  I decided not to pursue the subject.

“Also,” mommy continued.  “Your bedroom is down the hall.
How would you even know when he was up walking?”

I didn’t know the answer to that one.  It was a hard one.
Of course I had been waking up for years just as he started
his promenade.  Waking up at just the right time so I could
see my handsome father in his tight white packed underwear.
Suddenly I got an insane thought.  “I could tie bells around
his ankle,” I suggested.

“I could tie bells around his ankle,” I repeated.  It was
such a great idea.  I was really excited with my own
brilliance.”Then when daddy got up and started walking I
would hear the jingling, and I would wake up and help him
back to bed.”

“You would wake up?”  She asked.  It was an interesting
idea.  If I could be trusted to make sure daddy stayed
safe…..she might just consider a trip to Florida.  To lie on
the beach all day.  To sleep all night.  Fast asleep all
night long.  I could see her pondering the idea.  It was

“I would definitely wake up,” I promised.  “Don’t worry.
I’ll make sure nothing happens to daddy.  Get on the
Internet.  Book a flight.  Book a hotel.  Everything will be

She smiled at me gratefully.  She told daddy of our plan.
He agreed to wear a circle of bells around his ankle when he
went to sleep.  He even went out and bought them.  He knew
mommy was tired and needed a rest.  He felt guilty that she
had had to watch him all these years every night.  But what
could he do?  He was a sleepwalker and there was nothing he
could do about it.

“Don’t worry, honey,” he said to mommy.  “Kenny here will
handle everything just fine.  You’ll watch out for me.
Won’t you, son?”

“I sure will, dad,” I swore.  “I’ll take real good care of

“Oh I love you guys,” my mom said.  She hugged first my
father, then me, as she started to cry.

“Just have a great vacation,” my father told her.

We drove her to the airport and kissed her good-bye as she
went through security.  We waved and waved.  She turned
around and blew kisses.  I could see she was crying.  My
father and I drove home.  He put the car in the garage and
went into the living room to watch television.  I went into
the kitchen and began to reheat the dinner mommy had left
for us in the refrigerator.  Macaroni and cheese.

After dinner we watched more television.  Daddy lay on the
couch, and I stretched out on the floor in front of the
couch.  Every once in a while he would reach down and tousle
my hair affectionately.  At around eleven o’clock we climbed
the stairs and got ready for bed.  Daddy stripped down to
his white jockeys.  And I went to my own room and donned my
striped pajamas.

From down the hall, I could hear jingle, jingle, jingle.
Daddy was putting on his bells.  I walked down to his room
and peeked in the door.  Daddy smiled at me and waved his
foot in the air.  Jingle, jingle, jingle. Jingle, jingle,
jingle.  We both laughed.  Everything was going to be just

I went back to my room and climbed under the covers, and
quickly fell asleep.  The next thing I knew, my eyes opened,
and I could hear a noise down the hall.  Behind his bedroom
door.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.
Something was afoot.  It was daddy.

The jingle was getting faster and louder.  It was nearing
his bedroom door.  It was still a little muffled, but then
it wasn’t.  He had opened his bedroom door.  Jingle, jingle,
jingle.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.   He was coming down the
hall.  He was getting close to my bedroom.   Quickly I got
up and opened my bedroom door.  There he was in his tight
jockeys, mechanically marching down the hall, open-eyed, but

As he passed me, I quietly fell in step behind him.  He was
getting closer and closer to the top of the stairs.  That
was dangerous.  If he ever fell down the stairs.  Well,
between the fall, and suddenly waking up and realizing
you’re falling.  That would be the end.  My heart was
pounding in my chest.  I noticed my fathers beautiful round
white-cotton covered buns, but I couldn’t concentrate on
that.  I had to make sure he didn’t wake up.  I had to make
sure he didn’t fall down the stairs.  Mommy was in Florida
on vacation.  This was now my job.  I had volunteered.

Jingle, jingle, jingle.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.  He was so
close to the top of the staircase.  Gently I reached out and
laid a single finger on his arm.  He seemed to respond to
it.  Blindly he turned and faced me.  I looked down and
glanced at his impressive white-cotton covered cock,
bulging, bulging.  Quickly I raised my eyes to his.  His
eyes were staring blankly.  He didn’t even see me.

His hand reached out and started clawing at my pajamas.  I
backed up to get further from the stairs.  He followed me.
He kept fingering my pajamas.  He was getting very upset.  I
didn’t know why.  I only knew I had to get him back to bed.
As he held on to my pajamas, I began backstepping toward his
bedroom.  He followed me.  Both hands now were fitfully
pulling on my nightclothes.  His face was a mass of
confusion and distress.  Then I realized.  He was used to
feeling mommy’s soft, silky, lacy nightgown, and here I was
in my rough cotton-polyester blend PJ’s.

There was nothing I could do about that now.  I just kept
backstepping toward his bedroom and he mechanically followed
me, holding on to my garment.  Inside the bedroom, I
maneuvered myself onto the bed, and he tumbled down beside
me, stilling clutching my night clothing.

Finally, thank-goodness, he seemed to be calming down.  He
wasn’t letting go of me though.  I figured I would have to
spend the night on mommy’s side of the bed.  I faced the
left wall, and daddy lay behind me, his cheek against my
hair.  I could feel his whole body lined up along mine.  No.
I couldn’t think about that now.  Time to get some sleep.

I finally started to doze off, and daddy had calmed down.
His breathing had gotten very regular.  Then suddenly it
wasn’t regular.  My eyes snapped open.  I felt a blinding
pain in my crotch.  My pajamas were crushing my balls.  What
was going on???

Then I realized.  Daddy’s hands were on the seat of my
pajama bottoms and he was pulling up.  Pulling up hard.  The
pajama bottoms were crushing my balls.  I wanted to scream,
but I didn’t dare.  I didn’t dare wake daddy.   What was he
doing?  I reached my own hands down and tried to pull my
pajamas bottoms down.  Away from my groin.  Oh, the pain.
In his sleep, he thought he was lifting mommy’s nightgown.

Daddy was pulling up.  I was pulling down.  Suddenly his
grip loosened and I won.  My pajama bottoms slipped off my
bottom and below my rear.  Now I felt the heat of daddy’s
cotton-clad bulge against my naked rump.  He was stroking
his swelling tumescence against me.  Then his hands came
down, and he began stroking my exposed flesh.  I started to
get goose bumps.  His breathing calmed again as he kneaded
my cheeks.  I felt his hot even breath on my neck.  Then he
exhaled a little, and I heard jingle, jingle, jingle.  He
was moving.  His hands left my bottom.  I felt him behind me
lowering his tight white jockey shorts.

Now his tumescence was really swollen.  It was sticking
straight out between us, round and fat and probably about
ten inches long.  My god.  I was only six.  My father was
more like ten.  And twice as thick.  It was a donkey dick.

He started pressing it into the crack between my virgin
cheeks.  It came to an abrupt halt at my dry asshole.  He
started to press.  Oh, no.  Oh, my god.  He would kill me.
I had to wake him.  No. I couldn’t wake him.  I was frantic.
I reached my hand behind me and grabbed his dick.  I circled
it with my palm and fingers.  In his sleep, he seemed to
accept that my wrapped hand was a cunt.  He started fucking
my hand, which I kept firmly in place in front of my
asshole.  He was not getting into my asshole.  He could fuck
my hand.  That would be okay, I decided.

But it wasn’t going well.  His cock was not sliding smoothly
in my grip. I could tell by his breathing that he was not
happy.  I quickly lifted my hand to my mouth and licked it
all over.  I spit copious amounts of saliva into my palm,
and quickly reached my hand around and encircled his dick
again.  This was better.  His hard stiff dick was sliding in
and out of my hand.  His breathing calmed and I felt his
lips and tongue on my neck.  As he pressed in and out of my
hand, his legs moved and the bells around his ankle went
jingle, jingle, jingle.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.

His breathing was getting thready, and now he was nipping my
neck.  I would have a black and blue mark.  His powerful ass
slammed forward, and his cock slipped through my fingers and
lodged against my virgin asshole.  Just then his cock
swelled and he shot his thick cream right between my cheeks,
where it absolutely covered my asshole.  I had hot cum all
over my hand as well.

After that daddy seemed to fall into a deeper sleep.  I
figured I was safe for the night and dozed off a little
myself.  Toward morning I woke up and assessed the

It would not be good if daddy woke up and realized what had
happened the night before.  He would feel so guilty.  He
would feel like some kind of awful pervert.  And he had no
idea what he had done in his sleep.  I had to protect him.
I got up on tippy toes and went to the bathroom where I wet
a wad of toilet paper.  I sneaked over to the bed and
stealthily cleaned him up.  I wiped away all the traces of
cum, and gently pulled his jockeys back up over his cock and
balls.  I tucked him in and smoothed out the blankets.  Then
I tiptoed to my own bedroom and got back into my own bed.

This was something I hadn’t counted on.  How was I to handle
this?   I couldn’t fall back to sleep.  I lay there in the
early morning darkness devising a plan.

The next day while daddy was at work, I drove out to Highway
72 where there was a porn film theatre and sex shop.  I made
a couple purchases in the sex shop, and then I stopped off
at the grocery store for some canned goods before returning

I did a few necessary things around the house, like moving
some nightwear from my parents’ closet to mine, before
opening the can of corned beef hash and the can of baked
beans I had bought for our dinner.

I fried the hash and heated the beans after daddy got home.
I called him from the TV into the dining room, and we had
our dinner.   Daddy made a big fuss over my cooking

“Oh, daddy,” I protested.  “They’re just cans.”

“But they’re delicious,” daddy persisted.  “I couldn’t do
this.  If you weren’t here, I’d have to go down to the
diner. “  He reached across the table and gave my cheek a
pinch.  I think I blushed a little.  I made up my mind that
tomorrow night, I would prepare some intricate recipes for
daddy’s dinner.  If he liked the hash and beans so much, who
knew what I might come up with.

We watched television until around eleven o’clock.  The same
as we had the night before.  Daddy’s hand lazily hung off
the couch, and his fingers lazily combed through my hair.

From my bedroom, finally I heard the jingle, jingle, jingle.
Daddy had attached his tinkly little anklet of bells.   Now
I had to get ready.  I couldn’t let myself be unprepared the
way I had been the night before.

I went into the bathroom and gave myself several clear water
douches.  I had bought a little plastic disposable enema,
but I emptied the contents and just kept filling it with
clear warm water which I shot up into me and expelled, until
I was sure I was very clean.

Then I went back into my bedroom and shut the door.  I
opened the bag from the sex shop.  I removed a large plastic
dildo shaped like a penis.  I had also bought a big jar of
something called Lube-Ricious.   I coated the dildo with the
Lube-Ricious, and then I dipped my fingers in the jar and
covered them with the clear slidy gel.   I lay back on my
bed and raised my legs, bringing my coated hand around to my

I began to rub the Lube-Ricious all around my anal opening,
and then I began to feed my fingers inside.  In and out.  In
and out.  Up and down. Up and down.  Right to left.  Left to
right.  Yes.  I was opening a little.

I took the Lube-Ricious coated plastic penis and inserted it
between my asscheeks.  Gentle I flicked it all around the
hole, and ever so easily I pressed a little.  I felt my
assflesh separating around it.  It was going in.  Yes a
little.  Now a little more.  No.  It was stopping.  It felt
dry again.

I took it out and coated it with more Lube-Ricious.  I stuck
it back inside my ass, and it moved a little further in.
Then it felt dry again.  I recoated it and reinserted it.
Good gracious.  At this rate I would run out of lube before
I knew it.  Three was the magic number.  This time it
slipped all the way in.  I moved it in. I moved it out.  I
moved it up.  I moved it down.  I moved it right.  I moved
it left.  I worked on my ass for almost a half hour.  I kept
having to add more Lube-Ricious.  But my hole was getting
bigger.  Bigger and wider and more spacious.   Finally I
withdrew the plastic penis.  I went to the closet and took
out the beautiful lacey pink nightgown that daddy had bought
mommy last Christmas.  It really was stunning.  I slipped it
over my head, and smoothed it out over my body. No rough
cotton-acetate pajamas to upset daddy tonight.  Tonight I
was all decked out in a beautiful satiny lacey gown.
Daddy’s sleeping fingers would approve when they touched

I climbed under the covers and drifted off to sleep.
Whatever might happen, I was prepared.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I heard the cheery
bell sounds tinkling, and I opened my eyes.  Daddy was on
the move again.  Before getting out of bed, I coated the
dildo with Lube again, and raised my nightgown.  It slid
easily up my ass now.  To make sure, I coated it and
inserted it two more times, to make sure my rectum was
totally slippery.  “That ought to do it,” I thought.

I heard daddy’s bedroom door open and the jingle, jingle,
jingle started moving down the hall toward me.  I walked to
the door of the bedroom and opened the door.  Daddy passed
me unseeingly and began heading toward the dangerous
staircase.  Really.  This was ridiculous.  Given daddy’s
condition we should have long ago moved to a one-story
house, so there would be no danger of daddy tumbling down
the stairs.

When daddy got to the top of the stairs, I decided enough
was enough.  I gently touched his arm.  He stopped.  He
turned toward me.  He looked right through me.  He grabbed
my nightgown and started fingering it.  Running his palms
over it.  He was not upset tonight.  I had been right.  He
wanted to feel the nightgown.

I stepped back.  Daddy stepped forward, following me.  Again
I backstepped down the hall all the way to his bedroom, and
we sat down on the edge of the bed, side by side.  Daddy was
staring at the dresser across the room, but not seeing it.
He kept playing with my nightgown.  I eased him back, until
we were both lying on the bed.  Side by side.  Just as we
had been the night before.

He spooned into me and rubbed his covered protrusion against
my bottom again. He was stroking the shiny material.  Then I
felt my gown lifting.  This time there was nothing to catch
in my crotch and castrate me.  The nightgown lifted easily,
and soon my naked asscheeks were lying against daddy’s bulky
groin. I heard bells as I felt daddy struggling around, and
lifting his bottom.  I reached back with my hand.  Just as I
had thought.  His large stiff hammer was now free of the
confining jockeys.

He sidled against me and I felt the hot hard hammer against
my cheeks.  Then it slipped between my cheeks, and then it
was pressing against my opening.  My well-lubricated
opening.  It was slipping in. It was actually slipping in.
I can’t say it didn’t hurt.  Even though I had a ton of Lube-
Ricious in my ass, it still hurt.  But it wasn’t so bad that
I couldn’t stand it.  I moved back a little, trying to
adjust my flesh around the bulky invader.  If it was a
question of my ass, or my dear daddy’s very life, there was
just no choice.  I would gladly sacrifice my virgin ass for
my beloved father.

He pushed into me more and more.  I pushed back against him
more and more.  It didn’t hurt any more.  I just felt
wonderfully stuffed.  Stuffed and full.  I was filled with
my daddy’s cock.  As I thought about this, my own less than
gigantic dick started to erect.  I played with it as daddy
hunched into me.  It was so delicious.  The tiny bells were
going jingle, jingle, jingle.  My ass was going tingle,
tingle, tingle.   I stroked my cock. I stroked my balls.
Daddy stroked my ass.  The bells were ringing. I was in

Daddy’s hands were caressing all over my body, feeling the
shiny, satiny nightgown.  Even though he was fast asleep, my
father urged me onto my stomach and rolled his body on top
of mine.  He was fucking like a master.  The bells were
jingling, jingling, jingling.  My ass was tingling,
tingling, tingling.  His big cock was mushrooming inside of
me and then it came.  The blasts.  His legs shot out and his
whole body shook with each blast of cum into my asspassage.
Jingle, spurt. Jingle, spurt, Jingle, spurt.  And on and on
and on.

We fell asleep that way.  I mean daddy was already asleep,
but I drifted off.  I was lying face down on the bed and
daddy was on top of me, his big, warm,  now-pliable cock
sleeping in my asshole.

Fortunately, again I woke up before daddy.  I carefully
extricated myself from beneath him.  Again I went to the
bathroom and got a wad of wet toilet paper.  I sponged
daddy’s Lube-Ricious coated cock clean, and eased his shorts
back over his floppy dick.  I covered him lovingly with the
blankets and went back to my own room.  I took off the
nightgown and put on my own cotton-acetate pajamas.  I
climbed under the blankets, and this time I fell asleep.  I
was really bushed.

Daddy was up before me now, and boy was he cheerful.  He was
whistling and singing when I came into the kitchen.  He
poured some cereal into a bowl for me, and splashed on some

“What’s up, champ?” he asked me.

“Nothing much,” I answered.  I really couldn’t tell him what
was up.

“God.  I feel just great today.  Just great.”  He flexed all
his muscles.  “I wonder how come I feel so terrific.”

I knew why he felt so terrific, but obviously I couldn’t
tell him.

“What’s on for today?” he asked me.

“I don’t know,” I answered.  “I have to pick up a couple of

What I had to pick up was several more jars of Lube-Ricious.
I would need them.  On the way back from the sex store on
Highway 72, I stopped at the food market.  I bought a
beautiful duckling, and potatoes for baking, and broccoli.
Tonight I would make daddy Duck a l’Orange, and baked
potatoes, and broccoli au gratin.  There was no reason daddy
couldn’t have a good home-cooked meal and a nice dinner to
come home to just because mommy was on vacation.  I was
here.  I was not a cripple.  I could take care of daddy just
as well as mommy could.

After I finished drying all the dishes and the roasting pan,
I joined daddy in the living room.  Again I sat on the floor
in front of the couch where he was lying.  His fingers again
thoughtlessly combed through my hair, and even
affectionately stroked my cheeks as he watched the
basketball game.  I didn’t really like basketball, but I
watched with daddy.  I wanted to be with him.  Mommy was on
vacation and I didn’t want him to have to be alone.

I knew he appreciated the sacrifices I was making for him,
because when he turned off the television and we got up to
go upstairs, he impulsively grabbed me in his strong arms
and just squeezed.

“I really love you, son.  You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, daddy.  I know that.  And I love you too.”

“That’s my Kenny.  That’s my sweet boy.”  He squeezed me
again and even kissed my cheek.  I kind of backed away a
little bit because I was getting a hard-on and I didn’t want
him to feel it.

We went upstairs.  He went to his bedroom and I went to
mine.  Again I prepared myself.  I donned my nightgown and
climbed under the covers.  I slept a little while.  I slept
until my ears detected jingle, jingle, jingle.  Quickly I
sat up and relubricated my passage with the gel and the
plastic penis.

I touched daddy’s arm before he got so close to the
staircase tonight.  I was getting more confident.  I knew I
wouldn’t wake him.  Everything happened as it had the night
before, and daddy jingled my way to heaven.

Night after night it happened.  Always the same.  Until one
night it was a little different.  I can’t explain it.  I
don’t know what was different.  Daddy was lying on top of me
working his penis in and out of my hole.  I was now pretty
open, and it was all very easy and even pleasant.  Pleasant
isn’t the word.  I loved it.  I loved it like mad.  I
practiced working my assmuscles all around daddy’s dick.
Making it roomy for him. Making it tight for him.  Raising
my ass up to him. Feeling his wiry hairs against my butt.
My ass was learning to draw and suck on his injector tube.

I listened to his even sleep-breathing in my ear.  And then
I notice something different.  His breathing was a little
different.  I wondered about that.  His hands, as always,
played with my silky nightgown.  But now his hands were
climbing under my nightgown, squeezing my flesh.  Squeezing
my asscheeks, squeezing my hips, squeezing my thighs,
squeezing my flat breasts.  His tongue was in my ear.  I
didn’t remember that happening before.  But what the hell.
I just went with it.  Whatever.

When he shot into me, he seemed a little more savage than
usual.  He was really pinching my titties.  They were
hurting.  I just bit my lip and accepted it.  His cock was
after all spurting his precious daddysperm into my thirsty
insatiable boycunt.

After I cleaned up and went to my own room, I lay there in
my crushed nightgown.  My head was spinning, and I didn’t
even bother to change into my pajamas.  It had been
different tonight.  What was it?  Could daddy have been
awake when he fucked me tonight?  Did he know he was fucking
his own son’s asshole?  Did he like fucking his own son’s
asshole?  All these questions tumbled madly through my mind.

No. No. No.  I rejected all my suspicions.  Of course, daddy
was asleep.  I could never let him know what was happening
between us.  Even though I wanted to throw my arms around
him and turn my face up to his, and have him stick his large
tongue between my lips, and eat out my mouth as I sucked his
tongue, as his hands played with my asscheeks,  and his
fingers dug into my hungry asshole.  Just thinking about
daddy was making me stiff.  I lifted my nightgown and beat
off in a frenzy.  I just let it soak into the gown.  I would
wash it tomorrow.  And besides there were dozens more.

Three weeks had passed and mommy was due home in a few days.
One morning while daddy was dipping toast into his egg
yellow, and I was chewing on my Wheatcrunchy cereal which
was covered with milk and lots and lots of brown sugar, the
phone rang.   Daddy picked it up.  “Hi, honey,” he said into
the phone.  “It’s your mother,” he whispered to me.

I rushed into the living room and picked up the extension.
Mommy was crying.  Why was mommy crying?

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry,” sobbed mommy.

 “Calm down, Edith,” daddy said. “Just come home.  We’ll get
through this.”

“I just told you I can’t come home,” she said.  “I’ve met
someone, and we’re in love.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I’m
not coming back.”

“Edith, please.  Come home.  We can talk this over.  When
you’re back home, you’ll forget all about him.”

“I won’t forget him.  I’ll never forget him. I’m in love.”

I started to cry into the phone.  “Mommy.  Come home.
Please come home.”

“I can’t baby.  I just can’t.  I love you so much, honey.
Please take care of your father for me.  Promise me that.”

“I promise, mommy,” I said.  That would be an easy promise
to keep.  Finally the conversation was over and daddy and I
hung up. I went back into the kitchen.  Poor daddy was
sitting with his head in his hands, shaking his head.  “I
don’t understand it,” he said.  “I don’t understand it.”

I went over and tried to comfort him.  I put my hand on his
shoulder.  He leaned his head to the side and caressed my
hand with his cheek.  Then he kissed it.
“My boy.  My sweet boy.  What would I ever do without you?”
I love you so much, I love you so much.”  He was crying.

I started to cry too.  I threw my arms around his shoulders.
“I love you, daddy.  I love you so much.”  We hugged each
other, and our faces touched, and our tears ran together.

Daddy tried to get hold of himself.  “It’s okay, honey.
We’ll be fine.  Just the two of us.  You’ll see.   Come on
now.  Finish your breakfast.”

I sat down and choked down the rest of my Wheatcrunchies.
They were not going down easily.  Daddy started to do the
dishes, but I pushed him aside.  “I’ll do that,” I told him.

Daddy went up to his bedroom.  He called me upstairs.   When
I entered the room he was sitting on the bottom of the bed
clutching a big gold box.  He was rocking back and forth as
if in mourning.  “Sit down,” he said, patting the spot next
to him.  I sat.

“I want you to see something,” he said.  He untied the
ribbon and opened the beautiful box.  Inside was a
magnificent embroidered blue satin nightgown.  He lifted it
tenderly out of the box and stroked the smooth material.  “I
bought this to give to your mother when she got back from
her vacation.”  He looked at it sadly.  “Isn’t it
beautiful?” he asked me.  “Don’t you think it’s beautiful?”

“Daddy.  It’s just gorgeous.  I know she would have loved

“If only I could have seen her in it.  I wanted to see her
wearing it.”

I patted his shoulder consolingly.

“I want to see what it looks like when it’s being worn.
Kenny.  Would you?  Would you put it on for me?”

“Daddy!” I gasped.  “You want me to put on a nightgown?”

“Yes, please.  Do it for me.  I want to see it being worn.
I want to see how it drapes.  Please.”

“All right,” I said hesitantly.  “I’ll change in my room.”

“No. Change here,” said Daddy.  “I’m your father.  You don’t
have to be embarrassed in front of me.”

I started to unbutton my top shirt button.  Daddy reached
over and started to unbutton the next one.  He was really
anxious.  When my shirt was unbuttoned, he lifted it off my
shoulders.  I raised my arms, and daddy lifted my t-shirt
over my head.  I started to unbuckle my belt, but daddy was
ahead of me.  He unbuckled it.  He lowered my pants, and sat
me down on the bed.  I raised my legs and daddy took off my
shoes and socks, and then pulled my pants off of my legs.

I was wearing only my underpants now.  I stood up thinking I
would put on the nightgown, but the minute I stood up, daddy
lowered my underpants to the floor.  He supported me while I
stepped out of them.  I was completely naked now.  But not
for long.  Daddy had me raise my arms, and the beautiful
blue nightgown slipped over my head and fell around my body
in luxurious folds.

“Turn around,” daddy said.  I turned, feeling the fabric
sweep with me.  Daddy kept turning me and feeling the
material all over.  Over my chest, over my stomach, over my
thighs front and back, over my bottom.  “Keep turning,
honey.  Keep turning.  Oh, it looks great.  It looks so

I swirled around in front of my father, and I noticed that
his hand had moved to the tent that had formed in his pants.

“Oh, you look so hot in that nightgown, honey” he said.  “So
hot.  So hot.” And he was playing with his tent.

Suddenly he grabbed me to him and pressed me against him.  I
could feel his hard penis pressing into my lower abdomen.
He clasped his lips over mine and his hot heavy tongue
darted into my mouth.  I tasted his saliva, and my own penis
started stiffening.  His hands were squeezing my asscheeks.
Pinching them and squeezing them as he licked all over my

Now I was sure that my suspicions had been correct.  He had
come awake last night.  He had known that he was fucking me.
That had to be the answer.  Otherwise he would not dare to
be so bold now.

“Oh, baby,” he crooned.  “You’re so hot.  You’re so hot.
What a hot tight little body.” He continued to jam his
tongue down my throat, and I licked it with my own tongue.

He was caressing the large package in his pants.  “Take my
cock out, honey.”

“Daddy,” I protested.

“Come on, baby.  Take my cock out.”  He pulled down his
zipper and brought my hand to the opening in his pants.  He
guided my hand inside.   I started stroking his stretched
jockey shorts.  “Go inside, baby,” he encouraged me.  I
reached up through the leg opening and wrapped my hand
around his monster rod.

“Oh, that feels so good, honey.  So good.  You’re getting me
so hot.”  He stepped back and dropped his trousers to the
floor.  He tore off the rest of his clothes, and took my
hand off his dick only long enough to drop his shorts.

“Get down on your knees, honey,” he said.

“On my knees?”  I looked up into his eyes.

“Get on your knees, baby.”  He pressed down on my shoulders
and soon I was kneeling before him.  His long hard cock was
facing my mouth, pressing against my lips.  “Come on, honey.
Suck my dick.  Suck your daddy’s hard dick, sweetness.

He pressed my head forward.

“I’ve never sucked a dick, daddy,” I told him.

“Well now’s your chance to try it.  You’ll like it.  Come
on, baby.”  I opened my mouth just a little bit and he moved
his cock into it.  It slid along my tongue.  It moved
forward relentlessly and hit the back of my throat.  I
started choking and gagging.  “Stay with it, honey.  You’ll
get used to it.  You’ll like it.  Suck daddy’s dick.  Suck
daddy’s big dick.”

I started studiously sucking my daddy’s big dick.  He was
right.  I did like it.  It was so big and strong and
powerful.  Just like my daddy.  I licked all over the big
head.  I licked up and down and all around the long shaft.
Then I lowered my face and took one of his large swinging
balls into my mouth.  “AAAGGGHHH, that’s it, that’s it.
You’re so good. You’re such a great cocksucker.  Suck my big
balls. AAAGGGHHH.”  I moved my mouth to the other ball and
he bucked in insane pleasure.

“Lick my ass,” he ordered.

‘What?”  I couldn’t believe my ears.

“You fucking heard me.  Eat my ass.  Stick your fucking
tongue up my sweet ass.”  He turned and bent slightly at the
waist, and with his two hands pulled his cheeks apart,
exposing his little rose-pink hole.  I stuck my tongue out
and tentatively gave a little lick.

“Come on, kid,” he said harshly.  “Get in there.”

I stuck my tongue in and worshipped his asshole as he
twisted around and bucked and roared.  “That’s it.  That’s
it.  You’re so good.   You’re a professional little whore,
honey.  Eat it, bitch.”

We were both getting turned on by his rough talk, which was
so uncharacteristic of my daddy.  But it was sending me into
a sexual tizzy.

“My cock,” he said.  “Go back to my cock.”

I moved my mouth back over onto his enormous dick and sucked
away as he moaned and groaned.  “AAAGGGHHH.  AAAGGGHHH.
What a great sucker.  What a great little cocksucker.  Oh,
baby.  What you do to me.  AAAGGGHHH.”

With encouragement like that how could I stop?  I happily
slurped away on my father’s penis.

“Come on, baby,” he said.

“What I asked?”

“Get on the bed.  I want to fuck your sweet ass.”

“Daddy!” I said reprovingly.  How he was talking.

“Come on.  Get on the bed.  It’s fuck time.  My dick wants
to climb up your hot little ass and shoot a load of thick
white cum.”  He steered me onto the bed and threw me down.
He climbed on top of me.  I was face up.  I had never been
face up before.

He lifted my legs and crawled between them.  He lowered my
legs onto his strong shoulders and kneewalked into my
asshole.  As his cock was pressing against my tight little
entrance, I realized that I had not preprepared with Lube-
Ricious.  I was not prelubricated.  I was worried.  But the
cock was going in and going in.  It was going in without the
Lube-Ricious.  In. In. In.  And now I felt his large balls
resting against my asscheeks.  He was all the way home.  He
began a slow in-out movement, and it was delicious.  I
lowered my legs from his shoulders and wrapped them around
his waist.  I threw my arms around him.  I had him
imprisoned in all my limbs as he fucked my hot hole, and he
was loving it.  And I was loving it.  I raised my ass up to
meet his hard thrust, and heard the sexual sound of slapping
flesh.  Again and again and again we slapped together.

Now I had my tongue in his mouth, and he was sucking it.
This was so hot.  So hot.   “Oh, daddy,” I moaned.  “Fuck
me.  Fuck me.  Fuck my hot ass.”

“I’m fucking your hot ass, baby.  Daddy’s fucking your hot
tight ass.” His hands kept playing with my beautiful
nightgown.  My nightgown. Not mommy’s.  Mine.
Daddy’s hands moved to my flat tits and began squeezing and
pinching.  Too bad I really didn’t have swelling breasts,
but daddy didn’t seem to mind.  He seemed to be very happy
with just my mouth and my asshole.

“Do you want my cum in your asshole, honey?  You want me to
shoot my load up your hot little bottom.”  He was pounding
away on top of me.  His sweat was dripping into my eyes.  I
didn’t care.  I liked it.  I liked all of it.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes, what?” he panted.

“Yes, daddy.  I want your thick hot cum in my asshole.  I
want your sperm inside my body.  If only I were a girl so
that you could make a baby in me.”

“Yes, honey.  That’s what I’d like too.  To make a baby in
you.  To make another baby inside my first baby.”  He
hammered away inside my ass.  As I fucked up to him and felt
his balls hitting me, I almost forgot I was a boy for a few
minutes.  I thought I was a beautiful little girl, and that
my daddy was going to spray his powerful seed in me and
plant a child in my womb.  And then he was spurting.  He was
coming. He was coming inside of me.  This was so glorious.
I was pregnant.  I was pregnant.  I shot my own load and got
some of it on my beautiful new nightgown.  It got it all
over daddy’s belly, and he ran his fingers through my
ejaculate.   I was pregnant.  I was pregnant with my daddy’s

Then I came back to myself.  The sexual delirium left me and
I realized.  I was not pregnant.  I could not get pregnant.
I was not a girl.  I was a boy.  My daddy had not shot his
load into my womb.  He had shot his load into my ass.  In
fact, his cock was still in my ass, and my arms and legs
were still wrapped around his body.  I raised my lips to
his, and we kissed again.  A sweet gentle father-son kiss.
A kiss of thank-you from me to him and him to me.  Oh my
sweet wonderful daddy.  I guess we would survive without
mommy. Just the two of us.  Just us two.

The years passed and mommy occasionally came to visit with
her new husband, Albert.  He was a nice man.  But nothing
like my wonderful handsome daddy.  Mommy didn’t know what
she had lost.

Every night I would get into a different beautiful nightgown
and model it for daddy.  He was always buying me new ones.
Presents.  Nightgown presents. I really did love the silky
feel of them.  They were so beautiful.  And my daddy always
said I looked beautiful in my nightgowns.  After I had spun
around for daddy for fifteen minutes or so, we would climb
into his bed, and I would get down and suck his big cock.

And then he would fuck me.  Fuck me in every position
imaginable.  I loved his big cock inside of me, and I must
admit that every time he fucked me, I would allow myself to
fantasize and imagine that I was daddy’s little girl, and
that his cum was going to make a baby inside me.  It was
just my imagination.  It didn’t hurt anyone to imagine that.

Maybe mommy left daddy because of the sleepwalking.  I just
don’t know.  The funny thing is once I started sleeping next
to daddy in his bed, he stopped walking in his sleep.  He
never sleepwalked again.  Maybe all those years he had been
searching for something.  Searching for something he could
not find.  But now, finally, he had found it.  And it was
me.  His own precious son.  Maybe I was what he had always
secretly yearned for.

We have been a loving couple for many years now.  I would
never leave my daddy for another man the way my mother had.
After all, my daddy is my daddy.  Who would ever love me
more than my own daddy?  And I know you’ll think this is
silly, but even though my daddy doesn’t wear his anklet of
bells anymore, every night when my daddy inserts his
wonderful prick into my delighted boypussy (daddy’s word),
the whole world seems to go jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle,
jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle, jingle………..jingle all the