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[This is not so much a story, as a record of emails exchanged between myself and a 31-year old woman, who became, for too short a time, my nine-year old girlfriend.] THE STORY OF MARK AND JULIE - A 41 YEAR OLD GUY AND A 9-YEAR OLD GIRLFRIEND. Someone made a post to a group...she was subsequently jumped all over on by the group owners and moderators for this message: 31 yr old housewife would love to penpal with any adult 18+ male who fantasizes about dating girls around nine years of age. I made this response, directly to her: Hi Sue (is that right?..or SueJulie?), You wrote, "31 yr old housewife would love to penpal with any adult 18+ male who fantasizes about dating girls around nine years of age". If it would be all right, I think I might like to take you up on your offer, for this would certainly be a part of me, this fantasy about "dating" (smiling, for I like seeing it put that way, as if that (dating the nine-year old) were possible) a girl child of nine. I'm not sure what type of correspondance you are hoping or looking for, if other things about me are "acceptable" for such a correspondance, please let me know what exactly you had in mind..okay? If I don't hear from you, good luck regardless. Mark [And then, followed it shortly up with this one.] Subj: Actually actually..please at least write to acknowledge you received the e-mail I sent a few moments ago..for I hate guessing games...thanks..lots... Mark * * * Later on in the evening, I received the dunning posts from the group owners etc..and felt badly for this Sue person..for they were treating her the same as they had me..way back in the fall of 2001 when I sent one of these same persons the section of my journal and they kicked me out of the one group, etc. One of the dunning posts: Hi Everyone, Tonight, in the midst of some normal day to day chaos in my real life here, I approved a post that should not have been approved. For that, first let me say I sincerely apologize to any and everyone, including the owner of this group, who might be offended by it. Second, and most importantly, I want to make a couple of things VERY CLEAR. This group is NOT NOT NOT about incest or pedophelia. It is one thing to be an adult and FEEL the age of a child, or to just want to play the role of a child with another person. Many of us have a child's spirit within us and when we are in the mindset of our "felt" age, our actions and reactions are very much as those of a pint-sized child. However, that is simply a child-like persona of the ADULT person we actually are. To suggest that one might have fantasies of dating a REAL child speaks of pedophilia. I would like to believe that this is just a case of miscommunication and not intended to mean what it sounds like it means. However, let me caution everyone here, NO more posts of this nature will go through, if I have to wait hours before I can focus my full attention on the posts before approving them in order to do it properly. ANY post that hints at pedophilia, incest or any other illegal acts will be denied with an explanation of why it is denied. Should an unmoderated member make such a post, that post will be removed and the member moderated from that point on. If necessary, to prevent such posts, you will be removed from the membership and banned. I am removing that post and it's responses at this time, and again, I am very sorry for not having paid closer attention. Regards to all, * * * * * So, I sent Julie this note: Subj: Wow..sorry for how they have treated you.. Hi again, By now, perhaps, you have read the righteous and indignant responses to your post from the group owner..I don't know how or if they've affected you..but if it has been adversely, I just want you to know you have my sympathy, even empathy, for I have been in an identical position, nearly, with the same person in the past..anyway..just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you..and..if you'd like to chat or e-mail and smile, perhaps, about any of that, feel free to write me back. Mark a day or the most..once I get a moment of spare time and while that garbage is still fresh enough, I shall make my own post, which may or may not make it through "moderation"...not sure whether she's kicked you out..but also if you'd like..I can forward you a copy of that "rebuttal. Lastly, just so you know..I know that for you, your post was not about about real life offences against a child..those who know..know that's not what ageplay is about..close, perhaps, but not exactly..kisses (if those are alright). 10:30 AM Wednesday March 26, 2003 Sue, the person who was looking for someone to date the nine-year old girl inside her, replied to my e-mails: Mark, Thanks for your sympathy. It was probably my fault for wording it the way I did. I really meant no harm. I was not kicked from the group, but just a few minutes ago I dropped out of the group. I don't feel bad for the message she sent...I just think it was my own fault for the wording and I understand her concern. I had some experiences with men as a child and found them enjoyable and just wanted to be able to share with men that might like the idea of dating a little girl. I guess considering that was my though I was probably in the wrong and don't fit in that group. Again, thanks for your sympathy and feel free to email me if you wish. sue My reply: Subj: Okay, then, good Sue, Yes, upon further reflection I can see both points (yours and theirs), and you're also right about it just being the wrong group. Personally..for me.., although actual interaction is limited to a fantasy, love of real little girls is an intrinsic, real and valid part of my ageplay dynamic. While I can respect those who do not or cannot make that connection, for me, it's most wonderful. That said, I look forward to dating a nine-year old girl..with passion. Mark PS Just in the interest of "going forward", (and of course, give me feedback as you like), I think I would like to act as if you had made a post to some group..and were really nine years old..asking for interaction with..well, say me, the 41 year old guy. If this sounds like a decent starting point for this, let me know ...otherwise..tell me your ideas. <Smiling>..I'm very flexible when it comes to one like you. 3:00 PM Wednesday March 26, 2003 Letter back from Sue I like your thoughts and from now on am nine years old. Please approach me in your emails as if I am nine and willing and able to go out on "dates" with you and am honestly willing to "date" friend of yours or really just anyone you want me to date. luvya sue My reply, being sent early the next morning: (okee...but bear with me as ya can as this will be a little new to me and I'll be... ummm... .improvising, that's the will always indicate I am talking to "adult Sue"..but only when that is necessary..also..( last thing before "off we go into the wild blue yonder")....when I do this..when I play this way..especially if I believe you are not playing a game, ie, trust you, which I do, probably at some risk... I go all the way, with few reservations..I know who I am inside, and I'm not afraid of him..for he is as smart as I..that's all..(for now)) Hi Sue, My name is Mark, I am 41. I was so very happy to read your recent post to the one newsgroup about you wanting to date an older man. I think that is so terrific. I have always liked younger girls, especially those under 12, so you can imagine my heart is beating very fast at the idea I might get a chance to date a nine-year old. I like everything about little girls, from their exhuberant spirit, to their shining eyes, dancing smiles, and even their smooth soft bodies...specially their lil cheekies. So, please tell me all about yourself, if you will. I want to know what you like to do, what you look, eyes...size, your favorite subject in school, etc. We can talk about where we might go on a date and what me might do later on. First, I want to know who you are, Sue, inside and that if things work out and we get to date one another, I will be able to enjoy every teeny bit of you..kay? Thanks so much for asking, too..for I know it can be as hard for a little girl to ask as it can be for an older man to answer. Kisses for now, Mark 5:00 PM Thursday March 27, 2003 Letter from Sue (fourth grader) Mark, Hi! I'm so glad I met you here and that you are ok with my age. I am in the fourth grade at park school and my teacher is Mrs. Smith. I like school lots and my favorite class is art or music. I like gym to but not good at sports. I am the smallest in my class and weigh fifty and am also 44 inches tall. Peopl always think I am younger than I am. I have short brown hair cut in a paige boy style and I have brown eyes. My legs are thin and I am a little bit pigeon toed. I think my feet are to big but not sure. I think my knees are to big to. I like swimming in the summer and sledding in the winter. I collect stuffed animals and those little spoons when we travel. My mom works in a office and doesn't like it when I talk to strangers but I do it anyway. I never had a boyfriend but think I will like you. We have a dog named buster and he is nice and big and friendly. My daddy doesn't live with us anymore but I go to see him on weekends but not every weekend. He likes to have parties and his friends like me too. I don't know what else to say. Maybe you can take me to a movie sometime. Are you married? I don't mind if you are its ok. bye for now. sue Reply to Sue Dear Sue, Aww..hi back to you..and I am soooo okay with your age,'re perfect for me. The way you say you look and your "size" is great too. I am sure your feet and knees are not too big at all for me. As a matter of fact, I bet you are so cute, Sue. I can hardly wait to meet you and date you. I also liked art the best when I was in school..and love all music, of course, even though I can't play any instruments. I didn't like gym much in school, though, but I do like to play sports and games now...and especially like swimming. they have a big wave pool near my house where I go with my two boys in the summer. It is always fun seeing all the little girls in swimsuits, 'cause I like them so much. What kind of swimsuit do you wear when you go swimming? I just bet I would like it a lot, no matter what kind it is. And no..I'm no longer married..but for now, I still live with her and have my own bedroom in the basement. I was married for a way long time to someone who is still a very good friend of mine. I decided to get unmarried so I could find a little girl to date, and to share my life (and heart and soul) with forever and ever, someday. Yes, Sue..I would really like to take you to see a movie with me. What kind of movies do you like? Do you think maybe we can hold hands while we walk to the movie theater, and maybe even while we watch the movie in the dark? I'd really, really like that. Tell me what you will wear on our first date..I can hardly wait to know...I am smiling and my mind is spinning thinking about how very pretty you must be with your brown hair and brown eyes and small legs and body. I hope you had a good day at school and do not have too much homework to do. Kisses for now, Mark (goodness..what a wonderful world) 11:00 AM Friday March 29, 2003 Letter from my nine-year old girlfriend, Sue: Hi, I'm glad you like girls my age. I think I like you too. I like wave pools but not to good a swimmer yet so I have to be careful. I have two swimming suits. One is a two peice yellow one that has ties on the sides of the bottom and is small on me. The top is small to and ties around my neck and around my back to with just small patches in the front. The other one is a one peice and is dark blue with colored balloons all over it. It has a low back and the front has a circle cut out so my belly button shows and some holes on the sides to so it looks like a two peice if you are far away looking at it. That one is my newest suit and is still big on me or I am to skinny for it because its not tight in the front and you can see down below my belly button and it fills up with water sometimes, but I like it. I like movies like Lilo and Stitch but will go to any movie you want. I like holding hands so that is good. Can I sit on your lap in the movie. Then I can see better. I like the idea of going out with you and we can do other stuff besides the movie. I just want to be with you and do what yu want to do. I don't want to stop you from being with your friends either and would even like to meet them. I would like it if you told people I was your girlfriend even though I am young. I don't think my mom will let me go out with a man but when I go to my dads I know he will let you take me out. He will even let you take me out to taverns and stuff where only adults go. I didn't have to much homework but have to go now....write soon. sue My reply: Hi Sue, Aaww..well..if we ever get to go swimming together, I'd want you to wear the yellow swimsuit..the one that's a little small on would be such fun for me to watch you and be with you while you were wearing it...I bet it even creeps up so that your little butt cheeks peek out, too. and don't worry if you can't swim too good..I'd be happy to help you, or even to carry you into the deep end. I think you might like the way I'd hold you too..have you face me with your legs around my middle and I could hold you with my hands on your butt..that way I'd be able to see you smile, too. And sure, I'd love it if you would sit on my lap at the movie, Sue. I'm the kind of a guy that would appreciate having the warmth of your small body on my lap. I'm also real, real glad you said you just want to be with me and do what I want to do. Cause if you don't mind me saying so...what I would want to do if you sit on my lap at the movie..(oh..and I hope you will wear a dress or skirt to the movie, too) I would want to..if you wouldn't mind, anyway..occassionally maybe kiss your little soft neck during the movie..I think it would be so wonderful to be able to kiss the places right behind your ears, and smell your scent, too. I really like the smell of a little girl. Or.. maybe even..cause I like things like this, too...reach under your top and keep my warm hands on your chest..I Iike how little girls' small nipples feel on my fingertips..I think going to a movie with you could be great fun. I will let you pick the movie, because I'll be happy no matter what it is, just to be there with you on my lap, like that. Ohh, though..I hope you will not mind that if your little bottom is in my lap, it will probably make my penis get hard underneath it's small softness. Do you think that will be okay, Sue? Hmmmm..I don't know about meeting my friends...I know I would be happy to be able to say you were my girlfriend, even if they did not exactly understand why I had such a young girlfriend. They would probably ask grown-up questions, like whether or not I had ever taken your little panties off and seen you naked..stuff like that. But, I'm the kind of guy that likes to see you happy, so if you think you would like to meet them, maybe we can do that. Your letter..and me having the opportunity to write you back has made me smile this morning. So tell me, you think you like me enough I can call you my girlfriend, then? It would really make me proud and happy to have a girlfriend like you, Sue. Thank-you for your letter..I hope you are having a good day, sweet one. Kisses, Mark 10:00 PM Sunday March 30, 2003 Letter from and to Sue: I'm glad you like the yellow swim suit. I like it too. It is the one I am used to and it is comfy. I think because it is just this tiny triangle of fabric in the front and it is real thin fabirc so I like it. I will like it if you cary me around in the pool. I like it when a man holds me and the feel of his hands on my skin. When we go to the movie I will for sure wear a sun dress. Those are so thin and comfortable and I don't need panties if you like my bare bottom sitting on your lap. You can unzip in the movie if you want to so our parts are really touching, but I might get a little wet if you move around to much. I don't mind but it might get your pants wet. I would really like to feel you get hard against me down there. It would be nice to meet your friends but I understand how they might not know what you are doing with me. It would be ok if you take me to a park or something and we met men that we don't know. I like to swing and you could push me so my dress would fly up and men could see my bottom. Do you mind if other men see me there or if they want to take me on their laps or kiss me. I would like you to think of me as your girlfriend but would really like to make other men happy to. You could hold me in your arms and kiss me while standing up and let other men stand behind me and unzip and do things to me if you liek. I know I would like that a lot. If you wanted to take me to a baseball game or something like that I would go in the bathroom with you and do things to other men while you wantch and make sure I am ok. I would even like to stand in a urinal sometime. Well I have to go to grandmas for the weekend but will look for you next week. luv sue Dear Sue, Hi, I hope the weekend at grandma's went well for you. It makes me happy to be able to write you again this evening. Your little yellow swimsuit sounds even nicer than I thought it might. I can just imagine the tiny little triangle of fabric barely covering your lil baby mound..that makes me smile to think about. And the fabric is thin, too?...Wow..that means I could probably even see the nice smooth color of your mound through it, too. I really, really like the way a little girl's cunny can be so nice and smooth. Is it okay to call it by that name? Goodness, though..with that swimsuit..if I carry you around..I hope you know I'm going to have my hand on your small bottom..maybe even have my fingers sometimes sneeking under the small triangle place to feel your real triangle..I just know I would love how you feel, "under there", Sue. ( WILL wear a sundress to the movie with me..that will be terrific! I don't mind if you wear panties, too..but if you like, I will enjoy sneaking them offa you so your bare bottom can be in my lap. And yes..if we do that, I think I will almost have to unzip my zipper and let my penis touch your little bare bottom, Sue. I think that will be just wonderful feeling your soft legs squeezing the sides of my penis..and I am sure I am going to want to move around some like that. I am also sure if that if I do that and you begin to "get wet", honey..that I am going to hold you very tight..probably with my hands under your dress feeling your nipples..and move my hips and penis till I can squirt my warm cum out between your soft warm legs...I would probably be kissing your shoulders and neck, too. If all of that happens, you think you could put your small soft hands on my penis while it moves? If you do that it will feel so good to me, honey..and I will probably make lots of my warm cum come out in your little hands. I bet this will feel so, so good. (hmmm..this next part..not really into degradation..but..what makes you happy..makes me soo happy) I am glad you are proud of your little body, Sue..and are aware how happy it can make men feel to see your small soft bottom. I will be happy to take you to the park and swing you so your dress flies up. We will do things on purpose to make the other men happy. When I get you off the swing I can lift the back of your dress and brush off the butt of your little panties in front of some other men. I will even take a moment and kind of stop..then caress your little bottom very brazenly while I kiss you on the lips. Then for a moment or two, I will hold your face close to my crotch. After we see some men looking like they really, really want to make their cum come out..we will make them all happy by going into the bathroom and I..and the ones who can't stand it any longer..from having see those looks of your tiny soft bare bottom...and come in after us..we will let them catch you licking and maybe sucking my penis some..and then I will ask you, " it alright if these other men touch their penises and make their cum come out on your bare little body, honey"?..and you can might even decide you want to suck on one of their penis' while I watch and get ready to squirt my warm cum on you? I love you, little girl..I hope your weekend was good.. Love, Mark 5:00 PM Monday March 31, 2003 Letters from and to Sue (Julie): Mark, I loved everything you wrote to me in your last email. Me weekend at grandmas house was nice and I had fun there. I'm glad you like my yellow suit. My mom doesn't like it so much because it is so thin. It just covers that part of me down there that is rounded and sticks out because I am so thin. Mom says it looks like it is sprayed on and leaves nothing to the imagination. I like it anyway! I don't care if mom doesn't like it. I would go naked on the beach if mom would let me. Soemtimes when I change out of my suit on the beach I don't get dressed right away because I want men to look at me....I like that. When we go to the movie I don't want to wear any panties so you can feel me down there with your hands and your penis. If you want me to I will kneel on the floor in the theater and suck your penis so you can squirt in my mouth, but you will have to cover me up so no one will see what I am doing. If you don't want me to do that it's ok I will just sit on your lap and you can put your penis up inside my pee-pee and squirt in me....I like that. When we go to the park I don't want to wear any panties there either and you should try to show me off to lots of men so they want to come and meet me. I will be happy to go in the bathroom with you and some other men and everyone can take out their penis and play with it and rub it on my face or my bottom and I will suck them while you watch. It would be nice to have men squirt in my mouth and some on my body and some on my clothes so I can be all sticky from everyone. I think that sounds nice. luv julie Reply: Hi Julie, Oh good, I'm glad you liked the things I wrote in my last letter to you, certainly it is an immense pleasure both to write you and have you as my girlfriend, too. Goodness, this yellow swimsuit of yours just makes my heart beat so fast. I can almost smell and taste you already, Julie. I think if you are with me, either at the beach or at the swimming pool, it will be fine with me, especially if other men are around, if you will even pull up your suit a little so that some of the thin fabric goes into your little slit so the rest of your cunny pushes out from around it. Maybe your swimsuit is small enough so that we can pull the back part up into your little butt crack so that your whole bare little cheeks show, too. I think this looks very sexy on a little girl. Then we can take a walk around holdnig hands at the pool or on the beach. If we see some other men nearby, I just bet they will want to take their hard penis' out of their swimsuits and make their sticky cum come out on your little soft body, Julie. If you think it will make you happy, I will even be willing to go up to some other men and ask them if they want to squirt their hot cum on your warm baby skin. Would you like that, pretty baby? I know, for me, thinking of you like this, would make me want to take my own hard penis out of my own swimsuit and touch myself until I was ready to squirt my own hot sticky cum onto you. You could watch me, even and when I was ready to squirt it out of my body onto yours, you could tell me where to squirt it, too. Maybe you would even let my penis touch your soft little girl skin while I stroked it..I think I would like that, too. Mmm..Julie, you sure are the bestest girlfriend a guy like me could have. Tell me, if you want to..if I was to be able to find three or four men, would you want to kneel down while we all squirted our hot sticky cum on you, or would you rather we find us a place like bath house where you could lie down and maybe take your swimsuit all the way off? I would enjoy seeing you do it either way, although the second way you would be able to arch your little naked body up and smile while you waited for all of the men to shake and squirt hot sticky man cum on you. Kisses, baby...I want to write you later about our date at the movie..okay? Love, Mark 3:15 PM Tuesday April 1, 2003 Letters from and to Julie: From Julie: Mark, you are so sweet. I love all your ideas and will do anything you like. I know we can't do many things at the pool but we also have a big beach at the state park by us and it always has lots of people but they spread out so it can be almost a private beach with just some people walking by once in a while. I can wear my suit the way you like so everyone can see my buns and even my mound in the front and we can hold hands and walk down the beach. Then when you see men look at me you can ask them to join our walk and see how many we can get and go all the way down to the end of the beach away from everyone. I'm not the shy type so don't mind if we are around families and me letting guys do sex things to me but I think the guys might feel strange about that. At the end of the beach we are far away from everyone and all the guys can do whatever they can think of to me. I know there are some benches to sit on and I can lay on a towel on one and you guys and all squirt on me. I won't wipe it off when we go back either and then all the families can look at how covered I am with man-juice and know what I did. I would even walk down a crowded sidewalk with you holding my hand with my face dripping man-juice. I wonder if we could go in a restaraunt with me looking like that. I want it in my eyes and everything so I can't see where you are walking me - I will have to hold your hand. So you think we could get twenty or thirty or mor guys to do that to me? luv julie Reply (Please see the PS at the very bottom of this letter, Sue) Dear Julie, I'm happy that you are happy. I am smiling thinking about our little walk down the beach, hand in hand. About how my heart would be beating so fast just to feel your hand soft hand in mine and about how my penis would be so hard thinking that maybe soon I would squirt my hot cum on you along with thirty or forty other men. I am sure it would not be hard to get that many to join us at the end of the beach for that, either. After all, your little swimsuit would be pulled up into that thong-like condition and so your sweet tiny little butt cheeks would be all nice and bare and bouncy to all of the men's eyes on the beach. You would be the princess of hot and sticky man-juice, honey. I would like that you could see my erection through my swimsuit..heck..that would probably make it apparent to any of the other men we wanted to join us that I was planning on squirting my man-juice on your little bare body...and will make them all want to follow us so they can let their hot cum come out on you, too. It will be kind of cute to see all those men following just one little girl to the end of the beach..all those men with all those penises and all aching, just aching, to squirt their hot sticky man-juice on your sweet little body, honey. It will make me smile to think you are as happy you can be when you feel each warm load of cum land somewhere on your body. I wonder to myself whether you will make little noises of happiness and satisfaction as you hear each man moan with joy while they watch their man-juice land on you, Julie. I also wonder whether you will move around some to make sure you get the sticky white stuff all over you. I think I would like you, maybe, if it will make you happy, to get up on your hands and knees, lower your tummy down and lift your smooth little bottom as far as you can toward me, pull your little thong swimsuit aside and say to me, "yes, squirt your hot man juice on my little bum hole"..that would make me smile, too, Julie. I would probably make slots of noise, honey, when my cum squirted onto your tiny hole. I would probably moan very loudly and say, "awwwwww, yes, Julie, yes baby..let my hot cum come out on you, honey". :) And yes, sure, I would take you to the restaurant all covered in man juice after all those 40 men had shot their hot juice on you, love..but you would be my special little cum princess, alone..for I would be overjoyed that you had found happiness and freedom at the end of that beach in the afternoon, listening to and feeling all of the joy you had given to all those men. Oh..I is a picture of what I will probably look swim suit, soon as I see your little bare butt cheeks in your little yellow swimsuit..especially since I will know you are going to let my man-juice squirt out of my hard penis on you. Kisses, sweetest one. Love, Mark Oops..I just remembered that you probably can't get embedded images on yahoo I attached it as a file for you, Julie. other thing. Even though I like sharing you, having other men squirt their hot cum on you, sometimes I will want you all for when we go to see our movie..and even then..I might still share you with some others maybe :). I will write my next letter to you about how I hope our trip to the movies will go..I hope school is going good for you today, Julie. Bye for now. (PS..for grown-up Sue...sweetheart..before I get too awful far along in this wonderful journey with you, ...without imposing upon you..I need to know and have you confirm, unequivocally ( the extent possible), that you are is all I will ever ask in return for this bit of my soul (and yes, I acknowledge you are sharing your soul with me as well)..I certainly don't want to scare you, either, but this part is important to me..and I have desire to only share it with a female..that is critical to me..and I want to know in my heart, and believe, that that is true..if you need to know more "reasons" for why it is that way for me, I will be happy to share those reasons with voice "hi" (nothing more than that) on the telephone, or a voice "hi" on yahoo's enable voice thing, or even..a sound file of your female is all I will ever ask, I promise...please let me know if that will be possible or impossible..thank you) April 2, 2003 It looks as if I've frightened Sue now, I sent her a note: Subj: I'm sorry if I frightened you.. was not my intention Mark Reply Mark, It's my own fault. I just didn't know how to react to you wanting to hear my voice. I don't think it is bad. I just didn't expect it and then avoided emailing you because I had no idea what to say. I feel really weird about what we are doing and yet very sexual about it. I feel like I am just laying all these random thoughts on you and not even sure why I am doing it. Maybe I am nuts or something. How about if we just cool it for awhile until I can sort out some thoughts about it. sue My reply: Dear Sue, I understand..too entirely. I'm not going to ramble in this letter. Rather, I will assume we shall communicate again at some point. For what it's worth, I don't think you're if ya were, it might make me nuts, and I have too many things to do yet to admit that one. Also, I now know you're definitely female, so you don't need to make my requests for that "proof" part of your thinking. And, because I know you may delete or change this screen name, before that happens and I am unable to communicate directly with you, I'd like to tell you I have started a yahoo group. It is still very, very early in the "game" (god..hate that word, really) but I want you to have the group name in case you ever want to join, etc, etc. I only got it underway yesterday, so I have no idea if it is "running" or not..but the name is Ageplay With Sexuality..and this is the link: other thing, my screen names, the yahoo one and this aol one have been around for over two years, and they shall remain, so if you ever need or want to talk with one who "understands too entirely", I will be here. Okay, one more thing as well: <quietly>..hey..thanks..for the nine-year old girlfriend was too, Mark. All the best, Mark April 15, 2003 Hey Sue, Just wanted to say hi, and that I hope things are good for you. So ya didn't quite expect that (where you and I went), huh?..when you asked to penpal etc, etc. For what it's worth (coming from me), I thought you were wonderful and it (and you) remains a dear memory for me. Always feel free to write me..and can do that as the 31 year old adult, too, if you like. All the best, Mark Thursday May 1, 2003 Letter to Julie: Subj: Final Communication..Permission Requested Dear Sue, Hi. This will be the last time I e-mail you. While I make several attempts, and although I do understand, I vehemently refuse to deal with those who lock the doors of their mind to freedom of thought. That's not living, nor existing, but merely waiting for death. And I'm not being mean, only honest. The reason for this letter is to ask your permission to use our communications, those betwen the nine-year old Julie and myself, both in the group I created and perhaps in my book as well. Please be assured, however, that because I know how such things are, all too well...I need not worry about your identity being discovered..or anything of that nature. I am only trying to give to others a new understanding, that is all. And I hope you will see that this about more than just Julie and Mark, you and is about all of us..those who let themselves feel..and those who do not..and all of those in between as well. Therefore, I also hope you will say yes to my request...or at least to respond to this letter, anyway. Take care..all the best to you, Sue...and thanks..for giving and taking while you let yourself, honey. Mark PS And this, to Julie: I'm sorry you had to go away, Julie..I understand. Before you go, though, a hug for you from me..and please don't read this part..if you are not going to take the time and make room in your heart and mind to really hear it, because it comes straight from my heart, and from the deepest part therof, too: We stand on the beach, the 41 year old "boyfriend", Mark, of the "nine-year old girlfriend", Julie. Julie wears the skimpy yellow swimsuit that refuses to fully conceal the soft lusciousness of her young flesh. It is a crowded beach with many men, women and children running about to and fro, or lying in the sun taking in the sights. Mark is glad to have his nine year old girlfriend with him, for all of the other little girls on the beach, in their own skimpy suits, with their own soft cheekies peeking out, and with their own suits creeping up on their soft mounds, outlining their baby slits have made Mark hungry to cum on his girlfriend and to share her with the other men he knows have also been made hard by these same sights. They stand together there on the beach for their final embrace. Little Julie in front of Mark, so soft and precious. Mark looks over her shoulders, beyond her, to all of the other men drinking in the sight of her soft body and revels in the fact she is his. He embraces her tightly now, holding her against himself, feeling the wonder of his erection against her tummy. Julie loves the feel of his hardness, knows it means he not only desires her, but loves her as well. This gives her the familiar tingly feeling in her tummy and she can feel her little pussy becoming moist from the ensuing juices that the tingly feeling creates in her. She puts her arms around Mark, fully aware of the other men behind her, having observed with relish how they consume the sight of her body. Now Mark caresses her back softly, so smooth and gentle. He kisses the top of her head and her forehead, breathing in her sea sweetened scent. "'s okay", he says. His hands caress her there in public, wondering down at last to her soft bottom, round and firm and small. His hands cup warmly her tiny cheeks, pulling her midsection against his erection. Julie's body responds to his touch as she arches against him now, fairly straddling one of his thighs, gently pushing her tiny soft mound against the muscles of his leg, her buttocks contracting in an attempt to gain a bit of friction for the little nub nestled between the softness of her slit. She becomes a bit self consious now and glances out sideways and sees that several men on the beach have their eyes rivetted to this sight. This melts her, and now she wants them to have what she wants as well: existence, joy, love. She breathes softly into Mark's chest, " me, Mark, cum on me, Mark, let some other men cum on me, too, please, Mark, please..I need it, Mark" Mark gently brushes back the hair from the side of Julie's flushed face and smiles at her. "Okay, honey, I will try..even if it hurts..I will try..for you I will try..and I will also try not to cry, too, when you walk away from our beauty, honey...when you supplant all we are together with all of what everyone else says and would like to believe we are..I will still try..for I, too, like you..need it" Now Mark looks about now and watches the eyes of the men on the beach, wishing they had what he appears to have. Having sensed the ache in Julie, seen it in her eyes, felt it in the gentle gyrations of her soft mound upon the flesh of his leg, he now sees the same aching yearning in the eyes of the men surrounding he and his nine year old girlfriend. All of the rest of the world, the beach, the other people on the beach who do not share their understanding, have now faded away and it is only Mark, Julie, and all of the men who would love to cum on her, and whom she would love to have cum on her, remain. Softly now, Mark looks at Julie and smiles. "Okay, honey", he says gently, "for you sweetheart..anything for you". Looking at the other men behind Julie, some now surreptitiously touching themselves through their swimsuits, he whispers to Julie, "you ready, pretty baby?" Are you ready to have lots and lots of men squirt their sticky hot cum on your little body, honey?" Julie's are eyes are deep, now, shining and dancing, full of life and love and mammalian need. "Yeah", Julie breathes out, "yes oh please, Mark" she whimpers softly, grinding a bit more firmly on his leg, oblivious to all the earth, "please tell them to cum on me, Mark." Mark now lifts his knee a bit, up against Julie's soft mound, and places both of his hands on her little round buttocks, squeezing gently, pushing her now wet vulva against the hardness of his leg. Some of the men around them can no longer stand it anymore, and begin, equally oblivious to their surroundings, to masturbate openly, removing their aching cocks from their swim trunks and taking long soft strokes as they watch the scene unfold. A quiver runs through Julie's body as she rests her against Mark's chest and looks out at the sights of the men who have gathered closer and are now stroking themselves as they watch. Mark can feel the entirity of Julie's mound now through her swimsuit. Her labia have parted now, and Mark melts inside as he feels the hardness of her tiny clit hump his leg in gentle rhythm with his hands on the tight firmness of her bottom. "", he breathes out softly, making her swimsuit into a thong, exposing the bareness of her tiny soft buttocks for the stroking men, some of whom are only feet away from the two of them, Mark and Julie. Mark breathes out hard, and uses one hand to pull his own swim trunks aside and allow his own aching cock to rest against the softness of Julie's tummy. "Aww, honey", he moans softly as he arches against her, bending and breathing in the scent of her hair. Julie's breathing has increased, coming in soft gasps and whimpers as she works her tiny body against Mark's thigh, her eyes wide and looking out sideways at the men who have gathered and are hoping to cum on her. With one of his hands, Mark pulls rhythmically up on the back of Julie's tiny yellow swimsuit, then releases, creating the wonderful friction against Julie's aching hard little girl clit. With his other hand, he unties her tiny top and removes it, then presses her against his chest, the hardness of her tiny nipples against the bareness of his skin. Julie's whimpers have increased to a faster pace now as she begins to near her orgasm, and the grunts and moans of the men surround her have increased as well. As one of the men, no longer able to control himself, has moved close enough to rub the hardness of his penis against the softness of her tiny bottom, Julie's body begins to tremble and her buttocks tightens as she feels the warmth of his precum against her skin. Mark has taken one of her soft hands in his own and guided it to his own aching cock, which she grasped firmly, moving her hand up and down it's hard length, allowing it's head to rub against her tummy as she has stroked. The thought that she will soon make the warm sticky cum flow out of Mark's body onto her own, and the sight of the twenty or so men who now stand about her, nearing their own climaxes as well, has become too much for Julie to take any longer. She looks up at Mark, into his loving, albeit glazed over, eyes, and says with her own, "now, Mark, now." Mark looks at Julie, and breathes out a hard sigh of relief, smiling and taking his cock into his own hand, and moves aside now, letting Julie sink down onto the beach towel layed out nearby. She collapses, almost, onto the towel. The breathing and the grunting and the moans of the men stroking their hard cocks surrounds her, visually and in every other way as well. Softly, she lies back on the beach towel, face up, as the men gather near to squirt their hot stickiness onto her body. Mark kneels gently beside Julie, unties the ties at the hips of her swimsuit bottoms, and pulls the front down between her legs. Julie's tiny soft, bare slit can now be seen by all of the men, some of whom begin to ejaculate immediately at just the sight of this, their hot cum coming in powerful bursts upon Julie's bare little body. Some have remained standing, others have knelt and placed their penis heads against Julie's soft skin. They all moan loud grunts and sighs as their cum begins to cover Julie. Julie's small hands come up and begin to feel the warm stickiness on herself, rubbing it over herself lovingly. She gathers some of the warm cum into her fingers and Mark guides her hand to her little slit. Using the warm sticky cum as lubricant, Julie begins to finger her aching clit, letting her legs fall open, the soles of her feet together. Mark is satisfied now as he watches her eyes, warm and full of wonder. The men continue to ejaculate large gobs of cum onto her as her tiny fingers work the nub in her little slit. Moving up to kneel at her left side, Mark begins now to stroke his own cock, to squirt his own cum onto Julie. While Julie has gazed in wonder and in happiness at the men cumming on her little body, she now looks at Mark as the tingly feeling in her tummy and groin increases. One of the men has positioned himself where he can rub the head of his cock against the edges of her labia as she works her clitty with her fingers. She is so lost now, and tries to push several of her other fingers inside her tiny cunt as well. With her other hand, she has gathered sme of the hot cum and has rubbed it all over herself, including her entire face, and is tasting it as well. Mark kneels very closely now at Julie's chest and strokes his aching cock as he rubs its head agaisnt Julie's erect nipple. "Ohhhh..honey", he gasps as he feels his balls drag against Julie's soft side. He smiles at Julie as he senses her nearness to orgasm. She is now covered with the cum of many men, and is somehow, inexplicably, happy for that. Mark moves to her face now, gently turns her toward his aching hard cock. At the first light breath from her mouth, just as his cock touches the edges of her now moist lips, Mark squirts his warm cum lovingly onto her face as she arches her body into a climax, shuddering and shivering against her fingers. They lie, quiet and still now, in the moments of their peace. Loving and gentle, for each, adults in real life, has given the other..everything they wanted and and understanding..the power to be, to exist...and all of the freedom and wonder that comes with that. Julie falls asleep now, exhausted and happy, and covered in cum. Mark lies beside her and watches her sleep. Leans over on his elbow and kisses the side of her face. Whispers softly as he brushes the hair back from her face, "I will miss you, baby..I love you...and I am sorry you had to go, honey...goodbye, dearest" Love, Mark PSS Yes, I came..hard..and completely...kisses. Friday May 2, 2003 Reply from Julie: I thought that was lovely with all those men and you can certainly use anything I have told you in your stories. You are a sweet guy!! julie