Sandra is a woman who feels she has missed out in life. Some how it has just slipped by her. She married early, to a man somewhat older than herself, a good man, but a man with strict rules and principles and in his mind sex was purely for the purpose of procreation. This strict procreation had brought forth one son, now married and emigrated to some far flung place, very rarely writing or making contact with his mother. Geoffrey her husband had died four years ago. Now Sandra is bored with her life and casts her mind back to he early days when she and her friends were foot loose and fancy free, times that were cut short when she married… now she wanted to live again, recreate the past…make up for all the times she had missed out on… as a wife and mother she felt she had fulfilled her duties. In her early youth she’d been a bit of a swinger, liked going to parties, liked men and definitely liked her sex. She wondered how she’d done without it all those years. She enjoyed reading or watching anything that remotely hinted of sex or porn, secretly watching and reading such material, always careful to hide it from he husbands view. The numbers of times she’d seen a good looking spunk of a man and fantasized what it would be like lying next to him…naked. Now it was time for her to make up for lost time, all those wasted years, but things get a little out of her control.




Stanley’s smiling face was close to mine. His hand was vigorously squeezing my left breast. His hard erect cock was inside me… fucking me.


“Oh baby…oh baby this feels so good” he was saying as his ass humped up and down. The room kept spinning and my head hurt. God… oh god how did I get into a position like this. It was a silly question and I really didn’t need to ask it, I knew exactly how I’d got into this position




I’d woke up one morning, looked into the mirror and said to the reflection, Sandra Cunningham, where oh where is your life going, you’re fifty five years of age and it’s passing you by…just passing you by, in next to no time you will be sixty, for goodness sake do something with your life before it’s all over.


I’d lost my husband Geoff just over four years ago. My son and daughter in law had immigrated to some god-forsaken place and I got a letter or card once in a while, Christmas, birthday and that was it. I ran my fingers over the lines now forming on my face, in a few more years there would be more. Opening my robe I held and cupped my naked breasts. Hmmm still firm and not too bad for a fifty five year old woman. I shrugged out of my robe altogether, letting it drop to the floor, and ran my hands over my naked body. It was an act I would never have dared to do with Geoff around, but it always gave me immense sexual pleasure.


Well Sandra dear you may have put on a little weight, not quite the slim young girl you once were, but over all I still had a good figure and I’d always prided myself on my legs. I could go out in a swimsuit or bikini and receive many admiring glances, not like some of my friends who had let themselves run down but hey better that than looking like that skinny Mildred Sangster, at least you have some shape to you.

I proceeded to run my hand over the soft pubic hair of my pussy, and traced the slit between my legs. “Four years…four long years and not one hard male penis has ever entered the inner sanctum,” I thought to myself as I slid first one finger, then two inside. I imagined my fingers as some male penis, exciting my clit, eyes closed and a soft moan.


I’d been married to Geoff for twenty-five years. It had been a comfortable marriage rather than an exciting one. Geoff was a steady kind of guy, never did anything really exciting, especially in bed when it came to sex. I remember the first time I went down on him, put his cock in my mouth and started sucking it…he was just mortified, thought it was most disgusting. I couldn’t believe it; I was brought up and went to school in the sixties. It was a time of sexual freedom. I’d sucked most of the boy’s cocks at school in the back seat of a Holden or Ford and never had any complaints…in fact most were very complementary on my technique, mind I wasn’t too keen on the taste of their cum.


My mind went back to the days when we were all in our youth, footloose and fancy-free… god the nights out we used to have… it was these thoughts that eventually led me to where I was now… I wanted to revisit or relive my past. I’d lost my virginity in the back seat of a Holden to Arnie Goodgame. I had a real big crush on him; thought I was in love with him and eventually fell for his line of bull shit and let him screw me. Like most women my first time was not as good as I thought it was going to be, that came later with an older and more experienced man and men. I guess you could say I had a few miles on the clock when I married Geoff


With Geoff, it was always the good old missionary way, did what was needed, got relief, rolled over and went to sleep…oh yes but he did always thank me afterward…a real gentleman he was.


He did at least leave me reasonably well off, his investments portfolio and insurances had left me more than comfortable. I had the money; I could now change my life and lifestyle, out with the old and in with the new. I was going to live and live a little dangerously as well. A new excitement took over, I was eager to get started.


I spent a good five minutes posing erotically in front of the mirror. “Well I don’t know, I guess some guy would still want you” I said to myself rather wishfully. Could be some life in the old girl yet.


 “A girls night out… that’s what’s needed a girls night out” I thought.


Unfortunately when I put it to my friends it did not meet with the same enthusiasm as my own.

“Oh I don’t know Sandra, I don’t think it’s me anymore, I just like my quiet nights at home with a good book or watching TV…Bill and I are normally in bed by nine thirty… no… no sorry love count me out”


I tried them all but the responses were the same, the bottom line none of my friends wanted to revisit their past. “God their all dead…all of them, they just don’t realize it that’s all” I said rather grumpily. I suppose if Geoff were still alive I would be thinking and living just like them.


“God I so wanted to break out of here” I screamed at no one in particular, I was just so… so… frustrated; I needed to do something.


“Why not have your own girls night out” the little voice said.


“Oh yeah and how do I do that” I replied.


“Just get dressed, go visit a bar someplace… gotta be some other women just like you…meet up with them, have a laugh or two, meet up with a guy perhaps…just go out and have some fun for a change, sitting here all the time ain’t gona achieve anything is it, like you said you could sit here, read a book, watch TV and just grow old…you need a good man sweetheart…you need to get laid…when was the last time you had a good fuck”


“It seems forever… No you’re right.. but I couldn’t could I?” I asked


“Well that’s up to you…only you can answer that one”


I sat and argued for a while with the little voice and then I stood up and declared “Yes… by god yes…I’ll do it”


First thing I did was search my wardrobe for something nice to wear… but the problem was I hadn’t bought anything new for quite some time… none of the dresses looked good enough to go visiting bars, Geoff didn’t want me looking like a whore, was the way he put it and underwear well there was nothing sexy about that.


Again his comments were. “Why do you want sexy underwear…you thinking about becoming a whore”


“Well…why do you want sexy underwear Sandra?” the voice asked


“Good question… well I want to feel sexy and wearing sexy underwear will help me achieve that” I replied.


The voice just laughed and said” Oh I see…of course… silly me I thought it was to impress a guy”


Next day I decided to go shopping… time for a new wardrobe to suit the new me.


I did a one-shop stop, the young girl was most helpful. When I left I had all I needed. Black evening cocktail dress…hem just above the knee, black thigh hi stockings, black bra and black panties, plus a nice wrap around shawl for when I left the bar… it tended to be just a tad chilly that time of night. A very expensive pair of black hi heels and a purse complimented the purchase. I could not wait to get home and try it all on. I felt excited standing in front of the mirror naked, I ran y hands sensuously over my body, bringing a little wetness to my pussy, then putting each piece of garment on, the panties looked real brief, quite a bit smaller than I’d imagined them to be… very risqué I thought, then the bra, the young girl had been right, they did cup and show my breasts off to their best advantage, I cupped and bounced them up and down, they looked like two jellies wobbling on a plate. I very carefully drew the self-hugging stockings on to my legs, the lace top accentuating their sexuality; in fact I had forgotten how good my legs were. For a moment or two I admired myself in the mirror. Hands on hips, posing provocatively,  I twisted first one way, then the other. “Not bad… not bad at all for an old tart” I said. The dress was a perfect fit, hugging the contours of my body, rather flattering it actually, perhaps I should have purchased the longer hemline, when I sat it did ride up a little…I crossed my legs and saw just how much thigh I was going to display, but hey I was going out to have fun… the old fuddy duddy Sandra was dead.. from now on I was going to live a little.


On the night I’d decided to go out I had my hair done… first real style I’d had in many a long year. Again my young shop assistant had been right, said I should go to Eileen at Head and Shoulders, when I came out I felt like a new woman… as most women do when they have their hair done. The transformation was taking place, after all these years the butterfly was coming out of the chrysalis.


Excitement was starting to build inside me… could I do it, that was the question. Oh I’d bought all this new gear, had my hair done real nice but when it came to the crunch, could I carry it out. No… no I was determined, I hadn’t come this far just to falter at the last hurdle.

I soaked myself in the hot bubbles, allowing my pores to absorb the aromas. As I soaked I took the razor and carefully shaved my pussy, until it was smooth as the day I was born…it was something I’d always wanted to do, but never dared to do whilst Geoff was alive…now I could do whatever I wanted.


“So you’re going to all this bother, just to meet up with some other women is that right?” the voice asked.


“Shut up… you ask too many damn questions” I replied.


The voice laughed and added “Yeah but all the right ones, you’re hoping to meet up with a fella aren’t you”


“So…what if I am…I’m single and I have no one to be responsible to”


The voice just laughed and faded.


I sat at my dressing table, clad in my new underwear, I was already starting to feel sexy and dare I say a certain stirring in my groin area, applying some make up. I wanted just the right amount…too much would make me looking like a tart, a little eyeliner, some mascara and lip-gloss, a dab of perfume behind the ears and on my wrists, careful not to overdo it. I didn’t want to go any further. If he didn’t like what he saw… just too bad I thought.


“Ho there you go, talking about a guy, see it is a guy you’re going looking for” Voice


“Shut up smarty pants…ok I admit it’s a guy I want…you happy now” Me  


The final bit was carefully putting on the dress…but what I eventually saw in the mirror I liked.


“Well I think he’s just going to love you darling” voice


“Well just let’s hope so” me


I felt good, really, really good. I felt sexy and alive again… I was ready to go, meet the challenge, and let the night throw whatever it wanted at me… I knew I could do it.


Once in the car, I had no idea where to go. All the watering holes we used to visit had changed or closed altogether. It was one thing to be all dressed up but where do I go… I hadn’t really thought that one through.


I trolled the various bars, but was reluctant to go visit them. Then I thought that maybe one of the hotels would have a bar. When Geoff and I went on tours all the hotels we stayed at had a guest’s bar, which were frequented by other than guests…probably a little more subdued as well…good place to start…check one or two out, have a drink, see who was there and if nothing, move on, at least I’d have tried.


I liked the look of the Regent…it had class… probably cost an arm and a leg, but a couple of drinks wasn’t going to brake the bank. It also had a car park. I secured the car there was a “Bleep, bleep” and a flash of lights. A deep breath and here goes. The click of my hi-heals as I made toward the entrance. The foyer looked huge and menacing as I stood outside looking in. There was a swoosh; as the doors suddenly opened, as if by magic, my body triggering the mechanism. “Oh god Open Oh Sesame” I thought, well here goes another deep breath and I strode inside. The first part of the foyer was tiled before reaching the carpeted area, again the click-click of hi-heals, then the comfort of the carpet. The sound of my hi-heals resonating on the floor had drawn the attention of the desk clerk.


“Can I help you madam”


“Oh yes…well…I’m supposed to meet some friends of mine here, they said to meet them in the bar…I’m not sure if they are staying here or not”


“And their name being?”


“Oh er Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Andrews” It was the only good story I could come up with.


“Let me see” he replied, turning to his computer.


“Er no…no we don’t have them registered as guests… but if you wish you can go through to the bar and wait there for them”


“Oh thanks…yes, yes I’ll do that”


“To your left and straight down… can’t miss it… have a good evening madam”


“Oh thank you… thank you young man” phew, I gave a sigh of relief as I made my way to the bar. The doors were open, inviting patrons in, a slight hesitation before entering, then I moved on. The interior lighting was soft and subdued, it had a warm ambiance about it…it seemed friendly and inviting, my confidence returning. I was like a moth to the candle…drawn inside. A few of the patrons gave me a cursory look as I made for the bar, then continued back to their conversations. God Sandra what are you doing here, my heart thumping in my chest…. what I was doing. I sat my ass on one of the stools; placing myself a safe distance from the other patrons, the barman came and inquired what I would like to drink. I ordered a Vodka and orange. The orange giving the impression that, that’s all I was drinking and the Vodka odorless


“Ice with that madam?”


“Er yes, yes please”


I glanced to my right, there were two guys deep in conversation, paying little attention to what was going on around them, between the men, and myself were two women, again chatting away. For a moment they ceased their chatter and eyed me rather coldly, before returning to their conversation.  I turned to my left, there was a guy by himself, he looked toward me, gave me a friendly smile, I returned his smile, the barman placed my drink before me. I handed over a twenty-dollar bill and received little change. God this was indeed an expensive place to quench your thirst.


Taking a sip from my glass I glanced in the direction of the single guy. I guess his age around fifty, somewhat rotund but neatly dressed. He wore a light gray jacket, black trousers and a white shirt, unbuttoned and casual looking. He caught me staring at him and gave me another warm and charming smile…I smiled back. I felt somewhat embarrassed at being caught out like that. I kept sipping my drink and listening to the chatter in the background, the two women giving me some further close scrutiny, then whisper, whisper and suddenly laughing.


I felt a little uncomfortable at their stares and what seemed chatter about me. Oh god what am I doing here. I decided to finish my drink and go. I’d started to loose my resolve just sitting here by myself


“You by yourself honey” The voice startled me. It was the guy, he’d taken the bar stool right next to me and was now sitting real close.


The two women gave another cold stare, then returned to their chatter.


“Oh well yes…I’m supposed to meet some friends here” I stammered. I was sticking with my story.


“Mind if I join you while you wait… quite frankly I could do with the company and I hate sitting drinking alone.”


“Oh er no that’s fine” I replied “Likewise…I feel uncomfortable sitting by myself”


“Can I get you a refill?”


“Oh er yes, yes it’s a Vodka….”


“Vodka and orange with ice…yes?” he said with a smile.


“Yes that’s right” he’d obviously heard me order.


“Another the same for the lady Harry” he said, indicating my drink.


“I’m Stan…Stan Osborne…work in sales…furniture”


“I’m Sandra… Sandra Cunningham…I’m afraid I don’t work”


“Lady of leisure eh?” he replied with a grin “At least that’s how you describe it eh?”


“Yes.. I guess”


He was an easy guy to talk to… I guess it was his job… I mean in sales and all.


One drink became two, then three, they seemed to go down oh so easy, as fast as I drained the glass it was immediately refilled, before long I was opening up to him, telling him all about my so mundane life and that I’d taken the bull by the horns and decided to go out and have some fun.


“So there really aren’t any friends coming to meet you eh?”


“Oh god no… that was just a cover story for the desk clerk” I replied with a little giggle


My answers seemed to please him “Have another drink Sandra” he said


“Oh I shouldn’t really…they’re starting to go to my head” which they were, I wasn’t used to drinking.


“Oh come on… you said you were out for some fun.. Have another one”


“Oh well one more can’t do me any harm can it” I replied


“None at all Sandra…after all you are out for a good time aren’t you…drink up”


I did, then another and another after that. My speech had become slurred, my vision blurred somewhat and the room starting to spin. He smiled, placed his hand on my hand and squeezed it.


“How about we take a little trip up to my room and continue our conversation up there…much more comfortable…kick off your shoes and just relax, what do you say Sandra?”


“Oh dear I don’t know… I don’t think it’s proper for a lady” mind that’s not what it all sounded like, I was talking all slurred, my mouth was full of cotton wool and the bloody room wouldn’t keep still.

He learned a little closer took a furtive look around like he had a secret to tell me and not for anyone else’s ears, and said. “Come on Sandra, there’s a nice big soft bed waiting for you, you can lie down and everything will seem ok…I promise…I’ve got two hundred bucks for you if you’ll come up with me, that would be a fair price don’t you think”


At the sound of an invitation to visit his room for two hundred dollar, had the two women’s attention…and more hard stares.


“Hm…oh you naughty, naughty boy” I said, placing my forefinger on his mouth. “Shhhh, we don’t want people to get the wrong idea do we” I slurred, then giggled and almost fell of my stool


“Oh no we don’t want that” he replied with a grin and took my finger in his mouth and started to suck on it. There was something intensely sensual about it; it gave me a delightful tingling feeling.


“Have another drink and then we’ll go up eh…Harry, two more please”


I tried to protest, telling him I’d already had too much, but my protests were waived away.


Oh god now the room was spinning, I was beginning to loose all feeling in my legs.


I placed the drink to my lips. “That’s the way honey, get it all down” he said as he helped me drain the glass. The room spun more and my legs felt like jelly. I couldn’t say or pronounce my words correct, everything was shhlurred and incoherent. I couldn’t even keep my head up straight; it seemed to want to drop forward all the time.


“Come on Sandra my love time to go, I think I’ve plied you with enough drink for tonight. I’ve got a nice big bed waiting for you upstairs in my room…would you like to go there honey”


I put an arm around his shoulder for support. “Oh yesh that shounds good…lesh go” I stammered.


His arm around my waist stopped me from collapsing on the floor.


“OK Harry we’ll be off” he said to the barman.


Harry smiled and winked at Stan then said “Good night Mr. Osborne, enjoy your evening”


“Oh I will Harry…I will”


“I think you might have a right handful there Mr. Osborne”


Stan smiled and replied, “I certainly hope so Harry… $200 it’s costing me…good night”


The bar was now empty, as I’d been downing my vodka’s the other patrons including the two females had left, leaving the bar to Stan and I, which I guess was fortunate, as they would not see this drunken woman being helped from the bar.


I took a deep breath and tried to keep steady, but without Stan’s arm around my waist I would have fallen over,  I tried hard to keep focused and make my legs work, which was indeed an effort.


“Oh Stan I don’t feel too good”

“Stay with me baby…stay with me, Stan’s gona take care of you… real good care of you”


I put my arm around his waist and rested my head against his shoulder. “Oh Stan you’re a real good man, you really are”


This seemed to make him somewhat embarrassed and replied “Oh I don’t know about that, can’t have a lady like you falling prey to anyone can I” I hugged him.


“Once I get you on to that bed, I’ve got something that’s gona make you feel a whole heap better you’ll see honey”


“Oh good, because I’ve gotta tell you I don’t feel good at all” my reply


He slowly got me down the corridor to the elevators, the floor and ceiling continually changing places.


There was a ping and the elevator doors slid open. A middle aged couple alighted.


“Oh hi folks…you guys enjoying yourselves” I slurred, waving my hand and purse in a wild arc “I’m having a great time”


“It’s OK folks…it’s my wife and it’s our wedding anniversary… ten years, had one or two too many” “She’ll be ok once I get her to bed” he added.


The couple smiled knowingly and said “Congratulations”


“Thanks” Stan replied as the doors slid shut.


Now alone with Stan he turned his attention to me “Oh sweetheart come here gimme a kiss”


He pulled me toward him and pressed hard against my body, his mouth and lips on my lips. His kissing was intense and wet; his hand gripped and squeezed my breast hard, at the same time he worked his erection against my groin area. “Oh baby…baby, it’s gona be so good, you’ll see” he was now a man possessed.


Suddenly in my befuddled state of mind, I realized what this was all about, what was going to happen on that big soft bed of his, a flash back to the conversation at the bar “I’ve got two hundred bucks for you if you’ll come up with me that’s a fair price” Talk about naïve.


“So what did you think was going to happen for two hundred bucks, play cards” said the voice


I wanted to push him away but I had no strength and I felt sick. There was another ping and again the doors slid open.


“Come on honey…almost there, then you can lay on that nice soft bed”


I was trying to tell him this was all a big mistake… just a big misunderstanding, but nothing was happening as he led me nearer to his room.


Oh god…oh no I was saying, now almost being carried to his room


“I don’t feel too good” I kept telling him.


“That’s OK honey…stay with me almost there” he swiped the card-key and the light went from red to green. He pushed the door open and guided me in.


“There it is honey…that nice soft bed I promised you”


Oh god no…dear god no. I thought as he helped me nearer to the bed and gently lowered me on it. First he removed my shoes. I wanted to get up again but the room was spinning, which way was up and which way was down.


“Almost there sweetheart…almost there…first lets get your dress off”


I tried to tell him no, my hands and arms just would not respond as he sat me up. He unzipped the back of my dress


With his arm around my back to support me, he reaches down for the hem of my dress and starts pulling it up, slowly revealing my black stockings, white thigh and then black knickers.


“Oh that looks very nice Sandra…very tasty eh?”


My head is slumped forward on my chest; I see what he is seeing. “Hey, yeah they do look pretty good don’t they” I slur and giggle.


“Now lift your bum up a little, don’t want to damage this nice dress of yours do we?”


Like a child doing what her parent tells her, I didn’t argue or protest, I lift my bum up, the dress slides under me and is now around my waist.


“There how’s that” I ask


“That’s just fine my dear. There we go my love…we’re getting there”


“No…no I don’t….”


“Shhhh don’t talk my dear…I’ve told you I’m gona take care of you…we’re gona have fun…you do want to have fun don’t you?”


“Yes I do want to have fun Stan I really do but I….”


He cut me off “Well then there you go…we are gona have fun…lots of fun”


Oh god…oh shit I thought, the room never stops spinning. I was starting to resign myself to the fact that pretty soon I was going to be fucked


I keep telling him I don’t feel too good. He keeps telling me it’s going to be all right.


He pulls my dress upward; I throw my arms are in the air as he tugs it over my head and discards it to one side. As soon as he lets me go I slump back on the bed. “Oh god, I don’t feel too good” I moan.


“You look good in black Sandra…very sexy” he half pulls me up, reaches behind me and with expert precision undoes my bra, quickly removing it and exposing my naked breasts.


“Oh Sandra my lovely, lovely woman, those are a great pair of tits you have there” his hand quick to cup them, squeezing, kneading and massaging one of them.


“Hey…I do have a great pair of tit’s don’t I” I laugh in response


 I feel a thrill surge through my body as his mouth suckles on my breast, his teeth bight gently and I feel his tongue run along the edge of the nipple.


“Let’s move on shall we?”


“No…no…” I try to lift my hand in protest…but it feels like lead.



“Shhhh… I’ve told you, you talk too much” I feel him removing my stockings, first right leg, then left. Each time he runs his hands gently up the stocking, and for a moment linger whilst he massages my thigh area, and then removes the stocking.


“Not only nice tits honey but a great pair of legs” he remarked, then bent and kissed the bare thigh, warm tongue licking warm flesh.


“Oh god only one more article to go” I say to myself.


He takes hold on my panties and starts tugging them down. I hear him draw in his breath as my pussy is revealed. “Oh Sandra… that is absolutely magnificent… truly beautiful my love” My heart is pounding; pulse racing as it hasn’t done in a long, long time, my pussy becoming wetter by the minute. I stare at the ever moving ever spinning ceiling as he quickly undresses and discards each item of his own clothing. I feel the bed move and then he’s on top of me, holding me, hand squeezing my breast and his warm wet kisses. I feel the hardness of his manhood pressing against me


“Mmmm Sandra now this is gona make you all better my love…you said you wanted a bit of fun didn’t you” nuzzling up close, kissing my neck.


“Yes but…” My resistance diminishing by the second.


“Shhhh” he whispered and put his finger over my lips “God you do talk so woman”


I felt his warm hard penis as he tried to force it between my legs.


“Come on sweetheart, open up those beautiful legs of yours…let me in…after all that’s what I’m paying you for”


Much as I wanted to, my legs would not respond, try as I might I could not open them. He pushed his knees between my legs and forced them apart.


“That’s the way honey…that’s the way” his thrust was quick and decisive, within a matter of a second or so I felt the warm head as it found my pussy entrance and then one big thrust..


I felt the fullness of his hard cock as he entered


 “AHHHHH” I scream  “Oh god Stan that hurt…that really hurt” I said and it did. He was the first man to be inside me for over four years. Stan was well hung and I could feel every inch of his cock going inside.


“Oh a little pain now my love, but it will get better, you’ll see”


His hips were swaying, his ass rising up and down, he was fucking me with deep fast furious thrusts. “Oh yes…yes… this is good baby…this is very good” he said as his ass repeatedly and swiftly rose and fell, every thrust driving his hard cock deep inside me. “Oh yes baby, yes this is so good baby” he kept telling me as he fucked, fucked and fucked. There seemed an urgency in him as if he wanted to cum and cum quick. His face was close to mine, but I could not properly focus on it. I felt his hot breath, smelling strongly of alcohol against my cheek with each inward thrust. The veins on his neck stood out. “Huh…huh…huh…” as he continued to fuck. Like a shooting star tracking across the night sky…it’s time short lived


“Oh baby I’m getting the feeling…I’m gona cum…I’m gona ccuuuummmm” he said the word cum long and drawn out. I felt the stream of warm fluid as he unloaded himself inside me. I was glad the bed had stopped bouncing up and down, but the room was still spinning and that little voice was laughing and saying “Well you got what you wanted…how do you feel now” I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep. I felt him withdraw and roll off me. Oh good now for some sleep, but even with eyes closed the room continued to spin and if I thought his fast and furious effort was the end of it…I was wrong… it was just the prelude.


As he lay there he continued to touch and feel my body, cupping and squeezing my breasts and nipples, his hand between my legs his fingers delving inside my now very wet fluid impregnated pussy. He kept telling me how good it had been, how beautiful I was and could not understand why other men had not been in there.


“It’s wrong so wrong that no man has had you for such a long time…you’re so beautiful….you were made for the escort business”


I could hear the words, did he really think I was a hooker. He’d offered me $200 to come to his room, he’d just fucked me, what was he to think. I was following the line and doing what any hooker would do, neither wonder he thought I was on the game


I was so befuddled, I did so want to sleep, rid myself of this spinning room. His finger and thumb find my clit and he begins to play with it…I loved the immense pleasure rippling through my body.


“Oh god” I moan, I’m confused… so confused. More wet kisses on my mouth and he slides on top of me once more. His hard erection testament to how he is feeling right now. I can feel my legs being pushed apart, knees bent upward. I make no protests; in fact I help him as he manipulates them into position


His hand guides his cock between my legs, feeding it into my pussy.


I give a satisfied sigh “Oh, oh, oh, ahhhhhhh” as it glides inside, no roughness this time. I’m wet and ready for him. His strokes are slow and gentle, deep and penetrating; my clit feels each thrust of his hard cock as it rubs against it.


The room has stopped spinning…well not quite as bad. My hands clench and tear at the bedcovers…excitement and euphoria are building inside me. His movement inside me is slow and easy, each penetration deep.


Once again I hear those words “Oh baby, baby that feels good…so good”


“Oh god…oh god” I sigh, my grip on the bedcover becoming more and more intense with each and every stoke of his cock.


“How does that feel honey….does it feel good?” he asks.


“Well does it…does it feel good… if it does, tell him” the voice says.

“Oh yes…yes” I sigh. “It feels real good” and it did. The more he humped the more I realized how much I’d been missing in my sex life


He gives a little smile and a laugh. “See I told you I had something to help you” he said, continuing the deep slow penetrating motion.


“Oh god…oh god” a feeling I had not felt for many a year hits me, the orgasm rips through to my very core “Ah…ah…. ah…ohhhhhh” as it passes through me


He smiles again “It’s a good feeling eh?”


He stops, removes his cock, and then straddles my body with his own chubby body, holding his cock in his hand he shuffles upward, places his hand behind my neck and pulls me toward his cock. “Open your mouth sweetheart…open your mouth”


“Oh no I couldn’t I just could…..mmmm” forcing his cock into my mouth.


I take hold of the hard shaft, my mouth now working and sucking on the hard erection. I can taste my own juice mingled with his.


“Oh that’s good…that’s good…keep sucking baby…keep sucking”


Hand masturbating, mouth sucking, I continue to work on him. My tongue can feel every vein, every contour and taste a tiny drop of pre cum. The room has stopped spinning, but my mouth and jaw is beginning to ache, just when I think I can suck no more he removes it.


“Come on honey, over, over on your stomach” the room may have stopped spinning but I still feel somewhat groggy, he helps me to turn over. The movement makes my head spin, he’s prizing my legs apart, hot hands on my hips as he pulls my ass up and into position. My head now buried in the pillow.


“Oh god…oh my god” I sigh and again feel his cock make entry and the full weight of his body on my back and his hot breath breathing against my neck. Hump…hump…hump. His ass moving up and down, pile driving his cock inside me. Fuck…fuck…fuck. The bed shudders and squeaks beneath us…slap…slap…slap as flesh contact flesh…hands on my breasts… squeezing them hard, as his passion rises. The closer he comes to climax, the faster his motions and the harder he squeezes my breasts. Huh…huh…huh shots of hot breath on my neck.


“I’m gona cum Sandra…I’m gona cum” he tells me.


“Yes…yes here we goooooooo” he says as he reaches climax, I feel another discharge of warm white fluid being injected inside me. He remains on top of me for a moment or two longer, then removes himself and rolls on to his back. As he lies there his hot sweaty hand grips my buttock, squeezing it first then giving a friendly pat.


“God that was great Sandra…just great”


With effort I roll over and lie beside him, his hand seeks mine holding and squeezing it and saying “Thanks Sandra…I’ve had a really great night”


I’m not sure if he wants a reply to his remark.


“So tell me you didn’t enjoy it” says the voice, I need to sleep, my head hurts I’m still rather woozy and I’m confused. I’ll know better in the morning.




Suddenly I’m awake and I feel hot breath on my neck and ear, a finger is delving inside my pussy, working in and out, I’m being finger fucked, the fog in my mind clears…I remember now, everything that happened…oh god. I’d got drunk, very drunk and finished up in bed with this guy next to me

For a moment I stare at the ceiling, it’s no longer moving, but shit my head hurts and I feel a little sick, I’m filled with remorse and regret. I need time to think, 


A voice murmurs “Oh god Sandra…I need you, I need you real bad” It was Stan, the guy from the bar. “See, feel it” he said taking my hand and placing it on his hard erection, then closed my fingers around the shaft and started to pump it up and down. Once I’d started to masturbate him he pushed his own finger back inside my pussy and resumed finger fucking., and for a moment or two we lay there masturbating and stimulating each other. It didn’t take long before he slid his body on top of mine, and then kneeing my legs apart; thrusting his newly acquired erection inside me.


I gave no resistance, I just lay there as his ass pumped up and down. I just couldn’t get excited at what we were doing…I wanted him to cum and then I could go home.


He kept telling me how good it was…the kisses…yes I remember those wet kisses. He continued to fuck…fuck…fuck. Now I could see his face quite clearly…no blurred vision anymore, he was looking into my eyes and was smiling…it was a warm genuine smile. “Have you enjoyed it…have you had fun” he asked


I gave an un-enthusiastic wan smile and told him that I had. I placed my arms around his girth and feigned an enthusiastic hug. “Mmmmm that feels so good” I lied as he humped up and down.


“I told you didn’t I, I had something to make you feel good?”


“Yes you did Stan…you were right” The thing was, try as I might, I couldn’t recapture that moment I had earlier in the night.


Stan’s humping stopped; he pushed and thrust his cock inside me one last time. For a third occasion Stan found relief.


I held and gripped his buttocks and pulled him in, at the same time raising my hips and pushing onto the hard shaft.


“Oh Stan that was marvelous” I said. With lack of enthusiasm


“Mmmm I’m glad you enjoyed it… I guess it must have been a long time since you’ve had any?”


“Yes…yes it has been, but you’ve made up for it tonight” my response flat.

I looked at the clock; the digits told me it was three thirty in the morning.


“I’ve got to go Stan…sorry love”


He didn’t argue or try to persuade me to stay. I think he was rather relieved I was going, he’d had his fill for one night, now was a good time for me to be going, there would be no one to see me departing and for him normal service could be resumed.


For the first time I saw his naked body, well at least I was capable of seeing it now that the drunken haze had gone. He needed to go for a pee, he looked bigger around the middle than when he was dressed, quite a rotund belly. I watched his naked bum as he walked toward the toilet. There was a splashing sound as he peed into the bowl.


“You know something Sandra…I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight…you’re good…real good, we should do it again sometime…what do you think?”


“Yes…yes we must” I replied without enthusiasm as I searched to retrieve my own clothes from the accumulation of clothing on the floor.


“Do you just work from home…I’ll give you a call next time I’m in town eh?”


“Yes…yes I’d like that” flat and unemotional as I pulled up the first stocking. Anyway he didn’t have my number and if he asked I could give him a false one.


“Hey I’ve got an even better idea…the local area manager could join us…a threesome…even more fun…what do you think…of course we’d expect to pay extra, it’s only fair?”


“Hey yeah that sounds like a lot of fun to me…we should do it” flatly as I pull up my second stocking and look for my panties. I hear the toilet flush as I pull my knickers up and search for my bra.


He’s standing in the doorway a towel draped around his middle, staring at my half naked body


“Humph… you look great my love… I hate to be crude but I’ve gotta say you’re a great fuck”


“Oh do you think so…well that’s nice to know” my voice still without emotion…I just want to go…get away from here. I find my dress, which was now inside out. I right it and pull it over my head and shrug into it.


“Here let me zip you up” he says. I turn my back to him and zips me up. Putting his arms around my waist pulls tight and kisses my neck; his hands start to massage my breasts. I can tell he’s getting aroused again.


“Stay Sandra…stay, in a little while I’ll be all hard again and we can continue fucking…you’d like that wouldn’t you?”


“Sure Stan sure…I would but I think it best I leave now…give me a call eh?”


“I’ll do that sweetheart but I haven’t….”

Before he could finish I said, “Got to take a pee Stan” I knew he was going to ask for my phone number.


As I sat on the pot I thought, well at least he hasn’t given me any money, so I and no one else could lay claim that I was a prostitute… I didn’t want his money. It was just a night that I had let get out of control. I flushed and went to join him.


“There you go my love, shoes, shawl and purse” he said, handing me the items.


I slipped on the shoes, wrapped the shawl around my shoulders and made for the door, closely followed by Stan.


He put his arms around me, started to kiss, I draped my arms around his neck and let him continue to kiss me for a moment or two.


I forced a nice warm smile for him and said “Thanks Stan I had a real good time… don’t forget to give me a call…do you hear”


He smiled back and said “Oh I’ll do that all right my love… you can count on it”


As I made for the elevators I wondered why he had not asked for my number…perhaps he had no intention of calling me back…I was a one night stand for him, which suited me.


I felt somewhat unsteady on my feet and my head still hurt, but the night air felt good as I stepped outside… I took in two full breaths, then made toward the taxi standing in the rank. The driver was half asleep as I wrapped on his window; he shook himself awake.


“Oh where to madam?” he asked. He was Middle Eastern or of that decent, which most drivers are these days. I told him where and got into the back seat. I could see he was casting his eyes over me in the rear vision mirror.


“Busy night?” he asked


“Could say that…I’ve been visiting friends…probably drank a little too much” I replied


“Oh I see” but I doubt if he believed me. I mean who leaves friends at four in the morning looking like this…to him I was just another whore who had just left a client.


“How much is that?” I asked when we pulled to a stop at my house.


He looked at the meter then said “Twenty five dollars please”


I took my purse and opened it. My jaw dropped open and my eyes almost popped out, there tucked inside were four fifty-dollar notes along with his business card.


“What’s wrong madam…you’re client robbed you…I can always take it out in kind if you can’t pay…you wouldn’t be the first”

“No…no not that” I said irritably.


“What don’t tell me he paid you too much…hell you must be good”


“No, I keep telling you I’m not on the game”


“No of course not” his reply, still not believing me.


“Here take thirty and keep the change” I said getting from the cab


I was vaguely aware of his thanks as I closed the door and he drove away. As I walked up the drive I took another look in my purse and sure enough, there were the four fifty dollar notes and his business card. God and here I was telling the driver I wasn’t a prostitute. If I wasn’t, how do I explain this. I always understood that money for sex was prostitution, that’s how any court would see it and that’s what I’d done, had sex for money. Not only that, I was certain one of my own cards with my name and phone numbers on had gone. Then I realized Stan must have done all this when I was taking a pee, that’s why he did not press me for my phone number, he already had it…the sly bastard.


The first few days after the event were the worst. I left the money on my desk, unused. I thought it was a way of not accepting it and if I hadn’t accepted it, then I had not prostituted myself…but what do I do with it…give it back, unwind the clock, undo it all. If I left it there forever it wasn’t going to make things all right again. Well only two people knew what had happened that night…Stan and myself…oh and a taxi driver who suspected I was on the game.


As the days passed, the bad memories began to fade.


“It wasn’t all bad was it Sandra?” said the little voice”


“Some of it was quite good…if I recall” it continued.


“If you hadn’t been quite so drunk you might have enjoyed it…would you have opened your legs for him without the drink?”


“Shut up…shut up…I don’t know” I screamed back.


Soon I was thinking about another night out…what did he say, he’d be back in another six weeks, it was now almost six weeks and what else…the area manager could join us. Oh god a threesome…but the idea had me excited. No drink this time Sandra…you go in with your eyes wide open.


“Ho seems to me you’ve already made your mind up…why don’t you give him a call”


“All right clever clogs I will…I’ll show you”


I sat at my desk, pulled out his card. The four fifty-dollar notes were still there, untouched.


“I’m not a prostitute…I’m not a prostitute…I’m not a prostitute” I kept saying as I looked at the money.


“Yes you are…yes you are…yes you are” said the voice, followed by “Now make that call to you’re client”


My hand trembled as I punched out the digits, one by one until I came to the last digit, my finger hovering above it.


“Go on…go on, you know you want to…so do it” it said.


“Shut up…leave me alone” I shouted, then slammed the phone down “Later I’ll do it later”


The voice was laughing “Yeah of course…sure you will honey…sure you will”


I tried three more times over the next three days, but each time I got to the last digit my finger froze, I replaced the phone and said later…I’ll do it later and each time the voice just laughed at me..


On the fifth day the phone rang, I picked it up “Hello”


“Hello is that Sandra” came the reply, my heart and pulse rate just soared, I recognized the voice.


“Yes…yes it is”


“Oh hi Sandra…it’s Stan…Stan Osborne…I don’t know if you remember me…we…”


“Oh Stan…yes…yes I remember you” I said trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.


“I said I’d give you a call next time I was in town…I was just wondering if you were up for it tonight?”


“Yes…yes I am” I replied, a little to hastily. Slow down Sandra…slow down…don’t sound so eager, said the voice.


I took two deep breaths.


“Well how about eight at the bar…will that suit”


“Er, yes…yes that will be fine” I replied now trying to be as casual as I could.


“Oh great, eight it is then”


“Right I’ll see you there then”


I was about to hang up.


“Oh er Sandra…um will it be OK if I invite the area manager along?”


I hesitate for a moment…oh god should I…shit I don’t know.


“Go on you know you want to…tell him you silly bitch… say yes” the voice


“Hello Sandra…you still there…I can tell him no if it makes you uncomfortable”


“It’ll be fine Stan…invite him along…and this time I’ll get a taxi to deliver me”


“Ha…sounds like a good idea…will two hundred dollars cover the fare”


“Yes I’m sure that will more than cover it Stan…see you tonight” then I hung up.


“Ha…Sandra’s a little whore…Sandra’s a little whore” the voice was singing.


“Shut up let me think” my head in hands. Oh god…oh my god…I’d gone and done it, I’ve really gone and done it.


“Well what else have you done with you’re miserable life in the last six weeks” voice.


“Well I….” Nothing I guess” my reply as I sat and thought about it.


“So… tonight’s gona be different right?” voice


“Yes, right, it is going to be different” then panic, hair, dress, underwear. Well dress and underwear were ok…all cleaned and pressed from last time and never been worn since. I take a look at my hair in mirror…oh god what a mess.


I phone Eileen at Head and Shoulders, tell her it’s an emergency and yes she can fit me in…oh thank god. It’s a panic day. My mind is continually on tonight… I want to look my best. It’s not one guy I have a date with it’s two. Now I’m trying to visualize what the other guy looks like, before I know it, it’s almost time to go. I’ve done all a girl can do… long soak in the perfumed bath water, clean underwear, dress just right and hair perfect, courtesy Eileen…god she’s a miracle worker that girl. The doorbell rings…it’s my taxi.


Imagine my shock when I see it’s the same driver that dropped me off a few weeks ago.


“Thought I recognized the address” he said with a smirk on his face. “Same hotel as well…do you meet all your clients there” still sneering.


“Look I keep telling you it’s not what you think…they’re just good friends of mine…that’s all”


A snicker and a smirk “Yeah don’t they all say that… any how it’s none of my business if you’re an escort…I just drive”


“That’s right it isn’t any of your business” I say, he shrugs, turns and I follow him. My surprise is that he opens the door for me, and then I realize it’s to get a better look at my legs and knickers as I get in.


“Nice…very nice…you’ve got nice legs” he comments and that smirk still on his face as I try to pull the hem of my dress down…I should have bought the longer hem.


I feel his eyes looking at me through his rear view mirror, why do I get the feeling I’m naked.


“You’re a good looking women you know”


“Thanks” I reply passively and look out of the window at the passing traffic and buildings.


“I bet you’re pretty good at what you do eh?”


No comment, what’s the point.


“You got and agent”


“What?” I ask


“An agent… pimp”


“No I don’t have an agent or pimp thank you, I don’t need one”


“All you women need a pimp honey…keep you safe”


“Look I don’t need a pimp because I’m not on the game…how many times have I got to tell you” now getting a little mad at him.


“Think you can do it all by yourself eh?”


I ignore him.


“Got a good contact, he’s in the business, always on the look out for new talent…he owns a few girls…does quite well…in fact he does very well…he could look after you, make sure you don’t come to no harm…you get my drift…I’ll give him a call eh?” his eyes continuing to watch me in the mirror.


What’s the use, he’s never going to believe me. “Yeah you do that” I say casually hoping it’s going to keep him quiet. I give up and just stare out the window saying nothing. What he is saying disturbs me, is there a veiled threat in there. If I don’t take on a pimp something bad is going to happen to me, but why should I need a pimp, why can’t I get him and all the others to believe I’m not a hooker. I’m just a female trying to make up for lost time. As he continues to drive, my mind drifts and fantasy’s a little…the very thought of me being an escort, I mean at my age…it’s just ridiculous…isn’t it? I smile at the thought of it. At long last the hotel comes into sight.


“Here we are honey” he says as he pulls up outside, and rushes round to open the door, taking one more look at my legs and knickers. “Here’s my card, I’m on duty all night so when you’re finished your business, make sure you give me a call…get you home safe…I’m sure my contact will be most anxious to have a…um…little talk with you…know what I mean?” his look is mean and threatening, I look at his card and see his name is Asad.


He continues to give me that threatening look. “You will call me won’t you honey?”


“Yes…yes I will” I tell him.


“I do hope so… you’re a good looking woman…don’t want anything to spoil those good looks” a wicked smile on his face.


As I walk toward the entrance, the doors glide open, Turning back I see Asad casually leaning against the car, one leg crossed over the other, he’s watching me, he takes a drag on his cigarette, smiles and waves.


Memories of six weeks ago come flooding back as I make my way to the bar. I recognize Stan…the other guy with him must be the area manager, a little taller, but other than that of similar build, well perhaps a little more rotund around the middle. No to be quite honest he was fat. This time there are three women at the bar and many more patrons, mostly men.


The women give me a cold unwelcoming look. There is some quiet conversation between them, one takes out her cell phone and walks a short distance from the group, dials a number, brushes her hair to one side and puts the phone to her ear. There’s some conversation, the woman looks in my direction…more chatter, nods and then closes the phone…when she rejoins the group, some more talk, all three look in my direction and then pay no more attention to me. Their actions have me somewhat concerned.


“Ah there you are my dear” Stan introduces me to Eric… Eric Stanwood.


“My she’s even better than you described Stan…pleased to meet you Sandra”


The introductions over Stan signals Harry the barman.


“Two  bourbons Harry and a vodka and orange” then turns to me


I interrupt Harry and ask for a wine instead.


“I was just saying to Eric, we should have these drinks then go straight up to my room…is that all right with you Sandra?”


I take a moment then say, “Yes…yes that will be just fine”


The drinks duly arrive and I sip the wine.


Stan is keen to tell Eric all about me and how good his last visit had been.


“I just could not get you out of my mind Sandra…I’ve really looked forward to tonight”


I blush a little and give him a smile.


“How long have you been dong this” asks Eric


I give a sideways glance and ask “Doing what?”


Eric looks a little uncomfortable; give a nervous smile “Well… you … know, the escort business…you work independent or for an agency?”


My attention turns to the women who suddenly seem to have taken an intense interest in our conversation.

“Look Eric I don’t know what Stan has told you but I’m not a hooker…right”


“Oh sorry no I didn’t mean or say you were…I mean I know escorts are a different breed…not hookers that is” he was starting to stammer and fluster.


God this could go on all night and I wouldn’t get anywhere. I kept glancing at the women. I could feel their cold hostile eyes on me.


“You’re ok with two hundred dollars each Sandra…same as last time?”


“Look I’ve been meaning to have a chat with you about that…it’s not….”


Before I could finish my sentence, Stan broke in.


“Look let’s not haggle about the money down here…we’ll discuss it up in my room eh?”


Some of the near by patrons, especially the women heard the conversation to that point… I could see by the expressions on their faces what they thought I was. I wanted to explain there and then, let them all know I wasn’t a hooker or prostitute but Stan was already rushing me from the bar, his arm protectively around my waist.





 One of the women at the bar, the one that went by the name of Linda took her cell phone and again dialed in the digits and waited for a reply.


“Yes boss…definitely on the game…one of us, heard them discussing money, trying very hard to deny she’s a hooker…but we all agree she is, just left to go upstairs with a couple of guys, one must be a regular, she went with him the last time he stopped here”


Her boss replies.


“Yes I’ll keep an eye on her…but I definitely think you should do something about her, she’s cutting in to the business”


There was further talk then Linda smiled and closed up her phone.





Stan had his arm around my waist, holding me tight and close, like I was some treasured possession and making sure I wouldn’t take off. In his free hand he carried a bottle of bourbon, his mouth and lips kissing my neck and cheek as we walked. Eric was close by carrying a bottle of chilled wine. I knew that we were not going to Stan’s room for just a cozy drink and a chat.


Four people alighted from the lift bidding us a cheery hello before we entered. There was just the three of us.


“Look I want to get this money thing settled once and for all…I’m not….”


“Yeah Eric and I agree…we got $500 for the two of us…that’s gotta be a fair price ain’t it?” 


Oh god how do I tell them…how do I get it into their thick heads. “That’s just it I want to say…. I’m not….”


Before I could finish I was hushed up once again.


“$600 then, surely that has to be a good price Sandra?”


Hell I wasn’t getting anywhere with them, the more I wanted to protest the higher the price. It would seem no one wanted to listen to me or believe me, what was the use. I said nothing.


“Well?” Stan said with a question look.


“Yeah…yeah that’s fine” I replied, at least it would shut them up. Here I was trying to give them a good night out and free. They on the other hand were determined to pay me for it. The elevator stopped and the doors swished open. Stan led us to the same room we had used the last time he was here.


“Here we are honey…home sweet home” he said as he swiped the card for the lock. This time I was able to stand and walk unassisted.


The memory of that night came flooding back. From what I can remember the room looked the same and there was that big soft bed he had promised me.


With one hand on my bum and the other holding the bottle of bourbon he ushered me toward one of the chairs.


“Have a seat my beauty, we’ll open the bottles have a drink and then get on with the fun part eh?” a huge grin on his face


We were entering that awkward part…the part where we all knew why we were here…but what was the best way to proceed next.


Eric and Stan removed their jackets and undid the top buttons of their shirts as well as kicking off their shoes. Eric took the bourbon and ice that Stan handed him and layback in the other chair, his eyes on me, quietly sipping his drink. I’d accepted a wine, crossed my legs and lay back in my chair. It was my crossed legs that had Eric’s attention. I smiled inwardly knowing that I would be displaying some thigh for them to see, get them excited.


My mind raced, thoughts flashing. God maybe I should take up being an escort, here I was with two guys who were prepared to pay me $600 to have sex with them. It hadn’t been that hard to get a guy, all I had to do was visit the bar, pick up a guy, give him a price if he asked and I got laid and paid…how much easier could it be. I could advertise my services on the web…I know others did and after all I had no one to be accountable to these days, I lived a rather mundane life with no one else at home, my friends were now all set in their dreary little ways…I reckoned I’d make a good escort. Sure Stan and Eric weren’t the young fit stags of a woman’s dreams, but what the heck, most of the escorts would have clients like these two.


Then Stan shattered my thoughts.


“Sorry what was that Stan?”


“I said a penny for you’re thoughts, you seemed quite lost to us there”


“Oh no…nothing…I was just thinking if family and friends could see me now”


“Wouldn’t approve eh?”


“No…not by a long way” I replied


By the time we’d had our second drinks we were getting in the mood. I was starting to feel a little lightheaded and I certainly didn’t want to get into the same state as last time. I was with two guys and I wanted to enjoy them and suddenly the $600 didn’t bother me…if they still offered it to me after I would accept it. I was about to launch my new career.


“Come let the games begin” said Stan, holding out his hands for me. “Eric is so keen to get his dick inside you” he said.


“Oh and you’re not? I replied nodding at the bulge in his trousers.


“Oh you noticed that?” he replied with a broad grin, and then proceeded to pull me out of the chair.


“Turn around I’ll unzip the back of your dress”


I obliged and I heard the zip as he pulled it down, then he quickly gathered up the hem and pulled it up and over my head carefully placing it over the back of the chair.


If Eric wanted to put his dick inside before he had more reason and urgency now. I slowly turned toward him. His eyes were like organ stops, his jaw hung open as he gaped at my bare flesh and underwear; his excitement was obvious by the bulge in his trousers. Eventually all he could gasp was “God almighty”


Stan seemed please with himself, I was his prized possession as he showed me off to his area supervisor.


“Told you she was great didn’t I”


“Yeah but she’s even better than you described Stan”


“Hey you guy’s I’m in the room with you am I not” It felt like I was an auction piece they were talking about.


“Sorry honey come here” he put his arms around my waist, drew me to him and reminded me of his wet kisses, his hands slipping to my ass.


“Mmmmm nice…now I’m really hard honey”


A remark he had no need to make I could feel it pressing against me.


With that expert flick, he had my bra undone, removed and quickly discarded it. He stepped to one side so Eric could see my bare breasts.


“What do you think about those tits Eric are they not the best set of tits you’ve seen in a long time” cupping one of them and displaying it for Eric to see and then holding me around the waist he grabbed one of my breasts and started to squeeze it


“They feel bloody good as well” his comment before taking it in his mouth and suckling breast and nipple.


“Come on old son…. get you’re hand on one…don’t just sit there”


This remark sparked Eric into action. He made the short distance between us, his shirt unbuttoned all the way down, his fat belly hanging over his belted trousers, he was grinning and eager to get his hands on me, the bulge in his crotch evidence to his lustful feelings.


I grimaced as his hot clammy hand grabbed my other breast, roughly squeezing it. I was the meat in their sandwich as they took pleasure in playing with my breasts.


“Go on lad…suck on it…like you did on your mothers tits”


His hot eager mouth was at my breast, teeth biting at my nipple, suckling like he was a child again.


“That’s the way…go on go” said Stan laughing.


“Here…here watch this Eric” Stan’s hand slid down between my panties, finding my slit he pushed his fingers inside. I closed my eyes as a delightful shudder ran through my body.


“She likes that Eric…oh she does like that” as his fingers became more aggressive and delved deeper.


“Go on Eric…feel it…feel it…then tell me if it’s not the best cunt you’ve ever felt?”


A brief pause, then instead of Stan’s fingers it was Eric’s fingers exploring, poking and prodding.


“Oh god Stan…she’s, she’s… so wet”


“That’s cause she likes it Eric…she’s ripe and ready for us Eric…she’s ready to be fucked…but not yet”


Stan slid down on his knees in front of me, and proceeded to slowly pull my knickers down. With his hands on my thighs he indicated I open my legs a little. First he poked his finger inside my pussy, I could hear the squelch it made as he worked in around, then his mouth was there, his tongue licking and delving, searching for my clit. Oh god I thought my legs would buckle, I was feeling weak. I had my hands firmly holding Stan’s head in place…he could do this forever as far as I was concerned.


Eric could just stand there and watch, his hand was on my breast, squeezing it hard as he watched Stan’s mouth eat at my pussy. The sounds of ecstasy coming from both of us, moans and groans that only pleasurable sex can give.


“Here Eric…get you’re mouth in there my friend…get a taste of that honey…there’s nothing quite like it…best honey in the world”


So Eric did just that, there was no need for him to be asked a second time, within a second or two he was eagerly chomping at my pussy.


As Eric was busily eating me, Stan started to undress, until I was looking at the same naked body I had viewed those weeks before, still tubby and hairy, with a mass of pubic hair and a large tree trunk growing out of the bush.


As he watched Eric in his eagerness, he smiled at me, his hand on his hard erection, pumping it even harder.


“Ok Eric…that’s enough for now…you can feed again later after we’ve fucked her”


Eric took a step back; Stan sat on the bed, legs slightly apart. “Ok sweetheart…time to start sucking” he said, nodding down at his hard cock.


I could taste his saltiness as my mouth closed around the hard erection, my hand working up and down while simultaneously sucking on it.


“Oh fuck…oh god” he moaned, supporting himself with arms stretched behind him. Eyes now closed as he wallowed in the euphoric feeling.


My head bobbed back and forth. “Mmmm…mmmm…mmmm” the only sound I made as I sucked in unison with my jerking hand.


“Oh baby that’s good…that is soooo good,” said Stan, now one hand holding the back of my head and watching my mouth sucking his cock.


Eric wasn’t going to be left out, he too wanted to be part of the action and as he watched me sucking Stan’s cock he was stripping of his gear. From the corner of my eye I watched him as he quickly discarded each piece of clothing. He was considerably fatter than Stan, fat that only came with over indulgence and a complete lack of exercise…he was fat and flabby, his clothing had hidden all that…now that he was naked it was not a pretty sight, his boxer shorts stuck out in front, like a tent and a tent pole…it was obvious no matter what else there was nothing wrong with the size of his cock. When he removed his shorts I was even more impressed with it…my only prayer was that Stan fucked me first. Unlike Stan his body was smooth and almost hairless, skin soft and pink, like a boiled lobster, he was almost like a Sumo wrestler…not quite as big as them, but heading toward it.


“My balls…suck and lick my balls…I love having them sucked”


My attention shifted to his balls as I gently took one and popped it into my mouth, carefully sucking it, like a ripe plumb.


When Stan had had his fill he asked me to perform the same service for Eric. It took me a moment or two before I opened my mouth to gorge upon Eric’s “rather large” erection. First, my jaw still ached from sucking Stan; I wanted to gaze upon Eric’s “rather large” cock. It truly was a thing of beauty. I’m no expert in estimating size but I would think it no less than eight inches in length, cut, forming a nice corona around the top, it looked like some streamline torpedo. I gently ran my fingers over the surface, like it was some fragile piece of sculpture, my pulse rate moved up a notch or two…I was filled with excitement…this was what it was all about. My thoughts were on being an escort, could it be this easy? The idea was growing on me. This was the way to meet men…have sex and the bonus was getting paid for it. My mouth closed around that beautiful piece of sculpture and I sucked like I’d never sucked before. Eric moaned, leaned forward took my tits in his hand and fondled them as I sucked his cock.


I was glad when they called time; my jaw was now really aching. Sucking cock can do that.


Stan bid me lie on my back on the bed, then taking both ankles hoisted them high in the air, my legs forming a large V, holding on to one of my ankles with one hand, he used his other to pump his cock up nice and hard again, then stepping forward and my legs now being supported against his shoulders he proceeded to thrust inside me. I felt it’s fullness open up my pussy “Ohhh god Stan” I moaned softly. He just smiled at me his hips swaying, his cock thrusting.


The overweight Eric waddled over toward us, his cock pointing to the ceiling, scything the air as he walked. The bed sagged as he knelt close to my head. Cock in hand he rubbed it over my mouth… “Suck me woman…suck me”. He said, more demanding than a request


I turned my head toward him and no sooner had I opened my mouth than he was thrusting his cock into it. My hand took over from his hand as I both sucked and jerked his monster. With my mouth full of cock and my pussy full of cock, life right then was pretty good. Trying to keep the hard shaft in my mouth was proving rather difficult, Stan’s thrusting momentarily pushing my mouth sideways as he pushed inwards, my ample tits also swinging with the motion.


“Here…you take a turn” said Stan to Eric, pulling out and letting my legs drop over the side of the bed.

“On you’re belly lass” said Eric.


I quickly flipped over on to my stomach. The bed shook as they changed places. Stan now where Eric had been and Eric taking up position behind me. I supported myself on my elbows. There was two hard slaps on my ass in quick succession. “Ass up a little lass…. and spread them legs a little bit more” he said as he thumped down in a kneeling position behind me


Stan shuffled on the bed, spreading his legs and placing his cock close to my mouth. Eric’s hot hands were on my ass, as he carefully aimed his hard cock toward my pussy. As my mouth closed around Stan’s cock…Eric’s cock was entering my pussy, his fat belly resting on my ass, his hips swaying, cock thrusting. There was a salty mixture of my body fluid and Stan’s pre cum in my mouth as I sucked upon it. The full weight of Eric’s body bore down on me as he leaned forward, placing his hands on my breasts as he fucked, squeezing the now firm flesh. I was all pumped up by this action and wanting more. Eric had a fine piece of sculpture and knew how to use it, as he thrust, twisted and reamed my pussy. Sucking cock and being fucked at the same time has a tendency to do that. What I needed was a prolonged session and I was getting it, my cunt was really wet. I could hear the squelching sound it made from Eric’s continued thrust, rubbing against my clit as it was doing, the inevitable was about to happen…and it did. When the orgasm hit me I wanted to scream aloud, but knew to do so, the next-door neighbours would hear it. Using Stan’s cock as a gag, I then grasped at the bedcover, hands and fingers clawing and screamed inwardly. It was like a giant tsunami as it hit me, then slowly diminished…the fucking continued, as did the slurping.


I thought to myself if only this could last all night, but of course it couldn’t. Eric gave me one last thrust, pushing his cock as far as it could go, his body pressed close to my ass, his balls contracted as he began to cum. I felt the flow of his fluid inside me…for the time being he was satisfied.


“How was it Eric…good as I said it would be?” Stan asked as he moved round to replace Eric and to enter where he’d just been.


“God it was fantastic” he replied as he stumbled backwards slumping in the chair exhausted. “It’s such a long time since I’ve had a fuck like that” he added, panting heavily from his efforts.


“Can I pick em…or can I pick em? Said Stan boastfully, as he pushed inside me.


“Now my love how about I put a little more cum inside that sweet cunt of yours?” he said, hips quickly swaying back and forth.


His weight bore down upon me, but he wasn’t as heavy as Eric and then burying his face in my hair and kissing the back of my neck, his hands slid to my tits, squeezing and massaging them.


“Oh my god I have such a big load to give you” he murmured in my ear.


“Huh…. huh…huh!” with every thrust, giving bursts of hot breath on my neck. Fuck…fuck…fuck and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh with each thrust.

Slap, slap, slap, full deep penetrating strokes, each stoke all the way up to his balls, big balls that hung beneath the hard shaft…balls that contained a copious amount of sperm, sperm he would soon release. It took him another five minutes of humping then I felt his warm cum as he made that final thrust filling my very core with it. The shout, gasp and moan that accompanied it. There were three deep final thrusts, along with three squirts of cum, at the same time those big balls contracted as they willingly released his semen.


Stan, like Eric before him, crashed back in the opposite chair, legs and arms splayed, head back in surrender and satisfaction, his now soft pink fleshy cock drooping between his legs. Eric was not to be outdone, as he’d watched the action, he’d continued to fondle himself, now his cock was no longer soft, but quickly becoming hard again, the more he jerked it, the harder it was getting…and now he had it as big as he could get it…time to put it to use…time for another fuck. Like a great Sumo wrestler he strode toward the bed and me.


Relief from the onslaught was brief, no sooner had I sank into the mattress, arms and legs spread wide, exhausted, than my ass was being pulled up again, placed in position and Eric’s rejuvenated hard cock was being thrust inside my already wet and plundered pussy…I’d had dreams and fantasies like this for years and now all those dreams and fantasies were coming true.


Eric’s great weight once more bore down on me; his fat belly spreading out like a giant jelly and pushing me deep into the soft mattress.


“Uh…uh…uh” My head buried in the pillow, my hands gripping the edges, twenty odd stone is quite a weight to have on top of you, especially when there is an eight-inch cock attached to it and pile driving inside you. The mattress also had to be soft and durable as the bed bounced up and down each time he thrust into me, thank god it didn’t squeak.

Like most men he had a fascination with my tits, squeezing and playing with the nipples as he humped away.


I felt the sudden burst of warm fluid as he ejaculated, more cum to add to the loads already there. As he withdrew I felt it start to trickle out, down my thighs and no doubt finishing of the bed sheets. I wondered how many of the room staff checked them in the morning to see who has been doing what.


By early morning they had run out of steam and cum, most of it running down my thighs and leg. Thank god for showers, which I took full advantage of, cleaning myself up before I left. When the offered me the $600 I did not refuse it, now more than ever I knew where my future lay…this escort business seemed like fun and fun was something I had not had in many a long year.


I said my fond farewells to the boys, knowing at least I had two regular clients to start with…now all I had to do was build a good client base.


The money for my services was safely tucked in my purse. I smiled a self-satisfied smile. $600, Hmmm, I liked that. I was starting to like this escort business. I stopped in front of a mirror that hung from the hallway wall, double-checking that all looked in order. Some fresh make up on the face works wonders. Replacing my earrings, turning my head from side to side, making sure they looked just right. There, looking quite presentable again. I’d phoned Asad and he promised to be down stairs waiting for me. I’d given him twenty minutes, ample time for him to be there.


I stepped out into the morning chill and started to walk toward the yellow taxi, as I did so a black stretch limo pulled up behind it. The driver and another guy got out and walked toward me. I froze, wondering what this was all about, dressed in dark suits they looked like some sort of agents. Were they going to arrest me? I thought about the money in my purse… how would I explain that…oh god… maybe this escort business wasn’t such a good idea after all


“Just a moment…over here if you please…. the boss wants a word with you”


Their demeanor and the way they talked to me told me they weren’t any sorts of agents and the word boss could only mean they were some kind of bodyguards.


The driver opened the back door for me, the other guy stood to the side.


“Get in lady…the boss wants to talk to you”


“Who are you…what do you want?” I asked with trembling voice and quickly weakening legs.


“It’s all right Sandra, I only want to chat with you…ten minutes of your time, and then you can go…it is Sandra is it not?”


Who ever he was knew my name. Reluctantly I got in beside the guy. The door closed behind me.


He was around age sixty, olive skinned, well-trimmed short beard and mustache. He was dressed in a well-tailored dark suit, white open neck shirt and rings on almost every finger. He held an unlit cigar between the fingers of his right hand.

“Oh Sandra…. Sandra…Sandra, what are we going to do with you?” he asked, placing his left hand on my thigh. I put a hand on his hand, tried to remove it but it remained firmly attached in place.


“What…what do you want?” I stammered nervously.


“I’ve told you just a little talk…unless you want something else to happen” he said with a smile.


I decided not to answer.


Then, “I don’t know who you are…I’ve done nothing wrong”


He twirled the cigar in his fingers…looking at it thoughtfully. “Oh but you have my dear…yes you have”


Again I told him I’d done nothing wrong.


“Well let me remind you…If I happened to mention the bar and the men you pick up there…does that ring any bells?” he asked


“Friends…I meet a friend there that’s all”


“And then proceed to his room where you have sex and he pays you some money as a reward later…you mean that kind of friend?”


“No just a friend…friend…yes we have sex…but…” I stopped myself.


“So you pick this guy up in a bar, a guy you’ve never met before, go to his room and have sex with him and get no money off him…is that what you’re telling me?”


“Yes…well not exactly…it’s kind of complicated” I replied.


“So tell me all about it honey?” he said.


So I told him all that had happened and the mistake about the money.


“Whow that is some story, a fairy tail right? And tonight with the two guys you just been with up in their room…money just slip into your purse eh?” he said, grabbing my purse and opening it.


“So what’s this…you’re private spending money…drinks money eh?”


I felt the blood draining from my face. I felt sick and wanted to flee from him.


“You see I know you’ve been working that bar, the two girls in the bar that night reported your actions straight back to me…heard your client say he had the hundred dollars you charged…and tonight the same again…heard you mention the charge of money, plus Asad recons your on the game as well so I’m more than convinced you’re a hooker sweetheart…just who do you work for?” I tried to argue that I wasn’t a hooker, that he had it all wrong, but I was loosing the argument. In his eyes I was a whore and maybe in my own mind I entertained the idea…it kind of excited me…but it was only a game a fantasy.


“Look…ok…I’m sorry, maybe I was intruding on your territory…I promise not to do it again”


He took a moment to contemplate what I’d just said, twirling the unlit cigar and concentrating on it. Then he smiled “No…no that won’t do, but I can tell you how you can make it all right… good for both of us actually”


“How?” I asked enthusiastically, eagerly seeking a way out.


“You come and work for me, I can see you’d be a great asset for me”


I didn’t like that idea; it wasn’t the solution I was seeking.


“You’ve got to be kidding me… I really don’t want to work as a hooker…all this started because I wanted a night out…I never had any intentions of it turning into money for sex…it just happened that way…now if you’ll excuse me” I made to leave, but his hand gripped on to my thigh.


“No darling…no, you don’t understand, I’m not asking you if you want to work for me I’m telling you, you are working for me…there’s a difference”


“You can’t make me” I said defiantly.


“I think I can…but the choice is yours”


I made to leave the car again and his hand squeezed my thigh hard, real hard, like he was tightening a vice.


I screamed and pleaded for him to stop “Oh god stop…stop…you’re hurting me”


“Not as much as I could hurt you sweetheart, it can get worse much worse believe me” he said releasing the grip on my thigh.


“Now let me run through it again. I don’t want you to street walk or stand on corners; I have plenty of willing young girls for that. I have some very influential businessmen from all over the world who like the company of a good woman a woman who is willing to give him a good time” at this point he unzipped his fly and took out his cock…it was on the rise “Now all you have to do is make the right decision, if you decide yes, then you give me a blow job, here and now, if it’s no then you just get out the car and walk…but” his hand started to squeeze my thigh again, sending me the message.


His cock was warm and a little soft as I took it in my hand, I kept jerking it until it became nice and hard. I got on my knees, between his legs. My tongue licked and circled the corona, before I took it in my mouth. He gave a gasp, pushed forward a little, his ass and hips swaying in time with my bobbing head.

“Ohhh yes…yes” Moaning with pleasure. “You’ve made the right decision…welcome to my stable” he said, running his fingers though my hair and placing his hand behind my head.


My hand worked the shaft as my mouth sucked and hungrily gorged upon it, with my free hand cupping and gently fondling his balls.


“Oh god…oh my god” he sighed. I had him going…I was getting ready for a mouth full of spunk…but no.


“Get you’re knickers off…get you’re fucking knickers off” he said, with some urgency.


This is not what I was expecting. “What…what was that?” I queried.


“Get you’re fucking knickers off woman I’m gona fuck you”


Well he couldn’t be any clearer than that. I reached under the hem of my dress, grabbed my knickers and started to pull them down. Now as big and as roomy as it is in the back of a limo, it’s still rather difficult to take your knickers off kneeling down, so I sat on the seat beside him and completed the maneuver, discarding them on the floor.


“Oh god woman…it’s no time for modesty…pull your dress up…up around your waist…I want to see your cunt…I want to see what I own”


I did as I was to told, I pulled my dress up to reveal my cunt for him at the same time drawing my knees up and spreading my legs as far apart as I could.


He stared at it for a moment, and then gently touched it, running his fingers around the lips.


“Oh god it’s so beautiful…just beautiful and it now belongs to me…. right?”


“Yes…yes I guess it does” I replied. Realizing what he meant, now being one of his women he could make me do whatever he wanted of me.


“Also I need respect from you…always you address me as Mr. Behrouz…or boss, no formalities…even you’re future clients it is Mr. These men are business men and deserve respect…you understand?”


“Yes” then added “Boss”


“That is good, I’m sure we will get on fine” he replied and all the time his fingers had been playing with my pussy.


“Now let me sample you’re wares maiden”


He put his hand in to his pocket and produced a condom.


“Here let me see you put it on…. I never ever fuck whores without one”


It had been quite some time since I’d used one. I tore at the packet with my teeth, removed it, as I was doing that he was jerking himself, pumping his cock up to get it nice and hard again, once done I placed it over the head and rolled it down the shaft, the bulb at the top ready to collect his cum. Now all ready, he knelt between my legs, with his hands on my knees he prised my legs further apart, shuffled forward and inch or two, and keeping his eye on his hard cock, watched it come into contact with my pussy lips. I watched the lips part as he pushed inward. I took a deep breath in as it slowly vanished inside, my cunt devouring every inch of it, his balls pressed up against my ass. He closed his eyes; savoring the moment…sighed, placed his hands under my ass and pulled me nearer the edge of the seat, then proceeded to fuck me.


He pressed his body on top of mine, his arms encircled behind my back, crushing me against his body. His ass rising rhythmically at a steady pace, fuck…fuck…fuck. Each thrust he omitted a gasp of warm breath onto my face, we were close very close, lips almost touching. Then his mouth and lips were upon mine, hungry and passionate full of lust and all the time his hips and ass rose up and drove deeper and faster, fuck, fuck, fuck. I reached up and placed my hands behind his neck and pulled his mouth to mine…my own hunger and lust rising inside me.


A smile crossed the faces of the driver and body guard as they listened to the grunts and moans from inside the car, the tinted windows may be hiding the action from their view, but the sounds and gentle rocking motion of the car was enough to tell the story.


“Looks like the boss has another whore for his stable” said one smiling.


“Yeah just signing the deal now eh?” said the other with a chuckle.


Behrouz’s eyes were closed, head tilted back slightly, ass now at full tilt, fucking as fast as he could.


“I’m gona cum…I’m gona cum” he said “Ohhhhhh fuck” he declared, one final thrust and he was filling the little bulb at the end of the condom with his cum.


It had been an effort, he remained still for a while whilst his breath returned and his pulse rate came down, and then withdrew.


“Oh yes…yes you’ll do very nicely my dear…very nicely indeed” he said as he peeled off the used condom. “Here dispose of this form me” he said handing the cum filled condom.


“Where do I put it?” I asked, holding it delicately between finger and thumb.


“I don’t know and don’t care…just get rid of the fucking thing” now sitting back on the seat, having tucked his now satisfied cock back in his trousers and zipping up his fly.


I found my purse and carefully placed the condom inside, then finding my knickers I shrugged into them, pulled and straightened up my dress.

He was back to being all business. “Here” he said, handing me a bundle of dollar notes. “Go buy yourself some real night clothing…lots of sexy stuff, call it an advance on future earnings…then go and get some sleep…I’ll phone you with instructions in a day or so” jamming the cigar back in his mouth, putting his head back against the headrest. He’d now finished with me…it was time to leave.


The smirks on their faces said it all…I knew what they were thinking. “There goes another one of the boss’s whores” their eyes glued to my ass as I walked away from them and toward Asad’s taxi.


He was standing at the ready, door open, not out of courtesy, but wanting to perve my legs and possibly get a glimpse of my knickers. I no longer cared, I just wanted to get home take a long soak in the bath, sleep and then wait for the inevitable call to come.


“I trust Mr. Behrouz was well pleased with you?”


No reply.


“He offer you a job…. you now one of his…um…er…”


He was searching for the right word.


“Whore’s…is that the word you’re thing of… I’m now one of his whore’s”


“Ah yes…that’s the word…whore…very apt if I may say so”


“Well no small thanks to you yes I am”


“That is good…you don’t have to thank me…it was a pleasure”


God was he kidding…or just plain dumb.


“Perhaps there is a way you can thank me…the back seat of the taxi is very large…very comfortable…we could share it perhaps?”


“Get lost dick head”


“Perhaps I caught you at a bad time eh? Maybe later?” he replied with a grin.


“Yeah maybe later…like a hundred years from now”


“No not as long as that…you will need my help someday and then I will call in the favour…I know all you women do eventually…it’s just a matter of time…you’ll see”


After he had deposited me outside my house, I watched him drive away and pondered his words, shrugged them off and went inside. A hot bath never felt so good.