WARNING: This text file contains material of an adult,
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Wayne Is Prostituted (M/b*, anal, ped, rape)
part 1 of 2
by Liam An Scribhneoir

Wayne had always been a troublesome boy since birth, 
always getting into trouble. He even set his parents' 
house and fire and tried to run away from home as at 
the age of five. By the time he was 10, he had cost them 
over $30,000 in fines, judgments, replacement fees, etc. 
for others' property that he had ruined His parents were 
on the verge of giving up on him. The only positive point 
for the boy was that he did still attend school, and 
liked math.

At the start of the year, he had a new teacher named 
Mr. Thomas Jacobson. Mr. Jacobson, a likeable man who 
put everyone immediately at ease, was quite athletic 
despite his 47 years: he ran, lifted weights, and swam. 
Wayne's parents were overjoyed when the man took an interest 
in the boy, hoping that he might be able to straighten 
out the boy. After a long discussion with Wayne's father, 
Mr. Jacobson arranged to give Wayne some special tutoring 
the next Saturday. The boy argued about it, but finally 
agreed. The teacher's house was outside the city, but 
Wayne insisted on riding his bike there. He arrived around 
noon. Mr. Jacobson opened the door at the boy's first 

"Wayne, you're looking well. Come in."

They sat down on opposite sides on the coffee table with 
books piled on it.

"Want a coke?"


"Just a minute." Mr. Jacobson walked into the kitchen, 
and Wayne heard him open and pour a coke. Giving it to 
the boy and sat back down. "Okay, let's begin."
They covered some things that Wayne already knew, then 
branched into new material. The boy had almost finished 
his coke when suddenly he felt very sleepy. He couldn't 
figure out what was wrong. He'd had a good night's sleep. 
Suddenly, he slumped forward onto the table and passed 

As Wayne awoke, he slowly became aware that he was prone 
on a bed. When he tried to move however, he discovered 
that he couldn't. Lifting his head, he saw that his wrists 
were bound with cloth restraints; he tried to kick his 
legs, but found that his ankles too were bound. He was 
spread-eagled in the middle of the bed, and somehow pillows 
had become bunched-up under his belly, and he was not 
very comfortable. He also realized that he was completely 

"Hey." he yelled "Heeey...."

The door opened, and in walked Mr. Jacobson. "Well, it 
would seem you're finally wake. Good. Now, stay quiet". 
He smiled and left.

Time passed, and Wayne tried to puzzle out what was 
happening. He heard the front door open and close. Then 
the door to the room opened. In walked a man much older 
than the boy's father's. He shut the door behind him.

"Hey, help me." 

The man walked over to the boy, then ran his rough hands 
over the boy's back and down to his baby-smooth hairless 
buttocks. "Nice" he whispered. 

"Hey, aren't you gonna help?"

"Yes, boy, I plan to help." replied the man as he grinned 

Taking a bottle from a nightstand, he poured baby oil 
liberally over the buttocks and in the crack between 
them. Then walked down past where the boy could see. 
Wayne could hear some rustling noises, but couldn't tell 
what was happening. When the man stepped back into view, 
he was completely naked and sporting a hard-on that was 
remarkable not just because of it's thickness but because 
it had a huge reddish purple mushroom-shaped head. Grasping 
the shaft in his own hands, the man stroked it.

Without a word, he climbed on the bed and between Wayne's 
wide spread legs. Spreading the slender soft butt cheeks 
wide, he pressed the enormous cock head against the boy's 
tiny, pink hole, completely obscuring the hole from sight. 
Then he started to press forward, harder and harder, 
and Wayne began to squirm as he felt the pressure build 
against his ass. He tried kicking the man, but the straps 
held him firmly. 

"Stop it. Stop it! I'm gonna tell my father."

Suddenly, the man grabbed the boy's hips, and forced 
the enormous head into the boy's hole followed by an 
inch of the thick shaft. Wayne's butthole felt like it 
was being torn wide open, and he screamed. The man 
unhesitatingly forced the remaining inches of his 
steel-hard shaft up the boy's hole in one shove, so hard 
and so fast that the boy passed out from the pain. This 
didn't bother the man, who immediately began brutally 
fucking the limp boy, and was still ramming it to him 
when the boy revived. Wayne could feel the huge head 
scraping the insides of his shit-chute, the lips clinging 
to the shaft as the man pushed and pulled it in and out, 
his butthole burning and throbbing from the assault.

The fucking seemed endless, and Wayne began to wonder 
if the man was going to fuck him to death, as he felt 
as if the man was ripping him open. No matter how much 
he screamed, cried and begged, the man just kept on. 
Finally, it grew so brutal that the man was actually 
lifting himself free of the boy, balancing on his toes 
and palms of his hands with just the head still in the 
boy's butthole, and then letting himself drop down full 
force, driving his huge cock as far as possible into 
the boy. Suddenly, on one of the drops, the man's feet 
stiffened, his toes curled, his fingers dug into the 
mattress as he arched backwards, his face to the ceiling. 
He let out a deep, throaty growl like some enraged animal. 
The boy could feel the huge cock pulsing deep inside 
him as the man came and came and came inside him, flooding 
his guts wioth his seed. Then the man lay still on top 
of the boy. 

Eventually the man climbed off the boy. He looked first 
at his soft cock, noting the streaks of red on it, then 
at the red fluids oozing from the boy's battered hole. 

The man grinned and laughed. "Hot damn!" he exclaimed 
"Your pimp said you were a virgin, and by damn, you were!" 
As he dressed, Thomas came into the room, and asked "Well?"

"He was everything that you said he would be. And you 
weren't shitting me ? he really was virgin! His hole 
was the tightest I've ever had. I loved destroying his 
cherry by wrecking his hole. Here." He fished a roll 
of bills from his pocket. "Here ya go, $700, and he was 
worth every fuckin' penny."

"Glad to hear it. I always try to provide the best 
merchandise, and I'm especially pleased when I can fully 
satisfy a customer."

"Hey, thank you for contacting me. If you get any similar 
boys in the future ?"

"I promise that you'll be the first client I contact."

"Good man."

Thomas showed the man to the front door.

What followed was an unending stream of men, mainly white 
or Latino, but with some blacks and even a few Asians 
mixed in, ranging in age from guys in their fifties to 
a couple of college mens and one boy who couldn't have 
been more than 15. One was even a man in a business-suite. 
The cocks were all sizes, shapes, and colors; some with 
foreskins and some circumcised; some with plum-shaped 
heads, others with mushroom-shaped ones, and still others 
shaped like large acorns. Regardless, each man who entered 
the room stripped, rammed his hard cock up the boy's 
helpless butt-hole as each man before him had done, and 
fucked him, finally coming inside the boy, his cum mixing 
with that from all the other men. Some of the men were 
rough, but none were as rough as the first man who got 
the boy's cherry. Some of them were tender; but none 
of them made the slightest attempt to release the boy. 
After each shot his load in the boy, he dressed and paid 
Thomas some money.
The afternoon drew into evening and evening into night. 
Finally sometime in the night the stream of men stopped. 
Wayne had long lost count, but in fact 16 different men 
had fucked him in the time since he awoke. Mr. Jacobson 
entered the room again.

"Well, Wayne, you did well. I believe I'll arrange for 
you to go across the border into Mexico. A friend of 
mine who's a doctor there is always looking for new boys." 
He ran his hands over the boy's buttocks. "Latinos there 
pay well for your type: soft skinned pale little blonde 
boys. Oh, in case you're wondering, your dad won't be 
coming to look for you. In fact, he paid me $1000 to 
kidnap you. He said he'd had enough of your disobedience 
and backtalk and all the destruction you've done and 
the money you've cost him that he has to pay for. He 
said $1000 was cheap. So, when I sell ya to my doctor 
friend for $1000, I'll actually have been paid twice 
for ya. Add in the $700 that Will paid me for your cherry 
and the $1500 those other men paid me, and you've made 
me $4200 in 10 hours." 

He left the room and closed the door again, leaving Wayne 
still tied spread-eagle and naked. The boy's heart sank 
at the thought of spending the rest of his life being 
used as a fuckhole by an unending stream of strange men.

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting
out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to
many years as a convict in their local prison.