An erotic love story...

By JimBob

(Mg, kidnap, mast, reluc, ped)

A badly spoiled little rich girl is captured by a gang and held for ransom.  Those of you who are older, will recognize the tie with the old song at once.  For you young pups, the next line is: Lola gets. 

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Lola sauntered out the door of Miss Starks Private School For Young Ladies.  She glanced down to see if Newton had the car exactly lined up with the end of the side walk as she desired it to be.  The car was not there!  How dare he be late?  She was going to see about this.  She was just turning to go back in and call her daddy, when she spotted the shiny limo turning the corner. 

It stopped a little short of where she had decreed that it wait for her.  She stormed down the side walk.  Newton was going to get a piece of her mind when she got in there.  The fool hadn't even got out yet to open the door for her.  She waited.  She waited, and tried to peer through the deeply tinted window glass.  The fool was just sitting there looking straight ahead!

She yanked open the door.  A figure that had been hiding below window level lunged out, grabbed her arm, and yanked her into the limo before she could cry out.  A damp rag with sweetish fumes was over her nose and mouth.  She gasped in a breath to scream.  She inhaled the fumes with each gasping breath.  She knew no more...

Robby peered through the little peephole in the door to see if the girl was awake yet.  She was sprawled on the bed where Lenny and Bruce had dropped her.  Her short black skirt was up over her back, showing the rounded little butt in the expensive silk panties.  ‘I'll bet those are soft,’ Robby thought.  She had nicely shaped legs for a little girl. 

Lenny said she was nine, and a real hellion of a spoiled brat.  She had fought the chloroform bitterly, kicking and screaming into the rag, to no avail.  He was much stronger.  They had brought the limp girl's body to the old farm house they had rented, and had fixed into a jail for her.  She was going to bring in a twenty million dollar ransom, so they could afford to spend a few bucks. 

They had not spent any money on niceties or comfort though.  There was a twin bed with a hard mattress, a couple of blankets, a straight backed chair and a small chest of drawers in the room.  Robby's room was not much better, but he did have pillows and sheets.  There was the bare minimum of cooking utensils and dishes for the week or so they felt it might take to get her rich father to come across with the dough to get his bratty daughter back.  Robby was not part of the gang, but had been hired to keep the kid alive and happy until the dough came through.  He was just on a salary, a big salary, not a cut.

Robby saw one leg shift slightly.  Then the girl rolled over on her back.  She stared at the ceiling a few moments, trying to get her bearings.  Then she suddenly sat up, clutched her head and lay back down.  A few moments later, she slowly sat up again.  She looked around the room.  She got up, and walked to the window on shaky legs.  She looked out   She opened the window after a small struggle.  She wasn't used to opening windows.  She wasn't used to doing anything for herself.  She looked out.  She tried the coarse wire mesh on the window.  It was there to keep girl in, not insects out.

"HELP!  HELP ME!" she screamed out the window.  No answer.  This was an isolated farmhouse, no one to hear.

She turned and looked at the door.  She walked over and tried the knob.  It turned, but the door was held solidly closed by a dead bolt from the outside.  She pulled then pushed.  Then she pounded and kicked and screamed.  She finally gave that up, and walked around the room.  She examined the chest of drawers.  She went in the small closet.  She attempted to pick up the chair.  It was screwed to the floor.  She kicked it.  She went back and lay down on the bed again and cried.

Robby opened the door.  The girl sat up.  Aside from her disheveled hair, and red eyes, she was a very pretty girl with a shapely little body.  Her school uniform was handmade, and of very expensive, very soft material, not your run of the mill girl school uniform. 

"I see you are awake."

"Who are you?  You better take me home!!  My daddy will have you in jail before tomorrow if you don't get my car and take me home!" 

The man seemed unfazed by her threats.  She jumped up and tried to run out of the door past him, but Robby, for all his size, was quick as a cat.  He caught her easily and deposited her back on the bed.

"Hey Kid, you have to go potty?"

"No!  Get out and leave me alone."

So Robby left and closed the door behind him.  Lola got up and tried it, but it was locked.  Darn!  She did have to pee.  She got up and pounded on the door.  "YES!  I HAVE TO GO!"  She shouted. 

Robby opened the door.  "Come on.  And don't try anything."

Lola followed him down the hall.  He showed her into an open door.  Lola walked into the bathroom, and went to close the door.  There was no door!

"What the Hell?"

"Watch your mouth, Kid.  You go ahead and go.  I'll be right outside.  This way there are no surprises."

"I'm not going with you watching, you big pervert.  Wait until I tell my daddy.  You will be in jail so fast..."

"Are you gonna go or not, Kid?  I ain't got all day,"   Robby interrupted her rant.


Robby grabbed her arm and dragged her kicking and screaming back to her room.  "Supper is in an hour.  You can wait until then."

"FUCK YOU!"  Lola screamed, showing that the nice young ladies at Miss Starks school knew some rather foul language.

"I said watch your mouth!  Next time I'll wash it out with soap."  The door closed behind Robby.

Lola screamed curses at the door for half a minute.  Then she went to the door and kicked and pounded on it for another minute.  Damn, she really had to go now.  "I'll show him," she muttered.  She went into the corner and squatted and peed on the floor.  Too late, she realized she didn't have any toilet paper to wipe with.  "Fuck it,” she said under her breath, and pulled her panties up to catch the drips.

Robby, who had been watching her through the peephole, smiled to himself and left to open the cans of stew for supper.

Though she was putting up a brave front, Lola was getting worried.  She was not used to doing without anything for even a moment.  She had a maid and a nanny at home, plus the butler and gardener and driver and cooks to wait on her.  She thought her daddy would be here by now with police.  Her confidence was badly shaken.  She was hungry, and she had not changed into a fresh outfit, so she felt dirty.  The bed was hard.  There were no satin sheets.   She hated to admit it, but her pee smelled.  God forbid she should have to poop!

About forty five minutes later, Robby opened the door to tell the brooding girl on the bed that supper was ready, and did she want to pee and wash her hands now.

"I had to pee on the floor.  You can clean it up now."

"Sorry, babe.  I don't clean up your messes.  I'll show you where the mop and bucket are though."

“GO TO HELL!"  Lola was not used to the serving class talking that way to her.  Her Daddy had billions of dollars.  She didn't have to put up with this crap.

Without a word, Robby picked the girl up and hauled her into the bathroom.  She kicked and screamed and fought, but he held her easily under one arm, took the soap and lathered up one hand, and then forced one thick soapy finger between her lips, and massaged the suds into her lips and teeth, and into her mouth when she screamed again.  It was useless for her to fight.  Then he put the spiting and sputtering girl down before the sink so she could rinse her mouth.  She turned hateful eyes on him, and opened her mouth to tell him what she thought of him, but saw suds still on his hand and turned and rinsed her mouth inste

"Don't make a big mess.  Remember, you clean it up."

Lola took the sponge Robby pointed out, and for the first time in her life, she cleaned the sink and wiped some water from the floor.

"Now, do you need to go?"


"Then let's go eat."


“Suit yourself.  I hear okay, so you don't need to yell."

"FU..."  Just in time, Lola snapped her mouth shut.  She walked back into her room on her own. 

"You sure you're not hungry?"  Robby asked before closing the door.

Lola didn't answer him; she just lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

Robby watched her for five minutes, but she didn't move.  He went and ate the canned stew himself.

Several times that evening Robby checked on the child.  She just lay on the bed.  But she moved slightly every time he watched her so he knew she was not sleeping.  Before Robby retired, he brought her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a glass of milk and set them on the dresser.  The girl did not acknowledge his presence, though her eyes followed him as he came and went.

After he left, Lola eyed the food, but did not touch it.  She was hungry, but she had too big of a lump in her throat to eat.  For the first time in her young life, she was in a situation in which she had no control.  Her Daddy's money gave her no power over this man and the men she saw in the car before she blacked out.  She had always had servants to respond to her every desire, and a fancy house.  Now here she was in this crappy room with this man who she was sure was going to kill her. He was so powerful, and she was just a little girl.  Lola was worried over what was going to happen to her.  She didn't want to die.

That night Robby watched the little girl through the peep hole several times. She spent the whole night in the same position, but she wasn't sleeping.  He slept very fitfully, for despite his size and gruff exterior, Robbie loved children, and thought this little girl was special, if she could be cured of her snobby, bratty ways.  He decided to try a kinder, gentler tack in the morning.

Morning came and Robby opened her door at a little after six.  The girl raised her head and looked, then laid it back down.

“How about this morning, little lady?  I promise I won't look.”  He picked up the untouched tray.

Lola got up without a word and went to the bathroom.  She too had decided to be more cooperative, and take him at his word.

“How about cereal for breakfast?”

“I'm not hungry.”

“Come on kid, you ain't ate since lunch yesterday.  Some toast?”

“NO!  I'm not hungry.  Leave me alone!”  She felt more short tempered than usual as she felt dirty, in clothes she had not changed, no bath, she was afraid for her life and she felt like crap.

Robby closed the door, but watched through the peephole, a worried look on his face.

Lenny came out later with the newspaper, and Robby hauled Lola out of her room, and they made her pose with the newspaper held up so the date was clear, and took a couple of Polaroid pictures of her.  When Robby told Lenny of the girl not eating, Lenny told him she would eat when she got hungry enough, and it didn't really matter to him if she didn't eat.  He did take a list of stuff Robby gave him that they needed and promised to bring it back later.  They were going to deliver the ransom note that afternoon and hoped for an answer soon.

Robby tried to cheer Lola up with that news, but it only made her feel worse.  What if her daddy didn't want her anymore?  Her mom's father had owned the company, and her mom had inherited controlling interest when Grandpa died.  Then her mom had died in a car accident. So now her daddy and she owned the company.  The thought of being worth so much money had made her stuck up and real bratty.   Lola had secretly known that none of the help liked her, but only stayed around because the pay was good. Her father was too busy with the business to care about her, or give her any attention.  She was a little girl who was starved for love, but too proud to ask for it, and did not know how to show it or give it.  Robby had been the first person to stand up to her and now she was doubting that all her money would save her.  And since her daddy had not shown up yet on his white charger to save her, she doubted that he cared either.  After all, he would just have the whole thing if she was gone too.  She was one shook up little spoiled brat without any way that she could see to get out of this jam.  The guy was just too darn big.  Lola was in despair.  She just could not close her eyes and relax.

Lunch came and went.  Robby baked some premixed cookies and brought in a plate full with milk.   Lola would not even look at them. She would not eat the evening meal either, nor did she touch the soup that Robby brought in that evening.  Robby was very concerned.

Robby lay down on his bed and started what he so often did to relieve himself when he was stressed.  He took out his cock and began to masturbate.  After about ten strokes he started to relax.  Then he suddenly stopped and thought.

“That's it!”  he exclaimed.  He put his tool away, and zipped up his pants.  He went into the bath and ran a tub full of warm water and put soap and washrag and towel where they were handy.  Then he went to the peep hole.  Lola was lying in her same position, staring at the ceiling.

Lola craned her neck to look at Robby as he opened the door.  What now?  She wondered.  He never came in this late.  She automatically pulled her skirt down where it had ridden up her thighs a little.

“What do you want now?” she asked in a very snotty tone.

“Come on, Kid.  Bath time.”

“NO!  I'm not taking a bath in there!”

“Yes, you are.  Now you can come nicely, or I'm gonna take you in there.”

“LEAVE ME ALONE!”  Lola screamed.

Robby picked her up, put her on his lap like an infant as he sat down, and proceeded to start to strip the school uniform off the kicking, fighting, screaming kid.

“Whew!  You're really ripe, Kid.  Looks like you would want to get cleaned up.”

“NO!”  Lola screamed.  “I'll tell the cops you raped me!  Damn you!  Let me go!” 

Despite all her struggles, she had lost her jacket, skirt, shoes, and socks.  Now her shirt was unbuttoned and stripped off.  Robby threw each piece of clothing out of reach as he stripped her down to undershirt and stained panties.

“Okay, Kid.  You can walk in there in your shirt and pants and I'll leave you alone to take your bath, or you are going in there with nothing on, and I'll give you your bath.  Take your pick.”

“FUCK YOU!  HELP!  RAPE! HEL-Blub!”  Her cries were disrupted as her undershirt caught on her chin.  But it came loose and was discarded.  Lola clutched her panties with both hands, to no avail.  Robby just pried her fingers open, and her panties were gone.  She screamed and shrieked and it didn't help.  Robby picked her kicking fighting body up and hauled her into the bathroom and plopped her into the tub.

Lola began to kick water all over. 

Robby took her head in one big hand, and held it under. When he finally let her up, all of the fight had gone out of her as she was too busy trying to catch her breath.

“No more of that,” Robby cautioned her.  “Sit still.”

“All right,” said a very subdued Lola.  She sat still as Robby soaped the washrag and washed her face and neck and shoulders.  Then he offered the rag to her.  She took it and started to wash her body.

“Do a good job, and you better do your hair too.”  He put a bottle of shampoo within reach.  He backed up and watched her for a moment or two, then he left the bathroom. He returned with a mop, but when she tried to conceal her body, he left the mop and left her alone to her bath.

She stayed in the tub washing until the water started to cool.

Finally he came back into the bath holding a big towel. She got up crouching and trying to hide as much of her body as possible from him.  He wrapped the towel around her, and let her dry off.  She looked for some clothes but there were none.

“Where are my clothes?”

“In the washer.”  He picked her up in the towel and carried her into her room, where the bed was turned down with clean linen.

“What am I going to wear?”  Lola didn't see any clothes lying around.

“Nothing tonight. Your clothes are in the wash.”

“WHAT!”  Lola was ready to start yelling again, but Robby picked her up, dropped her on the bed, and stripped the towel away.  She thought she was fighting for her life when he laid down beside her and took her in his arms.

“Relax Kid, I ain't gonna hurt you.”

“GO TO HELL!  HELP!  POLICE!  HELP!  Oh, Daddy, help me.”  Lola started to scream and sob when Robby enfolded her in his arms and rendered her helpless.  She continued to buck and fight as he held her on her back, and pried her legs open and held them with one huge thigh and knee in between hers.

One big hand went between her legs, and a big finger found her clitoris.  It rubbed for only a moment before going away and coming back slick with saliva and gently began to rub her, in spite of all her screaming and cursing and shouts for the police.  Finally, in exhaustion, her struggles ceased.  Her vocal cries died away. 

Robby continued to stroke the little clit, engorged with blood now, and standing upright in the cleft. The pressure against his thigh eased as the girl did not fight to close her legs now.  Indeed, they opened slightly so that Robby could relax his pressure to hold her open for his finger.  Her hands on his big arm relaxed from trying to dig fingernails into his wrist.  The child's body relaxed, and her head rolled to look away from Robby's face, where she had been spitting, cursing and screaming moments before.  The girl still panted from her struggle, but in between pants were longer, ragged, shuddering breaths.

Robby dared to ease the weight that was holding her still.  Then he removed the knee from between her thighs. Her leg followed his as she opened wider to allow his hand and fingers easier access to the clit as the big finger tip rolled and rubbed it from side to side, in circles, and up and down.  Lola allowed a moan of pleasure to escape.  Her hips began to move in response to the pressures and pleasure the fingers were creating. Her head began to loll from side to side.  Lola had never experienced anything like this.  A fire had started under that finger, spread to all parts of her loins, up her spine.  Her nipples were hard.  Her chest was flushed and tingling.  She could feel the heat up to her ears.  Her toes were flexing.  She was building up to her first orgasm, and she didn't even know such a thing was possible.

Lola didn't know such a feeling of excitement could come from that spot between her legs.  Her hands and fingers that had been straining to pull Robby's hand and finger away from there only minutes before were now holding the wrist and arm so it could not be taken away to end her pleasure.  Her legs strained to open more of herself to the pleasure.  She began to moan and sigh with passion.  She worked to reach that peak that seemed so close, but seemed to just elude her. 

Finally, she humped her pussy up into that big finger a dozen quick times.

“Ungh!  OOH!  YES!  There.  Right there!  Aaaah!”  With the last long sigh, Lola dropped back onto the bed and with a mighty effort, hauled the now unresisting finger out and away from her now super sensitive clit.

Robby got up on an elbow and looked down at the exhausted, but radiantly happy little girl, enjoying her first sexual afterglow.  He rose and covered the little body up, as she rolled on her side.  Then he padded out of the bedroom, leaving the door open.

Lola shut her eyes, and in seconds, was snoring gently.

The next morning, at ten AM, Lola opened her eyes and looked around.  She rolled onto her back, and the movement of her bare skin on the sheets brought her to full consciousness of last night's activities.  Where were her clothes?  She sat up and looked around.  There was something on the dresser.  It looked like a Teddy Bear.  The big towel was still on the bed, so she wrapped it around her nude body and walked over to the dresser.  There, beside Teddy, neatly folded, was her underwear. In the closet were her shirt, jacket and skirt on hangers. She gathered the clothing and sat on the bed and dressed. Then she walked out the open door to the toilet.  There was no sign of Robby.  She took care of her business, then saw the tube of toothpaste and a new toothbrush on the sink.  She decided that her mouth would feel a lot better if she brushed and rinsed.  As she did that she noticed her hair, and used the brush on the sink on it to get it somewhat in order. 

Lola finished in the bathroom and wandered down the hall, following her nose.  Robby was in the kitchen, the room she had been dragged to for her picture.  This morning, the smell of bacon was the lure.  Robby was frying bacon.  Gosh, she was hungry!

“Have a seat, Sweetie.  Breakfast is coming up.”  Robby grinned at her.  She didn't grin back.  He was going to pay for last night...

Lola did not know exactly how to greet Robby.  Should she remind him of what he had done to her?  Thank him for the Teddy Bear?  She was hungry and she wanted to eat this morning, so she didn't want to start anything… yet.  But she had to admit, she felt better this morning, and sure smelled better and looked better.

As Robby served her a plate of bacon and eggs and toast, she noticed his big hands and big fingers, and felt a thrill rush through the part of her body those fingers had manipulated to bring her that fiery release last night. She had to fight to put down a warm feeling for the big man.  It happened again when he set a glass of milk in front of her place.  Darn it, what was the matter with her stupid body?  This guy attacked her last night.  He was going to prison if she had her way!

Robby made several tries to strike up a conversation, but Lola gave him the silent treatment.  She was not going to talk to a man who did THAT to helpless little girls.

He asked her if she knew her clothes sizes, and said he got some from the tags on her clothes, but needed to measure her leg length.  He brought out a tape and had her stand, but did not want to hold the tape to measure her inseam. So he finally gave her the top end to hold, and got that part done.

Then, with her belly full, she went back to her room and crawled back into bed in her underwear.  Then she got back out of bed and went and got the Teddy Bear to sleep with.  She napped for three more hours to catch up on missed sleep.  She woke up hungry again.  Robby brought her soup to hold her until supper, then he locked her door after telling her the other men were coming.

The men had heard from Lola's father, and he had agreed to their terms and was gathering money to deposit in a Swiss bank.  When the kidnappers were able to transfer it to another account, they were to complete the deal.  They also brought some clothes for Lola that Robby had ordered. When the men left, Robby took the jeans and shirts and underwear and sneakers in to Lola.  He suggested she change and he would take her outside for some exercise.

Lola changed into the jeans, and looked like any ordinary kid.  Robby told her that she was not to try any funny stuff, and took her for a short walk around the farm and down to the barn.  Another farmer had the barn rented for hay storage, so the haymow was full as well as big piles on the floor.

Robby proceeded to show Lola the joys of jumping into piles of hay.  He found a rope and threw it up over a rafter to make a Tarzan-type vine to swing on.  He showed Lola how to swing out and drop into a hay pile.  The first time she tried it, she was scared to let go, so Robby had to catch her.  At his touch, she froze for a moment, then relaxed as his big hands took no liberties.  They played together like two kids for two hours.  It was the first time anyone had done something with her and had not been paid to do it.

When they got back, after being in the fresh air, Lola noticed how her room stank of must and urine.  She asked Robby to show her how to fix the bucket of soap and water, and after a quick demo, she mopped the floor of her room while Robby opened cans to heat for supper.  The atmosphere in the house had done a 180 degree turn.  They were no longer enemies.  Robby gave her a hug for the good job of mopping, and Lola hugged him back.  It was her first praise for doing a good job.  She became a child eager to please.

Lenny and Bruce came back that evening, after Robby and Lola had supper and she had dried the dishes, and had gone in to take her bath.  Robbie had offered to put the door back up, but Lola, feeling mellow had said she trusted him not to peek.  Actually, the more she had thought about her “rape” last night, and how good it felt at the end, Lola was thinking she would not mind a few peeks that might lead Robby to an encore.  That might have been what it took to get him in the mood for what he did.  Who knew?  Lola knew nothing about men.  Or friendship.  Or newly awakened desire.

Lenny and Bruce told Robby that the money transfer had started, and they probably would not need him past noon tomorrow.  They said they would send a car out for him. Robbie asked when they would pick up Lola.

“Don't worry about the kid.  She has seen us.  She ain't going anywhere after we got the money.”

Robby felt a cold chill.  “But...  But, let me talk to her.  She will keep her mouth shut...”

“No!  The kid has to go.  She saw us.  She can identify us.  Composite sketches and all that.”

‘Oh, God,’ Robby thought.  ‘What have I got myself into?

Wait!’  He thought, ‘They are going to kill me too.  I've seen them, and I am not part of the gang, so I am a threat too.’  He did not let his thoughts show.  “When?”  he asked quietly.

“Her old man will have ten million in the bank account by noon tomorrow.  He wants proof the kid is okay before he releases it and puts in the other ten.  We are taking the first ten mil, and bye bye baby.  Tomorrow afternoon.”

Robby nodded, and the two men got up and left.  Robby sat there and thought.  Then he heard the girl calling.

“What do you need Lola?”  He could hear her splashing, so he didn't look in.

“Wash my back?”  Lola was almost sure that seeing her naked must have been what set Robby off last night.  Bed time was approaching, and he hadn't tried anything yet.  Maybe if he saw her body again?

“Um, Lola, can't you wash your own back?”

“No.  Someone always does it for me at home.  Please?”

“Okay.  Here I come.”  Robby went in expecting to see Lola sitting in the tub.  She was standing facing him, washrag held out, making no attempt to conceal herself.  Her bare little body shone in the bathroom light.

Suddenly Robby got it.  The kid was trying to seduce HIM!  He almost laughed until he thought of the dire danger they both were in.  Then he thought, ‘What the heck?  We may both be dead tomorrow.’  He motioned her to turn around and he washed her back.  Then he dropped the washrag.  “There.”

Lola hunched her shoulders and waited for him to grab her.  When she turned her head, Robby was turning and heading for the door.


Robby stopped.  “What?”

“Aren't you going to...  Um, to dry me off and put me to bed?”


“Well, like last night...”

“Last night you were acting like a brat, and you were all upset and worried.  I had to make you relax.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You were all tense and worried and screaming and yelling.  I got you relaxed, didn't I?”

“Fuck!”  Lola's theory of her body being so alluring it swept grown men off their feet went up in smoke.  “You mean you didn't...  You don't want to... to rape me again?”  She saw her chances of another pussy rubbing walking right out of the room.



Robby turned back and stopped short when he saw the pitiful girl, big tears overflowing her eyes and running down her cheeks.

“I'm sorry,” she sobbed.  “I just wanted someone to love me...  Please?”

Robby snatched up a towel and went back to pluck the girl out of the tub.  “I'm sorry,” he murmured in her ear.  "Of course I love you.  You are a very sweet, desirable girl."  But unless he could come up with a plan to save them, they were both dead meat.  It wouldn't hurt to be nice to her.  He really wanted to be nice to her.

Robby dried the girl off by sitting on the bed and holding her on his lap.  The difference this time, was there was giggling girl, instead of screaming, swearing, fighting girl.

When he laid her naked on the bed, she pulled his body down over her with her arms locked around his neck.  Robby found himself with one arm around her shoulders, and one hand on her chest.  That hand she grabbed and covered one small beginning breast with it, holding the hand so he could not move it away.  Those little buds had felt all tingly last night after he had set off all the rockets in her belly and between her hips, and she was determined to explore those feelings along with a bunch of others.  What about that hard lump in Robby's pants she had just been feeling on her butt?  She had felt it last night on her thigh when her body had started to respond to Robby's big fingers.  She had to see that thing.

Lola started to unfasten Robby's shirt buttons.

“What are you doing, Kid?

“Taking your clothes off too.  You're all wet.”

“Naw, Kid. You don't want to see me naked.”

“Yes, I do.  You've seen me, and fair is fair.”  She pulled his shirttails out and pulled it off, then reached for his belt.  Robby decided he might as well help her.  He kicked his shoes off.  The pants were peeled down and off. He was in his jockey shorts.  Lola unsnapped them and then she slid them over his hips and down his legs.

To Lola's credit, she did not laugh when she saw the erect penis. Perhaps because it was the first she had ever seen, so she had nothing in her memory bank to compare it with.  Oh, it was not deformed, nor grotesque. It was quite a normal looking penis… for a thirteen year old boy.  That was when it had stopped growing.  But Robby had not.  Robby was six feet six, and weighed two hundred fifty pounds, all muscle.  Robby was a big boy.  A twenty year old with a little boy's prick.  Girls had started laughing at it when he was fifteen, and had never stopped.  Robby could not even hire prostitutes, most of them could not stop laughing even though their fee depended on it.  So he depended on his five fingers and porno for his stimulation.  He was not a child molester, Lola was the first little girl he had touched, and would have been the last, as his motive was only to relax the poor kid.  Now he had created a monster, and was in her bed only because he was so distressed by what he had just realized about his kidnaper friends intentions.

Lola was used to taking what she wanted.  She wanted to know more about what men had between their legs.  She got up on her knees, and pushed Robby backward on to the bed.  His valiant little warrior stood at attention, all four slender inches of him.  Lola clasped her hand around the hard little shaft, and experimented.  She uncovered the head, which barely stuck out between her thumb and fore finger.  The little shaft jumped in her fingers. She giggled at the sensation.

“I'm sorry it is so funny and little,” Robby said, as he had so often had to say in this situation.  He thought the giggle was the start of the full blown mirth at his expense.

“Oh, no!  It is so just right!”  There was no mistaking the sincerity in her voice.  Lola knew just exactly what to do with that thing.  When she first saw it, she knew exactly where it went.  The sex education at Miss Starks Private School had been quite explicit in direction, if lacking in illustrations, and Lola was a very astute little girl.  She proceeded to mount the supine Robby, and with amazing dexterity and ease, she slid herself down on that little cock with a grunt of surprise at the momentary sharp little sting.  “Wow!”  That feels great!”  She had no pain because she had lost her cherry performing gymnastics at eight years old.  When she first saw the shaft, her vagina had started preparing itself for it, secreting her moist slickness.

Robby almost fainted with shock.  Without a doubt that was the tightest, hottest, most vibrant vagina his cock had ever been in.  And it was a perfect fit!  All the walls built up about child rape came crashing down. The child was raping him!  The point where he could have stopped it had been passed while he was feeling sorry for himself. 

Lola and Robby made their decision at the same time.  They were going to have an orgasm with that thing up inside of her pussy.  So they set to work to accomplish that very thing. 

Since Lola was on top, she started to move her body to get the friction she wanted from that organ up inside her.  It was amazing how quickly and naturally the correct movements came to the little girl.  Robby had his hands on her hips to help, but very little guidance was necessary.  The tiny hard cock did not slip out of her tight little girl pussy as it had done from larger, more well worn adult whore pussies.  There was nothing to laugh about at this performance. Robby forgot his worries, was lost in the moment, as Lola caused him to forget his troubles and relax as he did for her last night.

Lola reached the crest first.  As she approached her climax, and the flood of heat went up over her body, she slumped forward onto Robby's chest. The change in angle, and the sudden softening of all her interior parts set his orgasm in motion.  He humped up into her as his semen spurted.  The hot liquid on her cervix brought Lola to another peak, and as she finished, she hugged Robbie and kissed his chest, and then bit into his shoulder in her childish passion.  Robby nuzzled the girl's neck, and his big hands clutching her tiny rear sent a finger to smear his cum into her tiny rose bud opening back there, while the other fingers were rubbing the flow from her vagina up into her pussy crack  and over her fat lower lips.  Slowly his rubbing fingers slowed and stopped.  He joined the little girl in satisfied slumber.  The night passed.

Gradually Robby became aware of early light again and a glance at his watch showed him their time was flying away.  His troubled whisper awoke Lola from a deep sleep on his chest.

“Hey, Lola.  We got to do something.  We need a plan.  The guys are planning on killing both of us today.”  He had not originally planned to tell her and worry her, but while she was riding him, he realized she was a smart and resourceful girl, and should have a say in determining her fate.  But he hadn't planned on falling asleep to waste the whole night.

“Huh?”  A satiated, sleepy Lola had trouble taking that news in, even though her life depended on it.  “What did you say?"

“Lenny told me yesterday. They don't plan on leaving anyone alive who can identify them.  They said you, and I assume they mean me too.”

“But didn't my dad say he would pay the money?”

“These are not nice guys, Kid.  They are going to kill us, kill us both, take the ten million they will have by noon today and run.”

“Oh, my gosh!  Nice friends you have.”

“Not my friends, babe.  They just hired me to babysit you.”

“I don't need a damn babysitter!”

“Hey!  Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.  Get up!  We need to make some plans.”  They both hopped out of bed.  Lola headed for the bathroom to pee and get dressed.  They had left all her clothes in there.

Lola had been so worried about being killed, she could hardly function, but now that she had been told it was very likely, she was quite calm.  She had a very logical mind.  She went back in the bedroom, wearing only panties, carrying her clothes.

“Hey, Robby. What happened to my car?”

“I don't know.  It wasn't in the barn.”

“They would hide it somewhere.  Let's go look!”

"You better get dressed first."

The first building they looked in was a garage.  No car in there.  The second was a big equipment shed.  It was all open. No car in there.  The third building was a workshop.  There was a shiny new padlock on the side door, and the big door was barred from the inside.

“How do we get in?  No keys, no tools,” Lola said.

Robby put his shoulder to the door and applied his considerable strength.  The padlock held, but the nine small screws in the hinges were no match for his bull strength.  The hinges popped loose.  The door opened.  The car was inside.

Lola ran to the driver’s door.  She opened it.  “The keys are here!”

Robby hurried over.  He tried the key that was in the ignition.  Nothing, not even a click.

Lola opened the back door and found her discarded backpack. “Damn!  My cell phone is gone.”

Robby popped the hood and went around and opened it.  “They took the battery.”  He walked all over the inside of the shed, looking for it.  No battery

Lola looked perplex for a moment, then she said, “Wait a minute.”  She slid open a concealed panel near the bottom of the front seat back.  She pulled out a packet phone and held it up for Robby to see.  “TA DA!” she shouted.

“I don't think your cell phone will work way out here,” Robby said.

“It's not my cell phone!”  Lola told him.  “This is a satellite phone.  For emergencies.  This will work anywhere."

Robby knew that by letting Lola make a call, he was putting his fate in her hands.  Well, he had not done all that well so far, so might as well give the kid a shot.

Lola dialed her home number.  It was early, her dad should be there.  She was thrilled to hear her dad answer.

“Don Parker here.”


“Lola!  Are you all right?  Where are you?”

“Robby says they are gonna kill us, Daddy.  You got to come get us.  Please hurry!”


“Robby, the guy who has been watching me.  He says the kidnappers are going to kill us and take off with half the ransom.  Please, come get us!”

“Let me talk to this Robby.”

Lola handed Robby the phone.

“This is Robby”

“That doesn't sound like my Lola.  She said, 'please.'  What is going on.?  Are you one of the kidnappers?”

“No, I was just hired to watch Lola, but these guys are killers.  Lola is just excited. We do need help quick.  We have the limo here, but they took the battery away.  We are within twenty five miles of the city, on an old farm.  We are south west of the airport because I can see planes in the landing pattern.  Can you send police out?  These guys said as soon as they transfer the money, your daughter gets killed.  They will kill me too.

“I don't have cops involved yet.  I will get out there in fifteen minutes, in the company helicopter.  I have it on the roof, and armed men ready to go.  Turn on the locater beacon on the phone. Lola knows how.  Do it now.”

Robby turned to Lola.  “The locater button?”  He asked her.

Lola pushed a slider button on the side of the phone. Robbie put the phone back to his ear.  “It's on,” he said. 

“Okay, I am getting it.  Keep that phone with you.  Put Lola on.”

“Yes, Daddy?”

“I love you, baby.  We'll be out there in fifteen minutes. Be careful.”  He hung up and so did Lola.

“I wonder what is in the trunk?” Robby said as he slipped the keys out of the ignition.

As soon as they cracked the trunk, the smell hit them.  Bobby opened it anyway.  There was a body in a chauffeur's uniform.

Lola let out a shriek.  “NEWTON!”

Bobby shut the trunk.  He left the keys in it.  “That was your driver?”

“Yes!  They killed Newton!”  She started to cry and threw herself into Robby's arms for comfort.

Ten minutes later, they heard the helicopter approaching. Three minutes after that it had landed, and four men with automatic weapons jumped out and advanced on Robby.  Lola ran into the arms of the fifth man.

“Daddy!  Daddy, they killed Newton.” 

“Well, I guess we will have to call the police now.”

“Wait a minute, sir,” Robby said.  You’ve got the firepower now to capture Lenny and Bruce.  They won't be expecting anybody with guns.  They will give up without a fight.  I'll stay here to point them out. If they get away you will still have to worry about them coming after Lola.”


“Hmmm.  Yes, you are probably right.  Okay Max, take those guys in when they come, but don't take any chances.  Watch this guy, if he pulls anything, shoot him.  Come on Lola, we are taking you to the doctor.”

A cold chill went down Robby's back.  'Doctor?'   A doctor was going to find his semen in Lola's vagina.  He was a goner! Prison for child rape would not be easy.  Lola waved at him as they went to the helicopter.  He couldn't wave back.

Suddenly, Lola came running past Robby and the men and ran into the house.  She came out a minute later with a bundle of clothes under one arm, and the Teddy Bear under the other.  She was not about to leave Robby's presents.

The helicopter left.  They went in the house, and two hours later, Lenny and Bruce showed up.  They were captured as they came unsuspecting through the door.  The police were called. Robby was taken to jail with the other two kidnappers.

Two hours after being thrown into a single cell, Robby was taken out and released to an attorney.  They were taken by car to Parker's office.  Lola and her father were there.

“Robby!”  Lola ran into his arms.  He held her, while looking at her father in bewilderment. 

“Lola says you were punished enough having to deal with her for two days.  She has complete trust in you, and she wants you for a bodyguard, a driver and companion.  We will get all charges against you dropped, and pay you one hundred thousand a year plus room and board.  Do you think you can stand her?  What did you do to cause such a change in my little girl?”

“Daddy!  Please, Robby?  I'll behave, I promise.”

Robby gulped.  “It beats a jail cell.  But what about...”  He looked helplessly at Lola who poked her father.

“Lola informs me she is old enough to make her own choices, and she chose not to see a doctor, and she chose you for her companion.  That is good enough for me."

Two days later, Robby was moved into the nanny's rooms adjacent to Lola's suite, after masculine decor and furniture was installed. 

And that night, Lola opened the door that connected their bedrooms.  She was in a sheer little baby doll nightgown, with matching baby doll panties that she was not wearing.  She leaned provocatively on the doorjamb, and beckoned to Robby with a crooked finger.

Robby, of course, jumped up and went to her... naked. Because, whatever Lola wants...

Oh, and Robby's problem was just a case of arrested development.  With a regular diet, and plenty of exercise, it grew as Lola grew, and everyone, Lola in particular, lived happily ever after.



All my stories are fantasies.  Do not try this at home or anywhere else.



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