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Chapter 1

(Fb, FDom, spank, fondle, mast)

Eleven year old Tommy Jones, a big kid for his age and an early bloomer, has a run in with his teacher...


The minutes ticked by slowly, ever so slowly as the teacher droned on and on. About what, Tommy didn't know. It didn't help that it was a bit too warm in the classroom. All he knew was that he wanted out of there and the sooner the better. As you might surmise, he hated school. More precisely, he hated his teacher, Ms. Bligh.

Before school had started he was excited to have Ms. Bligh as his teacher, as his mother had informed him that they were old friends and had gone to school together. Before school started that fall, he even met her twice. She was friendly, had treated him nicely and he thought she was pretty.

But within a few weeks of school starting that all changed. According to Tommy, she was nothing like what he thought before school started, now she had it out for him. It soon became apparent, at least to Tommy, that he, being the oldest and by far biggest boy of his class, was the one she always picked out to make an example of for the other kids. The other kids all thought he deserved it, as he was sometimes surly and disruptive. He didn't bully anyone, but no one dared to cross him either. Worst still, his mother heard about his every transgression and he was doubly punished for it. It just wasn't fair!

One late autumn day, he had laughed a little too loudly at little Jimmy D's unfounded remark about Ms. Bligh having a mustache. Of course Tommy was punished, but not goody-goody Jimmy D who apparently was one of her favorites. So at recess he had to stay behind and write on the chalk board one hundred times, "I will not talk in talk in class." Tommy was on number 97 when the rest of the class came back, smiling, mentally refreshed and ready for the last two hours of the day. As he finished the last three lines, he had to endure the giggles and snickered remarks of his classmates.

He spied the clock again and again, but the minute hand never seemed to move very far from the last time he'd looked. But eventually the slow moving clock hands displayed ten minutes before dismissal and Ms. Bligh began making her homework assignments. While everyone else scribbled down the assignment, Tommy just stared at the clock, the second hand ticking off second by second. Finally it ticked down to the thirty second count down when Ms. Bligh was suddenly at his desk.

"Tommy, you're to stay after school today," she informed him. His heart sank. What did he do? He just wanted out of there!

A moment later the bell rang and all the kids happily rushed out the classroom and to freedom, everyone but Tommy. He had to sit there, and sit and sit while Ms. Bligh sat at her desk grading papers. Again he watched the clock whose hands never seemed to move. Five minutes, ten minutes passed, then fifteen. By then the entire school had grown very quiet.

His head was resting on his hands on his desk when he heard that voice he'd grown to hate. "Tommy! Come here!"

Morosely the big eleven-year-old got up and shuffled over to the teacher's desk.

"I've spoken with your mother," she said, a fact that he already knew, and a fact that his backside knew even better. "Your grades are lacking, lacking because you don't even make the slightest attempt to try. Worst still, you're very disruptive in my classroom. I won't tolerate it! This is all going to end and end today! "

She rose from her desk, walked over to the door, closed and locked it. With that door closed, you couldn't hear a bomb go off in the hallway; it worked the other way around too. There was, however, a very small window in the door, maybe six inches square; that she covered, taping a piece of paper over it.

Returning to her desk, she opened a drawer and pulled out two pieces of paper. Showing Tommy the first, she asked, "Do you know what this is?"

"No," he answered.

"That's, 'No, Ma'am,' to you, Tommy Jones!"

"No, Ma'am, I mean, yes, Ma'am."

"That's better. I will not tolerate any disrespect from you. Not the slightest! Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

She held up the piece of paper again. "This is your mother's permission for me to use corporal punishment with you as I see fit." She held up the other piece of paper. "This is an acknowledgement of your mother's permission from the school Principal."

She replaced the papers in the drawer and pulled out a ping pong paddle. "Do you know what this is?" she asked slowly waving the paddle in the air.

"It's a... ping pong paddle," he answered warily.

"Very good!" she smirked. "You do know something! But, do you know what it's for?"

"To play ping pong?"

"Yes, you could do that with it. But look around, do you see any place to play ping pong?"

"Uh, no."

She slammed the paddle down on her desk, startling Tommy and shouted, "No, Ma'am!"

"No, Ma'am," he squeaked cowering.

She leaned back exhibiting a calm that Tommy suspected was superficial. "So, if there's no place to play ping pong with this paddle, why do you think I have it?" Tommy didn't at all like where this was going. "Come now, you may act stupid, but you're really not stupid, are you, Tommy?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Then what do think this is for?"

"For paddling me?"

Her eyes nearly popped out as she shouted, "YES! And I'm going to use it on your bare butt, young man!" At that moment it occurred to him that she might actually be insane. With those bulging eyes and the veins standing out on her neck, she certainly looked insane, and if she was... "Now drop your pants. Do it now!"

He was too scared to disobey her and quickly unfastened his jeans and pushed them down.

"Underwear too!" she ordered. Down went his dingy tighie-whities, the old tight ones that the elastic had nearly given out. "Lean against the desk!" He put his hands out and braced himself as she took up position behind him. "Lift up that shirt!" Leaning over and bracing with just one hand, Tommy pulled up his t-shirt and felt the cool breeze on his bare buttocks.

WAP! It stung, stung badly and the boy flinched, but he wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of crying out. WAP! She placed the second hit square over where her first had landed; boy, did that smart! WAP! He gritted his teeth and choked back any sound. WAP! By now it was really stinging, like a whole nest of wasps were attacking his ass causing him to dance a little. WAP! Tears rolled down his cheeks, but he remained stoically silent. WAP! Good god, enough is enough! WAP! But she wasn't finished. WAP!

The boy couldn't help it any longer crying out, "Stop! Stop! Please stop!" WAP! "I'll be good! I'll be good! " WAP! "I promise I'll be good!"

Mercifully there wasn't another blow to his now bright red burning butt. For a few moments he stayed in position sobbing. Tommy saw her take her seat and place the ping pong paddle on her desk. Trying his best to regain his composure he stood upright, still holding his t-shirt up.

"What is this?" she shrieked. "You dirty filthy boy!" With that she slapped his penis which was inexplicably stiff.

"Owww!" he cried at the indignity only to have his boner slapped again. "Owww!"

"How dare you!" she snarled rising from her chair with paddle in hand. Tommy was roughly pushed over the desk and immediately the blows began landing again on his already blistered butt in rapid succession. WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! By the time she stopped beating his butt, the boy was uncontrollably sobbing.

Next thing he knew and he was draped over her lap and she was gently rubbing his bare glowing cheeks cooing, "There, there, there. It's all over, Tommy. It's all over." Considering what he'd been through, it felt pretty good, so he just stayed there, afraid to make a move and thus incur her wrath once again. He lost track of how long he stayed there with her rubbing his sore bare butt, but it was a good long time.

Finally she told him to stand up and pull his pants up. Tommy was thankful to note that he wasn't showing wood, and noted the fact that she noted it also. Her parting words were, "I hope you do better from now on." So did he.

He was surprised when he didn't catch hell at home that night. Surely the Bligh Witch had called his mom about the paddling, but his mom didn't mention it, nor was he punished again for whatever he'd done to merit the paddling.

Next day Ms. Bligh wanted the class' homework turned in, but of course Tommy didn't have his, as he hadn't paid any attention when Ms. Bligh made the assignment the day before. He had been trying so hard all morning not to get in any trouble, but when she came to his desk and asked for his homework, he had nothing to turn in. "I will see you after school, Tommy," she said icily. Tears welled up in his eyes as he considered his fate.

As the school day drew to a close, Tommy listened and wrote down that night's assignment, hoping that Ms. Bligh had forgotten all about the missing homework for today. But, alas, when the last bell rang, she was looking right at him pointing her finger at him. He knew better than make a move to leave his desk.

Again he waited five, ten, twenty minutes, all the while watching the clock slowly tick off the minutes, minutes he could have been out playing with his friends. Finally she got up from her desk, walked to the door, closed it and locked it, then replaced the sheet of paper blocking the tiny window into her classroom.

Sitting back at her desk, she commanded, "Tommy! Come here!"

Tommy had mixed feelings as he shuffled over to the teacher's desk. On the one hand he was glad that it was almost over, but on the other hand, he was dreading the next few minutes.

"Why didn't you turn in your homework today?" she asked calmly.

"I, I didn't write down the assignment yesterday and couldn't remember what it was," the boy explained.

"Did you write down tonight's assignment?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Are you going to turn it in tomorrow?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"You'd better do it and turn it in!" she snarled. "Now, down with your pants!" Tommy was too afraid to resist and dropped his pants along with his underwear. "Lean on the desk," she ordered as she retrieved the ping pong paddle from her desk drawer. Tommy braced himself and when she told him to raise his shirt, he did.

WAP! His poor ass, still traumatized by yesterday's epic paddling, immediately began to burn. WAP! He reflexively arched his back as he grit his teeth. WAP! His butt was now on fire. WAP! His feet began to dance. WAP! This time he cried out, but it did no good. WAP!

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he pleaded. WAP! "Please stop. I'm sorry!" WAP!

"Stand up," she ordered. He did and he saw where she was looking. To his dismay, he was hard once again and once again she flew into a rage slapping at his boner until it settled down. That hurt almost as much as the paddling had. With his young prick beaten into flaccidity, she paddled him some more until he was uncontrollably bawling.

Once again he found himself over her lap with his pants down as she soothed the hurt, and like the day before, she stroked his bare buns for a good long time before sending him home.

The following day Tommy did indeed have his homework done and handed it in when Ms. Bligh came around to collect it. However, he didn't do so well on his arithmetic quiz that afternoon and when the class returned from recess, he was given the bad news.

For the third time that week he found himself detained after school. "Tommy," Ms. Bligh began as soon as the classroom had cleared, "why don't you use your time wisely and work on tomorrow's homework while I finish up here." Tommy wasn't all that thrilled to began work on his homework, especially knowing what he was in for, but knowing he had nothing better to do, he set about the task.

After awhile he heard the words he had been waiting for and dreaded to hear. "Tommy. Come here." Tommy rose from his desk and warily approached his teacher.

"Go close the door and lock it," she told him. "Be sure and cover the window," she added.

With the room secure from any unwelcome intrusions, Tommy again stood before his teacher, his mind searching for what he might have done wrong that day. Ms. Bligh opened a drawer, pulled out the ping pong paddle and laid it on her desk. Looking up into the face of the frightened boy, she could see fear upon it. "Well?" she asked with a stern expression.

Tommy wasn't exactly sure what she wanted, but figured he was going to be paddled, for what he didn't know, but he wasn't about to argue with her about it. He unfastened his jeans and pushed them down along with his drawers, then took up the position leaning against the edge of the desk with his shirt pulled up.

Tommy watched as his teacher rose from her desk with the paddle in hand and watched until she disappeared behind him. For a long minute he waited for the first expected blow to his bare buttocks.

"Tommy, I expect you to do better, much better," she said. "Your mother expects you to do better too."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied. "I'm trying, Ms. Bligh."

"Yes, you have and I've noticed, but I've rather enjoyed our little afterschool sessions. Now tell me, what did you do wrong today?"

"I messed up on my arithmetic test?"

"Yes, you did. Tonight, as an extra assignment, I want you to write out your multiplication tables and division tables, one through ten. Are we clear on that?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good. I expect more from you."

"Yes, Ma'am."

WAP! The blow took him by surprise. WAP! He arched his back. WAP! It stung like the dickens. He braced himself for the fourth blow, but it didn't come. Instead she ordered him, "Turn around."

He did and to his dismay his dick was hard and he knew he was really in for it. But she didn't slap his dick like she had before, she just tapped it lightly with her hand, making it swing away only to spring back. She did that several times before directing him to lean against the desk once again.

Expecting another paddling, one far worse than what he'd already received, he steeled himself to take it. But instead of the sharp sting of the paddle on his bare butt, he felt his teacher's cool fingers gliding over his glowing globes. "You've been a good boy today, Tommy," she whispered as she begun groping the confused eleven-year-old's ass cheeks for several minutes, cupping each firm smooth cheek in turn and sliding up and down his crack. After a few minutes she told him to pull up his pants and go home.

For the next several weeks Tommy did his best not to mess up in class and earn Ms. Bligh's ire. But, being an eleven year old boy, one that wasn't particularly self-motivated when it came to learning, he inevitably messed up several days a week. And several days a week after school he stood before his teacher, leaning against her desk with his pants and underwear down around his ankles, holding up his shirt while she paddled his ass; the severity of the paddling being determined by the seriousness of his offence. And every day after the punishment was meted out, she'd rub his sore bare globes as he leaned against the desk. And every time he was paddled, he'd have an erection. But unlike the first two times, she didn't punish him for that, and for that he was thankful.

Then one day, things changed. He'd messed up and he knew it. He also knew what to expect once school was over. Ms. Bligh didn't even have to tell him that he was detained, he just sat and waited for his punishment once the dismissal bell had rung.

Presently she looked up from the papers she'd been grading and said, "Tommy. Come here."

Tommy, knowing what was expected of him, went directly to the door, closed it, locked it and covered the little window. Then standing at her desk, he unfastened his jeans and pushed them down along with his underwear. Ms. Bligh looked at him and looked at his erection and smiled. Tommy pulled up his shirt and leaned against the desk.

"Stand up, Tommy," his teacher said. He stood up, his four-inch pecker sticking straight out. "I left a book on the back shelf. It has a picture of a Greek temple on the cover. Will you please get it for me?"

Tommy began to pull up his pants, but she stopped him. "Did I tell you to pull up your pants?"

"No, Ma'am," he answered as he let go of his underwear and stood back up. He then turned and started to shuffle off with his jeans and underwear around his ankles.

"Tommy, stop! You're going to trip and fall and might hurt yourself!"

He looked back over his shoulder, not sure what to do and pleaded, "But you told me not to..."

"That's right, but I can't have you hurting yourself."

"But... how am I supposed to get your book?"

"Think, Tommy, think," she replied. Tommy just dumbly stared back. "Oh, for heaven's sake! Take your pants off!"

"Oh! Okay."

He bent over to try and get them off, but with his sneakers on, he couldn't get free. He wound up sitting on the floor, taking his shoes off and then stripping his jeans and underwear off. With his legs now free, he stood, walked to the back of the class in just his shirt and socks, found the book and brought it to Ms. Bligh.

"Thank you, Tommy," she said smiling as she took the book from the half nude boy.

She studied him for a moment as he waited for her instructions. After a long moment she said, "You know, you look rather silly standing there with that shirt on and no pants."

"You want me to take off my shirt?" he asked. She answered with a nod.

He peeled his t-shirt over his head and then faced her.

"Put it with your other things, Tommy," she told the boy. Tommy, acutely aware of his nudity, did as he was told and returned to stand before his teacher.

"Those socks," she said. "You look even sillier in just your socks." Tommy bent down and removed his socks, the only remaining clothing he had on. She pointed to his other clothes and he deposited the socks on top of his other clothes.

Again he stood before his teacher, only this time totally and completely nude. Her stare seemed to bore right through him, but he was afraid to move. Then he saw her open the drawer and remove the ping pong paddle. His eyes closed automatically, as he knew what was coming. He'd known ever since he messed up and was called down for it. To his dismay, he felt his dick rising as it engorged with blood.

Ms. Bligh rose from her desk and walked behind Tommy. Just from the anticipation of it, he felt his buttocks starting to sting. "Tell me, Tommy. Why am I punishing you today?"

Tommy's mind, focused as it was on his immediate painful future, drew a blank, a complete blank. Had she asked two minutes before, he could have told her, but not now.

He felt the paddle lightly brush across his bare ass. "Well, what did you do today to deserve a paddling?" she asked, followed by, "I'm waiting..." The paddle reversed direction and slid back across his flesh.

"I, I don't know, Ms. Bligh. Honest, I don't know!" he blurted out.

He then felt her fingers lightly stroke across his firm smooth globes as she said, "I don't know either, Tommy. I can't recall." Now he felt the entire palm of her hand gently caressing his ass. "I rather like this part of the punishment the best," she said as she continued to feel up his naked butt. "How about you, Tommy? Do you like this the best?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the confused boy replied.

"I'm very proud of you, Tommy. You've worked so hard these past few weeks. Your mother is proud of you too, you know." He really didn't know, as his mom had never spoken to him about it. "And I think you should know that I've grown very fond of you too. You really are a good boy, so big and so handsome. And I think you should be rewarded for your good behavior rather than just being punished for the bad. Like the old saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Tommy didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but he did like her feeling up his ass, he liked that a lot. He liked it so much that he'd almost gotten to the point that he looked forward to a paddling just so she would stroke his bare butt to sooth the burn. But, he realized, this was much better without the burning pain.

He was enjoying his teacher's touch and wished that it would never end, but it did. "Turn around, Tommy." He turned to face his molester. Being almost a head taller, he looked down into her green eyes and at that moment he gasped as he felt her fingernails lightly draw up the underside of his hard-on.

"Does your mother know what a big boy you are?" she cooed. "Do you let her touch your penis the way I'm touching it?"

Tommy's eyes were as big a saucers now. "No, Ma'am," he croaked.

"You're becoming a man, you know," she said. "Do you ejaculate when you masturbate at night?"

He wasn't at all familiar with the terms she used. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Oh, come now. Do you squirt when you beat off?" Tommy didn't know what to say. "You do beat off, don't you?"

Instinctively he denied it.

She suddenly grabbed both of his hands demanding, "Here, let me see your hands!" She held his palms up and then declared, "Just as I thought! You do beat off at night, don't you?"

Tommy was now filled with panic. 'How does she know about that?' he thought. 'It's a secret,' but at that moment he also knew his dirty little secret was out and if Ms. Bligh knew he abused himself at night, then it wouldn't be long before his mother knew also. And if his mother knew what a dirty boy he was... He couldn't bear the thought, the embarrassment, the humiliation, and the disgrace.

But her hand was on his dick again, her cool fingers surrounding it and lightly gliding over the sensitive skin. He stood nearly frozen in position, hardly breathing, not knowing what to do, his bare feet slightly apart and his eyes wide and his mouth slightly open. The fingers tightened gently on his youthful organ. They moved along his shaft, his glans deforming on each down stroke. He felt that familiar tingle deep in his groin and wanted to shout out, "STOP," but the words would not form, but he had to stop her, otherwise...

"Ugghhh," the boy flinched and grunted as his dick pulsed and spermy semen shot from his dick, splattering on the side of his teacher's desk. "Ugghhh," he grunted again as the sweet agony surged to every nerve ending in his newly maturing body and he ejaculated forcefully again. "Uggghh," he grunted again as the third contraction of his prostate sent a third squirt of near virgin nut juice onto the mess already dripping down the side of her desk. "Uggghh," this time there wasn't enough force to launch it as far and it splattered onto the floor. "Uggghh," he groaned, his knees almost buckling under the assault to his senses, his discharge gaining no air, but simply oozing from the tip of his pulsating dick and dripping to the floor at his bare feet.

Looking into the anguished face of the naked eleven year old boy, Ms. Bligh smiled as she felt through the pads of her fingertips the final pulses of Tommy's young dick, impressed by the strength of his ejaculation and the sheer volumetric quantity of his boyish essence. The pulsations ceased. Feeling the newly maturing organ go soft between her goo covered fingers, she let it slip from her hand. The boy's shoulders slumped, and breathing heavily with his eyes closed, he looked as if he'd been put through the wringer.

She looked at her cum covered fingers and raised them to her lips where she sucked them clean. It was a clean sweet taste, not in the least acrid like her last boyfriend's cum. 'You're such a cum slut, Virginia Bligh,' she said to herself grinning. She then glanced at the floor and then the desk and lamented that so much of Tommy's sweet nectar had been wasted, but it was so worth it, or at least she hoped.

Tommy opened his eyes and saw Ms. Bligh looking right at him. Expecting her to fly into a rage, he was surprised at the amused look on his teacher's face. It was the same kind of look his mother gave him when he had done something wrong or dumb, but which didn't warrant punishment.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Bligh! Really! I'm so sorry. Please don't tell my mom."

Her answer surprised him even more. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Tommy." Handing him her box of Kleenex she added, "Now, be a dear and clean this mess up."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied. Taking the Kleenex from her, he dropped to his knees naked and began wiping up his mess.

Looking down at the prone naked boy, she just couldn't help herself. He was just so cute and so yummy. She crouched down behind him and ran her hand up his ass crack. Tommy froze at feel of her hand dragging up his crack and over his asshole.

"Trying hard and being rewarded for good behavior is so much better than to be punished for bad behavior, don't you think, Tommy?"

The finger had slid back down onto his anus and was slowly rubbing it in circles. "Yes, Ma'am," he squeaked.

"From now on are you going to be a good boy for me?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered as his hole was gently probed.

"Very good. I expect nothing less.

"Now, not a word to anyone about all of this or I'll blister this cute ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit for a week. Do you understand, Tommy? Not a word to anyone."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied and was rewarded with the penetration up to her first knuckle where it wormed around for a very pleasant minute.

Removing the tip of her finger from the boy's asshole, she instructed him to get dressed, go home and to be sure to do his homework tonight.

Ms. Bligh had very few problems with Tommy for the rest of the school year, and after school he was regularly rewarded for it. All she had to do was walk by his desk, tap on it and he knew he was to stay after school. He also immediately grew hard with anticipation. Indeed, Tommy would become her star pupil, her favorite (not that anyone knew) with sniveling little Jimmy D becoming her favorite foil, except Jimmy D was never kept after school.

The End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

(Fb, FDom, oral)

Advancing her plans for her eleven year old student, Virginia Bligh gets a little carried away...


"Tommy, I will see you after school," Ms. Bligh said sternly.

"Yes, Ma'am," Tommy replied, noticing that Becky Thomas, who sat next to him, was looking at him smirking with contempt.

The past several weeks had been very confusing to the eleven year old. On the one hand, he knew what to expect once school was let out for the day. On the other hand he didn't know what to expect. Would he strip naked and be paddled first or would she skip the paddling and go directly to molesting him? Regardless of what lay ahead, the stiffie in his pants told the tale.

He found it curious that he actually enjoyed a paddling, just so long as it wasn't too severe, as Ms. Bligh did get carried away some days. But whether it was a fun paddling or a painful severe paddling, he always got a hard-on, and given the circumstances, a condition he didn't understand. He especially liked it when she stroked his bare buns with the paddle and/or her hand before giving it a smack. Three smacks were the best he thought, as after the third, she'd often run her hand between his legs from the back and fondle his balls. He didn't know why, but the paddling or the anticipation of the paddling always made his dick very hard.

And now, two hours before class was over, he was hard, very hard. Unfortunately, it was bent in an awkward manner. Looking from side to side to be certain he wasn't being watched, he slid his hand down his jeans to straighten his dick out. It was only then that he that saw Becky was indeed watching with her mouth agape. He tried to be nonchalant about it, but the damage was done. By this time tomorrow, everyone in the class will have heard Becky's story about how bad, stupid Tommy was playing with himself during class. Except he wasn't Stupid Tommy anymore, as he was now at the top of the class in grades. But he was still Bad Tommy, otherwise he wouldn't be in trouble with Ms. Bligh day after day.

Tommy, like he did most days now, sat at his desk when all the other kids excitedly filed out to go home for the day. There was a well established routine where he'd work on his homework assignment while Ms. Bligh worked at her desk grading papers. After twenty minutes or so and the hallways had grown quiet, he get up, close and lock the door and block off the little window in the door. Then he'd approach Ms. Bligh's desk and wait for her to tell him to proceed. Even that had now been reduced to a simple nod. A simple nod and the strapping eleven year old stripped naked for his teacher. It was a bit chilly now, but that didn't matter to Ms. Bligh, she wanted her toy boy naked, totally naked and totally available to her, besides the chill air made his nipples stand out.

She calmly studied his nude form, especially his pecker as it stood straight out from his body. He was already bigger than some men she knew and he was just starting to grow. Someday, she knew, that dick would be a real pussy pleaser, or she hoped, a pussy punisher. But right now, it was mainly just her toy, as was the rest of the boy.

"What did you do wrong today, Tommy?" she asked.

"Becky saw me putting my hand down my pants," he replied.

"And why were you putting your hand down your pants?"

"To get comfortable?" he replied.

"Are you comfortable now?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Come closer." Tommy stepped up to his teacher who reached out and fondled his cock. Looking up at him as she molested his dick, she smiled at her toy boy who smiled back. Things had gone smashingly well so far, she thought.

He let her touch him anyway she wanted and as she played with his dick it looked as though she was going to go straight to jacking him off. That was okay with Tommy, as he'd get that good feeling he craved and still be home in time to play with his friends. It was funny how it just seemed to feel better when Ms. Bligh jacked him off than when he did it himself at night. But then she stopped and let go of his hard dick.

"Have you ever sucked one of your friends' dick?" she asked.

"No! I mean, no, Ma'am."

"Has one of your friends ever sucked your dick?"

"No, Ma'am."

"No one has ever sucked your dick?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Well," she said with a smile, "then we're both in for a treat." Tommy didn't know what to think.

She rolled away in her desk chair from her desk and told him to sit on the desk, facing her. Quickly he complied with the request. Once he was situated with his legs hanging off the side, she rolled back and between his legs. He watched as she took his still hard cock in hand once again. She played with it for a moment, watching carefully his facial expression.

"You're really going to like this, Tommy. I promise." Then she dipped her head into his bare lap and kissed the head of his dick. Looking up momentarily, she could see that he did indeed like that. She dipped her head again and slid the boy's glans between her lips.

Tommy gasped at the feel of his cock being engulfed by the warm wet mouth and at the feel of her succulent lips caressing his cock, sliding first down and then back up, pausing there as she ran her tongue over the boy's sensitive glans. It was more than the boy could take and he immediately began shooting off in her mouth. Thinking that she would be enraged at his actions, he tried to pull away from her, but she held fast, drawing the sweet cum from his balls. A moment later, it was over. He was soft and she let his dick go.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he pleaded. "I didn't mean to..."

"Shhhhhh, baby," she cooed. "It's okay, it's okay."

"You, you mean you're not mad?"

"Heavens no! It was a little quick, but it still fun. We'll have to do it again. Would you like that?"

"Uhhh... Yes, Ma'am! Yes, Ma'am!"

"But you're going to have to do something for me too." She didn't elaborate, so he didn't know what she had in mind, but she stood and as she unbuttoned her blouse, he suspected that it was going to be fun. With her blouse unbuttoned, she carefully laid it on the edge of her desk. Then reaching back, she unfastened her bra. A moment later, the first pair of tits Tommy had ever seen since he was a baby was before him. And they were nice tits, firm C Cup tits that looked bigger than they were on her petite frame. She arched her back, thrusting her firm breasts forward.

To Tommy, they were the most beautiful things he'd ever seen. He knew about tits, or at least what their clothed outline looked like and sometimes he ogled a little cleavage here and there. In fact he'd ogled his mom's cleavage and especially his best friend's older sister's tits and cleavage, but he'd never seen bare tits before, except in magazines purloined from his best friend's dad. These tits were in the flesh; they were in a word, breathtaking.

She gently cupped and hefted each, one at a time, then squeezed them together, all the while watching the nude boy's reaction. One glance at his groin confirmed the reaction she expected. "You like my breasts, Tommy?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped.

"Are my breasts as pretty as your mother's breasts?"

"I... I... I dunno. But yours are awesome!"

"You think so?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Would you like to touch them?"

He wanted to shout out his answer, but the words wouldn't form and he stood dumbly staring at his teacher's lovely bare tits. To help him along, she reached out, took his hand and placed it on her tit. As she studied his handsome face, she noted with amusement that his wide eyes were glued to the tit in his hand.

Tommy had never felt anything so soft before, so soft, yet firm and pliable. He gave a tentative squeeze and looked up to be sure it was okay and was greeted with an amused smile. He gave it another squeeze and then began to explore it's secrets, especially the quarter sized brown aureole with its thumb thick nipple capping it. Instinctively, he rolled the protruding nipple between his thumb and index finger, then grasping it tenderly, pulling it out and letting it snap back. He glanced up again and saw that Ms. Bligh had her eyes closed, but still smiling.

Without any coaching from his teacher, he reached forward with his free hand and took her other tit in hand, this time closing his thumb and finger around the nipple right away. He saw how she moved her head back and arched her back, thrusting her tits towards him and heard the low murmur coming from her throat. He didn't know why, nor did he think about it, but he instinctively leaned forward and sucked an erect nipple between his lips. He felt her hand on the back of his head and heard her plainly and clearly moan, "Yes!" Tommy was naive, but far from stupid, and knew he had permission to play.

Without any warning, she pushed him away. "We have to stop doing this here," she said by way of an explanation. "Get your clothes on!" Tommy was a little slow to react and she swatted him on his bare butt. "I said, get your clothes on!"

Confused, Tommy scrambled to get his clothes on while Ms. Bligh put herself back together too. When they were both dressed, she commanded, "Come with me." Not knowing what else to do, he followed her out of the classroom and out into the faculty parking lot where she directed him to get in her SUV.

"Where are we going?" he asked as she pulled out her parking space.

"To my house," she replied. "Then I'll take you home."

"But my bike! It's here at school! I need it to get to school tomorrow."

"Oh, for heaven's sakes," she replied irritably. She whipped the SUV around and stopped by the bike racks. There was but one bike still there.

"Get your bike and put it in the back," she ordered. "Be quick about it!"

Tommy scrambled out the car, unlocked and retrieved his BMX bike, then put into the back of his teacher's black SUV. As soon as he was seated with the door closed, but before he had his seat belt on, she was driving away.

It only took a few minutes, as Ms. Bligh lived very close to the school, and the garage door was closed behind them. As she escorted the boy into her kitchen, Tommy wondered what she was up to.

"Would you like some milk and cookies?" she asked in a velvety smooth voice.

"Uh, yeah, sure!" he responded.

"Yes, Ma'am!" she sternly corrected.

"Yes, Ma'am," he squeaked thinking that he was about to get his butt blistered.

"That's better," she said calmly. "Now, while I get you your snack, I want you to undress."


"Of course everything! I want you naked, Tommy, butt bare naked."

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered as he kicked off his sneakers and began to disrobe.

By the time she set the cookies and glass of milk on the table, Tommy was starkers. Turning to her nude eleven year old student she commented, "You're a handsome boy, Tommy. I especially like you nude. You're really quite beautiful nude, like a Greek boy-god."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now, come and have your snack. But don't dawdle. We don't have all day."

He wanted to ask her why she'd brought him there, but then thought better of it, as he had long concluded the woman was indeed crazy, and could fly off the handle at him at any moment for the least provocation. How else to explain her behavior? She was nuts! But, she was also fun and quite unlike any adult he'd ever met.

He ate the two cookies she'd put before him and drank the small glass of milk she'd provided. He wanted to ask her for more cookies, but thought better of that too. Besides, she was nowhere to be seen. He got up, took his plate and empty glass and put them in the sink like his mother had taught him to do.

He carefully approached the doorway leading to her living room and cautiously looked inside. She wasn't there either. He stepped into the immaculately furnished room and suddenly she appeared in another doorway. She had changed out of her school clothes and was now dressed in a short silk robe.

"What time does your mother get home?" she asked.

"Uh, six," he answered as he studied her long shapely legs.

"It's a quarter past four now," she said. "That gives us an hour and a half or so. So, come along with me."

She turned and disappeared down a hallway. Tommy followed and was soon standing inside her bedroom. He'd never seen anything quite like it before. There was the big four poster bed made up with a rich red comforter and piled with fancy pillows. There was a richly upholstered settee and mirrors everywhere, on the walls and even some on the ceiling above the bed. There was a large ornate dresser and a bronze statue of a nude man in one corner. Then there was another thing. He'd never seen anything like it before, but it was upholstered and shaped like the letter "M", only it was lopsided with one hump higher than the other.

"Come closer," he heard her say. He stepped up to within three feet of her. Her hands went to the belt of her robe and untied it and let the robe fall open. Tommy gaze was now fixated on the partially covered nude form before him. She smiled, not that he noticed, and began to work the robe off her shoulders, letting it fall only to be caught in the crook of her arms, exposing her tits and clean shaven pussy to the naked boy. She watched his eyes as they roamed over her nudity and was amused by his awestruck expression. 'Such a delightful boy,' she said to herself.

Her arms dropped and Tommy watched the thin robe flutter to the floor. Now she was as naked as he was, and...

"You're so beautiful," he muttered.

"You think so?" she replied stifling a laugh. "What do you like best about me? My tits," and she caressed her large breasts, "my tummy," and she circled a finger around her deep navel, "or down here," as her finger trailed down from her navel to her clean shaven mons and the closed top of her slit. "Or do you like this the best," she said turning to give him his first look at her well toned shapely ass.

"Gosh, Ms. Bligh..."

"Oh, please, call me Virginia."

"Uh, okay, Ms... I mean, Virginia."

"So what do you like the best?"

"I like it all," he honestly appraised.

"Good answer, Tommy. Now, how did you like sucking on my nipples at school?" she asked while circling her stiff nubs with the fingers of both hands.

"I liked that a lot!"

"Good, so did I. Would you like to do that again?"

"Oh, hell, yes!"

"Tommy! There's no need for that kind of language!" she scolded.

"No, Ma'am, I mean, yes, Ma'am."

"So you want to suckle at my tits?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Why, Tommy. You have an erection." Tommy looked down and sure enough... He quickly covered his unruly member with his hands.

"Oh, silly, boy, put your hands down so I can see you... That's better. You have a lovely penis, Tommy. Has anyone ever told you that before?"

Tommy blushed red, swallowing hard before whispering, "No, Ma'am."

"Your mother hasn't told you what a lovely penis you have?"

"No, Ma'am!" he blurted.

"Well, she should. Tell me, what has your mother told you about your penis?"


"Nothing? She hasn't told you what it's for?"

"No, Ma'am," the tortured boy replied.

"Do you know what it's for?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Then tell me."

"Ummm, to pee with and ummm..."

"To play with?" she offered.

"Uh, yeah, but..."

"Your mother let's you play with it?"

"No, Ma'am, she doesn't know that I..."

His teacher laughed softly. "Oh, she knows, Tommy. She knows."

"She does?"

"Of course. She's your mother.

"Now, seeing that your mother hasn't educated you in sexual matters, I will do that for her. Would you like that, Tommy?"

"I, I guess..."

"I take that as a, 'Yes, Ma'am.'"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Very well. Let me show you something I've been dying to teach you."

She stepped forward and knelt before the naked boy. Taking his erection in her hand she looked up into his eyes, eyes that were as wide as saucers. She smiled at him and then lowered her full supple lips to kiss the tip of his dick. She'd done it once before, still Tommy couldn't believe that anyone, and that included crazy Ms. Bligh, would kiss his dick, but then she slid her sultry lips over the circumcised head and his knees nearly buckled.

"Oh, fuck," he muttered, then instantly regretted his choice of words as he now expected a stern reprimand. But to his surprise, she didn't say anything nor do anything except take the whole of his pecker into her mouth. For young Tommy, nothing, absolutely nothing ever felt better than what Ms. Bligh was doing to him at that moment and he was afraid to even breathe, lest she stop. She didn't stop. Indeed, she began sensuously sliding her full soft lips back and forth over his young adolescent cock and while doing that, dancing her tongue all over the underside of it. Within seconds, he felt it coming. With a mixture of ecstasy and horror, he came in her mouth. He tried his best to stop it, but it continued to pulsate and squirt his nut juice into her mouth. Now he was going to get it! The first time was an accident, but to his surprise, she didn't stop and punish him for the indignity, but kept sucking and sucking until he went soft in her mouth. The head of his prick became suddenly super sensitive too, causing him to involuntarily jerk every time her wandering tongue swiped across it.

She leaned back and let the adolescent cock slip from her lips, a long strand of foamy spittle mixed with the boy's cum connected his prick momentarily to her lips before it broke and dripped onto his bare foot. She smiled up at him, licking her lips. "Do you know how good you taste?" she asked him. Tommy, his eyes still wide from the unexpected events, merely shook his head. "Well, you do," she added.

Standing before her boy toy, she asked, "Would you like me to do that again sometime?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am!" he blurted out. "That was awesome, Ms. Bligh!"

"Oh, please, Tommy, call me Virginia when we are alone. Save the Ms. Bligh for school or when we are out in the public."

"Yes, Ma'am." Whatever she wanted him to call her, he knew better than to reply with just a simple, yes, no, yeah, nope, okay, or whatever.

"Now come here, baby," she said invitingly. "Time for you to do something for me." He was already standing almost eye-to-eye with her, but didn't question her when she placed a hand on the back of his head and drew his face down and into her soft pliable breasts, raking her tits back and forth across his face, tracing invisible doodles with her nipples. Tommy delighted in this new game, but didn't know what he should do with his hands, so he left them dangling awkwardly at his side. But even if he was clueless as to what to do with his hands, Virginia Bligh certainly knew what to do with hers and took his rapidly stiffening cock into her hand to fondle. It only took a few minutes to revive his erection and once she had him hard, she slid down to her knees once again, kissing down his naked body along the way until she took his revived cock into her mouth for the third time.

Tommy couldn't believe what his teacher was teaching him, or rather couldn't believe that his teacher was doing what she was doing. Dumbfounded, he looked down at her gobbling his dick again. This time, however, he lasted a whole lot longer and enjoyed the sensations emanating from his prick. He felt his cum building once again and this time he let it build until he erupted in her mouth again, unconcerned that there would be any adverse repercussions. Better still, he truly felt and enjoyed the blinding rapture as it radiated to every part of his body, leaving him breathless and unconcerned about a possible adverse reaction from her.

When the boy opened his eyes, she was inches from him, looking up into his eyes. "Did you enjoy that, baby?" she asked fondling his wet dick and young balls. He still wasn't quite able to speak, so he nodded and smiled, hoping that she'd know what he meant without becoming angry at him. "Now it's your turn to do that for me," she added.

What she was asking took a moment to register on his young dopamine addled brain, but whatever it was she wanted, he was willing to do it. It wasn't until she had guided him to her bed and laid down with legs lewdly spread, that he thought to ask what she wanted, after all, how could he blow her when she didn't have a dick?

She was amused at his total naivety, a naivety that she was determined to soon dispel. He was so precious standing there looking at her cunt as she played with herself. "I want you to lick me," she explained diddling her clit, "right here."

"Do I have to?" he asked while skewing his face.

"Yes, you have to," she replied. "Now, don't make me angry with you, Tommy."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied. He really didn't want to do it, to put his mouth down there, but he didn't want to anger her even more. He looked up from her cunt and implored her with his eyes.

"Do it, Tommy."

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered.

"Now, crawl up here and eat me out," she firmly ordered, "and don't stop until I tell you to stop."

He was very familiar with that tone of voice and knew better than to disobey her. He crawled up on the big bed between her legs. As she had had all of her pubic hair removed by electrolysis years before, she was perfectly barren, just like a Tommy had been just last year. He stared, mystified at the sight before him, her reddish inner labial lips protruding from her slit as if they had been squeezed out and glistening with her dew. He'd never seen anything like it before, except perhaps the wings of a moth. As he drew close, he caught the pungent scent of an aroused female for the first time.

"You can touch me," his teacher said. "In fact I want you to touch me."

Tommy reached out to touch and tap the protruding lips, finding them to be very flexible and elastic. Splitting her apart with his index finger, he discovered the slick moist interior, and pushing a lip to the side, he saw how pink the interior was. Hesitantly he slid his finger up her channel and discovered a bump near the nexus of her folds.

"Mmmmm, right there, baby," he heard her whisper. "Yes, right there. Rub it right there." His exploration of her pussy interrupted for the moment, he did exactly as she told him. "Mmmmmm, yes, that's it, baby." A smile spread across his face, he was pleasing her! He continued to rub around and over the mysterious bump and the longer he did it, the more she seemed to enjoy it. "Don't stop," she implored, "don't stop, baby, don't stop." She began squirming, then humping against his swirling index finger. She muttered something unintelligible and suddenly clamped her legs together tightly, trapping his hand between her legs, still he continued swirling around the nubbin, his task made all that more difficult as she was now bucking on the bed, the bucking becoming more pronounced by the second, until she froze and just trembled as if being electrocuted. He then heard her exhale sharply just before she collapsed onto the bed, her body suddenly completely limp. Even so, he continued to rub her clit until she grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

For a long moment she lay still, holding his hand, her breathing labored.

"Are you okay, Ms. Bligh?" the boy asked genuinely concerned.

"I'm great, just great, Tommy," she whispered. "Thank you, baby. You're a sweet boy."

At that point he didn't have a clue as to what to do next, so he did nothing and just lay there between her legs. As he lay there he noticed that her pussy looked different than before. The protruding labial lips were now pronouncedly engorged, swollen and redder than before. They were also very wet, as was his finger which he brought to his nose. In some ways the odor was familiar, reminding him of his arm pits after playing all day, but the smell wasn't offensive, but alluring. Having passed the smell test, he put his finger in his mouth for his first taste of a female's pussy. Other than being salty, it didn't taste like anything he'd tasted before and like the aroma, the taste was alluring.

He looked up between her legs and at the source of the pleasant aroma and taste and remembered why he was here in the first place. "I want you to lick me," he recalled her saying. "Right here," and right here was mere inches away. He scooted up a little, stuck out his tongue and swiped it up between her pussy lips.

"Oh, god, yes, baby! Yes!" he heard her cry out, but her praise wasn't what he was paying attention too, his attention focused on the copious tasty juices he was now lapping up. After just the first few initial swipes of his tongue, he was trying to bury his entire face into her tasty snatch. He felt her hands at the back of his head, pulling him into her cunt and they both went wild. With his tongue he found the deep hole that eluded his initial exploration with his fingers and he probed it as deep as his long tongue could get and scouring as much pussy juice from her as he could get.

Virginia, who was still hot to trot after her first cum at the hands of her young student, let out a howl as another climax quickly over took her. Again her thighs clamped together tightly, trapping her toy boy's head to her cunt.

Tommy felt the vise-like grip on his head, and coupled with her holding his head to her pussy, he now found it impossible to breathe. At first he just held his breath, as he would if he was at the public pool, but unlike when swimming, he couldn't come up for air when he needed to. Concern soon transitioned into panic and panic into a swift graying, then unconsciousness.

Through the waves of ecstasy, Virginia noticed that Tommy, who had been beating on her with his fists, had suddenly gone very still. Somehow she managed to stop grinding his face into her cunt with her hands and at the same time relaxed her legs, giving the boy a chance to catch a breath of fresh air. As for Tommy, the next thing he was aware of was the feeling of a thousand needles jabbing his brain. That and Ms. Bligh asking, "Are you alright, Tommy? Tommy! Speak to me, baby! Tommy, can you hear me?"

"Oh, fuck," he moaned not at all sure if he was okay or not.

"Oh, Tommy! Tommy! Are you okay?"

"Uh, fuck... I guess so," he responded as his head cleared enough to speak. "I mean, yes, Ma'am. I think so."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, baby. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Uh, I'm okay, Ms. Bligh."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah... I mean, yes, Ma'am, I think so."

"I told you to call me Virginia when we're alone together."

"Uh, yes, Ma'am, I mean, Virginia."

"My goodness, look at the time! You've got to go home, Tommy."

"Uh, yeah... I mean..."

"Get up and get dressed. There's no time to lose. Come on, big boy," she implored as she lifted him to a seated position. Upright, she looked him over. He had a dazed look about him and his face was wet. She couldn't help but snicker, "You're just too cute, Tommy.

"Now come on, stand up. That's a boy. You're not still dizzy are you?"

"A little," the boy answered.

"Can you dress yourself?"

"I guess, I mean, yes, Ma'am."

"Then do it, Tommy. You have to get dressed and go home. Your mother will be home soon."

"Where are my clothes?"

"They're still in the kitchen where you left them," she replied.

"Oh, yeah," he said as he stumbled toward the door.

"Wait a minute, Tommy. You need to clean up first. You can't go home smelling like that."

"I like the smell," he replied.

"But your mother will smell it too and start asking questions. And we can't have that, can we?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Then come with me." She took his hand and led him to her master bath and into the oversized walk-in shower.

She turned the water on, the initial cold spray focusing his attention and kick starting his still stunned brain cells. "Oh, fuck!" he cried from the cold wet shock, but it only lasted a few seconds before the water turned hot.

"Scrub your face and hands real good, Tommy," his teacher instructed from the outside of the open shower door.

"That's good, that's good. Now out," she said reaching in and turning off the water. Tommy stepped out, dripping wet and was greeted with a big fluffy towel wielded by his teacher. He stood stock still, letting her dry him off until she had him turn the other way to dry his back. He then followed her to the kitchen, watching her naked haunches flex as she walked ahead of him carrying her robe. In the kitchen Tommy found his clothes and quickly dressed.

Once in the garage, she pushed the button for the door to lift and quickly ducked into her SUV, where she opened the powered liftgate so that Tommy could retrieve his bike.

"Take care, Love. I'll see you tomorrow!" she called out after him.

"Bye, Ms. Bligh!" he called back in return.

Once he was out of sight, she closed the liftgate and the garage door. Back in the kitchen she poured herself a glass of wine, took a sip and proudly said out loud, "He's mine!"

The End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

(Fb, FDom, foot, oral, 1st)

Ms. Bligh gives Tommy desk duty during recess. Later at her house, he receives advanced carnal knowledge...


Every Wednesday, Tommy fretted that Ms. Bligh would make him stay after school or go to her house. It wasn't fear of the "punishments" she might mete out, but simply because on Wednesdays his dad would pick him and spend a few hours with him. As much as he looked forward to spending time alone with Ms. Bligh, he also looked forward to seeing his dad and his two younger half-sisters who adored him. He even looked forward to seeing his step-mother, as she was always so very kind to him. So it just wouldn't do if Ms. Bligh demanded that he stay on a Wednesday. It never occurred to him that she might be well aware of his situation, after all she and his mother were friends.

It was after lunch on a Tuesday and Tommy wondered when Ms. Bligh would announce that he was to remain after school yet again. He fully expected it, as did everyone of his classmates. It didn't happen every day, but often enough, but never on Wednesdays. And when he heard those words, rather than feeling sorry for himself, he got hard, hard from just the thought of what Virginia, or rather, Ms. Bligh, would do to him. Sometimes he got a bare butt paddling, but most often these past few weeks, she would wait ten minutes or so for the school to clear out and then tell him to meet her at her house. Then he'd ride his bike to her house and enter her backyard through the rear service ally, then wait for her. Then when she arrived, he'd be waiting for her on her back patio or kicking a soccer ball around the backyard. And he'd be already be naked. She liked and demanded that he be naked from the moment she arrived, naked and ready for whatever she wanted to do.

She'd always preface her after school games with milk and cookies, and no longer was she so stingy with her cookies, giving him four rather than two. While he ate his snack, she would change into something more comfortable, like nothing at all. Then it was to the bedroom or into the hot tub for a hour or so of sexual fun. She always sucked his dick, and that he liked that the most. And she'd have him lick her cunt or finger fuck her, or both. Sometimes she'd playfully paddle his ass, just for the heck of it and reward him with fingering his asshole. Whatever she planned, it was always fun and he was always looking forward to it.

At precisely 1:30, the bell rang, signaling time for a thirty minute recess. Tommy, like every other kid, jumped up out of his chair and made his way to line up for the trip outside. But unlike the rest of the kids, Ms. Bligh singled him out and sent him back to his desk. This was unusual and Tommy wondered what he'd done wrong for him to forfeit his recess time.

As her classroom filed into the hallway with the other classes, she turned her class over to Mrs. Thomas who was now in charge of Ms. Bligh's students for recess. The teacher's switched off like that as it didn't require every teacher to supervise the unstructured afternoon recess, giving the other teachers a thirty minute break from the kids. With her class now away, Ms. Bligh returned to her classroom, shut the door and sitting at her desk, kicked her shoes off.

"Tommy, come here," she said. Tommy scrambled to his feet and rushed to stand before his teacher.

"I have something I want you to do for me, Tommy," she began.

"Yes, Ma'am," replied Tommy keenly aware of the hard bulge in his pants.

"I want you to crawl under my desk."

"Uh, okay..."

"Yes, Ma'am," she corrected.

"Yes, Ma'am," he parroted.


"Ummm, why?" he asked.

"Just do it!" she said firmly and in a tone that conveyed that he'd better comply and be quick about it, or else.

She rolled back away from the desk, giving him room to crawl under the desk. Being a big kid, it was rather cramped, but he managed to curl up enough to fit. When she saw that he was in position, she rolled back up to the deck and stuck her foot in the boy's face.

"Suck my toes," she told him while brushing her foot against his face. Tommy, familiar with this game from her house, wasn't repelled by the foot odor and took her big toe between her lips and began laving over it, sucking her toe. He'd never sucked a cock before, but had he, he'd suck it the way he was now sucking her big toe, moving it back and forth between his lips and lashing at it with his tongue.

With the boy busy with her toe, she pushed her other foot between his legs and goosed his crotch, pleased to feel that he was hard. Tommy liked the feel of her foot rubbing on his cock too.

After a minute or so, she told him, "Undo your pants and pull them down."

It wasn't easy to do curled up as he was, but he managed to work both his jeans and underwear off his hips. As soon as she had enough clearance, her foot was rubbing his bare cock while he continued to suck each toe in turn. To Tommy, even as cramped and awkward as it was, this was much more fun than playing tag outside with the other kids.

After finishing with her little toe, he began to lick the sole of her foot. Meanwhile, the rubbing of her other foot on his cock was having an effect. He felt it welling up from his balls and let loose, ejaculating on her foot, his leg and the floor.

After waiting for him to finish cumming, she rolled back away from her desk, and switched feet, sticking her cum covered foot in his face to lick clean and suck her cummy toes. Only when she was satisfied her feet were clean, did she back away and offer him a handful of Kleenex to clean up his leg and the floor. Only then was he allowed to pull up his pants and extract himself from under the desk.

"Thank you, Tommy. That was fun."

"Yes, Ma'am," the boy replied with a grin.

"Now, run along and go play."

"What about after school?" he asked.

"What about after school?" she in turn asked.

"Well, you know..."

She laughed saying, "You're such a naughty boy! But that's what I like about you the best. Meet me at my house."

"Yes, Ma'am!"

She watched with a wicked grin as the eleven year old boy, his balls freshly drained, rushed off to play some silly child's game.


When the school day was over and the last bell rang, Tommy along with all the other kids, rushed out into the hallway and then out of the school building.

Outside his friend, Jason, caught up with him at the bike rack. "How come you got punished at recess?" his friend asked.

"She just doesn't like me," Tommy falsely lamented. "I didn't do nothing!"

"Yeah, that witch has it out for you," Jason agreed. Then he added, "Want to go play in the park?"

"Uh, not today. I have to get home and do some chores before my mom gets home."

"You want me to help? That way we'll have time to play."

"Uhh, no. My mom doesn't want anyone in the house when she's not there."

"Okay, suit yourself, Tommy. See ya!"

Tommy watched with regret as his best buddy rode away and joined up with some other kids. He and Jason always had a blast playing in the park, something he didn't get to do very often these days. Still, Ms. Bligh could and would be a lot of fun too, he knew.

He dilly-dallied about for some minutes, letting everyone else clear out before heading off himself, that way no one would try to join up him as he rode alone to his teacher's house.

He didn't have long to wait once he got there and undressed outside. He entered his teacher's house totally nude and sat at her kitchen table as she served him milk and cookies. For Tommy, to be totally nude in his teacher's home after school had become the new normal for him. It was so normal, that once he finished his snack, he put his dishes in the sink and then went to her bedroom where he found her naked and waiting for him. This too was part of the new normal for the strapping eleven year old.

He crawled up onto the bed and began kissing her, starting at her feet and working his way up her legs, bypassing her pussy, across her tummy and ending at her tit where he suckled and nibbled on them the way she'd taught him to do. Only when she signaled that it was enough by a gentle tap to the side of his head did he removed his mouth from her tit. From there he slid up her body until he had his dick rubbing against her face allowing her to nuzzle into his groin until she was ready to take the boy's stiff prick in her mouth.

Tommy moaned in pleasure at the feel of his dick in her warm, wet mouth, her tongue in constant motion as he sawed in and out between her lips. It never took too long to get the boy off, even after having him ejaculate at school just a few hours before, and when he did squirt his youthful semen into her mouth, she in turn moaned her pleasure as it shot forcefully across her tongue and into the back of her mouth where she greedily swallowed it.

Having gotten his rocks off, he slid back down and between her spread legs to feast on her pussy, licking and nibbling at her clit the way she liked him to do until she too climaxed. Having satisfied her, he crawled up to nuzzle into C-cup breasts and to await her further instructions. He loved rubbing her tits across his face and he loved sucking her nipples, almost as much as he loved eating her out.

His thirty four year old teacher just lay back and let the toy boy play. After all, she liked her tits sucked even more than he liked sucking them. Meanwhile, she fondled his youthful adolescent prick, which soon responded and grew hard.

"Tommy," she said pulling his head away from her tit so that he was looking at her. "We're going to do something new today. Something we will both like very much."

"Yes, Ma'am. What do you want me to do?"

"I want to get on top of me and stick that beautiful cock of yours into my pussy. It's about time you began to learn how to fuck a woman."

Even though he'd never done it, he had a pretty good idea what he should do. His dad had explained it to him a few weeks before, once Tommy directly asked him. He knew what the word "fuck" really meant, it meant sticking your dick in a girl and putting a baby inside her. His dad also told him not to ever fuck a girl without using a rubber and why.

"I don't want to put my baby in you," he told her. "My dad told me if I did, it was my responsibility to support it and I'm too young to get a job."

Virginia Bligh laughed. "Tommy, you're just too cute! Don't you worry about getting me pregnant. If you do, I'll take care of it, so don't concern yourself with it. Better yet, I want you to try and do your best to put a baby in me. Won't that be fun?"

The young boy didn't know what to think. As far as Tommy was concerned, his dad was the smartest person he knew, but Ms. Bligh wasn't at all concerned, indeed, she seemed eager for him to put a baby inside her. It just didn't square up with the boy.

"I don't know, Miss... I mean, Virginia, I..."

"Oh, shut up and stick your dick in me. Do it! Do it now!" From her tone Tommy knew she meant business, so he did what she told him to do and stuck his hard bare dick into her warm wet twat. Nothing, absolutely nothing felt that good to his dick than his teacher's pussy. He quickly put his dad's warning out of mind. His hips began to move on their own, and soon he was fucking her... fucking her like a jack rabbit.

"Slow down! Slow down, Tommy!" She had to grab him by the butt and hold him tight against her to get him to stop wildly thrusting. "Take it slow and enjoy the moment," she counseled., but it was too late and she felt his dick pulsing inside her as he orgasmed, empting his balls in her cunt.

Even as he ejaculated, Tommy knew he was in trouble, but it just felt so incredibly good. Regaining his senses enough to speak, he apologized, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Shhhhh, shhhhhh. You have nothing to be sorry about, baby. Boys are always too quick the first time, but you'll get better. All you need is practice. Now, give me that messy dick and let me clean you up."

Tommy slid up and presented his slimy dick to her lips, lips which greedily sucked the boy's organ clean in no time and in the process, got him hard once again.

"You are a marvel," she said once she released his rejuvenated cock from her between her lips. "Now, let's try it again, shall we?"

The End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4

(Fb, FDom, bond, spank, toys, oral, anal)

Tommy defies Ms. Bligh and is made to pay for it...


"Tommy, I will see you after school," Ms. Bligh said calmly. How many times had Tommy heard that this school year? How many times had his classmates heard it?

"What did you do this time, Tommy?" asked Becky Thomas with a contemptuous smirk. "Why don't you wise up?"

Tommy turned to her and replied, "Why don't you shut your ugly face?"

"Tommy!" he heard Ms. Bligh say. "I won't have any talking my class!"

"But Becky said..."

"Up here right this minute, young man!"

As he rose from his chair, he saw Becky stick her tongue out at him. He had an urge to smack her, but restrained himself and just pushed her books and papers off her desk onto the floor.

"Ms. Bligh!" Becky called out.

"Tommy! Go stand in the corner until I say otherwise," Ms. Bligh said firmly. Tommy reported to the corner and stood facing the class. "Turn around!" she commanded. Tommy turned and stared into the corner. It was a quarter past one and almost time for recess.

'It just isn't fair,' he groused to himself. 'Stupid Becky!'

He'd been there for fifteen minutes when the bell rang on the half hour, signaling to Ms. Bligh and her class it was time for their afternoon recess. He heard the scraping of chairs on the floor, the chatter of happy voices and the shuffle of feet on the floor as his classmates hurried outside for their thirty minutes of unstructured play. Tommy of course, had to remain standing in the corner.

The classroom grew very quiet. Daring to sneak a look, he was immediately called down by Ms. Bligh. "Eyes in the corner!" Tommy's asshole tightened, Ms. Bligh was really was pissed off at him!

The silence was deafening, interrupted only occasionally by the sound of shuffling papers. Then he heard the door shut and the loud clack of the lock. Tommy felt a little sick at the stomach, but then he heard Ms. Bligh open and shut a desk drawer. 'The paddle,' he thought and with that thought his dick began to get hard. 'Why does it do that?' he wondered, but he was immediately diverted from that thought by the approaching sound of her high heels clicking on the hard floor. With his eyes staring into the blank corner, he sensed, rather than saw that she was at his back.

"I want to make it very clear to you, Tommy, that I will not tolerate you disrupting my class."

"No, Ma'am."

"You must know by now that I like you very much."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Therefore I have to be just a little harder on you than the other kids, lest you get the idea that you can get away with misbehaving. Well, mister, you won't!"

"No, Ma'am."

"You will remain standing in this corner until the end of the day." His heart sank. It was nearly two hours before dismissal and he'd been standing in the corner already for only twenty minutes and his feet already hurt. "Still, I think you should have some fun during recess."

With that he felt her hand slide around to grope his crotch. He wasn't as hard as he had been, but he wasn't totally soft either and at the feel of her groping him, his cock went on full alert. "Do you like this, Tommy?" she cooed in his ear.

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied, sore feet forgotten.

She stopped rubbing and squeezing his cock through his jeans, lowered his zipper and unbuttoned his jeans. Quickly she had his jeans open and down off his hips and began rubbing him through his tightie-whities. "I'll bet you like this even better," she whispered fondling him through the thin fabric.

"Yes, Ma'am," he whispered back.

"How about this?" He felt her hand slide under the elastic band and take his cock in hand.

"Yes, Ma'am."

She removed her hand and pushed his drawers down just enough to free his cock. She lightly gripped him again and slid her fingers up and down the shaft of his now seeping nearly five inch cock. "How about this?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Do you want me to quit?"

"No, Ma'am."

She lightly laughed, "I didn't think so, you naughty boy," and proceeded to masturbate him. "Tell me when you're about to cum, baby," she softly said into his ear.

Through months of training, his hair trigger had by now been suppressed and she flogged him for a good four minutes before he was ready to spew his youthful seed. "I'm gonna cum, Virginia," he told her breathlessly.

"I'm Ms. Bligh here at school," she corrected.

"Yes, Ma'am," he grunted and pressed up into the corner, he ejaculated onto the wall.

"That's it, baby, cum for me. Cum for me," she cooed as his dick throbbed in her jacking fingers and shot load after youthful load, spilling his seed. The throbbing ceased and his teacher knew he was spent for the moment.

Releasing his softening hot prick, she told him, "Pull up your pants."

"Yes, Ma'am," the still breathless boy answered.

With his underwear and jeans up, buttoned and zipped, he asked, "Can I sit down now?"

"Yes, you can, but you may not," she replied. "You're to remain here until dismissal."

"Yes, Ma'am, but..."

"No, buts! You have a lesson to learn and you will learn it or else!" she snarled. With that, Tommy knew that fun time was over.

He heard her walk away and then heard the bolt of the lock unlocking. Soon he heard the clamor of kids returning from recess, refreshed and ready to learn. He heard the scuffling of chairs on the floor and then heard Ms. Bligh call the class to order. As always, the class went immediately silent as everyone knew not to provoke Ms. Bligh, lest they get the same treatment as Tommy Jones often did.

As he stood there for what seemed like forever, the only thing Tommy had to look at besides the blank corner immediately in front of him were the clots of his cum running down the wall below him, except they didn't actually run. They did at first, but then became almost frozen, the clots moving glacially under the pull of gravity, leaving a slowly growing glistening trail behind them, like the trail of a garden slug. He took to amusing himself wondering which clot would make it to the floor first. There were really only two serious contenders, the two biggest blobs, one on the right side of the corner and the other on the left side. The smaller clots seemed unable to overcome the sticky forces that held them to the wall. But halfway to the floor, even the biggest clots stopped moving and remained where they were. Tommy eventually declared the clot on the left to be the winner.

With nothing to do but stare at the corner and listen to Ms. Bligh drone on about this and that, Tommy's attention was drawn to the ache in his feet and his legs, the attention itself making it all that much worse. Finally he decided that he'd had enough and sat down. After all, what could she really do to him? Paddle him? 'Yeah,' he thought, 'after school lets out, she'll make me get naked and spank my ass. Then she'll play with my asshole and my dick again. Maybe she'll suck my dick.' The very thought of Virginia Bligh sucking his dick until he came in her mouth brought a big smile to his face. 'Yeah, what do I have to lose?'

Naturally his defiance didn't go unnoticed. Even Becky Thomas noticed and made a point to draw Ms. Bligh's attention to it. Ms. Bligh said nothing and just indicated to Becky and the rest of the class to ignore Tommy as he sat facing the corner, then went about teaching.

At long last, Tommy heard the dismissal bell. As the other kids rushed out of the classroom, he remained seated, waiting for his instructions.

"Tommy, come here."

He rose and walked up to his teacher's desk.

"I've written down your homework assignment for tonight," she said handing him a sheet of paper. "You will also have to complete the workbook assignment we did in class this afternoon. You will turn them both in to me tomorrow. Understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now, I have some things to do here, but I want you at my house no later than four o'clock."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now get going before I blister your ass!"

"Yes, Ma'am." Tommy turned, went to his desk and retrieved the books he needed for tonight and made his way out to the bike rack, semi-disappointed that she didn't make him strip naked right there in the class room and paddle him, but he had fun and games to look forward to at her house.

His best friend, Jason was still there when Tommy got to his bike.

"Hey man, I heard the witch made you stand in the corner all day!" his friend said.

"Not all day," Tommy corrected, "just all afternoon."

"Bummer! Wha'cha do?"

"It was that stupid Becky. She made a face at me."

"Okay, so wha'cha do?"

"I knocked her books and papers off her desk," he replied proudly.

"And the witch went ballistic?"


Tommy retrieved his bike and rode away with Jason. "Say, you want to go to the park?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, I want to, but I can't. The witch called my mom too," he fibbed, "and I'm punished."

"Man, between the witch and your mom, ya can't ever catch a break. Can ya?"

"Seems that way," Tommy replied.

The boys continued to chat as they rode. When they came to the park, Jason headed off to meet up with some other friends, while Tommy went ahead, then circled back to his teacher's house.

As always he came through the service alleyway undetected and went through her back gate. Then as always, he undressed on the patio. Nude, he then ran around kicking a soccer ball around in the grass, shielded from prying eyes by the high privacy fence that surrounded her back yard. Tommy had grown to love the freedom of no clothes outdoors while he waited for Virginia Bligh in her spacious backyard. He was having so much fun just kicking the ball around while his dick and balls swung free and unencumbered, that he almost regretted it when she called for him from the sliding glass patio door.

As he came inside, he wondered what kind of cookies she'd have for him today as he'd finished off the bag of Chips Ahoy a few days before. But there would be no milk and cookies for Tommy today he soon discovered to his dismay. 'She must still be mad at me,' he reasoned as he was marched directly into her bedroom.

On his previous visits, he noticed that sometimes there were ropes and pulleys dangling from high on the tall posts of her four poster bed. Sometimes they were there, most times, they weren't. He asked about them once and was told not to ever ask her about them again. Today they weren't there when he entered the bedroom, but she went to her dresser, opened a drawer and pulled out a rope and pulley device. With trepidation he watched as she secured it high on a bed post over six feet from the floor.

Then without comment she went back to the dresser drawer and brought out two leather cuffs which she secured to each of his wrists. She then connected them together with a clip and attached the clip to the rope. Next thing he knew, his hands were high above his head, not so high that he'd have to stand on his tiptoes, but well above his head, rendering the naked boy defenseless. At this point he was too scared to ask her anything, lest she fly off in a rage. He was also hard.

She then went to her drawer and brought out two more leather cuffs and secured them to his ankles. Looking down at his feet he saw her attach the end of a wooden rod to one ankle cuff. She then ordered him to spread his legs apart in a tone that he knew meant business. The other end of the two foot rod was attached to the other ankle cuff. Tommy had a real bad feeling about where all this was going.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Bligh!" he began pleading, adding, "I won't do it again," even though he wasn't sure what she was angry about. "I won't even look at that stupid Becky! Please, Ms. Bligh. I'll be good! I'll be good..."

She said nothing to the boy, but then brandished a floppy paddle cut and fashioned from a rubber bath mat. The business end was about a foot long and four inches wide and it was secured with nuts and bolts to a two piece handle. Tommy had felt that paddle a time or two before. Just a couple of swats to focus his attention. It tended to wrap around his butt and light up a large swath of flesh with each blow. Even those few swats had hurt like hell.

He was looking back over his shoulder and watched as she drew the paddle back. The air whistled as she swung it forcefully against his bare buttocks. She'd never before smacked him anywhere near this hard with the thing.

"Owww!" he yelled out at the first painful blow. He tried his best to move out of the way of the second harsh blow to his butt, but being tied and shackled with the spreader bar, there was no escape. The house filled with another howl. For the next several minutes, she made measured blows to his bare ass, quickly turning it and the backs of his upper thighs to a shade of flaming red. He would be bruised the next day, that's for sure, and every moment he sat the painful bruising would remind him not to do what he'd done... except at that point Tommy still wasn't quite sure what he'd done.

Satisfied that enough was enough, she stopped the paddling and left the now bawling boy hanging in bondage while she went to have a glass of wine and relax after a hard day at school. After her second glass of wine, she no longer could hear her toy boy crying. She then got up and returned to her bedroom. As soon as she walked in, she saw the darkening of his ass cheeks as the slight bruising began to set in.

Coming up to the boy, she rubbed his inflamed ass checks momentarily. With the spreader bar, his ass cheeks were open allowing her unfettered access to his asshole. Rubbing his asshole with the pad of her middle finger, she told him, "It's not over yet." As she drove her dry finger deep into his ass, Tommy cried out at the painful violation and danced in place, utterly unable to defend himself in any way. With her finger up his ass past the second knuckle, she told him, "Next time I tell you stand in the corner, you'll stand and not sit! I'll not tolerate any disobedience from you. None whatsoever. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he hissed dangling by his wrists, his legs momentarily unable to support him. Next thing he knew and the rope holding his wrists let go and he crumpled to the floor, ripping her finger from his ass in the process. His poor butt hurt something terribly, as did his asshole, and he lay unable to move while she removed the rope from the clip that still held his hands together.

Feeling a little better, he tried to get up, only to realize his hands were now tied to the foot of the bedpost. He manage to get up on his knees, but with his hands tied so low, that was all he could do.

"I have something new for you to try," he heard her say. He looked to his side where the voice came from and saw her holding a strange object. It was flesh colored and looked sort of like an arrowhead, except it was rounded. He watched as she squeezed out a glob of KY Jelly onto it. He knew what the KY was for, as she often used it to lubricate her fingers before fingering his asshole. He always liked that, but... He suddenly realized what she was going to do with that thing. He wanted to call out, "No!" but the word wouldn't form, instead his mouth just opened in closed in mute protest.

He lost sight of her as she moved in behind him. Then he felt the cold wet tip of the object touching the sides of his ass checks then pressing against his anus. He clamped his asshole closed and did his best to resist.

"Now, now, Tommy. Just relax and this will go in a lot easier," he heard her say. "I told you to relax," she then said, "or do you want me to paddle your poor ass again?"

With that threat, Virginia Bligh noticed the boy relaxing his anus, allowing her to push the butt plug into his eleven year old ass. He grunted as the widest part stretched and then disappeared into his asshole, his hole closing around the stem once the widest part had passed behind his sphincter.

The burning of his ass cheeks were forgotten for a moment as the new discomfort took center stage. However, that discomfort soon faded and the burning of his ass checks once again came to the forefront.

After a minute or so he got up the courage to ask, "Can I get up now?"

"The proper question is, may I get up now. No, you may not. In fact you cannot get up either, that is until I let you get up."


"Just give it a few moments to stretch your asshole. Then I'll replace it with a bigger one. Now, hush up or paddle your ass again."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied knowing that any other answer might bring further damage to his tender butt cheeks.

The room grew silent and he looked over his shoulder to where and what his crazy teacher might be up to, but she was nowhere to be seen. Having no other choice, he remained on all fours with the butt plug stuck up his young ass.

Virginia Bligh poured herself a third glass of wine, then sat in her lushly furnished living room. "Why does he have to be so stubborn?" she muttered to herself. "I didn't mean to hurt him." She then considered what she'd tell Tommy's mother if she discovered her son's bruised buttocks. "I'll just tell her the truth. That I had him stand in the corner for bad behavior and that he defied her, so she paddled him. She didn't realize she was bruising the boy, but he continued to be so infuriatingly defiant. Yes, I'll tell her the truth, or at least part of it." Satisfied with the basic outline of her plan, if she needed it, she finished off her wine and returned to her bedroom.

Tommy heard her come into the bedroom and looked to see her digging into the open dresser drawer once again. She pulled out another butt plug, this one bigger than the last. Showing it to her toy boy, she relished the concern shown in his eyes as she calmly greased it up.

She then came up behind him and he felt her tug at the plug snug in his ass. She pulled harder, but it didn't move. Then she gave it a yank and it dislodged abruptly, causing Tommy to cry out. Immediately the bigger plug filled his gaping asshole. He felt it stretching him even more as it was pushed into him. It was uncomfortable, but at least not as painful as the abrupt removal of the smaller one, even after his anal ring muscle closed behind the widest part.

With the second larger butt plug in place, she removed the spreader bar and then the ankle cuffs. Moving to his wrists, she released them from the bedpost and then removed each wrist cuff. She was happy to observe that weren't any marks left on either his wrists or his ankles. She reflected that the premium cuffs were worth every penny she'd paid for them.

Tommy was finally able to stand and did so gingerly. She told him to stay put and disappeared into her bath for a moment. When she returned she applied a soothing salve to his buttocks, one which deadened the burning pain. She then turned Tommy to face her. She kissed him on the lips and then went down on him, thrilling at the feel of the young maturing five inch prick as it hardened in her mouth. Tommy too thrilled at the feel of her mouth, lips and tongue as she gave him a well deserved blow job, the pain in his buttocks all but forgotten in the heat of the salacious act. He grabbed a handful of her dark hair and thrust his dick in and out of her slutty mouth, just like she'd taught him.

When he felt his orgasm building, he pulled out, loathe to reward her with a mouthful of his precious cum. She looked up at him with pleading eyes as he looked down, still holding her by her hair. Then he savagely rammed his cock back into her mouth only to pull it free after a few minutes. Again and again, he fucked her mouth and then pulled off, letting the cum slut beg for his seed with her eyes. Eventually he tired of this game and in a blinding rush, came in her mouth. His rapture was so intense his knees nearly buckled, as he spewed semen into her greedy mouth. All in all, it was a most satisfying cum and he later couldn't recall a more intense orgasm.

After the blowjob, she removed the butt plug and he was sent home. It was a painful ride, but he managed.

He was in his room, acting as if nothing had happened when his mother came home from work. When she appeared in the doorway of his room, he went to greet her, but red faced with anger, she cut him off with, "Virginia called me just as I left work. She tells me you disrupted the class and then defied her when you were told to stand in the corner. She said she had to paddle your butt! Really, Tommy! Why can't you just behave!"

"But, Mom..."

"Don't even try to get out of it, Buster! You'll stay here in your room until morning. No TV and no supper! Maybe you'll learn to behave!"

With that, his mom turned, slamming his door shut for the night. A few minutes later she returned with a bed pan. "If you need to use the bathroom, use this!" she said tossing it to the floor before slamming his door closed one more time.

Tommy sat on his bed staring at the bedpan on the floor. His butt was burning once again and it was tender. "It's not fair," he muttered. "It's just not fair!"

Tommy treaded lightly at school after that, ignoring Becky and her taunts, leaving it to just occasionally "accidently" tripping or pushing her to the ground at recess. He was always careful not to be seen doing it and was always unctuously apologetic to her and helped her up, relishing seeing her fruitlessly fume.

The End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5

(Fb, FDom, bond, foot, oral, inc)

Virginia Bligh has a special night planned for her toy boy, one he's not likely to forget...


It was nearing the end of the school year and Tommy had just turned twelve years old. He was at his teacher's house, as he often was after school. He'd grown considerably during the school year, both in height, weight and shoe sizes. He was noticeably hairier too, and Virginia liked men with hair. But Virginia Bligh wasn't all that interested in those physical parameters. It was the first of the month and she had her cloth tape out measuring his hard cock. Over the past seven months, the adolescent boy had increased just over an inch in length and best of all, had grown much thicker. The measurement she duly recorded on the back of the latest nude photographs she'd taken of him the day before.

Satisfied, she had him mount her for what would be a long pussy-pleasing fuck, changing positions often and interspersing the fuck with quick licks and sucks. Virginia was quite pleased with the progress she'd made over the months with her eager and obedient toy boy.

After the mutually satisfying fuck and once they had both caught their breath, she told him, "Not this Saturday, but the following Saturday, the sixth graders will be going to an overnight lock-in at the city aquarium."

"Are we going too?" he eagerly asked.

"No, it's just for the sixth graders. You'll just have to wait until next year.

"But, your mother doesn't know that," she added. "I have a permission slip you can take to her. Have your mom sign it and return it to me. Then that Saturday afternoon, she'll drop you off at the school at the same time the buses are about to start loading up the sixth graders. I will pick you up and take you home with me for the night. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Yes, Ma'am! Are we going to screw all night?"

"Precisely! But, I have a special treat lined up for you. I have a friend, a total slut, who has a fantasy and we're going to help her live it."

"Who is it?"

"I can't reveal that. But, I am pretty sure that you know her and she knows you."

"Another teacher?"

"Perhaps..." she replied cryptically. "But the thing is, she can't know who you are or she'll never agree to it."

"But won't she see me?"

"Don't worry about that. You just worry about keeping that dick of yours hard and busy and making her howl. I'm sure she and you will enjoy it, but neither of you can ever know who the other is."

"How are we going to do that?" he asked.

"No more questions!" Virginia snapped putting an end to the boy's prying. "I've told your mother about the lock-in already, so just give her the permission slip tonight.

"Now, be a good boy and lick all your cum from my pussy."

"Yes, Ma'am!"


The following Saturday, Tommy's mom dropped him off at school, speaking briefly with Virginia Bligh who was helping load the buses. Once his mother was gone, she sent Tommy to go get in her car and lie down on the backseat out of sight. When the buses pulled away, Ms. Bligh was the only person left at the school, with the exception of Tommy, who was hiding in her black SUV.

Instructing him to keep his head down, she drove home, parking her SUV in her garage. With the garage door shut, she let Tommy out and they entered her house. First order of business was to get her boy naked. It surprised her that he even asked, "You want me to get naked?"

"Of course I want you naked!" she replied with a hint of irritability, just enough to let Tommy know that she expected total obedience. The boy immediately stripped off in the kitchen, then stood waiting further instructions, his dick growing in anticipation.

"Don't just leave your clothes on the floor," she fussed. "Take them and put them in the guest bedroom. You won't be needing them again until tomorrow."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied gathering up his clothes and taking them and his sleeping bag to the spare bedroom. With his stuff stashed away out of sight, he reported back to the kitchen where Virginia was laying out milk and cookies for the growing strapping boy. With the snack consumed, she directed him to her family room where she let him watch cartoons until it was time to feed him. After wolfing down the frozen pizza she'd baked, she sent him to the spare room and told him to stay there and not make any sounds until she called for him.

As boring as that might seem, he was more than entertained by the pornography she pulled up for him on a laptop. She even gave him a quick blowjob, just to take the edge off so that he'd last longer when the time came.

Tommy was watching a video of two young women going after each other when he thought he heard a sound, which he identified as the front door closing. Removing the ear buds, he listened carefully. Sure enough, he soon heard muffled voices through the door and knew that the woman he was to fuck had arrived. He put his ear to door, but couldn't make out what was being said.

"Pamela, he's here and waiting," Virginia told her guest. "So be very quiet and don't speak unless I tell you to speak. I will blindfold you and tie you up, just like the last time."

"It's not that ugly old man again, is it?"

"No talking! What does it matter to you who I have invited to fuck you? Now, go to my room and do not say a word."

Tommy listened, straining to hear something, anything, and thought he heard muffled footsteps passing his door. Then only silence.

"Alright, slut," Virginia said closing the bedroom door behind her. "Strip! And be quick about it."

"Yes, Ma'am," her slave for the night responded before she quickly shed what little clothes she'd worn to tonight's sex session.

With her slave naked, Virginia quickly and securely blindfolded the woman and inserted ear plugs to dampen any sounds. Then came the premium leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles.

Pamela's pussy immediately began to moisten in anticipation. Then she was led to the big bed and lay upon it, willingly allowing Virginia to spread eagle her and bind her loosely to the four posts, giving her a little room to flex, but not enough to prevent anyone from doing whatever they wished to her body.

Satisfied that the blindfolded woman could not escape, she left Pamela to lie, sightless and deaf, but with her imagination free to wander. For what seemed a long time, she lay there, straining to hear anything, anything at all, but not hearing a sound. For Pamela, this was the worst part, the anticipation, growing by the minute. What would happen and when? She could count on a vibrator used relentlessly against her clit and could rely on a skilled man to make her cum and cum and cum until she passed out from the intense pleasure. But then again, maybe it would be a sadistic son of a bitch, someone who truly got off on causing her pain. Or it might be a group of men, fucking her one after the other and stuffing dick after dick into her slutty mouth. 'Yes, that would be so delicious,' she thought. 'Gawd, does she really have a black buck lined up for me? She said I knew him, but the only black I know is Henry from work. No, she wouldn't! Would she? She such a liar! You never can believe what she says... except that I would enjoy it. I always enjoy it,' she smiled to herself before straining once again to hear something, anything, but there was just the darkness and the complete deafening silence.

Virginia, dressed in her black leather Dominatrix outfit, poured herself a second glass of wine and smiled, knowing the agony of anticipation her slave was going through. 'What will she do?' she mocked to herself. She'd let on that it might be a black man tonight, a black man Pamela knew and who knew her. Of course she didn't exactly tell the slut that, just implied it... something for her to stew over, not just now, but while she was ravished by who knows who. Pamela had always had a rape fantasy thing, but that had grown a little stale over the years. Still, not knowing who was going to fuck her always got her juices going, and even when it was downright abusive, Pamela got off on it big time. It was the lack of control, more than anything, Virginia knew. That and the need... the ever present need in her slut's loins.

Finishing off her wine, she checked the time. It had been twenty three minutes she'd left Pamela stewing. Time to move things along. She went to the spare bedroom where Tommy had been waiting silently. He had his ear pressed to the door and nearly jumped out of his skin when the door lock knob suddenly clicked. Standing back, he watched as the door opened. There stood Virginia, dressed like he'd never seen before, in high black leather boots, long black gloves, a black leather corset with her tits hanging out and nothing else. He went to speak, but she put her finger to her lips to silence him, and silence him it did. He knew better than to disobey. She was also holding something. Even as she held it up he didn't know what it was. Then she fastened it over his head. It was a mask, he realized, a leather mask without eyeholes, but which left his nose and mouth free and clear.

Sightless, he listened carefully to his final instructions. Then he was led in the total darkness out of the room, into the hall and then into what he knew from the smell was Virginia's bedroom. His knee lightly bumped into the side of the mattress. Then she guided his hand until he touched a foot, a bare foot that jerked away and the woman gasped, then fell silent. He found her foot again and began gently caressing it. He knew that he was supposed to play with the foot for a few moments, then slip her big toe into his mouth and suck it. And when he did, he heard the woman moan and Virginia say, "Be quiet, slut, or I'll gag you! You know the rules for tonight, so don't anger me."

Pamela almost robotically replied, "Yes, Ma'am," but caught herself in time knowing Virginia could be a cruel bitch if disobeyed.

Tommy too knew the rules and would remain steadfastly silent. Virginia had warned him what she'd do if he broke silence, even accidently, and he wanted no part in being tied to the post and spanked again with that rubber thing of hers... once was quite enough!

Following the script laid out for him, he finished with the toe and began working his mouth and tongue noisily up her leg to her pussy, except that he was to bypass her pussy for the moment and work up over her tummy and suck her tits, mindful that this slut liked it a bit rough.

He'd never sucked anyone's tit before, except Virginia's, and found the woman to be generously endowed. He really got into orally exploring her tit flesh and their big meaty nipples, nipples that he sucked and gnawed on until she cried out and he tasted a little blood. He then moved up to her head to kiss her. It surprised him how aggressively she kissed him back.

He then worked his way back down, stopping momentarily for a quick titty suck, then down her tummy, across her navel and clean shaven mons to her sopping wet pussy. When he swiped the flat of his tongue up her tasty slit, she cried out, then stifled herself, knowing the consequences that might suddenly befall her. She too had felt that handcrafted Rubbermaid paddle and like Tommy, Pamela didn't want any part of that if Virginia was provoked into anger. Still, she couldn't help but moan in pleasure like a sick cat as the stranger's tongue traveled through her most private place.

It didn't take long before Tommy felt her bucking under him and trying to close her legs as he ate her out, scouring up her juices and lashing his tongue over the meaty clit that begged for it. He heard her gasp, then begin to tremble and shake while she made choking sounds just before she screamed out her pleasure to the heavens.

It was time he knew, and he quickly pulled up over the bound woman, positioning his hard cock to split apart her now engorged labia. Keeping in mind his instructions, he raked the head of his seeping cock over and against her swollen clit as she bucked up at him trying to get the promised cock into her.

Throwing caution to the wind, she cried out, "Fuck me! God damn it, fuck me!"

By then they were of like minds and throwing out Virginia's carefully memorized playbook, he rotated his hips back and then plunged into her needy cunt.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me, you bastard!" she cried out. And fuck her he did. Buried to the hilt on the very first thrust, he ground his hair covered pubic bone into her already stimulated clit. He pulled back, until just the head of his cut cock was still in her, then pushed back in deep and ground his pubic bone into her clit once again. Over and over, he fucked her this way, just as Virginia had told him to fuck her, fucking her until she came on his dick. Only then did he begin to pile drive her into the mattress until he shot off deep in her cunt.

Back now on script, once he caught his breath, he slid his body up the slut until he was straddling her chest and resting his bare butt on her bare tits. He leaned forward, balancing himself with the headboard, until his still drooling semi-erect cock, slimy with their mixed secretions touched her lips. He brushed against her lightly and she took him inside her mouth to clean and suck his wonderfully pleasing dick. With her sucking, he began humping, fucking her mouth until he was hard once again.

Pamela couldn't believe it. 'He's never gone soft, not completely and now he was hard and ready for another fuck. He's not terribly big, but oh, he's good,' she thought as she sucked on his hard thrusting cock. 'And I know him and he knows me? He's not the biggest, but by god, he's the best! Oh, please god, let Virginia reveal who he is!'

With his dick hard once again, young Tommy pulled his cock from the sucking maw of the slut and slid back down her body. He drove his tongue between her lips and at the same time drove his dick back into her cunt. Suddenly, her blindfold was removed while he kissed and fucked her. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she said once she momentarily could.

Tommy was rutting away and he too was suddenly brought back into the light, but he was too close to see her in any detail, not that it mattered. The only thing that mattered to the two fornicators was the here and now and the wanton fornication taking place.

He pushed himself up on his arms, holding his weight off the still bond woman while he continued to fuck her. He could now see her and she could see him. Still they fucked and they fucked, crazed with fuck lust.

Suddenly he heard her cry out, "Oh, my gawd! Oh, my gawd! Tommy! Oh, my gawd!" He looked into her face, a face that seemed so very familiar, but one he couldn't immediately place. "Oh, my gawd, no, Tommy! No!" He knew that voice...


"Oh, my gawd. Stop, Tommy, stop!" his mother pleaded. He froze with his dick deep in his mother's pussy.

"Don't you dare stop, Tommy!" Virginia demanded as she slapped his bare buttocks. "Fuck her! Fuck the slut whore! And don't you stop until you breed her!"

Tommy, torn between the two most important people in his life hesitated, then continued to fuck his mom and felt her cunt clamp down on his dick and heard her urge, "Don't stop, baby. Don't stop! Oh, gawd..."

By then Virginia had freed her ankles, ankles that immediately wrapped around her boy's haunches and began automatically pulling him into her. Then one hand was free, free to claw and scratch at her boy's bare back as he fucked her. Then the other was free and she held her son tight, urging him to, "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me..."

Virginia, pleased with herself, looked around the room and checked the three video cameras on tripods catching the incestuous encounter. Yes, she was going to have fun with these two.





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