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Authors Note: Since posting "Raised Sexually Active", I've had several reader's write and say that growing up, they had similar experiences with open nudity at home and early sexual experiences. Rick is one of these readers and he was kind enough to share his childhood experiences. - Uncle Reamum

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First off I want to make clear that I'm bisexual.  I enjoy sex with both women and men, either one-on-one or as a threesome. My preference is to have another male join me and my wife for an evening of mutual pleasure, but I don't at all mind letting my wife invite a girlfriend of hers to join us either.  I also want to say that I wasn't born this way, I was raised this way.

I was involved with several older folks growing up. Maybe I was lucky, or just a horny little bastard who went looking for fun. At no time though did I ever feel mistreated or abused. Hell, I fucking loved it!

My mom was very liberal about all things sexual.  She was a very promiscuous woman and never tried to hide her sexuality from me. She was hippie, or what I'd call a hippie.  "If it feels good, do it," was her guiding principle, a phrase which she embroidered, homely displayed mounted in a frame and hung on the wall.  She was all about nature, nudity and free love. 

She and my dad split when I was about five years old and before I started school.  To be honest, I don't remember much about him.  I suspect that he knocked my mom up with me and he married her to do the right thing.  After a few years, they realized the mistake that was.  They didn't hate each other, at least I don't think so.  They never yelled at each other nor had fights.  I think they just didn't love each other, weren't happy and decided to split to give each other the opportunity for love.

I remember both of them slept nude.  Neither was shy about letting me see them nude or engaged in sex. I thought all parents humped and did things to each other, which of course they do, but they never tried to hide it from me behind closed doors.

After Dad left, Mom went about nude at home even more. When she had friends over, she openly carried on sexually with them like she'd done with my dad.

Most nights, before she dressed me for bed, she'd cuddle me into her huge bare breasts while she gently stroked my bare butt... I liked that, liked it a lot.  Having my face buried in her soft tits or having her rake her nipples across my lips and letting me suckle her seemed perfectly normal to me.  As a little kid, I had no idea how sexual that was and it was something I never tired of, even as I grew older.

At some point, I became fascinated with sleeping nude.  Don't ask me why, but even though she let me roam about the house naked after my nightly bath, Mom put me in pajama bottoms or my underwear to sleep in. It's just the way it was, and to a little kid, it seemed normal enough to me.

About six, when I'd just begun going to school, I started slipping off my shorts at night and slept nude.  If I woke up first the next morning I'd slip them back on. Otherwise I'd wait under the covers until Mom left the room to put my shorts back on before getting out of bed.  I did this, even though Mom herself was usually nude, even up to the point when I left for school.

I thought I was being so clever, but one morning I was busted when in my sleep, I'd kicked off the blankets along with my shorts.  Naked, I woke to my naked mom in bed with me, rubbing my bare boy butt and kissing me on the cheek.  I woke a bit confused, and started making lame excuses why I was naked.  Mom just laughed, told me not to worry about it, and told me that if I wanted to sleep nude, that I could sleep nude.  She sort of apologized, saying that she should have realized sooner that I might have preferred being nude and should have let me do it sooner. Well, that settled that and ever since, I've never slept in anything other than my own skin.

From then on, after I'd gotten up and if it wasn't a school day, she'd let me stay nude all day as long as I stayed in the house. As for going outside nude, that was only on special occasions and circumstances, like when we went camping with her friends and everyone else was nude too. I was even allowed be nude when her friends came over to the house, and that was okay with everybody. There just wasn't a good reason to be clothed at home.

At some point, I'm not exactly sure when, I discovered my cock made a great play toy. I'd rub it, stroke it, hump it against the bed or whatever I could find. I had zero clue that this was something I was supposed to do in private. So one day when Mom came in, I kept right on playing with it. Mom gave me a birds and the bees talk, or a limited form of it. She told me that I should and could enjoy my penis as much as I wanted, but only in the privacy of home and that it needed to be our secret.

By that time, I was very accustomed to and welcomed my mother touching me, rubbing my back or bare butt, so it seemed perfectly natural to me for her now to be touching my penis and my balls.  Her loving touches just felt so good.  This too needed to be our secret.  It was my mother who first brought me to orgasm.  I was way too young to actually cum, but not too young to enjoy a dry cum.  The intense sensations scared me at first, but once I'd experienced it, I couldn't get enough of it, by either my own hand or at my mother's hand.

Soon after I discovered, or rather was introduced to masturbation, and quite unknown to me, my dad stopped making child support payments.  This not only forced my mom to take a job, but also forced us to move to a cheaper place to live.  I was in third grade then, so I was about eight years old. We moved into a rundown old mobile home at the very back of an even older rundown mobile home park. Our badly faded trailer was at the very back; behind it was a dead end dirt road. Adjoining the trailer park was a large wooded lot, where we kids got into all sorts of mischief.

Most kids there didn't wear much.  I was usually in cut-off shorts when outside, usually went barefoot and rarely wore a shirt except to school. Most boys did the same.  Most girls tended to wear long t-shirts with shorts or panties under them, though some went bare.

One such pantyless girl was Kathy.  Kathy had older brothers who wouldn't let her play with them unless she was bare under her t-shirt. We'd all be out in the woods and her brothers took great glee in lifting the back of her t-shirt and exposing her bare butt. She'd complain, but not too much.  If she complained too much, she was likely to be relieved of her t-shirt altogether. Sometimes she was relieved of her t-shirt even if she didn't complain.  Kathy and her brothers were fun to play with. Getting Kathy or one of the other girls or younger boys naked, was a naughty game, but it never went any further than just the baring of bare skin.

I was always very honest with Mom, as she was with me.  I told her about the games we boys played out in the woods with girls like Kathy.  She told me that I was to limit my own nudity to inside the trailer. As for Kathy and her brothers, she said that was their business and if Kathy was alright with it, then so was she, but that I should be very careful playing with them as Kathy's brothers sounded like bullies to her. 

Once we were settled in at the trailer park, it didn't take long for word to get around that my mom was easy.  Mom was no willowy beauty, she was a big girl, pretty in face, wore G-cup bras to work, and was likable and very gregarious. Men from the trailer park would regularly show up for a toss, a suck or to get off fucking her tits.  So as not to be observed going into our trailer, they might go on an "errand", drive around and park their truck/car on the dirt road behind our trailer, cross the ditch over a makeshift foot bridge made from two 2X6 boards and knock on the back door. I understood that I was to never to tell anyone, that such-and-such's daddy had been or was visiting my mom. Mom really didn't care what I saw and most men didn't care either, so long as I kept my mouth shut about what I'd seen. The fact that I might be lying on the sofa naked watching TV when they came in, didn't bother her in the least. 

So I'm riding my bike down the dirt road behind our trailer, and a little ways down I come across Mr. B.  He was a middle age guy, chubby, somewhat balding with a very friendly face; some people just look like 'nice guys'.  He had just recently bought and moved into the property, and he was out on the road fixing his mailbox. 

Like me, he was only wearing a pair of cut-off jeans. I made some stupid joke about us wearing the same outfit, which made him laugh.  He was very friendly to me and we talked for a while before he invited me up to his house for lemonade.  I know that sounds trite, but that's what happened. 

Over time, I spent more and more time at his place.  Of course I told Mom all about him. I suppose she suspected his intentions and she wanted to meet him.  I think he was rather surprised when one day I brought her over and introduced her. 

He was half-dressed as usual. Mom made light of it, and then to put him further at ease, told him how she liked the way his body looked.  They chatted for a while and I could tell Mom liked him. Mom always saw the good in people and to Mr. B's surprise, voiced her approval that I was hanging out with him for hours at a time. "But I don't want him to be pestering you," she explained.  Mr. B confirmed that I wasn't pestering him and that he enjoyed my company.

He gave Mom the grand tour of his place, which was once part of a farm.  Out by the swimming pool, I brought up the fact that I needed a new bathing suit, as my old suit was just too small. I needed it to go into the pool, explaining that Mr. B didn't want the strings of my cutoffs clogging up the filter and possibly burning up his pump motor. 

"Oh, honey, I just don't know," she said. "Things are just so tight right now."  Mom then suggested that I simply just go swimming au natural, that is if Mr. B didn't mind.  "After all, men and boys have been swimming together nude for thousands of years," she said.  He was certainly surprised, but not me, that's just how my mom was. And just to show that she was serious, she pulled off her t-shirt, releasing her humongous tits and asked Mr. B if we could all go skinny dipping.  

So, I finally got to go swimming, skinny dipping in his pool with him, with the full knowledge and approval of my mother.  In the following days, it wasn't much of a leap to just go around nude, inside and outside, whenever we were together. I was a very affectionate kid, so had no hesitation in giving Mr. B lots of naked hugs and kisses. I especially took pleasure nuzzling into his moobs.  I'd always enjoyed it when Mom rubbed on me, so I wasn't in the least alarmed when he would run his hands all over my naked body, touching and rubbing me anywhere and everywhere.

I was pretty clueless as a kid, and had no clue that society-at-large might frown on men and boys kissing or being naked together, but my mom knew and she was okay with it.  I suppose she thought that I needed an older man in my life and she judged him to be a fundamentally nice guy.  I suppose she knew what his intentions were, but she thought it was natural and therefore a good thing.  But like most things of a sexual nature, I understood that it was to be kept private, and not shared with my friends. I was, however, to tell her everything and I did.

Mr. B had a huge satellite dish that allowed him access to a lot of programming, including porn. There were like thirty channels of it, including gay porn.  He began showing me videos of "fun things guys could do together." Anyway, it all looked like great fun to me and I happily went for it. He sucked my cock and I loved it.  I sucked his cock and loved that too.  I couldn't get enough of either. The very first time I sucked him, he came in my mouth.  I wasn't sure what it was, but swallowed it anyway. I remember his cum was always on the sweet side; I was in love with the taste. 

Like I said, I told Mom everything, including the sex I was having with Mr. B.  Her only concerns were whether I enjoyed doing it, which I did, and if he ever hurt me, which he didn't, so she was fine with it.

I'm sure Mr. B freaked out when she showed up one day to have another talk with him. His mind was put at ease when she asked a favor of him.  Sometimes she had to work late shifts, and she asked him if I could spend the night with him from time to time. She explained that she thought it was much safer for me to be with him than being alone at night in the trailer with all the unsavory individuals who inhabited the trailer park lurking about. 

For several years, Mom had played with my ass, not fingering it, but just rubbing on my hole and giving me pleasure, so I was primed for penetration.  Given my mom's attitude about my relationship with him, Mr. B thought he had a green light.  The very first night I spent sleeping with him, he fucked my little boy ass.  He didn't rape me, I let him fuck me. I tried to do him, but of course my pecker was too small to get in far, but it was nice that he humored me. He told me not to say anything to anybody about it, especially my mom and I didn't.  But, Mom knew or she at least suspected, as she would inspect my sodomized butthole after each sleep over.

One thing he never did was rim my ass, nor did he try and get me to rim him.

Over time, Mom came over a few times to Mr. B's to go skinny dipping with us.  I'm sure she would have fucked him if he'd just asked, or sucked his dick.  But, he never made such a move, and the three of us never did any group sex thing together. I did have a fantasy that they'd marry, but in retrospect I now realize he was gay, so obviously that was never going to happen.

Mr. B was something of an amateur photographer and I had fun posing for him.  He took a ton of pictures of me nude, or of him and me together, and even a few nudies of my mom. The whole process of developing film and making prints fascinated me.  This was long before digital cameras were available. I don't know if the photos were just for him, or if he shared them with his friends. Hell, he might have been selling them; for all I know I was a kid porn star.

My relationship with Mr. B lasted a little over two years.  I stopped seeing him because my grandmother passed away and my mom inherited her place several states away.  I also assume there was a good chunk of cash and securities, because after we moved, Mom didn't work for a number of years, and even then it was only part time.  I admit I never knew Grandma all that well, so I wasn't especially heartbroken.  We only saw her a few times at Christmas and then for only a few days. I had the distinct impression that Grandma didn't approve of the way my mom was raising me. 

The place was waaaaaaaaaaay out in the fucking country, down at the end of a dirt road. No neighbors, our house was surrounded by woods.  Closest thing was a farmer's field down the road a bit. It was great for a couple of nudists, as we could go naked in and outdoors. No neighbors or not, men would still, though fewer in numbers, find their way into her bedroom.

There was a swale out in the field behind the house which collected just enough rain water to keep it a mud pit.  We often played in it, slipping, sliding and wallowing around in the slimy ooze, then we would hose each other off.  That was great, messy fun!

I was 11 when I first ejaculated. Of course I knew all about spermy emissions from Mr. B. I was so goofy, I'd been rubbing myself in bed when I came, getting it all over me. I was so proud of myself, I jumped right up and ran to show Mom. Being Mom, she was quite happy for me, telling me that it was a big step for a young man. She then gave me a real "birds and bees" talk, not only explaining biology, but also introducing me to the dirty side using words like cock, cunt, fuck, etc., words I was already familiar with from my friends at school.  I just had never heard my mom use those words. 

She told me I was free to jack off and make a mess as much as I wanted, as long as it was our secret. Mom was not the neatest person in the world, and since we almost never had any visitors, she told me to feel free to blow my load anywhere and not to worry about the mess. I didn't know it at the time, well, I did, but I didn't... but Mom was a cum slut.  She really got off on sitting in a puddle of my jizz, stepping in it and just getting it on her. She was happy to let me cum on her.  She liked to kneel in front of me to make sure I was doing it right, and I'd spunk all over her massive tits.  She had been beating me off for years, not every day or every week, but often enough and she now delighted in making me squirt all over her.  She'd then rub it in, saying how good it was for her skin.  Sometimes, she'd have me rub it in. Sometimes she'd lick it up.  Sometimes she had me lick it off.

I remember one day that she was kneeling in front of me as I whacked off, urging me to spunk her in the face.  I got her in the face alright, and the next shot went directly in her mouth.  That's when I was inspired to just shove my spouting cock into her open mouth. Man, I sure missed Mr. B's blowjobs, and Mom being Mom, she didn't miss a beat. 

Later she told me that we shouldn't have done that, but if I was okay with it, she was okay with it. With the prospect of getting regular blowjobs once again, I was more than okay with it. No wonder Mom was so popular at the trailer park, she loved giving blowjobs and was awesome at it!

After she'd been doing me for awhile, she reminisced to me that when I was a baby that she'd suck my dick, claiming that my dad wanted to watch her do it.  They stopped that when I began to talk.  Regretfully, I don't remember a thing about that.

Before the oral sex began and not long after I began cumming, I asked her if she masturbated, what was it like, etc. So she did the simple thing and just showed me! She explained all about the pussy, the clit, how she made herself feel good, etc. Even pulled out a few dildos to show me how she liked to use those. It was a great education that helped when I started dating, as I knew how to make women crazy with just my fingers and tongue.

At that age I still had no clue how shocking this probably would be to most people; I just figured every mom and son did this in the privacy of their own homes.

I was around thirteen and getting blowjobs from Mom almost daily, when she introduced me to the use of toys in my butt.  I knew what a real cock felt like thanks to Mr. B, but I never considered that I could do my own ass. Mom and I were having a mutual masturbation session in the living room, and I saw she had something in her bottom. Turned out it was a butt plug. She gave me a nice talk about how good it felt, then told me about the prostate and how especially good it would feel for me. I was eager to try it, so she pulled the one from her bottom and worked it up mine. WOW! After that she wound up buying me a few plugs and dildos of my own, as I was constantly borrowing hers.

Where we lived, you could get a motorcycle license at age 15. Why in the hell they gave kids that age motorcycle licenses, while making them wait until they are 16 to drive a car, is beyond me.  Then again, I understand that you can get a private pilot license at 14. So, at fifteen, Mom bought me this beat up motorbike so that I could come and go as I wanted, and not worry about taking the bus to and from school.

My best friend at the time was Randy, he was a year older. His mom had moved out to shack up with a guy who lived a few blocks away, and left Randy all to himself in the house. Great for a couple of horny bisexual perverts like us. A few days a week we'd get together for some cock-sucking ass-fucking fun. He was also dating a chubby Asian girl named Carol. She was dumb as dirt, but a horny slut with big tits, who had no hesitation in joining us for threesomes.

Moving the story along, Randy's next door neighbor was a guy I'll call Mr. T. I got to know him when I saw a big tent setup in his front yard. He was a real outdoorsy kind of guy and did camp outs.  He was kind of like a Boy Scout leader, but all unofficial, no organization or anything. Randy couldn't have been bothered, but I loved camping and was easily persuaded to join Mr. T's little camp out group.

I realize now that it was his way of finding teenage boys to fuck. I often came over to help get gear ready for campouts, and one week he sent me to his bedroom to get something where I found a bunch of dirty magazines all over his bed. Well, from there it was a short road to us getting into some mutual jacking off, and later some serious fuck and suck. He started introducing me to some of his "friends" who I also would get down and dirty with. Like my mom, I was such a slut.

He also did some photography and filming with me with an old movie camera, super 8 I think. With Mr. B I can believe he was taking pics just for himself, but looking back, I'm pretty damn sure Mr. T was selling the pics/films. Not that I mind all that much, although it would have been nice if he would have cut me in on the money.

I didn't see Mr. T all that much, maybe every six weeks or so, if that. I suspect he was also fucking other boys in the group, although I don't know that for sure. Our association ended when I went off to college. I came home for winter break and went to see Randy. While I was there I went next door to see Mr. T, but his house was empty. Randy wasn't much help, he didn't even know his own neighbor had moved out. Randy was stoned 24/7 and was pretty clueless.

Well, that's my history. I guess I was lucky to find what I did. I never felt "abused" or anything. I was just a horny little bastard who loved sex.  Still do.  I was lucky enough to have a mother who encouraged it and who didn't burden me with guilt or shame about my sexuality. 

BTW, I never fucked my mom. I would have, but even my mom had limits, holding that there were some things a mom and her son just shouldn't do... not that I didn't ask.


The End


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