The Babysitter, Part 1

[ mb, oral, cons, gay ]

by tawogb

Published: 24-Feb-2013

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This story is 100% fictional. The characters in the story are made up.

Jake is an 8 year old boy. He is an only child whose parents go out every weekend and leave him home with a babysitter. Most babysitters only babysat him for a few months and left. That is until Danny came to babysit. Danny is a 15 year old boy who is babysitting to earn money for a car when he is 16.

It was Friday night. Jake's parents were going out to dinner and a movie. So they called up Danny and asked him to babysit. He came over around 6. Jake's mom kissed Jake on the forehead and told him to listen to Danny and have fun.

"I will mommy!" said Jake.

Jake's parents left and Danny made Jake and him dinner. While eating, Jake spilled food all over his clothes. Danny told him that he had to take a bath. Danny had been instructed that he had to watch Jake bathe to make sure he cleans himself. Danny filled the tub and Jake got naked. Immediately, Danny got hard. He admired the boy's naked body as he got into the tub. He washed himself and once he was done, Danny dried him off rubbing jake's dick in the process. Leaving Jake to put on his pajamas, Danny went into the parents' bedroom, got naked and started jacking off to the thought of Jake's naked body.

Suddenly, Jake walked into the bedroom.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm masturbating." Danny responded.

"Why are you doing that?" Jake asked.

"It's fun." said Danny.

"Can I try it?" asked Jake.

Danny was surprised by this question.

"Go for it." said Danny.

Jake stripped off his spiderman pajamas revealing his small dick. He climbed on the bed next to Danny and started copying what Danny was doing. Danny couldnt help but stare at Jake masturbating himself.

"Close your eyes! I got a surprise for you" said Danny.

Jake closed his eyes and Danny started to suck his dick. He could tell that Jake was enjoying this because he was giggling and smiling. He did this fora few minutes before Jake moaned loudly and his body was jerking. He was having a dry orgasm. Danny stopped and Jake told him how much fun that was.

"That was great! can I do it to you?" asked Jake.

"Sure you can. I even got a surprise for you that will happen at the end of it." said Danny.

"I cant wait to find out what it is!" said Jake with a smile.

Danny laid back and Jake grabbed hold of his penis. He first licked the tip which made Danny moan a little and smiled at him. Jake then took Danny's 6" cock into his mouth. Jake loved doing this. He started off slowly but went faster and faster. He continued this for a couple of minutes.

"I'm going to CCCUUUMMMM!" Danny said as he cummed into the little boy's mouth. Jake tried to swallow the cum but some leaked out of his mouth and down his chin. After they were done, Danny pulled jake up towards his face. He kissed Jake on the lips saying he did a good job.

"That was fun, can we do more?" asked Jake.

"Not tonight. Maybe next time." said Danny.

Danny and Jake just cuddled on the bed and watched tv. When They heard the parents' car pull up, jake put his pajamas back on. Danny kissed him goodnight, and he quickly got in bed and fell asleep. When Jake's parents came in the house, they thanked him for doing a wonderful job. They paid him his money and he left. He couldn't wait until he got to babysit Jake again.

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Lucia Tolentino

There's a lot of telling rather than showing. Hot sex, but not such hot writing.


Great story, hope you write another chapter and make it longer, hope he does him good and long, thanks for writing it.


That's a decent outline - why not turn it into an actual story?


Lovely story!


Can people leave ideas for the next chapter in the comments? I want to make the next chapter longer. The first one was short and had a lot of story telling because I wanted to have the characters introduced properly. So leave some ideas whether they may be what I can fix for the next chapter or what I can add to the story.


That's great story, hope you have more stories about Jake and Danny

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