Little Spanking Video Starlet, Part 7

[ F/g, spank, pedo, mast ]

by Pulsar

Published: 23-Jan-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

After a busy day of filming in secret down in the basement studio, Mandy and Krissy lay on Aunt Janet's bed. Mandy arched her back high and rocked her head so far back it seemed as if her neck were rubber.

"Oooooh! Oooooh! (-gasp-) Aaaah!" she shrieked in her pre-teen voice as an orgasm loomed on the horizon, ready to strike hard like lightning. "Ooooooh!" she moaned loudly as Krissy's flexible tongue lapped at her swollen little clitty and a finger tickled all around her tight love tunnel. After a few more grunts and moans, the tingling glow now burst open. With a high-pitched shriek, Mandy burst into a monstrous orgasm by way of Krissy's tongue and fingers. She pitched and thrashed like a wild girl as the pulsating waves passed through her over and over uncontrollably until she finally wound down.

Now completely out of breath, she collapsed to the bed and rolled over into a fetal position, her stomach now somewhat cramped from the intense orgasmic contractions. Mandy's eyes were now shut and relaxed as she slowly caught her breath. Krissy giggled as she slowly stroked her hair in the dark. "You're noisy when you orgasm," she said. "I hope the neighbors downstairs don't suspect anything!"

"I hope not," mumbled Mandy as she slowly seemed to drift off asleep.

And thus Krissy kissed her on the cheek and closed her eyes herself. Up to this point, their intimate contact had been based on the spankings. Yet tonight, they had simply made love to one another. It was Mandy's first time to feel a tongue on her delicate little virgin flower. And how quickly it did bring her to quite an orgasm for such a small young body. Therefore, it was no mystery to Krissy as to why she fell asleep so quickly after such an explosive climax. As Krissy began to nod off, she realized this was her first true encounter with another female. She never dreamt it would be with a pre-teen. She never thought of herself as lesbian either. However, in spite of her beauty and the attention she had drawn from numerous boys since her school days, she had never let them venture too far. And thus she still had her hymen in place! Perhaps, she wondered, it was because she was into girls after all. And so Krissy faded off to sleep with Mandy cuddled close to her.

Three days later, their fast-paced production of "The Wicked Aunt" had been completed by their ad-hoc crew. And not to soon! For they had been home from the studio less than thirty minutes when Aunt Janet's car pulled up into the parking lot. She climbed the stairs with suitcase in hand and entered the apartment to find Mandy and Krissy sitting watching the television that evening. "Aunt Janet! You're back! How's Mommy!"

"Your mommy will be okay, dear!" she said as she kissed her.

"Oh good! But... will she take me away once she gets out of jail?"

"Oh no, dear," assured Aunt Janet. "That's not for another three years! She may live with us for a while, but you're staying with me, honey!"

"Well, I love Mom but... I don't want her to take me away from you!"

"Awww, isn't that sweet!" cooed Krissy.

"And how have you been?!" asked Aunt Janet. "You don't realize what a service you've done!"

"Well... you don't realize what you've done for me... I mean... Mandy's such a sweet girl!"

"Well thank you!" said Aunt Janet with a sigh. "Well, I'll pay you for your time once I get paid myself! You can count on it!"

"Oh... well... honestly, I couldn't accept any payment!" said Krissy. "It just wouldn't feel right!" She let out a guilty sigh. 'After all, I had some hot sex with your way under-aged niece,' she thought in her head.

"Well, that's sweet of you dear!" replied Aunt Janet. However, she discretely led her away from the living room, and away from Mandy that they may speak in the kitchen. "Now Krissy! I uh... have certain uh, ideas about just how you feel toward Mandy," she said softly. "And I'm not in the position to protest it at this point because I needed to you watch her while I was gone. But, if you would, just tell me... what 'really' went on while you two were alone?"

"Well..." said Krissy with a shy, embarrassed smile.

"Never mind! I don't wanna know," interrupted Aunt Janet. "Well, yes I do... no I don't!"

"Uh Janet! I'll tell you whatever you want to know!" said Krissy with a somewhat guilty smile. "I mean, it must be kind of hard to love her as a niece and y'know... nothing more, if you know what I mean!"

Janet began to breathe heavier. "Oh... well... sometimes I... well, I just wanna love her, uh... more! Y'know... give her ALL of my love."

"Of course!" said Krissy. "And we owe it to you to tell you the truth.. No! To 'show' you the truth!"


"Yes! You see, we sorta got together on another film project... that will bring some money... in a foreign country IF we're very careful about it," confessed Krissy.

"And just what kind of film was this?" asked Janet.

"Well... I think we should show you!" said Krissy.

"OH!" gasped Janet as she looked over into the living room at Mandy sitting on the couch in her little crop tee and shorts. "I think I'd like that," she said now quite embarrassed herself. And Krissy began to giggle, looking quite guilty as a cat who had eaten the pet canary.

* * * * * *

"Now let me see your homework!" demanded Aunt Dora as she came up behind naked Audrey sitting at the table.

"It's all done!" said Audrey nervously as she handed over the paper.

And thus Aunt Dora took it and scanned it over. "Yes, so it is! But you forgot to carry the one on problem number six! Fix it!"

"Y... yes ma'am!" replied Audrey as she began to erase.

"Now, when you're finished, go back up to your room. It's almost time for your six o'clock spanking!"

"Yes, Aunt Dora," replied Audrey. And so she set the pencil down and turned about, once again displaying her pale round bottom now ripe for another spanking.

And in the small audience of five viewers, Aunt Janet watched the screen with wondering eyes as she nibbled on the microwaved popcorn. The video was projected onto a borrowed screen from the university by way of a DVD projector, also borrowed. And thus far into the film, Janet had not realized that she was squeezing her own crotch.

And so the next thing appearing on screen was Audrey lying on her bed once again, this time not forgetting the pillows under her hips to raise her bottom up. And once again, she cuddled Boo-boo her teddy bear tightly as the camera panned around the bed to capture her young smooth naked body. And this time, there was a visible tip of a glass thermometer protruding from between her buttocks as she awaited her fate. "Gee Boo-boo, I hope she comes in soon! The waiting is the worse part!" And so she hugged and caressed her stuffed toy when suddenly, there came a voice at the open window in her room.

Right outside on the eve stood Stacy, the role played by none other than Shelly, with the leafy boughs of a tree in the background. "Hey! Audrey! You're getting another whippin'?" asked Stacy.

Quite embarrassed and startled that her naked self had been discovered by an intruder, she sighed angrily. "Well... of course!"

"Why do you have to lay naked like that?" asked Stacy.

"I'm gonna get the hairbrush," confessed Audrey as she slowly squeezed her naked buttocks together tightly and humped against the pillows.

"Ooooh! Does it hurt?"

Audrey sighed again. "What do you think? Haven't you ever gotten spanked with a hairbrush before?"

"Mmmm, no! Mummy just uses her hand!" boasted Stacy. "So what'd you do to get a spankin'?"

"Lots of things," barked Audrey. "I forgot to put the pillows down under me for my last spanking so now I'm getting it with the brush! Now go away!"

"Awww, c'mon! Let me watch!"

"Nooo! Go away or I'll tell Aunt Dora, and she'll tell your mom!"

"Okay," replied Stacy as she seemed to step back into the tree. "But I'm gonna hide close by so I can hear the spanks and your crying!"

"Go away!" barked Audrey. And once Stacy had vanished from sight, she took Boo-boo in hand again. "Well, at least Aunt Dora could let me keep the window closed," she said softly. "But she says she wants all the neighbors to hear the spanks and my crying so they'll all know how naughty I am!"

And only a few seconds later, Aunt Dora flung open the door and entered with a wooden oval hairbrush in hand. Audrey turned to look at her as she tapped the hairbrush against the palm of her hand. "Okay Audrey, it's time!" she said. "Do you know why you're getting the hairbrush and not the paddle?"

"Uh... because I forgot the pillows before?"

"That's right!" replied Aunt Dora as she slapped her hand again with the brush. "Now, grab the foot rail of your bed with both hands and keep them there until I say otherwise!"

And so Audrey took hold the railing at the foot of her bed she faced. Once again, she squeezed her bottom tight in nervous anticipation. However, the extra leverage from holding the rail made it quite easy to hump down hard into the pillows to soothe her tingling crotch! A slight moan of both apprehension and pleasure escaped her.

And so Aunt Dora reached out to gently tap on the tip of the rectal thermometer, once again causing Audrey to squirm and gasp. "Hold still!" she ordered as she tapped again, causing Audrey to softly squeak. Then, she took the protruding tip and very slowly pulled it most the way out, causing Audrey's buttocks to squeeze together as she gasped. Yet Aunt Dora then slid it back in, slightly twisting it as it went down. Once again, Audrey squeezed her bottom cheeks and moaned. "Hold still!"

"But it's tickling my bottom!" she protested.

"Then how about a nice hot sting from the hairbrush!" snapped Aunt Dora.

"Noooo please! Not yet! Please don't gi'me a hard spankin'!" begged Audrey with somewhat convincing acting.

And so Aunt Dora twisted the thermometer around a few more times, causing Audrey to gasp, moan, and squirm, before slowly pulling it out. Then she gently tapped the flat of the oval wooden brush against those nervous bare buttocks, once again causing Audrey to whine and hump down again. Then, she slowly rubbed that smooth wood around in small circles on each buttock, once again causing Audrey to flinch. "Now you hold still, you naughty girl!" barked Aunt Dora.

"I'm trying!" protested Audrey. But Aunt Dora continued to rub the brush around in circles, just lightly caressing the bare flesh of her pale buttocks with the smooth polished wood. "Oooh," signed Audrey. "That feels good!"

"Oh really?!" snapped Aunt Dora a she continued. "Well, very soon it's gonna really STING !" And with that, Aunt Dora set the brush down on her bottom to let it balance across her trembling buttocks. "Now you better hold still so it doesn't fall off... or else!"

"Y... yes ma'am," mumbled Audrey in a whiny voice. And quite obvious she wanted to squirm about on the pillows, yet she realized it would knock the hairbrush off. And thus she held as still as possible. And so she had to lie there as Aunt Dora vanished for a few seconds, before returning with small bottle. Audrey carefully looked back to see her harsh aunt soaking a wad of cotton balls with alcohol. However, she slowly squeezed her buttocks together again on instinct, once again causing her pelvis to thrust into the pillows. The brush tickled as it wobbled on her bottom, yet it remained in place.

"You better hold still!" warned Aunt Dora as she capped the bottle of alcohol. "Now, a little alcohol soaking will definitely add to the sting!" And so, she reached down and picked up the brush with her other hand and once again rubbed the flat surface around on those pale bare globes. Once again, Audrey flexed her bottom and thrust her pelvis down on the pillow. Then, Aunt Dora turned the brush over, this time letting the bristles brush over the bare flash of her bottom. Audrey gasped as she squirmed once again. Then, Aunt Dora began to slowly rub the wad of cotton around, slowly soaking her bottom with alcohol, leaving quite a shimmer on her bare skin. The cold sensation once again caused Audrey to softly moan and hump. "Getting our naughty jollies, aren't we!" snapped Aunt Dora. "Well, not for long! The nasty sting of this hairbrush on your bare bottom will fix you!" And soon she tossed the cotton balls on the bed and tapped that wet bottom with the flat side of the brush again. "Now, this is gonna hurt!"

And with that, she gave a few fake swings that made Audrey clench up her bottom and whine. Yet soon enough, with a flip of the wrist, there came a 'WHACK!' as the hairbrush struck that alcohol-soaked bottom! "Ooowww!" cried Audrey as she tightened her bottom and humped against the pillow. Her wrinkled face and clenched hands on the bedrail told the tale that it hurt! Yet Aunt Dora gently tapped the other buttock a few times right where she intended to spank. But a second later, 'CRACK!' went the hairbrush again on the wet bottom. "Ooooh-Ooooww!" cried Audrey as her face struggled to keep from crying. It was quite obvious it stung the way those naked buns clenched up to half their size. Besides, two bright red ovals now glowed against the otherwise pale flesh. Then there came three more swats with a 'tap-tap- SMACK!... tap-tap- SMACK!... tap-tap-SMACK!' right on the same spot. By now, Audrey was crying and kicking her feet. There were brief close-ups of the brush striking that hapless red bare buttock, her hands squeezing the metal footboard railing, as well as her cute face now crying.

And of course by now, her bottom had nearly dried, yet her left buttock now glowed red hot from the stinging hairbrush. And so Aunt Dora tapped and rubbed the right side as she prepared it for the same treatment. "Tap-tap- SMACK!... tap-tap- SMACK!... tap-tap- SMACK!' "Whaaaaah!" cried Audrey as she humped the pillow furiously to counter the sting by soothing her swollen little clitty.

And so Aunt Dora set the brush down again across her bottom. "Now hold still, young lady!" she warned. "You still have more coming!" However, Audrey continued to slowly writhe her hips from side to side as she would slowly go down onto the pillows. The brush wobbled in its place yet did not slide off those flexing buns. Audrey's crying slowly subsided as she continued to clutch the rails. She occasionally hid her face by looking down, yet a few times tried to look back to see that the brush remained on her bottom.

But soon, Aunt Dora seized the brush again and let the bristles slowly comb over the red flesh. She moved the brush lightly enough that the bristles tickled more than scratched. However, it brought a whimper and a thrust from Audrey. "So, I see that you're still getting some naughty jollies from this!" snapped Aunt Dora! "But don't think that will get you out of your future spankings!"

Then, with a flip of the wrist, Aunt Dora gave 'POP!,' delivering a spank with the bristle side down. "Ooooh!" whined Audrey. Yet before she could protest, another swat landed with a muffled 'POP!' Two more came with a 'POP!... POP!' giving each buttock equal time.

"Now, the next time you forget the pillows you can expect more... with the bristles down!" warned Aunt Dora with one final 'POP!' of the hairbrush. And still clutching the rail, Audrey continued to cry out the spanking she had just received, her pelvis thrusting and writhing all the while and her bottom glowing red. "Now you just lie there and think about all your naughtiness and why your bottom hurts!"

"Waaaah! It hurts because I got a spankin'!" sobbed Audrey.

"And there's more from where that came from, young lady!" warned Aunt Dora. "You you just lay there and cry like a naughty girl!" And with that, Aunt Dora turned to leave the room.

After the door slammed shut, Audrey released the railing and rubbed her sore red bottom vigorously for a few moments, before finally sitting up. Once again, she leapt from the bed as her bawling faded into a few sniffles. And once again, she turned to let her freshly spanked bare bottom face the camera in all its crimson glory, and again peeked through her door to ensure she was alone upstairs. Having secured the area, she jumped back up on her bed and mounted the pillows like a horse. Back and forth she vigorously humped, her soft moans ever growing louder, until she was crying out in an ecstatic, "Ooooh! Ooooh! Aaaaah!" And soon her humps turned into quick bounces that made the bed squeak. And her long moans grew into short squeaky falsettos as her breathing ran rabid. "Oooh! Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh! Ah-ah-ah-ah..." she cried as she rocked her head way back and let her mouth hang wide open. And soon her body jolted into another massive orgasm! It went on for many seconds until she once again collapsed back onto the bed in a fetal position with a long contented sigh. And as she stared into space, the view zoomed out as she lethargically rubbed her bottom, now looking quite content. With the other hand, she squeezed Boo-boo her teddy bear. "Gee Boo-boo, you think I'll ever be able to be good and not naughty?" she asked with a sigh as the scene slowly zoomed back out for a wider angle of her naked self on the bed.

Now by this point, all the viewers watching the screen had their hands down inside their panties gently squeezing their wet crotches, including Aunt Janet. By now, she could hear not only her own heavy breathing, but that of the others as well.

"Just wait," whispered Krissy with a wink.

And so the scene faded out. Next thing they saw was naked 'Audrey' once again down in the kitchen sweeping the floor. She softly hummed to herself as she carefully swept under the table and around the edges. When she bent over to sweep the pile into the dustpan, she revealed a fine bare bottom with a trace shade of pink as a reminder she had been spanked a while back. "Ooooh!" gasped Mandy and covered her eyes, somewhat embarrassed that her little bum hole was visible in that shot.

But soon, Aunt Dora came on the scene. "Well, did you finish your chores?" she asked.

"Almost, Aunt Dora," said Audrey weakly.

"Well, don't start lolly-gagging now," warned Aunt Dora.

"Y... yes ma'am."

And so she then proceeded to pull the plastic bag from the kitchen dustbin. "Can I wait until after dark to dump this outside this time?" pled Audrey. "The kids might see me naked from the other house and laugh at me!"

"Well, that's what you get for being such a naughty girl!" snapped Aunt Dora. "Now, do you want your next spanking with the thin paddle or the belt?"

Audrey gasped. The age-old question required no thought. "The... the paddle, ma'am," she said.

"Then perform your chores correctly!"

"Y... yes ma'am!" And thus Aunt Dora walked away.

And so Audrey lugged the bag of trash toward the door at the side of the kitchen. However, she looked around quickly as if to confirm she was unseen, and then opened the door and tossed the bag outside while remaining inside, before closing the door. "Now, all I have to do is wait until dark and then put it in the big dust bin outside. She'll never know!" And with a sigh and a smile, she wiped her brow.

"No! No, don't do it," whispered Janet as she watched the screen, rather tensed, completely lost in all the drama.

But then the scene quickly changed with a rapid side wipe. There lay Audrey naked across her bed, her bottom high in the air on stacked pillows, once again talking to her stuffed bear. "Gee, Boo-boo," she said nervously. "I never dreamed she'd check so quickly! (-sigh-) Now I'm gonna get the belt!"

Janet pounded her fist against her lap. "Aawww, Audrey you dingbat! I told you!" she said, now trembling as if watching a horror movie.

But on the screen, Audrey continued her monolog. "And believe me, nothing's worse than a leather strap on your bare bottom!" And thus she lay nervously on the bed, turning back once to look over her shoulder. She sighed and clutched her bear again when suddenly, the door opened and in came Aunt Dora with the belt.

"Well, naughty little one! I see your in position! Just right for a naughty bare bottom who can't follow directions!"

"But... but Aunt Dora," protested Audrey. "I... I can't go outside naked in daylight!"

"Well, maybe this belt will teach you do so when told!" said Aunt Dora as she approached the bed. Slowly, she reached out and rubbed her hand around that soon-to-be-spanked bare bottom. Audrey's face was in the camera now which caught her brief and natural reaction to the sudden touch. "Now, you keep your hands on that railing and don't let go... or else there'll be a repeat of this spanking tomorrow... and that's on top of your scheduled spankings!" warned Aunt Dora.

"Y... yes ma'am," whimpered Audrey as she gave one long nervous thrust against the pillows, her round buttocks squeezing tight to half their size.

Yet Aunt Dora shook her head. "Look's like were getting the naughty jollies already!" she said. "Get on your knees! I want that bottom higher so I can really give it a good stinging whack!" And thus Audrey repositioned herself so she was in 'doggie' fashion. "Now, put the pillows under your chest and hold that railing!" ordered Aunt Dora.

And thus Audrey quickly complied. Now, her bottom was as vulnerable as ever. Her swollen lips no longer contacted any surface, yet were in plain sight from Dora's point-of-view. And thus she looped the belt and cracked it a few times by yanking it briskly, the very sound causing Audrey to jolt. "Now, this ought to make that bottom nice and red!" she said as she once again rubbed all over those two round pale globes, once again causing Audrey to gasp and cringe. "Your little flower is nice and damp!" noted Aunt Dora. "Naughty, naughty girl!" And with that, she let the tip of the belt slowly tickle down the crack.

Audrey once again shuttered with a "sssssss!" as she gasped in air.

"Hold still!" ordered Aunt Dora.

"But it tickles!" protested Audrey.

"Well, just wait 'till this strap is stinging your bottom!" said Aunt Dora. With that, she caressed up and down the crack with the leather tip, stimulating both that puckered opening all the way down betwixt those warm moist pink lips.

"Oooh-ooOOH!" moaned Audrey as she twitched and jerked her head once again.

But then, Aunt Dora once again folded the belt into a loop. She gently tapped one bare buttock and then the other, before slowly teasing that soft flesh by rubbing in a circular motion. "Now, this is gonna really sting!" she warned. "Just remember how to obey with each hot slap of the belt!"

Audrey breathed heavily as she clenched her teeth in anticipation. And thus Aunt Dora raised the belt in preparation for the first swat. In the audience, even Janet gasped and tensed up as she watched the scene, squeezing the armrest of the chair tightly. Yet before Aunt Dora could swing the strap, there came a sudden ringing of the doorbell. Aunt Dora looked away for a few moments, then once again readied the strap for a swat. "Now this is gonna hurt!" she warned as she prepared to swing. Once again, Janet clenched her teeth and gasped as she watched the screen. Yet again, there came a 'ding-dong!' from the doorbell. With a heavy sigh, she set the strap down on the bed. "This better be important!" she huffed. "If it's a salesman interrupting a spanking, he's getting a swift kick that will destroy his offspring!" And thus she stepped through the door. "Now you better not move from that position!" she warned. "Just think about how much it's gonna hurt when I get back to spank you!" And with that, she slammed the bedroom door closed.

Instantly, the scene changed to where Aunt Dora answered the door. Yet when she opened it, there stood Stacy in a school uniform of blouse and micro-skirt next to her on-screen mum, portrayed by Leslie herself.

"Maggie? Maggie Carlton?" said Dora.

"Hello, Dora!" she said with her refined English dialect. "I'm terribly sorry to bother you. However, I have an urgent matter that concerns my daughter... my 'naughty' daughter to be precise!"

"Oh?" replied Aunt Dora.

"Yes! It turns out she thought she'd skip school today! Donned her uniform and everything, thinking I'd be none the wiser! However, I got the call today asking where she was. Turns out, she thought she'd bugger off down the park for a day off!"

"Oh my!" cried Aunt Dora. "That IS rather naughty!"

"Indeed! And so, I was hoping that... well, being that you're such an expert at spanking naughty bottoms, considering your niece, well... if you could give her bum a right good warming up, I'd be grateful. Or at least show me how it's done right!"

"Oh!" cried Aunt Dora with bulging hungry eyes. "Why, I'd be delighted... I mean... sure, I'll help you! Come in!"

But in the audience, Janet squeezed a hand tightly by her inner thighs. "Oh no!" she gasped a she gave her crotch a squeeze, now realizing not one but two young girls would soon be naked on the screen for a whipping! Yet in her costume, Shelly looked so sweet and cute. To think she was in for a spanking sent chills through her. On the other hand, she just had to see that beautiful tween body. And thus she crossed her legs in nervous anticipation.

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