Vicky's Wine Enema

[ enema, humil, nosex ]


Published: 4-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Vicky called her friend Sarah and the phone rang and rang without an answer. After hanging up she sat in front of the TV bored. It was a Wednesday night and she didn't have a date. Her friends Ann & Felicia were both out of town on family vacations. Her parents were out for the evening and wouldn't be home until at least 3am. They had left 15 year old Vicky home alone while they went out on the local gambling evening cruise ship. Vicky was going stir crazy, now two weeks into summer vacation. She had wanted a job but the only place to work wasn't hiring, now deluged by summer high school workers. And at 15 her mom would have had to take her to work since she didn't have a license or a car.

Vicky flipped the TV channels and saw a good looking guy on one channel. She turned up the sound then realized it was a wine ad. She aimlessly flipped channels for another 20 minutes waiting for the 7pm movie to start. Finally at 7 it did start and just her luck she had seen it just a few months ago. The next commercial was the wine ad with the good looking guy on it. Vicky rubbed her crotch as she watched. Home alone and bored as hell. She thought about sneaking some booze but after getting caught the last time and being grounded for a month in addition to the bare ass paddling her mom gave her Vicky wasn't about to try that again, even if she was bored.

A few commercials later was a douche product. 'Hey!' Thought Vicky. That is an idea. She could put some booze in her mom's douche bag and squirt it in. She remembered her friend Sarah having been given some food enemas last year while Sarah recovered from a jaw surgery because her jaw was too short and the orthodontist recommended it to improve Sarah's looks later in life. Poor Sarah had her jaws wired shut for nearly a month after that and had been losing weight even drinking as much as she could through a straw. After two weeks the doctor suggested protein enemas for Sarah and although she hated them she stopped losing weight.

Vicky thought about it a few minutes then turned off the TV and went to the refrigerator. Here parents usually had several open bottles of wine, sometimes even of the same brand and type. Checking the fridge, sure enough, there were 4 open bottles there. And 2 were the same cheap rose that her mom drank sometimes. Both were about ¾ full. So Vicky took both bottles to the bathroom and got out her mom's douche bag. Vicky had only had enemas from her mom on three or four occasions; once she remembered after he tonsils were out when she was 11. She remembered her mom using the big red bag for it. Her mom had showed her once about a year ago how to douche and told Vicky that she normally wouldn't need to douche but if she were older that her periods may stink more and afterwards it would help rinse away the smell.

Vicky got out the bag and put the hose on it. The end was the douche nozzle. Vicky figured that the bag might be wet after she finished so she concocted a story in advance about douching since her period had ended two days ago. Then Vicky poured about an inch and a half from each wine bottle into the bag. Feeling the bag it seemed to be about 1/3 full of wine. She capped the bag and set it in the tub and felt it being rather cold. Then she took the two wine bottles back to the fridge. Returning to the bathroom Vicky took off her clothes and then hung up the douche bag. She remembered her mom letting air out of the hose when she got her last enema nearly three years ago but didn't remember her mom telling her to do that for a douche. So she opted for letting the air out and quickly clamped it when the wine hit the tub.

She put the nozzle to her ass hole as she sat on the edge of the tub and pushed slightly. Damned it hurt; she didn't remember it being this bad before. Jelly! Yes, that was it, her mom had used some jelly on the nozzle. Vicky put down the hose and dug around in the vanity drawers and found some petroleum jelly in there. She took some on her finger and greased her hole. She often fingered her hole while taking a shower and wasn't shy about sticking her finger in to get clean. She smeared the jelly around and then wiped her finger on a piece of toilet paper. Then picking up the nozzle she brought it up to her hole again. Success! It slid right in. Vicky inhaled deeply and then clicked the clamp. The first rush was cold and it brought a shiver up her spine. Then it began to burn! Vicky quickly clamped the clamp and leaned over as her stomach cramped. This was as bad as her period cramps!

Finally after that passed she sat upright again, the nozzle still in her ass. She began to have a second thought about this. However looking at the clock it was only 7:45, this was going to be a boring evening. Vicky figured that if the wine was in her butt her mom wouldn't smell it on her breath tomorrow morning and she wouldn't get busted. So with that thought in mind she opened the clamp again. The pressure built up a bit then subsided and the burning returned, only not so bad this time. But still bad enough and Vicky shut off the flow again. A large but slow cramp hit her and then subsided. She opened the clamp for a few seconds and then shut it off before the cramps started. Only this time they didn't start. She could feel the coldness in her stomach though. So Vicky sat there imagining her favorite teen idol and her hand wandered between her legs and the wetness there.

After a few minutes Vicky opened the clamp again and could feel the pressure building. But no cramping this time. Then she heard a sucking noise and looked up to see the bag flat and empty. She had done it! She had taken a third of the bag with wine in it. So she slid the nozzle out and dropped it in the tub and stood up. Whoa! That was a buzz! She remembered that feeling from when she got drunk last time. Wow.

Vicky then took the hose and nozzle apart and washed the douche setup with soap and water while still holding the wine inside. Funny she remembered that she had to shit really bad during her enema before but now she didn't really feel that way. She hung the bag up in the closet on its hook and she sniffed it and smelled the wine. Damned, that wasn't going to do. Then she remembered her mom used vinegar to douche sometimes. So Vicky looked in the vanity and found the bottle and poured some in the bag and mixed in some water. Then squirting it out in the tub she rinsed it again. It passed the sniff test.Good. The bag went back to the closet.

Vicky's buzz was getting more intense though. She looked at the clock and it was now 8:10. Wow, this is great. Vicky pulled on her panties and t-shirt and went to watch TV. She flipped around and finally found a steamy love scene on one move. Watching TV buzzed was much better Vicky decided.

Finally around 8:30 Vicky decided she did have to shit and went to the bathroom. As she relaxed her hole opened and the wine poured out. It burned too! Damned that did burn a bit. Not any worse than a bad case of the squirts though so she let more out. While she was sitting there though she heard the door close. Oh shit! What is going on? Is someone breaking in? Vicky wiped quickly and pulled up her panties and flushed. She squirted air freshener as she heard her mom's voice in the other room. Damned! What were they doing home early? Vicky was definitely buzzed though. She brushed her teeth and rinsed out with mouthwash and then jumped into the shower.

Getting out of the shower and drying off she stumbled a bit, still buzzed. Then she opened the door and goes to her room wearing only a towel. Her mom comes in a few minutes and sees Vicky in the bed and goes to kiss her daughter good night.

"Vicky?" her mom shakes her softly. "Vicky, you have a fever. Are you feeling ok?"

"Yea mom, what's up?"

"Honey you're running a fever. Let me take your temperature."

Vicky lays there knowing she is about to get busted. Her mom returns with the thermometer and pops it into her daughter's mouth. A few minutes later it beeps and her mom returns. "100.9, Honey you need to take something." Her mom goes to the bathroom and then returns with some aspirin and a glass of water. "Here you go."

A little while later Vicky feels her mom dragging the covers back. "I'm just going to take your temperature again honey." Her mom says as she pulls Vicky's panties down.

"Mom, yuck, do you have to do it that way?"

"Yes dear, I gave you cold water to drink the aspirin with and it cooled off your mouth. I don't want to mess up the reading by taking it in your mouth again. Just relax, I've greased it up."

Vicky resignedly rolled over and her mom parted her ass cheeks. Then she felt the thermometer going in. Her mom waited until it beeped. "101.0 I guess the aspirin didn't help any. Are you sure you're feeling ok?" "Yea mom, I'm just a bit hot."


"Dear I'm worried about Vicky."

"She's just coming down with something, no big deal." Vicky's dad said.

"That is what I thought at first. I gave her some aspirin and a glass of water. She is running 101 fever now. When I went to take her second temperature I took it rectally and noticed a pale light color liquid oozing out of her that smells fermented. I think she's sicker than she's admitting. And I saw her hold her stomach once like she was cramping." "She's just having her period."

"No, that was over with a couple of days ago. I noticed when I empted the wastebasket in the bathroom. I'm worried. If the stuff coming out of her smelled that bad then she's surely got a sour stomach."

"Well if she's not complaining about it don't worry."

"I guess."


Vicky felt her mom pulling back the sheet and pulling down her panties again. "Mom, you just did that."

"No dear, that was three hours ago." She said as she inserted the thermometer into her daughter's ass.

"Why did you guys get home early?"

"Some technical problem with the cruise ship. So they gave us all a dinner and we watched the stage act and danced a bit then came home." Her mom paused as the thermometer beeped. "100.9, better but still high. How is your stomach feeling?"

Vicky knew she was about to be busted. Her mom knew something was wrong. She didn't know quite what to say but was sure her mom saw her holding her stomach from the cramping earlier. "Well it feels a bit queasy."

"When did you poop last?"

"Right before I went to bed."


"Well I guess it is sort of loose."


In the morning Vicky was subjected to an early morning temperature taking again and even though it was only 100.2 this time her mom opted to take her to the doctor. Vicky was horrified at that thought but didn't want to object too much knowing she would be busted for sure if she objected. So she resolutely got dressed and got in the car. Her father went off to work and after signing in at the doctor's office she waited for an hour before they worked her into their morning case load. Fortunately for Vicky her mom had taken her to the family doctor who was a woman.

After the routine stats were taken Vicky was examined by the doctor. "Vicky, your mother told me that you had a discharge from your anus during the night." "I just had diarrhea."

"Still though I think I need to check it. Your mom said it was rather foul smelling and suspects you may have a sour stomach. So just lay back there and then over on your left side for me." The doctor said.

Vicky grimaced as the doctor lifted up the gown and parted Vicky's cheeks and probed with her gloved and lubricated finger. "Ok honey you're going to feel a bit of pressure as I put this into you. It is so I can look inside."

Vicky grunted as the doctor slid something large and very cold into her anus. "Ohhhh." "Just relax, almost in." The doctor pushed the object into Vicky's anus. Vicky tried to relax but was very nervous. The doctor rattled something in a metal dish behind her. Then she felt the object withdrawing. "All done. Here's a tissue." The doctor handed Vicky a tissue to wipe with. "Get dressed and I'll be back in a little while."

Vicky wiped and threw the tissue in the garbage. Then she got dressed and sat and waited.


Meanwhile in the doctor's office...

"Mrs. Weston I'm not 100% sure but I think your daughter got drunk last night."


"Well this may seem a bit odd but she looks to me like she is suffering from a hangover. That and the temperature you noted and the smell coming from her would indicate she had been drinking. Now we all go through this at this age and it isn't anything unusual."

"Are you sure?" Mrs. Weston asked, thinking back to several months back when Vicky had indeed been drinking.

"Well we'll know shortly. I sent the blood test off to confirm but the urine test had elevated sugar levels and reeked of alcohol. And the liquid in her rectum contained a lot of alcohol also from the test strip I put it against."

"In her rectum? My God, how much did she drink?"

"Well given that it tested out as 10% alcohol in her rectum I would think a lot."

"I don't see how though, we only left around 4 yesterday and we got home by 9. And she was at home in the shower just like she should have been."

The doctor thought about it and drummed her fingers a bit. "Did you talk to her about it?"

"Yes and she said she just wasn't feeling good and had diarrhea."

A knock at the door and the nurse came in and dropped off the report. "Well as I suspected her blood alcohol level is elevated. And the stool sample I sent in has high sulfur content too."

"What does that mean?"

"That means she has ingested a large amount of wine in the last 24 hours."

"But she wasn't throwing up or anything."

"Mrs. Weston, what I'm about to say may seem a bit strange. Have you caught her drinking before?"

"Yes, a couple of months ago."

"And did you punish her?"

"Of course."

"This may seem strange but I think perhaps Vicky took a wine enema and didn't drink it." "A wine enema?"

"Yes. I've had a couple of cases over the years where a teenager tries it to try and sneak around their parents finding out. Rare but it does happen."

Mrs. Weston just sat there astonished.

"Do you have an enema bag?"

"Well ... yes."

"And do you keep wine in the house?"

"Sure, my husband and I like a glass at dinner. Oh God, a wine enema?"

"I think so. However if we confront her with it she will not only be embarrassed beyond belief but would also probably go deeper in her efforts to conceal her activities from you."

"I don't understand, I punished her for drinking last time and she promised she wouldn't do it again."

"And if what I think has happened is true then she kept that promise. She didn't drink it. Look alcohol is absorbed into the colon the same as in the stomach, only it doesn't get broken up by the stomach acid. She is obviously suffering from a hangover and her blood alcohol level and the alcohol in her rectum is evidence enough she had messed with it. Normally the alcohol going through the stomach would be converted to sugars and not be as pure as it is in your daughters rectum which is what leads me to believe she has taken an alcohol enema. She obviously knows the consequences of drinking and has decided to experiment with alcohol in a different, and more dangerous, manner. Just giving her a lecture and grounding her again probably won't help at this point."

"Well last time I lectured her, grounded her and spanked her with a paddle."

"And it didn't work, did it?" the doctor asked.

"Apparently not. So what do you think I should do, just let her slide?"

"No. However by punishing her so much for the first offense you've made her take more drastic measures to experiment. You didn't hear this from me but I think when a parent finds their child drinking they should sit them down with a case of beer and say drink up. They'll be puking their guts out in short order and will figure that it isn't all that cool and that the parents are right. Of course being in the medical profession I can't hand out that advice."

"So what is your official advice?"

"Well you need to discourage her from playing with alcohol again. I think I might have an idea. Let me ask you this though, do you ever give your daughter enemas?"

"I've given her some, but not many."

"Well we need to examine her a bit more thoroughly to make sure she hasn't injured herself, from a proper medical practice point of view. And some medical procedures can be very uncomfortable for the patient."

A light snapped on in Mrs. Weston. "Of course doctor, I do want to be sure she is in good health."

"Fine. I'm going to send her over to Dr. Morris for a full rectal exam including a sigmoidoscopic exam. Then I'm going to schedule her for a colonoscopy tomorrow followed by a lower gastrointestinal workup to make sure she doesn't have irritable bowel syndrome. Normally the prep is done at home the night before for that exam but I think that we should check her into the hospital and have the nurses do it to make sure it is done correctly." "Ok." Mrs. Weston chuckled; she remembered well her own colonscope exam a year ago. The gallon of crap she had to drink was no fun at all. At least after this Vicky wouldn't be playing with the alcohol enema anymore she hoped.


The doctor knocked at the door and walked into the exam room.

"Vicky, it appears that you may have irritable bowel syndrome. But we need to run a few tests to make sure."

"What sort of tests?" Vicky cringed; having her blood taken was bad enough.

"Well I'm going to send you over to see a colon specialist and he is going to do an exam on you after lunch. He is just going to check your rectum to make sure everything is ok there but that is pretty low down so tomorrow we're going to do some tests to make sure your entire colon is ok. It seemed to be rather red and irritated when I looked a little while ago. I'll bet you've been having some bad cramps haven't you hon?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose so." Vicky agreed.

"I thought so. We'll figure this out and you might have to change your diet a bit but most cases of irritable bowel are easily controlled with a dietary change and some medications for the worse episodes. Have you eaten any red meat in the last 24 hours?"

"Ahh ... yeah. I had some tacos yesterday."

"Ok." The doctor said and made a note on the chart. "We'll need to make sure and get you extra cleaned out for tomorrow then. It shouldn't affect Dr. Morris' exam this afternoon though. For lunch salad only for you young lady. And no red drinks. Only water or apple juice. Got it?"

"Yes mam." Vicky answered.

"Good. Here is the sheet for you to give to Dr. Morris and here are the dietary instructions for this afternoon. I'll get my nurse to call your mom's cell phone when we have the admission set up for tonight."


"Yes, didn't I tell you? The test tomorrow requires your colon to be completely cleaned out. They'll do that at the hospital tonight. I'll see you in the morning. Any questions?"

"Uh .. no."

"Ok, remember a lite lunch." "Ok." Vicky answered as the doctor opened the door and escorted her to the front desk.


After they ate lunch Vicky's mom let Vicky wander around a clothing store for a few minutes while she called her husband and told him about Vicky. He was very concerned but agreed to go along with what the doctor had suggested. He wanted to just take a strap to Vicky but went along with his wife's wishes. She made him promise to not ever mention this to Vicky in regards to the doctor's suspicions.

After collecting Vicky at the store they drove to the professional building where the Dr. Morris had his practice. Arriving at the third floor they signed in and waited. Vicky was somewhat nervous but had realized that she was in deep now and had better play along and see what the doctor came up with. She was very surprised that her regular doctor hadn't figured out what she had done the night before and kept imagining this big flashing sign on her butt that announced that she had taken wine up her ass.

The colon & rectal surgeon's nurse escorted Vicky in and Vicky was told to put on the gown. Having already endured this once this morning she didn't think it was too big of a deal and put on the gown. Then she waited. Next the doctor knocked and he and his nurse came in. A man! God how embarrassing was this? Vicky cringed at the thought of a man probing her anus. She knew it was her own fault for being in the predicament though. The doctor said a few pleasantries and then the nurse helped Vicky to kneel on the rest and lay across the procto exam table. Vicky had never seen anything like this before and was unsure how to get on it. She could feel the paper gown fall open and her entire ass was exposed to the doctor and nurse. She squinted her eyes and fought back the tears from the embarrassment.

"Just relax Vicky. I'm going to examine you first for any hemorrhoids or lesions."

Vicky could feel his fingers probing. She flinched earlier when she heard the snap of the latex gloves go on. "Ok, this is a bit cool but try to relax." Next Vicky felt him put a lubricated finger against her ass hole. That was about the time she realized he could see her shaven pussy too! Damned. With her hair shaved off there was no hiding her tender pussy lips and in this position there was little doubt that he and his nurse were seeing everything she had. Next she felt pressure as he pushed his finger into her sphincter.

"Ohh!" She exclaimed

"Relax, I'm just checking for internal hemorrhoids." He twisted his finger around a bit and then withdrew it. "Ok, feels ok so far. Now I'm going to put an instrument into you so I can look around. Just relax and I'll be as quick as I can."

"Ok." Vicky managed to weakly acknowledge.

She heard a piece of metal clank and then felt pressure on her hole again by something very cold. It felt just like what her doctor this morning had done to her only this time she was a lot more exposed with her butt in the air. He twisted it around a bit and then withdrew it. Vicky started to get up but the nurse pushed her back down.

"Ok Vicky, looks like you have a bit of fecal material in there. I'm going to give you a small enema to clear it out. I want you to try to hold it for five minutes. Can you see the clock on the counter ok?"


"Good. Now just relax." The doctor said and Vicky could feel the nozzle pushing into her. It wasn't cold. Then she heard a squishing sound and felt liquid inside. "Now hold it in and let it work or we'll have to do it again. The toilet is right behind you."

The doctor and the nurse left. Vicky watched the clock as the hands slowly moved. She began to have an urge to shit but knew it was the enema and held it in. At five minutes she knew it was pointless to wait longer and she got up and rushed to the small toilet room and closed the door. It came gushing out in a short squirt and a cramp. After a little while she realized nothing else was going to come out and wiped and flushed. Then she opened the door and the nurse was standing there waiting on her.

"Ok hon, back up on the table." The nurse said and stuck her head out the door and told the receptionist that they were ready for the doctor again.

The doctor walked back in, "Everything come out ok?"

"Ahh .. yeah." Vicky answered.

"Good. Now I'm going to take another look. This time a bit further in. This will feel a bit uncomfortable but just take short breaths and relax."

Vicky heard some more noise behind her and then felt something pushing against her sphincter. It wasn't his finger either even though she had heard the snap of the gloves going on. Then the thing was through her sphincter and pushing further in. A lot further in. He kept pushing until she could feel it bottoming out. Or so she though. Then he twisted it and pushed it to the side a bit and suddenly a lot more of it went into her. Vicky put her head on the paper covered vinyl cushion and sniffled. It wasn't that it hurt as bad as it was so embarrassing to be in this position with this huge thing being pushed up inside of her. Then he wiggled it a bit and it hurt briefly. She gasped and the doctor apologized and moved it a bit the other way. She could feel him moving the thing about in her ass and could feel it rubbing up inside of her belly somewhere. It felt weird and she suddenly had a flash of the alien in the movie inside of the guys belly trying to claw its w ay out. She began to cry.

The nursed said soothing things to Vicky and rubbed her head softly while the doctor worked. Then Vicky could feel the tube moving around more and withdrawing slowly. He twisted it one way and then the other. Finally he pulled it out and the nurse wiped Vicky's butt with some tissue. "Ok, you did just fine. Go ahead and get dressed."


"So how did it go?" Vicky's mom asked.

"It wasn't too bad I guess." Vicky answered hanging her head as they walked.

"You know I've had that exam a few times. I don't like it; it is very uncomfortable and embarrassing."

"Yeah, it is that."

"Ok, let's go home."


Later that afternoon Vicky complained at not getting to eat anything. Her dad came home and heard all about the tests and wished Vicky luck tomorrow. Vicky's mom took Vicky to the hospital and checked her daughter in for the overnight stay. She had packed a small overnight bag with a change of clothes and Vicky's toothbrush and a few magazines to read. Vicky didn't want her mom to leave but as her mom explained to her there was no where for her mom to sleep in the room and she would need to be wide awake and alert tomorrow after the tests to drive Vicky home.

The nurse came in and made Vicky change into the hospital gown. Vicky was glad her friends hadn't called her yet as this was pretty embarrassing to be checked into the hospital. She had thought this afternoon about telling her mom about the wine enema but figured her mom would have totally freaked out on her and a spanking would have been a for sure thing. As it was she would just spend the night in the hospital, drink some crap like her mom told her about, shit her brains most of the night, get tested tomorrow and then go home.

Soon enough a nurse showed up and gave Vicky some pills to take and a bottle of something called Magnesium Citrate to drink. It made Vicky's throat hurt just below her ears. She tried sipping it and then finally decided to just chug it and get it over with. After downing the 12 oz bottle of the tart liquid she doubled over and winced. That was horrible!

An hour later the nurse came in and gave her a large cup of water to drink and some pills to take. Then she went in the bathroom and was bustling about. Vicky watched TV thinking that the nurse was just cleaning the toilet or something. When the nurse returned she was holding a large clear bag with some whitish liquid in it and an enema hose coming out of it. "Ok dear, time for your first enema."

"Enema?" Vicky cringed, she hadn't expected this.

"Yes. We have to clean you out good for your test tomorrow. The medicine I've given you is ok but you'll be cramping all night and it doesn't completely clean you out or so most of the doctors tell me."

Vicky looked at the clock; it was now nearly 9 p.m. Visiting hours were over with. She had figured she would just relax and watch TV until 10 before going to sleep. An enema? That was going to take at least an hour.

"Ok roll over on your left side." The nurse said and turned the TV down a bit but didn't turn it off. Vicky was glad that the double bed room didn't have anyone else in it. She rolled over on her side and the nurse lifted the sheet and then moved the gown so she could get to Vicky's anus. Vicky could feel the cool air. Then the nurse snapped on a latex glove and parted Vicky's cheeks. Vicky put her head into the pillow while the nurse lubricated her. Hadn't one enema today been enough? She felt the nurse slide the thin tube into her anus and then felt warm liquid entering her intestine. She was cramping already from the magnesium citrate and the laxative pills she had been given.

"Oh I'm so full! I've got to go."

"Nonsense. You've only taken less than a liter. You need to take the whole bag."

"I can't. Really, I've got to go." Vicky tried to get up. The nurse pushed her back down on the bed.

"Just relax Vicky and let it go in. You'll feel really bloated but you can take it all."

"No I can't! I've got to go!"

"Vicky! Just relax and let the enema go in." the nurse pushed her back down on the bed.

Vicky continued to try to get up and the nurse held her down. She moaned and complained the whole second liter of enema. The cramping got a lot worse from the soapy water in the enema. Once it finished the nurse removed the nozzle and Vicky tried again to get up. She felt a slap on her butt! The nurse had spanked her! How dare she! "I've got to go!"

"I know you do but you'll just wait and let it work. I don't want to have to put you in restraints just to give you an enema. You're a big girl now and can just be patient."

Vicky put her head in the pillow while the nurse held her hips down on the bed with one hand. Vicky put her hands around her bulging stomach as the grumbling increased and the cramping with it. She had to go so bad. Finally the nurse moved her hand and Vicky shot out of the bed and ran to the toilet.

"Let that out and I'll be back in an hour for your next one." The nurse said and closed the room door. Vicky hadn't bothered to close the door to the bathroom.

Next one? In an hour? That would be after 10 o'clock! Vicky grunted as the cramps pushed the large load of laxative assisted enema water out. After finishing Vicky wiped up and then crawled back into bed. Around 9:45 she was back on the toilet again. She had just got into bed when the nurse showed back up. "How are you doing?"

"I'm sore back there." Vicky said. "Do I have to have another?"

"Yes you do Vicky. Your doctor has ordered a series of two soapy enemas followed by 4 rinse enemas."

Six! How was she going to survive this? Vicky knew that the enema she just had was pretty horrible. How was she going to survive five more of them? Tonight? Vicky began doing the math. If they did them at one per hour they wouldn't be finished giving her enemas until 2 in the morning! And her test was scheduled for 8 sharp. "Do I really have to have six?"

"Probably a bit more. After that it says enemas until clear. Sometimes we have to do as many as ten. It helps if you cooperate and take the full bag each time." The nurse said.

Vicky watched as she opened up a new enema bag. Why isn't she using the old one? Vicky wondered. When the nurse returned she saw why, the bag was huge! It was larger than the last one. "No!"

"Vicky you're just making this hard on yourself. Do I need to get an orderly in here? Come on, lay down on your side."

"No! You're not putting that in me!" Vicky became belligerent. That bag was huge. It was easily double the size of the last one. And the water was white again, filled with soap just like the last one.

"Fine, I'm not going to fight with you." The nurse left the room. Vicky looked up at the large four liter bag hanging on the IV pole. Filled to the top with warm, soapy water for her. Then she noticed the nozzle on the end of the hose. The hose was bigger too; easily double the size of the small, thin one of the first enema bag. The nozzle on the end of the hose was bigger around than her mom's douche bag nozzle. It was bumpy near the end too and had a second, thin hose leading out of it that was terminated in a squeeze bulb like she had seen on a blood pressure cuff. Then it dawned on her that the nozzle must somehow inflate.

When the nurse returned she had with her a male orderly. The guy was probably in his late twenties. He was at least as large as Vicky's dad. "Please no! Please, please not with him here." Vicky began to plead. "Please, I'll be good. Please."

"Are you going to cooperate?"

"Yes mam." Vicky said. "Please make him leave."

"Ok, but this is your last warning. If you give me any more trouble I'm going to get Mr. Jackson here to come hold you down."

"I promise I'll be good. Please just not with him here." Vicky began to cry.

The nurse motioned to the male orderly and he left the room. "Ok Vicky, on your left side. This is a large one and it is going to hurt."

Vicky rolled on her left side and listened while the nurse snapped on the gloves. She then felt herself being lubricated. Then she felt the nozzle pressing up against her sphincter. It pushed inwards and as she relaxed her muscles it slipped inside. Then she felt the bumps go by and then it went further in. "Ok Vicky, this blows up inside of you to make this easier to hold. It will feel uncomfortable at first." Vicky could hear air hissing and the nozzle inside her began to inflate. It felt like she had to go.

"Please, I've got to go. Please take it out."

"I've just inflated it. Just relax. You'll get used to it by the time the bag is half empty. Just relax a bit I'm going to pull on it and it will seat up against your rectal muscles." The nurse said and pulled on the nozzle. Vicky felt warmth inside and realized that the nurse must have released the water. Vicky put her head down and tried to relax. This one was by far the biggest enema she had ever had in her life.

"Please, it hurts." Vicky whined as she felt very full. She looked over her shoulder at the bag and it was nearly ¾ emptied into her.

"Now you promised you would be a good girl for me."

"I know. I'm sorry. It just feels so full."

"I know it does. Just try to let it finish."

"How could you know?"

"When I was in nursing school they trained us in giving enemas and one of the things we had to do was to be the patient. We paired off and one would give and one would receive. Then we would switch. The standard 2 liter ones aren't too bad. These bigger 4 liter ones though go very far inside of you and it does hurt some. I know it doesn't sound like it but if you'll quit fighting it and try to relax inside it will flow in quicker and with less pain. Once you quit tensing up the colon relaxes and it all goes inside."

"But it is so much!"

"Yes it is. You're a big enough girl now to take it though. Most every adult over 5' tall can handle 4 liters like you're getting. Some people can take more, even as much as 6 liters. Just try to relax and let it in. The soap isn't as much as the last one so it won't feel as itchy inside."

Vicky tried to relax but her belly kept growing and she kept getting fuller and fuller. She couldn't breathe deeply anymore because there just wasn't any more room inside. Looking back again she saw that the bag was less than about an inch left on the bottom. The nurse certainly wasn't going to let her up until it was all in and she didn't relish the thought of the nice looking man orderly seeing her naked rump and possibly holding her to the bed. She put her head into her pillow and cried as the last of the soapy water drained into her bowels.

"Ok, it is all in now. Just relax for a few minutes. I'm going to leave the nozzle in as it helps you to hold it all." The nurse said.

Vicky continued to cry. Her belly was round and taut. She ran her hand over it as the cramps built up wave after wave. She could hardly breathe. "Can't I at least roll over?"

"Sure. Easy though." The nurse helped Vicky roll over onto her back.

"That's worse." Vicky said.

"Maybe if you get up on your hands and knees. Many pregnant women feel more comfortable in that position when they get an enema and have a baby inside." The nurse suggested.

Pregnant? Getting an enema? Man that must hurt! Vicky thought about it and imagined herself with a nine month belly in front of her and on her hands and knees getting a soapy two quart enema as she got onto her hands and knees. This was so undignified. "They really give pregnant women enemas?"

"Sure they do. The cramping inside promotes the contractions and makes the labor shorter. And it helps to be cleaned out in your colon so there is more room for the baby to pass."

"Ohhh." Vicky said grabbing her now hanging belly as the water shifted around inside. "How much longer do I have to hold this?"

"A few more minutes. We need to keep that in you for ten minutes to make sure it loosens up everything high up. You're doing good. Does that feel better in that position?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I'm still so full. It feels so huge back there too." Vicky said rubbing her belly as it grumbled.

"They'll probably use a nozzle like this on you tomorrow during your test."

"Huh? I thought mom said they were going to stick a tube in me with a camera?"

"That is in the morning. In the afternoon you're going to have a barium enema and some x-rays." The nurse said rubbing Vicky's back.

"Two tests?"

"Yes, didn't you know?"


"The first one is called a colonscopy. It is like you said, a long tube with a camera on it. They put it in your rectum and then take pictures inside. The push it far up inside and will put some air into you to inflate your colon. It doesn't really hurt but you'll feel like you have bad gas pain the whole time. After that you're scheduled for a barium enema. Most patients get one or the other, it is a bit unusual for you to have both unless one turns out inconclusive. However just be thankful that you're having both so you only have to be cleaned out once."

"Ohhhhh. It hurts!" Vicky said as a large cramp hit her. The nurse pulled down slightly on the inflatable nozzle to maintain a seal.

"Just relax, another five minutes then you can go let that out."

Five minutes was certainly the longest of her life. Vicky suffered as the soapy water churned around inside of her. She definitely regretted having done the wine enema and not telling her mom when she was obviously caught. Now she had to go through with the indignity of these enemas in preparation for the tests tomorrow. And no food either! That was hard to take, she was very hungry. Or was she? Right now her stomach felt so bloated she didn't even want to think about food. She put her head down on the pillow and kept her knees bent to prevent putting weight on her belly that was hanging down.

"Ok, times up. Let's get this out of you." The nurse said. Vicky twisted and lay on her left side again.

"Ohhh. It hurts. I am so full!" the nurse continued to help the swollen Vicky to sit up while maintaining a gentle tugging on the hose to maintain the seal of the inflatable nozzle. Vicky doubled over with a cramp as the water shifted again.

Eventually the nurse coaxed her out of the bed and somewhat standing. With her belly as full as it was of the enema Vicky had no desire to stand up straight and duck walked to the bathroom hunched over.

"Ok, just squat and I'll let the air out and take it out. Don't push yet." The nurse said.

Vicky heard the hiss of air and the thing inside of her shrank. Then tried as she could to prevent it but the nozzle and a large gush of water came flying out of her ass. She sat down quickly as the nurse pulled the nozzle out of the way and tossed it into the sink. The nurse began to wash the nozzle off as Vicky's ass opened and torrents of milky white strong soap smelling water flowed into the toilet. "Ohhhhhh. Arrrrgghhh!"

"Ok, when you're done rest for a little while. You're next one is at 11:00." The nurse said and left.

Eleven! It was now 10:30 Vicky could see by the clock on the wall. How was she going to make it? This was pretty miserable. Just as she thought no more would be coming out another gurgle and her ass opened up with another spurt.


At 11:00 the nurse walked in and Vicky was watching TV. "Enema time again?"

"Yes it is sweetheart." The nurse said and got the large bag out and filled it with water. When she returned to the room Vicky was rolled over on her left side waiting. "Ok, another big bag. No soap this time so it should be easier to hold. You want to try to hold it with the regular nozzle or the inflatable one?"

"The inflatable, I guess. That is a lot of water." Vicky said eyeing the bag.

"Ok, just relax. You've done it once already, the second time should be a breeze." The nurse said and greased and inserted the nozzle. Vicky could hear and feel the nozzle inflating inside of her. Then the warmth as the water started in.

"So you really took a 4 liter enema during your nursing training?" she asked.

"Yes I did. I was crying by the end too." The nurse said.

Vicky grunted as the water moved and inflated another section of her colon. She looked back at the bag and it was already down to ¼ left. She put her head in the pillow and waited and tried to relax. It was so much pressure inside! She moved and got up on her hands and knees in the bed and looked back to see the bag was now empty. At last! "How long?"

"Ten minutes dear, just like before. You're doing good."


At midnight Vicky had dozed off when the nurse walked in. It was a different nurse than before. This one was somewhat older than the other one. Maybe the age of her mom. "Hi Vicky, I'm Serena. Time for your enema."

"Oh." Vicky said. Serena went into the bathroom to fill the bag. When she came back she was holding the 4 liter bag full. Vicky looked at the end and the inflatable nozzle wasn't attached. Instead some long red rubber tube was on it. "What is that?"

"That is a colon tube. For the large volume enemas we give it to you high up so it won't make you have to go so quickly. Ok, roll over."

"But the last one I had was with a blow up nozzle."

"This one will feel better once it is in." Nurse Serena said.

"I guess. I was just getting used to the other one." Vicky said and got on her left side again.

Serena snapped on some gloves and lubricated Vicky's anus. Then she lubricated the long red hose as Vicky watched over her shoulder. She carefully lifted up Vicky's right cheek and Vicky could feel the greasy tube pushing against her sphincter. The nurse twisted it and slowly pushed and it soon popped in. Then she kept pushing it in. More and more went into Vicky. She could feel warmth inside and correctly figured that the nurse had turned on the water as she was pushing the tube up inside of Vicky's bottom.

"Ohh!" Vicky exclaimed as the tube pressed against her stomach from the inside.

"Sorry, it will sometimes get stuck going it. The water is flowing and it will keep going in slowly." Vicky could feel the tube being pulled back slightly and then Serena's left hand was on her abdomen as she felt for the tube. Vicky grunted as Serena pushed the tube forward and felt the end. She put the palm of her hand on Vicky's expanding belly and pushed in slightly as she pushed the tube further in. Vicky could feel it going past whatever it was that had stopped it before. It felt very strange as the tube wormed its way across the inside of her abdomen from left to right. Vicky looked back and the bag was half empty.

Serena moved her hand to Vicky's right abdomen and felt the tube there and pressed in gently. Vicky could feel it moving in her anus and inside underneath Serena's hand. It hurt a bit but no worse than a cramp. Finally Serena was satisfied with the depth of it. "You still ok?"

"Yeah, I guess. I feel pretty full." Vicky said laying on the pillow. She looked back and the bag only had ¼ left in it.

Serena moved around behind her and Vicky heard water running in the bathroom. She looked back and less than an inch of water remained in the clear plastic 4 liter bag. Then Serena returned. Vicky looked down to see a water pitcher in her hand. She lifted the pitcher up and held the top of the enema bag open and began pouring more water in.

"No, please not more!" Vicky whined. "Please...."

"There now, just relax. You've already had two of the four liter enemas tonight. We're just going to put a bit more in on this one. Just relax. I've made this pretty warm so it will relax you inside. With the tube high up you won't feel it as much and if you'll just lay still it won't shift around and come down too quick. Just stay on your left side like that."

Vicky cried into her pillow. She had at least 4 liters in her now and the nurse was putting more in. This was going to be a pretty miserable enema. "Please stop." She continued to whine.

"Easy now Vicky, you can take it." Nurse Serena rubbed her expanding belly slowly.

"But why so much! Why?" Vicky whined.

"We need to clean you out all the way up. Easy now. I've turned the water off. Do you want to roll over?"

"Yes! Oh it hurts." Vicky said as she rolled and got up on her hands and knees again. As she did the massive enema shifted inside and she let out a low moan. She began to pant, short on breaths since her space inside was taken up by the water.

Serena opened the clamp and let more water into her patient. She watched as Vicky panted and tried to hold all the water inside. She shut off the clamp again as the bag finally emptied. "Ok, ready to go let it out?"

"Yes! Please, it hurts so much." Vicky said and put one foot down on the floor, getting off of the bed while bent over. Again she didn't try to stand up but duck walked to the bathroom hunched over. Serena followed her with the bag and hose and held the colon tube up inside of Vicky's bottom.

Vicky sat on the toilet with the hose coming out between her legs. Serena hung the bag on a hook in the bathroom and then took up the slack on the hose. Water had begun to come out of Vicky's ass as she relaxed her now exhausted and worn sphincter. She could feel the tube snaking along inside of her as Serena pulled it out at a faster pace than it went it. The feeling caused temporary nausea for the enema pregnant Vicky and she hunched over and moaned.

Finally the tube popped free of Vicky's vice like grip she had on it with her sphincter and then she relaxed and the water flowed forth freely. Serena looked at it and saw that it still had bits of fecal matter in it as well as a brownish tint. "Ok, dear, just relax and let that out. I'll be back in half an hour for your next one."

"Do I have to have another?" Vicky whined. She had definitely had enough enemas to last her for a while tonight.

"Yes, you have two more to go at least tonight. You're doing good. You're getting very good returns. The next one isn't as big as this one. We're only doing 4 liters on the next one so relax." Serena said and washed the hose off and hung the bag up.


Vicky was asleep as Serena walked into the room for the one o'clock enema. She had the enema ready and still Vicky had not woke up. Seeing that Vicky was sleeping on her left side already she just reached under the sheets and inserted the nozzle into the sleeping Vicky. Halfway though the bag Vicky woke up and clutched her stomach. She looked up to see the bag of water above her and moaned. "Good morning. You looked like you were enjoying your nap so much I didn't want to wake you. You're doing good Vicky, you're over half way through this bag."

After the bag emptied Serena pulled the colon tube out of Vicky and Vicky, too tired to move just lay there with the enema inside of her. "Ok, time to let that out." Serena helped Vicky to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. After a little while of Vicky voiding the 4 liter enema Serena flushed the toilet. "Don't flush it until I look, I need to see how clean you're getting."

Vicky just grunted.


Vicky was asleep again when Serena walked into the room. She put the full 4 liter bag on the stand by Vicky's bed and greased up Vicky's anus and inserted the inflatable nozzle again. Vicky stirred but didn't wake, still sleeping on her left side. Serena opened the clamp and watched as the water flowed in. Once the full bag was inside of Vicky, Serena shut off the clamp but didn't remove the nozzle from the patient. She went back to the bathroom and filled up the one liter bottle with warm water. Carefully pouring it into the bag she opened the clamp and watched as the 5th liter of water ran into Vicky's intestines. After she shut off the clamp she sat and pondered the situation for a moment. Vicky was stirring and making some moaning noise but seemed otherwise to be asleep.

Serena had refilled the liter bottle and poured the 6th liter into the bag and opened the clamp when Vicky finally woke up. She moaned as she looked over her shoulder and saw the enema bag emptying itself into her ass once again. "Oh I am so full! Can we please stop?"

"Ok, but just for a minute." Serena said and shut off the flow. Vicky had already passed through five and a half liters and had plenty inside already. She knew better than to tell Vicky this however. "Can you rest there for a minute?"

"Yeah. I am so full." Vicky complained rubbing her taut, round belly. She got up on her hands and knees, struggling with the large load of water shifting around inside of her. Looking down she looked like she was several months pregnant. If this it what it felt like she didn't want to get knocked up anytime soon. This was miserable. She panted and waited.

Serena walked back in. "Can you take a little more?"

"Do I have to? I am so full!" Vicky whined.

"Just a little more, come on and be a brave girl for me." Serena said and opened the clamp.

Vicky moaned as the water trickled in. "Please, please, no more. Please."

Serena shut off the clamp. "Ok, lets get you to the potty." She helped Vicky get down from the bed. Vicky was hunched over even more this time and didn't realize that Serena had put in over 5 liters of water into her. As she got on the toilet she had to lift back up for Serena to remove the nozzle.

"Hurry, please!" Vicky whined.

"Ok, let it out." Serena said getting clear just in time as Vicky sat down on the toilet and let the water flow forth. Serena looked between Vicky's legs and admired the patient's shaved pussy lips. The water was very clear but still had some specks here and there in it. "Ok, rest up and we'll do one more after this."

"More? I thought this was number six?" Vicky complained.

"It is but you still have a little bit of poop in there." Serena said and hung up the bag. She returned with another bottle of magnesium citrate. "Here you go, drink this and it will help."

"That stuff is nasty." Vicky said.

"You want one more enema or two?" Serena asked.

Vicky resolutely took the bottle from the nurse and drank it down while she continued to drain water into the toilet. Serena watched to make sure the patient drank it then left.


At three in the morning Serena returned to the room. The TV was off and Vicky was sleeping. She was on her right side this time though. Serena filled up the four liter bag with very warm water and then hung it beside Vicky's bed. She reached under and pulled the covers off and slid the nozzle into Vicky's still greasy bottom and inflated it. Vicky stirred but remained asleep. As the water flowed in Serena made a note on the chart and put it back in the rack outside the door. When she came back Vicky's enema was all inside and Serena shut it off and pulled the covers over Vicky. She then took Vicky's vital signs again and made a note of the time. She put the call button into Vicky's hand and left the girl sleeping, holding 4 liters of warm water inside.

At nearly four the buzzer on Vicky's room went off. Serena went to see what was up. Vicky was in bed and waiting. "I've got to go let this out please."

"Sure thing hon. Let me help you." Serena said and helped Vicky disentangle herself from the sheets. She had apparently rolled over and the hose and sheets were all wound up. They made it to the bathroom and Vicky sat on the toilet. After a moment she got up to let the nurse remove the nozzle. After deflating it Serena washed the nozzle off and hung it on the hook. Then Vicky let the water out.

She looked down between her legs. "Is it clear enough now? I'm very tired of all these enemas."

Serena looked down into the toilet between Vicky's legs and sure enough the water was very clear. Just a speck or two of poop but certainly not enough to mess up any tests. "I'll bet you're hungry too. Do you want some juice?"

"No, I just want to go to sleep." Vicky said.


At 07:45 Vicky awoke to feel her bed moving. She looked up and saw the ceiling going by. A male orderly was at the head and smiled at her. A nurse was at the foot end helping to steer it. Finally they got to the endoscopy department as Vicky read on the sign. They parked her for a few minutes in the hallway and then returned and wheeled her into a suite. There were a row of cabinets by what Vicky could see. Then a nurse came and put in an IV into Vicky's hand. Doctor Morris walked in followed by her doctor. "Good morning Vicky, I see we're all ready for your exam. Just relax." Doctor Morris said.

As the nurses and doctors moved equipment around Vicky waited. Then the bed rail to her bed was lowered and the nurse got her to roll over onto her left side. "Can you see the monitor ok Vicky?" she asked.

"Yeah." Vicky said, somewhat sleepy. She looked at the clock and it was 8:15a.m.

"Ok Vicky, I'm going to be putting this camera up inside of your rectum and looking around. You can watch on the monitor, see?" Doctor Morris asked and aimed the camera at himself and smiled. Vicky saw him on the monitor and giggled.

She then felt a pair of hands spreading her cheeks apart and felt something being inserted. She looked at the monitor and saw a view of the room. Whatever was going into her bum wasn't the camera right now. Then she heard a ratchet sound and felt herself being pulled apart. It hurt a bit and then stopped getting wider. Next she saw the image on the monitor moving as the end of the colonscope was positioned she saw her own ass hole. She gasped as she saw that a large metal thing that looked like pliers was inserted into her ass hole and holding it open. Then the camera dived inside and it got darker. She felt the thing prying her apart close some and someone removed it slowly from her ass hole. Then all she felt was the tube of the colonscope.

"Ok Vicky, we're not going to give you any sedative at first for this. It can get somewhat uncomfortable like having bad gas as we blow air into you to see. If the pain gets to be too much to bear let me know and I'll give you something. Your recovery time afterwards is shorter though if you don't have anything." Her doctor said. She didn't reveal to Vicky that this was part of Vicky's punishment for doing a wine enema.

"ok." Vicky meekly answered, her eyes glued to the video monitor in front of her. She was seeing inside of her own ass hole.

"Looks like the nurses did a good job of cleaning you out last night." Doctor Morris said as he slowly pushed the camera up inside of Vicky's colon.

As it would get narrower she would feel the air being pumped into her and then the inside would open up and he would push the camera farther in. As he neared a bend she could see it. "Ok, this is going to be a bit uncomfortable." With that he pumped in a lot of air into her and she felt like she had to fart really bad. She tried to clamp her ass hole around the slippery, sliding tube of the colonscope but to no avail. She farted. It was very embarrassing. "That's ok Vicky, some leaks out from time to time." He tried to console her but still Vicky's face was red with shame. She also remembered seeing her own shaven pussy lips below that metal thing that had in her before the camera was inserted.

Vicky could feel and watch as the doctor made the colonscope bend and go around the bend in her colon. He put his hand on her abdomen and pressed in gently and she could see the walls of the colon deflect under the pressure. Then a popping noise and a feeling and the gas moved further up into her colon. The doctor compensated by pumping the air pump and putting more into her, extending her bloated feeling even more.

As the colon camera inched along Vicky became somewhat nauseous. "I feel like I'm going to throw up."

The nurse put an emesis pan under Vicky's mouth and held it there. Vicky heaved but nothing came up. She heaved again and got just a burning taste in her mouth but nothing came out.

"One more bend and then we're all the way in. Do you want some pain medication?"

"No, I just feel like I have to throw up." Vicky said.

"Give her 5cc of thorazine." Doctor Morris said.

As she watched the camera going further in the drug kicked in and some of the vomit like feeling abated. The uncomfortable pressure of gas all inside of her stomach was still there though. And some pretty nasty cramps came with it.

"There we are the end of this road." Doctor Morris said. He wiggled the camera around looking all around. "Now we begin the journey out. You doing ok Vicky?"

"Yeah, I guess. All those enemas for this?"

"Well it helps if I can see what I'm looking at. So far I haven't seen anything abnormal. Just a few abrasions around the first bend but you could have got that from the enemas and nozzles last night." Doctor Morris said as he continued to move the camera about.

Vicky could feel every movement too. It felt like a great big black snake wiggling around inside of her intestines. Every once in a while she could hear a fart escape as he continued to pump air into her to keep her colon distended. Half an hour later it was all the way back to her rectum. She could tell by the wiggling of the end of the endoscope. "Ok Vicky, you've done good. We're almost done here. I don't see anything of interest and certainly nothing to indicated IBS. Dr. Jansen?"

"I agree, nothing of note. Still though she was oozing some sort of very fermented liquid yesterday and had a stomach ache, high fever, headache."

"I'd say something she ate. Nothing a few good soapy enema wouldn't have fixed." Doctor Morris said.

"I don't want to have another enema again." Vicky said.

"You'd be surprised in my line of work Vicky. Better than half of the problems I see people for could be cured by a better diet and an enema every now and then." Doctor Morris said and brought the tube the rest of the way out of her ass and a loud fart ensued. He pointed the camera at himself. "See, your favorite butt doctor."

Vicky couldn't help but giggle at that. Dr. Jansen snickered too as did the nurse.

"So what were you eating to cause that problem Vicky?" Doctor Morris asked.

"I don't know."

"Well everything looks good here." He said and handed Vicky a picture from the machine of the inside of her colon. "For your scrapbook."


At 11:00 Vicky was put into a wheelchair in her room and wheeled to the x-ray department. She sat and waited for nearly half an hour before the tech came out and wheeled her into the x-ray suite. "Ok Vicky, hop up on the table for me. You don't have any underwear on do you?"

"No." Vicky said. The guy was like in his late twenties and a hunk. Not that the thought of taking off her underwear bothered her that much but then the thought struck her as to why he was asking. He was obviously going to do something down there. And she remembered what the nurse said the night before about getting a barium enema, whatever that was. It had the word enema in it so she was sure she was getting something else uncomfortable, not that the colonscope was pleasant.

"Ok, just lay on your back for a minute while I get everything ready." The guy, Robert, by his namebadge said. "My name is Robert by the way." He said from somewhere out of Vicky's vision off to the side. She could hear water running. The enema being prepared no doubt.

A few minutes later he came in and wheeled a stand over beside the table she was laying on. Above her the x-ray machine loomed like a great monster. She wasn't afraid of it though having been x-rayed a few times for broken bones and suspected broken bones she knew that an x-ray didn't hurt. Then Robert came back and hung up a bag. It was a HUGE enema bag. It looked bigger than the 4 liter bag she had to endure last night.

"All ... all of that?" Vicky got scared.

"Probaby not. But we have to have plenty in case. Some patients take more than others. Judging from your body size I'd say no more than 2/3 of it." Robert said as he put the nozzle onto the hose. It looked similar to the inflatable nozzle from last night.

"How much is in there?"

"Six liters. Ok, just raise your legs up to your chest for me so I can put the nozzle in then we'll get you a bit more comfortable." Robert said.

Vicky felt rather nervous about this. Six liters was a lot. Last night she remembered enduring five liters at least twice. This was even more. What had she got herself into? As she raised her legs up to her chest she became aware that this gave Robert a perfect view of her shaved pussy. Her face turned red at letting this guy see her and she hardly even knew him. She felt him grease her ass hole for the umpteenth time in the last two days and then the nozzle slid in easily. She must be about worn out she thought from all the stuff that had been in and out of her ass hole. Then she felt him inflating the nozzle and could hear the hiss of air as he pumped. He pumped it up a lot more than the nurses last night and it began to hurt.

"Owe!" she said.

"Ok, I'll stop but we need to get it tight to keep from leaking." Robert said and she could hear the hiss of air again but this time something outside of her began to press inward. It sucked the balloon inside up against her ass hole and began to squeeze her ass hole in a tight grip. He poked at the outer balloon a bit and pumped once more. "Ok you can put your legs down now."

Vicky brought her legs down but with the large thing stuck in her butt couldn't lay flat. "I can't, it's pulling on me."

"That's ok. Just relax .. here, lift your legs a bit." Robert said and put a foam block under her legs. She rested her weight on the block and found that it wasn't putting as much pressure on her ass hole as was trying to lay her legs flat.

When she had tried to put her legs flat the nozzle pulled backwards against her hole but the outer balloon was large enough she didn't want to put her cheeks together either. It was very uncomfortable.

"OK, just relax. I need to take a few films like that before we put any barium into you."

"Can you hurry, this is uncomfortable." Vicky said.

"What's bothering you? This procedure is going to take about an hour. You need another pillow for your head?" Robert asked, concerned.

"This table is hard as hell and that thing in my butt hurts."

"I'm sorry Vicky but you'll just have to try and endure it. I'll work as fast as I can. You want another pillow?"


Robert put another pillow under her head. At least with her head elevated she didn't have that feeling that all the blood from her legs was rushing in. It was still uncomfortable but at least it was just now her back from the hard surface and her butt hole which was plugged up good with the balloon nozzle in her. And she soon would be feeling that liquid white stuff going into her she thought as she looked up at the large bag looming overhead.

"Ok, lie still for me." Robert said. She heard a humm then he came in and pulled a plate out from underneath the table and replaced it. He repeated the procedure again. Then he moved the x-ray head and set a rectangular film sideways on the table next to her and had her hold it by the edge while he shot two sideways. Then Robert moved another machine over to her and she could see her insides on the flourscope.

"Is that me?"

"Yes it is. See the nozzle?" he said and pointed it out. "Right now you're empty but watch as the barium goes in." Robert said and unclamped the tubing. Vicky felt a cool liquid entering her bowels. It wasn't too unpleasant but felt rather thick. She watched as she could see the column of barium proceeding to fill her colon on the screen.

Robert watched for a few moments and then stopped the flow. He moved the flourscope and repositioned the x-ray and took a film. Then he put the flourscope back and opened the clamp again. He proceeded to do this several times until he had taken a total of ten films.

Vicky looked up at the bag and saw that it was nearly 2/3 inside of her. She felt quiet full. And it was surely four liters by the way that she felt. She had watched as Robert had filled her with the liquid barium and her colon looked like an inverted U on her body.

"I'll bet you're feeling pretty full aren't you?" Robert said as he opened the clamp again.

"Please, no more." She whined.

"Sorry, just a bit more. We need to distend your colon and straighten out the rest of the kinks. I'll stop just as it begins to flow past the cecum. That's the round knob like thing here at the end." Robert pointed out.

Vicky watched and waited as the barium slowly flowed into her. She could feel the pressure building and watched on the flourscope monitor as the small wrinkles of her colon straightened. Her stomach muscles were sore from all the enemas. The pressure was beginning to hurt and Robert shut off the flow. "There, the cecum is full now. Any more and it will go into your small intestine. Now I need to shoot two more films so just lay still for me."

Vicky moaned as she waited. He took a film and then a second one. "Ok Vicky, just be still and don't move around a lot. I need to go look at these and it will take several minutes. I need to make sure they aren't blurry for the radiologist to read later. Are you feeling ok? Need to throw up?"

"No, they gave me some thorazine this morning, that must still be working."

"Ok, I'll be back in ten minutes. Just lay there and try not to think about it." Robert said and left.

Think about it? That was all Vicky did while he was gone. She lay there in the x-ray room with over four and a half liters of thick white barium enema bloating her stomach and thought about how full she was and how much she wanted to let it out. She had relaxed her sphincter muscle much earlier realizing that the nozzle was pumped in tight and wasn't going to let any of the enema out. She thought about how this could be used for a medieval torture with just a bit more water. Very tired from being washed out all night and not getting too much sleep she dozed off.

"Ok I'm back. Your films look good so far. Ready for the next part?"

"Next part?" Vicky asked. This was miserable enough.

"I'm going to let the enema out while you lay there and relax." Robert said and lowered the bag to a hook under the table. He then unclamped the nozzle and Vicky could feel the enema going out in reverse this time. The pressure relived quickly and Robert watched on the flourscope as she depressurized. "Ok, I'm going to smoke a cigarette while you are draining. Here is the call button if you need something. You need to drain for about fifteen minutes or so. Just relax and maybe rub your stomach some. I'll leave the flourscope on so you can play with your colon a bit. Its kinda cool to squish it and watch."

Vicky thought he had a rather sick sense of humor. But when he left she put her hand on her stomach and could see the bones in her hand. She played around with making hand puppets for a moment then pushed on her stomach. Sure enough, she could affect the white outline of her colon when she pushed. After a few minutes she figured out where to push to get the stuff to leave. Robert was right, even with his sick sense of humor, it was sort of cool to play with your colon watching it in the flourscope and having it full of barium enema. She wondered if he had done it to himself during training.

After a while she got tired of this and just lay there and dozed off again. A noise startled her and she realized it was Robert coming back in. "You ok there Vicky?"


"Good. I see you've got most of it out now." Robert said and looked at the flourscope. "Ok, this next part is going to feel sort of bad. I'm going to pump some air into your colon and you're going to feel like you need to fart really, really bad. It goes pretty quick though so just bear with me."

Vicky watched as she heard the air hissing from the hand pump he was squeezing. She felt the air bubbles inside and could see it on the scope. He was right, it did hurt. "Owwwe!"


He continued to pump air into her and with the balloon nozzle still inflated she couldn't let it out. She watched as her colon expanded again but had a transparent, ghostly image to it now, different than the barium enema going in. It hurt like hell though! Finally he stopped and told her to lay still for an x-ray. She was panting and whining from the pain of the air. Three more films later Robert finally announced it was over. He opened a valve and she could hear the air going out of her into the bag of barium enema and bubbling.

After another ten minutes Robert came over and inspected her on the scope and pushed on her abdomen a few times. Vicky was surprised at how tender she was. She had been through a lot in the last few days.

"Ok, raise up your legs for me again and I'll get this out of you." Robert said. Vicky complied and wondered what he was thinking as he saw her pussy. "All done. Here let me help you up. Why don't you go sit on the toilet for a few minutes before I send you back to your room?" Robert helped her to the small toilet cubicle in the corner. "Good, you've been good. Bye." It had a curtain around it. She gratefully sat down, not realizing how tired she now was. He was right, and soon enough she felt the urge and bared down and a squirt of something came out of her ass. She looked down and saw a white blob floating in the water.

A little while later an orderly came and collected her. She wiped and got up and sat in the wheelchair on a towel that was on the chair. They must expect a mess, she thought to herself as she was wheeled back to her room.

Vicky's mom was waiting for her in her room. "I was beginning to wonder about you."

"Mom that was horrible!"

"I know dear, I had one of those a few years back. You think they'll never stop pumping you up with enema." She said as she helped her daughter into the bed.

"I don't want to do this again." Vicky said.

"Well hopefully the doctor will figure out what was wrong with you and you won't have to." Her mom said, aware that the many enemas had the desired effect on her daughter. She doubted that Vicky would be playing around with wine enemas again any time soon. "I talked to Dr. Jansen earlier and she said that they didn't find anything on the colonscope exam. She said she'll come back in before they discharge you. Are you hungry?"

"Famished! I haven't had anything to eat since lunch yesterday."

"The nurse came by and your lunch should be here soon."


After lunch Vicky and her mom were talking and watching some TV when a nurse showed up. "Well Miss Vicky, it is time for your enema."

"Enema? Another one? Please, no...." Vicky got scared.

"Well we need to get all of the rest of the barium out of you. You don't want to get constipated do you?" she said as she got the two liter bag and filled it with soapy water.

"Please, do I have to?"

"Come on and be a big girl for me. You had a lot of them last night. Just two more and then you can go home?"

"Two!" Vicky held the covers up to her.

"Come on Vicky, let her do her job." Vicky's mom said.

The nurse urged Vicky onto her left side. She started crying as the nurse lubricated her anus and inserted the nozzle. Then the flood of warm, soapy water started. Vicky's mom was holding her hand. "No...." she whined.

After a little while the 2 liters of warm, soapy water had emptied into Vicky's colon and the nurse took out the nozzle. "Ok, make sure she holds it ten minutes to loosen up the barium. Vicky, lay on your back and I'll give you a massage."

Vicky rolled over onto her back clutching her somewhat enema swollen abdomen. It was so sore from all the enemas, now to add to the insult she was holding another. The nurse slowly massaged her belly working the soapy water around inside. The cramps were getting quite severe as the soap worked inside. "Plesae let me go, please." Vicky whined.

After ten minutes she did get to go and the nurse promised to return for a rinse. Forty five minutes later Vicky got rinsed out and then Dr. Jansen showed up.

"Well Vicky you've been through a lot of tests today. As I told you this morning we didn't find anything on the colonscopic exam and the barium enema x-ray didn't show anything either. For now I think we need to watch your diet. I'd like to see you in two weeks for a follow up." Dr. Jansen said handing Vicky a dietary list.

"So I can go home now?" Vicky asked.

"Yes you can. The nurse will be by in a few minutes to take your IV out."

"Thank you Dr. Jansen." Vicky's mom said.

On the way home Vicky looked out the car window and thought about what she had just been through. She admitted to herself that she deserved what she had got for not coming clean with her mom about taking a wine enema. It would be a while before she experimented with that again.

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