L.A. Wicker


Later that day, Chantal and I drove home. I figured getting a hot piece of ass like her would be better than camping any day. She sat next to me as I drove, “Daddy, was Trisha good?” she asked giving me a sexy smile. “And, she’s not on the pill! So, you might be having two sexy girls living with you soon.” She said laughing.

“Oh really! Hummm, two hot girls in my house to keep me happy?” I teased Chantal. “I think that would be great!” I smiled at her and ran my hand between her legs. A soft moan came from her, “Is that good?” I asked her and started to caress up her pussy.

More little moans came from her, “Daddy! I need you inside me so bad!” she moaned spreading her legs, giving me more access to touch her hot mound. After a few more caresses, “OH DADDY!” Chantal screamed out. “You made me cum!” her beautiful body began to spasm and her tight pussy exploded.

I pushed my hand down the front of her skin-tight jeans to her orgasming pussy. “Go baby! Cum on my hand. I want to feel my baby girl cum!” I said trying to fuck her with my hand as I drove down the highway. “How’s this?” I asked her and slid two fingers deep in her wet pussy.

“Oh Daddy!” she cried out and started moving her sexy wide hips to fuck herself with my fingers. “You’re the best Daddy in the world!” she moaned and I felt her wonderful pussy squeezing my fingers as she orgasmed again.

I moved my fingers in and out of her tender body, “I think, you’re the best daughter in the world!” I said leaning to her mouth to give her a good deep kiss. And, I fingered her until we got home.

“Shit, I could sleep for a week!” she smiled at me with love in her eyes. “And, to rest up for my man!” her hand squeezed my cock, “Be ready tonight, I’m going to fuck you until I pass out!” she giggled and ran into the house.

I didn’t see Chantal until midnight, when she came to my room. “Hi Daddy.” She softly said as she walked towards my bed only wearing a small pair of red panties and a smile. “I’m ready. I need you inside me.” She said with love.

My hand reached for my sexy daughter, “It will be my pleasure!” I said helping her on my lap. My hard cock was standing up between our bodies, “Look how far it’s going to go inside you.” I said pointing just under her tiny ‘belly button’.

A soft moan came from deep inside her, “I think it will fit in me really good.” She said looking into my eyes and she leaned to kiss me as my woman, not as a daughter. Her sexy hips began to move against my hard cock and I could feel the heat coming from her. “Love me, Daddy!” she begged me.

I laid her back on my bed and gently pulled down her damp panties, exposing the beautiful flower I was about to take. “You’re going to make a wonderful lover and the mother of our babies.” I moved over her, placing my swollen cock-head to her wet opening. “I love you!” I said as I gently pushed into her young body.

“OH DADDY!” Chantal moaned, as my hard, long cock pushed so deep in her body until our hips met. “I love you!” she said as her arms and legs wrapped around me, pulling me even deeper into her. I could feel her delicate muscles squeezing my cock, milking it for its seeds.

I pushed in her one final time, “Oh girl! You are unbelievable!” I moaned, enjoying the feel of her insides squeezing me. It felt like two loving hands gently pulling and cuddling my hard cock. My mouth covered hers; we kissed deeply, looking into each others eyes.

Chantal began to thrust her sexy hips to my cock, “Fuck me, Daddy! Make me cum!” she cried as she squeezed her arms around my neck. “I need to cum around your cock so bad!” she moaned pushing her hips to meet my thrusting into her body.

“Yes! Cum on me!” I moaned as I pushed in and out of her young, lively body. “I’m going to fill you so full!” I said giving her a tiny kiss. “What if you get pregnant?” I asked as I pumped her tight pussy and looked into her eyes, when she heard my words a smile came over her face.

“I think I’ll like that.” She whispered moving her hips with mine. “In fact, it turns me on!” Chantal moaned and her breathing became harder. “I’m.. I’m..” a small groan came from her mouth. “OH GOD!” she screamed when her tight pussy began to orgasm around my stiff cock.

I pushed in her, “Go! Cum on me, my sexy daughter!” I yelled as my cock started shooting hot cum deep into her warm insides. “Chantal!” I yelled out each time my cock shot into her young body.

“Go Daddy! Pump me full of your cum!” she moaned as I used her tiny pussy. “Give me your child. Make me your woman!” she cried out as I thrust into her burning, hot pussy.

I rammed in her like a wild man, I wanted to fuck my beautiful daughter for so long and now I was making up for lost time. “Baby, you are so fucking hot!” I yelled out I moved in and out of her tiny pussy. “Yes!” I yelled again as the last of my seeds shot in her and I lied across her wonderful breasts.

“Wow! You sure do know how to please a woman in heat!” she said, caressing my hair. “Suck my nipples, I want to get them ready for when I have your baby.” she moaned as I sucked a nipple into my mouth, “Ahhh, yes!”


Chantal looked so good as her belly grew with our baby, “Damn, every time I see you, I could take you to bed!” I told her as I pulled her swelling body into my stiff cock and slid it inside her, “Your pussy seems hotter every time I slide it in you.” I moaned as I held her in my arms.

“Daddy!” she said moving her swollen hips to me. As I went in and out of her warm pussy, I caressed her tummy thinking of what was growing inside. “I love it when you touch me. I feel so loved.” She said as tears ran down her pretty face. “I need to tell you something.” She began to cry and pulled from me.

“What’s wrong baby?” I asked her as I watched her sit on the sofa. I rushed to hold her in my arms. “Tell me what’s wrong.” I said rocking her.

She looked to me with tears running down her face, “Trisha! Her family disowned her.” She cried harder, her body sobbed against me. “She doesn’t have anybody to take care of her.”

“Why?” I asked looking to her. “She’s pregnant, too!” I said before Chantal could even answer. I was filled with joy for having another baby, but was so sad for the young girl. “Where is she?” I asked ready to jump in my truck and go get the young, lonesome thing as fast as I could.

“She’s still at school. I paid the apartment rent for her and gave her money. I hope your not mad at me for helping her.” She sobbed, looking to see if I would be mad.

I was in shock that Chantal never told me what Trisha was going through. I got her pregnant and she shouldn’t have to worry about anything. “Why didn’t you tell me? We can have her come live with us.” I asked her with sadness. “She’s a great girl. I’d love having you both here.” I said wiping a tear from her face.

“She didn’t want me to. She’s a real ‘bull’ headed person.” Chantal giggled when she could see that I wasn’t mad at either of them. “Can we go get her tonight? I’d feel so much better if she were here with us.” She pleaded, and gave me a great kiss. “Please?” she begged.

I gave her a kiss in return and said, “Yes! Let’s get ready.” I told her and we went to get my other woman and soon to be mother of my other baby.

It was just after midnight when I walked up to Trisha’s door, I could see the dim light of her TV coming from under the door.

‘KNOCK, KNOCK’ I gently tapped on the door.

“Who is it?” she asked in a soft, scared voice.

I leaned to her door, “It’s Hank. Chantal’s Dad. I’m here to get you.” I said and the door flew open.

Trisha stood before me, her face filled with happiness and big tears running down her face. Her sweet bottom lip stuck out and began to tremble. I pulled her into my arms, “I’m so glad you came for me.” She cried as she sobbed in my arms.

“Don’t cry baby. I’m here to take you home!” I told her as I gently rocked her in my arms. “You’ll never have to worry about anything ever again.”


Trisha and Chantal grew more and more with each passing day. Their beautiful pregnant bodies filled my eyes and my arms when I held them. It was the best feeling I’d ever known, two very pretty, young ladies that were both going to give me a baby.

Chantal, Trisha and I were relaxing, watching some show when Chantal said, “I’m so fucking horny I could die!” she giggled looking at Trisha and I. “Let’s go to my room, Daddy.” Chantal whispered in my ear hoping that Trisha didn’t.

“NO FAIR! I’m horny too!” Trisha yelled out laughing and reached to playfully slap Chantal on her arm. “Let’s have a ”cat” fight to see who gets him!”

“I don’t think so, why not see who can suck me off the fastest wins!” I said teasing them, “Or you both could… share me.” I asked not knowing what they would think of all of us making love together. Up until now, each of us had our own room, I went to see them on different nights.

Chantal laughed, “I should have known you’d liked that, Daddy. All you men are the same.” She laughed again hugging me. “I think that would be a blast! Sharing you.” She moaned and reached to rub my hard cock.

“I think that would be great!” Trisha said as her hand joined Chantal’s in my pants. “He’s already so hard. Feel it? I’ve got a great idea!” Trisha said looking into my daughters eyes.

Chantal just smiled and replied, “Let’s both suck him off!” and they unzipped my jeans, freeing my hard cock. “Oh it’s so beautiful!” she moaned and both girls started licking it, from the base up to the swollen head. Their hot little tongues teasing me and they would sneak and lick each other.

I leaned back on the sofa, watching them as they licked every inch of my stiff cock, “Who wants to suck it first?” I asked as I caressed both of their faces. “You my sexy daughter or you, my sweet Trisha?.” Both of them were masters at sucking cock, either of them could suck me off in just minutes.

“I will!” Trisha moaned and her mouth covered me, sucking me all the way down her silky throat. Her soft moans filled the silent room while her dreamy eyes watched my pleasured face. As her head moved up and down my hard, long shaft Chantal moved to help. Both were now sucking my cock, one on each side of my cock-head and they started to kiss each other. My cock was right in the middle of the two sexy girls as they began to please each other.

“Oh my Lord! You two are going to kill me!” I moaned as Chantal reached to hold Trisha’s milk filled breasts. “Suck one of her tits while she sucks me!” I said as I watched my two sexy girls. “Trisha, lie up here on my lap so Chantal can suck you.” I said smiling at her.

She did as I asked and went straight back to sucking my cock. Chantal sat on the floor leaning to Trisha; she sucked one of the milk filled beauties in her mouth. “Oh yes!” Trisha moaned out as Chantal gently pleased her swollen breast. “Suck it my sweet! It’s been so very long since the last time.” Trisha moaned and smiled at me.

“You two have done this before?” I asked them with a fatherly look. “Now you can do it and I can watch!” I smiled at them both and pulled Chantal off the floor. “Time we went to bed, I want to see you two sexy things love each other.”

We all went to my room, my two girls didn’t even get on the bed before they had begun to kiss and touch every inch of their bodies. Soft moans came from each sexy girl as their fingers explored every crevice and burrow they could find. Trisha slid her tiny fingers inside Chantal, slowly moving them in and out of her wet pussy, then they both licked her fingers dry.

“Holly shit!” was all I could say as I took in the great sex show going on in front of me. Then, Chantal moved Trisha to my bed laying her down; she moved her mouth to cover Trisha’s wet pussy and began to suck her. “You two are great! Wish I had my video camera.” I said as I watched my sexy Chantal pleasing Trisha’s hot pussy. As she took advantage of it I could hear soft suckling sounds and tiny moans coming from Trisha.

“Oh yes!” Trisha moaned out with joy as Chantal pleased her pussy. Trisha held Chantal’s head between her legs and smashed her face into her pregnant pussy. “Suck it just like you used to! So, slow and with all of your love!” Trisha moaned as she caressed Chantal.

I couldn’t take any more I had to join in on this, “I’m going to fuck you as you eat her pussy.” I told Chantal as I moved behind her on the floor. “Here goes baby.” and I slid my cock deep in her fat, pregnant pussy hole as far as I could. “Oh fuck!” I moaned when our hips met. Her pussy began to milk me dry as I held her hips.

“Oh Daddy!” cried out with joy and turned to give me a sexy smile. “Fuck me like a dirty old whore! Look, I’m eating a pregnant bitch’s pussy.” She said licking her lips and rammed her ass back into my hard, long cock.

My hands held each side of her wide hips, “You sure about this?” I asked just making sure that Chantal really did want a good hard fucking. I was so damn horny from watching her eat out Trisha she would get a very hard fucking.

“YES! Fuck my fat pussy! Make me your fat, pregnant, whore!” she said gritting her pretty white teeth at me. “Do it now!” she rammed back into my stiff cock, driving it deep into her pregnant pussy.

“Oh you pregnant whore!” I said teasing my sexy daughter. “You wanta be my pregnant whore? Well, here goes!” and I rammed my hard cock in her to the root. I lifted her off the floor I rammed in her so far and deep.

She pushed back to me as hard as she could and screamed out, “FUCK ME, YOU PRICK! FUCK ME!” Chantal rammed her wide ass back into my cock with each of my thrust into her fat body. She was on fire and needed me to put it out. Our skin slapped together so hard it hurt, but the pleasure of using her hot pussy was the only thing I felt.

“Cum you horny little bitch! Cum on your Father’s hard, long cock!” I yelled at her and gave her a tiny swat on her ass. I heard Trisha giggling at Chantal and I, “Do you want some of this?” I asked her.

“Yes! Soon as you make her horny ass cum! But, I want it nice and easy. Just like a Daddy should use a little girl’s pussy.” Trisha purred as she looked at me fucking my daughter like a cheep whore. I could see lust in her eyes as Chantal was pleasing her pussy.

About that time Chantal leaned against me and started to shake, “OH MOTHER FUCKER!” and her pregnant pussy began to orgasm around my stiff cock pole. “Daddy! Yes! Yes!” she yelled out as she leaned on me letting her orgasm rush through her pregnant body. I held her to me as tight as I could. “Yes, Daddy!” she moaned when I squeezed her fat tits and warm milk shot from her swollen nipples and across the floor.

“Cum on my cock, you horny bitch!” I said as I thrust in and out of her tiny pussy. I started sucking the side of her neck, pumping her with full, long strokes in and out of her spasming pussy. “Come on, baby! Get it all out for Daddy.” I told her as my hands gave her breasts another good squeeze, this time the milk ran down my hands and over the front of her swollen belly.

“Oh my dear, sweet, Daddy!” Chantal moaned as she lied against me panting for air. “Take me to my bed then you and Trisha can finish up.” She added with a smile. “The poor thing has been horny all day.”

I pulled from Chantal, my cock was so hard it hurt, “You get ready, I need to get this fixed!” I said looking to Trisha as she lied on my bed.

Chantal was tucked in her bed, “I love you, Daddy!” she said closing her pretty eyes and a warm smile filled her face.

“I love you, too!” I replied to my happy, young daughter as I left her room and went back to Trisha and asked, “Are you ready my sweet?” I moved to her pregnant body. “Want it on your knees or what?” I asked her looking between her legs and seeing how wet she was. Tonight, my cock would slide in her tiny hole with ease.

“You lie down, I want on top!” I did as I was told. “I want this deep in me tonight.” She said grabbing my stiff cock. “I want it so deep in me, when you cum, it will hit the baby!” Trisha said with a very lusty voice and she mounted me. “I’m on fire!” she moaned and started to descend down on my cock. It slowly made its way through her tender outer folds of flesh, then into her teeny tunnel, gently spreading her until I began to slip farther inside. Her wetness covered me as I sank deeper, deeper into her soul, until she sat flat on my hips. “Oh Daddy!” Trisha moaned out with a lustful look on her face.

I held her hips as she sat motionless on me, I could feel her tiny pussy as it spasmed around my long cock. “Oh my sweet Trisha!” I said as I sat up to hug her in my arms. She was a wonderful young woman and I dearly loved her.

“It feels so good! So very deep in me, like never before.” She purred and began to move her hips, sending rushing of pleasure through my shaft. “Is it good, Daddy? Lie down and let your girl fix you.” She said in a sexy, low voice. “Let your ”other” daughter make you feel good.” She purred as her hips moved more, this time in small circles.

I watched Trisha with open eyes, she had started squeezing and sucking her milk from her own breasts. “Suck ‘um baby? Just save some for your Daddy.” I teased her as I moved my hands to held her fondle them.

“MMMmmm, it’s warm and taste so sweet.” Trisha moaned out licking her lips and moving her hips more, bringing us closer to exploding together. “My pussy is so close, Daddy!” she grunted as she moved faster. “Daddy, fuck me! I’m getting so tired.” She begged and rolling off me and onto the bed, spreading her legs so wide. “Hurry! PLEASE” she moaned pushing her hips up in the air.

“Oh yes, Daddy will fix you.” I said moving over her and pushing my cock back into her ready pussy as far as I could get it. “How’s this baby?” I asked and started pumping her soaked pussy hole. In and out my hard cock slipped with ease, as her warm juices covered me.

Her soft moans of pleasure filled my darkened room, “oh daddy. Yes. Yes.” Her sweet voice cried out. Her hips lifted to welcome each of my deep, but gentle push into her swollen body. “I’m so close!” Trisha moaned as her arms reached for my neck, pulling me to her face. Her warm tongue found its way into my mouth and we kissed and kissed. “DADDY!” was all Trisha could say when her young body began to orgasm, around my long cock.

“Yes Baby! Go!” I said as I too released my thick cum deep into her already pregnant, young body. “Oh my sweet, little girl!” I moaned as I filled her so full of cum it ran from her wet pussy and down the crack of her beautiful ass. I gently moved my squirting cock in and out of her spasming pussy, until we had been satisfied.

Later, Trisha and I were lying in each others arms, “I wish you were my real, Daddy.” She said with a frown. “It would make this so much more special.” She added giving me a soft kiss on the mouth. Her pretty eyes were filled with so much love.

“Well, if you were I couldn’t ask you to marry me.” I said with a big smile. “I have to marry one of you girls seeing that I got you both pregnant.” I added looking up to see Chantal watching us. “Come join us my sweet.” I said to her watching her pregnant body move towards me. Her milk filled breasts swayed from side to side and tiny droplets of milk escaped her nipples.

She lied with Trisha and I and asked, “Did you just ask my sweet “step” sister to marry you” she smiled and waited for me to reply. Her pretty eyes were filled with excitement.

“I did, but she never answered me, so I guess not.” I teased the two girls.

“You better say “yes” to Daddy or he’ll send you to your room with no sex.” Chantal giggled at Trisha and reached to give her a tickle under her arm. “Come on, say “yes” to Daddy!” she tickled Trisha even more, this time her hands found their way between her legs.

“OK, now stop it!” Trisha giggled out and gave me a big hug. “When we’re married, can I spank her?” Trisha asked me then she said, “I’ll be your Mom. I can do anything to you!” she said with a big grin on her face.

“Holly crap! This could make for a good story some day!” I said hugging both my girls to me.

The end.