Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Sorry, John by Story Codes: humor watersports Author's Note: This story involves sexual activity between consenting adults. If it is illegal to read about such things in your jurisdiction, or if you're not into that kind of story, please delete this file immediately. This story is entirely a work of fiction; none of the events described herein have actually taken place (at least to the author's knowledge). This story may be posted with no deletions or other changes to a noncommercial web site or the free section of a commercial website. This story is copyright by the author 2012 and all rights are reserved. "So, dude, the weirdest thing happened this weekend when Melissa and I went camping." "What, you get attacked by a rabid rabbit or something?" "No, man, don't be stupid. We were outside the tent, laying in the grass and fucking. She was on top, so I was laying on my back. After we came, we sat there for a few minutes, my dick still kinda half hard inside her, and then she said she had to pee and started to get up." "Well, I don't know what made me do it, but I grabbed her legs and told her not to move- just to stay where she was and piss. I mean, I've heard of, you know, people pissing on each other during sex, and always thought it was a little weird, but what the fuck- we were high, I figured we could try it and see what it was like, you know? And she was all, `You want me to piss on you? With your cock still inside me? Mike, that's weird.' And I was all, `Yeah, babe, I know, but some people like it. I just wanna see what it's like, `K? The lake's right there to wash off in, it'll be cool. Just do it.' " "So she said, `OK' and just let go, right there on top of me. And you know, it felt really weird, her hot piss running down my balls and ass, some of it spraying out on my stomach, some going down my legs. But it was kinda hot, too. My dick got real stiff real quick, and we started fucking again while she was still pissing. Both of us came really, really hard, even though we'd just fucked a few minutes before. You should try it some time." "No way, man. Pissing on each other is just sick. I'm not ever going to do something like that." "No, man, you should. I thought it would be weird, too, but it turned out to get both of us really hot." "All I am saying is, give piss a chance." Author's Note: I'm really, really sorry about doing that to you, but the joke occurred to me and I couldn't not write the story. I'll go report to the torturer for my well-deserved flogging for perpetrating such a horrible pun.