Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Ready or Not... by Story Codes: M/f cons inc Author's Note: This story involves sexual activity between an adult male and an underage female. If it is illegal to read about such things in your jurisdiction, or if you're not into that kind of story, please delete this file immediately. This story is entirely a work of fiction; none of the events described herein have actually taken place (at least to the author's knowledge). The author does not recommend or condone sex with minor children. This story may be posted with no deletions or other changes to a noncommercial web site or the free section of a commercial website. This story is copyright by the author 2012 and all rights are reserved. It was a typical Friday evening at the Carver house. My 11-year-old daughter, Naomi, was cuddled into my side on the couch, a blanket covering us. My wife, Julie, was across the living room, doing something on the computer- either chatting with one of her many Internet buddies, or reading sex stories on, or reading romance stories on some site I avoided or another. Naomi's 9-year-old sister, Olesya, was laying on the floor in her favorite sleeping attire, a long, old, worn Metallica t-shirt she'd claimed from me when she was 5 and refused to return. My 15-year-old son, Marc, was out with his girlfriend, both glad to be away from their dorky families. Naomi's hand was inside my pants, having pushed my hard 6-incher to one side so she could cup and fondle my balls. They've been a fascination for her ever since she first played with them last year. She'd spend hours just bouncing and squeezing them if I let her- and sometimes I did, as long as she'd jerk me off or suck me now and then. I mean, having your balls bounced is great, but a bit frustrating if your cock is hard, twitching and ignored. Fortunately, she likes cum, too: on her hand, in her warm mouth or tight preteen pussy, on her face or barely budded tits or her crotch- well, anywhere on or in her body, actually. The show we were (supposedly) watching broke for a commercial. 'Lesya rolled on her side to look at us, setting one foot on the floor and bending her leg. That spread her t-shirt, which fell back around where her waist would someday be, completely exposing her flat, boyish butt and her bald, undeveloped, slightly open cunt. Naomi giggled when my cock twitched at the sight. It's not like it was a new or even an unusual view- 'Lesya was very casual and unconcerned about displaying her girl parts. In fact, I'd begun to suspect my younger daughter might be an exhibitionist, as she was constantly "accidentally" exposing herself around anything male. Naomi let go of my balls and wrapped her small hand around my cock, which twitched again when she squeezed it. "Wanna watch a DVD when this is over?" 'Lesya asked. "Sure," I said, trying not to moan as Naomi stroked me, her hand running up my shaft to squeeze and twist around my engorged head. "Why don't you pick one out?" "OK," she said. She rose to her hands and knees and began looking through our DVD collection, her butt up in the air and her pussy winking in and out of sight as the hem of her t-shirt rose and fell with her movements. Even though I was used to seeing her naked little cunt, I still enjoyed watching it, especially when (as now) it started getting shiny from her little girl secretions. "You like 'Lesya's little pussy, don't you?" Naomi whispered. "Bet you'd like this" she squeezed my cock "stuck up inside her hot little cunt, wouldn't you?" She slowly ran her hand down the shaft. "Yes," I admitted quietly, "but right now I want my big old Daddy dick in this" I wiggled my finger, which was pumping in and out of her own tight, wet bald pussy "soon. Like, now would be a really good time, before I blow all over your hand and my pants." She snickered and started tucking me back into my pants. "My room or yours?" she asked. I glanced over at Julie; she was busily typing away in a chat program. 'Lesya was still digging through DVDs, but had stretched forward so her t-shirt was pulled up over her hips. Her little cunt was pulled open, a dark hole leading into her unplumbed depths. Unless she was a lot stretchier than she looked, I'd never get my cock inside; guess I'd just have to wait until she was older before I could fuck her. Of course, my fingers and tongue were much smaller, and I vowed I'd find a way to introduce her to the feel of both sometime soon. Pulling my finger out of Naomi's cunt, I pulled the front of her short nightgown down, wiping her girl juices on her thigh. "Mine. You go first," I whispered. She squeezed my cock through my pants, bringing forth yet another blob of precum, before moving the blanket and standing up. Her nightgown fell forward to cover her pantiless crotch but failed to stop the scent of aroused cunt which rose from, well, her aroused cunt. "I've got to pee," she announced, and hurried down the hall. 'Lesya meanwhile held up a DVD and looked at me over her shoulder, leaning to one side and extending her leg so her pussy pulled open further. "Is Up OK?" she asked, smiling as she caught me looking between her legs. "Sure, baby girl," I said, unashamed at being caught. I deliberately looked back at her cunt and licked my lips, then looked back up at her. "I'm going to go get my pajamas on. I'll be right back." "OK, Daddy," she said, her eyes locking on my tented pants as I stood up and followed Naomi down the hall. A glance back over my shoulder showed Julie staring intently at the computer screen and grinning, while 'Lesya was watching me with one finger sliding along her slit. I grinned at her and squeezed my cock before stepping into my room. Naomi was leaning on the bed, nightgown hitched up around her waist. Her round firm butt was sticking up in the air, and her middle finger was massaging her clit. Girl lube flowed from her open fuckhole and oozed down her thighs; the room smelled of hot, horny girl. I lost no time losing my pants, nor in grabbing a condom and unrolling it down my hard dick. I stepped up behind her, ran my cockhead up and down her slit until it was nice and wet, aimed and slid in to the balls. Her tight cunt squeezed hard around its familiar and welcome intruder, pulling me in as a shudder and a sigh ran through Naomi's body. "Oh, yessss," she hissed, pushing her curvy little ass back against me. "Fuck me good, Daddy. I need cock." I didn't need any encouragement; I was pumping my hard 6-incher in and out of her hot twat before she even finished talking. Hers is one of the tightest cunts I've ever fucked, and I was hoping she wouldn't mature too quickly- I wanted to keep fucking someone this tight for as long as possible. Her tits were as yet tiny little mounds barely raised off her chest, but they'd been growing for only about three months; I hoped puberty wouldn't flood in too quickly and turn this tight vise into a mature womanly cunt too quickly. Naomi groaned as I fucked her steadily, my cock bumping her cervix every time I bottomed out. Tight she was, but she was also a leaker- cunt cream flowed out of her, making our joining slick and easy even as she gripped me hard. It was fragrant, too, and I'd wondered more than once how my wife could not have noticed when we were fooling around under the blanket, or had grabbed a quickie in the bathroom, the kitchen, or elsewhere in the house. (And by now, we'd fucked just about everywhere in the house, leaving no room- or closet- unused.) Julie had never seemed to notice, though, not even the time she walked in on us in Naomi's room- I barely had time to pull my finger out of her cunt as the door opened. Naomi was also hot, her pussy almost feverish when aroused. It was liked sticking my dick in an oven, or what a mobile home's pipes must feel like when the heat wrap turns on. Never had I fucked a cunt as hot as Naomi's, and I'd fucked a lot of girls in high school and college. Fiery hot, soaking wet, clamping tight- I loved fucking my little girl. It's fortunate she cums easily, because I never can last long. She's just too exquisitely sexy. (Fortunate too, since we rarely have the privacy for a long, leisurely fuck.) She slammed herself back against my thighs as her orgasm hit, her pussy muscles squeezing and pulling at my cock. Her fuckhole clamped down so tight it would've stopped my cum, if my own orgasm had hit just then. Shuddering and shaking, panting and moaning, she'd have collapsed if I hadn't been holding her up by her hipbones. As her orgasm abated, and her legs reasserted themselves, I started pumping again into her still-pulsing pussy; in less than a dozen strokes, I started filling the condom with my sticky baby goo. It was still spurting when the door opened, and Julie walked in, followed by 'Lesya. "I'm going to spend the night over at Terri's," she announced, pulling a short, sexy nightgown out of the drawer. (Julie has always been bisexual, and Terri was her sometime lover; it wasn't unusual for the two to spend the night together.) "I'll be back before school in the morning." She stepped over and kissed me on the cheek, even though I'm standing there with my wilting drained cock stuck in our 11-year-old daughter's obviously well-fucked pussy. Julie leaned down and kissed Naomi too even though she (like me) was staring at her pop-eyed. "Don't monopolize your father," Julie said, smiling. "Remember that your sister has a needy pussy, too. See you in the morning." And with that, she walked out. Both Naomi and I watched her go, stunned. When the door closed behind her, my eyes fell on 'Lesya, who was standing there with her t-shirt on the floor, a big grin on her face, and two fingers up her baby twat. "Are you ready for me, Daddy?" she asked. My cock quit shrinking, although it made no move to restiffen, at least not yet. I looked down at Naomi's sweet butt, then at 'Lesya's small bald cunt. Was I ready? I guess I was about to find out.