Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Country Living Stories One Hot June Day by Story Codes: b+m/g+f 1st cons oral voy Author's Note: This story involves sexual activity between a variety of people, all of whom are minors. If it is illegal in your jurisdiction to read about such things, please delete this story immediately. (And know that you have my sympathies for living in such a repressive atmosphere.) This story is entirely a work of fiction; none of the events described herein actually took place (at least not to the author's knowledge), and the author does not condone sexual activity with (or between) minors. This story is part of a series of loosely connected stories called the Country Living series. Although the same characters are used throughout, there is no need to read previous stories before reading this one (although it'll probably help). The stories (in order) are: One Hot June Day, One Hot June Day After, Elaine Gets in Touch With Her Inner Slut, Steve's 13th Birthday Surprise, Linda Slings the Booze, Ben and Geri, Earl Strikes Out, Elaine's Sleepless Sleepover, Elaine Grows Up and Diane Moves On. I may have more stores in the series, but those are it for now. This story is also very loosely based on a real incident, with people I actually knew. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when it happened. (I have bad timing, as a child and an adult; I'm never around when the fun stuff happens.) I found out the bare details almost 15 years later; "Nicki" decided the other kids should know what sex was about, so she fucked 9-year-old "Ben" while they watched. All the rest of this story, and the others in this series, is purely a figment of my imagination. This story may be posted with no deletions or other changes to a noncommercial web site or the free section of a commercial website. This story is copyright by the author 2012 and all rights are reserved. There were seven of us in the woods that hot June day, enjoying ourselves in our first week of freedom from school. All four of the Funtukis kids, me (Steve Wilkinson), Nicki Sanders and Earl Chamechian had gathered there in search of something to do. Elaine Funtukis was the youngest at 8, followed by her brother Ben at 9, her sister Linda at 11, Earl also 11, and me and Diane Funtukis at 12 (although I was only a couple weeks shy of 13); Nicki was the oldest, having just turned 14. All of `em were "country kids" except me; I'd been a city boy up until a few years before, and in most ways, still was. But I was learning "country ways" and they were a lot more casual. (The name was pronounced "fun-TOO-kess," but I sometimes teased Diane by calling her "fun to kiss." She always said I'd never know. But years later, I did indeed find out that she was fun to kiss and fun to fuck, too. By then, she'd developed a really nice, broad, bouncy butt, the perfect "cushion for pushin'." On this hot June day, though, she still had an almost boyish little butt, just starting to spread out and round back. And only small little mounds where a really nice pair of tits would eventually sprout.) I don't know what the temperature was, but it was really hot and humid. We boys had long since shed our shirts and draped them over a stump. It helped a little, but not enough; we were still sweating, just not quite as badly as the girls. "It's too hot," Linda complained. "Wish we could take our shirts off like the boys." "Go ahead," Earl said, grinning. "We won't mind." Linda looked at him scornfully. "We can't, stupid, `cause we've got boobies." "I don't," Elaine said with a grin, and pulled her too-small t-shirt over her head, tossing it with the others. She was completely flat-chested, her tiny nipples just slightly darker pink spots against her glow-in-the-dark white skin. Ben had bigger nipples than Elaine did. Still, there was something about knowing I was seeing girl nipples that made my cock stir a little. Now, since it figures prominently in what's to come (and cum), I guess I should tell you about my cock. I developed early; by 12, I had a 6-inch cock that was a little more than an inch across. Unfortunately, it didn't do a whole lot after that. By the time it was finished a few years later, I was a hair under 7 inches, and maybe an inch-and-a-half across. Certainly big enough for fun, and I've never had any complaints. But at the time, a 6-inch cock on a scrawny 12-year-old boy who didn't weight 100 pounds looked huge. Linda gasped and demanded Elaine put her top back on. Diane just rolled her eyes, and told Linda to leave her alone. Nicki laughed, and an evil glint came into her eyes. "You know, guys," she said slyly, "it -is- really hot out here. There's no one else around, so no one would see us if we all just got naked." Linda's eyes widened in shock. "No way!" she said. "I don't want boys looking at me naked." "Why not?" Nicki asked reasonably. "You'll get to see them naked, too. I mean, c'mon. I know you must've wondered what boys look like down there. All girls do, especially when we're laying in bed at night and rubbing our pussies." Linda blushed bright, bright red and hung her head. My cock sprang to full length, hard as a rock, at a mental image of Linda laying in bed, her hands on her pussy. (I'd actually seen a bare pussy before. Back where I used to live, my best friend was a girl named Sally. She used to like to play "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" almost as much as I did. We did it a lot, or relatively a lot- at least every month or two from the time we were 5 until I moved away a month after my tenth birthday. For some reason, though, we'd never actually touched each other, just looked.) Nicki noticed my boner, and laughed. "I see -you- like the idea, Steve," she said, and I probably blushed as scarlet as Linda (whose head snapped up and looked at my face, then dropped to my crotch). "Here," Nicki said, and pulled her top off, exposing two tiny cone-shaped tits to our eager view. (Well, Earl, Ben and I were eager. Diane and Linda looked shocked, and Elaine just grinned.) "Now," Nicki said, unzipping her shorts and opening the top, "I'll drop my pants if you drop yours, Steve." She looked right at me, a challenge on her face. She tugged her shorts down just a little, and all I saw was bare skin. Nicki wasn't wearing panties. Now, this was exciting and I was threatening to shoot cum in my underwear, and if Nicki had been a better-looking girl, I probably would have. Not that she was ugly or anything, but she wasn't very cute and was the skinniest person I knew, probably the skinniest I've ever met. "Matchstick arms and legs" makes her sound like she had more padding than she actually did. She could've been a "before" picture in a Save the Children ad. Or an Auschwitz survivor. But she was a girl, and she was willing to get naked if I did. I only hesitated a moment. My hands trembled slightly as I unzipped my own shorts and unfastened the snap. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband, pulled them down slightly until I reached the top of my tighty-whities. I hooked my thumb in the waistband of my underwear, took a deep breath, looked at Nicki, who was smiling (and tugged her shorts down another inch), then bent over, yanking shorts and underwear to my ankles. I kicked them off, then straightened up (blushing scarlet) and held my arms out at my sides. "Ta-da!" I said. My stiff cock bobbed and waved as I moved. All eyes, including Earl's and Ben's, were on it. I felt partially mortified at being naked in front of a group of people, partially excited at being naked in front of a group of people, and partially proud of myself for having the courage to get naked in front of a group of people. Nicki, laughing, kept her word and yanked her own shorts off, also kicking them off to the side. And I was right- no panties. Her mound pushed her pussy way out from her body. It was red and puffy, with a smattering of hair above and along the sides of her slit. Something was sticking out at the top of her slit, and the slit itself appeared shiny, as if it was wet. Nicki too stood straight and held her arms out to her sides, turning slightly as she announced "ta-da" so everyone could get a good look. Elaine laughed, and said, "Me next!" and stripped; her panties were green with little balloons on them. She was of course completely hairless, and her slit was tightly closed and dry; no mysterious little bumps sticking out of the top of her slit. (She reminded me a lot of Sally, who'd looked pretty much the same the last time I'd seen her naked, except Sally was a little bigger.) The other four were just staring, eyes wide, only their heads moving as they looked back and forth between the naked three of us. Ben was the first to react; he shrugged his shoulders, then removed his jeans and tighty-whities. He only had about 3 inches or a little more, but it was standing up stiff and proud, his little grape-size nuts pulled up tight underneath. "C'mon, you guys," Nicki said. "Get with the program." With that, she stepped over to Earl and started fumbling with his pants. Wide-eyed, he just watched as she unzipped him, reached inside and squeezed his cock with a grin, then pulled pants and underwear to the ground. She tapped each leg to get him to raise them, and tossed his pants to the side. Earl was a little bigger than Ben, but I doubted he made 4 inches. I felt proud of my cock, but was a little intimidated by Earl's balls; they were big, bigger than mine, probably the size of large walnuts. That left only Linda and Diane still dressed. Both looked dubious, and neither was making any move to remove anything. Nicki fixed both of them with a stern look and demanded they either "take your clothes off or take a hike, ladies. You aren't -chicken,- are you?" The "chicken" comment did it for Linda. Looking indignant, she yanked off her t-shirt, reached between her small boobs and unclasped her bra, then let it fall to the ground. She stuck her chest out proudly, defiantly, but with tits that were only small mounds barely an inch off her chest, it wasn't terribly impressive. Still, none of us laughed, and all us guys appreciated the sight. Small they might be, but they were real tits on a real girl. Linda tried to yank her shorts off without unbuttoning them, but her wide butt prevented it. Blushing slightly, she undid the button and zipper, then yanked them defiantly down to her ankles and kicked them off. That left her in just blue cotton panties and now she hesitated. Thumbs hooked into the waistband, face scarlet, she looked at each one of us, looked back at Nicki, said, "Shit" quietly, then pulled them down and kicked them away. Her slit was really red and puffy looking, and it was as bald as Elaine's, but not as tightly closed. Diane wasn't bothered by the "chicken" remark, but she didn't want to leave, and she couldn't be the only holdout. Slowly, reluctantly, glaring daggers at Nicki, she stripped to white cotton bra and panties, and then to skin. And oh, what nicely shaped skin it was. Diane's tits were by far the biggest of the girls, although that wasn't much of a contest. They were nicely rounded mounds that curved up about 2 inches off her chest, with bright pink aureola (which were crinkled) and short, fat nipples (which were hard as rocks). Diane might be acting disgusted with all this, but she was obviously turned on, too. A small pink pebble poked out of the top of her puffy, reddened slit, and her sparse black pubic hair did nothing to conceal it from view. Nicki grinned, then looked at Earl. "You squirting yet?" she asked. He looked embarrassed, standing there with his dick in his hand (not stroking, just holding it) and said, rather stupidly, "Huh?" "When you play with your cock," Nicki explained patiently, "do you squirt cum?" Earl blushed even brighter than before, declared, "I don't play...", saw the look on Nicki's face, and mumbled, "Yeah." Nicki looked at me. "You too?" I nodded, also blushing. "Sorta figured, a cock that size," Nicki said with a leering grin. "How about you, Ben?" "I dunno," he said. "What's cum?" Nicki snickered. "If you have to ask, you're not squirting yet. Good. First things first, though. Steve," she barked, pointing at me. I let go of my cock (I'd been stroking it slowly, while looking at Diane's tits) and jumped. "Come over here." I moved next to her, my cock bobbing as I walked (which brought giggles from Elaine) and stopped, my hard cock almost touching Nicki's leg. She bent over and picked a few stray sticks and pebbles off the ground and threw them aside. "OK," she said to me, pointing. "Lay down." Puzzled but willing (this had been great so far), I lay down on my back, my cock sticking up like a grain silo on a harvested field. (My pubes hadn't started growing much yet; just a smattering of tiny hairs, sort of a five o'clock shadow of the crotch.) "OK, everybody gather `round," Nicki ordered, as she sat next to my hip, tailor fashion with her legs crossed. This pulled open her cunt, and I could see the wetness and the pink hole I had this sudden urge to shove my cock into. (My cock responded by jumping and twitching; Nicki told me to calm down, it would get much better in a minute. Visions of how it might get better just sent my cock twitching and jumping more.) Ben took up position near my left foot, one hand cupping his little balls, the other slowly rubbing his boy dick. Earl stood next to him, near my right foot, just holding his slightly bigger boy cock; not stroking it, just squeezing it. (Probably afraid he'd cum if he started stroking it; he looked like he was on the brink.) Elaine plopped herself down on the grass next to my left hip, assuming the same position as Nicki, and turning so she could show me her immature little pussy. Unlike Nicki, Elaine's keyhole cunt remained tightly closed, to my great disappointment. Linda and Diane took up positions on opposite sides of my head, Linda on my left, Diane on my right. Linda's hand was slowly rubbing her wet pussy, a small trickle of liquids draining down her inner thighs. Diane stood with her arms crossed under her tits, still with that "this is disgusting and I'm just going along with things" look. But, she stood with her legs slightly open, and a heavier flow than her sister's was making its way down her inner thighs. When she caught me looking up at her cunt, she glared at me, but made no move to cover herself or bring her legs together. "OK, girls, let me teach you a little bit about cocks," Nicki said. She grasped my cock in one hand, and I almost blew a load right there. "Steve's got a pretty nice cock, especially for a kid. Most adults are about this size, maybe a little thicker. This is the head" she pointed "and it's really sensitive. Guys really like it when you rub it." She ran her hand over the top, and a small blip of precum oozed out. "Look, see that white stuff? That means he -really- likes it. You like my rubbing your cock, don't you, Steve?" All I could do was nod; all the fantastic feelings swirling through me had swept away my powers of speech. "This is called `precum,' " Nicki said, "and it helps make it easier for a guy's cock to slide into your pussy. Just like the way your pussy gets wet when you get horny, although we make a lot more juice than guys do. They really like it when you smear the stuff around the head, like this." As she did, more oozed out, and I was fighting hard not to just blast a full load into the air. That got even harder (and so did I) when she started jerking me off. "This is what guys do when they jack off," she said, stroking full length. "When we do it to `em, it's called a handjob. If you don't want to fuck a guy, a handjob will usually keep him happy." She went on to explain about rubbing the right spots, using your thumb, everything you needed to know about jerking a guy while she continued slowly stroking me. Elaine's finger was running up and down her gradually widening slit, her eyes fixed on Nicki's hand and my cock, a big grin on her face. Linda was pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit with her other hand, her gaze also locked on my cock. Ben and Earl were both slowly stroking their dicks while they too stared. Only Diane just stood there, not touching herself, but she was staring intently at my cock, and the flow of juices down her thighs was a virtual flood. It got to be too much; I thrust my hips up and grunted as cum started fountaining out of my cock, hard pulse after hard pulse shooting up in the air and falling back to coat Nicki's hand and my crotch. Linda gasped when I started squirting, and her fingers doubled their speed. Elaine just giggled. Even Diane finally reacted, by swiftly running her finger up her slit and pushing on her clit then, just as quickly, pulling her hand away and looking embarrassed. Nicki just laughed and kept stroking until the last of my cum seeped out. I almost asked her to stop, the post-squirt stimulation was so intense. But I didn't. "OK, girls, that's cum," she said, as she let go of my dick and wiped her hand on the grass. "That's the stuff that'll get you preggers, if they squirt it in your pussy. Feel it." Linda was already reaching for it, giving me a lovely look right up into her gaping, wet and fragrant cunt; I could smell her even from a couple of feet away, and my cock stopped shrinking. It didn't get hard again (too soon, even for a horny 12-year-old), but it wanted to. She scooped some up on one finger and rubbed it between finger and thumb, while her other hand returned to massaging her pussy. Diane just stood there, looking disgusted. She shook her head when Nicki looked at her; Nicki just shrugged. Elaine surprised me. Instead of scooping some off my crotch, she swiped her little fingers across the blob on my cockhead, looking at me and giggling when my cock lurched at the touch. She smeared it between her fingers, brought it to her nose and sniffed it, then (to my even greater surprise- and delight) raised her hand to her mouth and touched her tongue to it. "That's it, Elaine," Nicki said. "It doesn't taste real great, but it won't hurt you. And guys love it when you blow them and swallow their shit." "Blow them?" Elaine asked, puzzled. "Suck their cocks," Nicki said, "like this." And with that, she leaned over and took the head and half my shaft into her mouth. Holy shit! I had -never- felt anything like -that- before. That warm, wet mouth closed tightly around me, her tongue licking the sensitive underside and over the head, slurping up whatever cum hadn't slid down my dick into my lap. After far too short a time, she popped her head back up, opened her mouth to show a little cum gathered on her tongue, then visibly swallowed. "Are you going to get preggers now?" Elaine asked, wide-eyed. "You got his stuff inside you." Nicki laughed, and said scornfully, "Of course not. It has to go in your pussy. And you have to be old enough to be having periods. You could scoop all that up and stick it in your cunt and still not get pregnant." Elaine looked thoughtful, looked back at what was left on her fingers, then scooped up some more and swiped her finger along her still tightly closed slit. "Elaine!" Diane scolded. "Stop that. That's gross, and you're too young." "Feels good," Elaine said, continuing to rub my cum into and around her 8-year-old pussy. My cock lurched again, although it also struck me as a little weird that the first pussy my cum ever touched was on a girl so young. And a bit disappointing that I didn't get to squirt it there myself. I was surprised when Ben reached down and scooped up some of my cum (carefully avoiding my dick, of course). But then, since he wasn't making his own, he'd never seen it before and was curious. He rubbed it between his fingers, then smeared it around the head of his own little cock. "Does feel good," he said. "Can't wait to make some of my own." "Jeez, Ben, c'mere," Nicki said, exasperated. "How you gonna put that in me if you've got cum on it?" "Huh?" Ben said. "Put it in you?" He looked surprised and confused, but his cock twitched, either from the feeling of rubbing my cum on his cockhead or the idea of putting it somewhere in Nicki, even if he wasn't sure where. "We're going to show these virgins how to fuck," Nicki explained impatiently. "Gotta be you, since you're not squirting- I don't want to get pregnant. But you can't fuck me if you've got Steve's cum on your cock. Now come here." Ben did, looking confused but hopeful. Nicki pulled him close, then engulfed his little dick with her mouth and licked him clean. I was watching Nicki, so it was a surprise to me when I felt a small hand grab my own cock; looking down my prone body, I saw Elaine staring thoughtfully as she rubbed and squeezed it. When she saw me looking at her, she grinned. "I just wanted to see what it was like. Can I?" "Um, sure," I said, not wanting her to ever stop. "Do it all you want. Just, you know, don't squeeze hard. Especially my nuts. Um..." I hesitated. "Can I, um, touch you, too?" "Sure!" Elaine said eagerly, spreading her legs. She let go of my cock long enough to pull her lips apart. "See this thing right here?" she asked, pointing to her tiny stiff clit. "That's my tickle button. It feels really good when I rub it." Nicki pulled her mouth off Ben. "That's your clitoris, or clit, Elaine." She stood up and pointed to the spot where she'd been sitting. "Lay down, Ben." Diane, who'd been watching Nicki and Ben and ignoring Elaine, looked over at us. "Elaine! Stop that right now," she commanded. "You're too young to be doing any of this." "No, I'm not!" Elaine insisted, glaring at her older sister. "Ben's only a little older, and Nicki sucked his dick. If I want to play with Steve, I can. And I'm going to." With that, she grabbed me again (a little hard; I winced) and started stroking me. I looked up at Diane as my hand reached out for Elaine. "Just leave her alone," I said. Grinning, I lifted my right hand. "Want me to play with yours, too? Maybe you'd quit bitching if you were playing with yourself like everybody else." She glared at me (I should've fried to a crisp right there) and stepped back. "Don't fucking touch me," she said angrily. "I'm not a perv like the rest of you." "Oh, yeah?" Nicki said scornfully. "Bet you finger yourself real good tonight, thinking about this. Bet when you're pumping your fingers in your pussy, you'll wish it was Steve's cock, `cause it's a pretty nice one. Isn't it? Admit it, you want to do what Elaine's doing, but you don't have the guts. Now drop the fucking attitude, or get the fuck out of here. We're tired of your shit." Diane looked outraged, and spun on her heel. She walked over and started getting dressed, glaring daggers at Nicki, at me, at Elaine. "You can touch me, if you want, Steve," Linda said, straddling my head. I looked up into her sopping wet cunt, two of her fingers buried deep inside and moving. "Why don't you and Earl go play with each other, Linda?" Nicki suggested. "He looks awfully lonely over there, stroking his dick." Earl brightened at that, looking at Linda eagerly. She shrugged, and went over to him. Pulling her fingers from her cunt, she started playing with his little cock, while he tentatively reached out and started stroking her. "OK, you guys, now watch this," Nicki said. Ben was laying next to me, his head next to mine. Nicki stood over his crotch, then squatted down and grabbed hold of his little three-incher. "Earl, Linda, come around here so you can see better." While the two moved up near Ben's head (where they resumed fondling each other), Nicki swiped Ben's cock back and forth on her slit a few times. "You've gotta get a dick wet, girls, so it'll go in easier," she explained. Then, she lowered herself until it was lined up with her hole, then abruptly sat down on it. Ben jumped when he felt his cock being enveloped in the warmest, wettest place it had ever been. I twitched, too; it was so hot watching his cock enter Nicki's cunt while Elaine continued stroking my dick, and my fingers ran up and down her slowly dampening slit. Nicki sat there for a second, wiggling a little to adjust Ben's cock. "How's that feel, Ben?" "Awesome!" he exclaimed, and she laughed. "Just wait. It gets better." And with that, she started slowly moving up down, being careful not to go too far; his cock was small enough that it would've been too easy for it to drop out. Diane had stopped dressing, and was watching her little brother get his first fuck. Earl was staring open-mouthed while Linda started jacking him furiously. She nudged him, and his fingers resumed playing with her slit. Unsatisfied, Linda let go of him, guided his finger to her hole, and told him to move it in and out. When he did, she went back to jacking him. By this time, I was hard as a rock again, and knew I'd be coming again soon. My finger slid down to the bottom of Elaine's split lips, and I searched around a little until I found her hole. I pushed carefully, and it yielded slightly, then irised open just enough for my to get the tip in. It felt wonderful. I moved it in a little further, but it didn't go far until it ran into something blocking further progress. I didn't care. I was inside a pussy, even if it was just my finger, and even if it wasn't very far. And, a small, guilty part of my brain reminded me, even if it was a pussy only 8 years old, when I'd be 13 in about 3 weeks. I didn't care; what I was doing felt great, and what she was doing felt wonderful, and I wouldn't have stopped for the world. And while I was getting my second handjob ever, and fingering my first pussy ever, I was also for the first time ever watching two people fucking right next to me. Nicki slid up and down on Ben's cock, her juices flowing out to coat both of them. Ben may not be very big, but Nicki seemed to like it. Ben, I think, was in another universe. His eyes were half closed and locked on their joined crotches, he was breathing hard, and there was a goofy grin on his face. (Probably on mine too, for that matter.) Linda was stroking Earl fast and furious while watching Nicki rise and fall on her brother. Earl was pumping a finger in and out of Linda's cunt, while looking back and forth between the fucking pair and Elaine stroking my cock. Me, I was trying to watch everyone, although my main focus was on Elaine's little pussy. I was fascinated by it; the soft outer lips, the way they spread apart to reveal the mysteries within, the little pebble of her clit stiff and yearning like a little cock. I compared it to Nicki's much more mature cunt, and thought it looked nicer; Nicki's was much more complicated, unlike Elaine's smooth, simple little girl looks. Ben sure seemed think Nicki's pussy was the most wonderful thing in the world, though. He was humping up at her as she bounced up and down on him; a couple of times, they got the rhythm wrong and he dropped out. She quickly grabbed him and stuck it back in and they resumed fucking wildly. It finally got to be too much for Ben. He grabbed Nicki's hips, shoved himself up as hard as he could and started groaning as he shuddered and shook. Nicki, looking a little disappointed, shoved herself down on him and started rubbing her clit hard and fast. She was still going at it when Ben went limp, panting and gasping. "God damn it, Earl." I snapped my head around in time to see Linda jumping back, and Earl's cock squirting a couple of last shots into the air, to fall wasted on the ground. Linda was glaring down at a splotch of his cum on her hipbone, near her glistening wet pussy. "Sorry, Linda," Earl mumbled, bright red and looking sheepish. "I knew I was close, but when you rubbed your girl stuff on the head, that was just too much." She glared at him as she squatted down (giving me a great look at her open pussy; my cock twitched in appreciation) and wiped herself off, then wiped her hand on the grass. A bit still glistened on her skin, and she rubbed at it, muttering to herself. Diane by this time was dressed again, and stomping off toward home, saying nothing and looking at no one. She made a big production of crunching fallen branches and dried leaves, just to make sure the rest of us noticed she was leaving. I stuck my tongue out at her retreating back, and Elaine giggled. Nicki hit her orgasm about then, groaning and throwing her head back as her fingers stopped diddling her clit. I was watching my first girl cum when I felt Elaine shifting around, and a sudden warm wet presence engulfed the head of my cock. Shocked at the intense feeling, I snapped my head around to see Elaine with her mouth on my dick. She looked up at me, eyes smiling, and stopped long enough to ask, "Is it OK? I mean, you seemed to like it when Nicki did it, and it looked kinda fun." "Oh, God, Elaine, feel free to keep doing that," I said fervently. "It feels fantastic." "Good," she said, and started mouthing my cockhead again. She didn't really know what to do, but since it was only the second time I'd had a mouth on my cock, I didn't have real high standards on what to expect. By sheer luck, when she started using her tongue, it brushed across the underside of my cockhead, and when I gasped and moaned, Elaine quickly figured out I liked that. "Don't be selfish, Steve," I heard Nicki say. I looked over at her; she was smiling with a kind of dreamy, goofy, satisfied look on her face. "If Elaine's willing to suck your dick, the least you could do is eat her pussy. Elaine, lay on top of him with your butt in his face so he can lick you." "What?!" An outraged Diane whipped around. "Elaine!" she cracked out. "You stop that right now! That's nasty and sick, and you're too young." "No, I'm not," Elaine snapped back. "I like it, and I wanna. You're not my boss." And she swung her leg over me, positioning her pussy at my mouth, and went back to sucking and licking my dick. I wasn't sure what to do, so I stuck a tentative tongue out and ran it along her slit; Elaine's "mmmm" of delight told me it was a good start. I pushed a little harder and actually pried her lips apart when all of a sudden her pussy disappeared, and her mouth left my dick (teeth scraping painfully as it did). "I -told- you not to do that," Diane said, as she clutched her little sister to her chest and stomped off. She yelled back over her shoulder, "Quit playing with yourself, Linda, get dressed and bring Elaine's clothes- we're going home." Elaine struggled and kicked, but Diane held her tightly, Elaine's arms pinned to her sides. Elaine demanded to be let go, insisted she wanted to stay and do whatever she wanted, that Diane wasn't her boss, and calling her older sister all sorts of names that I wouldn't have thought Elaine even knew. (Heck, a couple of them -I- didn't know.) But Diane ignored her, and they disappeared into the woods. None of us made any move to stop her. I think we were all a little afraid of what Diane might do to us, the mood she was in. (I know I was. I was just a scrawny guy then, and I think Diane would've been able to do some serious damage. And wouldn't -that- be fun, trying to explain to Mom. "Well, yes, Mom, I'm bleeding and have a broken wrist because I tried to stop Diane Funtukis from carrying away her little sister, Elaine. Why did I try to stop her? Because Elaine was sucking my cock and I wanted her to keep doing it." Nope, wouldn't go over well at all.) "Bitch," Nicki threw in Diane's general direction (once she was safely out of sight and hearing). "Shit," I said. "That was just getting fun." My cock was still hard, so I grabbed it and started stroking. "Guess I have to finish this myself. Unless..." I looked hopefully at Nicki. She grinned and shook her head. "Nope. It's a nice cock, Steve, and I -do- want to try it someday, but not without a condom." "I'll do it for you, Steve." I looked up to see Linda walking towards me, a finger still playing with her soaking wet pussy. I smiled. She probably wouldn't blow me like Elaine had started to, but at least the hand that brought on my cum wouldn't be mine, as it usually was. So I was beyond surprised when, instead of either sucking or stroking, Linda stood over me, knelt down, lined my cock up with her pussy and just sat down, hard. There was a moment's resistance when I thought my cock was going to bend until it suddenly broke through her cherry and I found myself buried inside the tightest, hottest, wettest, most wonderfulest place I could ever have imagined. "Ouch, shit," Linda said with a grimace. She just sat there a minute, wiggling slightly to adjust my cock inside her. Holy shit. -My- cock inside her. I was actually having sex. Real, honest-to-goodness, cock-in-pussy sex. I wasn't a virgin anymore. And my GOD did it feel fantastic. The erotic pleasures shooting out of my cock and swirling through my body made me lightheaded and dizzy. Even Nicki's and Elaine's mouths hadn't felt this good. As for jerking off- shit, I didn't -ever- want to have to settle for that again. Fucking was it, and I wanted to do it all the time. In fact, I wanted to just stick my cock in Linda (or any other girl) and leave it there forever. And then Linda started moving up and down, slowly, and the feelings multiplied geometrically. Oh God, how they multiplied. Adults knew about this, why the hell didn't they do it all the time? Why did anyone ever bother going to work, or cleaning house, or doing laundry, or anything else? Why didn't they just spend all their time fucking? What were they, stupid? (Well, they were adults and I was 13- of course they were stupid, most of the time, but they couldn't be -that- stupid, could they?) Linda's pussy pulled and sucked at my cock as she slid up, then squeezed and grabbed as it reluctantly parted around my dick as she slid down. I closed my eyes, the pleasure too intense, too amazing to be distracted by something as pointless as sight. I sighed and moaned, concentrating on that hot, wet tightness manipulating my dick, the feelings rushing out of it and ramming through me, every nerve in my body firing at once, and all of them sending messages of pleasure. "Play with her tits, Steve," I heard Nicki say softly. "She'll like that." Tits! Of course! I was getting my first fuck and I hadn't even felt a girl's tits yet. My eyes snapped open to stare at Linda's two small but tempting little mounds. I brought my hand up, hesitated, then reached out and placed it gently on her right boob. Her hard nipple pressed against my fingers, a major contrast from the soft yielding of the tit I was gently squeezing. Man! My first fuck, and my first tits. And both before my first real kiss; how weird was that? Linda was starting to move faster now, sliding up and down my throbbing cock with her tight little ass slapping my thighs. I could feel my balls starting to pull up and that tingling in my dick which said I was getting close. She was, too; she was panting and moaning, eyes closed, as she single-mindedly rode my cock toward her own orgasm. All the fingering she and Earl had done to her must've had her already pretty wound up. I was still not quite there when she slid down and stopped pumping, her body shuddering, a loud groan escaping her open mouth. I could feel her cunt go into spasms around my cock, squeezing and pulling it, and a gush of juice ran down my balls and my ass. I grabbed her hips and started humping up at her; I was so close, and didn't want that friction on my dick to stop, even if the squeezing was pretty good too. No worries- it wasn't another half-dozen strokes before the friction, the heat, the squeezing, the wetness trickling and tickling down my nuts, brought me to a mind-crashing orgasm, the best I'd ever had. I shoved myself deep into Linda, as far as I could go, and started pumping ball juice inside her. Squirt after squirt shot into her, so much that it started oozing back out through the tight seal her cunt made around my cock and joined her pussy juice in messing up our combined crotches. I shuddered and shook through the hardest cum I'd ever felt, as Linda's cunt grabbed and squeezed while she did her own shuddering and shaking. At last, my balls were empty and I slumped back on the grass, utterly exhausted, utterly drained, utterly satisfied. Nothing in the world could possibly be better than this. And as soon as I could get hard again, I wanted to do it some more. Linda, however, had other ideas. She gasped and panted on top of me for a while, and when her breathing slowed, she burst into tears. "Shit! I fucked him. I'm not a virgin anymore, and I'm only 11. I'm a slut, and I'm probably pregnant. Goddamnit!" She jerked herself up, which let a flood of cum pour out of her cunt onto my crotch and down her legs, turned and ran off into the woods, crying and screaming, "I'm a slut! I'm no good!" I was too stunned to do anything but stare after her. (Of course, at 13, I probably wouldn't have had a clue what to do if I wasn't stunned. And exhausted from my first-ever fuck.) Nicki, however, was smarter and quicker. She pulled herself off Ben (to his obviously great disappointment) and started pulling on her shorts. "Steve, wait here. I'll get some water to clean you up. Ben, get dressed and take Elaine her clothes. Earl, get dressed and... just go home, I guess." And with that, she dashed after Linda, still pulling on her top. Reluctantly and with a deep sigh, Ben rolled over and stood up, his cock still semi-hard; apparently, being inside Nicki's pussy even after he came kept him from going limp. Earl, who was completely limp, and looking stunned, walked mechanically over to his clothes and started putting them on. Ben joined him, and the two sorted through the small pile to find their things. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't get dressed. I was covered in my cum, diluted by Linda's cum and tinged red by her burst cherry. No way could I explain that to Mom when she did the laundry, and no way would she not notice it. And if I suddenly volunteered to do a load, that would make her incredibly suspicious. Not to mention, I'd never done a load of laundry in my life, and had no idea where to even start. I sort of felt like I should go after Linda and try to comfort her. But I couldn't run through the woods naked (although, come to think of it, she was), I wasn't sure which way she'd gone, and wouldn't know what to say even if I did catch up to her. Not to mention, for some reason, she was reacting badly to fucking =me,- and while I didn't -think- it was because I was a terrible fuck (she seemed to be enjoying it at the time), I had no clue why she was upset, either. I mean, so what if she wasn't a virgin anymore? I wasn't either, and good riddance to it. What was so great about being a virgin, especially when fucking felt so unbelievably fantastic? It just meant you were immature, incomplete, that you hadn't yet been initiated into the Inner Mysteries of Sex. I was glad, no, overjoyed, that I'd finally lost my cherry. And so what if she was only 11? I was only 12 (well, almost 13). Fucking was fun; why wait until you're older? It can't get better just because you're a few years older. (Can it?) Of course, once you'd done it, you wanted to do it again (I sure did, even though I couldn't have gotten it up again with a crane at that point) and finding a partner could be a bit iffy when you're as young as us. But then, hell, we'd already done it once. Why couldn't we do it again? And a slut? Not hardly. One time, with one guy, doesn't make you a slut. But then, I'm not real sure how you'd define "slut". I knew doing it a bunch of times with a bunch of different guys made you a slut. But what if you did it a bunch of times with only one guy? Was that slutty? Or just fun? What if it was a bunch of times with two guys? Slutty then? At what point did you pass the slut barrier? How many guys did you have to fuck to become one? And was there a time limit? Did fucking three guys in one week make you a slut, but three guys in one year didn't? I really wasn't clear on how all that worked. But I knew I certainly didn't consider Linda a slut. I considered her a really nice girl that I'd always liked (not girlfriend liked, but person liked), and I was glad I lost my cherry to her. I mean, I wouldn't have complained about losing it to Nicki, either, but there was something kind of cold about the way she did Ben, like it wasn't any big deal. Somehow, with Linda, it was a big deal, although I wasn't sure how. That didn't mean I wanted her to be my girlfriend, although I did want her to be my fuck buddy. (And if it took being her boyfriend to do that, right at the moment, I was willing to go along.) The one thing that did worry me about all this was that she might be pregnant. I'd heard you couldn't get pregnant your first time, but then I'd heard that you could, too. Nicki said you had to be old enough to be having periods; was Linda old enough for that? I mean, she had tits (small ones, but they were there), but she didn't have pubic hair. Could you get tits before periods? Did you have to have hair before you started bleeding? Shit, all I knew about girls' bodies was that they were soft, round, and nice to look at. (And, I now knew, really great places to stick your dick.) What would we do if she was pregnant? I mean, when you got someone pregnant, you were supposed to marry them, weren't you? But at 11 and 12 (well, 12 and 13 when it was born), that just wasn't an option. Thank god. I sure as hell wasn't ready to get married, not even if it meant I got to fuck a lot more. (Although, the fucking a lot more part had its attractions.) I was still pondering the mysteries of females, and the wonders of sex with one, when I looked up as a twig snapped. Nicki and Linda were returning. Nicki was carrying a glass mixing bowl full of water, and had a hand towel draped over her arm. She smiled and headed my way. Linda was wearing a bath towel, and looking embarrassed; when she saw me look at them, she blushed and looked down. Without saying a word, she walked over to her clothes and started getting dressed. She turned her back to me and pulled on panties and shorts while being careful to keep the towel in place. When she picked up her bra, she kept her back to me, dropped the towel and quickly pulled it on. Only when her t-shirt was tugged down into its proper place did she turn and head our way, still blushing, her gaze fixed on her feet. How weird, I thought. Not half an hour ago, she was on top of me with my dick in her cunt, fucking like crazy, and now she doesn't want to look at me or let me see her naked. Girls. I don't understand `em. Wonder if I ever will. (Author's note: All these years later, and the answer is still "no".) "Here," Linda said, thrusting the towel at Nicki. She refused to look my way; I was sitting in front of Nicki, bathing my cock and balls to remove dried gunk. Nicki shook her head. "Give it to Steve," she said. "And -look- at him, Linda. You -did- lose your cherry to him, and it was -your- idea, so you can at least -look- at him." Blushing, she did, holding the towel out to me. I dropped the hand towel to cover my crotch (figuring that might make her less uncomfortable, and said, "Thanks." She nodded curtly, then turned away. "Linda," I said. She stopped, but still wouldn't turn back. "I'm sorry you're sorry for what we did. But thank you. It was wonderful, and I really liked it, and I'll never forget it. Please don't hate me for it. I mean, they say you never forget your first time, and I'd hate to think, 20 years from now, the thing I'll remember is that the girl who took my virginity hated me afterwards." "I don't hate you, Steve," she said softly. "And yeah, it was good. But I was planning to be a virgin when I got married. Then I got so horny watching everybody I just went nuts. I'm mad at me, not you." She turned just her upper body toward me and gave me a small, weak smile. "And I guess I should say thanks to you, too. I mean, it was good and I did cum. Just please, don't ever tell anyone. And let's not ever talk about it." "OK," I said. "I wasn't going to tell anyone anyway. My Dad always says a gentleman never brags, and never names names. So yeah, I'm gonna tell my buddies I'm not a virgin anymore, but I never planned to tell them it was you. And I won't, I promise." "Thanks," she said, the smile growing slightly bigger and stronger. "Um, I'm gonna go. Diane's probably pissed off, and being a bitch to Elaine. Better go see if I can calm her down. I just hope to god she doesn't find out I fucked you." She laughed a small laugh. "And you better hope she doesn't ever find out I fucked you, either. See ya." With a small wave to both Nicki and I, she turned and walked away. Her shoulders were still a little slumped, and it wasn't her usual confident stride, but at least she didn't look wholly beaten down either. Sighing, I resumed scrubbing my crotch. And realized with a small start that I was naked in front of a girl, and it didn't feel in the least weird; in fact, it felt completely normal. How odd, since I'd never been naked in front of a girl before (well, except the "show and don't tell" sessions with Sally; and even then, we'd never been naked, just pulled our pants down). Or maybe not so odd- the girl I was naked in front of had watched me fuck another girl, after she'd given me a handjob and an (oh-so-brief) blowjob. When I was as clean as I was going to get, I dumped the bowl of water and handed it and the two towels to Nicki. "Thanks," I said. I made no move to get dressed; I was still a little damp, and figured I'd air dry for a few minutes. "No sweat," Nicki said, smiling. "Pretty good day, huh?" I grinned. "Yeah. God, I never thought I'd get my first handjob and my first fuck the same day, and with an audience. And get to see four girls naked all at the same time." She laughed. "And your first blowjob, too." "Well, sort of," I said with a grin. "Both of `em got interrupted." "I wasn't talking about those," she said, grinning evilly. She lay down on her stomach, took my limp cock in her hand, lifted it and started licking. It wasn't limp for long. It felt really strange (but really nice) to get hard in her sucking mouth. At first, she had all of me inside, her nose pressed against my abdomen. As I grew, she gradually pulled her head away, keeping as much of me in her mouth as she could, until eventually she had only the head and a couple of inches. While her tongue danced magically across my cock, she used her hand on what was outside to start slowly stroking. Since I'd cum twice in barely an hour (and the one into Linda's pussy had been a real ball-drainer), I wasn't going to shoot any time soon. Nicki must've known that, because she wasn't in any hurry to get me off. I've had better blow jobs since then, but this one was special not only because it was my first real one, but because Nicki seemed to honestly enjoy doing it. I've known women with better technique, but most of them were of the "I don't really like doing this, but I'm doing it because I love you and you like it" variety. Or the "I'm only doing this because you have licked/will lick my pussy" variety. Few of them, unlike Nicki, actually seemed to get as much pleasure out of it as I did. In fact, I quickly realized Nicki was playing. She'd suck lightly on the head for a while, then run her tongue around on it, flicking underneath, then she'd suck hard. She took it out of her mouth and licked up my urethra starting at my balls, stopped to probe my piss slit, then slid her tongue over the head and down the other side until she reached my pubic stubble. She sucked on the head again, briefly, then licked my balls, sucking each one into her mouth and running her tongue over it while applying a hard suction. Her tongue danced all over my cock and nuts, her sucking mouth kept finding new places to suck, her fingers danced lightly over the shaft, now rubbing, now jacking. This felt so wonderful. Not quite as good as being in a pussy, but damn close, and with some special feelings of its own. All good things must cum to an end, and even though I held out a lot longer than normal, I finally stiffened up and blew my third load of sperm into Nicki's hot mouth. She kept licking under the head as it fired off wads of cum, swallowing several times before I finally drizzled to a stop. I lay there, panting, as she licked my cock clean, then sat up, smiling. "There you go, Steve," she said. "Sucked and fucked. You're totally not a virgin in any way anymore. Well, except pussy eating. You didn't really lick Elaine long enough for that to count." "Let me," I gasped, "get my.... breath back.... and we can.... fix that." She laughed. "Nope, not today. Dad'll be home in a little while, and I've got to get dinner started. Soon, though. I still want you to fuck me with this thing" she lifted my totally limp cock and shook it "and you can lick me then. I'll teach you how to fuck, and how to lick a girl properly. You're gonna be such a stud, the girls will be begging you to fuck them." There was a wonderful visual- naked girls on their knees, worshiping my cock, begging me to fuck them or lick their tight little pussies. I could live with that. Nicki stood up, picked up the bowl and towels, smiled at me and said, "See ya later, Steve." She grinned, looked down at my cock and added, "See you later, too." Laughing, she walked away while I called out, "See ya, Nicki. And thanks. For everything." I didn't feel like getting dressed, so I just lay there for a while, naked in the woods. (Another first on a day of memorable firsts.) I was too happy, too drained, too smugly satisfied with life to want to move. But eventually, I knew I had to. Us kids weren't the only ones to wander in these woods, and I didn't want to explain myself to some older kid or (perish the thought) an adult who happened to wander by. Reluctantly, and a little slowly because I was suddenly very tired, I got dressed and walked back to the Funtukis's. I'd left my bike there when we'd all decided to walk in the woods, and I was somewhat dreading going after it. In fact, I debated just leaving it, taking a different route so I left the woods on the road and walking home. But then I'd have to explain it to Mom, and the fear of being pummeled by Diane was less than the fear of being interrogated by Mom. I was never a good liar, especially to her. I came out of the woods at the back edge of the Funtukis property, near an old slowly collapsing barn that sat on Nicki's Dad's land. I walked up to the Funtukis house, more than a little nervous, but nobody was outside. As I flipped up the kickstand and started to mount, though, I heard a cheerful, "Hi, Steve!" Elaine was looking out an open window and grinning; she gave me a small wave. I grinned back. "Hi, Elaine." Just then, a scowling Diane appeared next to her little sister. "Go home, Steve," she said fiercely. "And leave Elaine alone, you creep." "Geez, Diane, lighten up," I said, annoyed. "I didn't hurt her or make her do anything. Why don't you just let her alone?" "Because she's my sister, and I have to protect her from perverts like you. Now get out of here." Shaking my head, and barely suppressing a laugh when Elaine stuck her tongue out behind Diane's back, I hopped on my bike and rode off. When I came to my road, I kept going instead of turning. I wanted to think about everything that had happened to me today, so I figured I'd go around the block. Since this was a country block, it was a mile on a side, and that meant I'd have a lot of time to think. What an incredible, life-changing day. I was a total virgin when it started, my only sex life being my hand and my imagination, and my only experiences with a girl being looking at Sally's bald naked pussy. Now I'd had a handjob, been sucked, been fucked, licked pussy (however briefly before the bitch interrupted). I felt different. I was different. I felt more mature, more sophisticated, more grown up. I was a man now, in some indefinable way. I wondered if anyone would notice. I wondered if I'd walk into the house and Mom would see "I've fucked a girl" written on my forehead. I started laughing when I turned the final corner onto my road, and almost crashed my bike. I'd had all that sex, cum three times thanks to Nicki and Linda, and I still hadn't had my first real kiss. How weird was that?