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Chapter 6 - Saturday morning Saturday mornings are for sleeping in, and I did, not opening my eyes until the sunlight coming in around the curtains forced them open. I stumbled to the bathroom, bleary-eyed, and had to sort of squat and bend to point my morning wood at the toilet. It was still semi-hard when I got back to my room, so I locked the door and dug the three pair of panties out of their hiding place before stripping off my pajamas and hopping back onto the bed. They were very different, for very different girls. Kate's were thin and lacy silk, and when I held them to my nose and inhaled, they didn't smell like all that much. There was a very faint odor of girl musk, but not much. Beth's on the other hand were more substantial, standard cotton panties for girls but they were much more fragrant, even after a couple of days. There was a small spot in the crotch, which I assumed was where she leaked into them. (I didn't want to think it might be a piss stain; I couldn't see Beth peeing her panties, and didn't want to think about it if she had.) Macy's, though, were my favorite. They were smaller, of course, and obviously came from a younger girl- they had little yellow and red hearts on them, with one fairly big red heart right in the center of the crotch. Macy's aroused odor clung rather heavily to them, too, from where she'd wiped herself after a really good cum. I loved the fragrance; Macy smelled so sweet and musky, much nicer than either Kate's or Beth's scent. I draped Macy's panties over my nose and used Kate's to stroke my erect cock, while I rubbed Beth's over my balls with my other hand. At one point, it struck me how weird this was and how much I'd hate for anyone to see me like this- a preteen's panties over my face, a high school girl's panties stroking my dick, and a barely teen girl's panties caressing my nuts. But weird or not, it felt good, and I kept it up, although I switched Kate's and Beth's panties around; Kate's were too thin to get really good friction on my dick, but Beth's were just right. I stroked up and down, running the soft fabric over the head, up and down the ridge and along that spot right underneath, down to the base of my shaft and back up. Memories passed through my mind: of Beth's sweet cunt squeezing my plunging cock, of the taste of Macy's pussy, of being deep-throated, of Macy holding my cockhead against her bulging clit. As my balls pulled up and cum started up my shaft, I quickly move Beth's panties and ejaculated a huge wad into Kate's. (I didn't want to overpower Beth's scent with the smell of my cum.) Exhausted, I just lay there a while, although I did take Macy's panties off my face. I kept thinking about what a wild week it had been, and wondered what else might be in store. Macy was always ready to take my cock in her mouth, and if we could find a safe place to do it, I bet she was willing to let me eat her pussy again, too. Beth seemed likely to let me fuck her again and, being Beth, would probably teach me how to do other things as well. I'd probably never see Kate again, but I wasn't too fussed by that anyway. She was OK, but she wasn't really all that attractive to me. Oh, she was hot, and had a great ass and nice tits, but I knew she was out of my league and I'd probably be too intimidated to do much with her. Mom finally called for me to get up, so I rolled out of bed and got dressed, after hiding my panty stash again. When I went downstairs, there was some cold bacon already made, so I scrambled a couple of eggs and made toast, and heated the bacon in the microwave. Mom came back in from wherever she'd been, and told me that Macy had called earlier, and I should call her back. "I'll just walk over," I said. "Why bother with the phone?" "OK," Mom said. "But if you decide to go somewhere else, let me know before you do, OK?" "Alright, Mom," I said, in that aggrieved tone all teenagers use when their parents are being... well, parents. Macy answered my knock, dressed only in a tight pair of shorts that clung to her ass, and a tube top that clung loosely to her chest; if it was any looser, it probably would've fallen down. "About time you got here, sleepyhead," she said with a big smile. She grabbed my hand and practically yanked me inside. "Dad had to work today, and Mom and Alex went to that big mall in Novi, so we've got the house to ourselves for a while." Novi was a little over an hour's drive away, so we had plenty of time alone. Having a fairly good idea of what that meant, my cock started rearing its horny head. She led me into her bedroom and started to pull her top off, then stopped and flashed me what on an older girl would be a sultry grin. It was still plenty sexy, even on an 11-year-old girl. At least, it was really sexy on this 11-year-old girl. "Want to undress me?" she asked. Of course I did. But first, I hugged her and gave her a quick kiss, or what was meant to be quick; Macy had other ideas, and turned it into a long, passionate tongue duel. If my cock hadn't already been standing up, the feeling of Macy grinding her hot crotch into me while we kissed would've done it. When she finally released me, she stepped back with a wicked grin and raised her arms, obviously ready for me to remove her top. Instead of pulling it up and off, I slid it down slightly, then leaned forward and took one nipple in my mouth and one in my hand. Both were standing out hard and firm from her tiny mounds, and she moaned as I sucked and tweaked them. She pulled my head against her chest and pushed her chest forward into my face. Macy reached down and grabbed my cock, but I playfully slapped her hand away. I took my mouth off her barely developed boob long enough to say, "Uh-uh. This is your time to have fun. Just sit back and enjoy the ride." She grinned at that and gave me a quick peck before I fastened my mouth back on her tit. She was small enough that I could suck her entire tit into my mouth, and still have room for more. I couldn't help but think about Beth's bigger tits, how I'd never get one of hers all in my mouth, but what fun it would be to try. Maybe I'd get the chance to someday. For now, though, Macy's much smaller boobs were the center of my universe- and hers. Switching sides, I repeated my actions on the other tit, sucking it all into my mouth and flicking my tongue across her nipple. Macy was moaning and pulling my head to her chest, wanting to get as far into my mouth as she could, although there wasn't any more left to suck in. Macy didn't want to let go when I tried to pull my head away, but she finally (reluctantly) released me so I could pull her top up and off. I tossed it on the bed then pulled her into another hot kiss, and she tried to lick my tonsils while humping my hard cock. She was pushing so hard it almost hurt. I broke the kiss (again, with great unwillingness on her part), leaned down and kissed both tits, then knelt and started kissing my way down her slim body, kissing her chest, her stomach, her bellybutton, until finally my lips were just above her shorts. My hands ran up the back of her legs, and I cupped her ass as I pulled her into my face and kissed her cunt through the cloth. She tried to unfasten them, but I again slapped her hands and, frustrated, she growled but relented. I moved down and started kissing her legs, sliding my hands around to her front. One hand began rubbing her pussy; I could feel the heat radiating from it, and the front of her shorts was damp and getting wetter. The other hand reached up and unfastened the snap of her shorts, then slowly ran up her body and tweaked a nipple. Sliding over, it tweaked the other nipple then slowly slid down her body and back to her shorts. I cupped her ass with both hands again, and gently kissed her right on the spot that unsnapping her shorts had revealed. I brought my nose down and tried using it to push the zipper down, but that didn't work. Instead, I took the zipper pull in my teeth and slowly slid it down about an inch. I lifted my head slightly and kissed the skin I'd just exposed. Then I moved it down another inch, and kissed her there. Another inch and I figured I'd expose her panties, but instead, the head of her slit peeked into view- she hadn't bothered with panties. Her large clit was standing proud and exposed, and I could smell the musky excitement radiating from her cunt. I pursed my lips and blew a small steady stream of air at her clit; she jumped in surprise, then breathed out in a loud sigh. She put one hand on my head, but didn't push me into her crotch; instead, she gently and lovingly brushed her fingers through my hair. I stopped blowing (she moaned in disappointment), but then carefully extended my tongue and just barely touched it to her nub. Macy inhaled sharply, then let it out in a low moan/sigh. My teeth grabbed the pull again, and I slowly lowered the zipper the rest of the way while my fingers slipped up over the waistband in back. I slowly started pulling the back of her shorts down, until they were just past the curve of her ass. Letting go, I ran my hands up over her firm butt, squeezing her cheeks as soon as they filled my palms. In front, her shorts now hung perhaps an inch below her slit, which was red and puffy, and glistening with her juices. I ran my tongue up the outside of her slit, finishing off with a quick kiss to her clit. Her hips bucked forward when I did and her abdomen bumped my nose. I smiled and gave it another quick kiss; Macy bucked again but this time I quickly pulled my head back out of the way. "Oh, Chris," she moaned, her frustration evident. "Please just do me. No more teasing. I need to cum, now." "I just thought you might enjoy this," I said, looking up at her and grinning evilly. "Oh, I do," she said, placing her hands on my cheeks and staring deeply into my eyes. "But you're driving me crazy. You've got me so horny, and I so need to cum. Please fuck me." Her eyes went wide at that, as if she was amazed (or horrified) at what she'd just said. She quickly backpedaled. "Um, I mean, not that," she stammered, blood rushing to her face. "Just, you know, lick me real good or use your finger or something, but get me off, please." I was still in a bit of shock over being asked to fuck her, even if she hadn't meant it. All I could do was nod my head. I slid her shorts down to her ankles, then off as she lifted each foot in turn. "Lay down," I said, gently pushing on her chest. She sat on the edge of her bed, then leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs. She apparently decided leaning was too much work, because she grabbed the two pillows and put them under her back so she was propped high enough to watch what I was going to do. One of her hands crept up to pinch and stroke a nipple, while the other started sliding down her body to rub her pussy. I grabbed her wrist to stop her; that pussy was mine for now, and I wasn't going to share it. She groaned, but I quickly ran my tongue up her soaking gash, and her groan of annoyance turned to a moan of pleasure. Placing both hands on her thighs, I leaned in and began planting small kisses all around and on her open lips. Macy opened her legs further and once again put a hand in my hair, again just running her fingers through it. I got more intense, pushing with my tongue while I ran it over and over her inner lips and down to her hole. She began to hunch her hips at me as I licked, and started moaning softly and almost continuously. I stiffened my tongue and tried to push it into her hole, but she was too tight for me to get more than just the very tip inside her. Instead, I slid my middle finger in, while continuing to lick all around. Macy started panting as I fucked it in and out of her, and moved up to suck her clit. She went crazy again, just as she had two days before, humping into my face, panting and shouting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" until she stiffened with a high-pitched shriek and started cumming on my face and finger. It wasn't as intense as the last time I'd done this to her, but it wasn't far off. And Macy certainly didn't seem to mind, as her orgasm poured through her. Her juices squirted out of her hole, covering my chin and I thought she was going to rip my finger right off my hand the way her pussy was pulling at it. Is there any more delightful sight than a woman cumming hard? After what seemed like a very long time, Macy finally reached down and pushed at my head, so I took my sucking mouth off her clit. She grabbed rather dazedly at my hand, so I pulled my finger out too. She kept cumming, even without stimulation, until finally her hips relaxed and flopped back on the bed. Even then, she was gulping in fast gasps of air, and her hips and legs kept twitching. When I reached out and touched her thigh, she jumped and her leg shot out as if she were kicking something. I decided it was probably best to just let her recover, so I took my hand off her leg, stood up, and just looked at her for a few minutes. She looked so sexy, so vulnerable at that moment. Legs draped over the edge of the bed, eyes closed, lips parted, cunt glistening, chest rising and falling rapidly. My cock was as hard as it's ever been, and demanded it be poked into this perfect picture of a post-orgasmic female. I think if I had, she'd have flipped right over into orgasm again; she looked like she was still right on the edge. I resisted, though. Instead, I shucked off my clothes and lay down next to her, draped one arm across her stomach and kissed her forehead. With a small groan, Macy rolled over and threw one arm around me, and nuzzled her face into my chest. My cock was pushed up against her stomach, and I reveled in the feel of it against her soft, hot skin. Our arms around each other, cuddled naked into each other, filled with caring and compassion for each other, we learned for the first time what "sensual" means. We stayed that way a timeless time, and my dick had even started to go down before Macy finally stirred. She moved up on the bed slightly, which slid her warm smooth skin across mine. I lifted my head so Macy could slide one arm under me, then she put the other around my back and pulled me close. Her lips met mine in a soft, gentle kiss, while her breasts rubbed against my chest and her stomach and pussy moved up against my dick. When she broke the kiss, she moved her head back just a little, so we were all but nose-to-nose. "Thank you. You make me feel better than I've ever felt before." "Good," I said, both slightly embarrassed and greatly pleased at the praise. "I want to make you feel good, just like you do me." She smiled, then reached down between us and squeezed my cock. "Speaking of which, I think it's my turn to do you now." She started to pull away but I pulled her back against me. "Macy, you don't have to do me every time I do you," I said. "It's not a contest and no one's keeping score. If you want to just lay there for a while and enjoy the good feelings, do it. I'll be OK until you're ready, even if you're not ready until tomorrow, or next week or whenever." Whatever I might've expected her to do or say to that, I didn't expect her to fling both arms around me and start crying. She pulled me tight and her tears ran sideways down her face and onto mine. "Macy?" I asked, startled. "What's wrong? I didn't mean to upset you, sweetie." She tried crying and giggling at the same time, which came out as a sort of choked hiccup. "Oh, Chris, you're s-s-so s-s-silly," she said, squeezing me tighter as she continued to sob. "I'm n-n-not upset. You're just s-s-such a great p-person. M-most guys would be shoving their d-dicks d-down my throat by now, even if I wasn't ready. You're sweet" she kissed my cheek "you're thoughtful" she kissed it again "and about the greatest guy I know." And with that, she kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue darting out to part my lips and plunge inside. It was a long, sweet, passionate kiss, and it went on and on, our hands caressing each others backs and sides, occasionally sliding down to cup a butt cheek. After a while, Macy began to move her hips gently, rubbing her pussy on my again-hard shaft. I slid my hand down and cupped one ass cheek; it fit perfectly in my hand, small and round and firm. When she hunched forward, I hunched back and pulled her ass toward me. Macy took the hint and picked up the pace, pushing a little harder and faster, and bending up a little so more of her pussy pressed on my dick. I started sliding up and down, rubbing my shaft through her slit and upward across her clit. She moaned and cooed at that, pulled me closer, and then rolled over on her back, with me on top of her. Did this mean she was ready to fuck? And was I ready to fuck her? Well, yes, of course I was, but should I? Macy was still a virgin, and I'd only screwed twice. The first time was going to hurt; should she wait for someone who knew more about what he was doing, so he could make it better and less painful for her? I resolved not to try it; Macy's first time should be memorable, and I wasn't ready to make it that way for her yet. Would I fuck her if she asked? Hell, yes. I wasn't that noble or anything. "Oh, God, Chris," Macy grunted out. "Um, yes, keep fucking my clit. Oh, God, like that. Oh! Oh!" So much for all the angst. But I wasn't complaining. By now we were in a regular rhythm, just like fucking but with my cock outside instead of in. Her freely flowing juices kept her pussy nice and slick, and my cock dragged that up and over her stomach so I kept nice and slippery too. We rocked together, hips hunching, both moaning, until Macy squawked and pushed herself against me. That was good enough for me, and I jammed myself forward and started cumming, too, spraying both our stomachs with jizz. I think I would've shot into her chin or maybe even onto the pillows or the headboard of the bed if we hadn't been squeezed so tightly together. When Macy relaxed and my dick stopped pulsing, I rolled off her and we laid there a while, unable to speak. Her hand sought mine and we interlaced our fingers and squeezed weakly, but that was the only movement for a long while. I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I knew, I was dreaming a very erotic but very strange dream. I was on my back while Macy rode my cock, except it was a Macy with big boobs, bigger even than Beth's. Beth herself, meantime, was bending over our crotches, licking my cock every time it came out of Macy's cunt. Derrick was standing to one side, fucking Kate's tits, and saying over and over again, "Two at once? Goddamn good, kid." Macy pulled off me, and Beth immediately plunged her mouth over my cock, deep-throating me. I awoke to find Macy's head in my crotch, her warm mouth fastened on the end of my dick, slurping away. I must've made some sort of noise, because she stopped and looked up at me, still stroking me. "About time you woke up, sleepyhead," she said with a grin. "I've been blowing you for a good 5 or 10 minutes now. I was afraid I was losing my touch." "Um, no, not at all," I mumbled. "Please, keep it up." She grinned and took me back in her mouth, her tongue dancing up and down my length. I was getting close and could feel my balls start to tighten. Macy felt it too, because she eased off a little and slid her hand down and squeezed rather hard at the base of my shaft. It was uncomfortable enough to make my orgasm back down, and when she felt me relax a little, she resumed sucking and slow stroking. Either Macy was naturally inventive, or she'd been getting tips from Beth, because she did that to me for almost an hour- bring me right to the brink, squeeze until I backed down, then bring me to the brink again. It was torture. It was exquisite. It was frustrating. It was wonderful. When she finally let me cum, I didn't think I'd ever stop squirting. There must've been 5 or 6 really hard shots of goo, followed by an equal number of increasingly weaker ones, until I finally pulsed a couple of times with nothing coming out. By that time, I had the sheets clenched in my hands, I was panting like I'd run a 10 kilometer marathon, and I thought she was going to suck me inside out through my dick. "Please, no more," I gasped out, as Macy showed every sign of continuing right on until I got hard and filled her mouth with sperm a second time. "It's too sensitive. Please quit." Reluctantly, she took her mouth off and stopped stroking, although she held me until I got soft. Then she released my dick, slid up the bed and put her head on my chest. "You're trying to kill me," I protested, feebly running a hand through her hair. She snorted. "Maybe, but can you think of a better way to go?" "Yeah. 120 years old and shot by a jealous husband." Macy laughed far more than the joke was worth. We lay there for a while, then decided we'd both had about enough for the day (or at least for a while), so Macy proposed we shower and get cleaned up. It was the first time either of us had showered with someone else (except with our parents as little kids) and we discovered that it can be quite fun. Warm water and soapy hands running over naked flesh may not be heaven, but it'll do until we get there.