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Chapter 3 - Thursday morning Macy and I walked to school together the next morning. That too wasn't unusual, except that this time I waited for her until she came out of her house. The big smile and the happy look on her face when she saw me was worth it. When we neared the park, Macy slipped her arm through mine. "Want to go back in the bushes?" she asked playfully. "We'll be late if we do," I answered, although my cock stiffened up at the thought. "Not if we hurry," she said. "You don't have to do me, I'll just do you. We have time." "But I like doing you," I said, although I didn't protest when she steered me across the street. "I like it when you do me, too," she said. "So you can do me later, ok? Please, Chris? I really like the taste of your cum. Besides, I like how it feels to be sitting in class with all those stuck-up girls, and know I'm the only one lucky enough to have a tummy full of cum." I laughed. "Well, if any of them are like Beth, you might not be. Some of them might have a pussy full, too. You never know." Macy looked thoughtful. "You know, that's true. I never thought of it. I wonder if anyone else is sucking off their father or the cute boy next door?" She thinks I'm cute? My ego swelled almost as much as my cock, which was now tenting out the front of my khakis rather painfully. We didn't bother ducking into the bushes. As soon as we got around behind the small building that houses the restrooms, Macy let go of my arm, unzipped my pants and fished around until she could pull my dick out of my underwear. She went to her knees, sucked my cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking like it was an air hose and she was starving for oxygen. Even though I'd jerked off that morning (thinking of Beth's tight little cunny), it didn't take long before I was spurting my goo down Macy's throat. Which was just where both of us wanted it to be. She licked me clean, than struggled a little to put my cock back in my pants, and zipped me back up. "Thank you," she said, leaning up to kiss me. "Now let's go or you're going to make us late." "Hey," I said, not yet having learned that age-old female trick of it's always the man's fault. She just grinned and took my arm again, hurrying us out of the park. We saw a few of our schoolmates, who looked rather curiously at us for coming out of the park at this hour, but no one said anything. Macy's friend Angela and her little brother Todd joined us a couple blocks from school, and we all walked there together, chatting happily. Macy was right- there was something kind of cool about sitting in school, knowing you'd just had your dick sucked. I wondered about how I'd pay her back. I knew she didn't really do this in expectation of getting something in return, but I thought it was only fair. Beth's conversation flashed through my mind during History, my last class before lunch. What exactly did she mean by eating pussy? I was fairly sure actual chewing and biting wasn't involved, but beyond that, I had no idea. I knew it had something to do with using my mouth on Macy the way she used hers on me, but how? I mean, she didn't have anything down there to suck on, except maybe her clit. And if that's all it was, why wasn't it called clit sucking? I was confused. About then, my best friend Lanny Harris passed me a note. I held it in my lap and unfolded it. "Dude!" it said. "Did you see Cheryl this morning? I swear she's not wearing a bra- you could see her nipples!!!" (Lanny was always into exclamation marks. An excitable boy, Lanny.) Pretending I was taking notes, I wrote back, "Really? I didn't see her. I'll have to check her out after class." "It's true, I saw her this morning before school. They were sticking up, I want to suck them so bad!!" came the response. Lanny was (probably) still a virgin, but he had older brothers, so he seemed to know a lot more than I did. Well, he had before the last couple of days anyway. So, I wrote back, "Do you know what eating pussy is?" "Yeah," he scribbled back. "It's when a guy licks all over between a girl's legs! It'd be really gross if she peed or farted or something while you were doing it!!" That Lanny- what a classy guy. "How do you do it?" I wrote back. I didn't think Lanny had any personal experience at it, but he did have an older brother, Frank, who liked to brag about all the things he'd done, and the hot girls he'd done them with. "I dunno. Just lick all over, I guess. Maybe kiss it, too." Just then, the bell rang, and I gathered up all my stuff. Lanny and I walked out together, our heads swiveling to see if we could spot Cheryl and her hard nipples anywhere. "Why'd you ask about eating pussy?" Lanny asked as we headed toward our lockers. "Oh, just wondered," I said. "I heard some guy talking about it earlier, and I wasn't sure just what that meant." "Frank says he eats pussy all the time," he said. "He says girls really like it a lot, and if you're good at it, they might suck your dick or maybe even fuck you. Sure wish I could eat some pussy, `cause I really want to get laid soooo bad." He really did, too, if the tent in his pants was any indication. I was only about half-hard from talking about it. Now that I'd actually seen a couple of pussies, and fucked one and fingered one, I didn't get quite as excited as I used to with just talk. We were both distracted then by Cheryl, who walked by us surrounded by a gaggle of other girls. Lanny was right- her nipples were pushing against her t-shirt, and either she was braless or it was very thin. That did it; I popped wood just like Lanny, and one of Cheryl's friends noticed. She looked at my crotch and giggled, then nudged the girl next to her and whispered something as they passed. I was embarrassed as hell and started to droop. Seeing Cheryl's nipples put me in mind of Beth's tits, which were bigger, and of Macy's nipples, which were also bigger. I thought about how nice it would be to put Macy's nips on Beth's boobs, and then wondered what Macy's would be like when she finally grew breasts. So much for drooping; I was back to full hard, and decided to carry my books in front of me until I settled down again. We dumped our books at our lockers (fortunately, I'd gone down by then) and headed for the lunchroom. Lanny peeled off to go sit with some other friends, and I almost joined him, but then saw an odd pair sitting by themselves- Beth and Macy. Beth was normally way too cool to sit with a younger girl, but the two of them had their heads close together and were giggling and talking a mile a minute. They looked up when I approached, tray in hand. "And speak of the devil," Beth said with a big grin. "How's it hanging, lover boy?" I blushed bright red, which just made her laugh. When her shoulders shook, her tits bounced around in her loose bra, and my cock sprang back to full attention. Beth, of course, noticed. "Never mind, I can see- it's hanging long and hard." And she broke out in peals of laughter, while Macy checked out my crotch and giggled. I hurriedly sat down next to Macy, hoping no one else had noticed. "Macy tells me you've never gone down on her, Chris. Why not?" Beth asked. I was confused, and it must've shown. "I mean, you've never licked her pussy, have you? And after all those times she's sucked you off, too. That's not fair," I blushed more, if that was possible. "I... don't know how," I admitted. "I was thinking about it a little while ago, though. I've heard of it, I've just never done it. Would you like me to do that to you, Macy?" We were talking quietly, of course, so no one could overhear us. Now it was her turn to blush. "It sounds nice," she said. "No one's ever done it, though, so I don't know..." "How cute," Beth said. "Two virgins." She winked at me. "Well, when it comes to eating pussy, anyway. Look, it's really easy, Chris, you just have to lick up and down her slit, all around. Go along the sides, lick her lips inside and out, and lick her through the center. Lick and suck on her clit, although not too hard- girls are awful sensitive there." (As if I hadn't found that out already.) "Oh, and stick your tongue in her hole- try to fuck her with your tongue. You'll like it, both of you." By this time, Macy was as bright red as I'm sure I was. It was pretty unreal. I mean, here we were sitting in the school lunchroom, talking about me licking Macy between her legs, with the girl who'd taken my virginity just yesterday. Can it get any stranger than this? Yes. Beth finished her milk, and set the carton on the tray. "I'll tell you what. Meet me in those bushes after school, and I'll teach you how to do it, OK?" With that, without even a thought that we might say no, she picked up her tray and left. I looked at Macy in shock, who was looking back at me in shock. We were speechless for a few seconds then, seeing the looks on each others faces, started laughing. People turned to look at us, but we didn't care. Finally, we were able to settle down again. "Did that really just happen?" Macy asked in wonder. "Did Beth just offer to teach you how to lick me... you know, down there?" "Yeah," I said, nodding. "She did. Have you ever thought about... well, about me doing that to you?" Macy blushed again, and looked down at her tray. "Yeah," she said softly. "I've always wondered what it would be like, and the past couple days I've thought about you doing it. My Dad's fingered me before, and you have, but that's all I've ever done." She looked up at me, and her face said she was embarrassed, intrigued and hopeful. "Do you want to? Lick me, I mean? You don't have to if you think it's gross or something." I started to reach out to take her hand, but that would've been a bad idea in a middle school lunchroom full of people who'd jump on us about it, so I picked up my milk carton and took a swallow instead. "No, I don't think it's gross," I said as I set the carton down. "I was kinda thinking about it earlier, in fact. I mean, it feels so good when you do it to me, I thought maybe I ought to do it to you so you'd feel that good, too." "You don't have to if you don't want to," she said. "I like... doing what we do, you don't have to feel like you need to do anything to me, too. Although if you'd at least finger me, that would be cool," she said, grinning. "But I like doing things to you," I said. "And besides, it's only fair. I just don't know how to do... it." "Well, Beth's willing to teach you," she said, with an impish grin. "Do you want to meet her after school?" "Yeah," I said. "I do. I don't know what it's like, but I'm willing to try." "Cool," she said, her eyes shining.