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Chapter 1 - Tuesday Every guy should have a Macy in his life, at least for a little while. Macy was my neighbor, a cute little thing of 11 years with long brown hair, green eyes, and a body that was just starting to develop. At the time, I was 13, constantly horny and always trying (unsuccessfully) to get a girlfriend. I'd known Macy since we moved to this place six years before. She took to me instantly, and she was the first friend I made in this new town. We played together a lot, and when I was 9 and she was 7, I got to see my first live pussy when I convinced her to play "show and don't tell" out behind the garage, something she repeated a few times afterward, but then never wanted to do again. Now, though, she'd hit the onset of puberty and her changing body apparently brought out her curiosity again. She approached me one day when I was out in the yard, and reminded me of those earlier explorations (little more than looking, really, with one brief touchy-feely session). Of course I remembered, and got a hardon when she brought it up. Then she surprised me by asking if I wanted to do it again. Well, of course I did. At 13, I was a walking ball of hormones and I'd have traded my entire Star Wars card collection for a chance to see naked female flesh. Even young, barely developing female flesh. Mom was doing laundry, so I knew she wouldn't be likely to bother us anytime soon. If she decided she wanted me, she'd most likely just lean out the back door and yell, so our chances of discovery were pretty slim. Our backyard fence blocked the view from both sides. The house behind us was a two-story and we could be seen from the upper floor, but they had no kids and both of them were at work, so we were good to go. As soon as we got behind the garage, Macy pulled off her t-shirt and proudly thrust out her developing breasts. They weren't very big, really just slightly enlarged nipples with a bit of puffiness behind them, but they were tits- I was actually seeing tits. My cock was already hard just from anticipation, but it throbbed at this delectable sight. She didn't stop there; she quickly unsnapped her shorts and kicked them off, which left her standing in just a pair of pink cotton panties with little yellow and red hearts on them. There was a damp spot in her crotch; while I didn't know a whole lot about sex, I knew enough not to think she'd peed herself. The thought that she was aroused was almost enough to make me mess up my shorts by shooting a big load of cum into them. To this day, I'm not sure how I managed not to. "OK, Chris," she said, "you're falling behind. Time to start getting out of those clothes." She crossed her arms (under her breasts, pushing them up slightly) and started tapping her foot impatiently. My momma didn't raise no dummy, so I whipped off my shirt and shucked my pants so I too was standing there in just my briefs, with a large bulge in the front of them. "OK, let's do this together," she said, hooking her thumbs in the sides of her panties. "On the count of three, OK?" I nodded, unable to speak, my eyes fixed on the crotch I was about to see. "One, two, three." And with that, we both yanked down our underwear, letting it drop to our ankles. Her hairless little slit was beautiful. Unlike most girls her age (so I found out later), it wasn't closed tightly together. Her lips were slightly spread, and her clit was peeking out at the top. I wanted to grab her and press my cock up against it, and probably the only reason I didn't was because I couldn't move. My dick was waving in the breeze, throbbing with desire and my heartbeat. She was staring at it with a hungry look in her eye. At 13, I was just a little under 5", nothing terribly impressive but she seemed to like it. She reached out and touched it, running her fingertip over the helmet then wrapping her hand around the shaft and stroking slowly. I almost blew right then, but managed not to; I did groan loudly, though, and that caused her to look into my eyes and grin. What she did next shocked the hell out of me. She knelt down, hand still slowly wanking me, then leaned forward and put the head in her mouth. That did it- three more strokes, a tongue licking the sensitive underside, and I started pumping more cum than I think I'd ever shot at one time before. Macy didn't even flinch; she just swallowed everything I squirted, not letting even a single drop escape her sucking mouth. My legs were weak and shaky when she sat back, a big smile on her face. I started to stammer out an apology for such a vile act, but she just waved it off. "Psht," she said, blowing through her lips. "What do you think I was trying to do? I wanted you to squirt your delicious cum in my mouth. I like the taste of cum, and I like sucking dicks. In fact, I think I'll do it again." With that, she took my cock back in her mouth and started tonguing and sucking again. Her hand left my shaft (which hadn't had time to start going soft) and started tickling and squeezing my balls. I was in shock; I couldn't say anything as this cute little girl kept working her magic on my dick. I knew some girls did this sort of thing, but I had this vague impression that only older girls did it, and that it was something at least a little bit disgusting. It sure didn't feel disgusting, and no matter that Macy was only 11, she sure seemed to like doing it. And I sure liked having it done. Macy's free hand (the one that wasn't caressing my balls and tickling that little spot between them and my asshole) was between her legs moving furiously. The angle was wrong, so I couldn't see if she was rubbing herself or finger-fucking herself, but whichever it was, she was having a good time too. Her small round butt stuck out in back far enough for me to see, and I couldn't help thinking how much I'd like to run my hands all over it, and my cock, too. I was almost at the point of cumming a second time when Macy slacked off. She opened her mouth (although she kept my dick in it), arched her back and moaned loudly, her hand jammed into her crotch. She came hard for almost a full minute, letting my own approaching orgasm slack off some. As her cum slacked off, she sighed deeply, smiled up at me and winked, and went back to sucking and licking. I really wanted to pump my hips and start fucking her mouth, but I was new at this and wasn't sure if that would make her mad or not, so I just held them forward and let her go to work. Within just another few minutes, I felt my balls rising and tightening up, then I jetted squirt after squirt into Macy's mouth for the second time that day. Again, she swallowed it all and seemed to relish the taste. When I finally dribbled the last little bit out, she licked lovingly around to clean my cock and slowly withdrew it with a small pop. I sank down onto my knees, then settled back on my haunches, exhausted, trembling, unable to think clearly or even move much. I did manage to get one arm up and put it around her neck and drew her in close, our foreheads touching. She reached up and put her arms around my neck, and bent her head and gave me a long, deep kiss. It tasted a little odd, until I realized I was tasting my own cum. Before today, that would've grossed me out, but it didn't- it was unusual but it wasn't bad. And if this girl was willing to suck my dick and swallow my cum, I was sure as hell willing to kiss her whether she tasted a little odd or not. When I could move again, I straightened up (but stayed on my knees), put my other arm around her back and drew her close. Our lips locked again, and I could feel her small breasts against my chest, and her soaking wet pussy touching my (almost) completely limp dick. It was a great feeling, almost as good as my dick in her mouth. We finally broke our kiss, both of us breathing heavily and Macy gently humping my deflated dick. "Wow, Macy. That was great. Thank you, thank you, thank you." I grinned a stupid looking grin, and she smiled a sultry, sexy smile back. "My pleasure, Chris," she said. "I really like sucking dick, and you have a nice one. It fits my mouth a lot better than... well, the dick I usually suck." "You do this a lot?" I asked, surprised. Before this afternoon, I would've sworn Macy was a sweet innocent girl who'd never heard of cocksucking, much less ever done it. She frowned at that, and half-heartedly punched my arm. "No, I'm not some cheap slut, Chris Martin!" Her words were angry, but her voice was half annoyed, half amused. "It's just... can I trust you to keep a secret? I mean, a really big secret that you can't tell anyone, ever, not even 50 years from now?" Her eyes were intense as they looked into mine. She really wanted to share something, but it was obviously important to her that it go no further. I felt honored that she'd trust me like that, and of course I agreed to keep quiet, cross my heart, hope to die. "Well..." she hesitated. She wanted to tell me, but was still a little reluctant. "Well... OK. Every morning, after Mom goes to work and before my little brother gets up, my Dad comes into my room and I suck him off. But it's not bad- I mean, he doesn't force me to or anything, I do it because it's fun and I like it a lot." I was floored, and probably had a dumbstruck look on my face. Macy's dad was a nice guy, not great looking or an athlete or anything like that, just your average adult guy. I never would've guessed he was doing sex stuff with his preteen daughter. Of course, before that afternoon, I never would've guessed I'd be doing sex stuff with his preteen daughter. She might've read my mind. "It's not his fault, he didn't start it," she said, almost pleading for me to understand and not judge her dad harshly. "He got a little drunk one night and passed out on the couch, and I was curious, so I unzipped him and started playing with it. I don't know what made me decide to start sucking on it, it just seemed like the thing to do. And when he woke up and found his dick in my mouth, he was too close to cumming to stop me, but he felt really bad about it afterwards. We talked about it, though, and eventually he let me do it again. And since then, well, it's sorta become a regular thing. We don't get to do it on the weekends, most of the time, `cause Mom's around, but since she has to go to work before he does, we do it almost every day during the week. Do you think we're bad?" I hugged her and held her tightly. "No, Macy, I don't. It's... a little weird, but if it works for you and he's not forcing you, go for it. I mean, obviously you like doing it, and you're really, really good at it." "Thank you," she said, squeezing me back. She pushed her hips forward a little, rubbing my dick (which was now considering the possibility of rising to the occasion again). "Do you want me to do it again? I could suck cock all day." I pulled back a little and looked her in the face. She was hopeful, obviously ready for more. But there was no way I was going to get it up again that quick. "I can't yet," I said. "Give me a little while to recover. But while we're waiting, could I touch your, you know, your pussy? I've never felt one before." "Sure," she said. She gave me a quick peck on the lips, then flopped onto her back and spread her legs. "My clit's right here at the top," she said, pointing. "That's the part that feels best, only don't push too hard. And you can stick your finger in me, too. I haven't fucked anyone yet, but Daddy got a little carried away when he was fingering me one day and busted my cherry." I knelt in front of her, taking in the glorious sight of her slit, which was wet and slightly open. There was a bump at the top, her clit she'd called it. It was sticking out of a little sheath, and looked sort of like a mini penis. I reached out and gently touched it; she shivered and let out a tiny moan, and I snatched my hand back. "It's OK, silly" she said, with a small chuckle. "It didn't hurt, it just felt so good. Do it again." Well, of course, I did. I rubbed it a little, which brought more moans and some twitching of her hips. Fascinating as it was, I couldn't resist running my hand down to her cunt, and stroking up and down her lips. That brought more moans and twitches, even if they weren't as intense as the ones from her clit. I was amazed at how her pussy felt, almost like soft velvety rubber, a Koosh ball warmed up and softened. She was soaked, her juices flowing like sweet wine from her slightly open fuckhole. I ran my finger up and down, stopping to rub on her clit at one end and probe at her hole at the other. Finally, I got up my nerve and slipped a finger inside her. She was so hot inside, and wetness like warm oil coated my finger as her pussy walls seemed to pull me in further. I gently ran my finger around inside her, touching her cunt on all sides and slowly sliding my finger in as deep as I could. She arched her back and growled, and started pushing back at me. She groaned in disappointment as I pulled my finger out, but I had to taste her. I licked my finger, marveling at the pungent taste, then put my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. Macy watched this, and moaned about how hot it looked, and begged me to finger her some more. Of course, I obliged. I slid my middle finger in this time, going in deeper than my index finger had, and pushed until I could feel something at the back. (I figured out later that was her cervix.) I moved my finger all around, and in and out, noting what she seemed to like most. Quite by accident, I curled my finger and started rubbing that spot right behind her pubic bone, and Macy went nuts. She started humping up against my hand and moaning so loud I thought Mom would come running out to find out who was hurt. I didn't stop, though; I wanted to give Macy as much pleasure as she'd given me. Finally, Macy shoved her hips up hard and pulled my hand tight against her as she panted and groaned, her pussy gripping and squeezing my finger as if it wanted to pull it off. After almost a full minute of cumming, her pussy relaxed, she flopped back on the ground and released my hand. She shuddered and twitched as I slowly pulled my finger out, little mini-cums shooting through her body. Macy just laid there, eyes closed, breathing heavily and chest heaving. I was so proud of myself for having done that to her that it took me a minute to realize my cock was hard again. I started slowly stroking it as I looked at the spread-eagled young girl before me, every bit of her girlish charms on display. Her little tits looked so cute, small mounds barely there but so inviting looking, and I realized I hadn't touched them yet. I leaned forward and gently covered her right tit, feeling the hard nipple pressing against my palm. Macy moaned again and pushed her chest up against my hand. From where I was leaning over her, this slight movement brought the tip of my cock (which I was still stroking) against her stomach. Her eyes flew open, and she looked down. "Wait, don't cum on my stomach," she said, and shakily sat up, pushing me back on my haunches (although I didn't stop rubbing her tit and squeezing her little rock-hard nipple). "That's what my mouth is for," she added, grinning. She leaned forward (unfortunately pulling her tit away) and took me in her mouth once again. I couldn't believe it. In barely an hour, I'd seen my first naked girl; I'd gotten my first, second and third blowjobs; gotten to feel my first bare tit and pussy; and, fingerfucked a girl to orgasm for the first time. Take me now, Lord, it won't ever get any better than this. Oh, wait, I haven't fucked anyone yet. Hold off for a while, Lord. Macy was much more reserved this time, gently sucking and licking my cock and slowly jacking it with her other hand. No bobbing or hard sucking this time, no sense of urgency, just a sensuous smooth blowjob. I liked it, a lot. I could savor the feeling of her tongue sliding up and down that sensitive spot beneath the head, of her lips sliding back and forth over the ridge of my glans, of the gentle squeeze-and-stroke of her hand. When I came, it wasn't as intense as the last time, but it was oh so satisfying. Macy once again tenderly cleaned up my cock before popping it out of her mouth. This time, I collapsed backwards and lay there, sprawled out and naked in the back yard. She slid up over me, then laid her naked body on top of mine and kissed me, our tongues dancing slowly together. She broke it off finally, and slid down a little to lay her head on my chest. I held her and slowly stroked her back with one hand, while the other slid down and cupped her ass, gently squeezing and rubbing her cheeks. "Oh, Macy," I said when I could speak again. "That was so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, a million billion times thank you." She giggled against my chest. "I liked it too, Chris," she said. "I like the way your cock fits my mouth. And I especially liked the way your finger fit my pussy." She hugged me and kissed my nipple. Then, with a sigh, she pulled her head back and looked at me. "We'd probably better get dressed, before your mother comes looking for us." She was right, but I so liked the feeling of her against me, I'd rather have stayed there all day, maybe all night, too, hugging her warm naked body against me. I also wanted to explore her tits and pussy some more; who knew when I'd next get an opportunity to play with real naked girl flesh? But I agreed with her, kissed her once more, and started to gather my clothes. Macy surprised me then. She picked up her panties and rubbed her crotch and legs dry, then held them out to me. "Here, a little souvenir of today. You can smell them tonight while you're in bed jerking off, and think about what we might do next time." Next time? The Hallelujah Chorus began playing in my head, but I grinned and stuffed the panties into my pocket. I'd find a good hiding place for them; I really didn't want to try explaining them to my mother if she found them. And Macy had a good idea. Laying in bed that night, with her panties draped over my nose, I came really hard. Twice.