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"You didn't bring a change of clothes, did you?" Her head moved in my lap. "Nope. I have some in my backpack, but it wasn't until Lily and I were already on the bus that I realized I'd left it at her place. Why?" "Because I thought we might do some running around later, and figured you'd prefer to be a little more casual than that," I said, gesturing at her skirt and blouse still puddled together on the table. "I could probably find a shirt you could wear, but you'd have to be a foot taller to wear any of my pants." "I could go out in just the shirt," she said, mischievously. "Would it make you hot if I flashed the crowd, Harry? I don't have any panties, you know." "You could always wear the green ones for a while and put your luscious scent back on them. They quit smelling like you after I washed them." "Hey, that's right," she said, sitting up and turning to me. "What did you do with my panties? And I caught the red and green bed thing, Harry. Cute." "Cute as your hair ribbon trick," I said with a grin. She grinned back. We have that affect on each other. "Right now, they're both in my nightstand. Normally," I pointed to my computer desk "the red pair hangs from the copyholder while I'm working. The green pair" I was blushing furiously; Christie was delighted to notice it "I normally carry in my pocket. And I put both of `em on the other pillow when I go to bed." "You carry my panties around with you? And sleep with them? Oh, Harry, that's so sweet," she said, hugging me and kissing my cheek. "A little weird, but sweet. And you look awfully cute when you blush." She kissed me again, then bounded off the couch into the bedroom. She came back a minute later carrying the green pair and laid back down with her head in my lap. Spreading her thighs, she rubbed the panties up and down her slick pussy lips, even using her finger to stuff part of it in her hole. "You know how leaky I get around you, Harry. They should be stinky as new in no time." I started to harden watching her and with her cheek resting on my cock, she could hardly not notice. "Oooo, you like watching that, eh?" She rolled over so her head was facing me. "Let's see what they smell like after I blow you." She took me in her mouth, and I'd swear I heard a "sproing" as I snapped to full hard. Her lips circled the head and sucked lightly on the ridge as she flicked her tongue over the end. I moaned and put a hand down to squeeze her ass. The whole time, she kept rubbing herself with her panties. Her head moved forward and her lips slid down the shaft until I was about halfway inside. She tried to reach around and play with my balls, but the way we were situated on the couch just wouldn't let her. So she curled a finger around the top of my cock and rubbed the tube on the bottom of the part that was still uncovered. It felt really nice. She pulled back and lifted my cock, then started licking up and down the underside. Shifting a little, she put it back in her mouth and started slowly moving her head up and down, sucking and licking. After a few strokes, though, she popped it back out and looked up at me. "Know what, Harry?" she asked. "What?" "This is a damned uncomfortable way to give a blowjob." And with that she rolled off the couch, crouched on the floor in front of me and pushed my legs apart. I slid forward a little and she took my cock back in her mouth and started bobbing her head again, slowly at first and then speeding up. It didn't take long before I started squirting, and she opened her throat and just let it all slide down without swallowing. When I finally stopped shooting, she slid my dick out of her mouth, gave it a kiss and a lick, and leaned back. That's when I noticed she was still rubbing the panties up and down her slit and clit, and as I watched, she stiffened, threw her head back and let out a long shuddering groan as she came. My cock tried to twitch, but didn't have strength enough to move, so it just let out a final tiny dribble of cum instead. Christie took a deep breath, opened her eyes and smiled at me. "That was a nice one. Not as nice as when you do it, but not bad." She leaned forward and stuck the panties under my nose. "Smell like me again, Harry? Stinky enough for you?" Christie-scent fairly rolled off the thong in waves; I could smell it when it was still almost a foot away. I inhaled deeply, smiled and told her they were perfect. Then I put my mouth over her cloth-draped fingers and sucked some of the juice out of it. "Tastes like you, too. Fresh is better, though." "You're a perv, Harry," she said, laughing. "I like that in a man." She leaned back and spread her legs. "Want to taste the freshness?" "Love to, dear heart, but first I think we need to figure out how to get you here permanently. Then I can taste the freshness all the time, and won't have to sniff your panties when I think of you. And I think I have an idea." She came and cuddled next to me while I explained, asking questions and pointing out flaws she saw. We bounced it around for an hour or so before we finally got frustrated; it was -almost- workable, but there were still problems, and I wanted it to be damned near foolproof before we tried it. "Know what we need?" Christie finally asked. I shook my head. "Lily. Lily has the damnedest way of coming up with plans that work. And even when they don't, she can improvise her way out of anything. That girl could roll in a pile of horseshit and come up clean." "Why don't you give her a call, then?" I said. "We can go pick her up and get your clothes at the same time. If her folks'll let her come with us, that is. They may not want her around a guy like me." Christie snorted. "C'mon, they know Lily, Harry. They'll probably -expect- you two to fuck if she comes over. They know all about you and me, too. Mom2 is cool with it. Who do you think did my makeup and helped me pick out an outfit last night? They worry about Lily, but they know she's careful... well, sorta careful. And they watch out for me, too. Mom2 was really happy that I'd met a nice guy, even if you are an antique," she added with a grin. "I think she thinks that if I hook up with a guy and quit screwing everyone in sight, I'll be a good influence on Lily. Not much chance of that." I grinned. "Not with Lilyflower, no. Might as well try to stop the sun coming up." Lily was home when Christie called, having just gotten up even though it was nearly noon. She wanted to hear all the details about our date, but Christie told her she'd have to wait. When she explained that we needed her help to get Christie away from her mother, I could hear Lily's "Awesome!" from across the room; poor Christie winced and yanked the phone away from her ear. After a three-way negotiation between the girls and Lily's mother, it was decided that Lily's mother would drop Lily at my place (our place), since she had errands to run anyway. I dug through my drawers and came up with an old flannel work shirt for Christie, and suggested she shower "so it won't be quite so obvious what we've been doing". "Oh, come on, Harry," she said scornfully. "This is Lily's mother- she knows damn well what we've been doing, and expected us to. I mean, the whole time she was putting my makeup on, Lily was sitting there making suggestions on things we should do when we got back here. Some of her little `specialty tricks,' she called `em." "Oooo," I said, wiggling my eyebrows. "You'll have to show me some time. If they're Lily's specialties, they must be pretty good." Christie grinned. "Some of them are... interesting," she said. "And some of them, I think we should have you checked out by a doctor first. A lot of them will have to wait `til Junior pops out and I'm flexible again, too. Come shower with me, Harry? I've never showered with a guy before either, and it's always sounded like fun." "Looks like we'll have a whole lot of firsts together," I said, kissing her. The shower was a lot of fun. We soaped and scrubbed and tickled and laughed and fondled a little and kissed and just generally enjoyed the feeling of being alive and in love. Christie wanted to fuck, but we just couldn't- she's too short standing on the bottom of the tub, too tall balanced precariously on the sides of the tub, and too pregnant to bend in any of the ways that it could work. We finally shut off the water and got out, and she hopped up on the counter and we fucked there. It reminded us both of our first time, on the desk in the office, and we smiled and laughed and talked about it while I slowly drove my cock into her soaking pussy. It was a long, slow, luxurious fuck, full of love and caresses, and Christie had one massive orgasm and several smaller ones before I finally spent myself deep inside her. We hopped back in the shower long enough for a quick rinse, and had barely gotten dressed when the doorbell rang. Lily's mother is a taller and slightly heavier version of Lily. She's in her mid-30s, maybe an inch or two shorter than I am, with Lily's black hair (cut shoulder length), her slim build (with bigger breasts and a wider ass, but not the least bit of droop in either), and pretty face, although Mom's version showed a maturity and "class" that Lily hadn't developed yet. Lily, of course, bounded in as soon as I opened the door, opening the screen and just charging right in. She hugged me and gave me a big wet kiss on the lips, then bounced over and did the same to Christie. I invited her mother in, and Christie came over to give her a big hug, while Lily bounced up and down, looking like she was about to explode. "OK, OK, OK" Lily fired out, "I've gotta do this, this is so funny. OK. Mom, this is Harry Potter." She started giggling when I held my hand out. "OK, I can do this." (laughing) "OK, Ha-ha-harry Potter," (chuckling and snickering) "this is" (chortle) "Hermione." And she fell on the floor and rolled, laughing hysterically. Christie too was laughing so hard she had to hold onto my shoulder, and Lily's mother had a huge grin on her face. "You're kidding, right?" I said, breaking into a grin myself. "I'm afraid not, Harry," she said, shaking my hand. "I'm Hermione Crenshaw, Lily's mother." I laughed, "If your husband's name is Ron, then I know there's been an accident and I'm in a hospital somewhere with a morphine drip." She laughed at that. "No, his name's Draco," she said with a big grin. I laughed. "It's Dean, actually." "Is his middle name Thomas?" "No, it's William, but that would just be the topping to this, wouldn't it?" Hermione and I sat down on the couch to get acquainted while the girls took Christie's backpack and charged off to the bedroom. (I had no doubts Lily would be pumping her for all the details as soon as the door was closed.) We talked for a few moments, just the usual "good to meet you finally" "heard a lot about you" "nice place you have here" idle chatter, then Hermione turned serious. "We've known Christie for a couple of years, now, Harry, but she never talked about her home life around Dean and I. We knew it wasn't very good, but we had no idea what it was really like until Lily told us today. We knew she knew, but Christie swore her to secrecy and Lily wouldn't tell us a thing until she knew it was OK with Christie. She said you're planning to get Christie out of there, and I want you to know Dean and I will do anything we can to help. Dean's a big guy, so if you need some extra muscle or anything else, just ask." "Thanks, Hermione, but if it comes to needing muscle, it won't work. We have to do this just right or it'll all blow up on us, and Christie could wind up worse off than she is now. I'm not sure what all we might need. We're still trying to figure out how to make everything work, which is why we needed Lily's help. Christie says she's good at this sort of thing." Hermione smiled. "Lily's quite the little schemer, alright," she said, and was obviously proud of that. "And Christie's her best friend, and she'll do anything for her. Just like Christie would for Lily. And, I suspect, like both of them would do for you. It's not an easy thing to earn my daughter's respect, but you certainly have." I smiled at that. "I'm honored. I'd do anything for them, too. Lily's a force of nature, like a hurricane on steroids, and I like her a lot. I'll make sure she doesn't do anything dangerous in this." Hermione laughed. "That's funny, Harry, I was going to warn you not to let Lily talk -you- into anything dangerous." We shared a laugh then, but it was overpowered by a howl of laughter from the bedroom, and we heard Lily scream, "Digital vibrator?," more howls of laughter, and a thump as if someone had just fallen off a bed. "Digital vibrator?" Hermione asked. I blushed. "Long story." "Interesting one, too, I'll bet," she said with a smile as she stood up. "But I've got to run before the stores close. It was very nice to meet you, Harry. And I'm really glad you and Christie got together. It's... a little weird, and I admit it kinda bothers me, but Lily says you're a great guy, and I can tell you're a decent man, so... whatever works. And I meant it- Dean and I will do anything we can to help get her out of there. Just call us, and we're here." "Thanks, Hermione," I said, holding out my hand. She ignored it and moved in for a quick hug instead. "We'll get Christie out of this. And then I'm going to try my damnedest to help that girl heal and live a normal life. Well," I added with a small snort, "as normal as it can be, considering the situation." Hermione nodded. "I think you'll be good for her. And I think you're something she's needed for a long time. Take care of her, Harry. But don't forget to take care of yourself, too." She turned and yelled toward the bedroom that she was leaving, and the girls came out to say goodbye. Lily was still snickering and while Christie was hugging Hermione, she looked at me and held up one finger, started shaking it, and then burst out in another fit of laughter. Hermione just shook her head, hugged and kissed her daughter, then made her goodbyes and left. The three of us found places to sit- Christie and I on the couch, Lily on the floor in front of us (after I gently dumped her off my lap). "Nice place you've got here," Lily said. "Just the right size for the three of you. But what's up with the red blanket and green sheets? You so hard up for a hard on you have to coordinate your bedding with your girlfriend's panties?" She laughed. "And don't try to tell me it's for Christmas, `cause that isn't for a few months yet. And if you say anything about it always being Christmas with Christie around, I'm gonna hurl. Big chunks." "Hadn't even thought of it that way, Lilyflower," I said. "But, now that you mention it..." Lily made gagging noises while Christie laughed. "At least the bed's big enough for three. Well, three and a half with Junior there. You won't make poor Lily sleep on the couch tonight, will you, Harry?" Lily said, batting her eyelashes at me. "And miss the chance to wake up in the middle of the night being raped by a teenage sex fiend? Wouldn't hear of it." She laughed long and hard at that. "You're safe, Harry. I've never poached on Christie's guys before, and I'm not gonna start now." Grinning, she leaned forward and ran a hand up my leg. "Unless of course you ask nice." I stopped her before she reached my crotch, grabbing her hand and kissing it. "Not now, Lily. We need your brain, not your crotch," I said. "We need your help figuring out how to make this work." She nodded, suddenly serious. "Tell me what you two have come up with, Harry, and I'll see what I can do to help." Christie and I explained what we'd come up with, and pointed out the problem areas and the not-really-good ideas we had to get around them. She listened intently the whole time, asking a few questions, but not offering her opinion. When we were done, she sat back with a frown and was silent for a while (a miracle in itself, considering it was Lily). She finally looked up at us and said, "Well, I think I see a way to make it work, but are you really sure that's the way you want to do it? Wouldn't it be easier if..." And she proceeded to detail a much simpler plan that sounded almost foolproof and would indeed be easier to pull off. The three of us kicked it around for a while, trying to poke holes in it. What few we poked, Lily quickly patched, and by 2 o'clock, we had it nailed. The next time Danny Ocean is planning a caper, he should call Lily. That girl is smart, and devious- I don't ever want her mad at me. We made a list of things to be done, and right at the top of it was money. We needed $1000, and didn't have it. I had about $50 in my pocket, and Lily and Christie between them could come up with another $30. I had more than enough in the bank, but it was closed and my ATM would only let me have $300. I wasn't going to wait until Monday, and part of the plan hinged on it being a weekend so it wouldn't work if we did. Lily thought it unlikely her parents had the rest of the cash laying around, and they'd face the same ATM limit I did; we could get more than halfway there, but that wasn't good enough. We needed it all. "OK, I have an idea," I said. "I'll probably be able to borrow some from Mr. Towsley next door. I don't know how much he'll have, but every little bit helps at this point. Christie, why don't you come along? I'd like you to meet them anyway, and maybe it'll help if they see who they're helping. Lily, why don't you stay here and run through the plan again, see if we missed anything. I'll introduce you to `em later, but I'm not sure what they'd say if I brought -two- underage girls over." Lily laughed. "Gotcha, Harry. Don't want to scare them off, or give them a heart attack." Christie had gotten jeans out of her backpack, but was still wearing the flannel shirt I'd found for her. She shook her head when I asked if she was going to change it. "Nope. I like it. It's really comfortable, and it smells like you. Some of us can get along by sniffing shirts instead of panties, Harry," she said, and both the girls laughed. I just shook my head. "I'm never going to hear the end of that, am I?" "Nope," they chorused, then laughed some more. We talked then about what to tell the Towsley's. Somehow, I didn't think it would go over very well if I told them Christie and I were a couple. I mean, I knew they weren't the reactionary conservative types so many old people become, but I thought telling them I was screwing a 13 year old and moving her in with me was probably not a good idea. The old "this is my niece" trick wasn't going to work, since they probably wouldn't believe it. And anyway, we couldn't come up with a plausible excuse for why my "niece" would need $700 in a big hurry. Finally, Christie said, "Look, just tell them the truth, or part of it. Tell them you met me because I'm the friend of a daughter of some client or something. When you found out what kind of shit I'm living with, you decided to help. They can hear as much about Mom and my life as you think they need to, but you'll have to tell them. I can't do that again today." The Towsley's, as usual, were glad of company and seemed pleased to meet Christie. I introduced her as "a girl who's having a rough time at home, and will be staying at my place for a while," and offered the cover story about her being a client's daughter's friend. Sheila, her arthritis being more painful than usual, sat in her powered chair at the kitchen table and fussed at her husband to get me coffee and Christie some milk, "or perhaps juice? You can have a soda if you like, but milk or juice would be so much better for you and your baby." Mr. T. fixed the drinks (Christie opted for milk) and we sat and made idle chatter for a while. Sheila was very interested in Christie, asking her about school, and the baby, what she thought of American Idol (Sheila's favorite show), and a variety of other subjects. Mr. T. didn't say much, and finally suggested we go out to his garage to look at the lawnmower he was rebuilding, and "leave the girls to their talk". Once out in the garage, he fixed me with a sharp stare. "Harry, I know that's not some friend of a daughter of a client. I'm not so old and senile that I can't see the way you and Christie look at each other. And don't try to tell me she's your niece or any other crap either. As far as I know, you've always been honest with me before, so it must be something pretty important if you're lying to me now. Whatever it is, Harry, be straight with me- you can trust me." I blushed, embarrassed at being caught, and nodded. "But before you go on, Harry, let me tell you about my night last night," he said, reaching up onto a shelf and pulling down a quart-size paint can. "My back was bothering me, so I got up so my tossing and turning wouldn't disturb Sheila. I watched some really bad old movie on TV for a while, until Buster started scratching on the door and whining to go out." While he was telling me this, he pulled a small screwdriver out of a drawer and popped open the paint can. Inside the perfectly clean can was a partial pack of cigarettes and an old Zippo lighter. He winked at me. "Don't tell Sheila my hiding place, ok?" I grinned. "What hiding place? I don't know of any hiding place. And what could you possibly have to hide?" He grinned too, shook one out and lit it, and carefully put the lid back on and the can back in its place. "It was late and I figured no one would be out, so I put on my old trench coat and got his leash, and we went out for a little walk. I had this sudden image of a police car driving by and seeing some old pervert out in his trench coat and pajamas and arresting me, but then I figured if any cops stopped me, I could always pretend to be senile and let the nice young men escort me home." I laughed. "There's some advantages to being old, Harry," he said with a smile. "Well, Buster kept stopping at every other bush and wetting it just a little before he wanted to go on. Guess last night he had an old man's bladder like mine; you don't go much, but you go often. We walked down the block a ways and then Buster turned around to come back." "He didn't want to stop at the house, though, and whined when I tried to go back in. So we walked on a little farther and he decided that bush at the end of your driveway was the most interesting thing in the world. So while he sniffed and peed and peed and sniffed, I stood there and waited for him. I looked at the stars for a while, looked around the neighborhood, and then happened to glance at your house." Ice suddenly packed itself around my heart. Last night. Open curtains. Christie and me. I was so busted. Wonder if he's called the cops yet? "I was so surprised at what I saw, I just froze and stared, Harry. Because there was my friend and neighbor, someone I'd always thought of as a good and decent man, and he was standing there kissing this naked girl in the middle of his living room. And I was rude and stared, Harry, because I was just so shocked, I couldn't move. And I was even more shocked when you left the room and she turned around. Because this naked girl was out-to-here pregnant, and very obviously way too young to be doing this kind of thing, especially with a man your age." "And then I saw you come back and she jumped over the couch at you, and I saw you pick her up and carry her away like she was a new bride, and you were both laughing and happy. Know what else I saw, Harry?" I shook my head, numb and dreading whatever was coming. "I saw love, Harry. I saw two people who were very obviously head over heels in love with each other. It reminded me very much of my Sheila and me when we were young. And I realized that no matter what the law might say, the only crime would be breaking you two up. So relax, Harry, I didn't call the cops, and I'm not going to. And no one else was out, so you're safe." "Thank you," I managed to mumble. "And you know what else I realized?" he asked, eyes twinkling as he took a last puff on the cigarette before dropping it and grinding it out. I shook my head. "I realized I was harder than I've been in a while, and if any cops stopped by, even the senile old man trick wouldn't get me out of it." I laughed then, not least at the feeling of relief. "Sorry for peeking, Harry, but your Christie's got a nice butt." "That she does, Mr. T. How could I get mad at you for getting hard when I know what she does to me? Even with all her clothes on." We both grinned. "So when I told my Sheila this morning-" I interrupted. "Sheila knows?" He nodded. "Of course, Harry. I don't keep secrets from my Sheila." He glanced at his paint can hiding place. "Well, maybe one. Tell you the truth, though, I'd be willing to bet she knows about it. Sharp girl, my Sheila, and she loves me enough not to bust me for my one little vice." "So anyway, when I told my Sheila about you and some hot little girl, she got worried," he said, bending over and cleaning up the mess from his cigarette. "Very worried. And she told me that as soon as that girl left, I better get my scrawny butt over to see you and make sure this wasn't some little gold digger out to hurt our friend Harry. Said you'd been alone a long time, and she was worried about some little tramp taking advantage of you." "She was worried about me, not Christie?" "Of course, Harry. She knows the kind of man you are, and she knows you wouldn't take advantage of some na´ve little girl. And that pregnant belly said whatever else this girl might be, she wasn't na´ve. Sheila was worried that you might get hurt." I was touched. "So whatever you're going to tell me, Harry, tell it to me straight. No one's going to think less of you, or call the cops on you or anything else. But before you get started, how about I fix us a couple of drinks? Scotch and water OK? Or with 7up or soda?" "Water would be great, Mr. T., but not too strong, OK? Need any help?" He shook his head. "You wait here and I'll be right back." While he was gone, I tried to get everything straight in my head about how and just how much I was going to tell him. When he came back, he had a drink in each hand and a big smile on his face. "Looks like you're in the clear." I looked puzzled. "When I went in there, Shelia and Christie had their chairs scooted together and Sheila was holding her hand while she talked all about being pregnant with our own kids. She tried to chase me back out here to my `man talk' so she and Christie could continue their `girl talk' and when I looked at her, she nodded just a little bit. My Sheila's a good judge of people, and she's given your Christie her Sheila Seal of Approval." "So tell me what you need, Harry, and I'll see what I can do." I wound up giving him the Reader's Digest Condensed version of Christie and me, leaving out the details on the sex. I explained how we'd met (although I shaded it a bit so Christie sounded less like a sex maniac and I sounded less like a dirty old man), how we'd made love (neglecting to mention Lily, Rose and Charlene), our dinner "date" at Murray's, what she'd said when I dropped her off. I told him about the guys, about our making up and then having a huge fight and why, about making up again, and about our wonderful, wonderful evening together. He nodded and said "uh-huh" in all the right places, smiling now and then, listening intently. I told him about Christie's confession this morning, about her mother, about her crappy life, about her mother taking money for her, all the bad stuff. I'd never seen Mr. T. angry before; it was a little scary. And then I gave him a quick outline of our plan for rescuing Christie. "So that's why I need your help, Mr. T. We figure a thousand will do it, but I can only get $300 until Monday, and we have to do it tomorrow or she'll be stuck there for another week. If you have it and would be willing to loan me all or part of the other $700, I can give you a check to hold and I'll bring the cash by on Monday. We may be able to get by without the smelling salts, but it would be nice if we had them." His brows were pulled down as he thought for a few moments. He looked up at me. "I can get the money, Harry. Wait here a minute." He turned and went back into the house. I pulled out my checkbook and wrote him a check for $700, and laid it on the workbench. When he came back out about 10 minutes later, he had a check and something else clenched in one fist. "You know that secondhand store over on Grant Street, Trader Tom's?" he asked. I said yes. I'd never been in the place, but I'd driven by it a lot of times. "Tom's an old friend of mine. I called him and he said he'd cash this for you," he said, handing me the check. "Hold out your hand." I did, and he dropped two small hard plastic capsules in my hand. "Sheila gets fainting spells now and then, so we keep some of these around. Just bend it in the middle and it'll break open along that line. Hold it under her nose and unless she's dead, it ought to bring her around in a few seconds." "Thanks, Mr. T. I wrote you a check for the $700, but I'll bring the actual cash Monday if you want me to." I glanced down at the check he'd given me; it was for the full thousand dollars. "Oh, here, let me write you a new one to cover this. I thought you'd just loan me what I was short." I looked up at a tearing sound, and Mr. T. held out the two halves of my check. "I'm too old to come with you and help, Harry, so let me do this much for you at least. If I was even 10 years younger, I'd come with you just to stick my foot up that woman's ass. No, no, I insist," he said as I tried to protest. "Babies are expensive. You just use your money to keep those two fed and happy." "Mr. T., if you weren't a man, I'd kiss you," I said, touched. "Thanks. Thanks a lot." "Well, Harry," he said with a laugh, "I am a man, so how about Christie kisses me instead?" I grinned and stuck out a hand. "Done deal, Mr. T." We shook; he had a firm grip for a guy his age. And then a thought struck me. "Did you talk to Sheila? Is she OK with this?" He shook his head. "I didn't want to interrupt those two. I think she's adopted your little Christie as her newest granddaughter." "Will she be mad when you tell her?" "Oh, most likely. She'll probably call me an old skinflint for not giving you another thousand to help with the baby stuff." We both laughed. "Well, when Christie gives you your kiss, I'll make sure Sheila gets one, too. If you're not worried about me trying to steal her away, that is." He laughed. "Harry, I've seen the way you look at Christie, and you wouldn't swap her for Sheila even if Sheila still looked like the little hottie I met 67 years ago. But you'd better get moving," he said, looking at his watch. "Ted closes at 5 on Saturdays, so you haven't got a lot of time to spare." "Especially if we have to pry Christie and Sheila apart first." As we walked back inside, Mr. T. put his arm around my shoulders, I put mine around his and we gave each other a man hug. (That's where you tug on the other guy's shoulders to pull him close for a second, then release the pressure immediately. Nothing touches but the sides of the upper body.) (It's a guy thing.) As we entered the kitchen, Sheila looked up at us and smiled. "Well, Christie, it looks like the men have finished cooking up their little scheme, and I'm betting Harry's about to tell me you have to go. Am I right, Harry?" I looked at Mr. T. "How does she do that?" He laughed. "I told you she was good." Sheila smiled and pulled Christie in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Now, you go get a real doctor, not some clinic guy, to check out you and that baby as soon as you can, honey. Then you come back here and tell me what he says, OK?" "OK, Sheila," she said. "I'll bring some coffeecake or something, and we can send these two out on errands so they don't keep bothering us." I thanked Mr. T. again, kissed Sheila's cheek when Christie spontaneously kissed his, and we went back to the house. (Just a quick side note. Mr. T. was right. Early Monday morning, he showed up at the door with a big grin, a check and a note. Everything but the grin was from Sheila; well, I guess the grin was too, in a way. The check was made out to me since I could cash it easier; the note was addressed to Christie. Dear Christie, Leave it to a man to not think. I'm glad we could help you Saturday, but my cheapskate husband should've given you this, too. Please get yourself some comfortable clothes to be pregnant in, and some things for the baby. It's never too early to start stocking up for one, because once they're here, they need everything and there's no time to go get it. I'm really glad you and Harry found each other. You're both good people. Just you make sure to let him know who's the boss early on, and you two will be very happy. Love, Sheila Towsley Just as Mr. T. had called it, the check was for $1000.) "What cool people," Christie said as we took the few steps back home. "Sheila's the greatest. And Mr. T.'s cool, too. Think he popped a stiffie when I kissed him?" she asked, eyes twinkling. "I don't know about that, but he sure did when he saw you naked," I said, smiling. Christie looked startled, and I told her about Mr. T.'s unintentional voyeurism of the previous night, and what he'd said about us, and that he'd given us the money and refused payback. By then we were back in the house and in the kitchen getting drinks from the refrigerator. "He's such a sweetie," Christie exclaimed. "We're going to have to do something really nice for them to say thanks." "Don't suggest that to Lily. I don't think Sheila would appreciate her idea of thanks," I said with a grin. "And speaking of our co-conspirator, where is she? I didn't see her in the living room when we came in." "She's probably in the bedroom, dancing with Pete, knowing Lily," Christie said with a smile. "Dancing with Pete?" I asked. With anyone else, I'd have assumed that meant she was masturbating. With Lily, you could imagine it meaning just about anything, starting with masturbation on up through blow-up dolls (was there room for one in the knapsack she'd brought?) or dragging the paperboy in off the street. (But his name was Jason, so I didn't think so.) She grinned and took my hand. "C'mon. And be quiet." We walked softly through the living room and down the hall to the closed bedroom door. As we got closer, I could hear a buzzing noise and low moans. Christie and I grinned at each other and she held up her hand to tell me to wait. As the moans got longer, louder and closer together, Christie carefully and slowly turned the door knob, then held up a hand and did a three-count by raising one finger at a time. On three, she threw the door open and yelled, "Surprise! We're back!" Lily came a foot off the bed. No, I don't mean she had a mid-air orgasm. Every muscle in her body tensed and she popped off the bed then fell back, one hand on her chest and the other holding a vibrator inside her pussy. "Jesus, Christie! You scared the shit out of me," she said, breathing heavily. "And couldn't you have waited 10 seconds so I could cum first? Now I've got to start all over, and I think Plastic Pete's batteries are getting low." "Oh, poor Lily, masturbating's such a chore for you, isn't it?" Christie teased. Lily laughed. "Hey, since you screwed me up, you ought to loan me Harry so he can screw me up. How about it, Harry? Want to fuck me?" "Not right now, Lily. We have to be somewhere before 5, and it's almost 4 now. I know it's a big strain, but do you suppose you could put some clothes on? You can bring Pete and finish in the car if you want." I didn't expect her to take me seriously. I should've known better. "OK, cool. That's a lot of fun, especially when guys in one of those big SUVs pull up next to you. Man, do their eyes pop. Although, it's funnier when it's a soccer mom in a minivan" She snickered, then got an evil grin on her face. "Hey, Harry, watch this." She planted her feet on the bed, then lifted her ass in the air, legs spread. Clenching her pussy muscles, she shot the still-buzzing vibrator almost to the end of the bed. "See what you're missing, Harry? Imagine what I can do to a cock." "If I ever decide I need a heart attack, I'll be sure to look you up. Now get what passes for decent with you, and let's get going. We have a pregnant girl to rescue tomorrow, and we've got to be ready." "You got it," Lily said, and she sprang off the bed and grabbed her knapsack. She rummaged around and pulled out a black Insane Clown Posse t-shirt. ("Insane Clown Posse"? Is that a band or a vigilante group?) More rummaging and she came up with a short pink skirt ("Hey, sometimes I like to be girlie.") which she put on with no panties. Since it barely came down to mid-thigh, I figured Lily had some flashing in mind. Finally, she pulled out an unopened package of batteries, and recharged Plastic Pete. ("Be prepared. I learned that from fucking Boy Scouts.") We made it to Trader Tom's in plenty of time, and he turned out to be a really friendly guy about Mr. T.'s age, maybe a few years younger. He cashed the check without even asking for ID; probably didn't want to take his eyes off Lily's hard nipples to check it. She thanked him by flipping her skirt up and mooning him as we were leaving. ("Old guys like seeing ass as much as young ones, you know. And they appreciate it more, `cause they don't get as many chances.") While we drove to our next stop, a discount liquor store, Lily asked Christie, "Who's the oldest guy you ever fucked?" Christie grinned and looked at me. "Harry." They both laughed and I clutched my chest as if I'd been shot. "I sucked a guy I think was about 65 once. His face had more wrinkles than his balls, and it sorta dribbled out instead of shooting. How about you?" "I did a guy who was maybe 80 one time," Lily said, proudly. "You're shitting me. 80? How was it?" "Not bad, really. He squirted kinda quick, but I figure I was probably his first fuck since Reagan retired, so I didn't mind. He had a big cock, and stayed kinda hard, so I just squeezed it with my pussy and rubbed my clittie until I got off. He thanked me a lot for it. It's nice to know your talents are appreciated." Inside the liquor store, I lugged my purchase to the counter, added a couple bottles of red wine, and pulled out my credit card. The young clerk only rang up one of the wines because Lily chose that moment to bend at the waist and examine some of the imported wines section; her furry slit and half her ass popped into view when she did. When I pointed out his oversight, he grinned and said not to worry about it; it was worth it. I turned and looked at Lily (who was still bent over and probably grinning like the Cheshire Cat), and had to agree with him. "You're a lucky guy," he said quietly, shaking his head. Christie wandered over at that point, and I put my arm around her and bent for a quick kiss. "Luckier than you know, my friend." Our next stop was a grocery store and a quick raid on their empty box pile in back. We didn't need very many, since Christie didn't have a lot of stuff to pack, but we still filled the trunk and had to put a couple in the back seat with Lily. Having her left side blocked from view must've encouraged her (not that it would've mattered if they weren't there) because the next thing I know, there's a buzzing sound coming from the back seat. I looked into the rearview mirror to see a grinning Lily looking back at me. "Hey, it was your idea, Harry," she said. I risked a quick glance over my shoulder and sure enough, Lily was holding Plastic Pete against her clit and the top of her slit. Traffic was light and no one was near us, so I didn't worry too much. "Does she have an `off' switch?" I asked Christie. "Not that anyone's every found," she said. "But I think she's got like 15 `on' switches." From the back, Lily laughed. "All it takes is this little on switch right here at the top. Always worked for me." Our last stop was an office supply store, and Pete buzzed the whole trip. We stopped at a light just short of the store, and Lily was moaning and gasping when movement caught my eye and I looked left. A police car pulled up next to us. The two uniforms inside gave me that, "What are you doing that I can bust you for?" look, then the guy in the passenger seat glanced into the back. I almost shit myself, until he grinned and waved, then turned to say something to his partner. The driver also looked in back and grinned. When I looked in the mirror, Lily was waving back. "You know those guys I take it?" I asked, as my heart started trying to beat again. "Yeah. The guy driving is Tom, and the other guy is Ryan," she said. "They're both cool, for cops. Ryan squirts more than any guy I've ever known, and makes these really funny faces when he cums. Tom's the only guy I've ever met whose crotch is almost as hairy as mine. He's actually got hair growing on his cock, too. Feels weird when we're fucking, but kinda nice- tickly, you know? I guess you could say-" I had a sudden horrified suspicion of what was coming next, and Christie must've gotten it too, because the three of us finished together, "-Tom's dick is hairy." The light turned green and the cops pulled away with a final wave, and we turned into the store. "You know, Lily," I said, "they used to shoot people who made puns that bad." "Finally going to shoot me with your big pink gun, Harry?" she teased. "How about it, Christie? Does it fire off like a shotgun, a BB gun, or a .44 magnum?" "A cannon," she said, grinning and reaching over to squeeze me through my pants. "Definitely a cannon." Listening to Lily and Plastic Pete had already elevated my cannon, even though it deflated to a mortar when the cops pulled up next to us. Christie's touch started it moving back into firing position. We were too late for the office supply place. The last employee was just backing away from the building when we pulled up, and I swear I saw the asshole smirking. (And I don't think he could see Christie's hand in my crotch, so that wasn't it; he just thought it was funny we were too late.) "Shit," Christie said. "Now what?" "Don't worry, babe," I said. "We'll just go online and find the form we need. Probably more expensive, but worth every penny of it." I leaned over and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at me, a glint in her eye. "Harry, do these seats recline?" "Yeah, they lay almost flat. Why?" "Because listening to the slut in the back seat-" "That's Madame Slut to you," the slut in question spoke up. "Because listening to Madame Slut in the back seat play `squishy, squishy' with herself got me going." She squeezed my hard cock. "And you too. Why don't you pull around back and fuck me?" "Hey," Madame Slut said, "What about me?" "Find your own cock," Christie answered, starting to unzip me, as I headed for the back of the building. "Normally not a problem, but the place is kinda deserted, you know? Besides, if you lean the seat back, your head'll be in my crotch." "Not the first time, Lily baby." "I know, but the headrest will be in the way." I'd never thought about Lily and Christie together before, but the image of the two of them with their tongues in each other's pussies almost made me blow a load right there. Christie felt my cock throb. "Hey, I think Harry likes that idea." Her hand stroked slowly up my shaft then squeezed the head. "We'll have to put on a show for him later." "Works for me," Lily said. "I haven't cum in hours. My cunt thinks I died." The back of the store wasn't a great place for a quickie. It was part of a strip mall, so there was a long open space broken up by a few dumpsters and not much else. A residential street ran along it, with an apartment building in the center and a scattering of houses spaced out on either side. Christie released my cock and began taking her pants off, and I scanned desperately for a good spot. There wasn't one. I finally drove down to the end of the strip mall, where some boxes were stacked next to a dumpster. I eased the car in as far behind the dumpster as I could; the trunk was still plainly visible, but there was only one house that might be able to see us inside. As soon as I stopped, Lily opened the other door and pushed the boxes off the seat onto the ground, then slid over behind me. Christie felt for and found the seatback lever, and pushed the seat down as far as it would go, sliding up it so her head almost touched the back of the back seat. There was a brief comic moment when the seat belt wouldn't release, and then I was out of it and climbing awkwardly over the console. Christie was stroking her slit, making sure she was good and wet (as if that was ever a problem). Lily had one leg bent under her on the seat and one on the floor, her skirt pulled up around her waist and two fingers already fucking in and out of her pussy. It was a whole lot easier fucking in a small car back when I was 16 and doing this on a semi-regular basis. I was way out of practice. I almost fell on Christie while trying to balance myself and get my pants down. She laughed, and said, "Here," and deftly undid them and pulled them down to mid-thigh. I leaned forward and tried to position myself without my legs getting jammed under the dashboard, and we wiggled and squirmed and shifted for a few minutes trying to find a position that would work. The bulge of Junior didn't make things any easier. We finally got into a position with Christie on her side, one foot resting on the dashboard. I slid into her from behind, relishing the feel of her hot tight pussy enveloping my cock. My left arm was busy trying to hold me up, so I slid the right one around and squeezed a cloth-covered breast as I slowly slid into her. She shifted a little, pushing her ass back and bending forward slightly for a little better angle, but in this position I still couldn't get more than about 2/3 of my cock into her. It was enough. I slid back until just the head was inside, then slid forward again. I didn't get any further in, but neither of us really cared. I started pumping then, a slow steady rhythm that soon had both of us panting. With my head resting on Christie's shoulder, I had a clear view of Lily's crotch; she was fucking herself with three fingers now, while holding Pete to her clit and staring at my cock sliding in and out of Christie's pussy. Watching a woman masturbate has always been a particular pleasure of mine, and I started pumping faster; Christie matched me stroke for stroke without hesitation. Christie's hand reached down and started rubbing her clit and her pussy muscles started clamping down on my dick. My balls started to tighten, and I knew we were both close- all three of us, really, since Lily was panting rather heavily now. A few seconds later, Christie cried out and her pussy began spasming on my dick. That set Lily off, who threw her head back and began keening while I watched her juices spray out around her thrusting fingers. And that set me off; I felt cum freight training up my cock, firing out to splatter against Christie's cervix, then getting pushed down around my cock and out her hole as the next load squirted out. We all lay or sat there for a few minutes, panting heavily and trying to get the strength to move. Lily was the first to recover. "Wow, you guys, it is so cool to watch you fuck. You make a good pair." I hugged Christie and slowly pulled my limp dick out of her snatch; cum oozed out and dropped on the seat. I didn't care. "You're a hot show yourself, kiddo," I said. "I didn't know you could move those fingers at warp speed like that." Lily grinned. "And my warp engines never get overloaded, Jim." She inhaled deeply, and huffed it out. "That was a good one. Wonder if I can get another one like that before we get home?" And she ran her finger down her slit and slid it inside again. "Jesus, Lily," Christie said. "And I thought I got horny a lot." Lily grinned, but kept moving her finger in and out, and started rubbing her clit with her thumb. Somehow, with a lot of fumbling and gymnastics, Christie and I got dressed again; Lily masturbated the whole time. I convinced her to stop long enough to get the boxes back in the car, and we pulled out and headed for home, with Lily moaning and the car reeking of overheated pussy and drying cum. The only thing we carried in was the two bottles of wine, although we almost had to carry Lily as well. She could indeed "get another one like that" and got it just before we pulled into the driveway. She staggered when she got out of the car, a huge grin on her face. I had planned to make spaghetti, which is why I bought the wine, but it was getting late so we ordered pizza instead. I put one bottle away for another time and when the food came, poured us each a glass from the other. I raised my glass for a toast. "To the most beautiful women I know," I said, saluting the two grinning girls. We clinked glasses and sipped, then Lily raised her glass. "To the success of `Operation Save Christie's Ass so She Can Get Fucked Instead of Screwed'." Lily had insisted our rescue mission needed a name and that's the one she'd come up with. "Or was it `Screwed Instead of Fucked'? I can't remember." We laughed, clinked and sipped again. Christie raised her glass, and her eyes were shiny. "To Harry, the best guy a girl could ask for. And to Lily, the best friend a girl could ask for." We clinked our glasses together a final time, and sipped again. All of our eyes were a little shiny, I think. After eating, the girls chased me out of the kitchen and started cleaning up. I booted my machine and got onto the net, looking for a place that sold legal forms that would be valid in this state. After a bit of searching, I found the form we had to have and added it to my shopping cart. A little more searching and I found the form I wanted to have and added it as well. I spent a little more time looking around the site in case I found anything else that would be useful, but finally paid for my purchases (oh, my poor overworked credit card) and downloaded the files. They were both fill-in-the-blank PDF forms, so I spent a few minutes filling in the forms and printed them out. When the girls came out a few minutes later, I was on the phone. They were both naked. I wanted to hang up, but didn't. I'd called an old college roomie, a guy named Doug who'd gone on to law school. Even though Doug only lived a short distance away in another part of the same town, we didn't see each other much. We had the kind of friendship, though, where you can not see each other for a couple of years and then pick up right where you left off. I apologized for bothering him on a Saturday night, but explained that it was urgent, he'd get paid for it, and I was going to have to invoke attorney-client privilege on what I was about to tell him. He knew me well enough to know it was something serious and asked if I wanted to do it on the phone or if he should drive over. I thought about it for a second, then asked if he could come by. It would be good to see him again, and it might be easier to do face-to-face. Plus, I realized, I wanted him to meet Christie. Not just because she was the reason for his visit, but just because I wanted to introduce the woman in my life to a good friend. Doug promised to be there in less than half an hour and hung up. Lily and Christie were on the couch, flipping through channels with the sound turned down. "Ladies," I said, "much as I admire your wardrobe, we have company coming. Doug's going to be shocked enough, he doesn't need you two running around like that too." Lily fetched their clothes from the kitchen, and the two of them got dressed as I explained who Doug was and why he was coming over. It was barely 20 minutes later when there was a knock at the door. Lily bounded over to answer it and yanked it open; I was sure she was going to be Lily and grab Doug in a liplock before he'd even gotten over the threshold. Instead, she looked him over for a second, then stepped back out of the way. "Hi, I'm Lily. Come on in, Doug," she said. Doug came in, looking puzzled at having a teenage girl answer his friend Harry's door, but he said hello and held out his hand. Lily took it and shook, then closed the door behind him. "Hi, Harry," he said on spotting me. I walked over and we shook, then I grabbed him in a big hug. "Good to see you, Doug. Thanks for coming over, I'll owe you big time for this and not just on your bill." "It sounded important, Harry, and I know you wouldn't be screwing around. So what's your problem, and does it involve either of these two lovely young ladies?" I smiled. "Well, it involves this one, in fact," I said, as Christie stood up and held out a hand. "This is Christie; Christie, Doug." They shook. "The doorwoman is our friend Lily, and you must've done something to intimidate her. She normally greets guys by trying to shove her tongue down their throats." "Hey," Lily said. "Not everyone. Besides, gay guys don't generally appreciate it when I do that." Doug and I both looked stunned. Doug had been out of the closet for years so it was no surprise to me, but I hadn't told them. I hadn't told them he had blue eyes either; neither seemed important. "Harry, are you telling my secrets already?" he said, smiling. I shook my head as Lily spoke up. "He didn't have to. It's a Lily thing- I can always tell when a guy's gay. Saves me a lot of trouble hitting on the wrong guy, you know? Just one of my many talents." She pretended to buff her fingernails on her shirt. Doug studied her for a moment before nodding. "I suspect you're an extraordinary young lady, Lily. I'd like to hear all about you sometime." "Sure thing, Doug. You seem like an OK guy, too. Guess you'd have to be, being Harry's friend. I'll tell you all about me, and you can tell me all about Harry in college. Tell the embarrassing stories first, so I've got a hold on him." "I'm never letting you two see each other again," I said. "Grab a seat everyone, this is going to be a long story." For the second time that day, I told Christie's story. It wasn't any easier, and I still wanted to do ugly things to her mother. I explained the plan, crediting Lily with most of it- she preened. I showed him the form, and he studied it for a few moments. Finally, he looked around at the three of us. "First, as an attorney, I want you all to know that what you're doing is illegal as hell, what you're planning to do is worse, and if any of this gets out, you're all going to jail, foster care, juvenile detention or worse." Christie looked worried, Lily just shrugged. "Second, as your friend, Harry, and I hope yours too, Lily and Christie, I want you all to know I think it's a brilliant plan and it might just work. This was mainly your idea, Lily?" he asked. She nodded, preening again. "You are indeed an extraordinary girl, and you have a twisted mind. Ever consider becoming a lawyer?" "Nah," she said. "That's not the way I like to screw people." Even Doug laughed. "If the plan doesn't work, and you manage to stay out of jail, Harry, there are other avenues we can pursue, but they're a lot longer and more uncertain and probably won't get Christie moved in here. So make this one work, instead." "If she signs the form, it'll be a done deal. I can talk to Judge Olmacher and get that end handled quietly. It'll be official and legal, and no one'll call Social Services like they're supposed to for these things. Olmacher used to do family court stuff, and he hates women like Christie's mother. I'll tell him we want it quiet because there's an aunt who's more likely to win a custody fight, and she's as bad as her mother. He'll know I'm bullshitting, but as long as Christie's better off and he doesn't have to officially notice you're sleeping with an underage girl, he'll go along with it. You're doing this tomorrow morning, right?" I nodded. "We figured we'd get there about 10:30, before she wakes up. If we're lucky, whatever guy she picked up will be gone by then; Christie says they usually are." "OK," Doug said. "I'll be waiting by the phone until you call. If it goes wrong, I'll come bail you out. If it works, I'll pick up the form so I can see the Judge first thing Monday morning. By this time Monday night, it should all be set." I thanked him profusely, and both Christie and Lily hugged him. He grinned and told Lily she could kiss him, too, as long as she kept the tongue in; she laughed and did. We chatted a bit, he told a couple of embarrassing stories about me that delighted Lily and had Christie giggling, and then said he'd best get home before Randy started worrying. "Let me walk you out to your car, Doug," I said, and we went outside. I then told him the other part of the plan, the one Lily and Christie didn't know about. He thought about it for a few minutes, told me that might actually make it easier to convince Judge Olmacher, then we shook hands and he left. The girls were out of their clothes again when I walked back inside. But before I could say or do anything, the phone rang. It was Lily's father, Dean Crenshaw. We exchanged pleasantries, and I assured him that no, Lily was behaving herself and not being a bother. "Well if she starts, Harry, just hand her Plastic Pete and tell her to go fuck herself," he said, laughing. Yep, Dean knew his daughter well. "Listen, Harry. I just wanted to tell you that Hermione meant it; we both love Christie and we'll help any way we can. I know you told her you didn't need muscle, but I had an idea. How about I come over there tomorrow and follow you to Christie's? I'll park a block or so away and just sit. If it works out, I go home. But if you need me, I'll be nearby. I don't know what the plan is, but it doesn't hurt to have backup." "That might be a good idea, Dean. I hope it doesn't come to that, but if there's a guy there and he gets belligerent, we just might need you. Let me talk to the master planner." I held the phone away and called out to Lily. She bounced over and I told her Dean was on the phone- "Hi, Dad!" she yelled, and Christie yelled "Hi, Dad!" from the couch- and about his offer. She looked thoughtful for a second, then said, "Give me the phone." "Hi, Dad," she said, then listened for a minute and rolled her eyes. "No, I'm not teasing Harry, Dad. I'm starkers- there's no teasing about it." She laughed and listened again. "Well, she is too, and I know which one he'll be poking later. God, Dad, he's so head over heels for her I couldn't get him interested if I tried." Not true, I thought; you might not get me in bed, but you've definitely got me interested. "So what's this about you lurking in a car? You been watching cop movies again?" She listened, nodded a couple of times, and finally said, "You know, that's probably a good idea. If we need you, you're right there. We shouldn't, but we might. Cool, Dad. Thanks. Be here about 9:30; we'll feed you coffee before we leave. But if you're playing cop for the day, you'll have to get your own donuts." She laughed, and listened again. "Love you, too, Dad. See you in the morning." She blew kisses into the phone and hung up. "OK, Dad'll be here about 9:30. He'll follow us to Christie's place and park nearby. Harry, give me your cell phone and I'll put his number in." For once, I actually had it in my pocket, so I passed it to her. "Soon as we're out, we let him know and he leaves. We got problems, we call and he's inside like that. Ooof." The last was caused by Cannonball Christie ramming into her and throwing her arms around her. "Your dad is the best," Christie cried. "And so are you and your mom, and so is Harry" she pulled me into the group hug "and you're all doing this for me, and I don't deserve it, and you're great, and..." And at that point, she dissolved into tears. We stood for a while, Lily and I hugging Christie, but with an arm to spare for each other. (Ever group hugged two naked girls? You can't beat it- and with Lily and Christie around, you'd never have to.) When the tears had abated a bit, Lily patted Christie on the back and pulled back slightly. "You wanna lick those tears off my tits or should I get a towel? Or ask Harry to do it?" Christie managed a shaky laugh. "If Harry wants to lick your tits, it's OK with me. As long as he licks mine next," she said, swiping at her eyes. I grinned and squeezed Lily's very squeezable butt. "Sorry, Lilyflower, but Christie's tits will always come first with me." She sighed theatrically, and melodramatically brought her arm up with the back of her wrist to her forehead. "Alas! I've lot my sex appeal! No one wants me anymore except Pete. I guess I'll have to go become a nun." Christie snorted. "Oh, come on, Lily. You can't be a nun- you could never go exclusively lez." "True that," she said, dropping her arm and squeezing my crotch. "These are so much nicer, although these" and she let go of my crotch and ran a finger along Christie's slit "can be fun sometimes too." I put an arm around both girls' shoulders and gently turned them toward the living room. "Come on, you two. Save the crotch fondling for later. I get the feeling no one's going to sleep much tonight unless we wear ourselves out first, and it's too early for that." "It's never too early for that," Lily declared. "You can just do more later." "Maybe if you're a teenager, but old men have limits," I said. "You two go find something to watch on TV while I get drinks and popcorn. And a towel for Lily's tits." "Never mind the towel," Christie called as I entered the kitchen. "I've got it." My cock started to harden at the thought of Christie licking and sucking on Lily's little tits, and I almost turned around and went back. But I didn't, because I knew I'd wind up fucking Christie if I did. And I meant it- I wanted us all to wear out just before bedtime, or we'd be too nervous to sleep. If tomorrow was going to go off alright, we needed (or at least, I did) to be rested and sharp. The tit cleaning was done when I came back, unfortunately, and Lily and Christie were sitting on opposite ends of the couch. I set the popcorn down on the table, handed around the drinks and sat between them. They immediately moved in and cuddled up, and we spent an enjoyable half hour watching the end of an old George Carlin special. When it was over, we couldn't find anything else that looked even halfway interesting, so I pointed the girls to my DVD collection. A friendly argument ensued over Death to Smoochy (Christie) and Shrek (Lily). I finally settled it by picking Dr. Strangelove (which neither of them had seen), and we settled back down on the couch. By the time Slim Pickens had ridden the bomb down to the world's destruction, we were all feeling tired. Lily hadn't been kidding earlier; she fully expected to sleep with us, and I can't say I had any objections. It's a queen-size bed and none of us is all that big, so it would be comfortably crowded but not annoyingly so. Besides, I remembered Christie's promise of them "putting on a show" for me and I was looking forward to it. (What is it about guys and watching two women? I don't know either, but I enjoy it as much as the next man.) I headed for the bathroom while the girls went to the bedroom. When I was done and joined them, they were cuddled up on the far side of the bed, giggling and snickering. Both of them fixed me with a look; I suddenly knew how a mouse felt when faced by two cats. Christie patted the bed next to her. "Come and join us, Harry. We have plans for you," she said, and both of them chuckled evilly. "Oh no," I cried in mock horror. "Someone please save me from these two sex fiends. Hey, what am I saying? No one save me from these two sex fiends. Please." "We have plans for you, my pretty," Lily said. Traveler chose that moment to jump up on the bed. "And your little cat, too." "You mean I have to satisfy three pussies tonight? Oh, I'm doomed," I said, crawling into bed. "Doomed, I tell you." Scratching Traveler behind the ears, I added, "At least this one's happy with just a little hand action." "Well, I'm not," Christie said, reaching over and squeezing my stiffening cock. "I want hand and tongue and this wonderful little magic wand of yours." "Little?" I said. "Oh, fine, I see how you are. I'll just use my `little' wand on someone who appreciates it, then. What do you say, Lily? Am I too `little' for you?" "No one's too little for me," Lily said, " `cause I'm the tightest pussy around. Well, except for the cat." "Hey!" Christie exclaimed. "I'm not exactly a loose goose, either, you know." I leaned over and kissed her; Lily eagerly squeezed over for one, too. "Watch it, you're crushing the preggie here." I kissed Lily too, then leaned back. "So what did you two horny ladies- and I use the term `ladies' very loosely- have in mind for me tonight?" "Well, Harry," Christie said, smiling that evil smile again. "You did kinda seem excited earlier about the idea of us putting on a little show for you. Ever seen two girls doing it?" "No, but I've always wanted to," I said. "It's a guy thing. Two hot women getting it on gets every guy I know hard just thinking about it." "You've been asking your friends what gets them hard?" Lily asked with a grin. "Bet that gets you talked about." "Very funny, Lilyflower. Guys talk, you know, and that's something that almost all guys want to see or join in on. That's why you see those classy bumper stickers that say, `I favor gay marriage as long as both chicks are hot,' " I said. "And you two are definitely hot." "You say the sweetest things, Harry," Christie said, raising her head to kiss my cheek. "I think I'll keep you." She leaned the other way and kissed Lily's cheek too. Lily responded eagerly, planting her lips on Christie's and slipping her tongue in. Christie reached up and pulled Lily's head to hers, and the two of them kissed passionately for what seemed a long time while my hardon got a lot harder. Feeling it stirring against her leg, Christie reached down and squeezed it gently, then rubbed the head against her leg. Breaking the kiss, Christie said to Lily, "Look, I think Harry likes it." Lily looked down at where Christie was now rubbing my cock on Lily's leg. "I think you're right," she said. "Wonder what he'd think of this, then?" She kissed Christie again, then slid down and took Christie's right nipple in her mouth, sucking and pulling on it. Christie moaned. My cock pulsed. "I think he likes it," Christie said, sighing. "And so do I." She brought her other hand up to Lily's head and pulled her more firmly into her tit, running her hand through Lily's hair. Not wanting to be left out, I leaned over and kissed Christie's cheek, and ran a hand down Lily's back. She pulled her mouth off Christie's tit long enough to kiss me quickly, then when back to nursing on Christie's nipple. Christie, meanwhile, was still slowly rubbing my cock on her own leg and Lily's hip, and stroking it ever so slowly as she did so. Between her stroking, her rubbing it on two hot young bodies, and watching Lily sucking Christie's nipple, I was leaking precum like a broken faucet. Christie was smearing it on the two of them and rubbing my cockhead in it; it was one of the most sensual things I've ever felt. Lily meanwhile moved to the other breast for a while, then started kissing her way down Christie's body, lingering for a while at her swollen navel. Normally an "innie," Junior had pushed it into an "outie" and Lily kissed and nibbled on it, making Christie giggle. Grinning, Lily moved down and kissed Christie's abdomen, light little kisses all around but never touching my sweetheart's pussy. She scrunched herself up and began grinding her own pussy up and down Christie's shin. Even from where I was, I could see Lily's juices coating her leg. Since Christie's tits were now free, I leaned over and took one in my mouth; they were small enough I could get a good portion of it at one time. Lily raised her head and pushed up on my forehead, pulling me away. "Uh-uh, Harry," she said. "This is your time to watch; we'll get to you next." She leaned up and kissed me, and Christie did the same when Lily moved back down. "Just be patient, Harry," Christie said, then moaned as Lily hit a sensitive spot. By now, Lily had reached Christie's pussy, and was lightly running her tongue around the edges, and flicking at her clit. Christie was quite happy with that, and expressed it by moaning some more and then pulling me over for a deep tongue-dancing kiss. Her hand was still slowly stroking my cock, running gently up, stopping to squeeze the head and then sliding down, where she paused again. Charlene may have called me the Master when it came to pussy eating, but just from watching Christie, I knew Lily could teach me a few things. My darling was moaning and gasping as Lily worked her magic tongue all around Christie's pussy. I kept kissing her, and she kept stroking my cock slowly, so I couldn't see what Lily was doing, but vowed I'd ask her later. It wasn't long before Christie stopped stroking me, broke our kiss and groaned out a big orgasm, trembling and shaking while it swept through her. Lily didn't stop, just kept burying her face in Christie's crotch, trying to draw out her orgasm as long as possible. When Christie finally dropped back on the bed, limp, Lily moved up, grinning, and kissed her, then me. (The combined tastes of Lily and Christie pussy were sweet and tart, and made my cock throb.) Then she bounced off the bed, grabbed Plastic Pete from her purse, and brought her crotch up against Christie's. (And with Christie's belly bulge, that took a bit of maneuvering.) Lily wound up sideways, facing me, the two girls' snatches jammed into each other, while Lily ran Plastic Pete across both their clits. The two young teens ground and slid and slithered and pushed, until the reek of leaky, hot pussy filled the room. Both were moaning, eyes closed, breathing hard and fast. I was slowly stroking my cock, stopping now and then because this beautiful scene of two girls who obviously loved each other kept bringing me up to the brink. And I was sure one or both of the girls would be mad if I blew it into the air. Lily finally opened her eyes, and looked at me. "OK, Harry, quit playing with that," she said. "Slide down a little so I can reach you." I moved down the bed a bit, and Lily leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth, without missing a beat with Christie. She started sucking and licking and bobbing up and down, and I don't know what all else; I was too awash in the waves of pleasure shooting through me to pay attention to what she was doing. Lily gives the best blowjobs of anyone I've ever met, before or since. This was the first time she'd really done me (the little she did in the office was `clean-up' work, not a real blowjob), but it wasn't the last (by a long shot) and she was never, ever less than amazing. She could, as the saying goes, unscrew the head and work on the wires. Christie was watching, and murmured how hot that looked, encouraged me to fill Lily's mouth, asked if I didn't think Lily was absolutely incredible at sucking cock; I could only nod at the latter. It wasn't long before I blew a tremendous load in her mouth, arching my back and grunting/groaning/moaning/gasping out some incoherent noises before I fell back on the bed, limp and drained. Lily took it all in her mouth, but didn't swallow. She continued licking my cock for a few seconds, then straightened up, slid up Christie's body and started kissing her. My cum transferred back and forth between the two girls for a while, before Christie swallowed. But Lily still didn't. She moved back down to Christie's cunt, then blew the rest of my cum into it. It was one of the hottest things I've ever seen, and my cock desperately tried to get hard again. It failed. When Christie's cunt was slimy with my goo, Lily moved her pussy between Christie's legs and began grinding their crotches together again Christie was the first to cum, still aroused from her earlier orgasm. She yelled out, "Oh, fuck, Lily," slammed her crotch into Lily's and squirted cunt honey all over Lily's hairy snatch. Lilly pressed Plastic Pete to her own clit and held him there, her mouth open, eyes closed. She jerked a couple of times, then rammed her pussy into Christie, and sprayed her own juices across the younger girl's pussy. I couldn't resist. I pushed Plastic Pete out of the way, then started licking both girls, or as much as I could get to, anyway- they were welded pretty tightly together. When I flicked my tongue over Christie's clit (tasting Lily's sweet-tasting spunk), she jerked and shook, then a third orgasm crashed through her, sweeping all before it. Her pussy sprayed again, and the gush of wetness sent Lily, slowly descending from her own cum, into an orgasm even more intense than her first. As she shrieked and threw her head back, I quickly transferred my tongue to her clit, and she grunted then went rigid. My two sweethearts came for a good, long time, before first Lily and then Christie just went totally limp. I pulled my face out of their combined crotches, smiled broadly as I kissed first Lily then Christie, before padding to the bathroom and getting a wet washcloth and a towel. Neither moved or said anything as I gently and lovingly cleaned them, although both would twitch or jerk if I rubbed a particularly sensitive spot. Lily slid back slightly, breaking contact between the two loveliest pussies in the world, so I could finish my cleanup. I tossed the washcloth and towel towards the laundry basket, lifted Lily and turned her around, then snuggled between the two of them, putting an arm around each. Both cuddled into my side, and I felt happier and more content than I had in years. We lay there quietly for a long time, my hands running slowly up and down their backs, their hands running slowly up and down my chest and abdomen (and occasionally squeezing my limp wet cock). Lily was the first to move. She lifted herself up and kissed me, passionate but gentle, then leaned across me (pushing those delightful cones into my side) and did the same to Christie. "That was great, you guys," she said. "Let's do it again." I snorted. "God, Lily, I don't think I'll be able to get it up again tonight." "And if I cum one more time, I'm going to go into labor," Christie piped up from my side, but with a grin. "You're just too horny for even two people to keep up with, unless they did you one at a time and kept switching off. And even then, there'd probably need to be three of us to keep up with you." "Amateurs," she said, shaking her head in mock dismay. Then her face split in a large grin. "You have a nice cock, Harry. I can see why Christie likes it so much. Maybe when you can get it up again, you can -show- me why Christie likes it so much. Whaddya say, Christie? Willing to share?" "That's up to Harry," she said, smiling up at me. "If he's willing to let you screw me, how could I say `no' to letting him screw you. And it is a nice cock, attached to a really nice and wonderful guy." She moved up and kissed me then, hard and passionate, and our tongues danced together as we held each other tightly and let the love flow between us. We finally broke apart when Lily stroked a hand down each of our cheeks. I looked over at her to see her smiling fondly and affectionately at us. "You guys are so cool together," she said softly. "I understand what they mean by `soulmates' now, `cause you two are it. You belong together, and I'm really lucky I know both of you." She grinned. "And can fuck both of you, too." I laughed and pulled her tightly against me. "And we, Lilyflower, are exceptionally lucky to know you, the horniest girl in the world." She laughed. "True dat. Harry. And I've got the reputation and the cock count to prove it. Although I really can't give you an accurate count of how many cocks I've fucked, sucked or jerked. I lost track around 240, and that was more than a year ago." "You know," I said, turning serious, "I do worry about you, Lilyflower. You're running a really big chance of getting some nasty disease, you know. Have you ever even heard of safe sex?" She grinned. "Of course, Harry. Had that with a guy in a store once. He took me into the office, bent me over the safe and we had sex." She laughed, long and hard. "Come on, Lily, I'm serious. What you do is dangerous, and I'd hate to see anything happen to you. Not to mention, Junior here doesn't need to have an Aunt Lily's kid around to corrupt him. Not until he's older, anyway." She laughed again, and smiled at me. "That's sweet, Harry, but I'm not stupid. Mom keeps condoms around all the time, and I don't ever run out. Well, not often anyway. Me and Christie always used to load up before we set off on an `adventure' and we usually insist the guy wears one. If it's someone we know is safe, we might not, and OK, I admit, sometimes if I think the guy's OK, I'll skip it, but I don't do that all that much." "We get checked every couple of months or so, Harry, just to be sure," Christie chimed in. "I go to the free clinic, Lily goes to her family doctor, but we both go." "Responsible sluts we are," Lily said in her best Yoda voice, then laughed. "Maybe Lucas can make a picture about me and Christie. Star Whores: The Foreskin Rolls Back. Christie can be Princess Lay-ya Orgasma, and with my furry cunt I can be Chewcocka, the nookie Wookie. How about you, Harry? You wanna be Hand Solo or Luke Pussybanger?" I rolled my eyes and sighed. "With you two around, I don't think I'll ever have to worry about a hand solo again. Well, at least you're being sort of careful. Just watch yourself, OK, Lily? Junior should have his Aunt Lily around while he grows up. That way, I can show him the kind of women he should avoid." Lily laughed again and give me a big kiss. "You're such a sweet talker, Harry. What do you think, kid," she said, turning to address Christie's bulging belly, "want Aunt Lily to pop your cherry when you're ready?" I looked at Christie and shook my head. "Dear, she's propositioning the unborn." Christie just shrugged and grinned. "That's Lily. Don't give her any ideas or she'll probably try to figure out a way to give the world's first in utero blowjob." Lily grinned and gave me another kiss, then gave Christie one. "Dontcha just love me?" Yeah, we did. How could you not?