Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Christie and Me by Story codes: Mff, hum, les, rom, preg Author's Note: This story involves sexual activity between a variety of people, some of whom are underage. If it is illegal in your jurisdiction to read about such things, please delete this story immediately. (And know that you have my sympathies for living in such a repressive atmosphere.) This story is entirely a work of fiction; none of the events described herein actually took place (at least not to the author's knowledge). The author does not condone sexual activity with minors, although he does recommend most of the following if done with a consenting adult. This story may be posted with no changes or deletions on a free site, or the free area of a commercial site. The work is copyright 2012 by the author, and all rights are reserved. This story is a work of fiction, designed to arouse and entertain, and maybe even make you think a little. Girls like Christie and Lily don't exist or if they do, they're certainly not this well adjusted and mature. The events depicted herein are by and large not healthy activities for any of the people involved, most of them are illegal almost everywhere, and some of them are more than a bit self-destructive. Do not under any circumstances try to repeat any of the actions herein (except perhaps with a willing legal-age partner, and after having your health checked by a physician). This story has a rather strange origin. I was reading some online porn one day, and was disgusted with the poor quality of the writing. "I can do better than that," I thought. But I didn't really have anything in mind until a little while later when I saw two pictures- one of a young girl, about 11 or 12 but very, very pregnant, and the other of a small baby wearing a onesie that said, "I'm proof my Mom likes to fuck." (Classy, eh?) And suddenly, I had my plot outline- older guy with pedophilic tendencies but too afraid to act on them meets up with young horny pregnant girl who he thinks is going to act out his fantasies, but essentially takes over so when it's all done, he's left standing there going, "What the hell just happened?" A simple stroke story with some humor and fun. But, when I started writing it, the story took over and started to shape itself into something completely different. The characters too started insisting they weren't like that, they were like this, and started bringing in their friends to back them up. What you are about to read isn't remotely like what I started to write, but it's what the characters and the story itself insisted it had to be. (It was very odd- it felt more like I was telling the story instead of writing it.) A caution before you get started. This is a rather long story, and it's not one continuous fuckfest. Oh, there's plenty of sex but there's also stretches without much, where there's actual (gasp!) plot and character development. If all you're looking for is a quick squirt or vaginal spasm, this may not be for you. (Although, if that's all you're after, Chapter 1 ought to do it for you, and you can quit after that if you like. But, there's even better stuff in later chapters.) One final note: the stuttering incident is based on a real event (preening). But she got her revenge- I messed up her head for a night, she messed up mine for years. Comments and constructive criticisms are cheerfully accepted; flames are just as cheerfully ignored. I'd like to hear what you think. You can reach me at No actual underage females were screwed, licked, molested or otherwise bothered during the writing of this story. (For that matter, no legal age females were screwed, licked, molested or otherwise bothered during it either. Damn, I've got to get out more.) Chapter 1 When Harry Met Christie It was in a Barnes and Noble that we met, Christie and me. I was nothing special to look at; average height, bit skinny, over 40 and heading for 50 at freeway speeds. Still had all my hair, and it was still mostly brown; my friends try to convince me the little bit of grey makes me distinguished. "I ain't pretty, but I clean up OK," as my grandmother used to say. I'd come in looking for some new SF, as I was out of new stuff to read and couldn't find anything at home that I wanted to re-read right then. I had my head tilted back slightly (damned bifocals), reading titles and authors, when movement to my right caught my eye. I glanced over and froze; I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Standing next to me was a young goddess, redhaired and freckled. She stood a little under 5 feet, coming up to just under my chin. Her hair was a glorious reddish-auburn, not Lucille Ball red, nor that gaudy red hair dye kids like these days. It was natural, full and fell down her back in waves, stopping just above her waist. Her waist flared out into the nicest little ass you could imagine, being squeezed by too-tight yellow shorts. Nicely rounded, very firm looking, slightly wider than average; absolutely delectable. It was what all female asses should aspire to be. Her tits looked to be about 33 or 34, maybe a full B or small C, barely contained in a low-cut yellow top. It was cut so low that you could almost see her nipples. And I could tell right where they were because she was braless and they were standing up and paying attention, long (at least of an inch), firm and begging to be kissed. Her face? Glorious. Thin eyebrows topped bright green, almost cat-like eyes. Her lashes were long and curled, either naturally perfect or completely fake. (Naturally perfect, it turned out.) Her face was slightly rounded with high cheekbones, full moist lips blushed with just a hint of lip gloss, and a small cleft in her chin. The only thing even slightly out of place was her nose; not the cute little upturned button most fantasies would put on this gorgeous thing, but a somewhat prominent and slightly hooked nose. I didn't care; I'd always liked unusual noses (is there a fetish for that?) and to me it made her beauty more appealing. She looked to be about 12, maybe 13. Which surprised me, since she was also at least 6 months pregnant. And what surprised me even more, I got so hard so fast I almost passed out from lack of blood to the brain. And she must've noticed, because she was staring right at my bulging crotch. Even though all my sexual experiences to that point- and there were a fair number of them- had been with grown women, I'd known for a long time that I was attracted to young girls, starting at about 10 or 11 when they were just starting that journey into womanhood. I'd never had the courage to pursue one, because (porn stories aside), most girls that age aren't ready for sex, either mentally or physically, at least not much beyond the "you show me yours, I'll show you mine" stage. Not to mention, I'd stayed away from them because hard time in prison isn't my idea of a good time. But, I always enjoyed looking, then remembering and fantasizing when I masturbated later. I'd never even considered having real sex with a real underage girl. But this one reached deep into my hindbrain and pushed all the right buttons, and I'd have laid her down on the floor and done her right there if she'd asked. Which, surprisingly, she did. More or less. She looked up from my crotch into what must've been an absolutely stunned look on my face, and smiled, a radiant smile that lit up her whole face. She glanced over my shoulder, then moved so she was blocking me from the view of anyone behind her. Her perfect little hand, tipped in red nail polish, reached out and slowly caressed down my stiff cock, pausing to squeeze the head lightly. It was a miracle I didn't blow my load right then. "So you like pregnant little girls, huh? Is this for me?" Her voice was music, a symphony in young-girl sexuality. I had no voice. I had no higher brain function. I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I could barely breathe. I did manage to nod; that was about the extent of any voluntary movement. "Well, then, let's go someplace where you can fuck me with this." She squeezed the head again, then moved to my side, put her arm through mine and started leading me toward the exit into the mall. On the way, we passed an old lady (I should talk; she might've been 10 or 12 years older than me) who glared at me and snorted her disapproval. Christie wasn't even fazed. "Come on, Daddy," she chirped. "You promised me some ice cream. And I want some pizza, too. Your baby's baby is hungry today. Oh, I'm so sorry," she added, as she "accidentally" trod heavily on the old lady's foot. She steered me out the door into the main part of the mall, grinning maliciously. "Let's head to the food court. A friend of mine works at the pizza place, and she'll let us use the office." I was still in a daze, stunned at my good fortune, worried that I was about to commit a felony, and so horny I didn't care. Mr. Happy was still at full attention, throbbing out a message of "Come on, come on, let's go, let's go, hurry, hurry." The walk through the mall took just short of eternity. I imagined everyone looking at us, knowing I was about to fuck a pregnant underage girl, and people all about us reaching for their cell phones to call the police. In truth, no one paid us much attention, although another young girl, an awfully cute one, waved at Christie from inside a Gap and grinned knowingly at me. Christie waved back, and flashed that megawatt grin. "That's Jenna, she's even a bigger slut than me. I mean, I might pick up strange men in a bookstore," she squeezed my arm, "but one time she went down to the mission and got gangbanged by 6 or 7 of the homeless guys. I know, I was there to watch and make sure it didn't get out of hand." An underage girl banging "6 or 7 homeless guys" wasn't getting out of hand? Christie looked up at me through her long beautiful lashes, and I felt in some odd sense that I was being tested. We entered the food court and it was teen and preteen heaven. Boys and girls from 9 or 10 up to 17 or 18 crowded the place, eating and drinking, laughing, just hanging out. Girls huddled together and said nasty things about girls who weren't there, boys punched each other on the arm and lied about their sex lives, and the noise level could've shattered a wineglass at 50 paces. The few adults around the place were either with their kids (who looked embarrassed about it) or were passing through as quickly as they could. Christie guided me toward Uncle Vittorio's Pizza Place, one of the few places in the food court that actually looked like a restaurant. A cafeteria-style counter ran along the back wall, with drink machines and condiment areas on the right. The seating area was full, again mainly with teens although a handful of family groups were sprinkled here and there. Christie led us straight to the counter, where three girls and a guy were busy handling customers. An older girl, perhaps 18, wearing a nametag that said "Manager," looked up at our approach. "Hi, Charlene," Christie said. "OK if we use the phone in the office?" Without waiting, she ducked under the counter. Less agile, I lifted the counter and walked through after her. "Sure, honey, but Lily and Rose are already back there," the tall thin black girl said. My cock, which had been leaking precum since we left the bookstore, started weeping tears instead. If there was someone in the office, how would I ever get into this hot young girl's pants? Mr. Happy suddenly wasn't so happy. Charlene looked me up and down. "Someone new, Christie?" Christie smiled and took my arm again. "Yeah, a nice guy I just met. His name is..." She stopped and turned to me. "What is your name, anyway? We weren't exactly properly introduced." I'd been dreading this. Now, I've had my name for a long time, and it's a good name, and I'm proud of it. But for the last decade or so, I've dreaded introducing myself to anyone, knowing what was coming. Bracing myself, I said, "Now, be nice about this. I had the name first, after all. It's Harry. Harry Potter." Charlene looked incredulous, but Christie laughed in delight. God, she had a beautiful laugh. "Well, Harry Potter, let's go work some magic with that wand of yours." She took my hand and led me through a door in the back, into a short corridor. "Charlene's cool. She lets me use the office whenever I want, and I let her lick my pussy now and then. She's good at it, too. She likes younger girls, too, like you." We came to a door and as Christie reached for the knob, I wondered how we were going to get rid of Lily and Rose. Turned out, not a problem. Two startled faces looked up as we entered and I stopped dead in my tracks. Christie kept going, and pulled me with her. "C'mon, it's OK. Hi, girls. This is Harry Potter" She chuckled. "The horny slut in back is my best friend, Lily, and the one getting reamed is Rose." Lily was maybe 14, short black hair and a cute button nose. Her tits were small cones with eraser-size nipples and huge areolas. A narrow little ass that looked really nice sprouted two long thin legs; coltish, I think they're called. Her pussy was hidden by the straps and harness of the huge strap-on dildo mostly buried in Rose's ass but the biggest, thickest patch of pubic hair I've ever seen spread out behind it. Rose was a couple of years older, with big full tits still swaying back and forth, even though Lily'd stopped when we walked in. She had orange-red hair that hung down almost to the desk she was bent over, and wide round hips that looked made for having babies. She was a little heavier than I generally like my women, with kind of thick thighs and generous calves, but on her it looked good. I'd have swapped places with Lily in a second. "Hi, Christie. Hi, Harry," Lily said, as she resumed pumping Rose's generous butt. Rose just moaned, but lifted one hand for a small wave. Guess we didn't have to worry about Lily and Rose being there. I'd never had an audience before, unless you count group masturbation sessions back in Boy Scouts, but I was so hard and horny right then, I'd have fucked Christie in front of a United Nations session being broadcast live on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. I turned to my hot little nymphet and discovered she was already out of her top and unzipping her shorts. Her tits were as glorious as I'd imagined, standing high and firm on her chest, with those long stiff nipples jutting out just begging to be kissed. I love long nipples; I'd known a girl in college with, I swear, at least 2-inchers, although she'd never let me measure them. They're just made for nibbling and sucking, and twiddling between your fingers. "Come on, Harry, what's the holdup? Get naked for me. I want to see that magic wand of yours. I want you to bury it in my pussy and make me cum. I bet Lily and Rose want to see it too, don't you, girls?" Christie's shorts were off, leaving her in just a small green thong that barely covered her slit. I didn't know they made thongs that small, but thank you, whoever did. Lily said, "Yeah (pant), Harry, (pant) let's see (pant) your cock." Rose was too busy moaning through an orgasm to say anything, her hand busy between her legs while Lily pumped her ass. I started unbuttoning my shirt as Christie pulled her panties off and turned around. She bent forward and ran one hand down her butt cheeks while the other milked a nipple. "Like what you see, Harry?" she asked, thrusting her ass at me and grinning over her shoulder. Like it? I loved it, adored it, worshiped it. Creamy smooth skin lightly dusted with a few freckles swept out and around two glorious globes of flesh, tapering down into muscular, sculpted thighs. There was a small gap where her thighs joined her torso, framing her juicy little slit. Her hair ran down her back, stopping just above her butt crack, and draped over both sides. I tossed my shirt in the corner and started on my pants. I yanked pants and underwear down in one motion, and my cock bounced up waving in the air, little bits of precum dripping from the slit. Christie turned around when my pants joined my shirt. "Ooo, nice wand you have there, Harry," she crooned. She stepped up to me and grabbed it in one hand. "This is going to feel sooo nice inside me." She lifted my cock so it was pointing up and pressed her pregnant belly against me, trapping my cock between us. Her hand slid down to cup and squeeze my balls. Her other hand reached around my neck and pulled me down to her soft sensuous lips for a deep, probing kiss, our tongues urgently dancing together. She rubbed her belly back and forth over my cock and slid one finger down to rub the area between my balls and my anus. I came. Hard. I couldn't have stopped it if I wanted to, and I sure didn't want to. I spurted all over our bellies, up onto the underside of those glorious breasts, and probably would've hit her chin (or the ceiling) if we hadn't been pressed so tightly together. I felt her smile against my lips, and she pulled back slightly and looked into my eyes. "I figured you might need that before we got down to some serious fucking," she said softly, then kissed my chin. She stepped back and wiped a glob of my cum off her stomach, then rubbed it up and down my dick, coating me in my own cum. I squirted a couple more small globs into her hand, which continued stroking up and down my cock. My knees were trembling and it was almost painful for her to stroke me, but I was loving it. "You have a nice cock, Harry. I can't wait to get it inside me." I heard the door opening, and snapped my head around. The thought flashed through my head that I had had my fun and now whoever was coming through the door was going to bust me, and I'd spend the rest of my life in prison for cumming on an underage pregnant girl. It would almost be worth it, just to have this memory forever, although I would've liked to fuck her too. But, to my great relief, it was only Charlene, come to see what was up. (And I still was, but softening rapidly.) "You're just in time, Charlene," Christie said, walking over to the older girl and pointing to the cum on her tits and belly. "Clean up on aisle Christie." Charlene grinned and dropped to her knees, then started licking my cum off my young lover. "Lily, why don't you take care of Harry? I don't think Rose can move," she added, giggling. I looked over at the other two, having temporarily forgotten they were even there. I vaguely remembered hearing some moaning and groaning but I'd been too wrapped up in Christie to pay any attention. Rose was laying flat on the desk, eyes closed and breathing heavily, wrapped up in the afterglow of an apparently great orgasm. Lily, legs trembling and also panting slightly, was slowly removing the strap-on from her pussy, shuddering slightly as it slid out. I was amazed that such a tiny girl could take such a huge dildo; the other end of the strap-on was at least 8 inches long and thick, almost as big around as a juice glass. But what really amazed me was that thatch of pubic hair. Even matted with sweat and her juices, it was glorious, a curly black forest. It hung down at least two or three inches below her pussy lips (or where I imagined her pussy lips to be, if I could've seen them), spread out nearly to her hips bones and stretched up her flat abdomen almost to her navel. Wet and flattened though it was, it still stood out from her body in a glorious frizz of curly black hairs. My cock twitched, halfway to flaccid but struggling valiantly to stand back up. Lily smiled weakly at Christie, looked at me, then looked down at my slowly deflating cock. Her smile got a little bigger and she motioned me over to her and patted the desk next to Rose. I leaned against it, my right leg rubbing against Rose's sweaty one. Lily dropped (somewhat shakily) to her knees and began licking the cum off my stomach. "Tastes good," she said, running her tongue over her lips and looking thoughtful. "Sweeter than a lot of guys. Not as salty." She kept on licking "And you can take her word on that, Harry," Christie said. "Lily's sucked more cock than a porn queen." I looked down and Lily smiled up at me. "It's true," Lily said. "And yours is one of the nicer tasting ones." She gently took hold of my dick and held it to one side while using teeth and tongue to rake the cum out of my pubes. I looked over at Christy. Charlene had one of those long stiff nipples in her mouth and was sucking gently at it. One hand traced up and down Christie's thighs, getting teasingly near her pussy but never quite touching it. Her other hand was busy unzipping, unbelting and unsnapping her own pants. I turned the other way as I felt Rose moving next to me. She sat up, eyes still slightly unfocused (must've been one hell of a cum; I was sorry I didn't see it) and smiled at me. "Hi, Harry," Rose said, her voice trembling slightly, then shyly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "You known Christie long?" "We just met," I said, and recognized the sense of wonder in my own voice. I mean, not half an hour ago I was trying to decide between a new hardcover Pratchett or a paperback Harrison. Now, I was talking to a naked 16 year old, while an equally naked 14 year old was sucking my cock, and an 18 year old (finally- someone legal in this tangle besides me) was diddling herself while licking my cum off a pregnant 12 year old. Rose must've heard that sense of amazement, too; she grinned. "Christie has that effect on people. Wait'll you see her in action when she's really wound up." "Jealous, Rose?" Christie called, laughing and then moaning as Charlene hit a sensitive spot. "Not really, Christie. I know I can't keep up with you. I'm happy just to have your castoffs when you're done with them. Speaking of which, how would you like to stick that thing in me when Lily's done cleaning it up, Harry?" Rose was looking down at the little bit of my cock that wasn't stuffed in Lily's mouth, while lightly stroking up and down her clit. To my surprise, I realized I was nearly fully hard again. I hadn't recovered that quickly since I was in my 20's. "Uh-uh, Rose," Christie said. "Momma gets that cock first. Almost ready for me, Harry?" I was and said so. Christie gently pushed Charlene away from her pussy, then leaned down and kissed her while squeezing one of the older girl's tits. "Switch places, Lily. I don't think Charlene's done yet." Lily pulled off my cock, then flipped it up and swiped her tongue the full length of the underside and grinned. "All yours, Christie." She stood up and walked over to a panting Charlene, whose hand was moving furiously up and down her slit, stopping now and then to pull on her hard clit. My young goddess came over and squeezed my cock while giving me one of those deep heavenly kisses of hers. "How do you want it? You on top doesn't work too well right now," she said, patting her belly bulge. "Bent over the desk like Rose, maybe?" She turned around and leaned forward, spreading her slit with two fingers. I shook my head, then realized that was silly since she was turned away from me. "Nope, not like that," I said, placing a hand on her shoulder and gently turning her around. I patted the desk. "Put that cute little butt up here." Christie hopped on the desk, and hugged her knees as she spread her legs wide. This was the first time I'd had a really good look at Christie's slit, and it was glorious. A light covering of hair slightly darker than that on her head enhanced rather than obscured the view; most of that, I found out later, sprouted after she got pregnant. Just a few months ago, Christie'd been almost completely bald, a sight I would've loved to have seen. Her clit hood stood out long and proud; I looked closer and realized almost an inch of actual clit stuck out beyond that. Her lips stood out on each side of her slit, wet and dripping, and the slit itself gaped slightly. It was the nicest pussy I've ever seen. I reached behind me and pulled the desk chair over, then jumped up again when I sat on something. Christie giggled as I turned around, removed someone's purse, and sat down again. I leaned forward and just looked at her pussy for a few seconds. "Like it, Harry?" Christie said, her voice a bit throaty. I nodded, stood up and kissed her softly and gently, then sat back down and leaned forward again. Pursing my lips, I blew softly on her clit; she gave on "ooo" of surprise as it stiffened even more. I softly kissed first one leg and then the other, starting at mid-thigh and going back and forth as I slowly worked my way closer to my goal. I stopped a couple inches below her crotch, inhaling the heady pungency of her as I touched my tongue to her leg just above the desktop. I traced up her thigh, then up her body, over (but never touching) her cunt and across to the other side, licking my way back down to the same spot on her other thigh. Christie's breathing sped up and she sighed. "Oooh, that's nice, Harry." I retraced my tongue trail, moving a little closer on this lap. I then licked along the bottom of her thigh until I reached the point where her leg joined her torso, then licked up the joining, always careful to stay away from her actual pussy. I moved to the other side, giving her clit a very quick flick of the tongue as I went by, and repeated the licking on her other thigh. "Oh, God, Harry," she said, a catch in her voice. "You've such a tease." I grinned, while moving my tongue a little closer, licking just outside of (but not quite touching) her slit. Again I licked up and over, this time just barely missing her clit but so close my breath teased it as I passed. She shuddered, and I heard Christie and someone else groan. Flicking my eyes to the side without stopping what I was doing, I could see part of Rose's body turned toward us. She was watching me work on Christie and, from the hint of movement I could catch at the furthest corner of vision, was either rubbing or fingering herself while she did. I flicked my eyes upward but all I could see was the gentle swell of Christie's belly. It was then I noticed she had a perfect little triangle of three freckles just below and slightly to the right of her belly button. Funny, the little things one notices at a time like this. (Funny one notices -anything- at a time like this.) I tilted my head back a little so I could actually see Christie's face. She was leaning back with her hands on the desk and her head tipped forward, watching me, lips slightly parted. She smiled at me and blew a kiss when she saw me looking up. I winked at her and flicked my tongue, snakelike, over her clit. She jumped and squeaked. I slowly extended my tongue and just barely touched her slit, savoring her taste. I then slowly, ever so slowly, ran my tongue down one side and poked at her hole with the tip. Then I ran it up the other side and flicked her clit. I repeated this a few more times, and Christie started moaning. I then slid slowly straight down the middle, forcing my tongue into her slit and spreading her lips, until I made my way to her pussy hole. Stiffening my tongue as much as I could, I slid it into her, then wiggled the tip. She seemed to like that. When she was panting and her legs were starting to twitch, I slid my tongue up her slit again and just touched the end of her clit. I left it there, gently flicking her clit for a few seconds and savoring the taste of her. Then, I slowly pushed my tongue forward, as if I was trying to stuff her clit back into its sheath. She trembled and hissed, and began hunching her hips at me. One hand came around and touched the top of my head, fingers running through my hair. I eased off on her clit, then started running my tongue slowly up and down the tip, just barely touching it. "Ooooooh, Godddd...." escaped from her, barely heard. I kept that up a short time, then wrapped my lips around it and began sucking it in, gently at first then increasing the pressure until it was almost like I was trying to suck her clit out of its happy home. Christie was moaning almost continuously now, humping my face so hard I had to grab her hips and hold on to keep her from pushing my face away. I clamped down on it gently with my teeth, then slowly pulled my head back, stretching it without pulling hard enough to hurt. When it was as far as it could go, I let go and it snapped back. Christie jumped, and whimpered. I grabbed it again with my lips and started sucking it in and out rapidly, masturbating her clit with my lips. She started humping my face and panting, and I brought one hand around front, resting on her thigh. One finger moved out and started stroking up and down her lips, rubbing her wet slickness around. Christie was making deep animal noises now, low and in the back of her throat, and I could tell she was getting close. When she was just about at the edge, I ran my finger down the center of her slit then jammed it hard into her hole. She came. Oh my God, how she came. Her ass lifted off the desk, pubic bone banging painfully into my teeth and snapping my head back, a gush of fluid running down my chin. I sucked her clit in as far as I could and rammed my finger in and out as she screamed out her pleasure. When I guessed she was cresting, I pushed my finger in as far as it would go, turned it over and began tickling her just behind the pubic bone. Her cunt clamped down on my finger, her legs clamped hard around my head and she started thrashing uncontrollably, while screaming loud enough to shatter glass. A noisy cummer was little Christie. Somehow, through it all, I managed to keep my lips clamped on her clit and my finger in her pussy. I'm not sure how long she orgasmed, but it was a good long time. The screaming stopped after a few seconds; I think it either went supersonic or she just ran out of breath. After a while, she collapsed flat on her back, her legs dropping to dangle over the edge of the desk and she just lay there, twitching a little and moaning. I released her clit and slowly pulled my finger out. My beautiful little preteen goddess just lay there, eyes closed, her small breasts heaving up and down as she gasped for breath, juices flooding out of her pussy and puddling on the desk, legs twitching. I sat back and grinned, proud of what I'd been able to do and happy I'd been able to please her. I looked up and Rose was staring in shock at Christie, hand still between her legs but not moving. She shook her head as if waking up and then looked at me. "God damn, Harry. That was -awesome-." I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned to see Charlene with the same wide-eyed expression. "I thought I was good at eating pussy, but I have to bow to a master," she said, and did so. I felt like giggling; she looked a bit silly bowing to me with her pants around her ankles. I resisted the urge, though, and still grinning like a maniac, inclined my head in acknowledgment. "Guess there are a few things to be said for age and experience," I said. She nodded. "Hell, yes. Whatever you just did, you've got to teach me." "You can teach her using me, Harry," Lily piped up. "I've seen Christie cum lots of times, and I've never seen her cum like that. Do it to me? Please? Now?" I smiled and shook my head. "Some other time maybe, Lily, but it's still Christie's turn. I promised her a good fuck, and I'll do that before anyone else gets anything. Although," I turned to look at Christie, still all but passed out on the desk, "it may be a while before she's ready." Christie moaned then, and opened one eye. She was still breathing heavily, chest rising and falling quickly; watching her breasts ride up and down with it is something I could've done for a long, long time. She shook her head, but gently, like a drunk with a hangover, and reached out a shaky hand to lightly grasp my hard dick. "N-n-n-n-no, m-m-m-mine!" she stammered, and looked surprised. "D-d-d-d-damn, Ha-ha-harry. Wha-wha-what d-d-d-did you d-d-d-do to m-m-me?" I laughed, delighted. I'd only managed this once before; made a woman cum so hard she stuttered for the next couple of hours. I was unreasonably proud and happy I'd managed to do it for Christie. "Just relax, dear. Happens sometimes. Lay back and enjoy the feeling." I smiled and leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead, and as I did so, my dick brushed across her cunt. It had drooped a little while I was pleasuring her (it does that when it's being ignored), but it was still a bit more than half mast, maybe 2/3 mast. Christie jumped slightly and I felt more of her juices flowing. "W-w-w-wait, please," she begged. I grinned, kissed her and then moved back, stopping to lightly kiss each nipple before standing up again. "Don't worry, I will. I want you awake and aware for this," I said. She smiled wanly, and closed her eyes again, taking in a deep shuddering breath. I stepped back and sat down in the chair again, and just looked at her wonderful little body, taking it all in. Her right breast was just a tiny bit bigger than her left. She had a small scar on the underside of her chin, probably from a fall when she was younger. A very thin faint line of hair traced up from her pubes, reaching for her bellybutton. She seemed to have more freckles on her left side than her right. There was another old scar on her left shin, and a small cut (fresh but healing) on the top of her left foot. She was beautiful. We all jumped when there was a knock on the door. "Charlene, we need your help out here," a girl's voice said. Charlene rolled her eyes, sighed, and began pulling her panties and pants back up. "I'll be right out," she called. As she zipped, snapped and belted herself back to presentable, she looked at me and shrugged. "Gotta go. But promise you'll come back and teach me that stuff, Harry? With or without Christie? I prefer girls, but I'll suck you or fuck you, whatever you want, if you'll show me." "Of course," I said. I stood up, put my hands together and bowed like an ancient ninja sensei. "The master has an obligation to pass on his knowledge, no payment required." She grinned, clasped her hands and bowed back. "Thank you, O Wise One. This humble student looks forward to it." She hesitated, then stepped forward (carefully avoiding my pointing penis) and kissed me on the cheek. "It really was nice meeting you, Harry. You're an OK guy. Come back whenever you want." She waved at Christie and Rose, then kissed Lily while slipping a finger into Lily's pussy. "Sorry I had to stop, but I'll make it extra good next time." She pulled the finger out, popped it into her mouth and pulled it out slowly, savoring the taste. And with that and a grin, she opened the door (being careful that no one outside could see in) and slipped out. Rose was standing next to the desk, looking at Christie. "Well, she's still breathing, so I guess she's still alive." Christie's right arm lay across her stomach. She slowly bent her wrist backwards and made a fist, then her middle finger shot straight up. We all laughed. "I'd say so, yeah," I said. I leaned down and kissed her swollen belly; Junior kicked me for my audacity. Christie grinned without opening her eyes. "Little b-b-bastard has an a-attitude, just like his m-m-mother." I headed over to the corner to grab my clothes. "I'm going to go get drinks. Who wants what?" Lily and Rose both asked for Cokes, and Christie nodded slightly when I asked if she wanted one, too. I ran a hand through my hair (which probably didn't do a thing to straighten it up) and started for the door. Lily told me to wait, grabbed a tissue out of the box on the desk and wiped my chin. "Don't want to corrupt the kiddies by showing up with pussy juice on your face," she said with a grin. Charlene was surprised to see me, but pointed me to the drink machine and told me to help myself when I told her what I was after. She just snorted when I pulled out my wallet to pay, and waved me on back. I knocked on the door and announced, "It's just me" before opening it and going back in. The first thing that hit me was the reek of overheated pussy; I hadn't noticed it when I was in the middle of it, but now that I'd stepped out and come back, I realized it smelled like a whorehouse when the fleet was in. I rather liked it. Christie was up on her elbows now, still looking somewhat dazed but much more alert. She was watching Lily, who was laying on the desk next to her, getting her pussy eaten by Rose. Lily's hand was buried in Rose's hair, pushing her head down as she started cumming. "Do those two ever stop," I teased. Christie grinned. "N-not if they d-don't h-have to." She looked chagrined at being unable to stop stuttering. I grinned and leaned down to kiss her; she whooped and jumped as one of the drinks leaked on her. I quickly righted the carrier and apologized, then leaned down to lick it off her. She grabbed my face and kissed me, hard, on the lips. "Th-thank you, Harry," she whispered. "I m-may not ever t-talk right again, but that was w-wonderful." "Glad to do it, dear," I whispered back. "And I'd be more than happy to do it again, whenever you'd like. You have a sweet tasting little pussy, much nicer than this Coke. Although you'd probably object if I tried to put an ice cube in it." She giggled. "You're silly, Ha-harry." She smiled and accepted her drink, then pulled herself upright so she could drink it. Lily was still panting and coming down from her orgasm, but Rose took her drink with a thank you and began sucking it down. I sat in the chair again, then felt silly being the only one dressed, so I set my drink down and stripped, my clothes ending up tossed in the corner again. After being ignored for so long, my cock was now completely limp but perked up a little when exposed to the air again. Christie had the straw in her mouth sipping her drink, but got an evil glint in her eye as I stripped. She held her cup in one hand, with her other holding the straw. Then, eyes locked with mine, began slowly bobbing her head up and down on the straw, pulling off every now and then to slowly run her tongue around the tip. My cock took the hint and started screaming orders to the brain for more blood flow, stat. It didn't take long before I was up and ready to go. Christie put down her drink and leaned back on the desk. She spread her legs and ran a finger up and down her slit, pausing to insert it just to the first knuckle. She wiggled it around a little. "Ready for this now, Ha-harry? Damn, I w-wish I could talk again." I laughed and twirled an imaginary mustache. "Be prepared to be incoherent, me beauty." Christie grinned and pulled her finger out of her hole, which was again beginning to leak fluids. She assumed the same position she had earlier; leaning back on the desk, feet planted on the desktop next to her hips and legs spread apart. I was once again staring at the most inviting pussy I'd ever seen. And this time, I was going to fuck it. I stepped up to the desk, letting the head of my cock rub up the full length of her slit, over her clit and onto her swollen belly. Leaning over, I sucked in first her left nipple and then her right. The bottom of my cock rubbed her slit as I leaned further and kissed her right shoulder, then her left, then the left side of her neck, then the right, and finally brought my lips to hers. If there wasn't an electric spark when our lips met, there should have been. Christie brought one hand up and caressed the back of my head as our lips rubbed together, slowly parting so our tongues could touch. The tips gently reached out and met, flicking up and down in greeting. We stayed like that for a small eternity (or half a minute or so anyway), and then I broke the kiss and slowly straightened, sliding my hard dick back down her clit and along her slit. By this time, Christie's cunt was slick and ready, and my cock was leaking enough precum to lubricate a Buick. I moved my hips forward, sliding along her slit but not entering her. The head touched her clit and I gently rocked back and forth, the head sawing across it. Christie moaned. "Quit teasing, Harry. I w-want you inside me. I need you inside me." She reached out to grab my cock and stuff it in, but I stepped back just out of reach. "Ah-ah, dear. Patience. Let the Old Master do things his way. Trust me, you'll enjoy it." She growled in frustration but leaned back again, scowling. From what I'd seen so far, I'd bet Christie was used to being the one in charge and didn't like letting someone else run the show. But she'd have to put up with it this time, because I'd decided somewhere along the way that I was going to show this young hottie the difference between fucking and making love. She might've had a lot of sex, but if it was mainly younger guys, I'd bet most of it was of the "wham. bam, thank you ma'am" variety. As I told Charlene earlier, age has to have -some- advantages. Blowing her a kiss, I moved back up and ran a hand along the inside of each thigh, spreading them slightly more. My hard dick once again came into contact with her wet slit and this time I left it there. Twitching my cock muscles, I rubbed it up and down, enjoying the hot wet warmth of it sliding along the head. My dick's been an upstanding (pun fully intended) cast member since about the 7th paragraph of this story, but I haven't really described it as yet, since it's been mainly a supporting (and dripping and spurting) player up to this point. Now that it's about to step up to center stage, it might be a good time to let you know what it looks like. In most of the stories you read, this is the part where the author talks about having a monster cock that's 9 or 10 inches long, as big around as a summer sausage, and with a "purple helmet the size of my fist". You know the kind of thing I'm talking about- something that would send a woman screaming in terror instead of begging to have it shoved in, to rip her apart. Something that would send a girl like Christie to the hospital with displaced organs and internal hemorrhaging. I'm guessing the "monster cock syndrome" in these stories means most of the writers are just a little bit insecure about their own equipment. So here's something rare- the truth. I'm just a hair under 7 inches long when fully erect, although Christie had me so hard at this point I might've been a hair over. (My cock was as frustrated as she was that it wasn't inside her yet, and I think it was trying to leave my body and get in there on its own.) Experience has shown that if I can get two fingers inside a woman, then her pussy'll stretch just a little bit more and admit my cock; not a monster width, but apparently an enjoyable one. My balls aren't huge and my prostate's not filled with gallons of cum; they're about the size of small walnuts and I produce about the average amount of semen. Maybe a little more in this case, because I think Christie had my entire system on hyperdrive. So the cock that was about to fuck this hot young girl was a little longer than average, about average diameter. Nothing spectacular, but it really is true- it's not the equipment, but how you use it. I pushed the head up to her hole, not quite penetrating her, and started rotating my hips. I loved the feel of it sliding around on her lips, getting the helmet slick with her juices and spreading my precum around. I pushed in just a little, still not enough for penetration but to coat more of the head, and continued rotating my hips. Christie must've liked it too; the scowl was gone, her eyes were half closed and a small "oooo" of pleasure escaped her. "Christie," I said softly. She looked up at me and as our eyes locked, I slowly slid into her. There was a little bit of resistance at first as my head pushed against her tight pussy muscles, but they opened and a wonderful hot slickness enveloped my cock. I was inside my first preteen pussy, and it was even more wonderful than I had ever imagined. "Hot velvet" is the usual description for a wonderful pussy, but this was velvet mixed with silk, soaked in heated olive oil and wrapped in steel bands. Her cunt was relaxing as it opened for me, and it was still squeezing my shaft like a miser grasping a gold coin. Both of us moaned as I slid in as far as I could. Even though she was no virgin, I didn't quite get all of it inside her before the head bumped her cervix. I just stood there a moment, both of us breathing hard as we basked in this glorious feeling. Her pussy twitched a couple of times, clamping down on and releasing my dick. "Oh, Harry, that's nice." "You feel wonderful, dear." My eyes were half-closed and my mouth hanging open as I struggled to breathe. Christie's head was thrown back, eyes fully closed, and her breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing, her long stiff nipples proud flagpoles atop the mountains. A slight flush was beginning to spread down from her neck and wash across her chest, turning her freckles to dark red islands in a sea of pink. I could feel my cock pulsing inside her as my heart beat, and my knees trembled slightly as I struggled to avoid shooting right then and there. How embarrassing would that be, cumming as soon as I was inside her? I wanted this to last, so as I stood there with my dick buried in this hot loveliness, I thought about baseball, computer games, and a naked Roseanne Barr. That brought me back from the edge (especially the naked Roseanne). My hands still rested on Christie's legs, and I slid them down to grasp her ankles. I pulled her feet off the desk and moved her legs around my waist; Christie took over and locked them around me, ankles crossed. And then I started moving. I slowly slid back just a little, maybe an inch or two, then stopped. I slowly slid back in, and stopped. I did it again, and then again, and then slowly started sliding further out and in, stopping at the end of each stroke, until I was pulling out almost to the head, and slowly driving it back in. Her hips moved with mine, pulling back when I did, pushing forward when I did, stopping and just enjoying the feeling when I did. It must've been telepathy, or one hell of an instinct, because our bodies synchronized and stayed that way. We fucked slowly for a while, pushing in and out and feeling the wonderful friction of a hard cock in a wet cunt. A couple of times, Christie tried to speed up the action, but when she did, I just stopped moving. She'd fuck herself on my cock a few more strokes, then groan in frustration and stop. And then I'd start that slow out, stop, slow in, stop movement again, and she'd move with me. Christie's clit was standing tall and proud and I made sure to rub my pubes on it whenever we came together. Both of us were panting, interspersed with hissing intakes of breath whenever I bottomed out. That and the slight squishing sounds of our sex were the only noises in the room. Lily and Rose were watching, but for once, neither had a hand between her legs (or between the other's legs). I looked over at them, and both were just intently watching our slow humping. Lily smiled at me, and I smiled back and winked. I looked down and noticed Christie's belly was moving independently; Junior was either enjoying the ride or objecting to it, I'm not sure which. Maybe he was just trying to move out of the way, to keep from being poked. I ran my fingertips slowly up her belly until I could feel him moving, then laid my palm over him and whispered, "Shhh, little one." And surprisingly, he calmed down. "Guess he (pant) likes you, Harry," Christie said breathlessly. I smiled, and ran my hand further up, wrapping my hand around Christie's breast and squeezing lightly. Her eyelids squeezed together and she moaned, long and drawn out. I put the flat of my palm on top of one of her long nipples and began rubbing it lightly in a circle, just barely pushing down on it. To my surprise, it started leaking; I guess she was far enough along that she was starting to make milk. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it off; interesting flavor. I ran one fingertip back down her belly, swirling it around on her body in random drawings, just touching her and enjoying the feel of her soft creamy skin. When I got to her navel, I pushed my finger in and wiggled it; she giggled a little and told me to stop. So I continued my finger travel down her belly and across to her legs, running up the inside of her thigh then down the outside until I was caressing that glorious butt. I put one hand on each ass cheek and just rubbed lightly, along the sides, up to her pelvis then back down and around to rub the parts that weren't sitting on the desk. She had a glorious ass, and I felt the cum rising in me (Roseanne, Roseanne; it subsided). My hands still on her cheeks, I started pumping in and out without stopping on each stroke. After a short time of that, I started moving from side to side as I pumped. Lean a little to the right on the out stroke, so my cocked rubbed the left side of her cunt, lean a little to the left on the in stroke so it rubbed the right side. She seemed to like this, and started rotating her ass to match me. After a few minutes of this, things were starting to get more urgent and thoughts of Roseanne weren't helping. I switched back to straight in and out pumping, then reached down and took Christie's clit between two fingers and started masturbating it like a little cock. Her moans intensified and became constant, and her hips and legs started twitching. She was close and so was I, and I wanted us to come together. I could feel my balls starting to tighten and pull up and I knew I couldn't last much longer, and I was praying she was close too because I knew after this one I was going to be done for the day. Christie started tossing her head from side to side, hunching her hips hard at me, and she was panting like a racehorse at the finish line. My heart was pounding and I felt like I couldn't get any air but I still kept the pumping (relatively) slow; long stroke in, long stroke out (feel the air on my cunt-slickened cock), then long stroke back in again. I quit stroking her clit and squeezed it, hard. And she came. Hard. I felt her pussy start to spasm as the walls clamped down on my cock, and I shoved my dick as far in as it would go, ramming into her cervix. I held it there as she let out short keening cries, and felt her cumming on me, and then I felt the cum squirting out of me and filling her, and I shook and shuddered and knew what it was like to touch the face of God. For the next hour or so (ok, maybe it was just a few minutes), we stayed like that, my cock rammed deep inside her, her pussy clamped around it, our combined goo running down and coating my balls and her ass, her hips and legs shaking, my own legs twitching, my cock throbbing as it tried to shoot out cum that just wasn't there but wanted to be. Finally, Christie relaxed. Her body sagged back onto the desk, her knees dropped to the sides (although she kept her ankles locked behind my back), and her pussy unclenched enough that I could move my dick again. (I didn't; I kept it inside her as it started to soften, because I never wanted to take it out.) Eyes still closed, she reached up with both hands and pulled me down for a tight hug. She just held me like that for a moment, then turned her head and kissed my cheek. I pulled back slightly so I could see her face; she looked very serious and started into my eyes. "You really do have a magic wand, Harry Potter," she whispered, and squeezed it with her pussy. It twitched, but kept on slowly getting soft. I smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose. "At your service always, madam," I whispered back, and smiled, staring deep into those lovely green eyes. Something was going on deep inside them, some inner conversation she was having with herself, but alas I lacked the key to decipher it. I just knew I felt wonderfully, fully, completely sated, and she did too. At the touch of a hand on my back, I turned my head. Lily was next to us, a look of wonder on her face. "You guys, that was awesome." She kissed me on the cheek, then leaned down to kiss Christie on the mouth, but Christie turned her head so it landed on her cheek as well. "Want me to clean you up? I'd love to do both of you." Christie shook her head and smiled at me. "Just hand me my thong, will you, Rose? I want to feel Harry's stuff inside me for a while." "You'll feel it inside you for as long as you don't move your legs, anyway," I answered. She grinned and unlocked her ankles, releasing me. Much as I didn't want to, I slowly withdrew my deflating cock, and both of us shuddered as I did so. "And thank you, Lily, but there's nothing I like more than the feeling of pussy juice drying on my cock. And this is extra special pussy juice, from an extra special pussy." I leaned down and kissed her belly; Junior kicked me again for my trouble. "Now, now, you two better learn how to play nice," Christie teased, placing one hand on her abdomen. "Hey, the little bastard just kicked me, too. Show some respect for your mother, kid." I grinned as I collapsed backwards into the desk chair, landing on the edge and having to do a panic grab and scoot to keep it from shooting out from under me. Christie laughed that adorable laugh of hers, and slipped on the thong that Rose handed her but made no move to put on anything else. I was in no hurry to dress either, and reached out one shaky hand to caress Christie's leg. "Oh shit!" Lily said. "Look at the time. I'm supposed to be home like right now." She grabbed her clothes off the floor and started dressing. "Rose, can you give me a ride, honey?" Rose nodded and retrieved her own clothes. Dressed, Lily looked a bit Gothish. She had a black floor-length skirt (no panties, I noticed) and a lacy black top (no bra either, and her aureola were clearly visible). The skirt was slit up the side almost to her butt, and most of her leg showed when she moved. She grabbed her purse and ran a comb through her hair, looking in a small mirror hanging on the wall. Since her hair was short, it didn't take much to get it back into something presentable. Rose was dressed more like a conventional teen; blue jeans (over pink panties) and a t-shirt over a rather frilly bra. (No way could Rose go braless; she was so big, it would probably hurt when those things bounced around.) She pulled a brush from her own purse and started running it through the tangle of her hair, wincing when she hit knots. While she worked at it, Lily came over to Christie and me. "It was really nice to meet you, Harry," she said, holding out a hand. When I reached to shake it, she grinned and dropped it to my lap, squeezing my dick. "And maybe next time, you can -meat- me as well." She laughed and kissed me on the cheek, then turned to Christie. "Think about keeping this one around, girlfriend. He knows what he's doing. Or at least get his phone number and give it to me." She hugged Christie and turned back to Rose. "Come on, girl, let's go. I've gotta get home. You can fix your hair after you drop me off." Tugging a protesting Rose by the arm, Lily waved and they left, with Rose's call of "Bye, Harry. Bye, Christie." drifting after. There was a slightly awkward silence as we were finally alone, barely (I glanced at the clock) no, less than, two hours after meeting, and after some of the best sex I've ever had. "So," I said, hurrying to break the awkwardness, "Cum her often?" Christie caught the pun and laughed. "As often as I can. But usually not so hard." "You're only as good as your partner." I bowed my head to her. "And you're awfully damn good, lady." "Why, thank you sir. I'd curtsey if I wasn't afraid I'd fall down if I tried to stand up. I'm a bit shaky, thanks to someone I won't mention." "Well, once you can stand on `em again, what say we get something to eat? For some reason, I'm starving." "Sure. Charlene'll spot us to some pizza, or maybe calzones if that's what you want." I shook my head. "I have a better idea than pizza. There's a little place just down the road, Murray's Diner. You know it?" She looked dubious. "I've seen it. Looks kinda like a dive to me, but I've never been in there." "You'll love it. It doesn't look like much, but the food is great." I got shakily to my feet and headed over to the corner to retrieve my clothes. "And since I invited you, it's my treat." "Are you asking me on a -date-, Harry?" she said, looking at me oddly. "Well, we just fucked out brains out, and in front of an audience, too. Is a dinner date really so weird?" She laughed. "Guess not, when you put it like that. But isn't dinner supposed to come before the fucking?" "So unlike most people, we have our priorities straight." She laughed. We dressed, did what we could to restore ourselves to some semblance of normal and left the office. After stopping to thank Charlene (and promising her I'd come back soon for her "lessons"), we headed out to my car and drove the short trip to Murray's. Awkwardness gone, we chatted like old friends on the way.