Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. vAuthor: Kiwi Cat Title: Taking it home. Summary: A Customs officer gives into temptation which leads to a slippery slope with his young son. Keywords: Mb inc ped oral anal Stan didn't know if he could take it anymore. Everyday at his job with the customs office he was forced to look at pornography and illegal products. The ones that caused him the most problems were the child porn. He thought he was a good citizen until he started there and discovered that whenever he looked at these images or videos of young preteen children fucking and sucking that he got hard. Worst of all were the ones involving young boys and men. It always made him think of his own 9 year old son in unfatherly ways. He could never admit it to anyone but lately he had only been able to get it on with his wife by thinking about the little boys and girls from work sucking and fucking and imagining that it was one of their tight asses or cunts he was fucking instead of his wife. Carol was reasonably good looking, a little plump but not too bad for a thirty year old woman. But now all Stan could lust after was tight preteens and every time he looked at his son Cameron he felt both filled with lust and guilt. One day after a week of rushing home after work to jerk off in the bathroom he made the fatal step. Being careful to not get caught he smuggled home a DVD with a movie on it, a old man in his sixties being first given oral then taking a very young boy up the ass. The boy looked tiny compared to the muscular elder man, he was probably only eight, even younger than Cameron Stan thought. He shut himself in his study at home and popped the DVD into the computer. Undoing his fly he breathed deeply then hit play. Credits rolled, explaining that the boy was staying with his grandfather after being orphaned and to make money to support him the grandfather had consented to this being filmed. At work Stan hadn't seen more than a couple of minutes of the film, not being able to watch it at his leisure. Now it started and he settled back, idly working his fingers into his boxers. It started with the boy running around outside then a voice (the grandfather) telling him it was time to go down to the creek for swimming. It panned back and Stan saw that they were somewhere in the countryside, a farm perhaps. The boy ran along a path through some trees while the camera followed. Reaching a gentle stream he stripped off and Stan felt his cock stir at his first sight of this young beauty naked. His body was slim and smooth, his little cock nestled between his thighs. Laughing he jumped into the water and they filmed him for several minutes splashing and playing in the nude. Eventually this began to tire and the Grandfather stepped into sight, fully naked. His body hair was all a grizzled grey and between his thighs hung a semi erect cock and a pair of hairy nuts. Calling for the boy he seated himself on the grass and lay back. The young boy approached, seeming unconcerned at grandpa's nudity or the other person present with the camera. He seated himself next to his grandfather and bent over him. Stan gasped as the boy smoothly engulfed the old mans cock, sucking about half of him in with obvious enjoyment and experience. The old man grunted happily and placed a hand on the back of the boy's head steadying him as he started to bob up and down on his erection. Stan looked down at his own cock in his hand and imagined the boys lips wrapped around it or even better yet Cameron's. At the thought he almost came at once. Standing up to get better access he dropped his pants to the floor and started to jerk his meat in time with the boys bobbing. He knew the sight of the sexy eight year-old giving head would have him blasting his nut in no time at all but it was worth it. He stroked himself faster and faster until he could feel his climax approach when the man pulled his grandson off his cock and told him to get ready to fuck. Stan paused, not wanting to cum before he saw the boy take it up the arse. The boy knelt down and proffered his little butt up to his partner. Reaching back he grabbed his buttcheeks and pulled them wide, revealing his little puckered anus. His granddad leaned down and licked across it while the camera zoomed in. Stan slowly started to stroke himself as he watched the old man lick and tongue the little boys arsehole, getting him ready for fucking. Apparently the elder man couldn't wait anymore than Stan could and he knelt behind him and placed the tip of his rockhard cock at the boy's opening. Taking his hips in his hands he slowly pulled him back, sighing as his cockhead forced it's way inside past the tight anal ring of muscle. The camera cut to the boys face which showed a look of rapture, obviously this kid was enjoying himself. The grandfather pushed steadily, working more and more of his cock into the boys ass until all but two inches were imbedded. Then he slowly began to fuck back and forth, pulling out partially then pushing back in a little deeper. Stan matched him stroke for stroke then suddenly looked up as the door to his office opened. "Shit" he swore, caught with his pants around his ankles and his cock in his hand. He saw his young son Cameron standing there, mouth open and eyes locked onto his cock. Stan's hand kept moving and while staring at his son his cock spasmed, spurting his hot seed out and across the monitor. His eyes flicked down and he saw that on the screen the boy was being fucked hard now while Stan's cum dripped slowly across their image. His eyes went back to Cameron who had approached silently. "Cool" was all the boy said as he looked at his father hard dick, his cum splattered across the screen and the action on it. Stan gulped then almost came again when Cameron reached out a finger and wiped up some of the cum and popped it in his mouth. "Mmm. Dad, what are they doing? Looks cool. What did you just do? Can I do it too? Did it feel good? Looked like fun? What are we having for dinner?" Sagging back into his chair Stan breathed a big sigh and looked at his son, always full of questions. He looked from his still erect cock to the action on screen and then back to Cameron. Reaching out with his hand he pulled his son over, lifting him up onto his lap. "Watch it with me if you want. This boy is playing a special game with his Granddad." He knew this was wrong and he should make Cameron leave but his recent orgasm and all the lust was clouding his brain. Cameron shifted around and reached down and moved his fathers cock so it was jutting up from between his thighs. He was wearing his school uniform and so had on his tight little shorts that Stan secretly loved so much. The feeling of his sons innocent hand on his cock was delightful and he knew then that he was not going to be able to rest until he was inside that beautiful little body that he had helped create nine years ago. Together they watched the action on the cum splattered screen get more and more frenzied as the man fucked his grandson faster and faster. Eventually he cried out and stilled. A close up of his balls showed them twitching as he pumped his hot cum into his little grandsons bowels. Groaning in satisfaction he pulled out and both of them leaned forward to watch a trickle of his cum ooze out of the boys distended asshole. Stan reached forward and stopped it, noting happily that there was another forty minutes to watch later, must be another scene. He reached up and tilted Cam's head to look at him. "Well what did you think of that young lad?" Stan waited with baited breath, his cock wedged pleasantly between his sons warm thighs. "Looked cool. Can we try?" Stan almost came at the words and wordlessly picked his son up and sat him on the edge of the desk. Quickly he yanked down the boys shorts and underpants to reveal his little boy cock. Leaning forward in his chair Stan took his son's little cock in his hand and lowered his mouth to it, tasting his first ever taste of cock. Sucking his babys cock into his mouth he twirled his tongue around it, exploring and enjoying the strange taste of his son. Cameron leant back and watched his daddy suck and slurp away at his little cock and felt himself stiffen to his full 3 inches. It felt very nice, strange but definitely pleasant. His father was making happy noises down in his crotch and worked his lips over his little tight balls as well, sucking them into his mouth along with Cameron's babycock. Cameron groaned and held onto the side of the table for balance as his father bobbed up and down on his preteen meat. Suddenly his father stood and showed him his straining penis. "Son, it's time you sucked me. Just lick up and down it for starters then try and take the head in your mouth. If you do a real good job then I'll squirt my cum again and you can suck it all up." He leant back in his chair and watched as his son slid off the desk and positioned himself between his legs. Reaching up he took his fathers rockhard cock in his little hand and made an appreciative noise. "It's real big dad and hot too." He stroked it a couple of times, marvelling at the way the skin moved over the hard inner core. He looked down at his own hard littleboy cock and then back to his Dad's. Shrugging he moved closer and Stan gasped in pleasure as he felt his son's curious tongue scrape across the sensitive head of his cock for the first time. The young boy explored his first cock with his fingers and tongue, savoring the taste of his father's precum and the feeling of hardness and softness combined in one place. His lips licked up and down Stan's shaft which caused the man to moan happily, all thoughts of the consequences fleeing his mind. "That's it son, lick your daddy's cock. Suck it like a pro." Cameron wasn't sure what his dad was talking about but the hand guiding his head was clear so he wrapped his lips around the swollen head of his fathers cock and swirled his tongue around it, exploring all the cracks and crevices. This caused Stan no end of pleasure and he hunched his hips upwards, wanting more of his length in the boys warm welcoming mouth. Cameron started to bob a little, taking a bit more of his father's meat into his mouth. Stan groaned as his son sucked more and more of his cock into his mouth, soon the eager young boy was bobbing happily up and down on his dick, taking over half of it in. Looking down at his Stan felt a surge of paternal pride that his son was such a good cocksucker and a surge of lust at the lewd sight. He felt himself get closer and closer to his second orgasm of the evening as he sat back and watched Cameron service him. "Doing great kiddo, just a little more and Daddy is going to cum in your mouth. Just swallow as much as you can." Cameron looked up at him and their eyes met. Seeing his son looking at him with his mouth full of cock was just too much and Stan felt his balls spasm as he started to flood Cameron's mouth with spurt after spurt of hot salty incestuous cum. Groaning he held the boy in place until his orgasm finished then released his head letting him slide down to his knees. Reaching down he pulled the stunned boy up onto his lap, one hand going to his boycock and the other pulling his body against his own. He saw that Cameron's face was sticky with his cum, he'd been unprepared for his fathers orgasm. Kissing his son on the lips Stan got his first taste of cum, his own and kissed him harder, aroused by the heady taste of his own juices. Licking his son's face clean he swallowed some then used his tongue to push the rest into Cameron's mouth while they kissed. Hearing a door slam he sighed and placed the boy on his feet. "Well looks like your mum is home. I better go get dinner ready since it's my turn." As he pulled up his trousers and tucked away his cock he looked down affectionately at his son who was straightening his uniform. "Not a word to your mother, this is mens business, understand." Cameron straightened proudly, his father had just called him a man, not a boy. "Right dad, our secret." Humming happily to himself Stan headed off to prepare dinner, feeling like a weight had lifted off his shoulders now he was no longer denying to himself what he wanted. He knew now it was only going to be a matter of time before he fucked Cameron's tight little arsehole and filled him with daddycum. Then maybe he'd get the boy to bring home a girl from school so he could try some preteen pussy too. And as he entered the kitchen and kissed his wife on the cheek his cock stiffened in his pants at the thought that when Cameron got a little bigger he'd be able to fuck daddy too. Part 2. Two days had passed since Stan had taken home the DVD of childporn and been caught by his nine year-old son Cameron. That had lead to the best blowjob of Stan's life and since then he had been looking for any chance to be alone with his son. Both nights when he was in bed with his wife Carol he had fucked her extra hard, picturing himself pounding away at his little boys bottom rather than his middle-aged wife. Eventually Carol was working late and Stan had come home early from the Customs office. Calling Cameron into his study he carefully shut the door and locked it after them. "Son, about what we did the other day. Did you, um like it?" Stan may be obsessed with his son but he was determined not to force himself on him. Cameron was again in his school uniform and just looking at him was giving Stan a hardon. Holding his breath he awaited Camerons answer. "It was cool Dad. And I didn't tell anyone just like you said. It was mens business. Are we going to do it again? It felt real nice when you put my peepee in your mouth. And I liked it when you squirted your stuff in me." Breathing out with relief Stan approached and crouched next to his child. "Cam, it was the best time ever. But today I thought that we could try something more. Remember how that Granddad put his thing up the boys bottom? Well I want to try that with you son. What do you say?" "Can I suck it too Dad? Cause that was real fun." Stan laughed and lead the boy behind the desk where he lifted him and seated him on the edge again. "Let's get you out of those little shorts son. Then I'll get naked too and we can play." Quickly they were both naked, Stans cock bobbing in anticipation of what was to come. His fingers found his babyboys little cock and stroked it, marvelling at the smoothness of his skin as it stiffened in his grasp. He ran his spare hand across Cams chest and down across his little belly. Cam returned the favor, running his fingers through his fathers hairy chest, giggling as the hair tickled him. Moving lower he found the hard cock at tabletop height and curled his fingers around it making his daddy moan in repressed pleasure. As Stan stroked him, Cameron copied his motions, moving his little hand up and down on his fathers shaft. Father and son stroked each other for a few minutes, relishing this new closeness that they had found. But eventually Stan pulled away, knowing that otherwise he'd blow his load all over Cameron. And he wanted to cum inside the boy, not on him. Picking up a tube of KY he had prepared earlier he sat back in his big chair and smeared some on his shaft. Beckoning his son over he watched as he dropped off the desk and climbed up atop his lap. Turning him over so he was lying across his lap, Stan parted Cameron's legs and started to rub a KY greasy finger down between the boys buttcheeks. He could feel Cams little hardon pressing against his own as the boy wiggled at the strange feeling when his father found his puckered anus and pressed at it with his finger. "We have to get you ready son, then I can put my penis in you and make love to you. It'll feel so good." Cam just nodded, willing to do anything for his dad. Stan parted his cheeks and rubbed his finger around the boys little starfish, smearing KY around it and gently pressing it with his fingertip. Squirting more KY straight onto it he pressed in, working his fingertip in so it disappeared into Cameron who grunted slightly with surprise. "Doing good son, making your Dad proud." Cameron smiled and pushed back as his Dad slowly worked more of his finger in, twisting it as he dug deeper and deeper into his preteen sons arse. Cameron was very relaxed and in no time at all Stan found his finger firmly wedged up the boys butt. Withdrawing it he lubed up and added a second one, this making the boy wince. By now Stan's lust wouldn't be denied and he pushed them in harder, wanting to replace them with his aching cock. "Please Daddy" the boy said, meaning be gentle but Stan took it to mean he was ready. Lifting him he nestled him against his chest, facing forwards. Reaching down he guided his straining cock to between his sons legs, pressing the tip against the boys slippery entrance. Letting Camerons weight push him down he guided the boy by the hips, feeling the head of his cock push past the resisting ring of muscle. Cam's eyes widened when he felt his father go in and he gasped in amazement. But he had no time to get used to it because Stan was already pressing down on his hips, pulling the young boy further down onto his impaling cock. Whimpering Cam reached under himself and felt the sticky length of his fathers cock not yet in him and wondered how it would all fit. Stan was kissing his neck now, moaning and mumbling about how he loved him more than anything else in the world. So Cam bit his lip and pushed down, wanting to make Daddy happy. Nothing existed in Stan's world now except for his son and the amazing sensation surrounding his cock as he slowly humped it in deeper with little jerks of his hips and tugs on the boy against his chest. Slowly they move closer together as Stan's cock was worked deeper and deeper into the boy until almost all of it was inside him. Stan hugged Cameron close to him and the boy tilted his head back for a tender father-son kiss. "Dad it feels so full. Like I'm going to pop." Looking down he saw his own little cock was hard and twitching in the air. Giggling he reached down and stroked at it, enjoying the sensation when combined with that nice full feeling. Slowly now Stan began to hump in and out of his son, lifting his hips to push in then dropping back to his seat to slide out. Each thrust was shallow, moving only about an inch of his cock within his son but it felt better than any woman Stan had ever fucked. Little Cameron began to enjoy it, his bowels now relaxed enough that it was no longer more than slightly uncomfortable to have an adults penis up there. So he stated to hump back at his Daddy, making the man groan in pleasure. "That's it Cam, ride your Daddies cock. God you are so tight. I'm gonna bust my nut in your arse. Imagine, fucking my own son up the bum." He continued to rant as his pace picked up and the boy matched him. His words came in gasps as he now rammed full speed into the boy above him, feeling his balls tighten as his big orgasm rapidly approached. Above him Cameron was moaning, frantically jerking his own little penis as his Daddy fucked deep into his arsehole. "Daddy, daddy feels so weird. Like I'm gonna pee but so good." Stan grunted in reply then felt his cock twitch deep within his son and the first ripple of his seed went the length of his cock, splattering the boys insides. Wrapping his arms around his son he held him tight as his cock twitched again and again, flooding him with his thick incestuous cum. Cameron stiffened and made little noises as shudders rippled through him as he experienced his own first orgasm. Stan slid his hand down and found Cam's cock still dry, his son couldn't squirt yet. Eventually they stilled and Cam tilted back and kissed his father hungrily on the mouth. "That was the bestest Dad. How come I can't shoot stuff like you can?" Stan just laughed and replied, "soon son, when you are a bit bigger. Then I can suck it out of you." Cam sighed happily and leaned back on his fathers hairy chest, still impaled on his cock. Laying back in contentment Stan idly stroked his sons body as he contemplated this new turn life had taken. He knew now he couldn't stop making love to Cameron, he'd have to have him as often as possible. As long as they could keep it a secret it would be good. **Please share with me your thoughts. More works at