Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Kiwi Cat Title: It's a disease Summary: A sex junkie finds a new outlet for her addiction. Keywords: Fb Inc Liz had an addiction. She had struggled with it since her early teens. Over the years since then she had seen therapists, counselors, hypnotists and priests. Nothing had made much difference until she finally gave in one day. Then once guilt was out of the way it took over her life. She lost her job, her husband of ten years decided that he couldn't handle it any more and left her and their son James who was eight at the time. He still loved James and left her with the house and paid regular monthly child support and saw James a couple of times a week at least. But he could no longer stand to be part of Liz's downward spiral. Her latest series of self help sessions had told her that addiction was a disease so it was not her fault. This didn't change much but made her feel better about how her life had turned out. You see Liz was a sex addict. All through high school she had just thought she was easy and enjoyed fucking. But after that she discovered that she was steadily fucking her way through all the men in the office she worked at. After being caught rutting with the mail boy atop the photocopier at work she lost her first job. More jobs had come and gone over the years and she had met Steve. At first he loved having a girlfriend then wife who would tear his clothes off him the moment he got home and would try act out any fantasy he could come out with. But sex at least three times a day began to wear him down. Then he discovered that she would skip work to bring other men home to satisfy her in their bed during the day. At first he forgave her when she begged and promised that it would stop. But all that happen was she got better at hiding it for a time. But her cravings made her sloppy and she was caught time and time again. Every male friend they had ended up between her legs, the neighbors all had a go and she would even ring up and order takeout just to get a chance to make some uni students day by blowing him in return for a pizza. When Josh came on the scene things calmed down for almost two years until her hormones kicked back into overdrive. Then each day was the same, looking for that frantic moment of passion when she felt alive, felt needed and wanted. Those few seconds when she was the center of a man's world and through his passion she could feel her own release. Masturbation never worked for Liz, she could cum easily enough and loved watching porn to wet her appetite. But it wasn't the same, it wouldn't put out the fires deep inside her. After Steve finally threw in the towel and left them she basically gave up working. She could seldom keep a job for more than a couple of weeks until the women of the workplace joined forces to evict her. So now she lived on her child support and what donations she gathered from the numerous men who floated through her life. Often three or four 'uncles' would pass through their house each day, each stopping for long enough to ram home into her hungry sex and deposit a load or two deep inside her. Liz had let herself go somewhat, putting on a few kilos now she was in her thirties but she was still attractive enough to pull willing men into her bed. Long black hair framed her face and she always kept her lips glossed with shiny lipstick to leave marks on her lover's cocks. Her breasts sagged a little more than in her twenties but were still an ample handfull for her men to hold onto while they pounded into her. Her butt was a little bigger but many loved that as they took her from behind. One thing she did pay attention to was keeping her pussy waxed smooth. Ever since she was in highschool she had always preferred it that way and knew that most men agreed. Now days James was eleven and growing to look like a miniature version of his father. He had mousy brown hair and a slight build that would probably evolve more into a runners frame than a bulky muscleman. Of course growing up with a total slut like his mother had meant that he was aware of her activities. He loved her but tried to avoid all the strange men passing through and it was one of those unspoken topics that they both avoided. Now puberty was starting to hit him and he began to see the appeal for all those adults with easy access to a freely available woman like her. For him the girls at school were on another planet and like most boys his age he resigned himself to remaining a virgin forever and getting what relief his hand could provide. It was on a day in a rare fit of domestic motherlyness that Liz was tidying up James' room. Emptying his rubbish bin she discovered a sizable wad of tissues at the bottom. It was a little odd since he was in excellent health and had not had a cold in months. As she transferred them to the big bag of rubbish she was filling she caught wiff of a familiar odour. A smell she had known now for almost two thirds of her life. Stale cum. Blinking in surprise she sorted though the tissues and found them glued together by a dried mass that the smell wafted up from. The thought hit her that her little boy was growing into a man. For a normal woman that would have been the end of it, perhaps with a little talk about puberty and the birds and the bees. But Liz was far from normal when it came to sex. It buzzed around in her head all day until he came home from school. Like normal he said hi, gave her a hug, grabbed a snack and headed into his room and shut the door. Now her mind filled with thoughts of what he could be doing in there. Liz tried to imagine what his eleven year old cock would look like, not having seen it in years since he learnt how to bathe himself. Right then he could be perched on the edge of his bed, shorts around his ankles as he worked his fist up and down it. Pumping until he wasted his delicious cum inside another wad of tissues. The image of cum going to waste burned into her brain. It didn't matter that it was her son's nor that he was only a boy. There was cum in her house and it wasn't being given to her! Storming down the hall Liz threw open James' door to find him half naked in the act of changing out of his school clothes. Laid out on the bed were some trackpants and a tshirt, his usual relaxing attire. Liz herself was dressed in a similar manner, tight sweatpants that hugged her arse and a tshirt that clung to her chest. As normal she had neglected to wear panties or a bra, they tended to just get in the way when one of her men wanted to fuck her or she was forced to masturbate for some release. "Don't you dare waste it! Don't you dare." James looked up in shock as he turned to the door. "Mum? What? I'm getting changed in here." She snatched his shirt from his hands and flung it to the side. "There will be no masturbation by you under my roof James. It is a horrible waste. No I say, No!" She was almost frothing now and he recoiled from her beginning to see a side to his mother he had never before. "Mum you are scaring me, what is going on?" She grabbed his arm and yanked him back in front of her. "I know what you do in her to yourself. And it won't be happening again." Suddenly she switched tracks as her irrational mind was diverted as her addiction took over. "Mum can help you. With your release. I know it is hard for a boy at your age. Mummy will help you out." Steering him backwards she walked until the back of his legs hit the bed and he toppled backwards onto it. Looking up at her as she stood there he felt a mixture of panic, confusion and something else. "Mummy knows a much better way of releasing all that pressure in you. Just lie still and let me take care of it for you." Leaning down she grabbed his shorts and began to tug them down past his hips. Instantly he tried to pull them back up and there was a brief struggle before she knelt astride his knees and shoved him back down onto the bed. "Do as I say James. I am your mother." Meekly he lay there as she tugged down his shorts and his underwear. Lifting one of her legs she yanked them past his knees til they dropped to his ankles. Her eyes were then glued to where he was trying to hide his crotch with his hands. "Mum no, this is embarrassing. What are you trying to do? Get off me please Mummy." Taking his wrists with her hands she had little trouble in prying them away from his groin and she felt herself suddenly go wet between her thighs at the sight of his stubby little boy cock with its few soft downy hairs just beginning to surface. Catching both his wrists with one hand she held them together on his chest as her other moved to his groin. Grasping his cocklet with two fingers and a thumb she began to roll it back and forth as he gasped in pleased but bemused surprise. "James, I need you to cum for me. It is going to happen so you may as well just enjoy it." She kept manipulating his little cock until it swelled to its full height. It was a respectable three inches for boy his age, far from huge but for Liz it was a cock and it was in her hands. She would not be letting go until she got her creamy reward. He started to hump up into her hand, unable to control the basic urge of all males to get his rocks off. But Liz had other plans for his cum than just spurting all over her hand and his fingers. "Mommy will show you the best way sweetie. Just lie still for a second." Rolling off him she reluctantly let go of his little boy cock for just long enough to wiggle her own pants down to her ankles where she was able to kick them off and across the room until they draped across his tv. Again she slid atop her son, this time her bare legs straddling his own naked skin. "Just relax baby, it will all be good in a moment." Rising up she reached down and took his shaft in her fingers and held him pointing up. Moving herself into position she settled the head of his cock at her opening, the entrance where he had emerged from eleven years ago. He whimpered at the sensation of heat and wetness, not believing that this could be happening. Letting her weight settle down she sank onto him, a low moan coming from her lips as him member was swallowed into her insatiable sex. "Oh yes, that's what Mummy needs. A nice stiff cock in me. My lil boy is growing up now." One hand yanked her tshirt up to expose herself then leaning forward atop him she let her heavy breasts fall down across his face. "Touch them with your hands James and suck on them if you want. Mummy will do the rest of the work." Lifting up she slid forward until only his cockhead was inside her before she inched back down. James's hands found her breasts, cupping them and pushing them together as they hung across his face. His lips found a stiff nipple and he was rewarded with a hiss of pleasure and a milking squeeze down below as he began to suck on it. To the almost innocent young boy this was all too much. He had tits in his hands and mouth and a hot wet cunt humping up and down his cock. His mother made barely another dozen rises, slipping up and down his slippery shaft before he suddenly groaned and went rigid. His little boy cock spasmed inside her and he squirted his feeble baby cum into the womb he had come from. But Liz wasn't finished yet. She knew teenage boys could usually stay hard if they had sufficient reason and so she just kept up the same motion, riding out his orgasm and cruising through it to the next wave of pleasure. She kept riding him, smothering him with her breasts as she slid her greasy cum slicked cunt up and down his little pole. Five minutes of the steady fucking had his grunting under her again and squirting another couple of bursts of his incestous seed up into her. But still she didn't pause, instead speeding up slightly now she was warmed up. The motion of her cunt working its way up and down was filling the room with the wet sounds of sex. She squirmed her hand down between their sweaty bodies until she found her clitoris and began to mash it with her fingertips as she rode the boy. "Come on baby keep sucking on Mummys titties until I cum. Getting close to cumming on your cock. Oh I am so glad I did this. Now I will always have a cock around when I need one." Her humping became faster and more frenzied as she rammed herself up and down her sons penis. "Gonna cum James, you are gonna make Mummy cum on your dick. Oh fuck yeah!" She began to spasm, her cunt clenching around its tiny intruder time and time again. Her spastic movements caused him to fall out of her but she was already in the throes of her orgasm. Swearing and spasming she fell atop his little body as he came for his third time, squirting a last two bursts of his seed inbetween their roiling bodies. As the waves of pleasure slowly began to pass she rolled to the side and James was able to breathe easier although he kept his hands up cradling her breasts. "Mummy? Um..." "Sssssh baby. Mummy loves you so much now. More than ever. And you and her are going to do this every day. Before school, when you get home and probably before bed as well. You are Mummy's hard little cock for her to cum on now." "Oh, um ok." James fell silent as he was tired out and it was all too much for an eleven year old boy to handle. **Please share with me your thoughts. More works at