Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Kiwi Cat Title: Island Paradise part 4 Summary: Tropical rainstorm traps a father and a scattering of children on a deserted island. Fun ensues. Keywords: bbg ped noncon The three children washed off in the ocean before they returned to the shady cover of the trees. Brad could hardly believe that he had just been given his first blow job from not only a girl but his brother as well. It couldn't be helped that she was only nine and Cam eight, they were all that was available. And he admitted to himself that their mouths had felt great and looked amazing wrapped around his teenage cock. Now his initial lust had been sated he wanted to do more with the chubby little redheaded Amy. The three sat on the soft grass under the trees and looked each other over. To the eyes of the younger kids Brad was almost a grownup. He even had dark hair around his penis and balls. To the two preteeners this was of great interest and they were giggling amongst themselves that they had just been sucking on it. It was so naughty and that is what made this new game fun. Brad laid Amy out on her back and began to run his hands over her exploring his first ever willing girl. While she lacked the curves of a more mature body like his sisters or the girls in porn that he normally jerked off to she was still female and naked. For a horny thirteen year old like Brad that was enough. His fingers tweaked and explored her little pink nipples on her flat chest, caressed and probed her soft rounded baby fat belly. Prying her legs apart he took a good long look at the puffy clam of her vagina. Untouched by anyone else before now it looked nothing more than a crease in the pale skin between her thighs. Pushing her hands away when she tried to cover it he lent forward as his explored. Brad's clumsy exploring fingers traced up the groove of her sex and he poked a finger at it several times unsuccessfully. Leaning closer he spread her lips wide with his finger tips while the little girl flushed with embarrassment. She was saying something about this being naughty but Brad just ignored her. Young Cam was on his hands and knees next to his brother his face close as he curiously watched. "See Cam, that hole is where you stick your dick in to fuck her. I'll show you in a bit and you can have a go after." Brad thought about the porno he had watched, often the guys would lick at a girls slit before fucking her. Unsure exactly what to do the horny boy leant down and dragged his tongue from the bottom of her crease to the top. Beneath him Amy jumped at the wet warm sensation. It wasn't unpleasant just unexpected. His hands parted her immature pussy lips more and again he licked. This time his tongue tip grazed the sensitive bump at the top and a shiver went through the nine year old girl. Brad explored her with his tongue, alternating between long licks and probing attempting to find her entrance. She seemed to relax more as he lapped at her sex although her breathing was coming in short puffs. Eventually he seemed to find her little hole and imagined how sweet it would be to slide his cock into her. Levering himself up onto his knees between her thighs he kept her open with one hand and grasped his hard again cock with the other. She was babbling again, something annoying about not putting it in her. "Cam shut her up. Stick your baby cock in her mouth." Cam complied grabbing the girls head pushing it down on the grass. Straddling her chest he pinned her there and pushed his tiny boy cock inbetween her lips. Amy lay there confused as she focused on breathing around the thing in her mouth so much smaller that his brothers. Between her thighs she felt something poke her several times then slide up and down the groove of her sex. Suddenly there was a stab of pain and she felt something force her apart. He was putting it into her! Brad finally found her tiny little opening and settled the tip of his aching cock there. Shoving forward with little skill or thought about her pleasure he pushed into the chubby little nine year old girl and watched as his length disappeared into her with a series of short firm thrusts. She couldn't move away with Cam sitting atop her and Brad holding her legs as he pushed in and soon he was balls deep in his first pussy. She felt hot inside and gripped his penetrating cock like a grasping fist. He could see her muscles under her belly fat tense with each of his pushes and heard muffled noises coming from her blocked mouth. Brad grunted above her open mouthed relishing the sensation as his cock slid in and out of her too tight fuck tunnel. It was hot and wet and he could feel his foreskin rolling back with each thrust forward. He was doing it, he was finally fucking his first girl. Sure she was only nine and not too willing but he was going to cum in her. After all these years of wanking and dreaming about it this was the day for him. Feeling like a real man finally the thirteen year old boy stabbed his cock into the sullenly moving girl under him, neither caring or worried that she wasn't really willing. It wasn't too long before his second cum of the day began to boil up from his balls. This time it was released deep within nine year old Amy's no longer innocent womb. Brad held himself deep within her until his shaft stopped twitching then withdrew with a sated sigh. With one of his feet he nudged Cam off the little girl and looked down at her well fucked pussy. It now looked puffy and red, glistening with saliva and with little white bubbles of his cum beginning to form. "Damn Amy you are a good fuck. That was awesome." "I didn't like that Brad. You are a meanie." As she scrambled to her feet clutching at her now sore and ravished sex the little girl shook an angry finger at him. "The licking was nice but you didn't stop when I asked. That hurt and I don't want to do it again ever." With a sob she grabbed her clothes off the ground and took off down the beach. Brad just laid back and laughed, over confident in his new manly status. Hooking his arms behind his head he let himself relax as his cock slowly softened, still slick with his release and the juices from his first pussy. Cam sat next to him as well, naked but willing to keep his brother company. He was not quite sure what had happened today but was pleased to be part of anything to do with his big brother.