Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Kiwi Cat Title: I Hate You Summary: A rebellious daughter causes no end of grief for two estranged parents who are brought back together by their new way of dealing with her outrages. Keywords: MFg, ped, spank, noncon, inc. *Thanks to a reader for the idea for this story, see feedback works.* I Hate You !!! "I hate you!!!" The door slammed again and Belinda sighed. "Why the hell did we ever have kids?" she asked herself as she shook her head. Sarah was becoming more and more impossible. Other mothers she knew talked about the occasional outbursts their children had but with Sarah it was several times a day at least and only getting worse now that Belinda and Marc had split. They had just drifted apart and the split had been mutual but it had seemed to unhinge their already fiery twelve year old daughter. Loud music slammed though the house as Sarah vented her frustrations in her bedroom yet again. She had been suspended from school today after starting yet another fight with another girl. Instead of being pulled back by the thought of punishment she had sworn at her mother when she went to collect her from the Principal's office. The dusky brunette mother was at her wits end with what to do with her. Now her daughter was suspended for a whole week and Belinda still had to got to work so she would be left at home alone. God knows what trouble she would get into by herself. Marc couldn't help because he too was super busy at work, trying to cram in overtime to finish a project at the architects firm he worked at. **** It was two days later that Belinda got the phone call she had been dreading. It was from security at the local mall. Sarah had been caught trying to shoplift lingerie from the Victoria's Secret store there and had been caught by a shop assistant with three bras on and her pockets bulging with lacy lingerie. After begging off work Belinda drove to the mall and managed to talk the manager out of pressing charges but only after she agreed to pay for all of the items. Since Sarah was only twelve she barely had breasts and really had no use for all this underwear and bras. Marc agreed to come over as soon as he could get away from work and the two of them decided it was time to do something drastic with their daughter. Although they were separated and working through a divorce she was still their kid and even thought she drove them both crazy they loved her. As she sat in the kitchen with her head in her arms while Sarah crashed around in her room again, Belinda wondered if they had been too gentle with her all these years. They had always believed parents who used physical punishment to control their children were bad parents but what if that was what Sarah needed? Eventually Marc arrived and sat down opposite Belinda. "I can't believe it has come to this. How could we have failed so badly as parents. I know she has always been willful but stealing? I think this calls for something drastic." Belinda nodded at her husband and sighed. He looked as tired as she felt, a reasonably good looking man who was getting a little soft around the middle and a little grey up top. But she could still see the man she used to love. To Marc Belinda also looked at her wits end. Her long wavy black hair was out of place from where she had been slumped with her hands in it. Her makeup was applied too quickly and couldn't hide the bags under her eyes from working too hard and not getting any rest once she got home. She still had the good figure she had when they were first married, a slim body with small but pert breasts. He had fond memories of enjoying that body but it had been a long time since they had cared enough about each other to even try. "Marc, this has to be serious this time. We have to stand united against her or she will run all over us. I can't do it alone and neither can you. We need to take away all her privileges, phone, internet, TV. Find some way of keeping her here while she is suspended and I think we need to punish her." "Punish her? Do you mean what I think you do? Isn't she a little old for a spanking?" "Maybe if we had given her one earlier then we wouldn't be here now." "Ok go get her and grab her phone and the router when she isn't in her room. I will start talking to her but I want you here when I spank her. It has to be from both of us. She needs to learn consequences of the actions." "Right, agreed one hundred percent." **** Belinda rose up and went to Sarah's room. Pushing open the door she entered the room which was filled with loud music to find her daughter sitting at her computer talking to one of her friends on the web camera. Flicking off the stereo she pointed at the door. "Kitchen now! Your father and I want to talk to you." Sarah pointedly ignored her which made her friend on the other side of the camera giggle. Belinda simply leant over and yanked the power cable from the wall. "Get your arse into the kitchen now." In a huff the teenager stomped out of the room, flicking her long dark hair over her shoulder and hissing her disgust at the unfairness of life. She was wearing a tight pair of track suit pants with 'Juicy' branded across her bottom and a short t-shirt that left about an inch of her belly bare. Since she was at home she had no bra on and barely needed one with just little a-cup breasts beginning to bud on her chest. Belinda found her phone and unplugged the wireless router. Chucking them both in a plastic bag she set them by the front door for Marc to take away. She could survive a few days without internet even though Sarah would probably think she was dying. After her detour she returned to the kitchen to find Sarah slumped in one seat while Marc told her how her behavior was unacceptable. "So I don't think you really have any idea of the consequences of your actions. From now you will be better behaved. You are grounded while you are suspended. No internet, no TV, no phone. And there is one more thing. As an adult you get punished when you mess up. It could be a fine, community service or even jail for serious stuff. As a kid you get punished too. Since you are behaving like a little kid then you will be treated like one. Your mother and I agree on this. Stand up." "Huh?" Sarah hadn't really been listening, she had heard all the lectures before. And with them at work all day she still could use the computer and talk to her friends. "Get up.Now." This time Belinda repeated the instruction from the doorway. Sighing the slim girl stood, shoving back her chair loudly to show her protest. Across from her Marc stood too, pulling his chair back quietly to show how an adult would do it. "Now my darling daughter who we both love so much that we are doing this for your own good it is time for your punishment." Marc moved his chair clear of the table and reseated himself. "Come here." Shuffling her feet Sarah walked over not realizing what was coming. As she approached Marc swept his arm around her waist and pulled her struggling across his lap. "What the hell? What are you doing? Let me up." Belinda stepped closer so she was at Marc's side and grabbed the struggling girls wrists. "Be quiet Sarah. Your father is going to spank you since you insist on behaving like a spoilt little brat. Maybe that will teach you to show some respect to us and to the rules." Marc raised his hand above her squirming pant clad bottom and brought it down with a muffled 'thwack' on her cheeks. Yelping more in surprise than pain she just wiggled more. His eyes went up to meet Belinda's who nodded. "Bare skin might be more effective Marc, maybe then she will get the point." "Like hell you are owwwwwwww." Marc swiftly yanked down the back of her track pants and her underwear with one smooth movement that was actually made easier by her wiggling. They stuck halfway down her thighs but that was more than enough to reveal the shapely curve of her buttocks which Marc cut off her rant with a solid slap. The sound was crisp and clear in the kitchen, at least until Sarah's wait rang out. "One" he grimly said. Again his hand fell, landing firmly onto the pale globes of her bottom with a heavy blow. Raising his hand he could see her skin already beginning to redden as he began to swing again. Now Sarah had no time to swear or complain, instead she could just screech and wail as her father counted out twenty stinging smacks to her bottom. Carefully he spaced them out evenly on her bubble butt to ensure that the message got through. when he reached twenty he shook his sore hand and raised his eyes to his wife. Belinda stood there biting her lower lip, her eyes glued to Sarah's rosy bottom until she suddenly shook herself. "Go to your room Sarah and think about what changes you need to make in your behavior." The teen struggled to her feet and yanked up her pants. Wincing she paused in the doorway. "I hate you both, I fucking hate you!!" Running through the halls they heard her door slam. About a minute later there was a wail of fury when she discovered her missing phone and the lack of wireless. ***** Belinda moved another step closer to her estranged husband and laid a hand on his shoulder. Starting he looked up at her from where he had been lost in thought. "Thanks Marc, I couldn't do this alone." "My pleasure." "Yeah I noticed that, don't think she did though." With a playful smirk she nodded down towards his lap. "Oh shit, um Belinda I ah oh shit." The front of his pants were tented up, not at all concealing the very prominent erection that he was sporting. "Since you did all the hard work punishing our little shit of a girl perhaps I could help you out? It's been awhile but I think I remember how it goes." Marc gulped as Belinda dropped to her knees next to where he sat at the chair. "As a reward, positive reinforcement for good behavior." He nodded, it had indeed been a long time and having his hand all over a naked bottom had definitely had an effect on him. Even if it was his daughter's it was still a fine example of a budding female posterior. Belinda smiled up at him and unzipped his pants. Reaching inside she fished his aching hardon free from his underwear and into the light of the kitchen. "Mmmm just like I remember it." Without further ado she lent forward and took him into her mouth. Rolling her tongue around his cockhead she encircled his shaft with two fingers and a thumb and began to jack him swiftly as she sucked hard on his head. Her other hand disappeared up under her own skirt as she tried to find her own release. Between her thighs was sopping wet, the sight of her husband spanking their twelve year old daughter had her weak kneed and dripping. It only took a couple of minutes of her jerking and furiously sucking at his shaft before he was groaning and filling her mouth with the heady taste of his semen. As he relaxed back into the chair she kept him in her mouth and braced herself against his thighs. Her hand between her legs ravaged her aching clit until she was gasping out and moaning around her mouthful of slowly shrinking meat. Letting him slip out she tucked her hair back behind her ears and looked up at him. "Thanks Bel." "No problem, you earned it tonight and I think we both needed to let off a little steam." Getting up they both straightened their clothes then Marc left taking the bag with him with a promise to stop by tomorrow night. **** The next day Belinda got a call from a friend during the afternoon saying that she had seen Sarah at a McDonalds. A quick call to Marc informed him that he would be required again that evening since the teenager had obviously not got the message. They mustered their courage and confronted her again that evening. Unrepentant again Sarah had just looked at them sullenly, the sour look ruining what would otherwise be a perfectly pretty face. "Pants down, seems you need another twenty." Marc placed the chair where it had been the night before in the kitchen. "What the fuck, this is abuse. I'm gonna call the police." "Thirty." Belinda stated calmly. Both Marc and Sarah looked at her with surprise. "Fuck this, I'm outta he...." Sarah started to move towards the door until Belinda grabbed her by the arm and almost yanked her off her feet. Giving her a shove towards her father she replied. "Now it is forty and I will be sharing the duty with your father. It's not fair that he gets a sore arm because you won't learn some manners." Marc laid her across his lap again and yanked the skirt she was wearing up and her skimpy panties down. Again his eyes took in the visual feast of her pert bubble butt and the little hint of her sex that he could see between her slightly parted thighs. The first twenty came hard and fast and by the end Sarah was just laying there blubbering when he pushed her up and onto her unsteady feet. Her bottom was almost glowing, shiny red and aching from the smacking. The two adults swapped places and Sarah was draped across her mothers lap. Belinda leant forward inspecting her daughter's bottom. Placing both hands on her butt cheeks she parted them slightly and got a heady whiff of girl pussy. Glancing at Marc she smiled when she saw he was again showing obvious signs of arousal from the spanking and he positioned himself by Sarah's feet so she couldn't see him and he had a clear view of the action. When he saw the glimpse of her young hairless slit as her mother parted her cheeks he made an audible intake of breath but his eyes didn't move from the forbidden sight. Belinda released the buttocks and raised one hand to her mouth. Winking at Marc she licked across her fingers and palm getting it wet before slapping it down with stinging force on the unresisting teen's bottom. A yelp of pain was her reward and so she repeated the action. Marc counted off the spanks but by the time he reached fifteen Belinda was lagging with her arm tiring. The last five were less well aimed, landing on the untouched flesh of her upper thighs which had the girl weeping again. At twenty she released her. Leaning forward she placed a kiss on the top of her head. "Mommy and Daddy love you sweetie, we just want you to be a better person. Now go and get into bed. I will be up in a couple of minutes." This time she was silent as she stumbled from the room and upstairs although she still found the energy to slam her door. **** "I want to check on her before, um you know." "I know. Your arm must be killing you, I know mine is." His hands came up and he started to rub her hand, gently massaging it and her arm muscles for a few minutes as she leant back into him. After about five minutes he released her and they pulled away from each other. Together they headed up to her room with Marc pausing outside in the hall while Belinda pushed the door open and entered. Sarah was sprawled atop her bed and texting on a phone. Snatching it from her hand Belinda shook her head. "Give it back you bitch, this is so unfair." Scrabbling to her knees she tried to lunge for the phone and lashed out catching her mother with a ringing slap across her cheek. Both of them froze as Marc rushed in to see Belinda shaking with rage and Sarah suddenly realizing that she had gone too far this time. In an icy voice she commanded. "Clothes off now, all of them and on your hands and knees. Obviously we have been too gentle with you for the message is not getting through. We will have your respect." Marc stepped up, "Bel? Are you sure this is." "Yes and you will back me up." His protest was silenced when their twelve year old slipped her skirt off and pulled off her t-shirt leaving her in a little black bra and a pair of black and white dotted panties. "All of them Sarah and I mean now." Her mouth opened then closed at the look of fury in her mothers eyes. She unclipped her bra and dropped it atop the bed then wiggled out of her panties. One arm tried to cover her little breasts and the other the bald area between her legs. Both of her parents refused to look away and Marc croaked out a command. "Get on your knees like your mother said." He couldn't help himself from licking his lips as her little body draped itself across the bed, rosy red bottom in the air and head down on her arms resting on the bedspread. From behind both had another clear view of her hairless sex and a glimpse of her puckered arsehole. "Keep your head down." Belinda pointed to a bottle of body lotion on the dresser and Marc passed it to her with a frown and a growing sense of where this would be going. "If you move then the spanking will go on until I can't lift my arm any more. Understand?" The muffled "yes mum" was the response she wanted. Squirting a pool of lotion onto the small of Sarah's back she knelt on the bed next to her daughter and grasped her buttocks, parting them. Wiping her index finger through the lotion she liberally coated it before pressing it against the unsuspecting girls anus. Twisting and pushing hard she shoved her finger into her which caused an explosion of sound to screech from Sarah's mouth at the other end of the bed. "Shutup Sarah, actions have consequences." Marc's eyes were glued to where his wife was pushing her finger in past the second knuckle into their daughters bottom. He moved closer and stroked Belinda's hair and smiled as she worked it deeper, twisting her way past the straining muscles. Whimpering Sarah lay there as her mother buggered her with her finger. It withdrew for some more cool lotion before working its way back into her bowels. Just when she was beginning to get used to it a second finger was added and the process started again. Belinda's left hand came up and started to fumble at the front of Marc's pants. Helping her he unzipped and pulled his painfully erect cock free. It seemed to swell even more in his hands as his wife finger fucked their daughter's bottom with two digits. Pulling them out with a slurp she scooped up more lotion and pushed it into the slightly open hole. Then her greasy fingers took her husband by the cock and pulled him onto the bed with them. Sarah's head started to rise but was shoved down hard into the bedspread as Marc positioned himself kneeling behind her with one leg on each side of hers. Marc's hands grabbed Sarah's hips as Belinda guided him to her sex. As his swollen cockhead nestled in the greasy opening he pushed and Sarah let out an outburst of swearing. "Motherfucker, what the hell is that." Laughing as she watched her husband pull back on her hips and push himself halfway into their daughter Belinda answered. "No, not motherfucker. Daughter fucker. It's daddy's time to get some relief from all the shit you have been giving us. And you are going to lie there and take it." Sarah's head whipped around and she saw her father looming above her from behind. His thrusting hip motions matched the sensations of the big thing pushing into her bottom. "Booboo" she wailed as he continued to bugger her. "God she is so tight, it's amazing." "Think what her lil pussy will feel like Marc, think of that." "Oh god, really? I get to fuck her there too? Damnit woman I love you so much." His thrusting got faster and Sarah began to get stretched enough inside that it wasn't agony, merely uncomfortable. Then her mother slipped a hand under her and began to fondle across her little virgin pussy. She found the sensitive nub at the top that Sarah loved to rub herself and soon the little girl was whimpering in more than discomfort as her father fucked her arse steadily and her mother rubbed her little clit. Sarah's twelve year old body had never experienced this amount of sensations together before and she was gasping beneath her Daddy as he quickened and began to pound her harder with frantic strokes. One of his hands grabbed her long dark hair and he yanked back on it, making her arch her back up as he drilled her. A few more thrusts into her tight rear hole was all it took before he spasmed and began to fill her bowels with jet after jet of his fatherly seed. Pulling out with a slurp he had just enough time to watch her arsehole mostly close over before her mother rolled her over onto her back. There she started to frantically rub Sarah's little clit, the stiff flesh jutting out at the top of her smooth little girl slit that was leaking so much girl juice to show how aroused she was by her punishment. Marc dropped to the side of the bed and yanked Belinda's legs apart and threw up her skirt. Underneath she had no panties on and her adult pussy was heady with the smell of her arousal. Diving in he jammed two fingers smoothly up her and attacked her own clit with his tongue. Little Sarah began to cry out, this time not in pain but frustrated pleasure as her mother brought her to the peak of her climax then stopped. "What why? Mum?" "Are you going to be a good girl and do what we tell you?" "Yes Mummy yes oh please mummy." Her own mouth dropped down, mimicking the actions of her husband between her legs as she lashed her tongue across the twelve year old clit and teased her openings with her finger tips. One finger slipped back up her bottom as she suckled hard on her clit causing the girl to cry out. "Mummy I love you" before her legs closed around her head and her body began to spasm as waves of pleasure rippled up from her over stimulated sex to her immature brain. The act of getting off her daughter was enough to push Belinda over the edge and she tightened her thighs around Marc's hand as she creamed, silently moaning into her daughter's cunt. **** It took a few minutes for them all to calm down and adjust their clothing. Sarah remained nude while the adults dressed again. "So things are going to change around here young lady. Do you understand?" "Yes Daddy. Can I ask a question please?" "Sure, we are always open to polite conversation." "Are you going to move back in? Because I miss you and now we know Mummy does too." The adults exchanged glances and both shrugged. "I think that could be on the cards Sarah, but a lot will depend on how you behave." "I won't disappoint my parents, I love them both." I won't dissappoint my parents, I love them both." **Please share with me your thoughts. More works at