Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Kiwi Cat Title: Dark Ritual Summary: A short piece with the sacrifice of a girls innocence and life to dark powers. Keywords: Beast/f rape snuff short Dark Ritual They came for her in the night. Dark hooded figures tore her from her sleep and dragged her from her bed. Strong hands grabbed her before she could scream for help from her family laying asleep in the next room. Then there was a cloth across her face, an odd smell, then darkness. Groggily coming to she found herself being laid face down onto a cold stone surface. Her legs draped down over the edge and her knees rested on dirt. Her face was pressed against the hard unyielding stone that appeared to be covered in rusty coloured stains in the flickering torchlight. Surrounding her were more figures now, a total of thirteen although the girl could not count them all. Together they chanted, voices calling out harsh sounds that should not be uttered by mortal throats. Their call was answered and from outside the circle in the darkness there was a single howl that sent terror deep into the heart of the girl. Metal was clamped around her outstretched wrists and ankles, yanking her lips apart and spreading her over the old stone altar. A sharp carved knife tore away her night clothes and exposed her pale skin to the cool nights air and the eyes of all those who watched. A shambling shaggy four legged creature came up, with a snout like a wolf and body that was a mixture of boar and bear. It was male, for it had a huge male organ bobbing erect under its belly. Sniffing between her spread legs it lapped a tongue over her bald sex, breathing deeply of the smell of her terror and innocence. She would be an acceptable offering. It leapt atop the girl, wrapping its forelegs and hindlegs around her as she screamed into the night. It moved its hind end around, orienting the monstrous member on her cleft. The angry red bulbous tip oozed liquid as it lodged and showed upwards. The taking began. The act took some time, for the beast seemed indefatigable. Its organ was so large and the young girl so tight that it did not simply slide into her; it had to be forced, stage by stage. The swollen bulb was glistening with slime, but mere lubrication was not enough. The hellbeast bucked repeatedly, hammering its rod in the manner of a wedge into a rocky crevice, splitting her cleft apart, scream by scream, until the bulb was completely in. The action did not stop there, it was merely the beginning of the torture for the innocent girl. The driving continued as the shaft slowly penetrated until at last almost the whole of the massive instrument disappeared inside her straining torso. Deep inside her something tore and the beast could move more freely while she writhed in agony and her feeble screams filled the night. Then the trunk of the member swelled farther, pumping thick oily fluid in such volume that it distended her belly and gushed out under pressure around the great organ, to drool and run down her inner thighs. Still the creature drove up and in, pumping, refusing to stop until all its seed was spent and all its urgency was sated. When the beast was finally spent it withdrew it softening member with a lewd slurping sound that filled the clearing and bounded away into the darkness. The girl lay there supine sopping and moaning in her agony. She hung from her chains, scratches and bit marks covering her body and a mixture of blood and its excess semen leaking from her abused hole. The circle of watched finished their chant with a shout then one approached. "The sacrifice is accepted, the Master is happy with us." In his fist he clutched a long curved blade carved with runes that made the eyes squirm away from them. Grabbing her hair he stood over the girl and grabbed her hair, yanking her head up and exposing her throat. "Master, we gave you her innocence, her pain and now her blood." The knife drew back and there was pain then darkness for her. **Please share with me your thoughts. More works at