Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. TRAINING Day 3: Toy She was sore. She was tired. She was in pain. She was totally humiliated and embarrassed. She didn't know what was going to come next. Previously, she had been on display, a slave, and then most recently, she had had her humanity stricken from her, reducing her to nothing more than an animal. This was the third day, and she didn't know how much farther down she could go. The bars were making her side ache as she laid on them, still in the fetal position that she acquired when she entered the small cage. Her jaw hurt from the ball gag, and her wrists and ankles were red and raw from the ropes binding them. It was cold and damp, and she was feeling the worst that she had ever felt. Whatever came, it couldn't be any worse then what had already happened. Suddenly, she realized that she was not alone. Glancing up, she noticed a large, burly guard standing over her cage, wearing dark slacks and boots, with an executioner's hood covering his face. She could tell that he was grinning, smiling at whatever perverse pleasure he had in store for her. He opened the door to the gate and reached in. Getting a grip on her leash, he reached in again and groped between her legs. Feeling what he wanted, he dug his fingers into her pubic mound and dragged her from the cage by her pubic hair. A muffled groan came from her exhausted throat as she was pulled, and she whimpered and panted as she was thrown over his shoulder and carried into another room. She only saw his ass as he walked, and was caught by surprise when she was thrown down upon a bed of straw in the corner. She stared daggers at her jailer, watching him as he wheeled a copy of the wooden stocks that was in the courtyard. Dragging her back up, he stuck her head in and dogged the top piece into place, then, freeing her hands, he roughly stuffed them into the holes on either side of her head before retying them so they wouldn't come back out. Finally, he cut her ankles apart and dogged them, spread eagle, against the bottom part of the frame. The large oaken door in front of her opened, and what could be described as an old crone slowly made her way in. She carried an old style wooden bucket filled with a large stiff horse brush, a cake of soap, and other cleansers. She walked straight up to Kat and fingered her grimy, caked hair. Then, walking out of Kat's view, she roughly prodded Kat's body, probing here and there, spreading her butt cheeks apart and clinically fingering her pussy. Kat was poked and touched, being appraised and looked over. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the prodding stopped. A new sound filled the room almost immediately. A loud `SNAP-Hisss' came on, continuing until Kat felt something cold and hard stab her left thigh. Kat jerked and whined, trying to get away from it, and suddenly, she realized that it was a high-powered hose that was spraying against her. The hard water painfully ran over every inch of her body. She could feel a pair of hands spread her butt cheeks, and the hose was sprayed directly into her ass, her pussy, all over. It was moved around and she soon saw the old woman showing the guard where to spray. He went over Kat's hands, then her hair, neck, and finally, straight onto her face. She gagged on the water running over her nose and mouth, making her choke and cough for a moment. The hose stopped and the woman started to use the soap and the horse brush over Kat's person. It was rough as hell and she knew that her skin was probably turning a bright red from the friction. The cleaning mainly concentrated below her waist, and she felt what she thought was a toothbrush entering her pussy and her ass, cleaning her inside and out. Kat was in hell. Finally, after another ice-cold rinse from the hose, the woman completed her duty, collected her things, and exited the room without a word. Kat waited, panting, shaking from the cold water on her skin. She looked left and right, trying to figure out what the masked guard was doing. She heard him moving around, but she couldn't identify where he was. Her skin crawled as he started to untie her left ankle and brought it over to the right. She had to use her bound wrists and her own neck to help balance her until he finished lashing her legs together and she was able to center them. He then untied and slipped her hands out of the stocks, tying them behind her back. She felt the top piece of the construction being removed, and before she could react, her head was pulled back sharply by her hair. She felt his fetid breath on her skin as he unceremoniously draped her over his shoulder and lugged her out of the room. She wasn't blindfolded this time, and watched the dungeon's stone walls as they passed by. Every time she struggled or whimpered, he answered her with a loud, stinging slap to her ass that merely echoed the pain that she knew. Her body was so exhausted at this time that she finally gave up, resigning herself to be taken wherever the guard chose. They finally reached an elevator that looked out of place. The elegant interior of the enclosed space clashed with the stone and wood walls of the surrounding environment. Still remaining silent, the pair rode the elevator up for what seemed like a long time. When the doors finally opened, Kat couldn't tell where she was. It was almost regal. A long white hallway, lined with paintings and sculptures, stretched for a distance until it finally ended at a huge set of double doors. As they went through them, Kat could see a grand ballroom, decked out and ready for a huge gala. There was an orchestra pit, tables made up for a huge feast, and a wide dance floor. The guard carried her like a sack of potatoes over to a lighted corner, and then dumped her to the ground in a heap. She watched him wearily as he walked to a box in the corner. From what she could see, this box was approximately two feet in height, five in width, and three in depth, with two holes on her side. One hole was about three inches across and a foot from the left side. The other hole was oval shaped, about two feet horizontally and a foot vertically. The box rested on a podium so that it was about waist high, and she saw that there were two lashes near the base, directly under the large hole. The guard picked up a small leather and metal harness from on top of the box, and walked back to Kat. As he arrived, Kat struggled to move away, but she couldn't get far. The guard ended up laying her on her back and straddling her midsection. He looked down at her still struggling, and slapped her soundly across the face. She was stunned for a moment, and in that time, the guard reached around her head and removed the ball gag from her mouth. Before she could even utter a word, he positioned the ring harness in its place. The main strap held a small circular mouthpiece in place that, in essence, kept her from closing her jaws. It hurt her and she could feel her mouth and ears ache and tighten. She could close her lips and swallow, barely, but this did almost nothing to ease the pain. Her captor then left her on the ground again, returning to the box and flipping up a latch on the side. The entire box hinged upwards on its side like a footlocker, and, as the guard returned to pick Kat up, she could see that there was something inside the box already. There were matching holes on the other side of the box, with the small hole on one side matching up to the large hole on the other. What caught Kat's attention was that it was the other woman in the box. She hadn't seen her legs because the base hid them, but she saw that the woman had her hands like Kat's, bound behind her, and she lay down with half her body within the box. She was standing directly on the ground, but she was bent at a ninety-degree angle at her waist. The larger hole on her side held her waist in position, and various straps inside of the box held her in place, including her head. Her face was lined up directly in front of the small hole, with her mouth almost on it. She wore a harness like Kat's, and Kat could almost imagine what was going to happen. Kat was forced to bend over and adopt a position that was a mirror image of the woman beside her. Folding over, she was forced down, elbow to elbow next to the woman, facing the opposite direction, and encased in straps to keep her still, then her head was held into place and strapped also, lining her own mouth up with the hole opposite her waist. When she was secure, the lid slammed shut with a loud bang, and she was enclosed in darkness. Her ankles were soon secured to the straps at the base, and she was completely entrapped. She tried to struggle, but she couldn't manage more then a couple of centimeters. She whimpered, but all she could do was an "Ahh ahh ahh" sound through her open mouth. The woman next to her moved slightly, replying in an equally pitiful sound, and then both went silent. The sounds that came in from the outside were of a party getting ready to start. Kat could hear the clinking of plates, glasses, and silverware being set for the feast to come, while she also caught the notes of the orchestra tuning up. There she was, at the start of a formal gathering, complete with music and food, and she was naked, strapped halfway in a box with a strange unknown woman, her lower half hanging out and on display. She was trembling with fear. Suddenly, there was a tapping sound. The orchestra started to play, and Kat heard voices. The clank of forks and knives on plates, idle conversation, the sound was muted as it entered through the wood of the box. She wondered how many people were out there, looking at her backside. She could feel the woman next to her as the stranger started to breathe more heavily. Apparently, she knew something that Kat didn't. Without warning, Kat felt the box being lifted and carried. She judged that they were being placed in the middle of the dance floor. A loud voice being amplified over a speaker system started to talk. "Welcome," the voice said, happily. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to this fine day's gala event." There was a cheer from the crowd. "I hope you enjoyed the meal, and the evening's entertainment is about to commence. Will the gentlemen holding tickets forty-one, twelve, sixteen, and eight please step forward?" There was a shuffling of chairs and the sound of footsteps coming closer. Kay felt the other woman shaking hard. Finally, the Emcee continued. "Gentlemen, the first run is yours. Choose your positions." Kay felt a pair of hands grip her ass, and could almost feel a presence in front of her face. "Ok, now...LET THE PARTY COMMENCE!" The hands gripping her ass pulled back as a huge dick thrust deeply and painfully inside of her. A sharp, almost burning feeling ripped up from her groin as the strange cock continued to fuck her dryly and brutally. Her body reflectively screamed, but before she could, an equally hard and brutal dick was forced into her mouth, thrusting in and out, fucking her face. She gagged and choked, but the man paid little attention. They both continued to plug away at her, and by the rocking of the box, she could tell that her partner was getting the same treatment. After a couple of minutes, the man in the back came, helping to lubricate her a little bit, but he pulled out almost immediately, and just as fast, was replaced by another strange member. The one in her mouth started to throb, and he came in the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow. He pulled out, and like the other, was replaced just as quickly. All around her, she could hear people dancing and laughing, having a merry time, while right in the middle of it, she was fucked from both ends, continuously by multiple strange men. This went on for what seemed like hours, hard dicks pounding her in her pussy, her ass, her mouth, everywhere. Occasionally, she felt a mouth at her pussy or her ass, and assumed that one of the women at the party was getting her turn. One time, she felt a pair of heels digging into the cheeks of her ass, and from the moaning, she figured out that as she was getting nailed in the ass, the man was eating the pussy of another woman who was sitting on the box itself. Hour after hour, she had to take them all, forced to suck more dicks then she ever knew existed. She sometimes thought she tasted a woman on some of the cocks, slick with either her or her partner's juices. And she was helpless to control any of it. When she heard two of the men lazily talking about sports while they tried their best to get their dicks to meet through her, she realized what levels she had been forced down to. She wasn't a woman here. She wasn't even an animal. She had become a thing, a tool. She was just a toy for people to enjoy. These men weren't fucking her. They were masturbating. That's all. She was only a container for their cum. They didn't care about her, they didn't acknowledge her existence. She was a receptacle, a piece of tissue to be wadded up and thrown away. As the day progressed, the attendants slowly got drunker. She felt drinks and crumbs as food was spilled on her, and listened to the people slurring their words more and more. Kay heard a group of people standing behind her, waiting their turn, when the guy that was fucking her ass finished. As he pulled out, she heard one of the group say, "Give me that." Kat heard a rattle and a woman say, "Hey, those are mine." Almost immediately, she felt the guy's hands on her body, and a cold cube of ice was unceremoniously shoved deep inside of her, followed closely by another. Finally, she was fucked again, now almost numb from the ice, let alone the constant pounding she had been forced to endure. "Nothing like a frosty pussy," said the male voice. After he finished, the same voice that complained earlier started again. "What about my ice?" Kat then felt the slim fingers of a woman digging around inside of her, groping for the deeply embedded cubes. Finally finding and retrieving them, Kat then heard a clinking sound and then a sipping. "Mmm, I've got to remember that recipe," said the woman, giggling, her voice fading as the group moved away, but Kat sensed that one of them stayed near. "Come on, we're going swimming." The woman's voice was almost gone. "What am I gonna do with the champagne? They don't allow glass bottles in the pool?" said a strange man. Kat didn't hear the reply, but she was utterly shocked when she felt the neck of the bottle press up against her asshole. Slowly, and with a twisting motion, the unknown man drove the glass container deep within her ass, stopping only when the bottle became too wide to drive any more. Slapping her butt, she heard him walk away. The cold of the bottle only increased her utter discomfort, not to mention the fact that the bottle was now shaken and inverted, driving the liquid deep within her bowels. It stayed there for the remainder of the party, shaken up more and more, being moved from side to side as more and more people fucked her. She would have screamed if she could, but her mouth was full. The party started to die out after that. Less and less people came to them, and soon the orchestra stopped playing. Finally, the physical assaults halted altogether, leaving her raw, sore, and exhausted. The only sound from the outside was a vacuum cleaner, probably on the carpet beyond the dance floor. Kat was blinded as the box was opened, but the woman next to her was removed first, and whoever had taken her closed the box afterwards. Strapped down, alone in the dark, she waited, her mouth open and drying now that any movement or lubrication was gone. The bottle was jerked out of her ass and she felt the liquid splash against her ankles on the floor as it poured out of her. The lid of the box opened, and the straps holding her down were removed. She was lifted bodily out of the box and hefted once again against the masked jailer's shoulder. She looked around, watching the cleanup staff as they went over the ballroom, picking up trash and retrieving dishes, and the vacuum cleaner was still running. Traveling into the next room, she was laid on her back on a large dining table. The guard was careful to not hurt her hands underneath her, then untied the strap on her face. He then flipped her over and slid her up until her head chin was hanging over the edge. The guard walked around and moved a stool around underneath her face, and placed a huge bowl of oatmeal on top of it. Kat buried her face into the food and started devouring it madly, as the feeling of starvation struck her to the point of pain. She inhaled the bland sludge, feeling the moisture filling her mouth with relief. Considering the only thing she ingested today, she enjoyed it more then the finest steak, better then the sweetest chocolate sundae. When the bowl was finally empty, Kat breathed hard, panting and sighing with satisfaction. The stool and bowl was taken away, and her hands were untied. Once again, she was flipped onto her back, and dragged off the table. She was too worn out to struggle. Kat found herself on what felt like a backboard used by paramedics, and she was strapped down firmly, arms at her side, complete with neck brace, so she couldn't even move as much as she could inside the box. Her hair was carefully draped over the edge above her head. Staring at the ceiling, she couldn't help but wondering what was going to happen next. She wasn't anything any more. She was nothing but a literal toy, used as a masturbation aide, a coaster, even a trash can. What could possibly be worse. The masked man positioned her so that she was just out from under the table, feet jutting away from it. He then brought something that resembled a dining room chair, but there was a large oval hole missing from the seat. It was positioned over her so that, although it didn't press down on her, her face was up through the hole. "Oh God," was all she thought. Kat looked to the right as far as she could with her eyes, and could barely make out a tall woman who had just entered the room. She was in her late forties, blond, with a blue business suit. She walked with purpose towards the table as a butler took her jacket and briefcase. "Thank you, James," said the woman. "What for dinner, tonight?" "Spaghetti marinara with sausage, ma'am," said the butler, motioning the woman to the chair. The woman nodded and approached. As she positioned herself to sit, she hiked up the skirt of her business suit, then sat directly over Kat's face. Kat's nose was buried in the woman's bush, while her mouth was stuffed around her clit and the start of her vagina. Barely able to breathe through the thick hair, she let out a muffled scream. The woman adjusted herself on Kat's face, settling down to eat as the butler returned and placed the dinner setting, complete with water glass, in front of the woman. Kat's mind immediately pointed out that there was no napkin. "Thank God for small favors," she thought, "At least I won't completely smother." The woman started to get excited, the moisture building up between her thighs as Kat couldn't help but move against the woman's pussy. During the meal, the woman shifted and wiggled against Kat's face, slowly getting more and more excited. Kat felt a pulling on her long hair. Finally, Kat realized it. The blond lady was using a handful of Kat's hair as a napkin, bending over to wipe tomato sauce off her mouth, occasionally cleaning her fork, even using it to clean up the greasy garlic bread crumbs from her lap. Kat was humiliated. She had always prided herself on maintaining her hair, and yes it had been dirty, but this was beyond anything the dirt and grime could have done. This was a conscious act against it, not just a side affect of her punishment. Kat was upset. Then it got worse. The meal was finally over and the woman stretched, arms up, back arched, grinding into Kat's face. Taking a deep breath, the woman relaxed in her chair, leaning back. All of a sudden, a bitter liquid filled Kat's mouth. As it overflowed down her cheeks, Kat knew that the woman was peeing in her mouth. Kat gagged and sputtered, but she had to swallow some or risk drowning. It kept coming and coming as the woman sighed deeply, then, finally, the stream trickled to a stop. The woman reached down, grabbed another handful of Kat's hair, and wiped herself dry as she rose from the table. Readjusting her skirt, she started to walk away as a busboy started clearing the table. The last thing the woman said before her voice faded away was, "James, is my bath ready?" This had been just another normal meal for the woman. Kat continued to gag, choking on the acrid smell and taste. Before she had finished, the guard returned, reattached the ball gag, and then replaced the blindfold over her eyes and she was once again in the dark. She had felt herself lifted with the board and carried. She felt her damp hair hang heavily over the edge of the board and swing. The movement of the board paused, then resumed, the feeling of going down told Kat that she was in an elevator. Then, as the vertical movement stopped, she was carried again in what she felt was the dungeon again. The cold, wet atmosphere cooled her body down, and she could almost feel the humidity. The foot of the board she was laying on was set down, and she felt herself tilted up so that she was standing, leaning back only slightly. The blindfold was removed, and light shone in her eyes. She blinked a few times before she could make out what was in front of her. Another masked guard stood before her, but in his hands was a cotton ball and an evil looking syringe. Kat could barely let out a muffled `Hey' before he stepped forward and swabbed her upper left arm, then injeced the contents of the syringe. There was a burning feeling traveling outward from the point of entry, and it traveled to her hand and up through her shoulder. The room started to spin and Kat was getting dizzy. The last thing she saw was the man putting the syringe in a red plastic container attached to one wall. Then she slept.