Mistress Acquires a Serving Boy day Three


The boy awoke to find himself stilled leashed to a mat but it was not the same place where he had practically passed out from exhaustion.  The mat was the same but the room was quite different much more spacious it was a basement but much cleaner and larger.   He was still naked he noticed the stubble of his crotch was well advanced.   This meant he must have slept or been drugged for at least two days.   Still groggy he dosed back off only to be abruptly awakened when a whip struck his still bare genitals.


He heard the mistress instruct Nora to call up stairs and order a grooming for this disgustingly hairy property.  The boy heard her speak to some female on her head set, he couldn’t quite catch her name. He heard Nora  tell her to get the grooming equipment ready.


Then the mistress ordered him on his back arms above his head legs open wide crotch pushed up. She said this is the punishment and disciplinary position boy.  When told position this is the position to be assumed.  The boy obediently replied yes mam.  The mistresses then said Nora proceed.  Nora then laid into his genitals with a vengeance his poor little almost hairless cock, boy balls and pubis felt the rapid staccato like assault with out mercy from Nora.


When she finished this time there was no lotion and certainly no cock rubbing to sooth the boy.  Instead mistress grabbed his balls and tugged him off of his back into a standing position told him to turn around and put his hands to the back where she bound them.  Then they spun him around and a clamp like device was attached from the back top side of his ball sack and over and around his penis.


This much like those half handcuff devices used for cheap chastity device for boys.  This was designed to take hold of the boys’ balls and penis and not let go until released.  This was to be used as a crotch leashing device arrangement.  His neck collar was still on but the mistress like to have her boy led by its’ crotch when possible until better arrangements could be made. She let this be known out loud to Nora.


The boy had heard Nora make the same gesture about his neck leash when she secured him  in his last encounter with her.


The jerk on his crotch leash was very effective in getting his attention.  The mistress said come along boy be on your toes when your led, it’s almost time to feed you.  The boy followed mistress obediently as Nora behind kept reminding him with her crop to be on his toes when he is led.


They went up stairs and into a huge kitchen much to his absolute embarrassment there were several people busy at work or having breakfast.  When the boy came in on his toes, naked they all perused his state of helplessness, under mistress and Nora’s tutelage.  Mistress said to a young woman named Doreen I want this boy smoothed now and be quick about it.  She immediately stopped her present work and went into a nearby bathroom and returned with the shaving equipment. 


The boy was quite beside himself that he was to be groomed in front of everyone in the kitchen but he was really concerned that she was holding a barbers razor.  Mistress said Doreen you’ve been waiting for some time now to give a new boy a shave between its legs.  This will be your first time to shave a boy and this will be its’ first semi public shaving.  Mistress said please be careful with my boy property remember something’s don’t grow back. Nora turn on the countdown timer as soon as she releases the crotch leash.


Doreen took the boys’ leash and led him to a small platform and had him step up onto it.  She popped the release took his member in her hand and caressed it slightly which brought an instant tightening of the boys’ balls and hardening of its’ member she then proceeded to lather it and used the razor to remove the boys hair. As The hair was remove several of the audience congratulated Doreen on a fine first time effort.  She had him completely smoothed before the allotted time ran out much to the boys’ relief only the hair was removed.


Mistress then invited every one in the room to check the quality of her work.  The female inspectors where certainly making the boy feel shame at being handled by them some even teased him by licking their lips as they squeezed and prodded its’ balls commenting on what and absolutely sweet boy it was. 


When the first male approached he could barely sustain his composure when the man reached and squeezed his ball sack moving his hand onto the boys’ member also squeezing it then rubbing his smoothed pubis.   The boy almost passed out from the shame he was enduring as there where four males who where allowed to become intimately familiar with his very smoothed little cock and balls. They all said he certainly was a boy between his legs that a mistress would be proud to own.


With his balls tighten and his penis rock hard Doreen snapped the crotch leash device on him. She felt one more time of her work and then led him back over to his mistress.  She took his leash and said boy are you hungry.   The boy said yes Mistress.  Good you will be on a high protein diet for some time to come.  She instructed him to kneel and open his mouth. He obeyed.  


Nora brought over three small glasses of white liquid  she put the first one to his mouth and the same time told him not to swallow until permission was given.   The mistress after each glass was delivered to the boys’ mouth put her hand on his naked belly and said swallow.  At the same time Nora would caress his boy balls and squeeze his boy hard cock.


All the room watched as he obediently ingested a cum breakfast and was made to wait for the mistress’s permission swallow.  The absolute control she had over him resided between his legs with Nora caressing and squeezing his member as the cum was swallowed kept him under her control.


He new it wouldn’t be long before he was mercilessly beat there again and that he would stick his crotch up to take it.  Because he was hers now and that was the only way to remain hers.


Mistress told him after he had finished his breakfast that all the men here had contributed to his breakfast and that he would stand before each on his toes and thank them for providing his nourishment.


He went before each on his toes which allowed them to inspect his balls and penis again much to his embarrassment.  Of all the degradations that the mistress enjoyed putting him through the worst was being made to present him self for inspection to others. Males were obviously more degrading than females.


 Nora then took him to a corner of the kitchen and attached his crotch leash and said you will remain her until it is time for your next feeding boy. If any one approaches you get up and stand on your toes for inspection.


You will spend a lot time leashed here until you are thoroughly trained to serve boy understood. That includes any strangers. Yes mistress the owned boy replied. What else could a boy who had a rather tight clamp around its hairless boy cock and balls do.


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