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A Bit Plotty for Porn.txt 543308-Jul-2014 09:16
A Christmas Less Lonely (Kane).txt 563206-Apr-2011 22:42
A Grab-Bag of Perversions.txt 743709-Nov-2011 05:49
A Letter to my Mistress.txt 335205-May-2014 12:37
A Lie, a Fuck, and a Broken Down Car.txt 13K09-Jul-2012 00:07
A Proud Mother's Whore.txt 10K13-Apr-2014 19:57
A Sequel to Something.html 29K12-Jan-2016 04:41
A Slow Start to Good Sex.txt 11K02-Oct-2014 19:58
A Surrogate Something.txt 741318-Dec-2011 20:42
A Wreath of Black Roses.txt 26K22-Aug-2012 12:05
Always and Forever - A story for mothers and sons.pdf 220K11-Jul-2016 07:33
AlwaysAndForever_pt1.html 152K20-Nov-2016 07:02
Another Mommy Story.txt 567919-Oct-2013 07:59
Car Trouble (Kane).txt 785002-Oct-2011 14:16
Caught by Mommy.html 355805-Jan-2014 17:52
Cheating with Mommy.html 17K02-Jun-2015 11:59
Choose Your Own MMF (yes, really).html 53K24-Jan-2012 14:50
Confession.html 721909-Dec-2014 21:57
Crossdressed Cub (Kane).txt 700131-Jul-2011 09:24
Dinner Party.txt 12K08-Apr-2012 05:59
Disaffected Ennui Meets Crap.txt 24K03-Mar-2014 10:05
Every Watcher Gets Her Day.html 12K13-May-2014 08:26
Experimental Erotica.txt 19K21-Dec-2016 17:46
Heels and Cock.txt 923512-Nov-2013 00:24
Helpless and Happy with My Wife's Mother.txt 774419-Apr-2012 18:50
It Is What It Is (Kane).txt 860516-Apr-2011 23:13
Kane's First Story -- part 1.txt 834109-Dec-2010 09:03
Kane's first story -- part 2 (fdom).txt 631309-Dec-2010 09:02
Kane's first story -- part 3.txt 555810-Dec-2010 07:04
Like Sands through the Hourglass.html 17K28-Nov-2015 00:27
Mischevious Matchmaking Mother.html 28K19-Nov-2014 20:56
Molested at 36.txt 841809-Mar-2013 20:01
Mommy Issues.txt 658613-Apr-2012 08:22
Mommy's Boyfriend -- Parts 1 and 2.html 30K26-Aug-2014 15:32
Mommy's Boyfriend.txt 13K01-Aug-2014 08:22
Mommy's Little Faggot.txt 544214-Mar-2014 03:25
My Every Desire Pt 1.html 12K13-Aug-2013 14:57
My Special Time with Fluffy.txt 205104-Jul-2014 04:09
New Year's Eve.txt 434129-Mar-2012 23:38
Nikki.html 16K15-Apr-2015 03:32
Nineteen Inches of Cock.txt 551322-Mar-2015 05:03
No Seduction, No Plot, Just Good Fucking.txt 12K12-Nov-2013 15:28
Obsession.txt 647002-Apr-2012 17:00
Playtime.txt 681206-May-2012 03:04
Some Bad Joke About Cumming Twice.txt 695031-May-2012 05:18
Sometimes the Magic Works and Sometimes It Doesn't.txt 374827-Dec-2015 07:43
Strap-On Experience (Kane).txt 523819-May-2011 13:24
Sucked and Fucked by Mommy 2.html 29K29-Feb-2016 04:06
Sucked and Fucked by Mommy 3.html 30K04-Apr-2016 04:20
Sucked and Fucked by Mommy 4.html 22K16-Apr-2016 07:29
Sucked and Fucked by Mommy.html 16K22-Jun-2015 17:50
The Cliched Librarian Story (Kane).txt 12K23-Oct-2011 12:09
The Demanding Hostess.txt 671509-Feb-2013 07:36
The Male Rape Fantasy (FM).txt 802811-Aug-2012 16:06
The Red Shoes of the Duchess (Bar Fuck).txt 813820-Aug-2011 18:43
The Virgin.txt 12K18-Apr-2012 02:39
Tom and Bev (maybe part 1 -- Kane).txt 851110-Oct-2011 01:52
Warm Darkness (Kane).txt 524410-Apr-2011 16:45
Well Hung Over.html 678817-May-2015 02:53
Winning Him Back Her Way.txt 10K05-Jun-2012 20:06
Wisdon Teeth.txt 815619-Jun-2013 03:54