Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Julie Hypnotic Title: Little Renee: Showing Uncle Al Parts: Part 1 Summary: A young niece seeks help from her Uncle to satisfy a curious need. Keywords: Mf, lolita, mast, pedo ONE When I met my niece Renee, she was a stunning child of nine. Long, raven hair, big brown eyes, and a full lovely smile. Tall for her age, her body was slender and graceful, her legs long, her tummy flat. My brother Jimmy, who'd been away for a long time due to a family feud that we finally resolved, moved back to our hometown and took an apartment in the same building where I lived. He moved away when he was twenty-five and I was sixteen. I was twenty-eight now, and a confirmed bachelor, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw his beautiful wife, Rhonda. Taking no more than a familial interest in little Renee, my eyes were all on Rhonda, of whom Renee was a smaller copy. Things settled into a comfortable pattern soon. Renee was an only child and often visited me during the day because I worked in the evening. She would sit on the front porch steps sucking Popsicles and talking a mile a minute, or she would come inside and delight me at the kitchen table talking about her day-to-day life. She was precocious, cute, and intelligent. One hot summer day, she popped into my apartment, just bursting through the door in her usual impulsive manner. She was wearing a short yellow sundress and her hair hung in braids around her face. Smiling, I poured her a glass of lemonade and sat with her, preparing to be entertained with one of her silly stories. As we sat talking, she swung her legs freely, distracting me from her youthful voice. Glancing down rather casually, I saw that the dress had ridden up high, revealing a pair of stark white cotton panties between her golden thighs. At first, I simply looked away, but the more she swung those long legs, the higher her dress rode, and involuntarily, I looked down again and again. "It's my panties. You like them don't you Uncle Al?" Startled, I looked at her face and realized I had been staring at the secret place between her girlish thighs for quite some time. Even more unusual was the powerful erection that throbbed against my own thigh. "Sorry sweetie," I said, sheepishly hanging my head. She just laughed and continued to swing her legs, giving me tantalizing peeks of her pantied crotch. "Do you ever want to look at my Mom's panties Uncle Al? I see you stare at her all the time." That beautiful face was a mask of amusement as she gazed at me. "No Renee, that's a hell of a thing to say now." Giggles and white panties were the only things my brain seemed to register as the girl just sat there, legs still swinging. Open...sweet white panties...closed...smooth tan thighs. Her dress was now completely up over her hips and my cock was rock hard and painfully enclosed. "You like panties Uncle. I can tell because your thingie is big." Her face glowed with mischievous pleasure. Clearing my throat, I stood up. "I think it's time you went home Renee, I've a lot to do today." Laughing at me, the child stood and swallowed the last of her lemonade. She hugged me, pressing dangerously close to my cock, then kissed my cheek. "I love you Uncle." And then she slipped quietly out the door. Alone at last, I didn't even wait to lock the door. I jerked my pants down, gripped my hot dick and jerked violently to a tremendous orgasm, spewing my cum onto the kitchen floor without care. Relieved, I sat back in my chair and pondered what had just taken place. I was confused. The child's tone of voice was pure innocence, yet her actions implied a knowledge and acceptance of sexuality. Tired, I took a nap before work and put the incident, along with the modicum of guilt I felt out of my mind. The next day was Saturday, and right on cue, little Renee came bouncing through the door at 12 noon, per usual. Today she wore a blue dress and her hair hung free and unencumbered. We took our usual place at the kitchen table, our chairs facing one another. Briefly, I wondered if I would be treated to a panty show like the day before. My cock twitched at the thought of little white panties. She was chattering about her friend Misty and the game of jacks they had played together that morning. When it seemed there would be no panties today, I relaxed and began to pay attention to her words. "And then, she let the ball bounce too many times, but when I said something about it she got mad and...." It was a sudden awareness, a movement seen from my peripheral vision that intruded on the edges of my mind enough to drag my attention down to her lap. What I saw caused me to gasp out loud and my cock soared to life immediately. She'd somehow pulled her dress up casually as we talked; it lay blue against her creamy belly and commanded my attention for the briefest of seconds. Looking further down, I saw another pair of tiny white cotton panties, only this time they were pulled to one side and the most beautiful set of hairless pussy lips were exposed for my eyes to devour. She fell silent. I stared. She breathed and out...and I stared. Very, very slowly, she moved a single finger and parted those lips, her breath becoming a sigh, and I stared. My cock was nearly bursting already as she held the finger in to the first knuckle and began to jerk it up and down -not in and out- but up and down. She was masturbating her clitoris and from the look of her, enjoying it quite well. Time seemed to stand still as I stared at this lovely, dark child bringing herself such pleasure. Her movements stayed the same; finger shallowly implanted, nudging her clit, hips tight and tense. With a start, I realized it was the only way she knew to get relief. I was witnessing sweet innocence as it made way for sexual pleasure. It was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen in my life and my cock was literally pulsing as a steady flow of pre-cum released into my shorts. Daring to remove my eyes from such a vision, I risked a glance at her face. Her eyes were locked on to me, unwavering in their intensity, and her lower lip was caught in a death grip between her teeth. Heavy lidded and shining with pleasure, those eyes boring into me were almost as exciting as the sight of her hungry, hairless pussy. Frenzied with lust, I shifted my eyes back and forth, first watching her stroke, then seeing her passionate face. The last time I looked down, I saw that her finger was coated with a film of clear moisture and I was hooked, unable to stop watching her, my mind burning the image into my eyes forever. Small moans began to slip from her lips. Lusty and loud, filled with hot air and thinly held restraint, she voiced her pleasure. Helpless, caught in her spell, I grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. She sensed the movement, her eyes wide and excited, and then she opened her thighs, doubled her pace and began to whimper. I watched it all, so greedy for the sight of this child, glued to her every movement, drunk on the sounds of her lust. When her orgasm came, it rolled up her body, sending her undulating and writhing in the hard kitchen chair that held her. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" then another, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Uncle, Uncle, Uncle! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" And I came, trembling violently, groaning loudly, hunching over my own lap, squirting out my cum in hot, angry ropes right inside my shorts. Renee laid back in the chair, relaxing her body, her finger still firmly in place. At length she rose, repaired her clothing, leaned over and kissed my lips softly. I only stared at her once more, my mind a jumble of confusion. "I love you Uncle Al. You better clean yourself up now before Daddy or Mom comes over or something." It was that moment that I realized that the screen door was the only protection we'd had from prying eyes. Dumbfounded, I watched Renee skip happily away, throwing one final comment over her shoulder before the door slammed behind her. "Panty watcher!" She called, giggling loudly and leaving me there to stew in my own juices quite literally. For a solid week I avoided her. I kept my door closed and locked and didn't answer it even when Rhonda came knocking. It seemed her little daughter, my own niece, had replaced Rhonda as the object of my desire. Each time I closed my eyes all I saw were white cotton panties, smooth tan flesh, black hair, and sultry brown eyes. I masturbated so much my dick hurt; yet my erection would return swiftly thereafter. The guilt I felt was turning to acceptance. I reasoned that the child had simply been curious and was experiencing grown up desires. Not knowing how to deal with that, she'd turned to me, her trusted and loved uncle. I should be grateful, I told myself. I had not touched her after all. There was no reason for me to feel bad. Then the picture of white panties snuggled between her thighs would flash through my mind and I'd groan in frustration as my cock begged for attention. I wanted more of Renee; I craved her like a drug. I decided I could be strong enough to resist my desires and eventually let the child back in. She behaved herself and seemed to want only to be with her beloved Uncle Al. As always, I enjoyed her presence in my home, but I found myself glancing between her thighs again and again, hoping for a glimpse of her panties. Sometimes on the weekends I'd gather with a few friends at Jimmy and Rhonda's place and we'd play cards. I treasured these times, always remembering the loneliness I'd felt after Jimmy moved away. It was good to have family around, good to belong somewhere. Ever since the incidents with Renee, I never returned to lusting for Rhonda. In fact I barely even noticed her anymore other than to appreciate her in a sisterly way. It was all about Renee now, the child goddess, the object of my raging lust. One Saturday night, a group of us sat around the table at Jimmy's place, laughing, drinking, playing. The children tumbled about on the dining room floor wrestling playfully and having a fun rough housing. From the corner of my eye, I watched little Renee. A young boy of about twelve was tickling her ribs and she shrieked with laughter and tickled him back. The adults ignored them, except for me. As the boy's hands moved so familiarly over her supple young body I became enraged. How dare he touch her that way! I watched stealthily, losing the game as my mind became further distracted by the disturbing events so nearby. The boy had Renee on her belly, her dress riding high, the firm globes of her luscious young ass raised up in the air as she struggle to get away from him. And those sweet white panties displayed so proudly. Her raucous laughter spilled out in loud, helpless bursts under the assault of his tickling. I saw him glance up at the table, again from the corner of my eye, then he slid his hand up her thigh and slowly stroked her pantied pussy. He brazenly touched those panties that I loved so much. My panties. I heard the little girl release a loud groan just as she closed her legs around his searching fingers, then he quickly pulled away before anyone could see. My cock was near bursting, my balls were aching, and I was incensed at the nerve of this boy to dare touch my little Renee in such a manner. I got myself under control, glanced once more at Renee and saw her intense gaze fixed on my face. She gave that amused smile, split her thighs, and thrust her hips at me. Panicked, I looked around, but no one was watching and the boy had moved into the living room to pick out a movie. The game broke up around midnight and I went upstairs to use the bathroom. Renee had disappeared. Just as I came out of the bathroom I heard her soft giggle and saw a little white pile sitting just outside the bathroom door. As I bent to retrieve it, I realized it was a pair of panties, far too small to belong to Rhonda. New life surged through my prick as the smell contained within that little bit of cotton reached my nose. It was feminine and sweetly pure. It was pussy. It was Renee's little cunt. I ached for her and without hesitation I raised the cloth to my nose and inhaled deeply. ....ohhhh...sweet little pussy.... I heard a soft sigh come from the direction of Renee's room and blindly, not thinking, not even seeing, I stepped forward and pushed opened her half-closed door. She stood there in only her little dress. I knew her cunt was bare. I knew I held in my hands the panties, still warm from her flesh, that had just covered her tiny little pussy. My head swam and my heart thudded; I felt faint and hot and incredibly aroused. She stood still just looking at me. I saw the rise and fall of her chest and knew her heart was pounding just as fiercely as mine. Moving carefully, I shut the door and reached down to lift the hem of her dress and there it was; no panties to obstruct my view just smooth hairless, sweet little girl cunt. I saw the tremble of her hands as she lowered them down. down. down. She touched herself slowly, one slim finger rubbing the pearl of her clitoris as I stood there watching. "Smell them again Uncle Al. Please?" She moaned. Happily obliging, I lifted the small fabric and rubbed the crotch of them across my nose as little Renee frigged her tiny clit. She began to sink to her knees, I followed, still holding her dress up, still inhaling the scent of her pussy. Kneeling, she slid her legs open and continued to rub herself off. Each time I loudly inhaled from her panties, she moaned and sped up her efforts. Clearly, she was exhibiting for me and getting off on it. She loved it when I sniffed the crotch of her panties, her little body nearly tumbling over as she gave herself pleasure under my watchful gaze. Rousing a bit from my lust-induced stupor, I began to encourage her. "That's it baby. Do it for Uncle Al. Rub your little pussy." The affect on Renee at my whispered words was magical. She arched her body, placing one hand on the floor behind her and leaning back on it. She thrust her hips forward in a fucking motion again and again, groaning deeply and flicking her clit so hard it must surely have hurt a little. I was near orgasm, the flow of my blood beating a rhythm in my ears that rivaled the sound of her moans in intensity. My hands were full of panties and her dress, so I couldn't touch my cock, but I began to flex my hips ever so slightly, the rough fabric of my jeans creating exquisite tension on the oozing head of my inflamed prick. Renee began to jerk wildly, her sweet body searching for pleasure. I nearly fainted so intense was my desire. I kept my eyes glued to her, yearning to taste her, wanting to help her complete herself more that I'd ever wanted anything. "Baby, go inside. Put your fingers in your pussy. Cum Renee." I begged. She was puzzled, but lowered her fingers until she discovered the hole that was leaking the sweet juice that now smeared across her cunt. Her eyes widened in surprise as she slid a finger into herself. I groaned, my cock tortured, rock hard, and so close to eruption. Vigorously she fucked herself. As if she'd found a new toy, she moved with joy, whimpering each time she slid the finger out, then moaning satisfaction as her digit eased back in. Her hips moved with a will of their own, hurrying forward, then jerking back... forward...back...fucking her tiny cunt on and off her finger. It was this searching movement that inflamed me more than anything. She was so joyously seeking flesh pleasure; so willingly showing Uncle Al all her girlish charms. And I hungrily watched it all, smelling her excitement from the crotch of her panties and holding her dress up so I could see it all. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she shifted her hand. Now her middle finger was firmly buried inside her juicing cunt and her thumb was free to roam across her smooth labia. As she connected that thumb with her swollen clitoris, which I could clearly see protruding from between her soft baby flesh, she cried out in a whisper. I knew the time had come and my cock responded accordingly. "Ohhhh Uncle Al, it feels so good," she moaned in a harsh whisper. "Watch me Uncle. S-smell me...ohhhh...smell...Ohhhhhhhhh!" Just as she exploded, I shoved the crotch of her little girl panties into my mouth and sucked hard, then I reached down and gripped my cock through my jeans while my hips jerked forward and back. The sweet taste of her cunt was the crowning moment for me. I knew right then that I was going to cum hard. Little Renee tumbled backwards, her legs lewdly splayed, her body rippling as she came so hard. Humping my own fist, I groaned and came explosively, once more right inside my pants. Trembling, I tensed and felt wave after wave of thick hot juice climb up from my aching balls and flow across the crotch of my jeans. "Ohhh baby girl...Ohhh Renee... I'm cumming...I'm cumming for you, princess." For undetermined moments I just stood there, my orgasm subsiding as I watched the child recover. She laid still, her dark eyes glittering and her skin flushing rosy. Finally, I leaned over her and kissed her soft little lips. She smiled and put her arms around my neck. "I love you Uncle Al." She whispered. "I love you too princess." Careful not to touch her skin, I used the panties to mop the cum from her pussy. After just one quick smell, I wrapped them up carefully and stuffed them into my pocket and then helped Renee up. "I'm keeping these," I said, "Now we need to get back before we're missed. Okay?" "Okay." Just before I entered the hallway I turned to her, "Thank you Renee...thank you sweetie." She simply smiled and reached into her drawer for a fresh pair of little white panties.