Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Julie Hypnotic Title: Daddy Does Patty Summary: An underage girl gets into trouble and begins to enjoy her father's perverted punishment Keywords: Mf, oral, bestiality, watersports, rough, lolita, slut DADDY DOES PATTY (Not my usual style, but I wrote this for a reader and it's gotten pretty good reviews elsewhere.) 000 "Patty! Come here! You're going to piss me off if you don't answer me." I swallowed the lump in my throat and slowly emerged from my hiding place. Daddy was so mad. I'd never seen him like that before and I was afraid. When he'd caught Roger with his hand up my skirt and his mouth attached to my nipple, the shit had really hit the fan. Daddy had threatened to kill Roger, and to beat me. He was usually a gentle, loving man, and the fury with which he spoke sent terror rushing through me. That was a week ago, and Daddy had barely even looked at me since that terrible day. The only time he spoke to me was to send me away to my room, whispering things like 'slut', and 'drain on my bank account'. When he'd told me to pack a bag and that we were going to the cabin for a few days, I'd trembled with fear of what he intended to do with me once we got there. Daddy was a formidable disciplinarian when pushed, and I had definitely pushed him too far. The whole two-hour drive was pure silence. I cowered in the passenger seat while Daddy drove, and when we arrived, he'd set me to unpacking the supplies, then once more I was sent to my room for the night, much to my great relief. But I missed Daddy, and was filled with guilty remorse over what Roger and I had done. All through my life, Daddy was the one I turned to for comfort, love, and guidance, and now, he hated me. I couldn't bear the disappointment in his eyes, and the look on his face frightened me worse than anything. I could feel his anger festering like an untreated wound. The knowledge that I'd blackened Daddy's heart against me, seemingly forever, made me cry myself to sleep that first night, unaware of what would happen the next day. It started out innocently enough. Daddy woke me rather tenderly and told me to come down for breakfast. Overjoyed by his sudden change of attitude, I dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and nearly ran down the stairs hoping to have some kind of pleasant contact with my beloved daddy. "I got eggs, bacon, and toast little girl." He said with a smile on his face. Eagerly, I served myself a large portion and sat down beside Daddy after kissing him on his clean-shaven cheek. We ate heartily, and Daddy smiled at me every now and then, furthering my feeling that all would be well. After we were finished, I moved to collect the dishes and clean the kitchen when Daddy stopped me. "We need to talk Patty. It's why I brought you here. So we could be alone without your mother finding out what happened between you and... that boy." He ground the last two words out through clenched teeth, clearly still upset. My heart sank. "D-Daddy, I'm so sorry. I swear to God, nothing happened. You saw the worst of it. I swear Daddy. Please don't be angry with me any longer. I love you." "Patty, it's not what I saw that disturbs me as much as what would have happened had I not come home when I did. You know the rules. You are not allowed to have male visitors when your mother and I are not at home. You clearly broke that rule and now you must suffer the consequences. I have decided your punishment. Your mother doesn't have to ever know about this, thank God." Tears filled my eyes as I saw Daddy stand up and begin to unbuckle his belt. He hadn't whipped me since I was eight years old, but the memory was severe. As soon as I heard that old familiar whistle of his belt being ripped from the loops that held it, I reacted instantly, like Pavlov's dogs. Standing, I rushed headlong up the stairs, sobs wracking my chest painfully. Daddy's Doberman, King, was standing at the stair landing and I roughly pushed him aside, entered my room, and flung myself into the closet, knowing futilely that he would find me, yet needing to distance myself in some small way. After hearing Daddy call out for several minutes, I knew I'd better go ahead and take my punishment, getting it over with as quickly as possible. Maybe we could go back to normal afterwards and I'd have my loving Daddy back once more. I stood there, shaking and crying softly as I heard his footsteps echo up the stairs, and as soon as he stepped into my room, the sobs began anew. "Daddy, please don't whip me. I-I'm too big for a spanking. Besides, I'm not a little girl anymore. Mom said it was okay to have a boyfriend...normal you know. I can't be your little girl forever. S-sooner or later, I have to start dating. College isn't even very far away and...." I broke off, seeing the look, knowing its meaning. 'Shut up while you're ahead.' His words chilled me. "I can't believe I raised such a slut. A whore. A filthy girl who enjoys men groping at her. I saw you that day. I saw the look on your face... the way you thrust your body up at him. Just begging for it, weren't you?" Breathing in a strange, heavy way, he tightened his grip on the belt and approached me, nudging King out of the way. "Yes, I called you a slut and a whore because that's what you are. How long have you been having sex? Have you fucked him yet? Sucked his cock?" Dumbfounded, I could only stare at him. Daddy had rarely even cursed in front of me before, and now he was saying all these things, all these nasty, vile things. I stared, wildeyed and held my breath. "Answer me you little slut! You'd better tell me everything right now, or I'm going to really tan your ass." Terrified, I thought back to that day. It was true that I had no idea how long Daddy had been standing there, watching Roger and I. Had he seen me slide my tongue hungrily into Roger's mouth? Had he seen me slip my hand down the front of Roger's pants? Had he seen me pressing down onto Roger's blissfully firm fingers? All I remembered was the look on Daddy's face when I noticed him standing there. It was wild and frightening, but he had been utterly silent until the moment our eyes locked, almost as if he liked what he was seeing. "D-Daddy, I swear, I promise, you saw all that happened. Please Daddy. Please. I beg you not to whip me. I'll be good. I'll be good forever Daddy. Please!" "Tell me slut. Tell me now goddamnit!" And he stepped closer. Close enough that I could hear his rapid breathing clearly. "We just touched each other Daddy. I swear! I promise! Please... please Daddy... please believe me!" "Where did he touch you? Tell me. Tell me now!" "P-please. Daddy...." "NOW!" "He touched my b-breasts. And... down there." "Slut. Whore." He whispered. "My daughter's a dirty little slut. Down where?" Embarrassed and deeply afraid, my mind turned over and over around the obscene turn this day was taking. Picking up on the vibes that filled my small room, it somehow registered that Daddy was turned on. He was excited from talking to me that way. Lowering my eyes a fraction, I saw that Daddy had a huge bulge in his pants, just like Roger, only bigger. Daddy was turned on! "M-my vagina. He touched my vagina Daddy. That's all, I swear!" "Your cunt. He touched your dirty little pussy, didn't he? Say it!" I had no choice really. It was obvious that he was going to persist. Humiliated, I lowered my eyes and whispered the words he wanted to hear. "He touched my p-pussy Daddy." "He put his fingers up your cunt. He fucked you with his fingers. He touched your little clit, and whore... you liked it. Didn't you?" "N-no!" "DO NOT FUCKING LIE TO ME!! Tell me slut! DID YOU LIKE IT?!" I broke then. Scared and disoriented, the room spinning like mad. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I liked it Daddy! I liked it!" And I cried. I sank to the floor, buried my face in my hands and cried my heart out. Never had I been so humiliated in my life. but that was about to change. "Take your fucking clothes off." His eyes were the worst. They were dark, strange looking, and so intently focused on me. "D-Daddy. No. Please, please, please Daddy!" "I will beat you till you bleed you little whore. Don't you dare raise your voice to me or disobey me. Take off the fucking clothes. Do it NOW!" Trembling, I slipped the shirt off and fumbled for the snap to my shorts while Daddy shooed King out and closed the door. "Look at you," he said, "not even wearing panties. You are such a fucking slut. But we'll fix that. Yes, we'll fix you good little girl." It was then that I saw what the belt was really for. He came toward me quickly, anger and sick lust marking his face. "Naked little slut. Dirty whore. I'll teach you. I'll show you what happens to little girls that turn dirty." I was silent, big tears blurring my vision, my heart racing. My breasts were heaving, large for my size, my labored breathing sent them bobbing up and down as Daddy secured my wrists to the leg of the dresser against which I was pushed. Turning his attention to my legs, he stretched them out and pulled two lengths of rope from his back pocket. I swallowed, realizing he had planned this. Daddy had planned the possible rape of his own little girl. The knowledge staggered my mind and I began to beg in ragged rushes of air, my words barely discernible, my head twisting violently as I struggled to get away. When the slap came, it caught me totally off guard. My head whipped back and my fear turned swiftly to cold, cold panic. He was out of control, driven by something deep, and utterly dark. I knew I was trapped, and that Daddy was going to have his way with me no matter what I did. My only hope was to be good and pray that he would regain his senses soon. "Be still whore!" And then he tied my ankles, the first one to the leg of the bed, and the second one to the other side of the dresser. In the process, he'd had to bend my knees until my ankles were almost behind me, and pull my thighs wide apart. There I was, spread open, my body completely available. The strain on my legs was immediate and pain coursed through me as I groaned through a fog of fear. I could well imagine how I must look. My long blonde hair tumbling in curly waves around my face and shoulders, my full breasts still heaving as I cried, my flat tummy dancing as I struggled against my bonds, and my thighs quivering from fear and strain. Surely Daddy would see now that his little girl was in trouble, then he would stop this insanity, let me go, and take me home. But Daddy wasn't thinking like Daddy; he was like a stranger to me, and excited beyond reason. Watching me struggle only worsened the situation. I stared in sick horror as Daddy unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor, releasing what looked to me like the largest cock in the world. He stood there stroking it for a full minute before he again approached me. "Is my cock as good as that boy's cock? Answer me whore. Answer your father now!" Having no idea what to say, I simply nodded and kept my eyes glued to his erection. I saw a drop ooze slowly from its tip. It seeped out, milky white and thick, then dripped down the side of his shaft. Daddy rubbed it urgently into the red toned flesh of his pulsing prick. I was afraid, so afraid, but spellbound by the site of Daddy, naked and turned on. I felt the warmth of his body as he came closer. "Did you suck him Patty? Did you? Did you suck his big cock into your mouth and drain him dry?" A shudder ripped through Daddy's body, and that he called me by name belied my earlier hope that he was so caught up that he had forgotten who I was. My predicament was reaching a point that disturbed me even further. My body was relaxing and I even felt a little excited watching Daddy stroke his big cock. What was happening to me? I shook my head violently, trying hard to make him understand that I hadn't sucked Roger's cock. I ignored the voice in my head that whispered to me... 'the only reason you didn't suck it was because Daddy came home.' "No? That must have been a big disappointment to a slut like you. Oh, but maybe not. After all, you must have enjoyed the way he fucked you with his fingers. Hmm? You did say you like it." "N-no Daddy... I mean yes." I choked. Suddenly, my face was in his hands. He ripped me forward by my chin and stared me dead in the eyes. "Bitch! Fucking little slut! Let's see how you like this!" And he was inside me. His fingers ripping a swath of pain that made me cry out loud. "Yes, just what I thought. The little whore likes it. You like my fingers touching you. You enjoy the way they slide in so easily... so deeply into your wet little cunt." I cringed and cried my pain out loud, "Daddy!!! No, it hurts... it hurts... it hurts... oh my God, it hurts! P-please stop!" but he only pressed in deeper, harder, faster. "Oh! Ungh! Stop it Daddy! You're hurting me! P-please! Please!" Miraculously, he did stop. He rose, gripped his cock and stroked mightily. Inches from my face, he rubbed his fleshy meat up and down, groaning loudly. He reached down, hefted his ball sack and beat harder. "Gonna fucking cum. Gonna cum on you slut. Gonna cum! Gonna cum in your fucking little whore face, and you're gonna take it all. Slut bitch, nasty little whore. Take Daddy's cum. Take it! Unh... unh... here it comes you fucking slut!!" Reaching down, he grasped my chin once more, pointed his cock at my face and howled as the first shot struck me in the nose. I gasped, opening my mouth in surprise, and Daddy shoved forward instantly, driving his spurting cock in so deeply I gagged and coughed and choked on his thick, creamy cum. Again and again he plunged his dick into my mouth while I struggled to breathe. Moaning loudly, he grasped my hair and pulled me onto his cock, insuring that the last few squirts would trickle down my throat. Panting heavily, he removed his dick and stood there looking down at me. Tears flowed unchecked down my face and I struggled to breathe past the glob of semen that still filled my mouth. "Swallow it like a good slut, or I'll beat your ass." He said quietly. Defeated, I swallowed and followed it down with huge gulps of air to replenish my starved lungs. Daddy put his pants back on and looked at me sadly. "Are you happy now Patty? See what you've driven me to?" Turning, he reached the door and opened it. With one last look back, he was gone, leaving me sitting there, his cum drying on my face, his taste in my mouth. I heard him whisper as he shut the door behind him. "Dirty little cum slut." 000 How long I sat there, I have no idea. I cried and screamed even, all to no avail. Daddy hated me and wasn't going to come back. He wasn't going to let me go. At one point I convinced myself that he'd gone away and left me to die, then I heard him climb the stairs and go into the bathroom. As soon as the toilet flushed, he made his way back downstairs. My stomach began to grumble as I watched evening drift through the window. All day I'd sat there, my tortured body in pain and now hungry. Worst of all, I had to urinate, and badly. Indecision tore at me for a long time before I finally decided that I had no choice but to call for him. "Daddy!" "Daddy! I'm sorry Daddy! So sorry! I swear I'll be good, but I have to go to the bathroom!" Nothing, not a peep, not a sound, just endless silence and increasing pressure on my bladder. I began to beg loudly, promising to be good, promising anything if he'd just let me go pee. At last, I heard him coming. The door opened and a sheepish face peeked in. Frightened, I stared at Daddy, and began to cry. "Patty. Oh honey, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, please forgive me; I don't know what came over me. I've been sitting down there kicking myself for what I've done to you." "Daddy, please, just let me go. I need to pee so bad. Hurry!" Carefully, a look of horror on his handsome face, he moved forward and began to untie the knot around my right ankle. King was also in the room, edging in close, hoping for a pet, or a pat on the head. I ignored the dog and struggled to hold my bladder. "Hurry! Hurry Daddy! Please!" With one leg free, the blood returning slowly to my muscles, Daddy worked on the left knot, but it was stuck fast. He worked hard, but could not seem to release me. King was prancing now, making animal sounds and sniffing my body. I kicked at him and begged Daddy to hurry. "I'm trying baby. Almost done." He seemed hesitant to touch me and I thought I saw his pants bulge out in front of him. Suddenly, I shuddered, knowing it was too late. "Oh no! Daddy, I can't help it." and a tiny little squirt of urine shot out from between my legs. At that moment, King lunged forward. He stuck out his long wet doggy tongue and began to lap at the little spot of piss that clung to my cunt lips. I cried out in horror, pulling away, but was sufficiently shocked enough to stop any further flow of urine from my bladder. "Daddy, make him stop and hurry. I gotta go real bad!" "Oh my God Patty! Oh my fucking God." Puzzled, I raised my face and saw that look on Daddy's face again. He was staring down at the dog as he lapped at the edges of my pussy. "No Daddy! Make him stop!" I groaned. "Go away King! Go away!" But with my hands tied, and one leg still bound, I could only squirm. "Attaboy King. Lick her pussy." Daddy muttered. "I gotta pee Daddy! Please!" "Go ahead." He said carelessly, having all too quickly retreated back to the sick man who'd abused me earlier. I moaned and tried my best to hold it. King's tongue was swiftly approaching my clitoris and my body was turning on. Damn it, I thought, no, no, no! He was digging deep into the soft flesh of my inner thigh, lapping up any residual urine and getting his first taste of female juice, and it appeared he was taking to it enthusiastically. At last, I could hold it no more and I began to piss, bearing down hard and keeping the flow rather slow in my efforts to staunch it entirely. Daddy was in a state. He looked through glazed eyes as the dog began drinking my piss straight from the source. "Yeah. Good boy King. Lick her slutty cunt and lap up her piss. Lick it good. Good boy... good dog." I moaned as King's long, hot tongue reached the fountain of nectar he so loved. He licked me quickly, attempting to take in every drop of piss that flowed from my pussy. Looking down between my legs, I was startled at the rush of lust that surged through me. Oh God, how totally fucking hot! I reached deep inside myself and somehow found the strength to cut off my flow of pee, but King only kept on licking. "Yesssss," I wheezed, starting to give in. "Little fucking slut. You like that dog licking your nasty pussy." I didn't care any longer, let him say whatever he wanted, I was tired and all I cared about was relieving my bladder and releasing the pressure that had been building up in me all day long. I eased myself down lower, stretched my leg out and pissed hard. A stream shot straight into the air before King's tongue settled over my cunt and he renewed his licking. Sweet relief filled my limbs and I exhaled in a whoosh of air as King thirstily sought for more and more of my warm, yellow piss. He panted hotly against my skin, lunging again and again, his tongue dancing across my clitoris until my flow tapered off and eventually stopped. Daddy kneeled down and stoked King's shiny black fur. "Good boy, eat her sweet little pussy. Good boy." The obscene sight of King's tongue digging at my wet pussy turned on Daddy more and more. I moaned again, and struggled to sit up, coated with piss, and uncomfortably aware that I was still trapped. "Let me go now Daddy. Make him stop, please?" I begged, but Daddy was steadfast. "Lick her pussy King. Make her cum on your tongue." It was no use. As I felt King's tongue stroke up into my juicy cunt, my body finally took the tumble it had hovered on for so long and I began to lift my hips to allow that remarkably long and rubbery appendage entrance to my slit. He responded eagerly and Daddy watched transfixed. King began to nuzzle in deep, obviously enjoying the taste of woman juice so fresh and pure. His tongue zeroed in on my clit for a moment and I bucked against the dog as my moans grew louder and louder. Daddy was stroking his cock, totally involved in the way King slurped at my cunt. And then he began to whisper again. "You really are a horny little slut. Daddy's naughty little girl. Daddy's special whore. I'm going to fuck you good Patty. After the dog is done with you of course." I grunted and used my sore back muscles to send my body flying again and again onto King's rigid tongue. The dog began to lick in earnest, using his teeth to nibble at my lips and sending shocks of pain to mix with the pleasure. I gasped at him, and pulled my legs farther apart, knowing that if King bore down on my clit I would cum long and hard and I wanted that so badly. His strokes became longer, lingering at the top of my labia, then dipping down to gouge at my asshole. I shrieked and pressed down hard. "Come on King," I whispered, "Lick my pussy. Lick my clit. Please! Come on!" King was losing interest. The piss was all cleaned away and my cunt was almost dry so intense were his strokes. I turned to Daddy at last, wildly bucking myself onto King's slowing tongue. "Help Daddy! Please? Help him make me cum!" "Little slut wants the dog's tongue up her pussy. You nasty bitch. Nasty, dirty little whore!" But he reached down, grabbed my pussy lips and spread me open, exposing my clit, and releasing more of my freely flowing cum. King went wild with the renewal of juice at his disposal. Like rapid gunfire, he assaulted my quivering cunt over and over, and at long last, I screeched out my orgasm as King eagerly lapped up all my cum, his incredibly long and agile tongue working on my hard clit. "Daddy, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ohhhh... ungh....Yesssss!" Pleasure rocketed through me, reaching all the way to my toes with the strength of my climax. I groaned and writhed and sank down until I buried King's tongue deeply into my clutching cunt. He whimpered, flexed his tongue, and withdrew, yet continued his fervent licking. Daddy's cock was dripping and oozing and he watched my final surrender with great interest. As my pussy calmed and the convulsions wracking me tapered off, I recalled that he'd promised me a fucking, and I decided that was just what I wanted, my own father to deflower my virgin pussy. Although I was a little sad and tears filled my eyes, I turned to Daddy, wide-eyed, and in need. "You think I'm such a slut? If that's what you think then untie me and let me fuck you Daddy." I said quietly and earnestly. He blinked, but his cock twitched. Bending over, he tugged at the knot until it came free at last and I got to my feet very carefully. My body was in turmoil of pain, and every movement was torture. I glared at Daddy, free at last, but could not find the strength to hate him for more than a moment. I stumbled through the door and made my way to the bathroom while Daddy followed like a puppy. "Where are you going Patty?" There was an eagerness to his voice that at once chilled and thrilled me. It seems that once he'd opened the door to such deviance, I was only too willing to cross the threshold. "I need a shower, unless you want to fuck me with dried piss, your cum, and doggy spit all over me?" I could see that the thought aroused him, as his cock jerked another inch in length and his eyes took on a strange, excited glow, but I merely shut the door in his face and turned on the water. As I stood there, I allowed the excitement that my body felt earlier to creep back in. The hot water was soothing the pain away, and stirring up passion as it cascaded down upon me. I trailed my hands down my body, cupping a breast and sliding a soapy finger across my erect nipple. I moaned softly and rubbed lower. Leaning over, I stared at my pussy. It was swollen with desire and from the rough dog tongue that had licked me to orgasm mere moments ago. Moving slowly, I peeled the lips back and stared as my clit came sliding into view. It was hard and small, but large enough to grasp if done so carefully. I tried it, shuddering as a wave of pleasure rippled through me. I allowed my fingers to stroke it softly, brushing the tiny, soft hairs out of the way, slipping deeper between my slightly puffy and youthful pussy lips. Oh, it felt so good. So good. So good. So good! Groaning now, I began to thrust with my hips as my thumb and index finger continued to jack my clit, knowing I would cum, knowing I would allow the pleasure to take me as often as I could from that moment on. I heard the door open and continued my exploring as Daddy pulled the curtain aside and watched his daughter give herself pleasure. I didn't stop, we were far beyond that and it was clear to me that Daddy was a sick puppy. Why that turned me on so much was beyond me. Like father like daughter perhaps. I turned and allowed him to watch me cum, moaning loudly, and humping my hand furiously as he fisted his dick and murmured the filth he so loved to say and hear. I stepped from the shower and Daddy took me in his arms. He reached down and pulled my ass to him, grinding his cock against my wet pussy as he called me a dirty slut and a filthy whore. I moaned in agreement and humped his thigh. In return, he clamped his fingers down on my previously untouched nipples and gave a mighty, painful tug, leading me back to my bedroom. King was still there, lying on the floor and licking the carpet where my piss had created a wide, dark circle. The dog was insatiable and I moaned in remembrance of that exquisite tongue stroking my clit. Roughly, Daddy shoved me until I fell back on the bed. He advanced slowly, still pumping his cock to vast proportions and eyeing me passionately. Taking care to move slowly, he extended a hand and tickled my cunt. "That hair has to go. Daddy wants a smooth pussy to touch. A smooth, slutty little cunt. Next time, you'd better not have a single hair on my pussy when I come to fuck you." "Yes Daddy." Standing quite still, his only movement sliding his finger across my pussy lips, he continued to speak to me. "I always knew you'd be a slut. Always wearing those short skirts. flirting with men. hell, all my buddies can talk about is what a tight ass you have, you cunt. I should have known you couldn't wait until you grew up and got the hell out of my house to start your whoring around. I should have fucked you a long time ago like I wanted to. That'll teach me to try and be a trusting father. Now look what happened. You go and give it all to that boy, when you had a father right at home who would have taught you how to be a good slut." "Ohhhhh, Daddy! That feels so good. Keep on touching me." "You're so fucking hot Patty! Your body is perfect. I'm going to love making you squirm on my cock and blow your juice all over me. Daddy's little fuck toy. Daddy's sexy slut. Suck my cock bitch!" "No Daddy, I want you to fuck me." CRACK! Startled by the force, I took the slap well, feeling desire rush fresh through my body. Reaching down with one strong hand, Daddy pulled me up and fed me his cock. Turned on, I took it eagerly, devouring him in one gulp, and then gagging on his sheer size. He did not hesitate to pump his cock immediately down my throat. I felt the brutal lunge of his cockhead rip across the roof of my mouth, tear past my tonsils, and enter the soft yielding flesh of my throat. Still excited, I began to struggle for air as a delicious wave of panicked lust flooded my body. I groaned and tried to suck him deeper, unaccustomed to such a huge invasion of my mouth. He pumped tirelessly, groaning and wheezing his pleasure, and pulling roughly on my hair with each deep thrust into my mouth. "Yes!" He hissed. "Good little cocksucker! Suck Daddy's cock! Suck it bitch! Suck my cock! Suck my fucking cock! You're a good cocksucking whore for Daddy. Suck! Suck! Suck itttt!" His words thrilled me, as did the knowledge that I was sucking on the very instrument that had made me. Daddy's cock was steel hard and brutally long. As it tore deeply into my mouth, battering me again and again, I let my hand fall to my lap and began rubbing my highly excited and stiff clit, pausing to keep my orgasm at bay for I wanted to cum around Daddy's perfectly hard, and supremely skilled dick. With a pop, he pulled free, "I'm gonna cum in your pussy little slut. Daddy's gonna fill your slutty cunt with all his cream. Gonna fuck you good and fuck you hard till you beg me to cum. Turn over and get your ass in the air." Moaning, I did as he said, getting up on my hands and knees, body shaking violently, and presenting him with my ass. He took my asscheeks in his hands and roughly mauled them. I felt his eyes boring into me as he dipped low for some pussy juice and began to caress my asshole. Groaning, I pressed back against my nasty Daddy as he smeared my cream all over my tiny, puckered asshole. "Your asshole is slutty too. Daddy's going to fuck it too and soon, but right now, I'm going to stuff my cock in your horny pussy. You ready for Daddy? Beg me to fuck you slut!" I was insane with lust, my body quivering uncontrollably and thrusting back again and again as I searched for Daddy's hard, hot dick. "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your baby girl! Fuck your slut daughter's juicy pussy. Please! Please fuck me Daddy!" "Slut! What a whore, begging for Daddy's prick like that. Nasty, nasty girl!" His voice was a hiss of restrained lust and I felt him pulse against the trembling cheeks of my ass before he grasped his cock and slid it up and down over the drooling lips of my cunt. "Daddy's slut is so wet. You want Daddy's cock don't you angel? You little cockslut!" "Yes, give it to me Daddy. Give me Daddy's cock. Give it to me now!" I moaned. But Daddy could be mean. He tortured me a bit longer by slipping wetly across my clit, making me ache to cum, yet teasing me relentlessly. At last, he could take it no more and plunged in to the hilt, his huge erection shredding my hymen and filling me until I thought I would split in two. The pain was immense, but as the slut I had become, I reveled in it, whimpering and pulsing around Daddy's cock as the last twinges of pain subsided into lustful, erotic pleasure. At once, he fucked me hard and deep, with no obvious regard for my pleasure or comfort. His hips swung back and forth and the wet slap of thighs on thighs filled my head. To be so controlled was intensely erotic and I felt my pussy close tight around his swollen cock as he kept up a stream of filthy words to further excite himself and me as well. "My nasty slut's pussy is so soft, so fucking tight. Can you feel me fucking you so deep Patty? Can you feel your father's cock way up in your cunt?" "Yesss... oh Daddy! Daddy, please fuck me harder!" "So slutty... so fucking hot!" And he drew back until his cock was almost all the way out, then slammed it back in again as I teetered on the verge of orgasm. His hands were back on my ass, stroking my hole intently and smearing fuck juice all around. I felt him press in, then pull out, press in, then pull out, and I reacted immediately. Where before, I had been complacent, now I was nearly violent, pushing back to meet his finger over and over while he kept up a steady, pounding rhythm deep up my tiny little channel. "Do it Daddy! Fuck my ass with your finger! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! PLEASE DADDY! PLEASE FUCK YOUR GOOD LITTLE SLUT!" Then, he pressed hard and I felt his finger plunge deep into my rectum. I cried out loud and fucked back against him with all my power, as his finger kept time with his cock, deep and hard. I felt something wet nuzzle my cunt and realized it was King! King was licking my pussy as Daddy fucked me to oblivion! The lewd and obscene image of what this must look like made me release a huge amount of teenage cum and I coated my father's dick as it continued to rip repeatedly up and into me. King's tongue began to climb until I no longer felt it, and as disappointed as I was about that, I was still grateful to have Daddy fucking me so well. I heard him gasp above me, and then he whispered urgently. "Patty, King is licking my asshole! Aghh! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Yes! Do it boy! Lick Daddy's asshole!" Once more, lust consumed me, and I felt my orgasm begin to rise and my clit begin to stand up straight and tall. Daddy was in a blind fit of passion, the feel of the dog's tongue on his asshole too much to take. He inserted another finger into my rectum, leaned over so King could lick into his asshole deeper, and proceeded to fuck me brutally. "AHHHH! Yes King! Lick Daddy's ass! 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Through half-closed eyes, I watched as he lifted his legs and spread them wide, allowing King to lick his asshole clean and then move on to his cock and balls. My Daddy is such a nasty man. Later, he cleaned me up, returning to my sweet, gentle Daddy. Holding me close, he fed me soup, comforted my tired body, and assured me again and again that Daddy would always love his sexy little slut.