Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. It might have been an hour that Daddy and I were laying in bed naked together until Daddy had finally got around to rubbing my pussy with his fingers, then finally "going down" on me. At 10 years old licking pussy wasn't even in my vocabulary at that time. But I sure loved whenever Daddy did it to me. Daddy had licked my pussy since I was a little girl of 5 or 6. Daddy made me cum as my body twitched and my stomach made flip-flops, and my little hole ached from squeezing emptily. I desired more and Daddy was getting me ready for just that. By the age of 7 daddy had taught me to suck his cock, I had already tasted his cum from many times he has masturbated on me. I loved when he would cum on my body at night and rub his love lotion all over me and on my lips. He really seamed to like watching me lick my lips afterwards. Eventually he would have me open my mouth and shoot his cum onto my tongue. It was warm and creamy and I loved the feel as it coated my tongue. Sometimes I would gag if he shot really hard and hit my throat but most of the time he was carefull not to do that. I would stick my tongue out and he would rub the head of his cock against it as the last remaining drops of cum would ooze out. Naturally would didn't take me long to put my lips around it and start sucking. I liked that I could make daddy's cock hard by touching it. My little brother and I would sit on the bed together and he would watch me as I held daddy's cock in my hands and it got really big and hard. I knew that if I did it enough that it would shoot cum. I never knew when, it was always a surprise when it did, daddy would never let on so I never knew if I was going to get squirted in the face. I would put my mouth over the head of his cock and suck him a little also and I would get my brother to do the same. It was fun to see how high daddy's cock would shoot cum and John and I would laugh and giggle when it blasted off. We would often play in the sticky mess we made wiping it on each other. It's one mess that daddy never got mad at us for making. By the time I was 9 daddy had been fingerfucking me, rubbing my little clit until I orgasmed and leaving me flushed and breathless. Daddy pushed his finger ever further into my pussy hole during the fingerfuck sessions. It was during one of these sessions that daddy was licking my clitty and fingering my pussy hole when daddy plunged his finger in deep, breaking my cherry just as I began to spasm with an intense orgasm. I screamed out as he penitrated me, not expecting what had happened. Daddy held his finger tight inside of me for the longest time, until the ripples of my orgasm and the initial pain of penitration had subsided. I trembled as he pulled his finger from my pussy and saw the blood. Daddy cleaned me up and explained to me what had happened. I had heard other girls at school talk about losing their cherry before but I really was na´ve as to what that really entailed at the time. Our play time together would now often end with me getting fingerfucked. Sometimes daddy would cum on my cunny and use his cum to lubricate his finger before sliding it into me. It would make me so wet and I would always aniticipate him doing that to me. Daddy had began to introduce me to small dildo's and would often insert one inside my pussy, pushing it in and out while he licked my clitty or getting my brother to do it. He tried using a vibrator once but I was too sensitive and nearly lept out of the bed when he turned it on so we didn't do that again until I got much older. At least not in my pussy anyway, LOL. By now Daddy had finger-fucked me many times, my cherry had been popped for nearly a year now and it made me shudder whenever Daddy would plunge his finger deep inside my little fuckhole. The dildo's had gotten bigger, I knew daddy was preparing me for fucking, hardly a night went by that I didn't ask if he was going to fuck me yet. The girls at school were talking about fucking boys but I wasn't interested in the boys at school, they would hardly be willing to kiss me half the time especially if any of their friends were around. We would going camping at nudist camps during the summer months and I had seen other kids fucking and heard comments from other adults as to what a gorgeous little fuck I must be. I had let my brother put his cock in me, but it was small and he didn't shoot any cum in me. I had been practically begging daddy to fuck me. He would always make me cum but I wanted more, I wanted his cock in my pussy and it frustrated me that he was concerned that I was too small. Finally one night daddy was between my legs licking my pussy and fingerfucking me, I was close to cumming, my hands were in his hair and he was now licking me hard as I raised my hips, thrusting back against his face. In a moments breath I uttered the words "Fuck me Daddy!" He raised up on his knees, his cock was as hard and red as I had ever seen it, a string of precum already drooling from the tip, he pushed my legs wide apart. I felt the slippery tip of his cock press against the opening of my tight little cunt. In that manner I guess you could say I asked for it, now I was going to get it. Of course, Daddy couldn't just "slip" his cock up inside me either. It was too big. Even with me running rivers of arousal, and Daddy drooling big gobs of pre-cum, it was a struggle to get it inside me. OOooh! What a delicious struggle. I couldn't believe it, my Daddy barely gets the head of his cock inside me, and I'm not only creaming like a river, I'm a massive orgasm. I was barely aware of Daddy's cock getting all the way inside me, as his balls slapped against my ass, and his pubic hair was rubbing my bare cunny-lips. I don't know how Daddy managed to hold out against my frantic squeezing, but he somehow did; allowing me to enjoy every frantic throb of orgasm with him inside me. It was tight and it hurt, but it hurt so good. The thrill of actually fucking for the first time overode any pain I felt. I looked down to where I could see my tummy swelling each time Daddy shoved his big cock home. Such an exciting sight! The knowledge that my own father was going to squirt the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies in my tight little tummy was far more of a turn-on, than scary proposition. Suddenly Daddy lurched on top of me, and jammed himself inside me hard. "I'm sorry, Baby," he said, "I can't help myself. I really shouldn't cum in you, but if feels too good to stop. "OOhoohhh!" It was like a bomb exploded in my belly when Daddy shot his load of cum deep inside my cunt for the first time. All of a sudden I found my pussy was milking on my father's cock. I couldn't help myself, as I felt ripples run up and down my pussy in waves. ! I wrapped my legs around my father and forced myself up against him, so the last inch of fatherly prick seated itself in my belly, while it sent jet after incestuous jet of his precious sperm squirting into my eager young womb. God that felt good! He stayed buried deep inside of me. His cock pumping out the last drops of cum until it overflowed as my tight little cunt quivered around his cock and my belly fluttered as if filled with a hundred butterflies. Daddy wrapped me in his arms and held me tight. The feeling of love was so deep it made me shudder. I knew then that I would always be Daddy's girl.