THE COVEN :  Hamilton Joyce   MF FF Fdom tv tg MM Mdom voy tort wife

                                      Chapter One : Baiting the Hook

That week in August was the last of my marriage, and of my manhood.

Three months married and deeply in love, I'd just got home after several days 
away on a training course. Just twenty two, fit, and having abstained for my 
three days away, I was as randy as hell! Despite several years of fucking 
around I'd been completely faithful to Jackie since before we became engaged. 
Which just shows how much in love we were.

Further, my wife Jackie was a little cracker. As she met me in the garden I 
stopped , dumb-founded at her loveliness!  Imagine a demure young girl of 
eighteen, tight , frayed denim shorts, blue cotton blouse, white bobbie-sox, 
sneakers, hair loose over her  shoulders, dark and wavy, no make-up but the 
complexion of a Mediterranean beauty. She had a young girl's figure still, 
hourglass with a delightful contrast between her slim waist...even in 
denims...and the proudly jutting bosoms. Her hips were just losing the hint of 
girlish boyishness so sexy in teenage girls, just beginning to hint at the 
swelling contours of the mature woman. Her legs, too, still had the shapely 
slimness of the young athlete. I wondered if she had put the shorts on specially 
for me....I could make out the shape of her mound and cunt-lips through the 
tight crotch. Probably not! I took her in my arms, 'God.I love you. I've missed 
you, Jackie. Let's go to bed. I want to eat you.'

She kissed me back. 'Not till tonight, darling. But no 'eating'. You know I 
won't do any of that!'

And that was my only problem. She was lovely, sexy. But cocks went in cunts 
and nowhere else, and tongues went in mouths, and nowhere else, not even to 
lick or suck. Except for nipples, that is! To be fair it didn't matter too much, as 
Jackie was very orgasmic and came readily cock-in-cunt, without the oral most 
of my girlfriends had needed. She had the body of a teenage girl, and some 
very girlish ideas about sex, and there didn't seem to be much I could do about 
it. Remember, I was very much in love, and not willing to force her , to get my 

Over dinner, Jackie showed me an advert in her Woman's magazine. It was 
something like: 
  Guildford Earth Women's Circle. Group for young women who seek 
knowledge of Natural     Forces and Earth Magic. Find self-realisation and 
There was a phone number. I said, 'Sounds right up your street, darling. 
Feminist and Nature-loving. Why not give them a ring this evening. You need 
something to get you out of the house...and most of our friends are so far away 

She made the call, and told me about it. 'It's a Mrs Welkin, and she sounds 
everso nice over the phone. Sort of calm, and very assured. They're not having 
a meeting till Sunday, but she wants me to go round tomorrow, and she'll tell 
me what it's all about.'

The next day, Saturday, Jackie came home bubbling with enthusiasm. 'They're 
servants of the Earth Goddess and Earth God. They're at one with nature and 
follow the way of the truth. It's a bit like a religion, but friendlier. And women 
only, of course. As she talked, she seemed to be telling me the things I've 
always known. Sort of reminding me the things I really believe in. Mrs Welkin 
has a big house with parkland round it, and some of the members live with her, 
others just go to meetings and services. I met two of the girls who live in, and 
they're really nice people. Just like us. Though, Mrs Welkin must be very rich 
I suppose.'

'Not a witches coven, is it. ha! ha! ha!'

'Well, it's all a bit secret, and men aren't allowed to know about it. Anyway, 
I'm going along to the service tomorrow evening, and will be made a member. 
The ritual goes on a bit, and Mrs Welkin says it would be better if I stayed 
overnight. Is that ok?'

I made a face.

'Oh, come on! You're often away! That's ok then. Mrs Welkin said that out of 
eleven applicants they're only going to admit me and one other girl. Because 
of the aura we have, and because the Earth Goddess and Earth God like to be 
worshipped by beautiful people because they're more in tune with the Natural 

I could hardly refuse her, but I certainly felt doubtful inside. This was 
obviously some sort of sect. But with no men it couldn't be too bad. On the 
other hand I was suspicious, and more especially since there were no men. 
And they only admitted beautiful plain ones! Probably a gang of 
middle-aged dykes who'd hit on a wheeze for getting a supply of lovely young play with their bodies. In any case, if I couldn't go along with her, 
then I'd follow and see what I could see! That's the idea. I'd eavesdrop, and if 
it got too heavy, I could always break it all up!

Apart from anything else, perhaps a few hours with a couple of sophisticated 
dykes might loosen her up a bit...make her a bit more obliging to me. I was 
sure any girl who'd had a tongue on her clit would be begging for more!

After dinner Saturday we went straight to bed. As usual I got only the briefest 
glimpse of my 
darling's bottom and breasts as she stripped for bed. She was pleased she'd got 
her way, though, and the look on her face promised . As usual, this fleeting 
vision of star-gazing , rounded breasts with their tiny brown aureoles and little, 
hard nipples, the firm, rounded bottom and slim hips, the olive-white of her 
soft skin...all this made me hard. But it was a momentary treat only: I couldn't 
get Jackie to show me more, longer, even after months of marriage. Her 
sensible white, cotton nightdress slipped over her shoulders and hid all, to her 
trim little ankles.

But I was erect, and I took my time putting on the pyjamas that I had to wear 
to bed. Jackie, I know, had seen my stiff prick but she deliberately looked the 
other way as she lay on the bed. I held it in the hand, looking in the mirror. Not 
bad! Big! And a real good summer sun-tan! I came over and lay beside her, 
under the duvet.

'Put the light out, darling,' she said. That's another thing: sex was always in 
bed, and always in the dark. I switched it off and reached for her. I felt her 
lovely, conical, hard tits through the fabric and strayed down to caress her hips 
and thighs. As usual, I pulled the nightdress up to her shoulders to expose her 
swelling breasts. Under my palm, I could feel the nipples harden with passion. 
I knew her cunt lips would be open, the juices flowing, and her clitoris 
hardening; but it was better for me not to touch, or the mood would change!

'I love you, darling,' I whispered, and her hands caressed my shoulders and 
back. I took her hand and placed it on my cock, but she removed it as soon as I 
took my own hand away. 'I wish you wouldn't want dirty things, ' she said. 'I 
do love you. We shouldn't touch there, or mine either. Lay on top of me, and 
do it properly.'

I'd only ever had Jackie missionary. On the other hand, I must admit even with 
this limitation she was the best fuck I'd ever had, As soon as I'd entered her 
juicy little cunt, making sure I'd ridden up her body a bit to rub her clit as I 
went in and out, she started to come. As I said, Jackie is multi-orgasmic, 
despite the limitations of the sexual technique she allowed. As she came I took 
little liberties that normally would not be allowed. My finger caressed her anus 
(not to enter though!), and my lips bit her nipple (this was allowed), and I 
buried my face in the soft-skinned firmness of her matchless bosom.

It was all I could do to hold myself: But this one was going to last and I rode 
her skilfully. Long, slow, sweeping strokes the full length of my shaft, 
alternating with short, fast, hard thrusts, my belly crashing into hers. She 
started to come again. I promised myself, 'next time', and held myself back. 
Within a hundred thrusts (I was counting them to keep from coming) she 
started to come a third time. This time it was a huge, rolling orgasm. In the 
I could feel the spasms rack her body, her vagina gripping and releasing my 
cock, only to grip it again. She rotated her hips, and heaved up to meet my 
thrusts, and she clawed at my back, 
scratching it. She was silent, except for pants and a low moan, broken by 
excited, panting gasps as I came as well, pumping spurt after spurt of hot come 
into her cunt, which gripped my tool even as I shot.

'I love you,' she said. She rolled over and was asleep in seconds. I had a crafty 
feel of her body as I lay there, and I gently wanked my hard-again prick. I 
considered getting a torch so I could look at the sleeping body under the bed-
clothes, but thought better of it. I didn't take the wanking to orgasm, but 
dropped off to sleep myself.


                                            Chapter 2 : Peeping Tom

I wouldn't want the reader to think that I make a habit of looking through 
windows. I've always prided myself as being a doer rather than a watcher. Be 
that as it may, it was about ten o'clock I was lurking in a shrubbery by a large 
house in the suburbs, giving a pretty good impression of a voyeur. There were 
plenty of lights on, but the bushes came almost up to the walls and gave 
reasonable cover. The best place would probably be the tall, wide windows at 
the front. Probably the main reception room, and it seemed like no curtains. I 
sneaked over and peeped through the window. The room was tall, and very 
long, stretching away from me .Some walls must have been removed to get 
this effect. It seemed to be done up as some kind of temple, so I guessed I'd 
found the place first time. Idols, candlesticks, and a large table where you 
might expect an altar to be. The place was lit with gas torches, flaming at the 
walls. Parts of the room were nearly dark, but others lit brightly, as if with 
theatre spotlights. In fact, the whole effect was theatrical.

I peered into the corners of the chapel, not daring to lift my head too high 
above the low window frame. I was quite comfortable kneeling. I could see the 
idols now as my eyes got used to the gloom in the parts of the hall they 
inhabited. They were of groups of men and women inter-twined, like some 
Hindu sculptures I'd seen pictures of, postcards handed round when I was at 
school. In groups mainly of two, three or four, men were taking women in 
cunt, arse and mouth. Some of the men were wearing head-dresses of horns. 
There were mirrors everywhere, and especially where the lighting was most 
harshly bright. The flickering torches threw strange shadows on some of the 
walls, making the statues seem to live, in their lustful gropings.

There were no pews, as in a church, but dotted round the walls were couches , 
each as large as the biggest king-size double-bed, but some with arms, like a 
settee. Some were covered in deep scarlet satin, while others had white, 
dazzling white, satin sheets thrown on them. The carpet was deep red. The 
altar table seemed to be covered in yellow flowers. I guessed these would be 
lotus blossoms. There were also some stools, benches and frames made of 
heavy black oak, with leather and brass-studded straps, the ritual purpose of 
which I hardly dared guess.

At the back of the altar was a cut-glass chalice, full of what looked like a dark, 
almost black wine, and  on the wall behind it was a strange-shaped cross. Over 
this was hung a painting, more than life-size of a man with curly black hair, 
muscular body, and a huge erect cock., not at all concealed by the black satin 
cloak over his shoulders. The artist had depicted him laughing in demonic 

At that moment three women came in, leading a fourth.   Two were dressed in 
bright red underwear, and were dancing a strange, but complicated dance. 
They had dressed to tease, both with red stockings, and high-heeled, silver 
shoes. Both wore red elbow length gloves, but only one of them wore a bra. As 
if to compensate, this one did not have the tiny matching bikini panties that the 
other one wore. Probably there was music, as their sinuous writhings, and the 
matching rhythms of their steps suggested some eastern melody. The other 
woman may have been slightly older, I thought. At least she was heavier built. 
A wet-dream, in bronze-gold satin, glossy stockings, and shiny, metallic high-
heels. As she walked, her robe opened each step, and I had a vision of a plump 
mound, and pink cunt-lips, opening beneath her auburn cunt-hair. I watched 
entranced these beautiful women, their tits , with upright nipples, clearly 
needing no assistance from any brassiere. The girl who wore the red bra, 
clearly only did this for effect. Her body was as firm and toned as the other 
two. I felt my prick harden. Perhaps the older woman was Mrs Welkin. she 
was a fine figure of a woman, tall, stately, walking with authority although her 
breasts and cunt were naked. Her breasts stood out full and round, the nipples 
seeming to point skyward in defiance of gravity. The two in red, I could now 
see, could scarcely have been in their twenties. As they walked, the cunt lips of 
one were  outlined, moving with the satin panties, while the lips of the other 
pouted , much as Mrs Welkin's. I could see the arse-cheeks of all three move 
as they walked.

I still couldn't see the fourth woman, who stayed in the shadows, but could 
make out she was wearing white. The gold woman went over to the altar and 
took the glass bowl from it over to this girl, who put it to her lips and drank 
while Mrs Welkin held it, and the other two continued their slow and 
serpentine dance. She choked, and the girls in red supported her for a second, 
as she seemed shaken by the potency of the draft. I noticed one of the girls 
pass her hand over the girl's bottom, and she suddenly laughed. All three 
women led her to the altar, dancing around her.

My God. It was Jackie. I saw her face clearly, and there was a wildness in her 
eyes. As they danced around her, she suddenly made a grab at the leader (I 
assumed, rightly, the one in gold was such), held her in her arms and kissed 
her. My prim, chaste little wife then fondled the strong, ample arse . I knew 
now what she was wearing. We'd had a registry office wedding, and she'd 
worn white satin, a satin blouse and a long satin skirt, but not really a wedding 
dress.. I could see the naked breasts of the older woman pressed against the 
white satin dress of the younger. I imagined I could see Jackie's nipples 
standing through the shiny fabric. Surely she had worn a bra...but then I 
remembered she hadn't at the wedding either .Jackie's hands grasped the 
woman's firm flesh and seemed to part the arse cheeks through the shining 
bronze robe. I could imagine the dark rose of the woman's arsehole.

It won't surprise the reader that I had taken my rampant cock out, and was 
softly wanking.

Jackie rubbed her body lasciviously against the part-naked priestess, putting 
her leg between her partner's, and raising it to feel the naked cunt with her 
stockinged thigh. Laughing, the two in red pulled her, protesting, off, and, 
amazingly she started to handle their tits, too, her arms around their waists as 
they supported her. They managed to undo her blouse, and the catch on her 
skirt, which dropped to the floor.  For a moment she stood free, facing me in 
the window, so I had to drop down smartly. But not before I saw she was 
wearing the stockings, suspenders and silver high heels of our wedding day. 
But no knickers! No knickers for these lesbians...but knickers to hide her 
lovely cunt from her husband on her wedding night. In fact, this was perhaps 
the best sight I'd ever had of her full, tanned breasts, and her trim little cunt. 

She still wanted flesh! Her palms reached up and covered the satin-clad breast 
of the one, and the nakedness of the other, pressing and rubbing them in a 
passion for woman-flesh. She took a nipple between each thumb and 
forefinger, rolling it like a hazel nut, savouring the delight of hard young 
tits....I would have sworn this was her first time. Or was it? Yes! Now she 
concentrated on the girl with bare breasts, and with one grasped in her hand, 
she suckled on the other. 

The draft taken by Jackie was an aphrodisiac, handed down for millenia 
among women of the old religion. Taken as a draught it would give an hour of 
lust. Injected in its pure state., six hours. No sooner had she drunk it than her 
breasts felt swollen, her nipples hardened, and I could see her bosom rise and 
fall as the speed of her breathing increased. Her cunt was on fire, and her mind 
filled with urgent and perverse desires, long suppressed by this virtuous home-
maker. Even the rim of her arsehole burned with a desire she had never felt 
before. She wanted to handle flesh, female, male, any, as long as it was firm 
and young. White, black, brown or yellow, she wanted the feel of  a stranger's 
skin beneath her hands and against her sweet, young body. I was appalled, 
though fascinated and aroused. These women were going to seduce my 
woman, handling her breasts and bottom cheeks, having for themselves the 
sweet cunt, denied to my lips.

My breath had started to steam the window so I prudently moved back into the 
shadows. The three priestesses lovingly removed the flimsy underwear. Hands 
unclasped the suspender belt and I'm sure hands brushed against her pouting 
cuntlips as the clasps were undone. These were her very white stockings, not 
worn since our wedding day, and seen by me only once for a few seconds. I 
had wanted to shag her while she was wearing them...but no. I had not even 
been able to feel her legs in their glossy embrace. Yet these three were running 
their hands freely up and down those long slender legs as they removed her 
stockings and slippers. Naked now, her tits heaved with passion, and she 
started to rub her own clit, but the two in red stopped this by holding her arms.

They propelled her to the altar, lay her on it, on her back: they did not use the 
waist-belt, nor the shackles at ankles and wrists. Perhaps they had no need to 
with this willing subject. Perhaps they were for securing unwilling victims of 
their lusts...I wanked my rampant cock at this thought. She moaned and 
wriggled, and her body writhed as if she were being fucked. And indeed in her 
mind the drug-induced passion gave reality to her imaginings. She dreamed 
she was being fucked by a great negro god, one of those in the statues. Her 
cunt was afire, her nipples, and also, strangely, the rim of her arse. He shagged 
her without respite, but she could not come. He came, filling her cunt with his 
sperm, but still she could not come. She writhed under his imagined weight, as 
she fantasised he fucked her with even increased vigour.

The yellow flowers that had been sprinkled over the altar...lotus blossoms I 
guessed, or frangipani...spilled to the polished wood floor as she moved.

I'd seldom had more than a glimpse of my wife's lovely body. And here she 
was exposing it to the gaze of three probably lesbian women. It didn't seem 
fair, and despite my sexual excitement, I felt anger rising. But I crouched, still, 
behind the window, soaking up this vision of loveliness. As her hips moved up 
and down, meeting imagined thrusts, I could make out the olive-white bottom 
so long denied me, and marvel at its elasticity and the firmness as her hips 
crashed down to the bench. Her tits moved in a circle like those of an exotic 
dancer. They stood proud and conical from her chest as they rose and fell with 
her panting passion.

The chief priestess was holding a hypodermic syringe, and she carefully 
injected Jackie's arm. Her body writhed, she panted, and her eyes were fixed 
on the figures of the priestesses. The drug was to reinforce the effect of the 
earlier draught, I supposed. I was sure it was pleasure and not pain that made 
Jackie moan, and some very powerful drug had been used to remove her 
inhibitions and ready her for sex, for that was what the 'initiation' would be.
I'd seen enough. I would break this up! But I was suddenly struck from 
behind, and fell unconscious.

When I came to I was naked. My wrists and ankles were shackled. There were 
more women now. Most, but not all, were dressed in the same provocative 
white undies as Jackie. They were younger than the three I'd seen earlier, 
probably my wife's age. As they  manhandled me I felt firm bosoms brush my 
chest, thighs and bottoms push against my own.

'Reverend Mother, we found this worm....she flicked at my cock...spying. 
From his wallet he is the husband of the neophyte. He was peeping through the 
window, watching our holy mysteries. When we caught him he had an 
erection, a sacrilege at our service.'

'Tie him to the frame. Whip him!'

I was pulled struggling but helpless in my shackles, and fixed to a wooden 
cross, arms and legs spreadeagled, my chest and cock exposed to the lash.

Make it pretty. A lattice-work. Eighteen strokes.'

One of the girls in white took her time choosing a black, woven leather whip 
from a stand on the wall, where to my horror I could make out a selection of 
lashes and whips. And there were six lashes applied between my prick and my 
shoulders, at regular intervals. I knew where the next would fall and dreaded 
the stinging, searing pain. But I could not avoid it. Then six more diagonally 
left to right, and six on the other diagonal.

'Show him!' A cheval mirror was wheeled over and still bound to the cross, I 
saw the lattice work of red weals across my chest and belly. The pain had 
passed, and a warm, tingling 
feeling remained. Strangely, it was not un-sexy. At all events my cock was 
threatening to harden again.

Beside me, I could see my darling wife still having sex with phantasms in her 
drug-induced dreams.

'You will watch our mysteries, but the slightest hardness in that tool of yours 
will lead to immediate punishment. Bring the electrodes!' A trolley was 
wheeled over with a mahogany box on it. From the box emerged red and black 
wires, ending in crocodile clips. 'Oh! Sweet Jesus, live and neutral,' I thought 
in blind terror.

'It is not suitable that his naked masculinity offend our ritual. Dress him 

As I stood, shackled, young hands fastened a black, lacy suspender belt round 
my waist, and rolled glossy, white stockings up my legs. My wife's wedding 
stockings, I realised. In a trice four hands had fastened the straps, and other 
hands straightened the seams. I was made to step into tiny, black, satin panties, 
trimmed with the finest black lace. And finally a waspie was laced up tightly 
around my waist. 'No, not the brassiere, ' the gold clad woman said. 'He 
hasn't enough to fill it,' she added ominously, 'At least not to fill it yet!' The 
girls laughed, tinkling, girlish, but I sensed a sinister edge to their excitement, 
to their glowing , shining eyes. What could she mean...they understood, but I 
did not.

I was completely humiliated. My young wife was a naked exhibition, myself 
bound, beaten, and now dressed in undies! And yet it was rather sexy, the feel 
of the nylon stockings on my legs, the strange and new feel of my legs as they 
touched each other, feeling the shiny, hard, glossy nylon that encased them. 
And the feel of satin across my bottom, round my balls. How I wished I were 
free to run my hands over my buttocks, and feel the flesh under the shiny 
knickers! To feel the shape of my prick under the thin, shiny nylon! I began to 
go hard, my knob peeping from the top of my panties, and pushing out the 
flimsy material in a tent. I prayed they wouldn't notice. I could see why some 
men like dressing in their wives' undies, Perhaps when Jackie was out, I could 
try it myself. With her lovely pink silk panties, not the ordinary cotton ones. 
And her party stockings, which had just the right sheen. Shoes were brought to 
me, gold high heels. The second pair they tried fitted, and they were put on 
me, and the ankle straps fastened. I could see my legs in the mirror, and the 
sight of myself, my feet in high heels and my legs in stockings, me in girls' 
undies, made me even stiffer.

'You will watch our mysteries, but you will not repeat the sacrilege for which 
you have just been beaten. If your penis becomes stiff, you will be severely 
punished. Connect him up!'

Surely she could see my hard-on. She was playing with me like a cat with a 
mouse. Pretending I was still safe, only to chastise the harder.

I was tied again to the cross, facing the room, facing the altar and my wife. 
One clip was fixed to my left bollock; the other to my right. I was learning to 
balance on the gorgeous stiletto heels.

Reverend Mother, the feel of the nylon and satin has made the victim hard. Or 
perhaps it is the sight of our neophyte deep in the enjoyment of her sacred 
dream. Or perhaps it is our bodies that have inflamed him again.

'Shock him! ' And an acolyte, one of those in dazzling white underwear, 
eagerly pulled a lever on the mahogany box, held it open  a second, and closed 
it. A searing, unbelievable pain rocketed through me, starting, and 
concentrated on, my balls. I screamed. 'There! Soft again! We'll soon make 
this macho male learn he's not to lust after priestesses, acolytes, or neophytes.'

On the altar, Jackie was vaguely aware of the scream, and turning to it, as if 
through a mist saw her husband. What was he doing spoiling her fun, and why 
was he kicking up such a noise? Well, sod him, then! If it hurt, well serve him 
right. She had better things to do. And she returned to her fantasies of sexual 

Horrified, I saw Mrs Welkin and the two red-dressed women go over to the 
altar. Willing young hands pulled off their skimpy clothing, leaving them 
totally naked. I willed myself to look away, scared of punishment, but I could 
not resist the sight.

The High Priestess pulled Jackie up the altar so her head hung over the edge. 
And she rubbed her cunt against my wife's face, she who had never allowed 
me oral sex! My darling's tongue parted the cunt lips and licked avidly, 
circling round and round the clitoris, which even from where I was I could see 
was engorged, hard, and unusually developed. This aggressive dyke had a clit 
like a small penis! The cunt lips were open with desire, and moist, shining 
with the flow of her lust. She held the head in her hands and rubbed harder and 
faster against the hard tongue, her nose, and her whole face. My wife's face! 

Raking the whole slit hard up and down over her nose, tongue and chin, 
covering it with a shiny film of female lust....I could see Jackie trying to catch 
the clit between her lips, and suck it as it passed over her.

The Priestess had her way, and came. Now she lifted Jackies' head, to kiss her 
lips. I suddenly thought how nice it would be to kiss Jackie with the smell and 
taste of another woman on her face. Fearfully, I felt my prick stiffening, and 
dismissed the thought.

Now the two junior priestesses had her body . One fondled her ripe tits while 
kissing, and especially touching tongues. Jackie's eyes were closed in ecstasy, 
as the other priestess, her long blonde hair falling over Jackie's thighs, kissed 
and manipulated her cunt .It was difficult to tell exactly when Jackie was 
coming, as she moaned and writher continually. I now know, she would have 
been having orgasm after orgasm, each larger than the last, until they ran 
together into one magnificent experience.

Standing at the foot end of the altar, and leaning over the 'sacrifice', a naked 
assistant caressed the breasts of the girl as she lay there. Jackie reached up, as 
if instinctively with both hands, and felt the full breasts of the girl leaning over 
her. They were swollen with desire, and heaved in passion. I could see the 
priestess in profile, and even in my dreadful predicament I could appreciate the 
beauty of her figure. In profile her tits were perfect hemispheres underneath, 
with never the hint of a crease or sag. But on top they were concave, pushing 
up to hard nipples that strained upwards. As if pulling the breasts up on 
invisible chains. Her belly was flat, and she had shaved her cunt, which 
glistened in the flicker of torchlight, perhaps with desire, perhaps with scented 
oil. Her bottom was firm, but rounded, and her hips had the contours of a 
mature woman. She kneaded my girl's tits, tweaked the nipples, rubbed her 
firm belly, and back to the breasts again. Jackie writhed beneath her hands and 

The second assistant knelt at the foot of the altar now, and I could make out 
the whole of her bottom, even the hidden arsehole, and the rear of her cunt. 
Her arse was whiter than her tanned body, which served to accentuate the 
luscious shape of her rounded curves. She grasped the legs of the willing 
postulant, just above her knees, and buried her face in the open cunt. As she 
licked and sucked I could see her shaven cunt lips open from behind and 
moisten with desire. She did not touch them, but licked harder and faster.

The sight of my lovely, chaste wife, naked under my gaze for almost the first 
time, licking the cunt of a fascinating woman, being fondled by another, and 
sucked by yet another, was too much. Despite my fears, and my knowledge off 
the condign punishment, my cock hardened.

The watching girl giggled, again pushed the lever over, and held it open before 
returning it. Again the dreadful pain, searing through my body, filling my balls 
with agony. I screamed. As I screamed, and I suppose because of it, Jackie 
came. Not the quiet, subdued panting of her orgasms with me. Her legs 
gripped the head of her lover, her hands pulling her by the hair deeper into her 
slit. She rolled and writhed, and she yelled words I had never heard from her. 
'Suck me, bitch. Shit I'm coming. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuck. Give me a hard 
cock. My cunt's on fire Mr arse! Oh, squeeze my tits, and I'll come. 
Aaaaaaaaaah!' And she came screaming her pleasure. 

Mrs Welkin still shagged her face with that gaping cunt, and despite her 
excitement, Jackie still sucked, licked, nibbled at the cunt as it swept over her 
face. As Jackie came, Mrs Welkin , too, had an orgasm. Her hands gripped the 
head beneath her cunt, and she ground it into her clit and slit, her bottom 
cheeks clenching and unclenching with the spasms.

Beside me, my torturer whispered in my ear. 'Get hard again! I want to give 
you another shock! It's very exciting!' She released a firm tit from the blue 
satin bra and pressed it on my chest, dragging the hard nipple across me. 'Do 
you like my tits? Are they young and shapely enough for you?' And I did get 
hard again. And with a malicious giggle the acolyte did work the lever. The 
pain was excruciating as she left it open for a second longer. Again I screamed, 
to her evident satisfaction.

Round the room girls in various underwear were sitting on couches in couples, 
kissing gently while all this was going on. With the conclusion of what I 
assumed to be act one, they gathered around the altar singing softly something 
like, 'Praise to the Master for our comings, Praise to the Master for freeing us, 
Praise to the Master for do what you will is the whole of the law.

'Prepare yourselves.' And all around me these lovely young girls removed 
their bras and panties. These acolytes, unlike the Priestesses, were not totally 
naked...I suppose to show they were not priestesses. Or perhaps the priestesses 
liked them in their white high-heeled shoes, white shiny stockings, and white 
lacy garters on their thighs, or white satin suspender belts. I certainly did! I 
didn't know where to look, so entrancing were these young bottoms, bosoms 
and blonde, red or black-haired cunts, all immaculately coiffured!

In case I got a hard on again, I closed my eyes. A lash hit me across the chest, 
only partly protected by my waspie. 'You will watch! And now I'll tell you 
what we have decided to do with you. We can use you in the service of our 
Master.' Mrs Welkin seemed to take a sinister pleasure in this. 'And also for 
some of the Sisters, perhaps.'

'You are no use to us in your pose as a macho male. We do not use men for 
our sex, and you are already too old for the Master's special tastes. So we will 
change your sexual orientation! First a little jab!' She took a hypodermic from 
a box on a shelf and filled it from a tiny phial . She injected me in the arm, 
none too gently!

I expected a sudden rush of sexual arousal, that I had seen on Jackie's face and 
body. But nothing!'

'No. It's not the same. I'll tell you what it means,' and she chuckled.

'You are already scared of getting an erection from the bodies of these lovely 
young girls...' 

My horror mounted as she carefully explained to me that they would remove 
my lust for women and replace it with a desire for men. It had been done 
before....and not one of the victims of the procedure was anything but 
delighted at the successful outcome. It was always successful! It could be done 
by conditioning. They would apply pain, either by whipping or electrodes 
every time my prick became hard from the touch of female flesh or the sight of 
female bodies. For hours a day I would be chained down and beautiful acolytes 
would press their breasts or cunts to my mouth, take my shackled hands to 
their bosoms or faultless young bottoms. They would sit on me, and rub their 
cunts and arses against my face or chest. If all else failed they would suck my 
cock to erection. I would be dressed in women's undies and high heels, a new 
set each day, since I clearly already felt them exciting. These would remind me 
of my role in life. To please men!

And each time my cock became hard, they would punish my bollocks, and my 
whole body.

This treatment might be enough, as my obvious pleasure in stockings and 
panties suggested a less macho make-up than I pretended! She laughed.

But if it was not enough, I would be made to watch videos of young, nubile 
girls. No men, for obvious reasons. The girls would masturbate for me, feeling 
tits and cunts. They would perform in lesbian duos and trios for my delight, 
she said. Some I would recognise as acolytes. My wife would be among them!

And each time my prick became hard a watcher would apply the electric 

'Within a week, we'll have you brainwashed so you never want a woman 
again, so that however lovely and shapely the body, however glorious the hair, 
however bewitching the face, however provoking the lascivious acts, you'll 
feel nothing but fear and loathing for them. You will be an obedient slave, 
nothing more. One of the acolytes, looking at the Priestess with loving 
admiration in her shining eyes, offered her breasts to the woman. 

Accepting the offer, she felt the perfect tits with both hands. 'Yes, Sister 
Lovehair, you may have her next. You shall have her after the Master.'

'Those juicy cunts you slobber over now will become objects of horror. The 
juices you suck from them so avidly now will become disgusting to you. We 
shall work a miracle. You will come to desire the firm flesh of bottoms and 
breasts, but hate the very sexual organ that makes those bodies available to 

But that was not all the horrifying program. The other half was to make me 
actively want to offer my arse and mouth to the Master and his favorites. I was 
to lust after male pricks just as I hated female cunts. The potion and injections 
of aphrodisiacs were to be used to arouse my lust, which would then be 
satisfied by beautiful boys. My whole centre of being will be the upright cocks 
of these buggers and fellators. Continually, with strong men, effeminate boys, 
shemales, my homosexual desires would be stimulated and strengthened, 
enhanced, just as my heterosexual instincts were suppressed.

'Let us demonstrate this, ' said the Priestess.

An assistant priestess, the one with shaven cunt and dark shoulder-length hair, 
got the bowl from the altar. I was blindfolded and given to drink. It was sharp, 
but very pleasant. I drank it all.

'You will find you already have a feminine nature. We will free that!'

At once a fire of desire coursed through my body. I felt my nipples stiffen, my 
cock rose majestically, and my arse ached for something, I then knew not 
what. I longed to run my hands over my satin-clad bottom, feeling the silken 
feel, round to my prick, feeling its outline within my panties. To feel the 
glossy, hard, nylon surface of the stockings over my thighs. I was fully aware 
of every sexually sensitive spot on my body, and glorying in the embrace of 
the lingerie.

The blindfold was removed by a teenage lad. He had a soft, white skin, and a 
hairless chest. His head was a mass of golden curls, and his complexion 
smooth as any young girl's. His cock was half erect, and was redder than his 
body, as if he had been exercising it as young boys do. He embraced me, 
pressing my body against his, leaning me back on the pole to which I was 
attached. The room was empty now, except for us. I could feel his slim cock, 
glimpsed momentarily, pressing against my own. His flat belly pressed up to 
me, and he rubbed his chest gently against mine.

You are very strong,' he whispered. 'I like strong men. And you have a lovely, 
manly body. I like hairy men. ' He wandered his hands over my helpless 
frame, kneading the muscles of my arse, feeling my biceps and thigh muscles, 
feeling my pectorals, and holding my hard nipples.

'I've had the potion too. I want you as much as you want me.' He laughed, and 
touched the shape of my prick, stroking it through the shiny fabric of the 
panties they had made me wear. He gripped it a moment, and then, cradling 
my balls through the satin as if to judge the size of my penis and balls by 
weighing them in his palm, he passed his hands behind my waspie and pulled 
himself hard against me, kissing me full on the lips, his questing tongue 
forcing into my mouth and touching mine.

I was alive with lust, and especially for this lad. I pressed my tongue against 
his. How I longed to run my hands over his body! To lick the salt from his 
neck, while running my hands through his soft, golden hair! Let me down! I 
know there is nowhere to run to. And I want you so badly!' Bound at the 
ankles, my legs rubbed together with desire, and I could feel the exciting 
glossy texture of my nylon stockings.

He laughed. 'Am I so lovely? Is that why all the men want me?' And he felt 
my prick again through the black panties, this time stroking it, rubbing and 
gripping it through the satin. He unshackled me, and we went to a couch, me 
still wearing my high-heels, and walking with some difficulty. But somehow 
these shoes felt right to me.

'I like the feel of your bottom.' he said, his hand fondling me as I walked those 
few steps beside him. 

'And I just love yours.' In my turn I was running my right hand over the satin-
smooth cheeks of his arse while with the other I touched the swaying cock. 

'The high heels make it wiggle, and I can feel the muscles under your satin. 
Kiss me! ' We stopped and hugged close together. His tongue entered my 
mouth again and as his hands grasped my arse-cheeks my cock felt on the 
point of coming. My arse was on fire, and I  fantasised having this lad's 
straight, pink cock in me, with the ruby-red knob right up in my vitals, the 
golden pubic hair pressing against my bottom. My hand between the two of us, 
I was gently wanking the object of my desire. I reached down and held his bare 
cock lightly in my hand, and gently moved the skin up and down.

He broke away from our clinch. 'Not yet! I want your strong bottom!' I felt a 
surge of pride that this lovely boy wanted my body! I felt as tender as any 
virgin bride with her lover, excited but apprehensive, wondering what it will 
be like.

'I've never.....'

'I know. Don't be worried. I have. And I know how to make you enjoy this.'

We lay down on a huge couch, and I turned my back to him, laying on my 
side. He grasped the elastic of my panties, and pulled them down over my 
thighs. He wet his cock with saliva, and without any further preparation put it 
in my virgin arsehole. First the knob...a momentary pain...then the satisfaction 
of feeling it push further and further till his body rested against my arse, just as 
I had imagined. The fire in my arse, a fire of lust, increased as he started to 
shag me, gently at first as he had promised. An arm passed over my side, and 
his soft hand grasped my rampant cock. I reached behind me and managed to 
touch, to fondle some part of his torso. I couldn't reach his nipples. He wanked 
my cock up and down the shaft. The shagging got faster now, and I moved my 
arse back and forth in rhythm without thinking, while to the same beat his 
young hand moved faster up and down my cock. I came, great spurts of spunk 
staining the red velvet.

Still the burning in my innards, demanding the satisfaction of springy, young, 
male flesh.

Amazingly this fierce comeing did not remove my lust, and hid hand kept 
pumping at my still-erect prick, slipping in the spunk, while his cock went 
faster and harder into my tight arsehole. I could feel his hard, boy's stomache, 
completely hairless, smashing into my buttocks. At last he pulled me close to 
him, using my cock as a lever, and I felt the hot spunk spurt from his virile 
young cock, a new and wonderful feeling for me, partly assuaging the fire that 
raged in my rectum. As he came, I came again, and I still had jism to cover his 
hands and drip onto the carpet.


He lay there, his cock resting tranquil, gripped by my anus. He tenderly licked 
circles on my back, and I squirmed with pleasure as he fondled my nipples, 
tweaking them playfully. A final contraction of my anus forced the now-soft 
penis out, and I had a sudden reminder first of the feel of its entry, and then a 
sense of loss, as my arse was no longer filled. I turned round, held him in my 
arms and kissed him. 'Thank you. That was wonderful. And you are right...I 
did enjoy it even though it was my first time.' He hugged me tighter as a 

But I was still hard!

'I have to drain you of spunk,' he said 'That's my orders.' So he took my cock 
in his mouth and sucked. Just the knob and half the cock at first, and often 
removing it to lick the length of the shaft, or round the rim of the knob, or 
poking his tongue into its eye.

I looked up and saw Jackie standing there, an amused smile on her lips. 'So 
you like little boys do you, you filthy man? And it's only now that I find that 
out!' Not a word , you notice, about her own lez frolics. How like a woman! 
You can't trust 'em. And I was certainly learning that boys could be as good, 
perhaps better. Certainly this mouth was a special treat! I was down his throat 
to the very limit, my pubic hair touching his lips. His throat seemed to grip my 
cock somehow, and his busy tongue was licking the shaft as I held it there 

'Turn round, I want to suck you too.' And for the very first time I had a prick 
in my mouth. It was still soft, and I took the whole of it. I sucked on it, rolled 
my tongue around it, And expelled it through my pursed lips, before sucking it 
again. I knew I must keep it away from my teeth, from the experience of 
having mine sucked by careless or ignorant girls! As I held the whole in my 
mouth, I felt it stiffen, and wondered at the feel of this young prick swelling in 
my mouth as I sucked on it. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever felt in my life! 
Starting soft and wilting, tender and feminine, I could now feel the steely 
muscle under the soft skin, becoming masculine and intrusive. I wondered at 
the contrast between the pink, soft skin that moved with my lips, and the 
firmness beneath the surface.

My arms were round the smooth body, and my hands, one in the small of his 
back, pulling him into my mouth, the other on his bottom, feeling the firm, 
lean flesh of his arse. I reached a finger into the crease, enjoying the warmth of 
this secret place, slick from the sweat of his exertions. And I let the tip of my 
finger rest on the entry of his arse. Now his prick was really hard, and I took it 
from my mouth to look at it, close. It was about eight inches I guessed, shorter 
and slimmer than my weapon. Whereas mine was red in the shaft, this was a 
more delicate pink, with just a fuzz of golden curls on the lower half of the 
shaft. The knob was a sloping, ruby-red helmet. I kissed it , wondering 
tenderly at its beauty, and took a little drop of come that appeared in its eye on 
the tip of my tongue, savouring my first male come.

'Don't stop!' he said, removing my cock for only an instant. I started to move 
my mouth up and down, in the same rhythm he was using on my cock. I felt 
his almost hairless balls with the tips of my fingers, tickling them gently, just 
as he was doing to me. As his index finger penetrated my bottom, so I pushed 
mine into his arse up to the first knuckle. As his finger gently fucked my 
bottom so mine reamed his.

Suddenly his cock forced even further in, and I felt for the first time hot spunk 
spurt into my eager, gobbling mouth. I rolled it round my palate, savouring the 
taste and texture. I had often done this with my own come, and now I realised 
why I had enjoyed that...I was at least part-gay! I swallowed it greedily, trying 
not to lose a single drop. More and more spurts of virile come hit my palate 
and the inside of my cheeks, and my excitement was so great that in my turn I , 
too, filled his soft mouth with hot come, gripping his hips tightly as I shagged 
his throat. I lay there in his arms, tranquil at last, overcome by a sense of 
tenderness and well-being. So unlike the sadness that normally followed 
passing affairs with women.

But, because of the elixir I suppose, I was still stiff.

'Now shag my arse. I've no more left, but you've still got one more come. and 
the Priestess wants me to drain you completely before the ceremony.'

He knelt in front of me on the couch, presenting to me those slim hips and 
firm, hard-muscled little bottom that I had so enjoyed fondling. He waggled it 
provocatively, playfully, and spread his arse cheeks for me, his hands 
indenting the white flesh. The crease was hairless and as white as any 
maiden's flesh! His arsehole was smooth, pink, un-puckered. I knelt and 
placed my pursed lips on the tiny rose, and kissed it; then I slipped my tongue 
inside, and gently shagged him with the tip of my tongue. I held his hips with 
both hands, and didn't need to wank myself to keep hard. I pushed him down 
on the bed, flat on his belly. His cock was now trapped between his legs, so I 
licked it, and then tucked it back under him. My tongue in his bottom again, 
and I felt the anus completely relaxed, as he pushed back , up to me, to get 
further penetration. He giggled. This was what I had longed to do with my 
chaste, young bride. But now I preferred this clean-cut young bum, with its 
tight little anus, the rim so smooth and gripping my tongue. 'He giggled again. 
'It always tickles! But that's lovely. But I want your great tool up me. Shove it 
in, and smash your hairy thighs against my bottom. Shove it in. Beat me with 
your strong thighs, and your balls swinging against my arse cheeks.'

I reached beneath him, and pulled him against me, into a kneeling position. 
And so, kneeling behind this lovely boy, I buggered my first male arsehole. I 
have had so many, but that first I will always treasure. I reached under, but his 
cock was soft, so with one hand cradling his soft-skinned balls, and the other 
tweaking a nipple or feeling his smooth chest, I entered his arse. It was like 
going home after a long journey. As if it was what I had always wanted. My 
heart beat with excitement, and my chest felt it might explode. Warm and 
tight. It wriggled, and strove to meet my thrusts as I shoved in. Abandoning all 
and any artistry, I now just walloped it in harder and harder to the very hilt. He 
was right, my balls smacked against his thighs as they swung. He withstood 
the battering of my heavier body, and gave as good as he got by thrusting back 
at me, increasing the length and force of each penetration. Towards the end I 
removed the knob altogether each time, and forced it in again and again, 
pushing through the anal muscles, rubbing the rim of his arse, and giving the 
full length of my whole cock, until with a huge, draining orgasm, I pumped the 
last hot drops of my spunk in him. So fierce was my orgasm, that it almost 
hurt. And I know I was spasming, dry, long after the last 
spunk had gone! He moaned with pleasure as the hot rushes hit his rectum. I 
collapsed exhausted, and soon my cock was expelled by the muscles of his 
tight anus, wilting, soft and finished, drained of all desire, spunk, or virility.


                                           Chapter Five : My Future

When I came to, the boy was gone. The women were back, grouped around the 
couch. I could see Jackie among them, dressed in different white and pink  
underwear . She looked pleased with herself, smiling strangely. The effect of 
the elixir had worn off me, either that or the boy had indeed drained me of all 
spunk and vigour, beyond the ability of any magical potion to recover me. 
Although I was still interested in their figures, adorned rather than covered by 
their scanty clothes, I felt no desire, and was in no danger of more punishment!

The Priestess spoke. 'We broke off our ceremony to decide what to do with 
you, and to watch your antics with Daemon.'

'Neophyte Jacqueline Elfcunt, tell him his fate.'

Jackie looked me in the eye, that strange smile still on her lips. 'You are a 
bugger! I've watched you buggering a boy, and being buggered by him. I've 
watched you being sucked by him, and sucking him off, swallowing his come. 
I've watched you wanking him, and being wanked by him till your spunk 
flowed. I've watched how tenderly you kissed his red lips and felt his firm, 
white body. I've seen you come over and over again under the lash of your 
desire for his lean and muscular body. I've watched you hang on his neck, and 
run your hands through his golden hair, like a lover with his bride. Like you 
did to me three months ago on my wedding night.
She paused. 'I am your wife, and you have made me witness this male 
debauchery. You have been given one last chance to keep my love and save 
your marriage. Fuck me! Take me, fuck me, make me come. And I'll forgive 
you, despite the buggery, and the wearing women's underwear and shoes.'

She was wearing exactly the clothes that would excite me....stockings, garters, 
high heels. But I was drained! She knelt, and for the first, and I feared last 
time, she took my limp cock in her mouth. But I was drained! The tip of her 
finger entered my anus and stimulated it. But I was drained! Her firm breasts 
pressed against me as her tongue entered my mouth, and her tiny hand fondled 
my prick. But I was drained!

'It's no good, darling Jackie. This...woman...has arranged it so I can't get hard. 
Her boy has taken all my spunk. Later....' Standing there, limp-cocked, dressed 
in undies, unable to respond to this lovely , curvaceous girl, My Wife!, I was 
totally humiliated.

'Then learn your fate. You  will never shag me again. Soon you will not want 
women, only men. You may look strange in those panties, with your angular 
male arse. Your ankles and legs already have something of the feminine in 
them. I wonder I did not notice needed the heels and stockings. But 
you could not fill a bra! Really, you do not look good in your lacy undies. But 
you will! Oh yes, you will!'

Your legs will become hairless and smooth, and their rounder shape will do 
justice to those fine denier stockings. Your ankles will slim and look trim and 
desirable in high heels. Your bottom muscles will decrease, but it will become 
rounder, more feminine, jutting out, a temptation to buggery! The hair on your 
chest and belly will go, and decrease on your prick, balls and arsehole. Your 
body will be smooth and hairless except in those places women have fluff. By 
the time your hair has grown to shoulder length, your breasts will be as full 
and firm as mine. Then you will do justice to those undies, filling them out 
with soft-skinned, but firm female flesh. You will have all the boys and men 
you want, and you will be happy in your femininity.'

'Yes, my ex-husband. We are going to turn you into a shemale. The injection 
you were given an hour ago is the first of a course of hormones you will 
continue, one a day for the next six weeks. By the time you are irreversably 
homosexual, you will also have the feminine body that straight men lust for,. 
You will loath women, but some of the sisters may lust after your feminine 
curves, and require you to serve them. This will be a horror to you, but as a 
willing slave you will nonetheless serve them. As a token of your slavery you 
will wear this collar.' She fixed a studded leather collar round my neck.

'Reverend Mother, may we show him Paula, that he may see how complete his 
conversion will be?'

'Fetch Paula Lithebody!' she commanded.

A red-robed priestess led in a lovely brunette, leading her by a chain fixed to a 
collar identical to the one I now wore. The young girl (she could scarcely be in 
her twenties yet, I thought) was dressed in black. Straps and chains...real slave 
gear! Her back was to me, and I could admire how the black leather waspie 
shaped her figure, emphasising the roundness of her bottom , and the strength 
in her shoulders. 

Unclasping part of it and letting the rest of the chain fall like a long necklace 
chain fall, the priestess left the girl. She proceeded to show off her beauty. 
And, even emptied as I was, satiated , I could see this was a truly lovely girl. I 
like them young (which is why I made the mistake of marrying a teenage 
virgin bride), and my eyes rose from the glossy black leather high-heel boots, 
to the shiny black stockings, to the milk-white inside thighs above the stocking 
tops, which were hold-ups. There as a contrast between black straps, and the 
whiteness of the pert bottom. Her hips were slender, but not as slender as the 
boy I had just grasped. Her bottom and hips had lovely rounded contours.

The priestess had left her with her back to me. She turned round and stood 
with one high heel on the leopard skin upholstery of a low couch. Her black 
panties were open crotch, and to my utter amazement, this beautiful girl pulled 
out a lovely , half-erect cock, and her balls. She was shaven, I thought , and the 
cock hung in a graceful curve over the balls. She rubbed it into a larger 
erection , and looked quizically at me. I tore my eyes away from this to look at 
her very sexy face, and her naked breasts. She had large, brown nipples, and 
had oiled her tits, which did not need the support given them by the leather 
harness she wore. Her black hair fell in rippling waves over her shoulders, and 
touched her thigh as she posed. 

I had no idea that a transexual (I'd heard rumours about them!) could be so 
ravishingly lovely.

'Six months ago Paula Lithebody was Paul Littlewirth, a macho male!' Paula 
giggled. The priestess continued, ' He was a Fleet Street reporter, and made 
the mistake of investigating us. Now she has gone through the re-assignment 
program, and the result is this ravishing shemale. Are you happy now, Paula 
Lithebody. Are you a contented follower of the Master, self-fulfilled, and at 
one with your nature?'

'Oh yes, Reverend Mother. I don't want to be male!' she giggled again.' Shall 
I show him my breasts close -up. I'm so proud of them.'

Paula came right up to me, and pressed her breasts on my face. They were 
splendid. Large, firm, rounded. They seemed to be reaching outwards and 
upwards, tugged by the straining , brown nipples. Again I was amazed. Would 
I really have a body like this? What would it feel like? To have ones' own tits, 
ones own! under the palms of ones hands, feeling, squeezing, tweaking....'

The lovely shemale held her tits in both hands, proudly pushing them upwards 
still further. Her hands descended to the open crotch of her panties, and she 
stroked her rising cock. 'May I have him. Reverend Mother, please?'

'Yes, sister. In due time. You will prepare him for eventual initiation as a 
sister, taking the same road to fulfilment as you followed. Now we will 
prepare ourselves , for the second time!'

                                  Chapter Six : Ceremony 

Low, bizarre, electronic music played, as the women removed all but the 
lightest of their underwear. The three near-naked priestesses stripped shoes 
and stockings from Jackie, and laid her naked on the altar.

Were they going to have her again in a lesbian frolic, I wondered.

All the women, and Paula too, then knelt facing the altar, their arses in the air, 
spreading their arsecheeks, exposing their arseholes. Some fingered their 
plump cunts.  My first thought was that Mrs Welkin had hand-picked these for 
their perfection. Not only their breasts, but their bottoms too!

The music became louder, strident and discordant, percussive. A black curtain 
behind the altar rose, and revealed the Master. He was in the pose of the 
picture over his head. Not a man-mountain, but very muscular...perhaps six 
foot two and sixteen stone. His powerful body made him seem shorter than he 
probably was. His body had been depilated, I guessed, and oiled like an 
athlete's. Naked. My eyes were drawn involuntarily to the massive truncheon 
of his cock. His weapon rose from his groin, solid, hard. It was threatening, 

'The Master accepts his servants' submission.' His surprisingly smooth voice 
rang out. A very public school Master! 'You may admire!'

The women lifted their eyes, which had been abased, and gasped with lust for 
his frame. I thought I could quite fancy that!

The ceremony of initiation was short, led by the priestess and her two 

'Do you swear to obey this sisterhood and hold its secrets? Do you swear, on 
pain of having your clitoris excised?'

'I so swear.'

'Do you swear to have no man save the Master, or his shemales, on pain of 
eviction from the order?'

'I so swear.'

'Do you swear to serve the Master with hand, bosom, mouth, arsehole and 

'I so swear.'

Then seal the compact with the holy kiss.

Jackie rose from the altar and holding the muscular hips of the Master, pressed 
her face to his anus, and wetly placed a kiss on the rim of his anus.

'Now you will offer, as you swore, hand, bosom, mouth, arsehole and cunt to 
the Master. Drink of the elixir and lay down to await his pleasure.'

All round the room, in twos and threes the women lay, knelt or sat on the 
couches. A lesbian orgy accompanied the initiation. My eyes were on Jackie. 
Could she handle that cock?

The Master stood over her and drank a draught of the elixir himself...though 
by the look of him I doubted he needed it! He was wanking his prick, and then 
took her hand for her to continue. I watched her tiny, soft, white hand move up 
and down that veiny, thick shaft. It couldn't reach right round. It occurred to 
me she had never touched my cock, let alone given me the pleasure of jerking! 
He had not yet touched her body as he stood over her. She sat up, swung her 
legs over the side of the altar and pressed herself against him as she took the 
mighty shaft in both hands and moved them, together, up and down. The knob 
became more swollen still and the veins stood out purple . And he came. Some 
of the women, like me, watched the fountains of thick come that spilt over her 
reclining breasts and belly. He aimed spurts at each tit. He laughed as my 
randy wife tried to catch the final gush in her mouth. She rubbed the come into 
her tits, round and round, as if she was actively enjoying the silky feel of the 
thick come, and its heady scent warmed by the heat of her passionate breasts. 
And then she licked her fingers.

I envied her. I was amazed, but I truly envied her!

Of course he stayed hard, and laying beside my wife, used the spunk to 
lubricate his cock as he shagged her between her tits. One of Jackie's hands 
reached around his back and felt the immense muscles of his shoulders and 
buttocks. The other hand joined it as she pulled herself closer to his strong 
chest, his muscles standing out. Brutally, he pressed his prick into her tits, 
using her cleavage as a cunt, his spunk as a lubricant. I could see his thighs 
moving, regular, against her comparatively frail chest, squashing her tits on the 
downstroke, only for them to rebound, young and elastic on the up. The 
muscles of his mighty buttocks rippled, and I caught glimpses of the fine hair 
in his arsehole. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be fucked by a tool 
as fiercely erect as this, and  by a body so immensely strong. I shivered. But I 
liked the idea!

And again he came, but the spurts were masked by the tits that enclosed his 

Now her mouth. He stood over the altar, like a Hercules. The sack of his balls 
hung over Jackie's face and she reached up to lick them. As she raised herself, 
I could see the spunk still glistening on her. He laughed, and stuck his cock in 
her mouth. I looked round the room. Everywhere the slurping noises of mouths 
lapping juicy cunts, their lips glistening in the flickering torchlights. Dildos 
had been found, and I watched a lovely redhead dildoing the perfectly formed 
bottom of  a priestess, one with a shaven cunt. Her arse was towards me, and I 
watched the vibrator go in and out of the speared rectum, while her own and 
her lover's fingers worked on the juicy, naked cunt-lips, clit and vagina. Her 
lover's cunt was being sucked by a blonde, teenage surely, whose tits were 
shining with the female lubrication of another girl who had just finished riding 
herself to orgasm on their firm flesh and bullet-nipples. This girl was 
masturbating an open cunt, using a gold-coloured vibrator.

At the altar, the Master shoved his weapon further and further into Jackie's 
throat, but she didn't seem to gag on it. Her hands were still round his 
buttocks, and feeling into the cleavage, probing for his anus. No thought for 
anything but his own pleasure, the Master came a third time. Jackie was 
desperately trying to swallow all the hot jiz, but it was beyond her. Gulping 
four great swallows, the spunk filled her mouth and welled down over her 
chin. And still the spurts came. Her hands beat against his buttocks, clutching 
at the muscles, frantic now with lust for this magnificent animal.

Hand and mouth finished, he lifted his novice bodily from the altar and knelt 
her down against it. She looked quite lovely, her breasts now in profile to me, 
her firm, flat belly, and the small, rounded bottom. I'd followed the ceremony 
and knew he would now take her in the arse. How would she accommodate 
this huge prick in that bottom, which I knew to be virgin? Scarcely had a 
finger entered its secret portal, let alone this!

And yet I knew from my own use of the elixir that her arse would be afire, 
burning with desire, lusting for manflesh within its grip. And so the great satyr 
knelt behind the frail teenager. My teenage Bride!. He slapped her bottom with 
his great truncheon, and reached to the side of the altar where there was a brass 
pot of oil, with which he greased his knob , and then rubbed it down the shaft. 
He anointed the whole of the crack in front of him, and placed a dollop in the 
arsehole itself. She wiggled her bum like a bitch in heat as his fingers stroked 
her arsehole.

Placing his cock exactly over the shut hole he whispered in her ear. 'This will 
hurt a second. Push out with your muscles as if taking a shit. Don't clench 
them or it will really hurt, or worse even.'

'My bottom is on fire, Master. I need your great staff now! Please, please shag 
me now....'

He laughed and , guiding it with one hand, he gently put the knob in, then 
about half his ten or so inches. Understanding the pain would soon pass to 
pleasure with friction, he gave three or four short, sharp jabs before settling to 
long, slow strokes. He held his cock in his fist, to shorten it. However, his 
panting, sighing virgin was full of lust, and he found she could take his full 
length and great girth. He removed his fist, and grasping her hips with both 
hands he rammed the erect cock right home.

The virgin squealed, but with pleasure not pain. The new feeling of a filled 
rectum, the friction against her sphincter, the weight of his body as he collided 
with her slight arse, pushing her thighs hard against the leather altar, his strong 
hands grasping her hips and totally controlling her movement, all this brought 
her to the brink. Her little white hand reached beneath her and felt the balls of 
this bull. Then her fingers crept towards her cunt. She rubbed her clit with one 
hand, while she fucked her cunt with the other. She came, her first orgasm in 
the service of the Master.

But the bull-of-a-man shagged on. I felt Paula behind me. 'He is a wonderful 
lover. One day he will have you and you will see why he is worshipped as 
Master. I'm devoted to him, and only live for being summoned to his bed.' His 
breasts, naked, pressed against my back and I felt the firmness, and the nut-like 
nipples. He reached round me and felt my balls, pulling at the scrotum, 
fondling my soft prick.

'See how he fills her. I think she'll come again soon! She was your wife 
before, wasn't she? Well you have lost her now, lost her to the soft bodies of 
her Sisters and the hard body of her Master. They make her come as you never 
did.' Paula whispered in my ear as he fondled my chest and belly, pressing his 
body into my bottom and back. I could still feel his naked breasts, but was now 
aware too of the urgent pressure of his cock, seeking out my still-moist arse.

'I am promised you, and now I'll take you,' he whispered and kissed my neck. 
With that, he entered my anus, pressing home all the way. And as we watched 
the Master bring his servant to orgasm using only his prick in her arse, I 
submitted to the lust of this lovely tv. For several minutes, Paula fucked me in 
the arse from behind, both of us upright, but me straining backwards with my 
arse to give him leverage.

Now he steered me, still impaled on his prick, towards a couch. teetering on 
my high heels (Remember this is the first time I'd had the pleasure of wearing 
them), he had to steady me, laughing. 'You'll learn to walk, even to run or 
dance on stilettos, soon. From now on, you won't want to be seen in public in 
any other shoes. They make your arse wriggle splendidly!'

'That's the second time today I've been told that.'

He lay me on my back, raised my legs to his shoulders, and entered me 
missionary-style. I reached up to fondle his lovely white tits. 'Will mine ever 
be as good?' I asked him.

'Of course, sister,' he replied. 'You will have lovely, firm, rounded tits that all 
men will want to kiss.'

I took a nipple in my mouth and gently nibbled at it. 'Oh, and now the other 
one, please.....' So I took that between my lips and bit it. I reached round, 
taking his body in my arms , and pulled him down on me, clasping my 
stockinged legs around his waist, feeling the satin of his black suspender belt 
on the naked flesh of my thighs, above my stocking-tops. I had no hard on, but 
felt a great friendship, companionship with this lovely shemale who had 
already taken the road I was to follow, and was so happy in her new sexuality.

I deliberately squeezed on his cock with my anus, relaxed, gripped again, 
repeatedly, milking him towards orgasm. We watched the Master come, 
making Jackie squeal in delighted excitement as she too came, and at that 
moment sharper, quicker thrusts, and his tongue forced into my mouth 
signalled Paula was on the brink. A second later, I had the sensual luxury of 
hot spunk pouring into my rectum, again, again, again, again!

At the altar, and without a pause, the Master removed his cock from the spunk-
filled arse of his newest girl-slave, lifted her up bodily, and threw her on the 
altar. Paula had kept her cock in me, and we amused ourselves pointing out the 
various sex acts around the settees and couches.

Paula pointed out Mrs Welkin. Kneeling, she was sucking the carrot-red cunt 
of a young acolyte squatting in front of her. Her tongue licked avidly at the clit 
and open slit, while her hands had reached up to fondle the red-head's milk-
white tits, and her pink-red nipples. But behind and under the Priestess was 
even more activity. Two more lovely girls, a blonde still in her white stockings 
and heels, was dildoing the hairy cunt, while another , now stark naked, was 
dildoing her arse. The woman was wriggling her bottom most lasciviously, and 
we could see her ripe, full tits, hanging, and wobbling as she writhed with 
pleasure. With their spare hands, these two little lovelies were frigging their 
own clits and vaginas.

Elsewhere in the room there was some playful wrestling. Two girls were trying 
their strength. The penalty for losing was to have the face sat on, and to be 
shagged on the mouth and tongue, to completion. I enjoyed the girls wrestling, 
rolling over and over, grasping at tits and bottoms, looking for a hold! So did 
Paula, and I felt his cock hardening as he started, slowly, to fuck me again. 
This shemale had been through the treatment I was to have, yet still felt lust 
for the girls??

At the altar the final act was about to occur. Stretching her legs wide apart, he 
entered my wife's cunt. She was repeating over and over the single word 
'Yes'. He allowed his weight to squash her tits as he drove his cock home. 
'Hands, bosom, mouth, arse and cunt.' Jackie was now completely orgasmic. 
The great size of his cock, filling her cunt as it had never been filled before... 
as I had never filled it before....the weight of his body, the force of his athletic 
thrusts, the unsatisfied ache in her cunt caused by the elexir and this fantastic 
male, all these were too much, and she came. He shagged on, and she came 
again, her legs waving, her fists beating on his back and buttocks. And he 
shagged on, and she came again, begging him this time to stop. Her clit and 
cunt were unbearably sensitised. Yet he shagged on. And yet again she came.

The naked and half-dressed women grouped round the altar, summoned by the 
screams, curses, pleas of the victim. Some of them added to her hysteria by 
fondling her body, those parts not crushed and buried by the mountain of hard 
muscle. But others stroked and caressed their Master's body, which speeded 
up under this stimulus. Faster he went, bruising the frail frame beneath him. 
The Priestess knelt over him, and placed her face against his heaving buttocks. 
She stuck out a pointed tongue, and plunging her face between his hard arse-
cheeks, licked his anus. With this he came, and Jackie with him, one last time.

The Master stood, put on his cape, and left through the curtain whence he had 
come. No sister had ever seen him without his mighty erection, I later learned.

The Priestess and her two assistants put on their light, see-through gowns, as 
did the acolytes, and Paula. 'Sister Jacqueline Elfcunt, you are now fully 
initiated. Your sister, Maria Lovehair has asked to enjoy you first.'

I would have expected Jackie to be exhausted, but the elixir must still have 
been potent. 'I shall be pleased to enjoy her too. Do we sleep together 

'Do what you will is the whole of the law. Sleep with her as that is what you 
both desire. Let no sister have a lonely bed, who desires the company of  a 
warm, willing body.'

That night I slept with the lovely Paula, my last hours of unsupervised sex for 
many weeks.

                                              Chapter Seven : Routine

My days took on a routine at the Temple. I usually woke early, took off my 
nightie (I always sleep in nylon, silk or satin), and went naked to the gym for a 
work-out. Then to the pool for a few lengths. When changing from male to 
shemale it's important to keep fit, only to put on weight in the right places. I 
liked it early in the morning as I had the gym and pool to myself. You often 
met naked women round the Temple, but mine was one of the few cocks, and 
the girls would tease me. So I avoided them.

Then back for breakfast in my room and my daily injection. Then the aversion 
therapy. At first this would last about four hours, but recently it's down to 
about half an hour as it's almost complete. Although I still enjoy bosoms and 
bottoms, the female twat revolts me.

The girl who gives me the injection straps me to the bed, fixes electrodes to 
my balls and switches the video on, a huge screen set in the wall; gaping cunts, 
mouths on cunts, cunts rubbing tits, bottoms, thighs, fingers on clits and in 
cunts, dildos in cunts, cunts rubbing on cunts. On and on and on and boringly 
on, cunts. At first I used to find it exciting, of course, and the hidden watcher 
would give me an electric shock up through the balls, through my whole body. 
Later, because of the pain-conditioned reflex, I no longer went hard, so they 
would just give me a shock at random during the video show to reinforce the 
message that cunts are loathsome. It worked!

Sometimes a girl would come in to tease me. Recently this had been 
Jacqueline, who has turned into a proper sadist, and skilled at it, too. The 
Master has renamed her Sister Jacqueline Blackwhip, and she has been 
entrusted with the punishment of rule-breakers. She gets to do most of the 
whipping now, including me. I shudder when I see her black-robed figure, 
whip strapped to her waist. She is now an Assistant Priestess to Reverend 
Mother, and the black robe and plaited leather whip are part of her symbols of 
office. That and the shaven cunt lips! And the shaven head!

Coming in my room she would switch off the video and remove her 
transparent robe. A true dominatrix nowadays she wore black stiletto boots, 
and often red leather chaps, her cunt covered by a skimpy black  g-string. The 
whip was attached to her a silver-studded belt, and her platform bra was 
normally of leather, too. I knew that under her panties her shaven cunt was 
pierced for a steel cunt-ring. On her wrists leather armlets with steel buckles. 
Her hair colour would change with the wig...if she troubled to wear one.

She would stand over me, a smile playing on her lips as she saw me bound 
helpless, and she would abuse and insult me. I had come to like this! 
'Husband? Wimp! Panties and stockings? Have you been buggered yet today? 
No, that's for the afternoons, isn't it? Who is it today? The little blonde, or 
Paula, or the black boy? Is your skin soft enough for them yet? Do they like 
your tits? ' And she would lash me, once, twice, three times, hard over the 
chest, my tender new tits, the tip of the whip curling round to sting my sides.

Then she would stand over me with her legs apart, holding her lips open. 'See 
what whipping you does to my cunt?' And she would switch on the current 
making me writhe and scream as the pain shot from balls to arse and so 
through my body. I would be forced to watch as cunt-lips swelled and opened, 
and clit hardened, as the shaven cunt became moist and shone with female 
juices. As she forced my attention to concentrate on her sex, despite myself, 
she would again pull the lever, provoking ignoble screams of terror, pain and 
fear; again, and again, and again, and again. And then the whip across my tits. 
I grew to hate her cunt, and all cunts.

And she knew how to make me hard to justify renewed punishment. Her 
mouth had learned a lot since our own marital gropings!

She knew I hated cunts, and having sucked me hard, would place her index 
finger in her cunt, wetting it . Then hold it under my nose, while I gagged at 
the smell. 'Don't like the smell of pussy, eh? Well, how about the taste? And 
she would sit on my face, and rub her cunt against it, inundating me with the 
slimy, sticky juices. I felt nausea, and thought I would vomit.

'Sister Blackwhip. Please. Please, no. I'm afraid I'll be sick. And you'll be 

This worked, and she instead wiped her cunt over my breasts and belly, over 
my prick and thighs, until I was covered with the horrible stuff. She would 
then beat me again, switch the video back on, and leave me to watch still more 
film of revolting cunts.

Hopefully I would be released after such a session, and really they were no 
longer needed as, although I still liked feminine flesh if young and firm, I was 
revolted by their cunts and no way would I..or could I...fuck a woman.

The release was often accompanied by a dose of the elixir for the afternoon 
therapy, handed to me to be taken later. I would bath, and check the depilation 
of my crotch and legs. I no longer had any hair at all on my chin or chest, and 
that of my legs had become fine enough to deal with a depilation cream. My 
crotch...and arse...I had had electrolysed...for ever! But I liked to make sure I 
had no hint of body hair: I checked armpits, crotch and legs. I must admit I 
loved this, especially looking at myself in my long mirror. Yes, the hormones 
had indeed taken care of my facial hair, and my cheeks and chin were as 
smooth as a boy's bottom...or mine come to that! I would now apply body 
creams to my tits, bottom and legs, to keep the skin soft and supple, and 
perfume to my arse and armpits. I love to smell nice! Now my favourite black 
nylon stockings, to make my legs feel and look good while I select clothes 
from the deep wardrobe, with scores of sets to choose from. Perhaps lemon 
yellow for a change? Yes, bright yellow suspender belt, a lovely, fine nylon, 
wispy creation: fasten it round the front and pull it round the right way.  Fasten 
my Polly Peck stockings to the suspender clips...smooth them down. My cock 
is rising! Yes! Now the panties. This set has  two pairs, crotchless, and with 
gusset. Which? Decisions, decisions. I choose the open-crotch in the hope that 
Tom calls round. He likes to take me in skimpy knickers. And now the bra. I 
have nice tits now, firm-fleshed. Not yet full enough to say I've got a cleavage, 
but enough, and very lovely, even I can see that. Men, and some women, drool 
over them. The bra is a very thin nylon, matching yellow, so thin that I can see 
in the mirror my nipples as shadows. I finger them, making them stand: my 
cock is at least half-hard as I put on the yellow high-heeled shoes. I stand in 
front of the full-length mirror and admire myself adjusting my wig. I'm a sexy 
little shemale now!

                                           Chapter Eight : Friends

So I lay on back on my couch, put on a video of gay action, and wait. For 

If I'm lucky it's Tom, my present favourite. He's a new recruit to the Temple, 
the loveliest young black lad you could imagine. Watching the French 
teenagers in the video playing with each others' suntanned bodies, slim, hard 
cocks standing. I raise one leg in the air, admiring the shapely, slender, wholly 
feminine curve of calf and thigh, my ankles in their fetish, black leather boots. 
I roll over on one side, bending my leg, and look in the mirror at my thighs and 
rounded bottom in its covering of thin black nylon. I caress my bottom through 
the nylon, and delight in its firmness. My hand now up under the nylon, and 
the silky softness of my pampered skin. Sitting up again, my hands on my 
breasts, cupping them, feeling their roundness, their elasticity under the silky 
fabric. I watch in the mirror as my nipples harden...I am wearing a bra that 
leaves absolutely nothing to my lover's imagination.. I tweak my nipples, 
exulting in my new feminine contours. My cock is hard now, but I don't wank 
it. I release it from my panties. I'll not touch it more. That is for someone else! 
I cradle my shaven balls, and stroke the rim of my arsehole.

'Can I come in?' It's Tom. I'm half in love with him, and wholly in lust!

Tom comes in, and sits on a table-top. He's wearing just white underpants, 
stark white against his brown, shining skin. He's stunningly beautiful. Imagine 
a slender youth, barely sixteen, five foot eight, perhaps. Short. cropped African 
hair, white headband, finely chiselled face and a cheery, white-toothed grin. 
Shoulders wide for his slender frame, chest and back with finely-muscled 
contours, slim, slim hips. His bottom tiny, muscled, hard, but slightly jutting. 
His legs smooth of all hair, and slim, though wiry. As he sits there, chatting, 
his cock is standing....I can see its shape against the heavy cotton pants. He 
reaches inside, and grasps it. Teasing me.

And what a cock. He takes it out, his lovely ebony cock. Too big in proportion 
to his size. As he stands there it is nearly erect. A pre-erection in anticipation 
of the afternoon's sex-fun.

'Good video?'

'A new one. French teenagers on holiday in the country. They have learned 
how to wank and suck, but haven't yet dared to fuck. They're likeable, and 
believable young lads.'

'Let's watch a bit then.' He threw himself down on the bed, and I got up to 
join him.

'Have some elixir....' We both drank, although we were so obsessed with each 
other I doubt we really needed it!

As we watched , his prick grew and grew, first peeping out of the top of his 
white pants, then about six inches clear. He has a full ten inches of slim, black 
cock there.

I buried my face in the cotton of his underpants, sniffing in the clean, young 
man-scent, feeling the root of his prick and the shape of his balls under my 
cheek. I playfully pulled the pants down with my teeth. Then completely off! 
While he watched the video I caressed his thighs, exulting in my possession of 
his soft-skinned, firm muscles. My fingers strayed over his hard stomach 
tracing patterns over it. I tried to tickle his hips, the bone at the side which 
often made him giggle, but to no avail, and contented myself with pressing 
them hard with both palms, feeling the bone beneath the skin. 'Hey, you 
should see this, man!'

I looked up, and now one lad had learned how to penetrate, was buggering the 
other, very tenderly. Their lips and tongues inter-mingled as the kneeling boy 
leaned back over his shoulder to kiss his lover, and their hands caressed each 
other. The active one pulled out, and came over his young friend's bottom. 
Then he sucked the passive boy to completion, the spunk dribbling from his 
mouth, too copious to swallow!

'Jesus! I could fuck that boy!'

'And all I've got is a shemale....' and I felt his cock for the first time, softly 
fingering the shaft and remembering the feel and shape of the knob.

For answer he took me in his strong, young arms, squeezed me, and kissed me, 
long, passionate, tongue deep in my mouth. His face nuzzled my transparent 
bra, loving the feel of                                          
the nylon against his cheek, and the breast beneath. He nibbled one nipple 
through the fabric,
then the other. 'You've got lovely tits. God, I love your tits.' I reached behind 
me and slipping the catch removed the bra from my shoulders, throwing it to 
the floor. His hands grasped them, making me wince with the violence of his 
passion. With his hands still feeling them, he licked and sucked. I felt the 
excitement pass from my nipples to my arse and my cock. I fondled his hard, 
little buttocks, reaching for the arsehole he used in the service of our Master.

'They've been whipping your lovely bosoms,' he said as he sucked, and ran 
his finger over the thin red weals. 'Sister Blackwhip? She's jealous of your 
lovely tits.'

We kissed, and I was aware of his hands reaching down and touching the 
fabric of my panties, then the soft skin of my bottom under the nylon. Hugging 
close, his cock was pressed against mine, and we were both making small 
movements so they would rub together. I shifted slightly so the full length of 
his prick pressed against mine. 

As we lay on our sides, his legs pushed between mine, enjoying the shininess 
of my stockings. I could feel his cock pushing tentatively against my arse, 
about half an inch from the spot. I reached down and placed it exactly. 'I've 
put scented oil in my anus, just ready for you. Just push, and you'll be in.'

Push he did, and the cock went in, and further in. Ten inches is all I could 
really take with pleasure, but that extra inch finds out the g-spots. As the crisp 
black pubic hair tickled against my shaven crotch, meaning he was fully up 
me, I experienced a warmth at the top of my rectum, and a feeling of being 
utterly filled with masculine prick. I groaned and moved my bottom. Tom is 
always quick the first time, only a boy really, and I knew I had a mere minute 
or two to enjoy him before he came. So I ground hard against him, rotating my 
hips to maximise the friction in my arse. I sucked a nipple and bit it, to slow 
him down with the pain. Faster and faster he bashed it in, his mouth now 
sucking at my bosom. And suddenly he cried out, and I felt the hot come spurt. 
I was close to coming but I held back. Even with the elixir the sixteen year old 
was more virile than me, and I would not come as much as him!

We rested , he watching the video (now an Arab boy was being shagged by the 
other of the French lads while his mate held the dark-skinned boy down). I 
caressed Tom's young body.

I took his hand and placed it on my tit, enjoying the friendship and comfort in 
that gesture. However, it also had another desired effect on his youthful libido 
and I saw his cock hardening, so I leaned over to suck it.

I sucked with all the skill I had learned over the weeks. I was very gentle at 
first, hardly touching the cock with my lips as I moved its length in and out of 
my mouth, directing the knob upwards to hit my palate rather than downwards 
into my throat. Then I took it out and ran my tongue along the shaft, on the 
underside where it's most sensitive, varying this with licks around the base of 
the purple-black helmet. A tiny drop of white liquid shone in the eye of his 
penis. I lifted it with my tongue and transferred it to my mouth. Soon I would 
enjoy much more! Then in my mouth again, holding it steady, but my tongue 
running round and round it.

'I want yours, too,' whispered Tom, and at once I turned round and placed my 
knob near his face. He took it in his mouth and straight down his throat to its 
full length. I could scarcely do less to this beautiful young boy so I swallowed 
his full length too. But I had not come yet, and I couldn't hold back. I 
withdrew very slightly, and pumped a huge come into his mouth, the spunk I 
guess splashing against his palate. He swallowed, and held my cock for the 
final spasms, and then I started again on his.

Now I could concentrate and I worked to maximise his pleasure. My mouth 
gobbled consistently and rhythmically while my hands caressed first his 
nipples, then his belly and belly button, and finally his bottom cheeks, 
penetrating his rectum with two fingers to the knuckle. His mouth licked my 
balls, burying his face in my crotch, and his fingers felt the silkiness of my 
skin, and also, I noticed, caressed my nylon undies. Another undies fetishist?

He  never wanted my prick in his arse....that was for the Master...but I loved 
penetrating it with my tongue or fingers. The two fingers I had in his bottom, I 
moved in and out, masturbating him in rhythm with my mouth. And soon he 
came. Again I marvelled at the excitement of hot spunk spurting into my 
mouth. I directed it to the roof of my mouth so I could feel the silkiness, 
thickness of it before I swallowed and enjoyed the saltiness. Come is an 
aphrodisiac for me, and what with the eiexir, and the copious come from the 
young negro, I was hard again!

'I wish you'd wear stockings when I have you from behind, I said. Would you 
like to borrow some?' He agreed...I think it was only partly to please me...and 
we chose some from the cupboard. My fetish was fulfilled when I rolled the 
stockings up his slender legs and fastened the straps. He knelt in front of me, 
his firm little black arse framed in white, shiny suspender belt and glossy 
white stockings. I rubbed cold cream into the crack and moved my cock up 
and down the length of the crease.

'Are you sure you don't want me in you?'

'Oh, I do. But the Master has said I'm his alone until he tells me I can be 
shagged by other men. When he allows, you'll be the first.'

So I contented myself with a fuck in his arse cleavage, knowing one day I 
would get that lovely brown rose I lusted after. The thought made me come, 
and I sprayed it all over that hard little bottom, in white pools.

                                        Chapter Nine : More Friends 

Now Paula was a full Sister she was allowed to go into town. At five thirty in 
the afternoon she would cruise about looking for straight husbands on their 
way home to their wives after work, working the street , but more likely the 
sort of bars where they nip in for a quick drink to unwind. She took a perverse 
delight in picking them up, taking them back, and seducing them. She knew 
life and marriage would never be the same once they had tasted transexual 
fruit! And often she had me join in, especially if she had landed a pair of 

One evening about eight , I was lounging in my sitting room when I heard 
Paula. 'Darling, are you decent? I've got some friends with me. Can we come 

'Two minutes! Hang on, sweetie!' I was not decent, though very pretty in my 
lingerie. I quickly brushed my hair, touched up my make-up, sprayed a bit of 
perfume on my balls and tits, put on black high heels to match my black 
undies, and slipped on a colourful silk blouse. A quick look in the mirror. 
Lovely! Good enough to eat....I hope! 'Come on in...'

Paula introduced me to her two friends, Charles and Alistair. They were both 
over forty, perhaps near fifty, but tall, slim, and obviously fit. Sombre, well-cut 
suits, old school ties, polished shoes, greying, distinguished and elegant 
English gentlemen. The sort I drool over as much if not more than youths!

'Alistair and Charles are solicitors in Guildford, partners. I was having a drink 
in the White Horse; we got chatting, and I invited them back for a drink here. 
Can you get us something, darling.' I poured four thimbles of the elixir. In her 
sexiest deep brown voice, Paula said, 'Now this is really something. You'll 
love it. Knock it back in one!'

The two men did, as did we. I watched the look on their faces as the elixir 
went direct to cock, nipples, arse, and any other g-spots they had. Putting her 
arms round Charles, Paula crushed her body to him, kissing him long and hard, 
grinding her body against him. Taking my cue, I did the same for Alistair, and 
could feel his weapon even though his suit was a good, heavy, wool one.

I broke away and put some music on, slow blues, and dimmed the lights. We 
danced, using the opportunity to feel each others' bodies. My partner ran his 
hands over my bottom, to my waist, over my back, and down to my bottom, 
resting there to pull me against his cock. He imagined my cunt would be 
rubbing against him....he was due a surprise! As we danced, he continually 
insinuated his leg between mine, rubbing. I kept my hand off his cock for the 
moment, but enjoyed the feel of his masculine body, and I love smart suits. I'd 
have loved to grope him, but I knew he would reciprocate immediately, and it 
was a bit too early to spring the surprise!

The record ended and we sat, all four, on my sofa. I kissed, and he slipped his 
hand inside my blouse to fondle my black satin bra. He felt the roundness 
outside and then slipped one index finger down into the cup to feel the flesh 
and to touch my nipple. I kissed him more passionately to encourage him, to 
show him I liked it, as indeed I did! He undid a button or two, and opened my 
blouse. Now his mouth was on the satin of my bra, nibbling erect nipples 
through it. 'Oh! That's lovely! Suck them properly, please do.' And so he 
reached behind , undoing the bra with the confidence of an experienced man. I 
liked that.

He fondled my bosoms, two handed, and without moving his hands from the 
firm, white globes, sucked first one nipple and then the other. I squirmed with 
pleasure, and undid the top buttons of his crisp, white shirt, pulling his tie off. 
He slipped out of jacket and shirt, and kicked his shoes off. As he felt my 
bosoms and teased the tips, I explored his chest, feeling the muscles, slim 
stomach, pulling gently at fine hairs, and myself tweaking his nipples. He 
sighed, stretching his legs out luxuriously. 'You've got lovely breasts, and 
lovely soft skin.'

He moved one hand from my tit to my stockinged leg, running it up and down 
the silky nylons. I could tell my long, slim legs turned him on. Then it rested 
on the bare white flesh above the stocking. I didn't want him to find my cock 
yet, so I moved his hand to my nylon-covered bottom, which he pressed, 
stroked  and fondled as he kissed me with ardour,  
whispering in my ear what he was going to do to me! I unzipped him and put 
my hand into his flies. Then the button at the waistband, the white y-fronts, 
hand down the top of them. Lovely knob, long, fine cock, not broad, but long! 
Mouth on cock, sucking. I lay so he couldn't reach my cock, and had to 
content himself with arse and tits.

I could feel him on the point of coming when from beside us, shock!

'Al. Mine's got a cock. Sweet Jesus, she's got s cock.'

'I was turned over by his powerful hands, but I managed to keep on sucking. 
He felt first the lacy front of my nylon knickers, feeling the shape of my stiff 
prick. Then he put his hand right inside and grasped me, the other hand pulling 
down the waist of my panties till they were wedged under my balls. 'Mine, 
too, Charlie,' he said in wonderment. But he held tight to my cock. 'Al, she's 
got lovely tits and a beautiful arse. She's lovely. But she's a shemale.' 

'Mine. too. Shut up you idiot, and enjoy our good luck. Belt up. I'm about to 
come.' He was gently wanking my cock, his other hand on the back of my 
head, holding it steady as his cock shagged my mouth. I kept up with the 
rhythm of his hips as they powerfully forced his prick into my mouth and 
down my throat, my lips tight to increase the pressure on the shaft, and my 
tongue fluttering sensuously to increase  his orgasm. 'Jesus god, I'm coming!,' 
he screamed, and I received his spunk in my grateful mouth. 'Me, too,' from 
the other side, as Paula too got the liquid she wanted.

They were both still hard. The elixir, but I bet it surprised them.

We sat down, the four of us touching our neighbours at thigh and waist, very 
cosy. 'What'll we do now?' I said. They all pondered. Charles was feeling my 
stockings, suspender belt, and panties I'd pulled up again over my arse. I 
whispered in his ear, licking it, but loud enough to be just heard by the others. 
'I love sexy undies, the feel of them on my skin, and my feet in high heels. Do 
you like my lovely undies, Charles?'

'They're lovely, all right. And I love the feel...'

I caressed him, lingering over his cock. 'I like undies so much , it makes me 
specially sexy when a man puts them on for me. Would you wear stockings 
and high heels for me?'

'I don't know about that...not very masculine...' he muttered.

'Don't worry about me. If she wants you to put on panties, put 'em on,' said 
Alistair helpfully.

So we picked out a white , satin basque, white lace and satin suspender belt 
and white lacy panties. We fastened him into the basque, and when it was 
tightly laced, it gave femininity to his figure. I carefully rolled the white, 
glossy stockings up his tanned legs, and did up the catches. His cock was 
straining as I  adjusted it and his balls into the tight panties. The bikini covered 
his arse and balls, but not the top of his prick, which stuck out. I giggled as I 
kissed the protruding knob. White 'Essex-girl' stilettos. 'Now, feel the lovely 
satin on your body, encasing you.  Run your hands over the stockings and feel 
the nylon on your legs. Rub your thighs together. Look how sexy your ankles 
and feet are.'

'She's right, Alistair. It really is sexy.' He laughed, all embarassment gone. He 
fondled his own bottom, covered in shiny satin and wispy lace.

'Now kneel down beside me. Put your arm round my shoulder. Yes. Like that. 
' We knelt down in front of the sofa, our chests on the seat. I put my arm 
around his waist and he put his round mine. 'Now, Paula, kneel behind us and 
feel our bottoms; I know you like sexy lingerie too. ' Paula knelt down behind 
me, but her hand wandered from my body to Charles' and back again. She 
reached under and wanked his cock, then stroked his bottom.

'Lend me a hand , Alistair. Don't just sit there wanking!' Paula moved directly 
behind me. So Alistair had to kneel behind his business partner. Paula was 
caressing my belly and balls while she rested her firm tits on my back. 
'Appetising, aren't they, Alistair?' she said, and taking his hand , which he just 
didn't know where to put, she placed it on his colleague's arse. He clearly 
liked the feel of the white knickers, and joined in two-handed, kneading, 
rubbing, stroking, revelling in the new sensation.

Is that you, Al? That's good. Don't stop.' And Charles wriggled his arse 
luxuriously under the caresses of his friend, his thighs touching the kneeling 
tranny beside him. Now Alistair leaned right over him, his cock pressing up 
against the satin, his chest against his back. He reached underneath to feel the 
stiff satin of the basque, and then down to the bottom of the basque, feeling the 
softness of the skin there. And then, as if by accident his hand slipped 
down and brushed the stiff cock. Charles gasped. Alistair halted a moment, 
shocked at himself, but urged by the eiexir, reached down and, for the first 
time in his adult life, felt a grown man's cock.

Charles liked this, sighed again, moved his arse more against the cock that 
probed him through the thin fabric: his cock was being wanked and with his 
arm still round my waist pulled me tighter , close to his side.

I felt my knickers pulled down, to rest at my bent knees. Paula reached for my 
pot of  cold cream I keep under the sofa (handy!), and greased first my arse 
and then her cock. 'Guide it in,' she said to Alistair, who grasped the slippery 
weapon and placed it in my arsehole. He wiped the surplus oil on his own 
cock, liked the feel of this, and spread a second dollop over it. It shone in the 
dim light, proud, upright.

'Don't stop!' cried Charles, who had that ache in his arse, a burning desire 
caused by the elexir. Alistair pulled aside the leg of his panties and gently 
rubbed oil from his fingers into the kneeling guy's arse. He wriggled in 
appreciation. 'God. That's lovely, Al!' And Alistair penetrated him with his 
index finger, gently masturbating him anally, his other hand stroking the still-
clad arse.

Charles was making low, moaning noises, and pushed back against the 
probing finger. Alistair suddenly pulled it out, presented his knob to the 
arsehole, holding the knicker gusset aside, and plunged it in. A scream first of 
pain, but two strong thrusts and then yells of delight. 'Harder. Oh God, harder. 
I never knew. God! Shove it. Fill me.' The bugger's piston went faster and 
deeper into the virgin anus, his thighs pressing against the satin-clad buttocks, 
his hands reaching under to feel the proof of passion, the rampant prick. He 
came, and the virgin beneath him felt the joy of a man's spunk in his rectum.

Paula had already come in me. The excitement of seeing a hitherto straight 
male penetrate the anus of his hitherto straight business partner, this second 
clad in sexy lingerie, had been too much for her. We were now leaning there, 
she still hard, but motionless in my arse, as we watched the show.

'Now me, ' said Charles. And Alistair was kneeling down in front of the be-
knickered solicitor. Alistair, too, had that drug-induced fire in his arse, and 
was eager to try passive sodomy. Paula and I changed round, too, and I had her 
round, white arse under my palms, and her rosy-red, tight little arsehole under 
my tongue. I watched Charles grease up, and as he entered the virgin bum, so I 
entered the experienced and skilled anus of my shemale friend. I watched as 
the novice shagged his friend, found it so exciting that I came far too soon, as 
had Paula.

We broke apart, and added to our two pickups' pleasure by rubbing our firm 
tits against their bodies, by licking and fondling, until Charles, too, came in his 
friend's bottom.

We sat in a row on the sofa, but this time arms and legs intertwined, hands 
fondling breasts and pricks. Both Paula and I had removed our panties, but 
Charles still wore his white bikini, still enjoying the new sensation.

'There, I bet you didn't think when you left the office today you'd be 
buggering each other before nine o'clock, did you?' She laughed. 'But, 
seriously, was it good?'

'Oh, yes', they both chimed together. And laughed at the mimicry. And 
Charles added, 'And somehow we still keep hard even after coming. How 
many times?'

'Must be that you want pricks for a change, as well as tits and bottoms! And in 
your case, I think secretly you're a tranny at heart. Do you like your stockings 
and heels?'

'Yes. And the basque and knickers. I've always enjoyed the look and feel of 
lingerie on women, and now I know why!'

'Well, once you've gone, do you think you'll have sex with each other?'

'I'm sure we will,' said Charles. And Alistair added ,'And I think I'd like to 
have a try at dressing up, too. Tell you what, Charlie, let's find a pretty whore, 
have her together, and have each other too.'

'Sounds good.' Charles leaned over and started to suck my cock. Another 
first? 'Lay beside me so we can suck each other at the same time. Feel my tits 
as you do it, and I want to feel your lovely male bottom!' While we lay 
gobbling each other in a classic sixty-nine, Paula had laid Alistair on his back 
and was reaming his arse, while he wanked his cock in front of her. Soon, we 
had all come. The jizz of three of us was thin after so many for 
Paula's I couldn't say, as it was pumped into the male arse .

Charles and Alistair wanted telephone numbers and new dates. We refused, as 
we never have the same men twice. We advised them to find TVs in the clubs 
(we gave them some addresses), and men to shag just about anywhere. Paula 
added, 'Just as you find you're bisexual, very probably your wives are too. Or 
perhaps they'll want to dress you in undies, or threesomes, or bondage. Or 
whatever.....What is certain is, secretly they want something kinky they're not 
getting....or at least not with you! Why not try them out...even try a foursome, 
and see if you buggering turns them on. I bet it does!'


                                                 Chapter Ten: Preparation

One morning Reverend Mother brought me the fabulous news. My treatment 
was complete, physical and psychological. No more visits from Sister 
Blackwhip, no more torture or taunts. She also told me the Master had been 
attracted by my lovely new body. I might have been wondering why he hadn't 
yet had me, as he had had Daemon, Tom, and all the other youngsters. Well, 
he'd decided to admit me to the Sisterhood, permanently, as only the second 
Sister of the Blue Robe, ie tranny. My initiation was to be the next service but 
one, a week away. I should abstain from sex, and from the elixir, for a full 
week to prepare myself, and to provide him with a vigorous response to his 

The week dragged on, so eager was I, like a young bride before her wedding. 
But the morning came, and my lovers, Tom, Daemon, Jules, Francis, and of 
course Paula, who would sponsor me, came to get me ready. I was bathed in 
water with scented oil. They dried me and powdered my body, and I suppose 
they enjoyed all the handling and fondling this permitted them. My legs, 
armpits, mound, prick and balls were all perfectly smooth and hairless, but 
Paula depilated me again to ensure perfectly soft skin. They rubbed body-
cream into my tits, bottom and thighs, telling me how soft and white my skin 
was as they touched it. My hair was brushed and brushed till it shone, falling 
in rippling waves over my milk-white shoulders. Paula made up my face, lip-
stick, a touch of eye-shadow, the lightest of rouge on the cheeks accentuating 
my fine cheekbones, all very delicate and understated. I looked in the small 
mirror and saw the face of a lovely young girl, preparing for her lover!
And my clothes. For the first time I would wear the blue of the sisterhood. 
Instead of a bra, a lacy, almost transparent top. Tom smoothed it over my 
breasts as I lay back . Then a waspie-come- suspender belt, reaching from 
navel to pubes in blue shiny satin. Tom fastened the white silk laces, and 
straightened the white lace frill. Light blue, glossy stockings, carefully 
smoothed and tightened  to show my elegant legs off to their very best. And 
tiny, blue, crotchless panties, allowing the Master immediate access to my 
penis whenever he might wish it. My prick was standing, as it usually does 
when I dress in sexy undies, but my friends were careful not to touch it today 
of all days, and nor did I. Today it was the Master's.

Dark blue high heels, immensely tall stilettos, showing off my ankles. And 
finally the transparent blue robe, fastened at the neck and falling over my 
breasts, scarcely masking my penis, hanging in a graceful curve.

I was led to the full-length mirror. I was half in love with this lovely body I 
saw. My friends applauded. Paula kissed me, carefully, so as not to spoil the 
make-up. Some photographs 
were taken, and I couldn't help striking poses! I thanked the boys, and kissed 
them goodbye....this was a girls' ceremony, of course.

'Should I wear the collar and chain?'

'No. You are the Master's slave, but it is as a free woman, freely choosing, you 
do this.' 

We entered the Temple.

                                         Chapter Eleven : Initiation

I was given a large draught from the goblet on the altar, and an injection in my 
arm. You will excuse me if I'm a bit vague about the details from that point. I 
know I was led to the altar and undressed. Three priestesses laid me, backside 
up, on the altar. My mind was filled with lewd images of satyrs, great hairy 
giants of men, rearing pricks. Of hands all over my body, fingers seeking out 
hidden places. My arse full of yearning, a firey furnace of desire, my breasts 
swollen and nipples hard, my prick erect. Some of the sisters were, I think,  
feeling my breasts and bottom, working me up.

The strange music, and suddenly the Master. He stood there, magnificent, legs 
astride, his great truncheon standing erect and lofty. He let fall his cape and 
advanced on me. The women knelt, the ritual offering of bottoms.

I took the three oaths and sealed my compact with a kiss. I held his strong hips, 
thrust my cheeks between the hairy cheeks of his muscular arse, and kissed his 
arsehole, daring to insert my tongue. He laughed, and stood over me as I lay, 
on my back now. His hand moved up and down the great cock, and I watched 
hypnotised by the size of his balls as they swung with his jerking movements. I 
reached up 'to worship him with my hand' according to the oath. To wank 
him, I had to sit up and put my legs between his as he stood. Close up to him, 
but not touching, I took the prick in both hands and moved them up and down 
it. In moments he came, and I had spunk spurting over my hands, and sprayed 
it, too, over my naked bosom.

The Master pulled me to him. I knew the ritual....I had seen my wife initiated, 
so long ago it seemed....I was to' worship him with my bosoms'. The dripping 
spunk ran down the cleavage between my full breasts. He placed his cock and 
shagged me between my tits. I thought my cock would explode as my hands 
played over the rippling muscles of this magnificent body, especially the hard, 
moving muscles of his buttocks as I felt them thrusting at me. My tits burned, 
ached with lust, and I was impatient for him to penetrate me. He came, and I 
felt the spunk, as if scalding, spilling out over my breasts and nipples, hitting 
under my chin, and dribbling down.

Now I'd 'worship him with my mouth'. He rolled me over on my belly, and 
supported my chin with one hand. I opened my mouth, and he cruelly jammed 
in his huge knob. I rolled my tongue around it, tasting the remnants of come 
still oozing from it. This spurred me on, and I sucked on it. With this, he 
moved it in and out, slow and long, filling me. His balls swung against my 
forehead. Still moving slow and rhythmic, he came completely without 
warning, without that frenetic speeding-up that usually accompanies the rush. 
My mouth was filled with the largest come of thick spunk it had ever known. I 
swallowed every drop, and could have wished for more to show my 

My arse was burning with desire, and now I could worship him with it. I had 
no doubts as to the capacity of my rectum to accommodate this monster, 
though it was the largest cock I'd ever had ( or ever would have!). 'Please, 
Master, give it to me all, every inch!' Paula and the other sisters were standing 
or kneeling around the altar watching the holy moment of possession as he 
took my kneeling figure. I felt the huge knob first spread my arse cheeks, then 
enter to the rim of the knob, then the full shaft, till his belly was hard against 
my pampered, soft-skinned buttocks. I nearly fainted with the pleasure, and 
panted out my love as he shagged me, harder and harder. The Master, as ever, 
shagged for his own pleasure, and came quickly: still my own orgasm was not 
there. But my prick was as winged steel!

And now I was to 'Worship him with my prick'. Would this mean he would 
suck me off, or....?

He lifted me up, level with his face, and as he held me up with his massive 
strength, he took me in his mouth. My bottom was held by his massive, 
bruising hands, as he moved me up and down. It was too much, and I came. 
The Master swallowed my come.

Then he knelt at the altar, and I entered his noble arse. How different this 
broad, strong arse from the delicate shemale, and firm but lightly-muscled 
buttocks of my boy-friends. But I loved it, almost with tenderness as I fucked 
him. It gripped me with an intensity I had never known, but I forced in and out, 
finally coming.

The Master fastened his cloak, and left, penis still erect. And as I knelt at the 
altar I felt the comforting presence of Paula kneeling behind me, feeling my 
still-erect cock, pressing her breasts on my smooth back, probing urgently with 
her cock. She whispered. 'Tonight come hunting in town, Sister Bellecon. 
Now fuck in holy lust'.