Taking Tommy 

   By Josh Hunt (M/b MM/b incest oral, anal, rimming )

   Author's Note: this story is for entertainment purposes only.  Any and
all feedback is greatly appreciated and very welcome.  Feel free to email
me at josh_hunts@hotmail.com

   I'm 27 years old and I can't believe one of my deepest darkest wishes
has finally come true.  I'm in a dimly lit bathroom, with my middle finger
inside the tight butt hole of a 5 year old boy while he sucks on the head
of his uncle's cock.  As I rocked back and forth, sliding my long middle
finger in and out of the little boy-cunt, I enjoyed the scene before me
while grabbing my own hard and leaking dick as I listened the lewd and
perverted words coming from the man's mouth.  "you like that finger in your
butt hole tommy?" Tommy's hole tightened around my finger as he nodded and
murmured around a mouth full of his uncle's big leaking cock head.  I took
a moment and pondered the events that led me here.

   My uncle molested my when I was 4 years old.  I don't remember much of
it except that he was 19 at the time.  He was a little chubby and I
remember him laying me down naked on the bed while he forced the head of
his stubby dick into my four year old mouth.  It didn't go on long.  My
parents found out but charges were never filed, we just never really saw my
uncle again.  Our family never really talked about the incident but for
whatever reason I didn't really grow up wanting to have sex with little
boys, as much as I have a very strong desire to see little boys getting
fucked and being made to suck older men.  To satisfy my craving for
watching these acts, I did the usual, downloading pics, vids and reading
stories online, and while this was all well and good I knew that eventually
I needed to see it in person otherwise I was gonna burst.  It became a
small obsession.  So I decided one day the best way to try and meet another
pedo boy fucker was online!  So I started writing stories, the real filthy,
no holes barred kinda stuff where you have 4 year old toddler boys on their
knees, rimming out the hairy holes of their dads/uncles/grandfathers,
whatever.  So I started writing stories and posting them and I started to
make some friends online.  We would trade nasty emails or sometimes just
chat about whatever and it was nice to finally have friendships with people
who understood my need to see little boys being defiled, even if they
couldn't help me fulfill my lust.  That all changed when I met "Bob".

   Bob and I met because the stories we wrote and posted online were very
similar.  The stories always contained a little boy between the ages of 3
and 7 being defiled and used by 1 or a group of guys.  The thing that made
our stories particularly similar was the fact that, unlike a lot of
far-fetched pedo stories, the little boys in our stories were never really
into getting fucked by pedo cock.  They didn't enjoy, or initiate getting
turned into baby cum-dumps, they had simply accepted it as part of their
routine and knew how to do as they were told, like eating vegetables.  They
didn't wanna tongue fuck their daddy's hole and then lay back and raise
their legs up over their heads in preparation to get fucked, but they knew
better than to resist.  In Mine and Bob's stories you would read about a 5
year old boy who is driving home from school with his daddy, having a
pleasant enough conversation about what he learned in school, then they'll
go in the house, the little boy will put down his back pack, but before he
turns on the tv to watch cartoons, he'll undo his daddy's zipper and suck
his father's cock till he has cum pouring out the sides of his little
mouth. The boy doesn't like cock or the taste of cum, but his dad's cock is
a part of his life.  So that's how mine and Bob's stories were similar and
that's why we started talking.

   Bob and I just emailed at first and then we chatted over instant
messenger and eventually we started talking on the phone.  It was during
one of our phone conversations when everything changed.  I was telling him
about how my uncle would try and face fuck me when I was 4.  Bob's
breathing became heavier and finally he said "I need to unload" then I
could hear him get up from where he was sitting and then I heard a door
creak open so I knew he was in another room.  I heard some rustling and
some muffled talking and then I heard the voice of a sleepy little boy
saying "what?" to which Bob replied "just suck me Tommy and you can go back
to bed." Suddenly Bob sounded forceful, which was odd because up until now
he had been very pleasant, but I liked it, and so did my cock which was now
leaking precum.  I then heard the little boy mumble a sadly resigned "ok"
and then more rustling followed.  I could hear the bed creaking and then I
heard Bob say, more forceful than ever, "yeah boy, suck that cock good"
this sent me over the edge, I was stroking my dick through my pants and I
completely exploded.  Soon after Bob's breathing became quicker and I heard
him let out a long drown out low moan and I knew he had just blasted his
cock load down that boys throat.  I heard a boy's coughing then bob told
him to get some water and get back to bed.

   It turns out that the little boy's name was Tommy and Bob was his uncle.
Bob was 30 and lived with his parents.  His sister, Tommy's mother, had
been in and out of jail for years and was barely in the boy's life. 
Tommy's father was completely out of the picture.  Despite the fact that
Tommy's grandparents were quite old and not really able to keep up with
him, they thought it would be better to take him in as opposed to turning
him over to foster care.  Tommy was 2 when he went to live with his
Grandparents.  He was also two when his uncle Bob began to molest him. 
Because Bob's parents were so much older and didn't speak all that much
English, Tommy mostly relied on Bob for everything he needed.  Bob works in
computer software from home so being there to take care of Tommy, and to
molest him was not a problem.

   By the time I met Bob, he had Tommy very well trained to the point where
sucking Bob's fat cock was as natural to Tommy as pissing.  As much as Bob
loved having his own personal cum dump, that would eat his ass out and take
his hot loads up a tight boy hole, he was starting to want something more
and that's about the time we met.  I told him how much I wanted to see, in
person, a little boy being fucked and he told me how he had started to
fantasize about someone watching him humiliate and defile Tommy's sweet
little body with his dirty pedo cock.  So we decided to meet.  It took
quite a few months of long phone conversations, building up trust and I
also got to hear Tommy getting used a few more times, but eventually we met
in person.  I lived in Chicago and Bob lived in a suburb just outside of
the city.  We decided we needed a safe place to meet so I suggested my
office building.  It was a busy building during the week but on the
weekends it was completely dead and closed to the public.  I told Bob that
just 10 minutes before 3 pm I would go downstairs and unlock the front door
to the main building.  He would take Tommy and go to the second floor
bathroom which I had also left unlocked.  He and Tommy would wait inside
and lock the door.  I would go downstairs and knock and say "Bob" and he
would know it was me and let me in.  Surprisingly it all worked out.

   When Bob let me in I quickly locked the door behind me.  Bob and Tommy
looked a lot like their pictures.  Bob had dark hair that was thinning a
bit on top so he had it shaved so that there was just a slight dark fuzz
covering his head.  He was slightly chubby around the midsection.  Tommy
was the typical 5 year old boy I'd dreamt about seeing get fucked.  He was
short, pale, very skinny with big brown innocent eyes and soft red lips. 
Tommy looked at me for a second then quickly looked at the floor.  He knew
what was coming and I think he just wanted it over with.  Bob and I traded
shy hellos and then Bob began to unzip his fly and then reached over and
placed his hand on the back of Tommy's head and brought the boy's face to
his crotch.  Tommy, clearly showing how used to this he was, started puling
down the front of his uncle's underwear and took the head of Bob's fat 6 in
cock head into his sweet cherry little boy mouth.  This is exactly what I
had been wanting for so long and now it was right in front of me!  I
quickly had my cock out and began jacking my dick.

   Between the moaning and the slurping, Bob had pushed his pants down his
hairy legs and sat on the toilet while Tommy continued to service that that
angry stubby red cock.  Now that Bob was sitting down Tommy was on his
knees, cock so far down his 5 year old throat that you could see Bob's
Bushy pubes tickling Tommy's nostrils.  With lust in his eyes Bob looked at
me and commanded "pull his pants down and finger his fuckhole" I knelt
behind the 5 year old boy and, hands shaking with excitement, pulled his
shorts down to his bended knees exposing his soft round pale little ass. 
"yeah, finger fuck his cunt" Bob hissed between gasping moans while
aggressively pushing Tommy's face harder and harder down on his fuck stick.
Tommy's little rosebud fuck cunt was tiny and pink.  I wet my middle finger
inside my mouth and then brought it to the boy's hole.  There was a little
resistance at first but it quickly gave way and my finger slowly slipped
inside Tommy's tight sticky boypussy.  Once my finger was buried in Tommy's
cunt I started working it in and out, and between gurgling on his uncle's
cock, I could hear Tommy let out a little whimper every time I thrust my
finger back in.  Bob looked up at me and smiled and said "yeah, finger that
hole good"

   At this point we all had a good rhythm going, and I thought Bob and I
were both close to coming, and that's when Bob surprised me by pulling
Tommy's mouth of his dripping dick.  Bob then got off the toilet and went
down to his knees in front of tommy, then quickly turned around and leaned
over the toilet seat exposing his chubby hairy man ass to Tommy's five year
old face.  Bob used one hand to pull one of his ass cheeks to the side to
expose his brown hole.  He used his other hand to grab Tommy's hair and
bring that sweet little mouth to rim that dirty hole.  "yeah, lick that ass
while you get finger fucked, oh yeah, get that tongue up there uhhhhh" Bob
moaned.  My dream was finally coming try, and with my finger thrusting
deeper into that boy cunt than it had before my cock came all over Tommy's
back and ass.  At that same moment Bob quickly turned around, still
grasping Tommy's hair and more forcefully than ever, shoved that red stubby
cock down that boy cunt's mouth and sprayed his load down Tommy's throat.

   Afterwards we cleaned up and went on our way.  Later on that night as I
spoke with Bob on the phone, despite the fact that we didn't talk much
while molesting Tommy, we both agreed that we felt closer to each other
than ever.  We both knew our afternoon in the bathroom was just the
beginning and we quickly began planning our next time with Tommy.