Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. yMarcella loved all men, young or old. She was 38 years old, divorced, tall, slender and attractive but was pretty much mentally unbalanced when, after a night of heavy drinking and drugs she got pregnant She didn't remember much except people cheering and clapping every time she took another cum shooting cock in her swollen cum filled cunt. It had been a turn on, in her fogged mind, to undress, dance and then fuck in front of the party goers. She didn't even know them. Her low self esteeme welcomed any cock that would fuck her and make her feel loved and important. She became reclusive and ended up most every night in her house passed out on the floor from endless booze and any drug she could get from men who would supply her in exchange for sex. She even fucked one man and his 13 year old son. She may have fucked a 10 or 12 year old but couldn't remember. She even let men and boys suck her full milk filled tits as her belly swelled. Anything for the next hit or fix and, of course, cock. Her belly was so big but she needed more cock. She woke in a fog. She was in the basement of an old church with a baby boy nursing her tit. She had no idea how long she had been there. Candles were lit in the musty surroundings. She realized that she had been rubbing his bare prick and it was stiff. He had peed on her but she liked the warm feel and fragrance. Then she realized that her nursing son had her near orgasm and then it hit and she passed out for a minute or so. She saw a nude little boy bring her a large glass of something and some pills. He stared at her swollen cunt and she noticed that his prick was stiff and she wondered if, from the look in his eyes, he was going to try to fuck her. She downed the pills and drank whatever was in the glass and her body felt alive and sexy. She wondered where the little boy went. He looked so sexy and she was so horny. She felt wonderfully high and wondered where she was. She heard a heavy door open and she focased on a tall slender older man with long black hair looking down at her. He wore a long black robe like a minister might wear. He bent over and remarked what a beautiful son she had. He removed her hand from the baby's stiff prick and kissed the head and then put her hand back around it and told her it was a blessing that she was here. She said she was still high and didn't remember much other than endless partying and things that she did that he might think sinful. He sat next to her and said he would explain. He was the minister of a group of couples with children who answered to a higher calling. They believed that there was nothing as blessed and loving as parents who wanted to teach their children the loving joy of sex at the earliest age. One of his flock had mentioned her to the congregation after the man and his 13 year old son had both fucked her when she was pregnant. They brought her here, passed out, for the birthing ceremony. The little boys and girls loved watching as her cunt widened and the baby slipped out. The mommys were finger fucking and the daddys were frantically jacking as they watched. That was special because then the boys and girls got to suck daddy's cocks clean and mommy's horny cunts. Marcella said she was blessed to be here and wondered who the little boy was who brought her the pills. The minister stood and his robe fell open just enough for Marcella to see his dark hairy pubic area and large hanging cock meat and the boy came as requested with more pills. As the minister gave her the pills the boy climbed up on the table. She said she wanted to fuck him and the boy ploughed her wet cum crusted cunt with his stiff 12 year old prick. The minister smiled and blessed them. Her big milk filled tits bounced and milk flew as he pounded her cunt. Someone had taken her sleeping son but she didn't care. She was flying high and the boy hammered her until she passed out. She woke and felt something between her legs. A little girl was cleaning her cunt with her tongue. The minister was staring at her, nude now with a huge stiff cock. He said this was good training for the children to taste a fucked cunt. That night the minister called everyone to the church to greet Marcella and her new son Pete. Baby Pete was laying nude on a table next to the alter and Marcella was sitting on the other side of the alter comfortable in her nudeness and her finger teasing her hard clit. Marcella saw that the 12 year old boy, Ralph was keeping Pete quiet by rubbing and kissing his little stiffy. Marcella was high on more pills and the church was darkened and only lit by candles. The minister had one hand up while speaking to the congrgation and she noticed his other hand was stroking his very large cock. Marcella had the feeling that no one was dressed for the service. Her cunt was on fire with excitement and pure lust. The minister told the congregation how blessed they were to have found Marcella and her new baby, Pete. He said 12 year old Ralph also felt blessed because he had already fucked her and the darkened congregation clapped with joy. He said the blessing of his ministery was preaching the joy and love of teaching boys and girls a closer relationship through sex with their parents and each other. He then stepped down in front of the alter and asked if anyone would like to come forward with a testinony. A man and his wife and their 8 year old daughter came forward and told how he had fucked the daughter and how much love they felt. Then a man and his wife and a 10 year old boy came forward and praised the minister for his counselling which lead to the boy fucking his mother and the added joy of the father sucking his son's spent cock hard again. The minister then congratulated the bi relationship developed by the father and son. An older mother and her 14 year old daughter came up holding hands. The mother said the father had left them and her daughter comforted her by giving her loving orgasms when she ate her cunt. Marcella was so moved that she picked up little Pete and knelt at the minister's feet. She said she was a believer and offered her son's little prick and ass to the minister for the love of his cock. She asked if the minister would help her baby son fuck her. The minister blessed her wishes as he kissed the boy's small stiffy. He then asked the congregation to welcome Marcella and Pete as he mounted her with his huge cock, the first of many fucks of the evening. Marcella woke in the minister's arms. Her cunt and ass leaked cum, her cum coated tits were well nursed and little Pete was licking cum and sucking tit. Her hand found the minister's huge cum and cunt caked cock and asked him to fuck her again as her son nursed. She felt truely blessed as his huge hot cock filled her cunt while she stroked her nursing son's prick.