When Worlds Collide
by John O'Connor 

Disclaimer: "Star Trek", its characters, locations, etc are copyright
Paramount Pictures. "Gilligan's Island" and all its characters are
copyright by Sherwood Schwartz and CBS Television. No infringement for
profit is intended. This is strictly for fun.


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2)  Spoilers (of a sort) for the 3rd season episode "And Then There
Were None" (episode #81) of "Gilligan's Island."

B'Elanna Torres, chief engineer of the starship USS Voyager and former
Maquis fighter, stood just above the surf on a stretch of smooth, white
sand. She gazed out at the tranquil blue waters of the South Pacific.
Behind her was a curtain of verdant green, a tropical island full of life.

The warm tropical sun quickly caused her to remove her jacket. She pinned
her communicator badge to her regulation tank top and, tossing the uniform
jacket aside, spread her arms and stood there basking in the warm solar

Eyes closed, she relied on her other senses. Her hearing could detect, over
the sounds of the surf, the calls of birds and the rustle of leaves in the
jungle canopy covering the island. Her nose could pick up the individual
aromas of the salt spray, the perfume of the exotic fruits and flowers, and
the underlying scent of decaying vegetation. Because B'Elanna was born of a
Klingon mother and a human father, she had a heightened sense of smell and
could detect the incredibly subtle whiffs of sulfur from the now dormant
volcano at the far end of the island.

The sun was beginning to relax her in a way she had rarely experienced in
the years since her Maquis vessel and the starship Voyager had been sucked
into the Delta Quadrant by a god-like alien entity. 'I could learn to like
it here,' the lovely hybrid mused.

As if to bely the peaceful feelings she was beginning to experience, there
was a crashing in the bushes at her back. B'Elanna turned quickly, pulling
her phaser in a fluid movement to confront whatever was charging out of the

Quickly reviewing what little she knew of Terran fauna, the warrior tried
to guess what was coming towards her. Great apes, larger carnivorous cats,
and even more peaceable elephants were not native to the South Seas. Komodo
dragon? Large python or anaconda?

Whatever she might have speculated was coming at her, B'Elanna was not
prepared for the sight that greeted her.

The large leaves crashed apart and a human figure hurtled out of the brush
and stumbled across the sand to sprawl at B'Elanna's feet. The human was a
female, apparently in her early twenties with brown hair, tied back loosely
from her face. She was dressed, incongruously for a jungle setting, in a
red and white checked shirt tied just below her chest and a faded pair of
cutoff jeans; the type her husband Tom liked to call Daisy Dukes for some
unknown reason. Her feet were encased in some type of canvas shoes with
rubber soles. The exposed skin of her flat stomach, slender arms and legs
showed signs of a life spent out of doors in the tanning sun.

The girl looked up and froze. "Don't hurt me...please," she whispered.

"I won't..." B'Elanna started to reassure the girl when she realized she
was still holding her phaser pointed at the brown-haired girl. Holstering
the gun, she said again, "I won't hurt you. Here, give me your hand."

One of the strongest of Voyager's crew, B'Elanna easily hoisted the girl to
her feet. She didn't release her grip in case the frightened woman decided
to bolt. The engineer needed information and this seemed the most likely

"My name is B'Elanna Torres. I'm a ship's engineer."

"Uh, I'm, uh, I'm Mary Ann. Mary Ann Summers. I'm, um, I'm from Kansas."
Mary Ann was staring at B'Elanna's face, particularly her ridged forehead,

The Klingon/human smiled, "You're a long way from Kansas."

"They're gone... They're all gone..." Mary Ann whispered, ignoring
B'Elanna's comment.

"Who?" B'Elanna asked.

"My friends, Ginger, Gilligan, the Skipper, the Professor, the Howells. All
of them are gone. I think they're..." Mary Ann buried her face in her hands
as sobs shook her slender, young body.

Unsure of what she was doing or why, B'Elanna wrapped her arms around the
young woman. She patted her back and quietly said, "Shh, it'll be alright.
I'll help you look for your friends..."

Tears running down her soft cheeks, Mary Ann looked up to the taller woman.
"I...I think they might be... You see, there are headhunters on some of the
other islands and...they've come here before. I think, maybe they came back

'Headhunters? Savages!' B'Elanna smiled inwardly at that thought. All to
often, Terrans thought of Klingons as savages. But Klingons don't collect
trophies. At least not for several centuries...

"Did you see these headhunters?" B'Elanna asked as she continued to hold
the pretty brunette close.


"Where were you when all this happened?" B'Elanna realized she liked the
feel of the young woman's body pressed against her.

"I was sunbathing with Ginger. We decided to take a day off and let the men
do our chores. We were on the southern beach. I started to doze off and
went back to the camp to take a nap. So I wouldn't burn in the sun? No one
was there but I wasn't worried. Not yet. They could've been down at the
lagoon." Mary Ann paused and wiggled a little, pressing more firmly against

"I took a short nap. I started to worry when I woke up and the camp was
still deserted. I ran back to the beach and Ginger was gone! I ran to the
lagoon and then back to the camp. I hid in our hut and I must've fallen
asleep. I woke up this morning and started to search. The Skipper tried to
teach us how to survive on the island; he learned how in the Navy during
the war.

"So, anyway, I started to look around the island. I started to get more and
more scared. I finally just panicked and started running..." Mary Ann took
a deep breath, her pert breasts pressing against B'Elanna's chest.

"Okay, you'll be alright. I'll help you..."

"Oh, thank you. Thank you."

With a feeling of reluctance, B'Elanna eased her hold on the pretty farm
girl and said, "Okay. Let's go to your camp and start from there."

"It's this way," Mary Ann said as she took B'Elanna's hand and led her
through the tropical growth.

After a short trek through the thin undergrowth, they came upon a small
clearing with several thatch huts around the edges and some hand-made
furniture in the center. There was also a large firepit with several pots
nearby. It all seemed to be sturdily put together to B'Elanna's practiced

Leading the taller woman, Mary Ann indicated a small hut with a curtained
window and a flower box. "This is where Ginger and I live. That's the
Howell's hut. The Skipper and Gilligan live in that one. And that one is
the Professor's." The young brunette pointed to each hut as she spoke.
B'Elanna noticed she seemed calmer now.

"Do these people have names? Or just titles?" B'Elanna asked.

"Oh, well the Skipper is Jonas Grumby. He's an old Navy man. And he knows
the South Pacific really well. The Professor is Roy Hinkley, he's very
intelligent in many fields. Gilligan is just Gilligan. I think his first
name is Willie but everyone calls him Gilligan. He's the Skipper's first
mate. Well, only mate really. Ginger is Ginger Grant. The movie star? And
the Howells are Thurston Howell III and his wife, Lovey. He's one of the
richest men in the world."

"Okay, that told me little more than I knew before...I'm still in the dark
about this place. Come on, show me the rest of the area," the half-alien
woman said.

"Down this path is the lagoon," Mary Ann said, indicating a very well-worn
path through the brush.

It was a small inlet. The curve of the island hid the sea from view but the
water was salty and full of marine life. B'Elanna also noted what looked
like a couple of sunken rafts and a row boat in the relatively clear water.
While she looked for signs of unusual activity, Mary Ann prattled on about
space capsules, telephone cables, and other odd things that seemed to come
to rest in or near the lagoon.

"I don't see anything here," B'Elanna said, interrupting Mary Ann's
description of yet another odd event in the lagoon. "Let's go see the beach
you and your friend were at."

The beach was much like the one where the two women met. The sandy strip
was a bit wider but otherwise they could be on the other side of the
island. Again B'Elanna saw nothing other than the tracks of local fauna and
the footprints of two humans.

"Nothing here, either. Let's walk along the shore for a bit. Maybe we'll
see something."

Mary Ann asked, "What?"

"Boats, canoes, anything like that. Even if the craft are gone, there would
still be traces. Drag marks, multiple foot prints, that kind of thing,"
B'Elanna replied.

Eventually they came upon a stretch of beach with what apparently was the
keel of a boat. "What's this?" B'Elanna asked.

Mary Ann shook her head, "This is where the Minnow ran aground. Shortly
after we got here, the Professor found out that some syrup we tried to make
was an excellent glue. Since we hadn't had much luck patching the hole with
bent nails, the Skipper and Gilligan tried that with some boards. Then,
they coated the entire hull in case of unknown leaks."


"The glue only held for about two days. Then it seemed to dissolve any
metal holding the remainder of the hull together. The ship just flew

"But, thanks to one of Gilligan's screw-ups, we were here on the island
instead of being at sea when it happened," the young farmer added. "I
suppose he saved our life."

"Okay, let's keep going this way," B'Elanna indicated the direction they
had been traveling.

As they continued to walk, Mary Ann kept glancing at B'Elanna's face.
Finally, the temperamental engineer stopped. "What? What is it? You keep
looking at me..."

"Well, it's... I'm sorry, it's your forehead. The Skipper told us about
some of the ritual mutila-...I mean the ritual markings of some of the
South Seas people. Is that...?" Mary Ann's voice faded as she turned red
under her tan.

"Well, it is an old family thing..." B'Elanna answered noncommittaly. Mary
Ann nodded, deciding not to press the issue.

They came to a wide path into the trees and B'Elanna turned into it. It led
to a long narrow clearing. There was the remains of an old lean-to shed at
one end and a collapsed grass canopy next to it.

"This is where Gilligan found Wrong-way."

"Who?" B'Elanna asked. Times like this, she wished Tom was with her. He
knew these things. Or, at least, he pretended to know.

"Wrong-way Feldman. He tried to fly around the world and got lost. He was
here on the island for about thirty years before we found him and helped
him go home," Mary Ann explained.

"Why didn't he tell everyone where you were?"

Mary Ann smiled, a sad smile. "He lost the directions the Professor gave
him and... Well, Wrong-way has a terrible sense of direction."

B'Elanna glanced in the direction of the volcano she could now see towards
the western end of the island. "Has that volcano...?"

"It hasn't erupted but there was some steam and smoke coming out of it last
year. And there were some tremors. It was pretty scary. But the Professor
didn't think it'd be any danger. He made these probes and measured the
pressure and temperature..."

With a wary eye on the cinder cone, B'Elanna interrupted her new friend,
"Okay, let's head back towards the camp. It'll be dark soon and I'd rather
not be lost in this jungle."

Mary Ann nodded and they set off down another trail. By the time they
reached the camp, the shadows were lengthening considerably.

B'Elanna lit several of the torches around the clearing while Mary Ann
threw together a salad of mixed jungle greens. With some rough, unleavened
bread, they ate a filling, and to B'Elanna, different dinner.

"So, you're from Kansas?"

Mary Ann nodded. "Yes, a small farm near Winfield. It's a couple hundred
miles southwest of Kansas City. I live there with my Aunt Martha and Uncle
George. I really miss them. Where are you from?"

"I tend to travel a lot. Outside of my ship, I really haven't had anyplace
to call home since my days at the Academy in San Francisco," B'Elanna said.

"I wanted to see San Francisco on my way back from Hawaii but then..." Mary
Ann's eyes lit up. "A ship? You can get us, well, me off the island?"

"I don't think so. It's complicated. You see... I'm..." B'Elanna was stuck.
What could she say to the suddenly hopeful girl? Even the stale cliche of
the Non-Interference Directive wouldn't work here.

"I'm sort of exiled from home. I really can't even land anywhere that there
are people..." B'Elanna's mind sped along. What else was there about that
old book Janeway made her read, "The Man Without A Country"?

"I turned against my people. I didn't agree with the government line and
decided to fight back. Now, I'm a criminal, I guess." B'Elanna paused,
'Sounds good, Torres. She doesn't have to know about the pardon issued to
any Maquis. She doesn't even have to know about the Maquis.'

"Well, maybe you could let me off close to somewhere...?"

With true sadness, B'Elanna shook her head. She was really getting to like
this young woman. "It wouldn't be safe for you. Maybe I can get a message
to someone about your location...?"

Sadness and horror crossed Mary Ann's face, "Oh God, then I'll be stuck
here alone?"

"We'll find your friends. I promise!" B'Elanna held up her hand, index and
middle finger pointing up, mimicking a sign Tom and Harry used
occasionally. Apparently Mary Ann recognized it and smiled.

"Ah, the Scouts pledge. Well, if you promise..."

They followed up dinner with some left-over banana cream pie. "When I get
home, the first thing I want to do is bake an apple pie. Then I'll milk the
cow and feed the chickens. Nice normal chores..." Mary Ann said wistfully.

After eating, B'Elanna said, "I don't know about you, but I'm kinda tired.
Where can I sleep?"

"You can sleep with me..." Mary Ann offered. Quickly she added, "That is,
unless you don't want to..."

Smiling, B'Elanna replied, "That would be fine. Lead on."

Leaving two torches burning, they entered the hut Mary Ann shared with
Ginger Grant. B'Elanna's thoughts centered on the feel of the younger
woman's body earlier. Maybe this night would prove interesting...

Inside the hut, Mary Ann said, "That's Ginger's bed. You can sleep there. I
hope it's comfortable enough."

"It'll be fine." But in reality, it felt stiff to B'Elanna as she sat. Not
at all like the contouring beds aboard a Federation ship.

They slipped out of their clothes. B'Elanna decided to sleep nude in the
tropical night. She noticed that Mary Ann wore only white cotton panties as
she slid under the thin sheet. Had Mary Ann been eyeing her when she wasn't

B'Elanna extinguished the lantern. It was still fairly light from the two
lanterns in the clearing and the nearly full moon. They both settled in

B'Elanna was surprised to find herself wake up sometime later, she hadn't
even realized she'd fallen asleep. But what woke her up? Crying. Mary Ann
was quietly sobbing.

B'Elanna got up and stepped over to the other cot. Sitting down, she rested
her hand on the girl's head, gently stroking the soft, brown hair. She said
softly, "Mary Ann? It's going to be alright."

Laying down next to the distraught woman, B'Elanna took her into her strong
arms. Mary Ann nestled into B'Elanna's embrace, her face pressed against
the Klingon/human's bare breast.

Tilting Mary Ann's head up, B'Elanna smiled and whispered, "I'm here. It'll
be okay."

Mary Ann attempted a weak smile, "I just miss them so much. And I never had
a chance to tell Ginger..."

Guessing what she was about to say before catching herself, B'Elanna
stated, "That you love her?"

"Yes. No. I don't know... It's so wrong but I can't help but feel the way I
do. I don't know if it's love but I know I want her. I want to... But it's

"Mary Ann, where I come from, it isn't wrong. To think it's wrong is
wrong." B'Elanna smiled, she really had a way with words. "Society will
come around. You'll see..."

"It's just that I never... I mean, sure, when we were kids, I tried kissing
Sue Ellen back home but..."

"Was it like this?" B'Elanna gently pressed her lips to Mary Ann's, slowly
increasing the pressure. When Mary Ann didn't pull away, B'Elanna opened
her mouth and licked at Mary Ann's soft lips. With a gasp, Mary Ann opened
her mouth and accepted the lissome intruder.

As their tongues danced with each other, B'Elanna's hand slid down the
girl's smooth back and under the thin cotton to cup her full, round bottom.
Mary Ann's hand slid over B'Elanna's chest and cupped the woman's breast.

The kiss deepened and the women pressed their bodies tightly together. The
feel of the soft curves, the heat of passion, the loving caress of tongue
with tongue, all combined to generate a burning passion that should only be
extinguished in one way.

Breaking the kiss, B'Elanna panted as she smiled at the lovely brunette in
her arms. "You and that Sue Ellen must've practiced, 'cause you are one of
the best kissers..." Instead of finishing the thought, B'Elanna took Mary
Ann's face in her hands and took possession of her mouth once more.

After ravishing her mouth, B'Elanna moved down to suckle the soft flesh of
her throat, nipping and licking. Mary Ann threw her head back and moaned
loudly, while running her hands through the other woman's short, brown

Continuing down the virginal body to her ultimate prize, B'Elanna took each
breast in her mouth in turn. Her well-trained tongue flicked and laved the
hard, eraser-point nipples. Teasing and biting, B'Elanna smiled as she felt
Mary Ann's body shudder.

She resumed her journey down, lapping at the sweetly salty sheen on Mary
Ann's body. Dipping her tongue into the girl's navel and sucking out the
passion-inspired perspiration that pooled there, B'Elanna ran her fingers
down to comb through the short, silky curls between Mary Ann's legs. She
could feel the humid heat of the girl's sex. She was ready.

Moving between the girl's legs, B'Elanna looked across the lovely body at
her lover's face, "Mary Ann, I'm going to make you feel so good..." She
lowered her face and sampled the taste of the farmgirl. Sooo good!

At the first touch of B'Elanna's tongue, Mary Ann gave a short, sharp cry.
No one had ever touched her there, in any way. And this was some much more
wonderful than her fingers...

The Maquis warrior explored the soft, hot folds of the girl's sex
thoroughly using only her lips and tongue. Dipping into the sopping cavern
and scooping out the hidden honey with her tongue, B'Elanna smiled to
herself. This girl was delicious!

Running her tongue around the heated, swollen lips, the engineer was amazed
at the girl's response. Mary Ann was moaning loudly, writhing on the bed
and holding B'Elanna's head to her crotch. Peeking up, past the fragrant
patch of pubic hair, the warrior turned lover saw goose bumps across the
girl's flesh. And she hadn't even touched the sensitive little organ that
was now poking out of it's protective sheath.

The girl obviously wasn't going to last much longer, so B'Elanna decided to
bring her to a climax now while she could still control it somewhat. She
slipped a finger into the hot tunnel and felt the buttery-soft walls
clenching around her digit! Pulling out, she thrust in another and then
another. With three fingers sliding in and out of Mary Ann, she applied her
tongue to the girl's clitoris in a long, slow swiping motion, before
wrapping her lips around it and sucking.

Mary Ann screamed and her body became rigid as she arced off the cot. Her
juice flowed over B'Elanna's hand and onto the sheets. As all this was
happening, the Klingon/Human maintained her oral lock on the girl's sex,
further stimulating it with the tip of her tongue.

Mary Ann gasped and pushed B'Elanna's head away, "No...no more. Please...I
can't take it..."

Placing a quick kiss on her lower lips and the in the midst of her short
curls, B'Elanna crawled up and kissed Mary Ann's mouth even more gently.
"Would you like a taste?" she purred.

Mary Ann's eyes were slits as she nodded. B'Elanna offered her fingers to
the girl. Mary Ann began to lick the profered finger before sucking it into
her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it. She repeated the action on
each of the other fingers on that hand, even those that hadn't been inside
of her. Then she ran her fingers through B'Elanna's short, brown hair and
pulled her down for a lusty kiss.

"I want to do that to you!" she declared into B'Elanna's mouth before
quickly replacing words with her tongue. She quickly became an aggressive
passionate kisser. B'Elanna realized that now the poor actress didn't stand
a chance with the farm girl.

As she started to lay next to Mary Ann, the girl shook her head. "No, I
want you to sit on my face. I wanna be smothered in you..."

Happily complying, B'Elanna placed her knees on either side of the
castaway's head and slowly lowered herself onto the eager mouth. Before she
was even settled, she could feel Mary Ann's tongue flicking her lower lips.
As contact intensified, B'Elanna thought, 'This girl is a natural.'

And Mary Ann proved that supposition correct as she began to do to B'Elanna
what the woman had done to her. But with some interesting variations. She
thrust her tongue deeply into the woman over her then pulled B'Elanna's
hips up to assail her tight rosebud!

B'Elanna cried out! No one had ever touched her there in such an exciting
way! And she looked so innocent too...

The brunette was thrusting her tongue into B'Elanna's anus. It was
unbelievable. This wonderfully erotic assault went on for several long
moments before the young farmgirl resumed her thorough exploration of the
starwoman's sex.

Flinging her head back, B'Elanna saw through slitted eyes that Mary Ann was
finger-fucking herself! The girl was insatiable.

B'Elanna leaned forward, holding tightly to the bedframe as Mary Ann's
tongue slipped around her clit, never once touching the nubbin. Her eyes
closed, she was totally unprepared for the sudden intrusion of a slender
finger in her ass. Her eyes flew open and a loud gasp was wrung from her.
"My God!"

As if that was her cue, Mary Ann attacked B'Elanna's clit. Her finger began
to pump in and out of B'Elanna's rear as she sucked and licked the woman's

B'Elanna didn't hold back. With a roar that would scare off the most
ferocious of jungle beasts, she exploded. Her fluids flowed freely over
Mary Ann's mouth and chin and she barely was able to hold herself up.

Finally succumbing, B'Elanna fell to Mary Ann's side, whispering, "That was
incredible! You've never done that before?"

Smiling sweetly, Mary Ann shook her head and kissed her first female lover.
"No, never with another woman... You are my first. I hope I wasn't too

B'Elanna grinned and shook her head. "No, not at all. Now, are you, by
chance, multi-orgasmic?" she asked with a wicked grin before kissing the
farmer's daughter deeply and passionately.

Before they collapsed from shear exhaustion, they proved to each other that
they certainly were multi-orgasmic.

* * * * * *

By mid-morning, both women were skinny-dipping in the lagoon, splashing,
tickling, laughing, and arousing each other until they lay on the sand and
slowly made love to each other again.

As the sun reached it's zenith, B'Elanna wondered at her apparent disregard
for the missing castaways. Admittedly they were no one she knew and keeping
the young brunette's spirits up was important. Still to forget about them

She leaned over Mary Ann and gently nudged her awake. "C'mon, lover. Let's
see if there's any place we might have missed..."

Her eyes popping open, Mary Ann said, "I forgot about them! Oh, how could I

"Ssh, I had something to do with that. You needed to relax so I relaxed

Not completely convinced but with less apprehension, Mary Ann said, "There
is a cave over on the far side of the island..."

They scrambled into their clothes and Mary Ann led the way into the jungle.
Another well-worn trail was followed. "This is the way to where we have
started to do the laundry and hang it up to dry. There's a natural hot
spring there," Mary Ann said. "It was Gilligan's turn to do the laundry."

They continued to make their way through the undergrowth, the path they
were following being badly overgrown. B'Elanna saw an opening ahead and
directed her young lover in that direction. An exposed root tripped up the

Literally stumbling into another clearing, B'Elanna attempted to get up and
retain some of her dignity. Mary Ann's giggles indicated it was too late
for that.

Brushing off her slacks, the dark-skinned half-alien surveyed the small
field. Long grasses and completely ringed with trees, it was obvious few
people came here.

"This is the field where we hang up the laundry!" Mary Ann exclaimed. "See?
The rope tied to that tree over there?"

Thankful that she hadn't voiced her observations of the clearing, B'Elanna
did note the dangling rope and the trampled area across the expanse of open
ground. "Where is the other end?"

"It's usually tied to that tree over there," Mary Ann responded while
pointing. "Oh! Oh God, what's that?"

Initially confused by the farm girl's question, B'Elanna slowly became
aware of a low muttering that seemed to be all around them.

"B'Elanna...what is it? Are they ghosts?" Mary Ann asked in a hushed voice.

It sounded like disembodied voices. But voices from beyond? No, it couldn't
be. Not here. And humans don't believe in Sto'val Kor. There must be
another explanation. "No, I don't believe in ghosts!" B'Elanna declared.
"It might be the wind through the trees."

They both knew the air was calm around them. The tall grass was
undisturbed, the trees ringing them stood still.

B'Elanna stepped towards the rope where it trailed across the ground. She
saw a basket and clothing scattered around it. The rope ended a few feet
beyond the mess.

The voices, if that was what they truly were, had grown in strength. She
thought she could even pick out individual words. Words like 'help' and

Stepping onto a patch of dead grass, B'Elanna felt the surface start to
give way. Her Starfleet training, albeit incomplete, gave her enough
warning to leap to the side. The ground where she stood fell away. Just as
suddenly, it sprang back flush with the rest of the clearing. The voices
were louder than ever.

"What the...?" B'Elanna stepped up and gingerly pressed down with her foot.
The 'ground' moved down at an angle...a hatch of some kind. It had to be.

"Mary Ann, get me a thick log of some kind. I think I figured it out..."

The young girl ran off and returned quickly with a four-foot length of
bamboo. "Will this do?"

B'Elanna nodded as she accepted the shaft. Stepping onto the door, she
pressed down. When the opening revealed itself, she jammed the pole in near
where she estimated the hinges would be. She stepped back and the pole
held. There was now a dark opening into the earth.

And the voices were clear. "Help! We're trapped!" "Get us out! Please!" "I
will gladly pay you ten thousand dollars to get em out of here. A Howell
just cannot be trapped underground." "Absolutely right, Thurston! What
would the people at the yacht club say?"

"B'Elanna! It's them! Those are my friends! Oh, thank you!" Mary Ann leapt
into B'Elanna's arms and kissed her, a kiss more of gratitude than passion
this time.

"You're welcome. Let's see about getting them out of there. Grab the end of
the rope..."

There was some discussion in the pit about who should go first and finally
they agreed the Skipper would be the best one. They could heave him up and
then he could help hoist out the rest.

B'Elanna watched as the Skipper came out. He was a fat man in a blue shirt
and white pants wearing an old-fashioned captain's hat. "Oh Mary Ann,
you've saved us! C'mon, let's get the rest out of this old bunker."

"Bunker, Skipper?" Mary Ann asked.

"Yeah, an ammunition bunker. Probably left over from the war..." the
Skipper said as he leaned over to grasp someone's red-sleeved arm hand.
"C'mon up here, Little Buddy."

Taking Mary Ann's hand, the older girl led her to the side. "Mary Ann, I
have to go. You take care. Maybe I'll get back here sometime soon."

"Oh, I wish you didn't have to go. I wish you could take us with you..."
The brunette shook her head sadly, her ponytail swinging slightly. "But I

Grabbing her young lover, B'Elanna kissed her, thrusting her tongue gently,
briefly along Mary Ann's. "Go help your friends. And remember what we
talked about..." Mary Ann looked blankly for a moment and B'Elanna prodded
her memory of their late-night post-coital conversation, "Ginger?"

Mary Ann nodded happily, her eyes darkening with renewed lust. She turned
away and went to the Skipper's side.

As B'Elanna watched Mary Ann begin assisting her friends out of the old
ammo bunker, she smiled. With a curt command, "Computer, save program,
Torres-Gilligan's Isle 1. End Program."

The island scenery quickly faded to be replaced by the projector array of
the starship Voyager's holodeck. B'Elanna picked up her jacket and headed
for the port, a pleased grin on her face.

'Tom may have something with these old 2D videos of his. Maybe next time I
can be that astronaut washed ashore on a desert island and find the genie's

Whistling a nautical theme song unheard for almost three centuries,
B'Elanna headed for her quarters and a hot shower.

 (c) John O'Conner

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