How I've got my first gangbang

by Horny Melissa

Hello, let me first introduce myself, my name is Melissa. When this happened I was 20 years old. I have black, half-long hair tied together in a little tail and I've got beautiful big, dark eyes. My brown skin is from my father, he is from Brazil and I have also a little of his temperament. I live in Holland (so English is not my daily language), that's a very liberal country, where I can feel myself really free, learn easy new people and make new experiences with them. During my highschool period I was what they call "hot and easy", but the last few months I've really discovered how nice good sex can be. I'll tell you what happened.

It was early Friday evening and a guy I met a week ago, phoned me. His name was Nick and he asked me to meet him again, later this evening in a bar, just next to the shopping mall. It was a nice guy and I was looking for a reason to get down town and have an entertaining evening, so I agreed. He asked me to put on a sexy outfit, just like last week and I smiled. I promised to be sexy and desirable. So I put on a very short pink dress; under the dress only a small, black lace pants and no bra. I arranged the top of the dress so, that my beautiful brown tits were showing a lot of cleavage. I took a cab to the bar en entered. It was crowded, but I saw Nick between a group of guys in the back of the bar. Nick waved to me as he saw me coming towards him. When I came close, I saw the guys looking at me as if I was a porno queen. Sure, I was looking great in my short and skimpy dress. By that time I wasn't aware about the fact that Nick had told them about our fuckparty of last week. I had him and his friend fucking my brains out in the men's room of another bar then. Nick winked me and put his arm around me. He said to the other guys: "Boys, this is Melissa, she's a beautiful and very willing brown friend of me, I would like us all to give her a nice and warm evening. Okay, guys?" A loud sheer came from the five other guys. They immediately offered me a drink and I took a yellow cocktail; it came with a lot of alcohol. And then Nick said to me: "Melissa, me and my teammates here just finished a hard weeks work and could do with a little warmth from you. Can I count on you're cooperation?" I thought: Oh, yeah, why did they always want ME tot fulfill their needs. But they seemed to be nice guys, well looking, so I agreed. They introduced themselves to me and I sure liked them, especially the two tall black guys, Will and Jimmy. They talked to me about their jobs in the shopping mall. It was then when I felt a hand on my back, going down to my bottom, it was Nick again, standing next tot me and groping around. His hand went under my dress and he was squeezing my cheeks there. By then I got my second cocktail drink and they asked me to finish the first one quickly. It became more crowded in the bar and we were moved a little, standing even more close to each other. By then, Nick had not only one hand at my bottom but put the other hand on my dress near my stomach, moving up to my boobs. He cupped one tit, more flesh came above the pink dress. With his hand now on my nipple I felt the electricity running through my body, to my pussy, making it moistened. Nick said with his hand on my tit: "Oh, I sure like your beautiful brown melons, honey!" And with a lower voice: "Guys, do you know she got beautiful black nipples with large dark flesh around them!" I saw the guys smile and glistering in their eyes. The alcohol in the drinks did its work with me, I was already horny, so I said: "Here look for yourselves!" and pulled down the dress a little more. I let them see my two nipples, they became hard and pointed right ahead. At the same moment I felt Nick pulling on my lace pants at my bottom! I put the dress up again and asked Nick to stop pulling my clothes. He smiled to me and said in my ear: "Only if you take off your pants, Melissa!" At first I didn't. But because it was so crowded I had no where to go when he again pulled a little further on my pants under my dress. It already hung loose a little and I was afraid it would show if I walked because of the shortness of my dress. I got my fourth cocktail drink already and again he put his hand at my pants. I was a little annoyed and I said whispering to him: "Okay, I'll do it. But you'll have to keep your hands to yourselves then! Promised?" He agreed and I worked my way to the toilet. I had tot pee anyway because of the drinks and when I was finished I pulled off my pants completely. I had no bag with me so I kept the black lace pants hidden inside my hand. It felt strange, the fresh air to my pussy, walking around with no underwear at all. I pulled down the pink dress even more, so nobody could see my bare naked ass coming out under my dress. But by doing that, my tits showed more cleavage, very close to my nipples, you could see some of the dark flesh around them uncovered now. I couldn't cover up both sides with such a short dress. I walked out of the toiletroom and by making my way trough the crowd again, I got some compliments and some dirty talking about my nearly naked tits. When I arrived at Nick and his friends, they put me in the middle and I felt their hands on my body. Nick reached immediately for my hands, and grabbed my pants from my hand; he knew I had no place to hide them. I was embarrassed when he put them up and showed the black lace to the other guys, what a bastard! At the same time I felt a hand again at my bottom, going under my dress, reaching for my ass! I became angry because Nick had promised to keep his hands of me, but it was Jimmy this time! His large black hand rested on my bottom. It gave me a warm feeling. He looked at me and smiled. And I smiled back. I felt that he knew I wouldn't resist and his hand moved over my bare ass. I enjoyed his slow and tender caressing of my ass. Until his hand went on between my ass cheeks and going more and more to my pussy! Before his fingers came close I felt how hot I was, how wet my pussy became and how bad I needed his treatment. I pushed my ass a little more to his hands and immediately I felt his fingers on my lips. He knew I wanted it and shoved two fingers in my cunt! Ohhh! I almost came! The black guy went on, his fingers in and out my hole. Here I was, in a crowded bar with a large black man I hardly knew, fingering my wet pussy! The excitement made me even more horny, what a slut I was! I moved my legs a little to give his fingers more room, but then he put in four fingers! Ohh, no, "Stop, please!" I whispered tot him, otherwise I couldn't hold back any more. He pulled back his fingers with a large grin on his face. But then: he put up his hand with four wet fingers before my face and said: "Here, lick them clean!" I looked around, afraid, but only Will was looking me right in the face and smiling. "Lick them, slut!" I heard him whispering again to me. I opened my mouth and he put his whole hand immediately in it. I licked his fingers and he was satisfied. "Good girl!" he said. Will and the other two guys now looked with open mouth to me. Then I finished another cocktail drink at once. After that I felt that my body was now aching for more, so I asked Nick if we could go somewhere else. He said to the others: "Guys, our nice little girl Melissa here, asks us to go outside with her. Come on, we'll go to my van and see what happens." I didn't care where we would go to. I needed a fuck and quickly. We went to the exit but going that way, trough the crowd, I felt a few guys groping around my boobs and bare ass. At the exit we felt the fresh air from outside. Nick had a large delivery van, and he opened the backdoor for me to enter. When I went inside, the other five guys followed and I was pushed down on some piles of clothing. No need to say that they wanted to fuck me. And I didn't care! I pulled up my dress so that the guys could see my naked cunt by the little light inside the back of the van. I said: "Okay, guys, who has the largest dick? He can fuck me first!" They didn't know how fast they could show me their penisses, already in shape for the trick. I lost my senses and felt dicks in my hands, mouth and cunt. I was fucked well by the boys, one after another, and I enjoyed it. I was to drunk to see who did what but I didn't care, I just enjoyed. When they were all ready with me, they drove me home. I was so drunk that I had to lean on two guys walking to the elevator. I told them that my key was hidden under the mat and they opened my apartment. They put me on the bed and left. The next thing I know is that I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache and the feeling of well-used holes at my bottom. After an hour I went to the shower and cleaned myself up. I put on some baby-oil, also in my raw cunt and asshole. I stayed at home the whole Saturday and didn't pick up the phone. That evening I went early to bed. On Sunday I was myself again, completely recovered and ready for a nice day. My brother had phoned me and invited me to go to his friends house. But I'll tell you about that the next time.


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