Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Joe S. Theragman Title: Amanda and her girls Part: one Summary: Al has been a recluse for years and decides to get back into society. His first foray into public life to his apartment complex pool opens up a life he had only fantasized about. Keywords: MF,Mgggg,inc,cons,ped Title: Amanda and her girls - (MF,MFgggg,ped,inc,cons) (MF,MFgggg,ped,inc,cons) I have read many a story involving adults and kids in sexual situations. A very few could actually reflect some sort of reality. That means that 1 out of 1000 or so are written in any believable manner. The vast majority of these stories run along the lines of some little girl very very anxious to find one or more adult men show will 'allow' them to engage immediately in cock sucking, cum swallowing bliss that, by some miracle the girls already know exactly how to do! So, wanting to be a responsible writer, I will try to relate a story that has at least the very slightest possibility of realism.....remember, I said 'slightest possibility'! The following story is just that, A STORY! It is total and complete fiction. A fantasy conjured up from the depths of my twisted mind. I do not condone, nor suggest, that anyone should willingly engage in sexual activity with anyone under the magic age of 18. That most magical birthday when an innocent unknowing child miraculously morphs into a fully knowledgeable sexual being. This is a single part of a very long story. All of the segments can be seen here so check them out: you can find me on Facebook at: Enjoy! Amanda and her girls Chapter one - Pool I had been living mostly as a recluse for the last several years and it was really getting to me. Not having much meaningful contact with other people is not healthy, I can tell you! It works on your head and will eventually drive you mad. I could feel the madness approaching all winter and spring. Now, summer was here in Nevada and I had made up my mind to get out and about no matter what the consequences! Figuring I needed to ease into things, I figured I would start out close to the apartment by spending some time at the complex's pool. It was a Saturday and I had worked a 12 hour night shift and had no sleep. That didn't bother me since I usually started a week off work by staying up to get used to doing things in daylight. The week before, I had gone shopping to get the few things I would need. I bought a couple of new swim trunks, some decent t-shirts, flip-flops, high SPF sunscreen (SPF 30 if you must know), a beach towel, small pack, thermos, and water bottle as well as a couple of novels. In short, I was ready to face the world....or not. It was early June in Reno and the weather was already to the point of being blistering by noon. I made sure I had showered well, shaved, hair was combed and by 11AM was walking out my door with the pack over my shoulder. The pool only had kids in it when I got there. That made me a bit nervous but I was determined to at least try so I went on into the pool area. There was a young girl laying in a lounge chair on the east side of the pool area and she seemed to have quite a bit of stuff with her. In the water were four small girls playing and splashing. The all seemed to be having a lot of fun and the girl in the chair seemed to be keeping an eye on the bunch of kids. I decided to take a chair on the north side. I picked out my chair, laid out my stuff and draped my big towel over the lounge chair. Once I had everything situated, I lay back in the chair with a novel and tried to read. The kids in the pool were noisy and it was hard to concentrate. All four of them had the exact same color of very dark blonde, or is it very light brown, hair work long to the middle of their backs. They seemed to range in age from somewhere around 9 or so down to about 5 or 6. It was hard to tell since they were jumping around and splashing so much. The girl in the chair looked as if she might be a very young teen, maybe 13 or so, and I figured she was the babysitter. In fact, I'll just call her that, the babysitter. Anyway, she was at the stage where her breasts were just starting to show a little. She was well tanned but not overly so, just a nice brown tint, and wearing a very small string bikini. I tried getting back into my book. Looking too much at the kids could cause anyone who happened to see to think thoughts I had no desire for them to think! I have always been attracted to the female form especially the young female form. Girls in the age range of about 10 years up to about 16 for some reason arouse me to no end. Don't get me wrong, hot adult women do the same for me but it is the younger age range that almost does me in. In fact, that attraction caused me serious problems. More about that later. The reading did finally capture my attention and I was making good progress in my book. Today, I can't tell you anything about that book but I do know that I got caught up in the story until I heard, "Hey! All you little urchins! Get over here! You need some water and more sunscreen!" That caught my attention more than my book did. Trying to not look like I was staring, I watched as each of the little girls got out of the pool and marched over to the babysitter. The tallest was maybe 4' 4", her hair was as I described before. It was her suit and body that the suit showed off that caught my eye. She too wore a string bikini that only covered about half of her bottom. She was facing away from me so I couldn't see, at that time, her front. From the back, if she had been a foot taller, I would have said she was a high school knockout! Her little neck was slender and sat atop narrow shoulders that tapered to a tiny waist. From there, her hips flared just exactly right and tapered down her very shapely legs. Her bottom was very nicely rounded and most of it seemed to be well tanned pretty much just like her young babysitter. I tore my eyes off the tallest of the four girls and took inventory of the remaining three. All of them were shorter carbon copies of the first. They had to all be sisters. The two littlest girls had the very typical little girl figures, straight as boards but their bottoms were nice and round and their little legs had a bit of shape too. All of the girls were wearing very skimpy bikinis and all four of them were showing a nice amount of very pretty ass cheek. As each girl approached the babysitter, she took a bottle of water out of a pack and handed it off. After getting water for each of the girls, the babysitter pulled out a bottle of sunscreen. I kept watching as she sat on the edge of her chair and, one girl at a time, started to apply a generous coating over all the girl's exposed parts. The babysitter made damn sure that everything got a good coating and I watched as she even pulled the elastic edges of the bikinis open a bit so she could smear some a little way inside the tiny suits. After watching this little scene play out for a very little while, I was getting hard as a rock. That would not do and I needed to correct the problem so I got up and kind of sidled over to the pool and dove in. The water was pretty cool so I swam two slow laps and by the end of the second lap, could tell that my cock had done a good job of trying to crawl back into me. I was getting out as the little girls were jumping back into the pool. As I levered myself onto the pool deck, I looked over to the side and saw the babysitter bent over picking stuff up and putting it in the pack. I have only seen a few perfect bodies from the rear before this day and the babysitter certainly qualified! I almost stayed in the pool but my cock had really shrunk and was cold so I figured I would be safe for a time. In fact, getting back to my book, I felt pretty good. As long as I kept my nose buried in the book and my mind on the story, I would be fine. The problem is, I couldn't do either! I had seen what I had seen. I could not read a word because the image of that babysitter and oldest girl kept cropping up in my mind's eye. Every now and then, even images of the younger three tried to intrude. All too soon, the sun had warmed me up and, with the images in my mind, my cock started to rise again. Using the big towel as a cover, I tried to shift my cock so it was laying against my belly. That wasn't so good because it caused a more visible tent in my trunks. Then I tried just stuffing it inside the net underwear type stuff sewed into the trunks. That proved to be painful. So, there wasn't anything to do but allow my cock to lay against my leg even though it was outside the sewed-in net 'underwear' of the trunks. At least the trunks were long enough to cover it! Again, I made a concerted effort to get into the book. I really tried but I could not help stealing glances over the top of the book to look at the girls in the water and the babysitter. I redoubled my efforts and actually made some progress! Soon enough, the sounds of splashing faded away and it seemed that I was actually absorbing some of the story. It was kind of amazing really. No sounds of play and splashing at all came to me, just and occasional snicker or giggle. Movement off to my left got my attention and I saw the babysitter slipping into the pool. I watched as she very carefully swam silently over to the four little girls who were all grouped at the edge of the pool closest to me. They all seemed to be looking my way for some reason so I looked around to see what it might be. Not finding anything of note, I turned back around just in time to see the four girls spinning around to face their babysitter. Some very harsh whispering went on and the four girls all looked pretty stricken. Soon, the babysitter led the way as she and her four charges all got out of the pool and went over to where their stuff was. The babysitter launched into what seemed to be some very serious whispered ass chewing. Soon, she was directing the three smallest of the girls to sit down and pushing the tallest of the little girls my direction. The little girl had her eyes downcast but soon both of them were standing at my side. "Hi! My name is Amanda and this 'thing' is Janie. Little miss Janie here has something important she needs to say. Get to it girl!" I now knew the babysitter's name and the name of the tallest girl but hadn't a clue what was so serious. Chin quivering the girl started in in an almost inaudible voice, "Mister, we didn't mean anything. I'm sorry we did it. Please forgive us!" By now, she was crying in earnest, tears really streaming down the poor little girl's cheeks. I still had no clue what she was apologizing for! "Um, Hi! My name is Al. I have no idea what is going on!" The babysitter was in no mood to be lenient, "Tell him what you four little urchins were doing Janie!" Now through serious tears and sobs Janie said, "We were trying to look up the leg of your trunks to see your thing. We're sorry! Really! We'll never do it again!" Two thoughts hit me hard. One, I remembered that my raging hard cock had been laying along my leg and if my trunks were loose, or open enough, they all could have seen it. Two, it was the funniest thing I had experienced in a very long time! I didn't know whether to bust out laughing or run back home and lock my self away for life. I immediately folded up my legs so I was sitting 'Indian style', "Oh! WOW! I hope I wasn't showing off! Oh man! Really! I don't know what to say. I mean, if anything was showing, it would be all my fault. Janie, I forgive you. I just hope you didn't see anything you weren't supposed to see!" Amanda, the babysitter, dragged over a lounge chair, much closer than was comfortable for me. "Janie, you go sit with your idjit sisters until I get done talking with Al here." Little Janie took off like a shot. When Janie was out of easy earshot Amanda said, "Sorry about all that. I don't think they actually saw anything but I caught them trying to sneak a peek and had to stop that right now!" "Well, I'm glad that I wasn't showing off! I would hate for four little girls to get an 'education' their parents didn't want them to have yet." Amanda kind of got a little smirk on her face and giggled a little, "Oh, I'm sure their parent won't be too upset. If by some chance they saw a flash of 'something', the little idjits were too far away to figure out what it was anyway. I'm just going to end their pool day early today to punish them for peeking like that. It was nice to meet you, Al. Maybe we'll see you again tomorrow." With that she smiled and headed over to where four very chastened girls were sitting. Soon, all five were headed out of the pool area gate. As Amanda walked through, she turned around and waved then they were on their way. I packed up and limped home soon after. Amanda, the babysitter, being so close to me did nothing to help my own twisted state of mind. I had just gotten a closer look to finish filling out the picture of her in my mind. She was maybe 5 feet and a bit tall. Her breasts were really just very gentle rises on her chest that only stuck forward a couple of inches at best. They weren't pointy like most very young developing breasts might be but seemed nice and round gentle swellings only. Her eyes were a very light green. Her mouth was a perfect cupid's bow. Every bit of her skin I got to see, and that was most of her skin, was perfect and looked very smooth and soft. All of that was now implanted in my mind and I had to have it right there every time I tried to get to sleep! I must have jacked off 8 or 9 times just trying to get myself under control. Getting to know Amanda - Sunday through Tuesday The next morning, I was still tired. It was as if I had not slept at all because every fucking time I closed my eyes, I saw Amanda standing in front of me. My cock would spring right to attention and I would need to jack off again! I'm 54 years old for crying out loud and my body was acting as if I was 16 again! I resigned myself to being tired for the day but still determined to go back to the pool. I spent most of the morning drinking a pot of coffee, checking my email and FaceBook accounts and then getting ready. This time, I arrived at the pool a little earlier, maybe 10:30AM and settled in in the same chair as the day before. I was alone this time so I took the opportunity to swim a couple of lazy laps. After drying off, I settled into my chair, retrieved my book and was just getting started reading when I heard the east gate to the pool area opening amid the sound of young girl voices. Looking up, I saw that Amanda had her four charges again and they all seemed to be cheerful enough today. All five of them looked my way then smiled and waved and gave a chorus of "Hi!". I waved back and said "Hi!" and took a little time to study the group a little some more. Amanda and her charges were still all wearing skimpy string bikinis but it seemed that they had on different colors today than yesterday. No matter, I was more interested in what the bikinis were unable to cover up than what the bikinis actually looked like. Their suits were just barely enough to keep some old fuddy-duddy from reporting them I think. Really, the little girls had no boobs and their tops just had a couple of little cloth patches attached by threads. Amanda's top just covered her little breast areas. The bikini bottoms of all five girls only covered maybe half their cute little asses and each had a very pretty cheek showing. It took several minutes of watching them before I realized that I had been staring and that I again had a raging erection. Again, I used the towel to hide things as I adjusted my cock down the leg of my trunks. Like yesterday, I tried to divert my attention by reading my book. Half an hour of not reading was more than I could handle. I again got up and sidled over to the pool for a couple of laps. That worked just like it had the day before and when I got out, my cock was well shriveled and safe. I went over to my chair and dried of then decided another coating of SPF-30 was needed. I've got naturally fair skin as do almost all red heads. Once I start to tan a little though, I usually do OK and within a month could use less sunscreen and would eventually have a pretty good tan. I had slathered on a good layer of sunscreen all over the front of my bod and was trying to get some of my back when I heard, "Just what kind of sludge ya got there, Al"? Amanda had walked silently up and now stood right by my left shoulder. "It's the finest in cheap super thick sunscreen in 30 weight! Goes on thick, stays on thick." I smiled up at her. "I noticed you were trying to get some on your back. Human arms aren't meant to bend that way! Flop over, I'll do it." Just what I needed, some bikini clad barely teen girl rubbing oil on me! I would never get my cock soft again! I just kind of chuckled, "Hey, it's fine Amanda. I'll just not get much sun on my back and I'll do alright." Amanda shot me an exasperated look, "Oh, flop over! It's no big deal and if you don't slop something on there, you're gonna burn and peel." With that she grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and from her look, I knew she wasn't going to let it go so, I flopped over. Amanda knelt down beside me and while she slathered oil on my back, I studied her. Her face seemed more mature than that of a 13 year old or even a 16 year old. Thinking of her voice, that too seemed a bit mature for someone so young. As soon as I felt Amanda finish with my back, I started to raise up. Amanda pushed me back down, "Hey, I'm not done! You just lay there till I tell you I'm finished mister!" I settled back onto my stomach. I guess being a young teen placed in a position of total authority over a bunch of little kis had gone to her head a bit. Amanda went from oiling up my back to putting sunscreen on my legs. I figured it couldn't do much harm. She did both legs pretty much at the same time working up from my ankles. As she neared the hem of my trunks, I again thought she must be done but was very surprised as she kept going until I felt her hand go a couple of inches up the leg of my trunks! Thankfully, she did finish without touching my cock that was still hard and laying along my leg. Giving my ass a quick, sharp, slap she said, "OK. NOW I'm done. But I have a favor to ask. How about you put sunscreen on me now"? Oh, yeah, like this paranoid old dude was going to be seen oiling up a barely covered, barely teen, little hottie! "Um, Amanda, I ... I.... well it might not look right for me to be doing that for someone so young." A grin started to stretch across Amanda's face, "How 'young' do you think I am"? I looked as serious as I could, "To tell the truth, I'm not too sure. Yesterday I would have guessed about 13 but today I'm thinking more like 14 or 15"? Amanda broke into a real fit of belly laughs. She was standing doubled over and soon had to drag up a chair and sit down. When she was finally able to get some control, "13! Oh that's good! Oh shit! I've been accused of being a teen but you're the first to go all the way down to 13! You silly old fart! I'm 24 and those four urchins in the water are my girls!" I was incredulous. My jaw must have been on my chest for sure. I could not wrap my mind around that possibility. I mean, her body was not developed at all other than a very nice curve to her hips a great ass and perfect legs. Her belly didn't have so much as a hint of a stretch mark. There was no possible way she could be 24 years old, much less the mother of four! "It's just not possible! You look so young. You don't even have stretch marks! I can't believe that you are 24, much less the mother of four!" Amanda looked out toward the pool, "Hey! Urchins! You all make sure you play fair!" That was answered with all four girls yelling back, "Yes Mom!" Well, that certainly set me back. "WOW! OK, I guess I have to believe you and please don't take this wrong. It's just that you look like a girl half your age!" "I know silly! I can't pass up the chance to have a little fun with it either. Other than being able to have kids, I stopped growing right after I turned 12. Absolutely every part of puberty just stopped! I get looks all the time! Especially when I'm herding around the urchins. Now, how about that sunscreen but I have my own if you don't mind." With that, she laid the lounge chair flat and lay down on her belly then reached back and pulled loose the knot in her bikini strap. "OK, I expect the same attention to detail I gave you mister." Trying to keep my erection as out of sight as possible, I knelt beside Amanda and began applying her sunscreen. Working slowly, I started at her neck and worked my way down. Her skin was perfectly smooth to the touch and oh so soft! Now, I wasn't as worried about being seen with a hard cock as I was that I might actually blow my load. When I got to the small of her back, just before her ass and just above the top of her bikini bottoms, I started to move to her legs. "Oh no you don't! I did your sides and made sure to get a bit under the top of YOU'RE suit. I want the same treatment. Sides and at least a little under the top of my bikini bottoms like I did for you. That elastic moves around and I don't want any little burned spots." I knew I would probably keel over from a heart attack with cum filled swim trunks but, I went back up and started to oil down her sides. My finger tips brushed the sides of her tiny boobs and I almost lost it. Once her sides were well oiled, I moved back to the small of her back and made sure I got the top part of her ass and just a little under the top band of her bikini bottoms. Then, I moved down to her legs and she didn't protest any about the move this time. Starting at her ankles, like she had with me, I applied oil and rubbed it into each wonderful calf. I couldn't help but look toward her pretty ass and noticed her legs were open enough that I could make out the outline of her pussy lips under her bikini. My eyes remained glued on her pussy and sweet ass as I worked my way up her legs. My cock was really straining in the leg of my trunks. Amanda's bikini really did only go about half way down her ass cheeks and when I got to those perfect little globes, I had to pause and catch my breath. Amanda was looking back at me and had a sly look on her face. "Hey, if it's really too much for an old guy like you to handle, it's OK. I can do it." That was a challenge! I don't shy away from too many challenges and since I now knew she was perfectly legal, I just smiled back and without a word went back to work on her perfect ass. I'm not one to ignore instruction either! I worked my finger tips under the elastic in the legs of her bikini and made sure I oiled there too. As I worked around each leg, with my fingers just barely into her bikini line, I worked to her inner thighs and let the tips of my fingers brush the outside edges of her pussy lips. Amanda made no move or protest at that slight contact. "OK, all done little lady! There isn't a chance in hell you'll burn now." I sat down on my chair and pulled my legs up so I could sit 'Indian style' and maybe hide my erection a little. Amanda giggled, "Thanks! I usually get the urchins to do it but they aren't as good at paying attention to detail. You did just right!" Amanda kind of made herself at home on the chair next to me and soon we were chatting along. It turns out that she is a very intelligent young lady and very easy to talk to. We kept up a good conversation until it was time for her to take her girls home. For the next two days, Amanda and I kind of got into a routine. She would usher her girls into the pool but now would choose a chair next to me. Each day, she seemed to move the chair she chose a bit closer to mine. We would chat until about 2 in the afternoon when she would gather up the kids and head for home. In the process, I learned that Janie was 10 going on 11, Kathrine is 9, Sally is 7, and little Kaci is just 6 years old. Another thing I learned is that Amanda's husband, the father of all four girls, died when Amanda was still pregnant with Kaci. Apparently, her husband had been older than I am now and Amanda had some kind of thing for older men. I didn't feel that it was my place to do much more than listen. However, I could do the math. With Janie being almost 11, that meant that Amanda had become pregnant when she was only 13! All the while, the girls became more and more used to me being there and were actually quite friendly. Sometimes, the girls would want to play water polo and would enlist Amanda and I to fill out teams. Most of the time, the teams would be me, Janie, and little Kaci on one team against Amanda and the other two girls on the other team. It was lots of fun but I have abused my body and would often poop out after only an hour. This didn't seem to phase the girls. After Amanda and I would get out of the pool, they would just change the rules, like kids do, and go on playing. Those two days were wonderful for me for the most part but there were times I would worry. Amanda's girls are all little cuties and Amanda dressed them in very skimpy bikinis. Sometimes the girls would be in need of a second layer of sunscreen and Amanda would have them stand between our chairs as she applied it. She made sure to cover not just all the exposed skin but also a little way into their bikinis and when she would stretch out the elastic of the bikini bottoms I would get a flash of pale, hairless pussy lip. I tried not to watch too closely but I'm not sure I was too successful. I do know for a fact that I had a raging erection almost the entire time. We all get closer - Wednesday On Wednesday, my fifth day off out of seven, everything started out just like the last few days had. Amanda and the girls set up their stuff right next to me and Amanda got easily to chatting along. About an hour into their stay, Amanda decided that the girls all needed a re-application of sunscreen and called all four of them over. "Hey, Al, you've seen how I do this. How about you oil up a couple of urchins while oil up the other two? That way, they can get back to the pool faster." The girls all beamed at that idea, "Yeah! We can get back to the game real fast that way!" I must have looked stricken because Amanda re-assured me, "Oh come on Al! You've seen how I do it for them. Just do what you've seen me do! It'll be fine! You start on Janie and I'll start on Kaci. When you're done with Janie, just grab the next urchin and get busy." "I'm only doing this out of my strong desire to help a young over-burdened mother!" I chuckled a bit to make it seem like a joke but....anyway, little Janie, the eldest girl, came and stood in front of me. Amanda always spread sunscreen on the girls front and back so I started with Janie's neck and worked down her shoulders. I made sure to get under her straps and when I got to the patches over her little nipples only hesitated a little before I did just like Amanda had always done and spread oil just inside the bikini top. Janie didn't bat and eye but stood there just watching my hands. I worked down her chest, rib cage, and belly getting to the top of her bikini bottoms. Again, I did just as I had seen Amanda do pulling the elastic out a bit and just dipped my fingers a bit inside to spread oil. By this time, my raging hard-on was really uncomfortable but did my best not to let on. When I dipped my finger up the elastic on the front part of the legs of Janie's bikini bottoms, she is so small that my finger tips brushed over her little pussy lips. Janie didn't seem to even notice! I noticed! My cock noticed! I was real close to just shooting a wad in my trunks. I continued on down the little girls legs and when I got to her ankles, she simply turned around to present her back side to me. She took her long hair and gathered it up dropping over the front of her shoulder. Like with the little girl's front side, I started at the girl's little slender neck and worked down. The strap, really a thread, of her bikini was so small that I just ran my hand under it. Janie seemed OK with it. When I got to the top of her bikini bottoms, I again pulled out the elastic and ran just the tips of my fingers inside there and still no reaction. Of course, her mother did the exact same anyway. I oiled up the little girls butt cheeks and a little way inside the legs of her bikini, again my finger tips brushed the outer edges of her little hairless pussy lips and all was still seemingly normal. I didn't linger but just continued on down oiling up the little girl's legs to her ankles. I got done with oiling up Janie and Amanda had already started on Kathrine so little Sally came to stand before me. Oiling her went pretty much the same as with little Janie but when my finger tips passed over the little girl's pussy lips, she giggled just a bit. Nobody seemed to notice but it bothered me for some reason. It wasn't long before the girls were covered in sunscreen and back into the pool. I must have had some strange look on my face, "Al, what's wrong? You look deep in thought over there." Amanda was looking concerned. "Amanda, I don't think I should help you putting sunscreen on the girls again. They are so small that when I was putting some up into the legs of their bikinis, my fingers brushed over their vagina lips a little. It could cause problems I think." Amanda had a little smile and replied, "Al, that happens every time I put oil on them! It's just part of the process. The girls don't think anything of it. But, if it really makes you uncomfortable, then I won't ask you to do it again." "When you do it, it IS OK because you're their mother and a female Amanda. I'm not even a relative and I'm a guy! In the eyes of almost everybody, that's called molestation! That's what makes me uncomfortable, not so much that it happens but just what most people think of it." Amanda let me off the hook, "Yeah, I can understand that. It's nothing at all to the girls and I'm the one who asked you to do it so I already knew it would happen but I see your point. I'll oil the urchins myself from now on." With that, the subject was dropped and we again got into and easy chat. About 1PM, Amanda called the girls out of the pool saying it was time to go home. As they were packing up, Amanda turned to me, "Hey, Al, come home with us for lunch!" The girls all chimed in and there was a lot of "Yeah, Al come have lunch with us!" and "Please Al!" All five of them looked like they really did want me to come eat lunch with them so I agreed. We all packed up and headed to Amanda's apartment. She lived in an upstairs, two bedroom unit. The girls all ran ahead but had to wait for Amanda to unlock the door. I was last in line and it almost killed me as I watched five, almost completely bare, pretty bottoms bouncing above me. As soon as we were all in, Amanda took motherly charge, "OK, all urchins in the shower! Wash off all that pool water and sunscreen. When you're done, PUT CLOTHES ON and then come out and we'll fix lunch". Amanda took my hand and led me to the couch. I sat on the near end of the couch and Amanda sat right up next to me on my left side. Since both of us were still in our swim wear, I was very much aware of Amanda's bare thigh against my bare thigh. I was hard in seconds but Amanda didn't seem to notice. "Al, I'm really sorry for making you uncomfortable today. It wasn't fair to you and actually, it was kind of my way of testing you a bit." "Testing? What kind of test and what for?" I was confused and I'm sure it showed. "Al, after that very first day at the pool, I was sure I had seen you somewhere. It took a little bit but I remembered where it was. I looked on the internet to verify it but, sure enough, there you were, on the sex offender registry list. When we first moved here, I took the time to look it over since I have four little girls to protect." I felt humiliated. I know I can't actually keep my past secret but had hoped to just have a friendship. It took all I had to stay there and listen more. "I know, Al. I looked up as much information as I could. I couldn't get the details of course but there is enough there to know that you did something wrong but not anything violent. Your sentence kind of tells me that whatever it was that you did was pretty tame but since the 'victim' was under 14, you got some years for that. I spent the next few days getting to know you better and there is no way I could believe that you are actually a bad guy. You made a mistake....once! "Today, I wanted to watch you while you put oil on my girls to see just how you would do it. I could tell a couple of things from that. One, you didn't try to take ANY excess liberties at all! Not one wrong move. I knew very well that you would have some really intimate contact and the temptation would be huge but I was also very ready to get real mean in a hurry if I thought I needed to. Two, the hard-on you always have around me, yeah I see it's hard now too, stayed the same. It didn't get bigger so that either means, you're fully turned on by me and it was as hard and big as it could get or, the girls didn't turn you on to any extra degree. "Those things add up to just one thing that is very important. You're a normal male and get aroused easy by the sight of pretty women and girls. Also, it told me that you do have a strong sense of right and wrong. Your protest after we got done clenched that one. I hope you'll forgive me for putting you through that. I want to be your friend and want to know that we'll be safe when you're around me and the girls." Amanda was looking serious and waiting for my response, "Amanda, I did what I did because I lost control for 30 seconds. My victim was my 11 year old daughter. I lost her forever because I touched her breasts while camping with her and my younger daughter. Now, both are out of my life forever and there isn't any way to fix it. It weighs heavily on me all the time. I don't think I'm really a 'normal' male, Amanda. Yes, I get very very aroused around you but my arousal went up a lot when I was putting oil on your girls and I thought I would orgasm when my fingers brushed over their little vagina lips. That, more than anything is why I was so uncomfortable. I am so afraid of causing even the slightest hurt or even confusion to another little girl. I can't take the chance!" "Where was your wife during this Al?" It was a direct question deserving a straight answer. "She had passed away from a massive stroke several months earlier. My wife was truly the second half of me. When she passed away, I was totally lost. Not only did I no longer have a partner in life, I had two beautiful little girls to try and raise. To tell the absolute truth, I had never really been much of a dad since the Navy kept me out of the home so much. I can't explain why I did it. To this day, I still wonder how I could have been such a total asshole to the daughter I love so much." Amanda took my arm and draped it over her shoulder and kind of snuggled in close to my side. "Well, Al, I think I want us to be good friends. We've only known each other a few days but for some reason, I think you have your head on pretty straight and would not cause harm to me or my girls. SO! With that, how about I turn on the tube and we can sit like this and just zone out till the urchins get done in the shower....I do hope they put something on! Most of the time they don't wear a stitch at home since it's just the five of us." Amanda had just clicked on the television when little Sally appeared, 100% bare-assed naked, at the head of the hall leading to the bedrooms and bath. "Mom, we need towels!" Amanda buried her face in her hands then, "Oh my God! You girls know very well where to find towels! Now, go get some! GET!" Maybe it was all the pent up tension but Sally's little trick struck me as hilarious! I started a true belly laugh and almost couldn't stop. "Oh! Oh! Oh! That's classic! Oh God Amanda. You have your hands full if they pull stuff like that on you all the time." I was almost ready to roll off the couch I was laughing so hard. Soon, Amanda joined in and we both had a great laugh that made us feel much better. Just as Amanda and I got control of our laughter, all four of her little ones trooped in wearing t-shirt type nighty things. Each girl had one on that came to just below her knees. "OK, Mom, we're all clean but the water was cold when we got out so you'll have to wait for it to get hot again" said little Janie. "In that case, I think the urchin crew needs to help me get our lunch ready. You girls come on, we have work to do. Al, you just sit right there and enjoy the tube." I was clicking through the channels listening to sounds of meal prep going on in the kitchen when little Kacie showed up in front of me with a glass of grape juice. "Mom says you must be thirsty." She handed me the glass. "Thank you Kacie. That's real nice and I'll enjoy this." Little Kacie grinned and skipped off back to the kitchen. Soon enough, little Janie came in to get me for our lunch. Amanda and the girls had made turkey sandwiches. We also had chips and more juice. My place had been set right next to Amanda and the sandwich on my plate can only be described as huge. It is a good thing that I really like turkey! We ate in a jovial mood. The little girls chatted about little girl stuff and Amanda and I just tried to get better acquainted. She asked about my love life and I admitted that I had kind of locked myself away for the last few years so had no love life at all. I could see that this caused Amanda to start thinking but soon we were just chatting about mundane stuff. When lunch was over, we all pitched our paper plates in the trash and cleaned up the little bit of mess. "OK, girls, you guys watch the tube for a while. I'm going to help Al get that sludge he calls sunscreen scraped off". The girls ran to sit in front of the television and squabble over what to watch and Amanda took my hand and led me to the bathroom. "There won't be a lot of hot water Al. How about you and I share the shower?" That took me by surprise. "Oh, Amanda, I can wash down at my own place. Besides, you already know how easily it is to get me aroused so that might be better." "Are you dense Al? Do I have to hold up a sign? Maybe knock you over the head with it? Get you butt in that shower!" She had a grin on her face but now, I think I understood....maybe. I tried to think of something to say but nothing came to mind so, I just went on in followed by Amanda. Once in the bathroom, Amanda commanded that I strip while she got the water started. I stripped off my shirt, flip-flops, and trunks and turned to see Amanda standing stark naked in front of me. She smiled and pointed to the shower stall, "Get in old man! That hot water goes fast!" My initial assessment of Amanda's body was almost on the money. The only thing I was wrong about was that I assumed she had pubic hair....I was wrong! In every way, her body was that of a pre-teen except for the graceful shape of her little breast mounds. Her nipples were little pencil eraser size on top of very gently sloping little mounds. I guess, if you took a grapefruit and cut a third of it off then topped that with a normal, small, nipple, it would be just about the same shape. Her pussy was totally smooth and hairless but not the puffy little girl pussy....more mature with her inner labia just peeking out between her outer lips. Amanda handed me the soap and I soaped up her back and washed her back side all over. I took a little more time than really needed to wash her little ass but didn't make a move to her pussy. Once I was done, I handed the soap to Amanda and turned around so she could wash my back. She started at my neck and worked down to my ass. Unlike me, she not only lingered a bit on my ass but took time to make sure my rectum was good and clean. I turned back around and Amanda started washing my chest and worked her way down and took her time washing my cock and balls before handing the soap back to me. I had the idea now for sure. I washed Amanda in pretty much the same way but lingered over her breasts and nipples before working my way down her tummy. When I got to her perfect hairless pussy, I just soaped my hand and very gently ran it all over her crotch and even ran my fingers just inside her pussy lips front to back then back to front. Amanda and I shifted around a bit to rinse off all the soap and then Amanda came in real close and gave me a light kiss on the lips. Her lips were only slightly parted and I ran my tongue along first her upper lip the the lower. When we broke the kiss, Amanda started kissing down my neck, chest, and belly and kept going. When she reached my hard cock, she got on her knees, smiled up and me then started to kiss and lick the length of it. I had to brace myself on the shower wall. It had been years since any woman had placed her lips on my cock. After kissing and licking the entire length of my cock twice, she took the head of it into her mouth expertly and began to just suckle while, with her right hand, she began a slow jacking. I put my free hand, the one not holding me up, on her head and started petting her hair as she sucked and stroked. I think it was only seconds before I felt my orgasm building, "Amanda, honey, I'm going to cum real soon baby!" That had the effect of Amanda increasing the suction on my cock head and jacking a little faster. I leaned my head back and tried to make sure I didn't fall over. "Oh! Oh! Amanda! Oh GOD AMANDA! I'm there honey! Oh Shit! I'm cumming!" and with that, I started squirting. I have no idea how many times I squirted into her beautiful mouth but it seemed to go on and on. When I was finished, weak knees and all, I looked down to see Amanda looking up at me as she very visibly swallowed and them smiled at me as she stood up. The kiss we enjoyed this time was by no means light. It was a full, deep, tongue tango, passionate kiss of lovers. While we kissed, I ran my hands all over the girl. I caressed and squeezed her little ass and tiny pussy. My hands wandered up to fondle her breasts and roll her little nipples between thumb and forefinger. I couldn't get enough of this girl and was just about to start working my way down her body when the water went from hot to freezing. Amanda let out a little yelp and laughing, we jumped out of the shower. We kissed again and I was just starting to kiss her nipples when Amanda handed me a towel. "We'll finish this up later big boy. For now, let's get dry and into some warm robes. That way, I can throw all our suits in the wash and make sure the urchins aren't trying to burn down the complex." I gave Amanda's nipples one last kiss and suck then got busy drying off. We wrapped the towels around us and went to her bedroom. Amanda closed the door and we took our towels off. I saw she had a huge king sized bed and thought that maybe we were going to continue our love making. Amanda had other ideas. She reached into her closet and handed me a terry cloth robe then got another one for herself. She put her's on and I put mine on then Amanda took my hand and had me sit on the edge of her bed. "Al, I need to teach the girls a serious lesson and it would really be a favor to me if you would help a bit." "Oh, what lesson Honey?" Amanda was kind of smiling so I figured it couldn't be too serious. "They seemed to have gotten curious and didn't bother to ask me any questions about some things. The urchins have been busy surfing the internet. Seems they are trying to find out about men, or maybe sex in general, heck, I don't know but I don't want them just getting a bunch of crap and thinking they know something. They should have asked me and I would have told them whatever I felt they were ready for." "I don't know Amanda. What exactly did you have in mind?" I wasn't sure where this was headed but it could be headed straight into deep trouble. "Well, what I want to teach them tonight is that sneaking around on things like this is wrong and that they really can just ask me! I plan on pulling a bit of a dirty trick on them so just play along. If any of it starts to really get uncomfortable, tell me and we'll just stop and I'll find another way." I wasn't at all comfortable as it was but decided to see where her ideas were headed. "OK, I'll play along for now but really, if I feel that things are not right, I'll tell you then we have to stop. I won't do anything that I think is harmful to the girls Amanda." Amanda grinned, "That's exactly the right answer Al! Just follow my lead. I'm going to confront the urchins with the proof of their sneaky web surfing. There might be some guilty tears but it'll be OK at the end. You go have a seat on the couch. I'm going to get laundry started and I'll be in in a minute" We left the bedroom. Amanda started gathering up swim suits and I went in and sat back on the couch. All four girls had been sitting watching the tube with their knees up, arms wrapped around their knees. When I sat down, all four of them spun around on their butts to give me big grins. I guess they didn't really know that with their knees up, the t-shirt nighties no longer hid much and I was greeted by four very bare, very young, very hairless little pussies in full view! My cock instantly rose to attention. "Um hi girls, what you watching?" Janie spoke for the group, "It's the Nature Channel and they have Bears on this time." Wanting to get the girls to turn back around without letting on I said, "It sounds interesting girls, why don't we all watch". That did the trick. They all spun back around to face the television. With their cute little pussies out of sight, I felt a lot better. I heard the washing machine start up and a few minutes later, Amanda came in carrying a bright pink laptop. Again, the girls, knees still high, spun around to smile at their mom. Amanda caught sight of all four of her girls bare pussies. "Oh no. Don't you girls understand the idea of me telling you to put something on? Oh never mind! Right now urchins, let's have some fun! All of you gather around me here at the dining table. We got lots to do!" At the realization of what Amanda had carried in, all four girls looked a bit apprehensive but got off the floor and as Amanda sat down, gathered around her. Amanda set the laptop on the table and opened it up then hit the power switch. While it booted up, she told the girls, "Come on girls, get good and close. Make sure you can see real good." The laptop was running and ready so Amanda opened up FireFox. "Let's see what the four of you have been doing on the web, shall we?" Amanda clicked into the history file and looked through the links there. "Oh this looks interesting!" She clicked the link and up popped a web page filled with images of men and women engaged in various sexual activities. "Oh, my! Now this is interesting for sure! But, really these pictures aren't all that good. Wonder what else you girls have been looking at." Now, all four girls were studying the floor more than the laptop. Amanda went back to the history file and clicked another link. This one popped up just one big picture of a man and woman indulging in 69. "Oh now that picture is much better. You can see a whole lot more detail in this one! I wonder what they're doing? Huh? Any of you girls know? I mean really, it looks like the four of you have been studying this stuff a lot. What do you think they're doing there? It sure looks like they like it whatever it is!" The girls were whimpering just a little and little Kathrine blurted out "We didn't mean it Mom! It was an accident! Please don't be mad at us! We don't KNOW what it is!" Katherine shot the girls a look. "Accident huh?" The girls were all nodding their heads. "Humph! Let's see about that 'accident' thing." Amanda went back to the history file. There were hundreds of porn links. The little girls had been busy! "It looks like a whole lot of stuff for an 'accident'! Once or twice is an accident! You girls have hundreds of these things here! You don't do that by 'accident'!" I was in back of the group and could see little shoulders start to shake. Little Janie piped up, "It WAS an accident! Well, the first one was. We all looked at that one and every time we clicked on the page, another one would come up! And then, we just kept looking! We didn't mean anything by it Mom! Really! We just wanted to see a little." Amanda twisted around in her seat to look at all the girls. "Janie, what exactly was it you all wanted to see?" Janie sniffled a bit and said, "We wanted to know what a naked boy looked like but then all this other stuff was there too. We really meant to just see one naked boy then stop but we couldn't!" Amanda closed up the laptop and giving her girls a stern look, "Girls, the internet is the worst place in the world to learn about these things! Haven't I always said you can ask me ANYTHING in the world and I would try to answer? If you wanted to know what a boy looked like without his clothes, you could have asked me and I would have found a really nice picture for you. Not only that, since I know about boys and men, I would have been able to answer every question you had about their bodies! This stuff you have been looking at is just junk! Yeah, it shows naked people doing all sorts of stuff but it doesn't EXPLAIN it" "But Mom," little Sally said, "We're always naked at home but everybody has to wear clothes outside and even now, just because you brought Al over to eat lunch, we all have to cover up! Then at the pool, you got mad at us and well, we thought you didn't want us to see boys naked. We thought you would be mad at us if we asked." Amanda looked at each girl in turn then gave me a quizzical look. "Girls, I don't care if you know what a boy looks like naked! It's the way you have been trying to do it that's wrong. First you try to sneak a peek at Al. Now you sneak around and look at this junk on the internet. It isn't 'what' you looked at. It's because you didn't ask me and let me help you but instead, decided to be sneaky! I don't care if you see naked boys or men! I just want to make sure you look at stuff that's good and that I have the chance to explain what it is that you're looking at! Let's go back to the living room. We need to talk." The girls filed off still sniffling a bit. Amanda took my hand and before we followed, "Al, the girls want to see naked boys. Would you mind me using you for a lesson on male anatomy?" "What, you want me to just take off my robe so they can see?" I wasn't so sure. "Actually, I am going to tell the girls that if they really want to see a naked man, it has to be you and we all have to be naked at the same time. Otherwise, it's no deal and they will just have to settle with pictures I show them. If the girls want to go ahead, I would kind of like to be able to show them all the 'boy parts' and give a bit of explanation. It'll be darned uncomfortable for you I know but I want to remove the mystery!" " did say that normally the girls would be naked at home anyway but I have to warn you, If we do this, I'll be hard as a rock the entire time." "We'll deal with that....somehow. But you'll do it?" I thought about it for a few seconds, not minutes..seconds, "OK, I'll go along as long as my raging erection won't be a problem. Having you so close and then your girls being naked and in full view, there isn't a chance my erection will subside" Amanda just smiled at me and led me to the couch. The girls were already facing the couch but had their legs flat on the floor this time. I again sat on the end and Amanda sat right up next to me. "OK, girls. Do you still want to see a naked boy?" Little Kaci nodded her head vigorously. The other three girls were a little hesitant but also nodded their heads. Amanda said, "Well, here's the deal. Al is a man. He is a little OLDER than a boy but it's pretty much the same thing. Al said it's OK if you see him naked right here in the house but I told Al that I would only allow it if we were all naked. That way, you can see him and he can see you. So, when all of you, and I, get our clothes all off, Al will take off his. That's the deal girls. Either take off those t-shirts or not, it's up to you." Janie was the first to strip her t-shirt off then one by one, the others followed her lead. As soon as all the girls were naked, Amanda took her robe off and, with a sigh, I took mine off as well. The sight of all the naked little girl flesh and especially Amanda's 'pre-teen looking' body had me rock hard and my cock jutted straight out as I sat back down. The girls were all eyes. I could see them looking me all up and down and lingering on my cock since it was sticking straight up. As for me, I too looked the girls over very well. Janie, at 10 years old, was not really showing any breast growth but there were definite soft spots on her chest topped by little nickle sized aureola and nipples that were just slightly darker than her normal skin color. Kathrine was pretty much a shorter version of Janie. Other than the height difference the two looked almost identical body wise. Sally was very pretty and had perfect smooth skin all over just alike all of her sisters and her mom. I noticed her little pussy was not quite as puffy as that of Kaci, the youngest, but no sight of labia yet peeking out from her outer lips. As the girls and I were deep in study of each other's bodies, Amanda took my left arm and draped it over her shoulder. She kissed my cheek and that shook me out of my daze. Turning to her, I gave her a fairly chaste kiss on the lips. Amanda smiled at that and whispered into my ear, "It's OK. I expect all of you to do a lot of looking and it's going to take a lot of time to get used to four naked little girls and one naked woman being so close." to the girls she stated, "OK girls! You and Al are certainly going to be doing a lot of looking at each other until you all get used to being naked together. It's OK! Just don't go 'sneaking' a look! There isn't any reason. From now on, if something about Al catches your eye, LOOK! Same thing goes for Al. If something about any of us catches his eye, he will just go right ahead and look. Right now though, I want to give you girls a real lesson about the male body. All of you stand here in front of us so you can see everything." The girls all stood and came to stand in front of Amanda and I. Ten year old Janie stood directly in front of me. Little 9 year old Kathrine was on her left. Tiny Kaci was just to the left of Kathrine and Sally was to the right of Janie. "OK, girls, take a minute to look at Al all up and down. All the big differences you can see anyway so take your time." Leaning in to whisper in my ear, "Al, relax! You might as well do the same and try to get as used to seeing us all bare-assed since that's how you'll probable see us from now on anyway." Amanda gave her girls a few minutes to look me over. All four of them did do a pretty good study of me it seemed. "Now, it's time for the explanation part of all this." Amanda put her hand to my cheek. "Boys and men are almost just the same as girls and there are only a few difference but those are important differences! You can all see, Al has a head covered in hair just like girls. He has a chest that looks just like a girls, almost, except he has lots of hair on his and he doesn't have boobs." Amanda stroked my nipples, "Boys and men do have nipples though, pretty much like girls do. They don't make milk for babies like women do but their nipples are kind of sensitive just like yours." Amanda's hand went to my belly and she kind of ran her fingers through the hair there. "A boy's, or man's, belly is just like ours except lots of men, and especially Al here, have lots of hair on it." The girls were kind of giggling from time to time. "Yep, girls, men can be a bit funny looking but hey, when you're old enough, you'll really like all those things that seem funny now!" Amanda's fingers made their way into my long pubes. "Girls, this long hair right here is called 'pubic hair'. Most grown-ups have lots of pubic hair in this very same place. Men and women both. It usually starts growing when boys and girls are about 13 years old. Mommy stopped growing when she was just 12 so I never grew any pubic hair at all." Janie jumped in, "So some day, we will have hair there Mom?" Amanda sighed, "Girls, I don't really know. My mother, your grandmother, was pretty much the same as I am and you girls may never grow any pubic hair or real boobs. Then again, you might all grow normally and have nice big boobs and a thick patch of hair over your pubic area. We'll just have to wait and see girls." That seemed to satisfy the girls for now. Amanda gave me a peck on the cheek and said, "Hang in there Al, just a little more to go but..." she lightly placed her fingers on the underside of my cock. "Girls, here is one of the huge differences between girls and boys. You girls, all girls and women, all have vagina's, boys and men have this thing called a 'penis' instead of a vagina. The reason for that is so that a man and woman can have sex and make babies. You all should know by now that your vagina, I like to call it a pussy, is pretty sensitive. Well, boy's penis' are also very sensitive." The girls were all eyes and seemed to be hanging on every word and action of their mom. Amanda used on hand to push my cock against my belly, exposing my balls. With the other hand, she very gently lifted my balls. "Last but certainly not least girls, these are a boy, or man's, 'testicles'. These are what makes the 'sperm' so that when a man and woman have sex, they can make a baby. Most boys and men call these 'balls' instead of 'testicles' because that is easier to say and because there are tow of them in this little sack and they are kind of round. These are really, really, sensitive and easy to hurt so that's why I am holding them so carefully." Amanda let go of my balls and cock, which was still standing at attention. "OK girls, that's all the basics on a boy, or man's body! I know that just seeing Al naked is going to be all new and that you might have some questions left over. How about you save all those questions for now and let's all try to just get used to being together for now. So, lesson one is over girls. How about we relax and watch some tube? I'll sit here with Al, and snuggle a bit. You girls go back and have a seat. It's OK to look if you think you need to, just don't be SNEAKY about it." The girls, seemingly, were satisfied for now and went to watch the television. Amanda, my arm still draped over her little shoulder, kind of scooted down a little and very deliberately placed my hand on her left breast and gave it a squeeze before resting her head on my chest. By the deliberate way she hand place my hand on her, I hope she had given me permission for some light fondling and began to explore her beautiful, pre-teen looking, chest. Amanda just snuggled in tighter. The girls did turn around from time to time and each seemed to study my erect cock for a second or two before turning back to the television. Soon enough though, it seemed that the girls got wrapped up more in the television. After some time with none of the girls turning around to do any looking, Amanda scooted her ass to the left enough that she could lay her head in my lap. I scooted my own ass out a bit so that my belly was a bit more horizontal. I though that would be better for Amanda since having her head directly in my lap put the shaft of my cock right on her lips. Amanda adjusted and moved her head up a bit then to my total surprise gently slipped just the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suckle! With her left hand, she began to lightly stroke the underside of my cock. The sensation was exquisite! I leaned my head back and closed my eyes while fondling all of Amanda's chest. It seemed like only seconds before I felt my orgasm on its way and gave one of Amanda's little boobs a slight squeeze to warn her then my cum was exploding into her mouth in stream after stream of hot sticky cum. Because I had my head back and eyes closed. I didn't witness this but Amanda related to me later on that while I was in mid-orgasm, Janie and Sally had both turned around to look. Both girls went wide eyed at seeing my cock in their mother's mouth. Amanda had seen the girls turn around but, since I was already cumming, decided it was better to keep suckling and let me finish instead of taking any drastic actions. As the last squirt left my cock and I could move again, I opened my eyes and lowered my head only to see Janie and Sally staring with a look of shock on their faces. Amanda still had my cock in her mouth and was still suckling but soon, she slipped her lips from the head of my cock and swallowed then sat up straight. Janie and Sally were still looking at their mom with open mouths. Amanda was looking at her daughters and seemed to be in serious thought. She still had a light hold on my softening cock. I think she had forgotten to tell the truth. I just sat there and turned red from head to toe! "Janie, Sally, girls, I'm sorry! I thought you girls were so interested in the tube that it was safe. I know this is a shock to you! I really didn't mean for you to see it." Janie recovered first and all the girls had turned around now. "Mom, what were you doing to Al? He looked like you were hurting him! Were you biting his penis?" Well, the observations of her little girl struck Amanda as slightly amusing but she remained semi-serious. "Oh no honey! I wasn't biting Al! And I don't think I was hurting him. It's just that Al has had an erection, that's why his cock, penis, was hard and sticking up all the time, for so long that I knew he needed to be able to relax. I was just very gently stroking it and had the head of it in my mouth so I could suck on it a little. After Al had his orgasm, I knew he could be a lot more comfortable honey." All the girls still looked a little confused and I thought I needed to back up what their mother had explained. "Your mom is right girls. She never hurt me at all and what you thought was a look of pain was really how I look when something feels as good as that did. Your mom really was doing me a HUGE favor girls. It's something grownups do sometimes." Kaci, who had seen none of it asked, "What's a org...or...orgasm?" Amanda gave me a look before proceeding, "Girls, you remember that I told you the sperm that can make a baby in a woman is made in a man's balls?" Little heads all nodded. Lifting my, now only semi-hard, cock with one hand, Amanda used her other hand to trace a route as she explained, "OK, the sperm is made here but it can't get into the woman unless it has a way to come out. So, when a man has an orgasm, the sperm mixes with a thick fluid called 'semen' and travels up through this way, up his cock, penis, and out the end. It comes out in squirts and looks really thick and kind of white colored." Sally wanted to know, "Is that what you swallowed Mom? Are you gonna have a baby now?" Amanda chuckled, "Yes honey that is what I swallowed but no, I won't have a baby because my mouth was not the right place for making babies. It was just a nice way for me to help Al have an orgasm and I like it that way sometimes." Little Janie had been biting her lower lip and seemed deep in thought. "Mom, what did Al's sperm taste like? I mean isn't that the same place he pees out of and how come his pen...cock is kind of soft looking now?" "Those are really very good questions Janie! "As for Al's cock, since I helped him have an orgasm, it can relax and this is the way most men's cocks look most of the time. It's still a little bit harder than normal because I think all us pretty naked girls gets him kind of excited. As for how Al's sperm tasted, remember it is mixed in with 'semen' so how about we call the whole mix by it's nickname called 'cum'. That's spelled C-U-M girls. Al's cum tastes really salty but, at least to me, pretty good but it's really slick and kind of slimy. It doesn't matter that it comes out the same hole as his pee does." Kathrin looked a bit indignant, "Mom! You just yelled at us for being sneaky! You just did the same thing! You tried to do all that right behind our backs! How come YOU can be sneaky and we can't if it's wrong?" Man, that little pre-teen was pissed! I could certainly understand her indignation but it was pretty funny too. Amanda actually looked kind of stricken. "Oh Kat, baby! It's just that it's one of those thing that grown-ups are supposed to do and then they are supposed to make sure kids like you girls can't see it! I really don't want to be sneaky around you girls! I'm so sorry girls!" Janie took over from her sister, "Well, we saw all that in all those pictures. We just thought it was gross. Nobody really knew what was happening but how come kids aren't supposed to see it?" Amanda explained, "Grownups don't think kids are able to understand enough and that they might try what they see and get hurt so sometimes, we hide things to protect our kids honey." "Yeah but Mom, you weren't getting hurt. You said you liked it. It didn't look dangerous to me." Sally observed. "Girls, Al is a really nice man. Lots of men, and boys, are not nice like Al. Sometimes men, when a woman is doing that for them, do mean things and they hold the woman's head so she can't move it and try to shove the whole thing down her mouth. That can hurt a girl real bad! Janie, you and Sally saw that Al didn't do anything like that and that is because he is a very nice man and just let me do it the way I like. It's hard to tell which man or boy is going to be nice with things like this so that's why us grownups are afraid to let little girls even try it." "Mom, how come you're holding Al's cock now? I mean, in school, they teach us that nobody is EVER supposed to touch us there except if there is a REAL good reason." Kathrine wanted to know and the other girls seemed to be anxious for an answer to that one as well. The question took Amanda by surprise as it was with that that she even noticed she was still gently holding my cock in her hand. "Oh my! I forgot I was even holding it! I guess it just feels realy good to hold and touch girls. I don't think Al minds, do you Al?" "um, no, I certainly don't mind at all. It feels pretty good to me too but girls, your teachers are right. Nobody is ever supposed to touch you anywhere you don't want them to. I like it when your mom touches anywhere she wants so for her and me, it's OK." I hoped that would help. Janie had more questions. The television was forgotten totally it seemed. "What does it feel like Mom?" Amanda thought for a few seconds, "Just a sec girls, I want to ask Al something." Leaning very close to my ear Amanda whispered, "Al, is it OK to have the girls come close again? I kind of want to let them see when I squeeze your cock a little and, this is going to sound bad no matter how I say it, but, would it freak you out too much if I let each one try it?" Well, shit! It's one thing for Amanda to be holding my cock in plain view of her little girls and I was kind of OK with that but actually allowing the little ones to do the same thing was a huge step and maybe a huge mistake. I whispered into Amanda's ear, "Amanda, I OK with you 'showing' the girls but to let them actually touch my genitals is grounds for some major prison time! We would both end up behind bars. The girls would be without their mother and I just can't let that happen!" Amanda answered, "Al, it's a huge step but I know for a fact the girls won't say a word if I tell them how serious it is but I kind of want to go through with this. I won't let any of my girls touch you unless they actually say it is perfectly fine for you to touch them in exactly the same way." Oh, and that was supposed to be reassuring! Holy crap! Now, not only did she want to let the girls fondle my cock, she wanted me to fondle the girls too! My mind was spinning. "Amanda! You're just compounding the whole problem!" Amanda planted a light kiss on my lips and held up a finger. "Girls, we have a big problem. I want to let you girls to do some very very illegal things, if you want to do them, but if ANYBODY, even your very very best friend in the whole world, ever found out, Al and I would both get in big trouble. The police would take me away from you and I would never be allowed to see you again. Poor Al would probably be locked up in prison for the rest of his life. So, this is serious stuff. I'm going to ask each one of you if you can keep from EVER telling anybody any of what we do today, even if you don't do it yourself. Janie, how about you?" Janie was serious, "I promise Mom! I have secrets like the way we are always naked in the house and I never tell anybody about that. I won't tell." Amanda went to Kathrine then on down to little Kaci. Each girl gave a very solemn promise to make sure nobody ever learned what might happen her today. Amanda again whispered in my ear, "Well, Al, what do you think?" I was still very nervous but decided to go along for now, "Amanda, you're their mother. You know your girls better than anyone. I'll trust you for now but one very important thing here, if any of the girls says she doesn't want to do something, then that's it, she doesn't have to do it....period." Amanda took my head in her hands and gave me a big kiss. When she broke the kiss she was wearing a huge grin. "I knew Al was the nicest man in the world! Girls, here is the thing. Al is going to let me show you how sift and such his cock is and we can actually do more but there are RULES! Any of you who wants to, can actually feel for yourself what Al's cock is like BUT that means that if you feel Al's cock, he is going to touch and feel your pussy! So, if you don't want Al to play with your pussy, like you would be playing with his cock, then just don't do it and be satisfied watching me show you what it's like. Any questions girls?" All the girls were quiet and shook their heads 'no' when asked if they had questions. "Well, then, all of you gather around like you did before and we'll get started." The girls all lined up inn front of us but the arrangement was a bit awkward. "Let's go oldest to youngest and let each girl get a good lesson. Janie, you're already stinnding right in front of Al but juust move a bit closer between Al's knees honey." Little Janie moved in between my spread knees like her mom had instructed. Her eyes were glued to my crotch. My cock was totally flaccid because all the thoughts of cops, handcuffs, trials, and prison had scared the shit out of me. I was kind of glad. I could only imagine that an erection would be a major problem now. "OK Janie, watch how I handle Al's nice soft cock and you will see pretty much how it must feel." Amanda first simply wrapped her hand around my cock and moved it up and down a little. My loose foreskin, I'm not circumcised, slid along the shaft and back and forth over the head. Then, Amanda kind of flopped it back and forth to show how flexible it was. Finally she took just her thumb and forefinger and squeezed the shaft and then slid my foreskin down off the head of my cock and then slid it back up and let my cock go. "See honey, it's really kind of squishy and actually kind of fun to play with. If you think it would be OK for Al to touch and feel your pussy, you can try it now." Janie first just looked then slowly put her hand out and ran her fingers over my cock very lightly. I hadn't made a move and Amanda nudged me then grabbed my right arm and kind of pushed it toward her daughter's little crotch. In order to actually touch the little girl, I would have to lean forward. I guess Janie noticed because she moved close to my right hand, right up against the couch and my own crotch. "Let me get closer so you can reach." she said as she continued to just kind of test the feel of my cock. Since Janie was just so very lightly touching my cock, I followed suit and lightly ran my finger tips back and forth along her pussy lips. She didn't move or jerk around any but did spread her legs just a little more. Soon, she wrapped her little fingers around my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. I cupped her whole pussy and kind of used the length of my fingers to massage her pussy lips. Doing as her mother had done, she moved her hand up and down the shaft a little so I put a bit of back and forth motion of my hand on her tiny bald pussy. Janie was starting to smile and tried flopping my cock around a little. Not having that option on her pussy, I just kept rubbing her like I had been. We kept that up for another minute or two then Janie released my cock and I moved my hand away from her pussy. As she moved away, she let her fingers trail down my arm and gave me a big grin. "That was real nice Janie! How did you like feeling Al's cock and how did it feel for you when Al felt of your pussy Honey?" Janie, all smiles now said, "I like it! All of it! Al's cock feel real nice. It's really hot and nice and soft. It felt really good the way Al touched my pussy too! Al, Mom's right! You're nice!" "Thank you Janie! You did just like your mom showed you and it felt wonderful. Any time your mom says it's OK you can do that all you want." I was taking a big chance even though I was sure that Amanda would insist this would be a 'one time only' thing. Amanda was about to say something but Janie beat her to it, "Cool! You can touch my pussy all you want too! It felt really really good!" "Ahem! I'm glad that you two enjoyed it. Really I am! But let's not get too carried away just yet. Kat honey, it's your turn baby. If you want to see mom show you what Al's cock is like, just go to where Janie was standing." Kathrine looked at the smile on Janie's face and almost jumped to get into position. In fact she made sure she was in very easy reach getting as close to my right had as possible! Amanda noticed everything, like any good mother, and kind of snorted before she too demonstrated the way she had with Janie. As Kathrine reached to get her own turn at fondling my cock, and my hand was moving to her pussy, she spread her little legs much wider than Janie had. We fondled away and I looked to see what Amanda was doing. She had a big smile and was kind of switching her gaze between my cock and Kathrine's little pussy. Kat went one step further than Janie had and imitating her mom, took my cock between her thumb and little forefinger to slide my foreskin off the head of my cock. I then used my middle finger to spread her pussy lips and ran my finger up her pussy just inside those pretty lips. Kat kind of let out a little "ooooooo" at that but didn't try to step away. Instead, she kept moving my foreskin up and down so I kept running my finger back and forth in her little pussy. My finger was getting pretty wet from the little girl when Amanda said that she was hogging my cock and to let her little sisters have their turn. As 7 year old Sally took up position, close like Kathrine, Amanda whispered in my ear, "She would have stayed there till you made her cum!" then she planted a kiss on my cheek before again starting the 'cock handling' lessons. Sally and 6 year old Kaci were tiny repeats of Janie. They took their time and followed their mother's instructions in handling my cock. I made damn sure to be gentle with their tender little girl pussies but wanted it to feel good to them and stroked them carefully. Neither of the two little ones took as much time as their big sisters had but they were all grinning by the end. I was feeling a lot more comfortable since it seemed all four girls were pretty happy with all that we had done. Amanda again took firm but gentle hold of my cock after again, deliberately placing my hand on her left boob and urging me to fondle. It didn't seem to concern her that all the girls were seeing it all. So, as I slowly and gently fondled Amanda's little boobs and nipples, she slowly stroked my cock and it began to grow. "OK girls! You all did very well. I'm sure Al like it all since men do like that kind of thing. We know how Janie feels about what she did. How about the rest of you?" Kathrine spoke, "I liked it a lot mom! I almost wish I had a cock so I could feel it all the time but then I wouldn't have a pussy and I LOVED the way Al played with it! WOW! That was soo good!" Kaci broke in, "Yeah I like Al's cock too! It's really nice the way he touched my pussy." Little Sally was grinning and simply said "Me too! Can we do it again?" Amanda giggle, "Maybe I just created four little cock monsters! Girls, it really does feel good to touch and be touched like you and Al just did. It also feels good the way Al is touching me right now with his hands playing with my boobs and nipples. It's all a part of two people making each other feel really nice. As for doing it again, that is up to Al. It's his body and he gets to decide who can touch what parts of it and when they can do it. The same thing goes for you girls except that until you are all grown up, the ONLY people you can let touch you that way is me or Al!" Janie had been watching me fondle her mom, "Mom, is it OK if Al touches me like that? Please?" Amanda looked at me and asked, "What do you think Al? Looks like Janie would like to know what it feels like to have her boobs touched. Think it would be OK if she sat in your lap and you just fondled her a little bit?" "We've gone so far now that it won't be any worse to do a little touching and fondling. The only thing is that I'm getting really hard and turned on Amanda. If we're not careful, I might cum all over her!" That seemed funny to all of us. The girls all giggled along with their mother. "Well, you make sure to let me know when your pretty close and we'll just have to deal with it then. OK, Janie, come on over here." Janie almost ran over and her mom helped her get just right in my lap. Amanda positioned Janie so her back was to me and her little legs on either side of my thighs. My cock was rock hard and Amanda put it so that the little girl's little pussy was on top of the shaft. After getting Janie where she thought best, Amanda took both my hands and placed them on her daughter's smooth back and urged me to start stroking the girl. I did stroke Janie's little back, down to the top of her tinny ass cheeks then around to her tummy. That's when Janie leaned back against my chest. She was fidgeting with her hands a little so Amanda urged her to stroke the tops of my thighs. I rubbed the girl's tummy for a few seconds then worked up to her chest. As my fingers passed across her nipples, she took in a sharp breath and said, "ooo! Mom! That's nice!" I massaged the soft areas around the girls nipples and she relaxed noticeably. Amanda took both of her daughter's hands and placed them between the girl's legs onto my cock. As I continued to stroke the little girl in my lap, she very lightly was brushing my cock and at some point a finger brushed over the head of my cock getting some pre-cum on it. Janie brought her pre-cum covered finger up to look at it. Amanda leaned in and showed her to rub it between her finger and thumb. It was when Amanda first took her daughter's little pre-cum covered finger and lifted it to the girls nose and then rubbed it on the girl's little lips that I almost lost it! Janie didn't seem phased. She kept looking at her finger, the other hand still lightly stroking my cock between her legs, and licked her lips. "Is that cum Mom? It tastes kinda salty but it's nice and real slippery like you said." Amanda answered, "No Honey, that's what we call 'pre-cum'. Men make that and it's kind of like oil and is used to make their cocks really slippery for when a man and woman is going to have real sex Honey." I heard all of that but mostly, was about to loose my control so I told Amanda, "Hey, Amanda, if this keeps up, your little girl is gonna have a lot of cum all over her little legs pretty soon." "Hop down Janie! Al needs a rest for a minute if it isn't already too late. Hurry!" Little Janie hopped right down and turned to look a little worriedly at me. "It's OK Janie. You got down in time. I just need to sit here a minute and cool off. Touching you was so wonderful that I got real close though." "You really like touching my boobs and pussy Al? I mean, I touch em all the time and it's no big deal! But, It did feel a whole lot better when you were doing it! You can do all that any time you want! Mom, are you going to do what you did before? Can I do it? Al you don't mind if I do it do you?" I had no idea what to say to that and started to stammer but Amanda butted in, "Honey, I'm glad you enjoy touching Al and having him touch you honey and it's OK with me if you both do all that touching because I know Al will never go too far or hurt you but I'm not at all sure that it's a good idea for you to suck Al's cock and let him cum in your mouth honey! You're so young!" "Would it hurt me? Would Al's cum be bad for me? I don't see how it could hurt because it didn't hurt you and you only had the top part in your mouth anyway." Janie looked a bit disappointed and hopeful at the same time. The other girls looked shocked and were listening to every word. Amanda seemed to think about her reply, "Honey, I know that it wouldn't actually hurt you in any way and there is nothing harmful about Al's cum. It's just such a huge step! It's a way grownups have sex Honey. Besides, we have to think of Al's feelings too!" Janie looked at me with pleading eyes, "Please Al! I just want to try it. If I can't do it right, I'll stop right away. Mom, please? You can just teach me how and if Al doesn't like it, I'll stop. I promise!" Still unsure of myself, "Um, heck. I really don't know what to say. Janie, I know that you would be very careful Honey but it's like your Mom said, you're so young! I've never even done so much touching with a girl as young as you and your sisters let alone do things like letting you suck my cock honey. Amanda, I'm throwing this all in your court! I can't make that decision. Whatever you decide, I'll trust and that's what we will do." I actually wanted to say I was all for it but what I told Janie and her mom was right too. It had been a fantasy for a long time of being an active participant in the sexual education of young girls. Amanda just said, "Well, Honey, there are some things you couldn't see before and you have to know about those before I'll even THINK about letting you do this. First of all, Al's cock is kind of big and even just having the head in your mouth is a lot. Then, you have to know how to keep your teeth off of it the whole time. If that's not enough, when Al's cum starts shooting out of his cock, it fills up your whole mouth all the way to your throat and that can be hard to take. Now how do you feel about it?" Janie only thought it over for a few seconds, "I can do all that Mom. Maybe you need to teach me a little about how to keep my teeth of of Al's cock and maybe the sucking part but I can do it! Please Mom?" With a determined look on her face, Amanda scooted over and patted the space between her and I, "OK! You seem determined. Sit up here and let me give you some lessons little lady! No complaining if you don't like it!" Janie broke out in a grin and jumped up to sit between her mother and I. She looked up and grinned at me then at her mom. Amanda said, "First, I want to really show you how to do this so you'll fully understand. Give me your finger honey." Janie, looking a little confused did so. Amanda took her daughter's finger, "OK, pretend your finger is Al's cock. This top part is what you will be sucking. The bottom part you will hold in your hand. Now, I'm going to suck on your finger just the way you will have to suck on Al's cock so you can feel it and get the idea." Amanda took her daughter's little forefinger and, licking her lips beforehand, slipped it into her mouth. I could see Amanda's cheeks suck in and could tell she was swabbing the tip with her tongue. With her other hand, Amanda demonstrated a jacking motion on her daughter's finger as she suckled. After a few seconds, Amanda slid the little girl's finger from her lips the same way she would slide my cock from her mouth. "That, Janie, is how it is supposed to be done but remember, Al's cock is a LOT bigger than a finger. Now, try to do that on my finger and let's see if you caught on" Amanda put her forefinger up to her daughter's face. Janie licked her 10 year old lips and slipped her mother's finger between her lips. I could see that the little girl seemed to be emulating her mother pretty darn well! Even the jacking motions. Soon, she slipped her mom's finger out of her mouth and looked to Amanda for approval. "You did pretty good Janie but remember, that was only my finger, now Al's cock. If you really want to try it now, OK but it's going to be different and when his cum starts shooting into your mouth, that's going to be a surprise no matter how much Al tells you it's on the way. If you do it, I'll try to give you hints but, it's all going to be you." "I want to Mom." Janie was almost bouncing with excitement. Amanda had Janie lay face down across her legs and after getting me to scoot my ass forward, laid her daughter's head on my stomach and had Janie grip my cock in one of her little hands. After the girl was in position, Amanda placed my hand on her daughter's tiny ass and said, "OK, Honey. You can start any time you're ready. Al is going to be stroking your bottom as much as he wants the whole time you suck his cock. "I'm sure Al will try to let us know when her is starting to cum." Amanda smiled at me. I started slowly stroking little Janie's ass and she slowly slid her face to my cock. First, she stuck her tongue out a little and then I watched as she slid the head into her mouth. Not once did her little teeth contact my cock and soon, she was suckling and swabbing my cock head with her tongue. She had forgotten the jacking part but recovered when Amanda reached over and started moving the girls hand up and down the shaft. It only took about ten second! I blurted out, "Oh God! Girls! I'm cumming! Oh God! It's so good! Oh! Oh!" and that's all it took, I gripped Janie's little ass and began squirting into her pre-teen mouth. Janie was surprised at first but soon recovered and went on jacking and sucking. Amanda watched closely and when she could see I wasn't squirting any more, coached Janie in taking my cock from her mouth. I managed to recover just in time to see the tip of my cock slip from between Janie's lips. I resumed stroking her bottom and watched as the little girl swallowed then licked her lips. Janie was making no move to get up or even let go of my cock so I kept stroking her bottom. "Janie, honey, are you OK? How was it baby?" Still laying with her head on my belly and holding my cock, "It was really nice Mom. Al's cock feels real good in my mouth." She moved to give the tip of my cock a slurp then continued. "And his cum is just the way you said it would be. Really nice and warm and real salty but I like it. I wish there was more. I wish I could do it all over again right now." She again slipped the head of my cock into her mouth and suckled for a second then slipped it out and acted as if to get up. I moved my hand off Janie's little bottom to let her up but she just turned face up smiling and put my hand between her spread legs! She had let go of my cock but seemed to want some intimate attention. I obliged tenderly by massaging her tiny pussy lips. Amanda was smiling "You really liked it honey? It wasn't too much? You didn't feel like you would choke when Al started to cum?" All three of the other girls were transfixed on the scene on the couch. "No, Mom. I didn't feel like I would choke at all! I loved it! Like I said, I want to do it more when it's OK." "Mom, can I try it too?" little Kaci wanted to know and that brought on a barrage of "Me too!" And "I want to try!" from the other girls. Amanda looked out at her daughters then down at the one getting her pussy fondled in her lap. "It never fails, if one wants something and likes it, all the rest want it too no matter what! What the hell, If Al doesn't mind, you can all try it but poor Al can't just be ready again all of a sudden! It take time and a lot of touching to get a man ready again after he cums. I suggest, Al and Janie stay here while you three help me get some supper ready then after supper, maybe Al will be ready for one of you to try. Is that OK with you Al?" "Hey, I absolutely loved this little one so I guess I'm game for all the rest." I was now running my middle finger just inside Janie's damp pussy lips. Amanda had seen it all happen and made no look or word of protest so I figured it was OK. Janie took one arm and reaching back, began to run her fingers over my semi-hard cock. "OK! It's settled! Janie will stay here with Al and help him get all hard and ready for the next sex monster! I still think it best to go from oldest to youngest so, Kat, if you want to be next it will be your turn after supper. Girls, let's go cook!" Amanda slipped out from under her daughter and the girls, giggling, followed her into the kitchen. As Amanda and the other girls were going into the kitchen, Janie tilted her little head back to smile up at me, "Al, I love that but is it OK if you do my whole front?" "Would you like me to stroke your whole body honey?" I thought that might be the case. "Yeah, I think that would be real nice!" "OK, Let's turn you on your side". I helped her get on her side so that she was facing my cock and her knee was in the air giving me total access to her whole body from crotch to the top of her head. "Hey, this is perfect Al! Is it OK if I keep playing with your cock?" I smiled down at her as I began to stroke her chest and nipples, "Of course Janie. That's exactly why I had you lay like this, so we could both do what we like." Amid slight noises of cooking and whispers from the kitchen, Janie and I settled into a round of mutual intimate touching. Janie had hold of my cock with one hand and was stroking my thigh with the other. I was allowing my hand to roam her whole body slowly from ass to head, down her cheeks to chest and on to her little pussy then all over again. Once in a while, little Janie would slip the head of my cock through her lips and suckle for a few seconds before slipping it out of her mouth again. As we both got more and more adjusted to our new found pleasures, I took a slight chance and between suckles from Janie, leaned over and kissed and sucked a little on each of her nipples. "Oh Al! That feels good!" As I lifted my lips from her nipple she again slid my cock into her mouth. While she was still suckling, I again kissed and sucked her nipples a bit. All Janie did was utter a little "mmmmmm" around the head of my cock. Not wanting to get my cock bit but wanting to try something more, I pulled her little face from my cock and said, "You can suck some more soon honey but I want to kiss someplace else and don't want it to surprise you. Is that OK?" She just nodded her head. I kissed each of her nipples one more time then started trailing kisses down the center of her belly. Janie giggled a couple of times until I reached the top of her pussy lips. I planted a kiss there and was rewarded with a little quite "oooooo". Kissing just the outside of her pussy lips, I kissed them completely from front to back then began to slather them a little with my tongue. "OH Al, that is great! It feels really really good! But, I can't get to your cock this way." "It's OK honey, I just wanted you to feel this first. It can be a surprise and I thought it would be better if you weren't sucking me when you first felt it. Let's move around a bit so we can both have what we like best!" I sat up and took little Janie into my lap then I stretched out on the couch. Laying Janie down so her head was at my crotch and her pussy and ass was at my face, I put her legs to either side and again began to giver her pussy lots of very gentle tongue actions. Janie soon had the head of my cock in her mouth a began her own suckling and very slow jacking. She kept her free hand pretty busy idly stroking my thigh and leg as I kept both hands busy stroking every inch of her little girl body. She would even lift up as my hands approached her chest to give me access to her nipples, all without having to take the head of my cock from her mouth. I was jut about to tell Janie that we had to stop because I was so close to cumming when I heard, "Oh my! I never thought it could get this far! Oh!" I started to lift Janie off me, "OH no! Al! It's OK! I was just surprised that's all. You don't have to stop!" I kissed each of Janie's ass cheeks and continued to lift, "Oh yes we do! If I let Janie keep suckling, she's gonna get another mouthful of cum! Janie, you gotta stop now Honey." Janie lifted her mouth from my cock but before she actually got up, I felt her rub my cock all over her face. Then, Janie sat up, smudges of pre-cum all over her cheeks and grinned at me then up at her mom. "Wow Mom! Is supper ready so soon? We just started!" Amanda laughed and stroked Janie's face, "Silly! You tow have been petting, kissing, licking, and sucking on each other for over an hour! And yes, supper is ready and the table is set. Oh god, you look so cute with Al's pre-cum all over your face! Al, you now have two lovers in this house! Let's go eat!" Supper was pretty darn good for such a young gal and kids! There was pork chops, green beans, baked potatoes, salad, and desert was a peach cobbler. We all talked happily through the meal. The three youngest girls were full of questions for Janie about everything she and I had done. Amanda and I also had the latest sexual situation on our minds. "Al, I never thought about the girls doing 69. It just never entered my mind. When I saw you and Janie, the perfectly content look on her face as she sucked your cock and you licked all over her pussy as she lay on top of you, it was so beautiful! It's been so long since I have had such wonderfully strong feelings! Did she cum Al?" "No Amanda, she didn't cum honey. I kind of avoided her clit and just wanted her to feel as good as I could make it without her experiencing the shock of an orgasm. I think that should be done with you right there. At least the first couple of times anyway." "Well, I wouldn't have been too upset if she had cum but you're right that for the very first time, maybe I should at least be near by. At least it looks like she got you ready for the next urchin!" Amanda leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss, "mmmmm...I can still taste little girl pussy juice on you! It's kinda nice!" After desert and a little time clearing away the dishes, Amanda herded us all back to the living room. "OK girls! Al and Janie gave me a great idea. Kat, baby, you're next but Al should be almost ready to cum before we start. When I came in to get Al and Janie for supper, they were doing exactly what each girl should do, if she wants to, to help get Al ready for the next girl. Al, why don't you and Janie get on the couch the way you were and do just what you were doing until Al feels he is ready to cum again." Janie jumped into my lap and again I went through laying down and helping little Janie get in just the right position. Soon, I was slathering her pussy with my tongue and she was suckling gently on my cock. I put my hands back to what I had been doing and caressing and fondling every inch of her little 10 year old body. Because of all we had been doing before supper, it only took a little over five minutes until I was very close to orgasm. I kissed each of Janie's little butt cheeks and said, "Ok Janie. We have to stop now. I'm almost ready to cum again honey." Again just after sliding my cock out of her mouth, Janie rubbed my cock all over her face then got up with a grin. Her cheeks were shiny with pre-cum. Amanda smiling and looking very happy, came over and as she helped Jannie get down kissed both of her little girl's cheeks. "You are just so cute!" I sat up. "OK, Kat Honey, if you're ready baby, come over here and sit between me and Al like Janie did before." Little Kathrine was sitting between us in a split second. She looked both excited and serious at the same time. Amanda went through the same set of instructions she had given Janie and soon, the little 9 year old was laying across her mom's lap and her head was on my belly. Kathrine was a little faster to get started than her big sister and had slipped he head of my cock into her mouth before I actually got started stroking her little ass and back. Amanda had to reach over and move Kathrine's hand in a stroking motion to get that started, "You can't forget that part honey and remember to use your tongue on the top part of Al's cock baby." I took longer than I had expected for Kathrine to get me off but after ten minuets or so I felt it on the way. I remembered not to latch on so had on her little ass, "Her it comes! Girls, I'm cumming! Oh God it's so good! Get ready honey!" I fairly exploded! At the first squirt, little Kathrine started to jerk but recovered right away and with her mom's gentle encouragement, kept sucking and jacking until the last squirt. "OK, baby, now make sure to keep your lips nice and tight on Al's cock and just slide it out so all his cum stays in your mouth." I watched as she did just as her mom had instructed. Kathrine sat right up in her mom's lap and I watches as she swished my cum around a little before swallowing. After licking her lips she grinned and said, "Neat! Janie's right! This is lots of fun. Al, your cum does taste OK. It's better if you swallow it right away though. It don't taste as good if you let it sit in your mouth! Do I get to lay on top of Al now and do more sucking?" Amanda laughed, "I'm glad you like it honey and yes, while your sisters and I enjoy a show on the tube, the nice thing to do is help Al get ready so Sally can do it next. Just make sure you understand that Al is going to be licking and kissing your pussy while you suck his cock! Don't get too excited and bite it!" Amanda got up and set Kathrine in my lap. Kathrine gave me a big hug and actually pressed her little girl lips to mine then grinned as I laid down the positioned her on top of me. She was a little short and I was looking for something to put under my head when Amanda showed up with a pillow. As I got the pillows just right under my head, Kathrine started right in putting my semi-soft cock in her mouth and suckling away. After getting just right, I began to slather her smooth, hairless, pussy with my tongue and soon we were in a kind of rhythm and pretty comfortable. She seemed to really like all the stroking I was doing all over her little body. My cock was still pretty soft but starting to stir when I felt little Kathrine slide farther down a little and more of my cock get sucked into her mouth the pulled back out. She repeated this a couple of times but pretty soon, my hardening cock was too big for her and she settled back into just suckling the head. I could hear what sounded like a movie on the television and whispering mixed with giggles. I couldn't see a damn thing other than Kathrine's pretty little ass and pussy and that was perfectly fine with me. There is no better sight than that of a pretty pre-teen ass and pussy in my opinion. As I licked, and Kathrine suckled, I thought how long it might be before I got to see Amanda's beautiful pre-teen looking ass and pussy in the same place. I must have gotten lost in Kathrine' little body and not been paying attention. Suddenly, I felt an orgasm starting to build fast. "OH Kat baby! Stop honey! I'm ready to cum! You gotta stop!!" Kathrine pulled my cock out of her mouth quickly and looked back at me worried. It was close but the building orgasm started to subside a little. I stroked her bottom and kissed each pretty little cheek then lifted her off of me. I sat up and before Kathrine left, gathered her up and kissed her face all over and said, "Oh baby, you did so good! I'm really ready now for your little sister!" Kathrine smiled back and gave me a quick kiss on the lips little girl style then scampered off. As Amanda was coming over with little Sally, Kathrine said too the group, "I like that too mostly but Al's face is kinda scratchy!" She spread her little legs and I could see that her little tender thighs were slightly read from my whiskers. That made me feel like a jerk and I guess it showed on my face. Amanda, with little Sally between us, said, "No problem Al! As soon as Sally gets done, you can take Janie with you to get a razor and maybe a couple of days supplies. That way, we can all be together full time until you need to go get some sleep for going back to work. Besides, I'm sure you could use a little bit of extra time to rest up before the next two sessions....the kids aren't the ONLY ones who want some cock time you know!" Amanda was smiling from ear to ear. I allowed that it was a plan and Amanda got to teaching little Sally the intricacies of cock sucking using their fingers. Amanda took extra time and had 7 year old Sally practice more than she had Janie and Kathrine but soon enough, Amanda said Sally was as ready as possible. Sally lay down just liker her older sisters had and took hold of my cock as I began a gentle stroking of her tiny bottom. She introduced a little difference because instead of slipping my cock into her mouth right away, she studied the tip and the little drop of pre-cum showing there. After a bit, she moved forward and gave the head of my cock a big lap with her tongue then studied it some more before finally slipping ti between her lips and starting to suck. I really had allowed Kathrine to 69 with me for too long and it was probably less than three minutes before I felt my orgasm coming on fast. All I had time to do was slightly grip little Sally's ass and say "Oh God!" before I was shooting a stream of cum into the little girl's mouth. She almost pulled all the way off but then slid her mouth back over the head and sucked away until I was done shooting cum. When Sally sat up in her mom's lap, there was a little of my cum dripping down her face. Amanda kissed that off and looked to my cock where there was some more left over. Amanda leaned over and quickly sucked my cock clean. "You did real good honey. That's a lot of cum for one little 7 year old to try to take all at once! Did you like it honey?" "Yep! It was great! I tried to get it all and I was gonna go back and get the rest after I swallowed but you did it first Mom!" Amanda hugged her little one and said, "I'm sorry honey! I just thought you might have had enough and besides, mommy is a little jealous! I wanted some too!" Sally giggled and said, "It's OK Mom!" "Now, Al needs to go shave and get some stuff so he can stay over a couple of days!" Amanda got up putting little Sally down beside me and headed off toward the laundry area. Little Sally, not to be cheated I guess, stretched out belly down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She only got a few seconds of suckling before Amanda was back with my swim trunks and t-shirt. She had a little dress that she held out to Janie. Sally reluctantly slid my cock out of her mouth and Janie and I got dressed. The dress Janie had on, and that was all she had on, was a cute little thin strapped sun dress that came only a couple of inches past her little bottom. "Now, you two run on off! Al, try to get what you think you'll need. There haven't been any guys in my house for over 6 years so I don't have any type of guy stuff! Try not to be gone more than an hour!" Amanda winked at me as she said that last part. I gave each little girl a big , full body fondling, hug and kiss on the lips then took full advantage of feeling up Amanda, including gently sinking a finger up her pussy for a second, just before Janie and I headed out the door. Janie took my hand as we walked the short distance to my apartment. I live in a one bedroom upstairs unit and little Janie skipped up the stairs ahead of me. I took my time enjoying the view up her dress of her naked little ass and oh so cute pre-teen pussy. I let us in and had barely closed and locked the door when I saw her dress hit the floor. The naked little 10 year old looked around slowly and said, "WOW! You got stuff EVERYWHERE! How do you find anything!" With that, she was off to explore and ask questions about everything that caught her eye as I gathered up the basics for a few days. I took a fresh razor for each day. I wanted to make sure my cheeks and chin stayed as smooth as possible! I was in front of the sink shaving when Janie came in to watch. She didn't say a word but did wrap her little fingers around my cock as I shaved. We stayed like that until I was finished. "How smooth are you now Al? Let's test it out!" Janie had a little sly grin on her face. "What did you have in mind there young lady?" Janie made no bones about it, "Maybe we could do what we did while Mom made supper. I like that a lot and it's OK if you cum again, I won't say anything!" I had to laugh but I told Janie, "Honey we have some time and it sounds like a really good idea to 69 like we did before but it wouldn't be fair to Kaci if I cum now. So, come with me pretty lady!" I led Janie to the bedroom and put her on the bed then a laid out beside her. Janie grinned and climbed on top and was soon in just the right place. We settled right into the same sucking, licking, kissing, and stroking as before and very soon, were comfortable with our activities. A few minutes into it, I decided to test things a bit more and take a chance. Little Janie was suckling my cock comfortably so I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and ran it up and down her pussy several times. The only reaction from her was a little more suction on my cock and a low moan from her mouth around my cock. I kept alternating between licking the outside of her little smooth pussy then inside for a bit then just barely let my tongue graze her tiny clit. Janie's head popped up and off my cock and she let out a sharp, high pitched, "OH! What was that? Do it again!" I gently licked the area around her clit just letting my tongue graze over it a time or two. Soon, Janie settled down and again put my cock into her mouth but each time I went near her clit, she pressed her pussy harder to my mouth. I had no intention of making the little girl cum. That really did need to be done with her mom close by so after another few minutes, I told Janie we needed to get back. My cock was nice and firm but not ball busting, cum squirting, hard yet and I assumed little Sally would want to think she got me ready for Kaci's turn. Janie seemed perfectly fine with the time we had and we got dressed and made our way back to Amanda's apartment. Again, I had to watch as little Janie skipped up the stairs ahead of me. As I got to the top of the stairs, Amanda, still very hot and very naked grinned at me, "Did ya enjoy that view there big guy?" I put on my best inscrutable face and answered "In fact, yes! Twice! Very enjoyable!" Amanda hugged me, she naked, me clothed, and whispered in my ear, "So, ya like watching little girls bouncing their naked little bottoms up the stairs huh?" I whispered back, "I love watching your little naked girls bottoms no matter where they are!" Amanda broke the hug and started tugging my clothes off. "Get naked there mister! You left a little girl in bad need of finishing what she started!" I went to the couch and sat down. Little Sally climbed into my lap and said, "It's OK. Janie told us all about what you and her did at your place but she said that you guys stopped so I could finish. Did you really lick Janie's tickle spot?" I hugged the little girl and said, "Yes, honey I did but that spot has a name. It's called a 'clitoris' but we can just call it a clit." I stretched out on the couch and helped little Sally get in position. Amanda thought ahead and had three pillows ready for me so that the little girl's pretty bottom and pussy was withing easy reach of my tongue. I had just started kissing around her pussy when Sally said, "Al, do my tick...clit too OK?" and then she sucked the head of my cock between her lips. Amanda looked at me with raised eyebrows, "Al, it's your decision and your cock that might suffer if you make her cum! Be careful there." With that she turned to the television and left little Sally and me at our pleasures. I let Sally suckle along while I used a bit more pressure licking her pussy than I had the other girls. When I felt that Sally was getting pretty used to it, I let my tongue enter between her tiny pussy lips and licked up and down. Sally wiggled a little and I heard "Mmmphf" from around my cock so I kept doing that like I had with Janie until again, I felt she was well used to the feeling. Gathering my courage, I very slowly and very lightly ran my tongue up Sally's pussy and just barely allowed my tongue to graze her little clit button. Sally didn't jerk or bite but she uttered a loud "MMMMMPHF! MMMMM!" from around my cock then with a satisfied "mmmmmm" went back to contentedly suckling my cock. While we 69'ed, I only occasionally allowed my tongue to lightly graze the little girl's tiny clit. Each time she uttered a very contented "mmmmmmmm" from around my cock. I allowed Sally to keep sucking me, and me to have more time licking her wonderful little girl pussy until I was sure that much more would result in me cumming in her mouth. When I told her we needed to stop, My cock was fully hard and leaking pre-cum. Sally noticed and imitated her older sister and rubbed my cock all over her little face and went a bit further and got her tinny chest into the act getting pre-cum on her little 7 year old nipples. As I sat up, she gave me a big hug and said, "Thanks, Al, for licking my tickl....clit! That feels good!" then she jumped down to tell he mom and Kaci that it was Kaci's turn. Amanda led little Kaci over who also seemed eager to have her taste of cock and cum. It took a bit longer to get Kaci ready because she kept wanting to hold onto my cock but eventually, Amanda figured that she was good to go. Little Kaci lay face down across Amanda's lap like all the other girls had and was sucking almost like a little pro before I even got started stroking her little back and bottom. Amanda took part this time by leaning in close to her little girl and stroking her head and cheeks while she watched her daughter suckle me. The advantage to me was that now, in addition of just a little girl's pretty ass and back to fondle, Amanda's tiny boobs were within easy reach so I took full advantage to fondle mom and daughter at the same time. Kaci seemed to get into my fondling her ass more than her sisters and was soon moaning around my cock. The vibration of her little moans sent me over the top. "Oh Yes! Kaci, Amanda, I'm cumming girls! Get ready!" Little Kaci tried her very best but after only four squirts of my cum, she had to lift her mouth so she could swallow. Amanda was fast though. Only one stream of cum escaped before Amanda had my cock in her mouth and was sucking hard while little Kaci watched and kept jacking with her mom's encouragement. Only a couple of more squirts and I was spent. When Kaci and Amanda both sat up, Kaci was grinning and licking her lips but she had a good line of my cum from her cheek to her little chest. Amanda took care of that right away then hugged her little girl. "Al, Mom, I really tired! But there is so MUCH of it! I'm glad Mom could get the rest! WOW! If I did that a couple of times, It would be like a whole meal! Hey, that's an idea! Cum for breakfast!" Everybody started laughing at that and we were still chuckling as Amanda helped little Kaci get into a 69 position that would work. As I started to lick the little girl, and she started to suckle me, Amanda stroked my head and said, "You two go as long as you think is right this time Al. You've done a lot this afternoon and maybe it's time to slow down for the night. "I'm sure you and I will have time to do what we need tonight. Besides, after this one, I think I'll send the girls off to bed." She smiled down at me and then after stroking her daughter head to bottom, went to join the other girls watching television. It actually wasn't long before I felt the suckling on my cock get a bit sporadic and taper off to nothing and I felt air moving past the head. I had just started to lift little Kaci up when I felt a hand take hold of my cock and pull it out of the girl's mouth. I sat up slow to see Amanda, alone in the living room, smiling sweetly at little Kaci who was out like a light. "That is so sweet!" Amanda whispered, "she fell fast asleep sucking your cock like a pacifier! I already sent the other girls off to bed. Let's put this one down and get some alone time." I carried Kaci to the girl's room and laid her down between two of her sisters on her back. All the girls were laying flat on their backs. While Amanda kissed each little girl on the lips, I planted a single kiss on each nipple and pussy. Janie seemed to notice and smiled when I did it. Amanda and I just stood there for a long time gazing down at the sleeping forms of her four little girls. My God they are so beautiful! After a good while, Amanda led me by the hand to her bedroom. Amanda and I went to bed, leaving the bedroom door wide open. As soon as we were settled in, Amanda gave me the deepest most passionate kiss yet and said, "My God Al! Only in my absolute wildest dreams did I think something like this could happen! And so FAST! WOW!" I was about to reply when she kissed me again and just as we broke the kiss said, "Al, you are an amazing man! I have never seen any man you could have been as gently as you were with me and the girls today. How you kept from pushing your cock even the slightest bit and the way you were so gently licking their tender pussies! Oh God, where was a guy like you when I was little and learning all this stuff?" I really don't think she realized what she had just let out of the bag but I kept it for later and let her continue. Amanda kissed all over my face gently and slowly for a bit before going on, "I knew a couple of weeks ago the girls were getting curious and trying to find answers on the internet. At first, I thought they would lose interest but then I noticed that some questionable and very stupid chat was going on and it scared the shit out of me. When I noticed you at the pool that first day, I also noticed that you got aroused when looking at me and all the effort you put in to trying to hide that hard cock or your. You really didn't think using that towel would mask what you were doing did you?" She giggled. "Well, I was hoping it did!" Amanda put a soft finger tip to my mouth to shut me up. "Pretty much all the rest happened the way I told you. I did think I had seen your face before and it did turn out that I had seen you on that registry and all the rest is just like I told you. It wasn't until today that I decided to try to get you to help with teaching the girls a lesson. But, my God! I NEVER planned for the lessons to go so far! Really, I thought that just showing the girls some real, close up, male anatomy was all I would do! At least for the next few years any way! Oh shit, I've taught my 6 year old to suck cock and swallow cum! Oh God Al! I'm all mixed up! I'm so proud of all my girls and what the have done today that I could just bust but then I'm also feeling like I should bury my head in shame! I love my girls so much! I hope to God that I haven't ruined them!" Now, it was my turn to shut her up so I kissed her then as we broke the kiss placed my finger firmly across her lips. "Amanda, you said that you had only imagined something like this inn your wildest dreams." She started to protest and I again placed a finger on her lips. "I can fully understand that. Something similar to this, what went on today, has been one of my wildest fantasies. I never, ever, had any thought of trying to make it come true and knew for a fact that there was no way it could come true. I just never thought of it as a possibility. "I've talked to a few women who have had early starts on the sexual side. Only a couple of them related a loving childhood where they were really loved and cared for but also allowed to explore sexually. Usually that was with their father or step-father with the full cooperation with and help of their mother. Those very few, seemed completely happy and very well adjusted with no hang-ups or problems at all. The rest, where guilt, hiding, or abuse, was involved were all fucked up in the head. Amanda honey, you gave your little girls all the love and support and PROTECTION possible today and there was absolutely no abuse involved. Your girls all went to bed happy and content tonight even though they had just finished doing things most girls don't do until they are at least 14 or older." Amanda hugged me tight and again gave me a deeply passionate kiss. I could feel hot tears on her cheeks and when we broke our kiss, she was smiling through her tears, "Oh Al, I've never felt abused or been hurt, not really, by anything I've done sexually. I'm so scared! I never want my girls to have a bad sexual experience! Al, promise me, please, that no matter where all this takes us, you'll try your best to never allow our girls to be hurt in any way. Is that something you can promise? Please?" I kissed Amanda just as passionately as she had kissed me and said, "Oh honey! I'll never, ever hurt 'our girls' and yes, I caught that little slip but I already feel possessive about you and them even though we have only know each other a short time. How about you tell me about something you said earlier, you said that you were learning all this when you were little too. Do you think you can tell me about it?" Amanda just hugged me tight and launched into the story of her life. Over the next hour, I learned that she had grown up on a large ranch, that she still owned, in north central Nevada. She was an only child and they had no close neighbors. She couldn't remember a day, other than winter, when she and her parents had worn clothing in the house. Also, she couldn't remember when it was that she had learned to suck her father's cock and swallow his cum. To Amanda's memory, that is just something she always did. Apparently, her mother told her that she had had at least one drink of her father's cum ever day of her life since the day they brought her home form the hospital. Also, she could not remember a day when she didn't see her parents making love. That was also just another part of daily life at her home. When she was old enough for school, both of her parents sat her down and told her all about never telling anyone about their home life and she kept the secret. By the time she was 9, she had started asking if her father could make love to her the way he did her mother. According to Amanda, they gently explained that she had to wait until she was big enough but she would pester them about it from time to time. The day before she turned 11, her parents sat her down and said that if she really, really, wanted to, on her birthday, the next morning, her dad would make love to her and spend the whole day doing that with just her. "Oh Al! That was the most special day in my whole life! Mom and dad woke me up early and we ate a special breakfast Mom had made then they had me open my presents. There were lots of them and they were wonderful but I could only think of the promise my daddy had made the night before. "Pretty soon, after I had all my new toys and school clothes put away, Mom and Daddy led me into their bedroom and we all got on the bed. Mom spent a long time explaining everything and one time demonstrated lowering herself onto my dad's cock. Heck, I had seen that hundreds, if not thousands, of times but I paid attention because this was going to be my very first time. "Daddy kissed me all over and spent a good amount of time licking my pussy and even made sure I came a couple of times then he lay back on his back. Mommy helped me get in the right position over my daddy's cock and held me as I lowered myself. When the head of my dad's cock was pressed onto the opening to my pussy, Mom helped me push just hard enough that it popped in but not so that I would just plunge on down. I stayed like that until I got used to the feel of being a little stretched and it felt OK. Then mom told me to carefully lower myself until I felt a little pain and explained that meant that Daddy's cock was pushing against my hymen. It took just a little to get to that point and mom had me stop for a little while and said that when I felt ready, I could just push down hard or if I wanted to, I could get up off of Daddy and wait. "There was no way I was going to wait! I had wanted my daddy to put his cock, oh by the way, his cock was a LOT smaller than yours. Any way, I only stayed there for a few seconds thinking of just how I was going to do it. I finally figure out how I thought would be best and, well, I just kind of let myself fall! Next thing I knew there was a big, sharp, pain, but my daddy's cock was buried all the way in my pussy. I was crying from the pain and grinning from the joy that I finally had my daddy's cock all the way in me just like mom! "Mom hugged me and Daddy stroked my face and little boobs, that look pretty much like they do now, and I just sat there for a while. Soon, Mom had me lay forward onto Daddy's chest and he started a very slow and gentle fucking motion. It wasn't long before I was feeling an orgasm on the way and Daddy was filling my little pussy with his cum. "I think Daddy and I fucked six or seven times between then and the next morning. Mom was right beside me each time and I slept with them that night and Daddy fucked me one more time when I woke up. "Mom and Daddy both told me how proud of me they were. That's when I kind of became a little wife to my dad. I was never at all interested in any of the boys at school and Daddy and I were simply normal lovers. I got pregnant with Janie when I was 13 and gave birth when I had just turned 14. "This next part might be a shock Al. I felt that daddy should treat the girls the same way he treated me as a little girl. I insisted that each girl baby he gave me get at least one feeding of his cum every day. Al, all my girls have swallowed cum except for little Kaci. They just don't remember it because they were so very young. So, Al, that is the story of my twisted life." I pulled Amanda into a tight hug, kissed her, and said, "Amanda, it sounds like you had a wonderful childhood and very loving parents who looked after your well being at every turn." The story was out. I not only had no problem with it but hoped that my relationship with Amanda and her girls would be just as good. Amanda and I made love with her on top and I filled her with cum. Afterward, We fell asleep in a 69. I can't remember the list lick of her clit and I'm sure she can't remember the last conscious suckle of my cock. 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