Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My First Time Taking the Knot - Knot Was Not A Problem Joan, I think your female readers will enjoy reading about the first time I allowed myself to take in the knot of a dog's cock. I am a 34-year-old single woman (divorced). And, for those who need to know, I am reasonably trim, 5'6" tall and have size C boobs. I travel out of town on business a lot. Sometimes I have the pleasure of staying with friends instead of in a hotel. So that's where my story begins. After my four hour drive, I was happy to be standing in my friend's kitchen. I had missed her and her kids, since I only get to see them once a month, and sometimes not even then. We had just had dinner and were standing around talking in the kitchen. This was the first time that I had stayed with her, so as my friend was talking, I was taking in my new surroundings. When I came in, I was greeted by two Golden Retrievers... a female and an intact male. They had been hurried outside, since they were being overly enthusiastic at my arrival. Standing in the kitchen, I could see them through the glass doors that led out on to the porch. I kept thinking about how beautiful they both were. Being me, I just let my imagination run for a bit... and I assumed that it would just stay as just a fantasy. By way of background, one of my boyfriends had introduced me to K-9 sex several months earlier. He and I were enjoyng some hot sex in his bed when his Alaskan Husky joined us on his bed. I was startled, but was still enjoying the afterglow of our sex play, and just watched as my boyfriend's dog began to lick my pussy. My boyfriend, having just emptied his nuts inside me, asked, "Have you ever had a dog fuck you?" "Of course not," I quickly answered. He grinned at me and said, "You should give it a try. Many gals really enjoy that kind of fun." I was skeptical, but I didn't say anything. He started sucking one of my breasts while reaching down and playing with my pussy. Soon his dog stuck his nose between my legs again and renewed his licking. I had to admit it, it felt good. My boyfriend then spread my pussy lips and the dog extended his tongue right up inside me. GAWD! That felt REAL good. Well, I finally agreed to let my boyfriend have his dog mount me. He tied sox on the dog's front feet as I watched. Then he had me get on the floor, on all fours. He had his dog put his feet on my back, and soon I felt the tip of the dog's cock probing the outer lips of my pussy. "Will this hurt?" I asked my boyfriend. He replied that if might, if his dog pressed his entire cock... and knot... inside me. "However," he assured me, "I will hold my hand so his knot does not go inside you." Soon the dog was fucking me for all he was worth, and I was enjoying every wild sensation. I nearly blacked out when I orgasmed... and the dog just kept pumping his crotch against my backside. By that time my head was resting on the floor. He kept pumping until I felt him shoot his doggy cum deep inside me. That, and the thought of what I was doing, caused me to have another delightful orgasm. Over the following months I spent the night with my boyfriend several times... and each time after we were finished having our fun, he let his husky join us on his bed. I really enjoyed having my boyfriend hold me in his arms and kiss me as I felt that dog tongue lick our combined juices off of... and out of... my pussy. And, most of those times I let the dog fuck me as my boyfriend held his hand around the dog's cock so the knot did not enter me. Those were the memories that were going through my mind as I looked at my friend's male dog. Knowing that it was late, and that we had to get up extremely early the next morning, my friend and I decided that it was time for bed. I was staying in the guest bedroom downstairs. The rest of the bedrooms were upstairs. We finished saying good night, and she let the dogs in. My friend told me that Trevor (the handsome male) usually slept with her son. The dogs came straight at me, just wanting to be loved on by the new person. Of course I was more than happy to oblige. I walked into my room, still talking about the next day's plan with my friend, and noticed that Trevor was standing at the door. She called him, and they both went upstairs, calling a last "Good night" to me on their way up. Finally alone, I shut the door, pulled on my PJ's, and laid on the bed. I was reading my book and playing with myself, since my earlier thoughts of Trevor had left me nice and wet. Then I heard it. A whine, a scratch, a snuffle. I opened the door to see Trevor sitting there patiently waiting for me to let him in. I stood out of the way so he could get by, then resumed my place on the bed. He jumped up and settled in next to me. Trying to be a good house guest, I went back to masturbating and reading my book, trying to ignore the fact that now I was almost dripping wet, knowing that Trevor was beside me. I finally put my book down and concentrated on myself. I decided to get comfortable. I removed my panties, laid back on the bed with my legs spread wide and my eyes closed. Trevor decided to check out what I was doing and came in for a sniff. I guess he liked what he smelled. He gave it a little lick, sending shivers through my body. I moaned and continued to rub my fingers around my pussy, playing with my clit. Trevor took that as a sign, and started licking every inch of me. It brought back favorabe memories of my boyfriend's husky. After about 10 minutes, I was soaked in my own cum. Feeling Trevor's tongue slipping in and out of me, it's roughness covering my clit, his hot breath blowing over my sensitive skin... I had cum several times already, and decided that I needed more. I got up, locked the door, and pulled my PJs off. I stood there for a minute to see if I could hear anything coming from upstairs. I didn't want to get busted doing the family dog. When I turned around, I saw that Trevor was sitting on the floor. Not sure that doing what I had in mind... alone... was a good idea, I was a bit nervous. I got down on the floor, and started to play with Trevor a bit. I reached under him and started playing with his doggy cock. He seemed to like that and rolled on his side. I was trying to keep it quiet, and trying to not get him too riled up. I decided to go for it. I put my hands down so that I was on all fours and assumed the position I had been in at my boyfriend's place. Trevor sniffed my pussy, licking around, but seemed a bit confused as to what I wanted him to do. I waggled my bottom around and looked back at him, giving him the hint. Being a smart boy, he mounted me, but again seemed to be confused. We played this little game for a bit and then I finally got him to stay mounted. By that time, I could see his red cock poking way out of his sheath. Now that he was up there, I could feel him searching for my throbbing pussy. I reached back, gently grabbed on, and guided him into me. Once he felt my wetness, his instincts took over, and he slammed his cock into me. I reached between my legs and tried to hold the base of his cock (the knot) away from my pussy opening as he started to thrust. I started cumming almost immediately! I knew that I could be caught at any moment, and that was a huge turn-on. Of course, feeling his hot cock pushing deeper and deeper on each thrust was helping too. My hand slipped off Trevor's cock. After a few good thrusts, I could feel the pressure of his knot against my swollen cunt lips, and I knew what was coming. 'Would it hurt?' I thought. I didn't even think about the possibility of his knot getting stuck inside me. I took a deep breath, and on the next thrust, I pushed back against him. I bit my lip to keep from crying out due to the initial shock, and focused on the new feeling. He was much deeper inside me than my boyfriend's dog had been. It felt really good. Trevor's knot was rubbing on my G-spot. It gave me a whole new orgasm... an intense one! I could feel my juices dripping out of my cunt. It had starting to run down my legs, when I finally felt his cock spasm inside me. I knew that he was cumming inside me. I liked the thought. Since Trevor was deeper inside me than my boyfrend's dog had ever been, I felt his hot juice spray against the back of my pussy. That sent me into another enjoyable orgasm. Trevor stopped thrusting. He stood there for a minute. That being his first time, he climbed down and pulled out of me in just a matter of minutes. I felt the thickness of his knot as it withdrew from me... but I didn't really experience any pain (just a brief moment of discomfort before he 'popped' out of me). I was glad, because the longer we were tied, the more chance I had of getting caught. Once Trevor had pulled out, I got a towel and made sure that I wiped up the mess. Meanwhile, Trevor was cleaning me up. That felt good too. When the both of us were done cleaning up, I put my PJs back on... and we got back on the bed, both of us falling into an almost instant sleep. Early the next morning, I heard my friend knock on the door to wake me up. Since I was dressed, I opened the door to say good morning and to let Trevor out. She laughed and said that she wondered where he had slept, since he wasn't in her son's room. I just smiled and told her that he had come down shortly after we went to bed so I let him sleep with me. Well, after returning home I contacted my boyfriend and asked if he would like a bedmate for the night. He welcomed the idea. I gathered my things and went to his place. I told him what I had done, and let him know that I had experienced Trevor's doggy knot without difficulty. That night my boyfriend decided he wanted to screw me "doggy-style", in honor of my experience. He also had his dog present as he screwed me. The dog stood next to the bed and whined as we enjoyed our sex together. As soon as my boyfriend and I had a couple of orgasms, he got off the bed and had me get down on the floor... on all fours, of course. His husky was already tuned-in to what lay ahead... having watched us on the bed, and smelling the scent of sex in the air. He barely waited for his owner to tie the sox on his front feet before he mounted me. This time my boyfriend DID NOT put his hand in place to keep his dog's knot from entering me. The dog immediately started humping me, and within moments I felt his knot bounce against my pussy opening. A few thrusts later it popped inside me. My boyfriend saw it go in and asked, "Did that hurt?" Actually, that huskey knot was a bit larger than Trevor's, but it still really did not hurt me. With the husky's doggy cock so deep inside me, I felt like I could feel it's pointed tip tickling the far back of my pussy channel as he pumped me. It truly felt good... erotic! My boyfriend lay next to me and kissed me as his dog continued to pump me. A new series of orgasms washed through me. Finally I felt the husky humping me harder... and then he held himself against me as he showered my insides with his doggy cum. I fell over on my side, and the husky lay there with me, still connected. My boyfriend grinned at me and asked how it felt. "WONDERFUL," I replied. He cupped my breasts and kissed me. When the husky started to pull himself out of me, his back feet sort of scratched my legs. That was the only pain I felt. I pushed back against his back legs, and (with just mild discomfort to me) his knot popped out of my pussy. A few moments later when he walked up by my head I noticed that the husky's knot had actually gotten larger than Trevor's, so I knew I was capable of accomodating a knot larger than Trevor's (not that I plan to take on larger dogs). Since that night at my boyfriend's place, we have done the same thing several times. These days our favorite position is for me to get on all fours, straddling my boyfriend in the 69 position... before we let his dog enter me. That way I can give my boyfriend a blow job as I am being dog-fucked... and he can watch all the action at my crotch. My boyfriend says, "It's a hoot," to watch his dog's cock eagerly enter me... and then to watch the dog's knot pop on into me during the dog's humping. He says that when his dog pops back out, a stream of doggy cum pours out with it. My first love is still human male-female sex... but I sure do enjoy those occasional K-9 experiences. Katie