Author's Note: The author does not condone in, nor encourage the
content found in his stories. Any and all characters are purely
fictional. Adults only. If you are underage, or if stories of
adults having sex with minors offends you, please leave now.

Summary: A boy, born with an oversized penis, visits his doctor
for a checkup.

(Fb, bg, fb, incest, penis growth, pedo)

  It was 8:43AM on a Monday morning. Sadie Jameson's husband left
for work 2 hours ago. Sadie had brought her son, Johnny, into her
room for a wakeup treat.

  "Oh, shit..." Sadie screamed, "ohhh... yeah... yeah! Shove it
up your mama, baby!! All the way! Bust her fucking belly open
with your monster cock!! Ahhh!!!" She was laying on her back,
digging into her son's back with her fingernails. He was on top
of her, the side of his head against her 'pillows' and arms
around her waist.

  "Ummph... ummph... ummph! I can't hold back! I'm gonna cum,

  "Do it, Johnny! Cum inside me!"

  Johnny reflexively tried to jerk back, but Sadie's grip on him
prevented that. The mother's quickly head shot up, then hit the
pillow hard. He wiggled in her arms, which were tightly hugging
him close. With each load that was fired into her womb, she
roughly pulled her head up and down, the back of it crashing
against the pillow. When it was over, Johnny rolled over, his
thick, foot-long wetly popping out of her and resting atop his
fat, hairless sack.

  "Mmmm... That was sooo nice, Johnny... but now it's time to get
up, take a shower and get ready to meet your new doctor... God,
you fuck me SO GOOD!"

  Sadie opened the light green door and allowed her son inside
first. She was wearing a navy blue, V-neck sundress with matching
heels. Johnny wore a white T-shirt with 'Big Boy' on the front, a
baggy pair of red shorts, and white sneakers that had red
strings. His oversized cock was stuffed inside the left leg of
his shorts.

  The small lobby had light green walls and a gray rug that
covered the whole floor. The receptionist window and door were
several feet in front of them. On either side, there was a light
blue couch. To the left of the dark-skinned receptionist, two
women were sitting with their daughters. Johnny sat across from
them, while Sadie went up to the window.

  The long-haired blond girl on Johnny's left was wearing a dark
blue shirt with a navy blue skirt and a pair of dark blue
sandals. A trio of freckles was on either side of her button
nose, right below her small, blue eyes. Her early teenaged chest
was developing quite nicely, judging from the way they were
outlined in the tight shirt.

  Sitting beside the girl was a thick-bodied, middle-aged woman
with neck-length, blond hair. She had hooded, blue eyes and a
small, short-tip nose. Her red shirt had a white collar and was
tucked into a pair of white jeans. Also, she was wearing white
tennis shoes.

  A younger woman was also sitting on the couch. This thin woman
had long, black hair and a rectangular head. Her brown eyes were
close-set, and on either side of a snub nose. She was wearing a
purple T-shirt with light blue jeans and purple heels. Her
breasts appeared to be a C-cup.

  At the end of the couch was a brunette who looked to be almost
a teenager. Her hair was parted at the center of her
diamond-shaped head and her thin, pigtailed braids hung down to
her collarbone. She wore a white T-shirt, a pink skirt, and white
sneakers with pink soles.

  The blond girl was reading a Nickelodeon magazine with her legs
crossed. Her eyes impulsively shifted up and she saw Johnny
looking at his mother. She lowered the magazine and her heart
leapt in her chest. Johnny's cockhead was clearly viewable! With
her mouth open, she sat still and just stared.

  The woman sitting next to her looked at the dazed girl, then at
Johnny. She inhaled sharply and blinked at the sight.

  Sadie sat down next to her son. Johnny shifted in his seat
causing another inch of his cock to depart from from the leg

  The brunette girl saw this and dropped her jaw when it
happened. "Mom," she whispered, nudging the woman beside her.

  "What is it, Jackie?" The dark-haired woman looked at her. The
girl frantically looked from her to Johnny.

  The woman took a hint and looked at Johnny. "Oh, my God!" she
gasped, covering her mouth in her hand.

  The door opened and the receptionist exited, carrying a
clipboard. The tall woman was wearing a white uniform and white
heels. Her black hair was in a bun. She said, "Johnny Jameson...
this way plea... oh, my merciful God!" Her brown eyes grew wide
in shock when she saw the package of the small boy, outlined in
his shorts. She composed herself and cleared her throat. "Oops,
sorry, Ms. Jameson... it's just that... oh, shit..."

  Sadie just picked Johnny up and carried him to the receptionist
door. Johnny's shorts rode up when he let her pick him up. He put
his arms around her neck and his right leg was on her waist.
Because his left leg was dangling, 1/4 of his snake hung visibly
out of it's hole.

  "Is this the way to the doctor's room?" asked Sadie, indicating
a short, white-walled corridor with a perpendicular hall at the

  "Uh, yes... yes, it's in the first room around the corner with
the open door," the receptionist stammered. "Dr. Mounds will be
there shortly."

  Sadie entered the room that the excited woman mentioned. The
room had a marble, white-tiled floor. The black, white-sheeted
examination table was on their left. A white and shiny set of
drawers with silver handles was across from the table and was
topped by various doctor tools. Sadie put Johnny down and they
sat in both of the dark blue chairs with black legs that were
facing the door. After fixing his shorts, Johnny looked in
fascination at the various posters of Disney cartoon characters
that were all over the walls.

  The door opened and in walked the dark-haired doctor. Dr.
Mounds had a round face with large, brown eyes, which were behind
a pair of oval-shaped glasses, and a thin nose. Underneath her
buttoned white coat, she was wearing a red dress with black polka
dots that reached down to her knees. Her full breasts seemed to
barely fit in her dress. The large, round collar of her dress
encircled her breasts, allowing the tops of them to be very

  "Hello, Ms. Jameson," she greeted. "Johnny." The doctor had to
double take at Johnny. Sadie watched her and smiled with her head
down. "Uh, I understand you're here for a checkup."

  "Yeah," confirmed Sadie.

  "Would you please sit up here?"

  Standing on top of his chair, Johnny climbed onto the
examination table. In doing so, he gave his mother and doctor a
view of his cockhead through his leg hole. A surge of excitement
washed over the woman, and even more when he sat with his feet
dangling and his cock forming a thick shape against his leg.

  Dr. Mounds put the stethoscope into her ears and put the round,
white piece to Johnny's chest. She moved it to four different
spots and put it back around her neck. "Would you please stand
up?" she requested.

  Johnny stood. Now that he was standing taller than the doctor,
he had a much better view of the top of her breasts. His cock was
growing at the sight of them. She noticed this and watched as it
came to life in his pants leg. Fortunately for her, she was a
doctor and had an excuse to get his shorts off.

  Dr. Mounds put her hands into the waistband of Johnny's shorts
and pulled them down slowly. When the shorts reached his knees,
his full-sized cock swung upward like a spring-loaded steel
shaft. It slapped the surprised doctor hard, right under the
chin, making her head tilt up and knocking her wire-rimmed
glasses off. Sadie put a hand over her mouth and let out a
suppressed laugh. Dr. Mounds had to crouch low to pick up her
glasses, which made Johnny all the hornier.

  When she put her glasses back on, the doctor looked at Johnny
and gasped loudly. Her cunt began to leak in her panties as she
breathlessly gazed at his hard, dangling flesh. His sack was
hanging down to his knees. She reached under him and held his
balls; they felt like a couple of apples in a leather bag. At the
feel of her hand, his bone suddenly jerked up and about a 1/4 cup
of precum spilled from his pea-sized hole and onto the tile

  Dr. Mounds took her glasses off and looked at Sadie with a
serious expression on her face. "I'm sorry Ms. Jameson," she told
her, "but I can't go on with this examination." She stood up with
Johnny's meat still in her hand. "Because this bitch gotta have
some of this horse dick!!" she snapped. The horny doctor ran to
the door and locked it. Then she tore her coat off, causing a
button to snap off, and threw it on the floor.

  Quickly, she ran back to the table and stood before Johnny.
With her eyes never leaving his oversized dick, Dr. Mounds had
her dress off in and instant. Now, she was wearing a black bra
with black panties. She undid her bra and let it drop to the
floor. Her tits were almost the size and shape of basketballs,
and her areolas were as big as pepperoni. Next, she pulled her
panties down and tossed them aside. A black patch of hair was
above her glistening slit.

  "Lay back, you monster-dicked little bastard!" she shouted as
she pushed him backwards on the table. "Dr. Mounds's gonna empty
those big, fat balls of yours!" Johnny was laying on his back,
his body on the vertical side of the table. She climbed onto the
table with her knees on either side of his legs, her pussy inches
away from his dick, and turned to Sadie. "Please excuse my
behavior, Mrs. Jameson."

  "Oh, it's alright," said Sadie. "I know how you feel."

  Dr. Mounds grabbed Johnny's dick in one hand and spread her
labia with the other. She sat on it, making it slide deeper and
deeper into her wet, oozing cunt with a loud slurp. By the time
she was able to sit on his lap, his cockhead was right inside her
abdomen. Her cunt was stretched to about the diameter of the end
of a baseball bat. Her hands went to Johnny's chest and she
fiendishly bounced up and down on him.

  "AAAHH!!! Oh, that's right! Oh, fuck me! Fuck!"

  Dr. Mounds's round tits wildly flopped up, down, and side to
side, as if ready to get loose and fly off her body, and slapped
together with a sound similar to a slow round of applause. Her
spread cunt made loud, squishy noises.

  "Fuck me while I cum! FUCK ME WHILE I CUM!!!" She held her hips
and bucked on Johnny's long meat like a madwoman. "Oh! GOD!
JESUS... YEEESSSSSSS!! FFFUCCKK!!" Her cunt clamped down on
Johnny's cock and flooded his cock, his balls, and the table in
rivers of clear juice.

  "Mmmph! Mmmpph! Mmpphh!" Johnny grunted.

  "Like that tight pussy?! You love it when my cunt fucking
squeezes that monster cock of yours, DON'T YOU?!"

  "Uh-huh!" replied Johnny.

  Meanwhile, Sadie remained in her seat with her white panties
around her ankles. Her dress was pulled up to her hips and she
was furiously fingering herself while watching the other two.

  "FUCKING FUCK!! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" Sweat poured off Dr.
Mounds's red face. She squeezed her eyes shut and spat
obscenities throughout her second orgasm, her voice bounding of
the walls of the small room. "Fuck me, you horny piece of shit!!
Fuck me! Fuck me! FUUUCCCKK MEEE!!"

  Even this orgasm wasn't enough to stop the doctor from roughly
bouncing up and down with Johnny's 12-inch dick inside her. The
fucking went on for a half hour. Sadie fingered herself to four
orgasms. Dr. Mounds was just starting on her tenth.

  "Oh... yeah..." screamed the doctor, "yeah... goddamn... fuck
me... fuck me, you horny little bastard... aahh shit... oohhh
God... I'm... cumming... uuggghhh!!! I'm gonna DROWN that donkey
dick!!" She grabbed his wrists and held them down at his sides.
Feverishly, she bounced even harder, making the table hit the

  "Uhh, mmm, mmph, uhhh," grunted Johnny, licking his lips.

  "You gonna cum for me?! You gonna cum?!" She leaned down so her
face was inches above his. "Huh?! You gonna FUCKIN' CUM IN ME?!
Fill me up with cum!! Spray your hot seed up my wet cunt!!"

  "Yeah! I'm cumming!" exclaimed Johnny. He put his hands on her
ass and fucked hard up her.

  "Oh, YEAH!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. GIVE IT TO

  Johnny's cock kicked inside Dr. Mounds's cunt, unleashing a
torrent of semen deep into her womb. The doctor threw her head
back and let out a gluttonous scream. Her pussy contracted and
she came at the same time as the second spurt. Her eyes rolled
back into her wide open sockets so only the whites were seen. She
let out inhuman growls and hisses of pain and pleasure, while
spasming madly. Johnny's let out one more large dose of sperm,
prompting her to squeeze his shoulders and pinch his skin until
she left fingernail marks.

  Johnny kept fucking Dr. Mounds until he was certain that every
last drop of cum was inside her. In total, the woman came ten
times. During her final orgasm, collapsed forwards, her huge
breasts cushioning her fall and pressing hard against the table,
just above Johnny's head.

  Just then, Sadie, who was slouching in her chair, heard several
high-pitched giggles coming from behind her. She turned her head
and saw four heads in the crack of the ajar door. Apparently, the
girls and women from the waiting room were watching. Not only
that, but they were all naked.

  Seeing them, Johnny hopped off of the table, leaving the
unconscious body of Dr. Mounds. The quartet giggled and ran away.

  Still naked and rock-hard, Johnny opened the door and entered
the waiting room. There, in front of the couch, knelt the mothers
and daughters in size order. Their asses of different sizes and
shapes were at his attention. Their pussies dripped in
anticipation. All four looked back at him with big smiles. Sadie
walked into the room and sat on the other couch.

  Immediately, Johnny went to the blond woman, who was on the far
left of the couch. She had a thick body, but not too fat. Her
tits stood proudly and didn't sag. Her ass was nice and curvy.
After rubbing his cock on her soaked labia, he shoved it inside.

  "Oh, fuck!" the woman wailed. The blond's round ass was level
with Johnny's chest. With both hands, he kneaded the warm, soft
flesh of her smooth cheeks, digging his fingers into them. "Smack
my ass! I love to have my ass smacked!"

  Holding her left hip, Johnny slapped the woman's ass with his
right hand. She let out a squeal of delight, before he smacked it
again. As he spanked her ass red, he fucked her pussy. His sack
swung back and forth, hitting his kneecaps and the couch. The
other ladies fondled themselves excitedly, waiting for their

  "Yess!! Yess! I'm... cumming!! I'm gonna fucking CUM!! Oh,
yessss!!! Oh yeah!! Fuck me with that hard dick!!!"

  The woman stiffened up, then spasmed wildly. Her orgasm
triggered his. Johnny came in buckets inside the woman, filling
her up with his spunk. When both of them calmed down, he pulled
out. The combination of semen and cunt juice that was clogged by
Johnny's dick suddenly spilled out onto the carpet, leaving a
very big stain of sticky, white liquid.

  Johnny moved onto the younger blond. She had a slim body and
was only a bit taller than him while on her knees.

  "Hi, Johnny, my name's Laura," she told him. Johnny smiled back
and aimed for her cunt. Slowly, he pushed it inside. "Ssssssss!!
Ohh, shit, it's too big!!" He didn't stop until 9 inches were
tucked inside of her. "Daaaaaaaaammmmmnnnn!! Ohh!!!" Gradually,
the pain subsided and Laura began bucking her ass to meet
Johnny's thrusts. "Ohh, ohh, yes!! Yes!! Ugghh!!!"

  "Umm, uhh, uh!" Johnny moaned.

  "Oh, yeah! It's so big and hard! OHH!! YES!! Slam that pussy,
Johnny! Fuck it good!"

  "I'm gonna cum!"

  "Oh, yeah! Spray my insides with that hot cum!!

  Laura's pussy overflowed with cum. Globs and globs of it poured
out from around Johnny's dick. The pressure forced his cock out
of her and became a fountain of sperm. Everyone watched as her
cunt leaked for a full 20 seconds. By this time, Johnny's slimy
cock was standing rigid.

  Up next was the brunette woman. She had an average waist and
thick hips. Johnny pushed his dick up her cunt. One last push

  "Oh, fuck yes! I can feel it hitting my lungs!! Fuck me hard,
Johnny!" And so Johnny did. She slammed herself into him, wailing
in pleasure. "Give it to me! Give it to me!! Gimme all that hard

  Johnny stuffed his cock as deep as he could, then let loose a
large string of cum. "Uhh! Uh! Uhh!" he chanted.

  "Fuck! POUR ALL THAT HOT GUNK OUT!!" She flinched when the next
spurt went inside of her. "Oh, shit! FUCK!!"

  Johnny grabbed at her hips and fired a final wad.

  Last but not least was Jackie. Her skinny legs stood straight
and her torso rested on the couch. Small breasts clung close to
her front.

  "I never had a cock as big as your before," Jackie said.

  Gently, Johnny pat her cunt lips with the center of his cock.
Then, he brought it up with his hands and pressed it into her

  Jackie sucked in a sharp breath and clawed at the leather of
the couch, leaving thin scratch marks. "Oh! Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!
Oww, fuck!" Johnny moved closer. The further his cock went, the
harder she gripped the seat. "Uhh, huh, uhn, ugg!! Soo

  When 6 inches were inside, Johnny bottomed out. Holding onto
her ass, he began a steady motion. Jackie threw her head back and
gasped. She looked at the ceiling with wide open eyes.
"Ooooooooohh!! Ohhh! Fuck!!"

  Jackie's mother reached over and pat her hand. "Jackie, do you
want him to stop?"

  "N-no! Don't stop! Oww! Ohh! Uhh! Ugh!! I'm getting used to
it." She looked at her with a forced smile.

  Eventually, Jackie's cunt muscles stretched enough to fit
Johnny's dick. She was no longer in pain, but she wasn't fucking
him back. She just let him thrust in and out of her. Squeals and
moaned still came from her.

  Suddenly, the uncovered half of Johnny's cock pulsed oddly.
Jackie buried her face in the blue cushions and shrieked.
Johnny's cock quickly pushed out of her cunt. Both his cock and
her cunt were now dripping semen. With two hands, Johnny forced
himself back inside of her. They twitched and moaned until he was
finally empty.

  When it was all over, Johnny and the ladies exchanged phone
numbers and he left with Sadie. Several weeks later, Johnny
became a soon-to-be father.