Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ******************************* Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this story, some of which are dangerous or illegal. Please keep in mind the difference between fantasy and reality. ******************************* Tanya's Punishment chapter 2 Written by Janus Copyright 2003 All my stories can be found at The next day, Tanya found out how much worse it would get. Her father had just returned from a shopping trip when he asked her to sit on his lap. Following his instructions, Tanya had worn a skirt with no panties so she balked when told to sit on his lap. Her father insisted however. "We'll just watch TV like we did back in the old days," he pressured her. "You never sit on my lap anymore." Taking her by the wrists, he pulled her to his armchair. Half-heartedly, Ashley allowed herself to be pulled onto his lap, being careful to keep her skirt between her butt and his legs. She started by merely sitting on his knees, but her dad pulled her closer to him. First he pulled her to his thighs. And then after a few more minutes, to his upper thigh. From then, it was just a matter of her dad shifting slightly and a few minute movements before her butt was pressed against his crotch as he sat in the armchair. Then it got worse when her dad pulled the lever for the reclining armchair. He flipped out to an almost horizontal position and she had no choice but to recline with him. It wasn't long before Tanya felt something hard poking her butt cheek. Her ears turned bright red with embarrassment. She knew what it was. "Daddy, can I please go?" Tanya begged him. "I ... um, I don't feel very well." "It's okay, sweetie," her dad said into her ear, making her flinch. "Daddy will make you feel better." He moved one hand to her breast while the other began stroking her thigh underneath her skirt. Tanya instantly froze from the shock of being touched by her father. Without a bra, the only thing that separated her firm, fourteen year old breast from his groping hand was the light cotton of her shirt. Again, her body betrayed her for her nipple grew hard under his touch. "Please... Daddy..." Tanya pleaded again. But her father moved his other hand to her breast, cupping and massaging both her breasts. Tanya fell silent. Her father's penis was now rock hard as it pushed against her. Unable to contain herself, Tanya emitted an inaudible sigh. Her breathing quickened as her father expertly manipulated her nipples, squeezing and pinching the hard tips of her aureoles. The teenage girl could help herself as she sensed the first hints of wetness forming between her legs. Soon, the telltale scent of her lubrication reached her nostrils. Her father must have smelled it as well for he reached down and tugged up her skirt, revealing her bare shaved mound. Despite the pleasurable sensations coursing through her, Tanya knew that it was wrong for her father to touch her. "Please, Daddy, that's enough. Stop..." she said futilely. Instead, her dad dipped a finger into her slit, caressing her clit in one long stroke before moving deeper to her vagina, teasing her lips a moment before lightly penetrating up to his first knuckle. Tanya's hips jerked involuntarily. Her father withdrew his finger and brought it to her face. Ashamed, Tanya saw how it glistened with her lubrication and the familiar smell of it greeted her nose. "It doesn't look like your pussy wants me to stop," her dad told her. "Open your mouth Tanya." Realizing what he wanted to do, Tanya clamped her lips shut and shook her head. "Open your mouth," her dad repeated. "Remember our deal. The car, remember?" Humiliated, Tanya opened her mouth and her father pushed his wet finger past her lips. "Suck," he whispered into her ear. Reluctantly, Tanya closed her young lips around the digit in her mouth, her tongue pressing against it. Embarrassed, she tasted her own juices. She had never done so before. It tasted very musky and sharp. Her cheeks flamed red again. Her dad pulled his finger free and returned to her spread open crotch. Without warning, he began to rub her clit furiously. Tanya stiffened against him as the assault caught her unaware. "This is wrong," she thought to herself. "But it felt so good... so good..." The fourteen year old gasped as her father reached down with his other hand and plunged a finger deep into her. Her hips rose off the armchair. "Pull your shirt up over your tits," her father commanded. "Play with your tits." Tanya tugged her t-shirt up until her breasts popped free. She couldn't help herself, it just felt so good between her legs. With both hands she began to rub her nipples as if she was in the privacy of her own bedroom. Her father meanwhile continued to stroke her hard clit as he fingerfucked her pussy. Dimly, in the back of her mind, Tanya remembered that she had protested against what her dad was doing to her. She still knew it was wrong. But the added simulation to her breasts had pushed her too close to consider ethics at the moment. She was getting close... so very close... "Mmm.. aiiieeee," a high-pitched whine emanated from Tanya's throat as an orgasm swept over her fourteen year old body. A series of gasps accompanied each wave of orgasmic bliss that washed over her. Her dad's fingers, already wet before, were completely soaked now in his daughter's pussy juices. "Ah, oh, oh..." Tanya's breathing came back under control as she recovered from her orgasm. Her dad stopped touching her. Tanya rested her hands against her sides, as did her father. It was quite a sight: a fourteen year old girl reclined in post-orgasmic bliss against her father with her shirt pulled up over her plump breasts and her skirt hiked up to reveal a bare and hairless pussy. As her senses returned, Tanya realized what had just happened. Mortified and ashamed, tears welled up in her eyes as her throat consttricted. The sobs began deep in her chest before pushing up her throat. "Don't cry, Tanya," her dad consoled her. "Was it so bad? You looked like you were enjoying yourself. And besides, isn't this a small price to pay for not having your mom find out you wrecked her car?" But Tanya sobbed on nonethless. Her father returned the chair to its normal position so the crying girl now sat on her father's lap again. He handed her a tissue. "Honey," her dad said, "I want you to go the bathroom and shave your crotch again. I could feel the stubble beneath my fingers. Why don't you go do that and I'll get lunch ready." Tanya slid off his lap and headed for the bathroom, embarrassed that her dad was the one telling her to go shave her pubic area. Wiping a tear from her eye, she wondered what else she might have to do. ************************ ************* If you'd like to send comments or feedback on this story, please use the form at