Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Lindsey sat quietly in the waiting room as she listened for her name to be called. Being eleven years old, she had convinced her mom that she was old enough to go to the doctor alone now. Hoping she appeared grown-up and ladylike, Lindsey tried to read an Elle magazine as she waited, resisting the urge to pick up the Highlights. She was a little nervous about going to see the doctor. Lindsey was reaching puberty and their were changes happening inside her body. One of the more significant was that she had started to grow hair between her legs and her inner labia had become rather dry and inflamed in the past few weeks. This was why she had come to the doctor, in hopes that something could be prescribed to reduce the dryness in her privates. "Lindsey Morgan?" a nurse asked the room. Lindsey put the magazine aside and got up. The nurse smile at her warmly. Lindsey patiently followed the nurse's instructions as her height and weight were recorded. Next she was led into a small examining room where her temperature, pulse, and blood pressure were taken. During all this, the nurse kept up a flowing pitter-patter of breezy conversation. "So honey, how old are you?" the nurse asked. Strapping the blood pressure armband around her bicep. "Eleven." "I see," she said, writing something down. "How's school going?" "Good," Lindsey answered. "I'm the top student in my grade," she added with pride. The nurse smiled brightly at her. "Well, congratulations!" She returned to her clipboard to write something down and then took out her watch to measure Lindsey's pulse. "Play any sports?" "Yes. Soccer and gymnastics." "Well, how about that!" Bored already, Lindsey glanced around the examining room as the nurse talked. Her eyes perused the wooden tongue depressors and gauze cotton squares arranged in neat jars on the shelf. A small sink and mirror with soap looked normal enough except for the metal box labeled "Medical Waste Disposal" next to the mirror. The exam table was normal enough also, except this one had metal stirrups protruding from one end. The nurse was now taking her temperature while she continued the breezy conversation. Lindsey answered automatically without listening to the questions. That is, until the nurse reached the more personal ones. "Now let's see," the nurse said, reading her chart. "You're here because of... dry and irritated labia." Lindsey blushed. "Um, yes," she replied shyly. "All right," the nurse said, making a series of checkmarks on her clipboard. "Have you begun menstruating?" "Um, no. Not yet." Lindsey said. "Are you sexually active?" Lindsey flushed a brighter shade of red. "No." "All right," the nurse said, jotting down notes. "Do you masturbate?" "Ummm..." Lindsey hesitated, her ears burning now. The nurse looked up at her and smiled reassuringly. "I'm sorry to be asking such personal questions," she said apologetically. "But masturbation might be linked to your dryness and inflammation." "Oh, okay," the eleven year old said. Stumbling on, she answered, "Um, well, I guess I... do that... um, a couple times a week..." "Would you say you masturbate daily?" the nurse asked, not looking up from the clipboard. Wishing she were elsewhere, Lindsey blushed furiously again, "Oh no. No. Maybe, um, twice a week?" "Sure," the nurse answered casually, as if they were discussing how often Lindsey ate ice cream. The young girl bit her lip. The truth was, she masturbated almost daily. She had discovered the pleasure of touching herself when she was quite young and had been masturbating for as long as she could remember. "When you masturbate," the nurse said, "does your vagina produce lubrication?" "Oh, um... yes," Lindsey answered, wondering how long this questioning would go on. To her relief, the nurse put down her pencil and smiled again. "Okay, Lindsey, I just need you to take off all your clothes and put on this hospital gown. Dr Sanders will be in shortly, okay?" "Okay," Lindsey said, taking the blue paper gown that the nurse handed her. The nurse smiled again and left the room, closing the door behind her. Alone now in the chilly, air-conditioned room, Lindsey shivered and checked the blinds to make sure they were properly closed. Quickly, she stripped off her clothes and folded them neatly into a pile. She unfolded the paper gown next and took a moment figuring it out. After tying the cords in a tidy bow around her neck, Lindsey sat down and waited for Dr Sanders. Nervously, she wondered how thorough of an examination it would be. Would she have to spread her legs to reveal herself to the doctor? Eyeing the metal stirrups, her heart sank as she realized what the answer probably was. She had been to a pediatrician before but this was the first time she would be with a real doctor. With a start, Lindsey realized she didn't even know if Dr Sanders was a man or a woman. There was knock on the door. Before she could answer, it cracked open and a male voice said, "Hello, can I come in?" "Yes," Lindsey croaked. Dr Sanders was indeed a man. She watched as he gracefully slipped through the door. He had short curly brown hair and glasses. "Hello!" Dr Sanders said, looking at his clipboard. "You're Lindsey Morgan, right?" "Yes," she replied shyly. "How are you today, Lindsey?" "Fine, thank you." The doctor sat down next to her and began flipping through her file. "Well let's see, you're here because of... dry and inflamed labia." Lindsey cringed as he said it. "Let's get started, shall we? Why don't you hop onto the exam table and have a seat?" Dr Sanders watched the eleven year old girl stood up and approached the exam table. He smiled as she tried to keep her front to him since the back of the hospital gown was open. Dr Sanders loved his job. He was a pedophile and had worked hard to become a pediatrician. He had expanded his degree to include all young women and he had a dream job now. He watched with great interest as the young girl got onto the exam table. She was a beautiful girl with blond hair that perfectly framed her unblemished skin. Her hair wasn't long, it was neatly cropped to below her ears, but it indicated she was something of a tomboy. Dr Sanders pulled out a small mallet. "I'm going to test your reflexes, okay? You just sit there and relax now..." Squatting down so he was eye-level with her knees, Dr Sanders lifted up the hospital gown, revealing her slender legs and knobby knees. He used one hand to hold the gown out of the way above her knees. "Okay, Lindsey," he said. "Just relax now..." Dr Sanders was getting an eyeful of her milky-white thighs which were unfortunately clenched together. With his free hand, he parted her knees a bit. "That's right just relax," he told her. His mouth watered as his line of sight was finally clear and he saw Lindsey little slit winking at him beyond her smooth thighs. Swallowing, he remembered he had to test her reflexes. "Let's see..." he said, tapping her knee with the mallet. Lindsey's leg gave a kick. "Perfect! Let's try the other knee..." Dr Sanders took another moment to drink in the view between the preteen girl's legs. "Okay," he said standing up and picking up his stethoscope. "Lindsey, could you please undo your gown?" Lindsey's heart skipped a beat when she heard him say it. "Okay," she said, willing her arms to move. She reached up and untied her gown, letting it fall to her chest. The shy girl kept the gown from revealing her breasts, however. Dr Sanders put on his stethoscope. "All right," he said. "Let's check your heartbeat, shall we?" His hand gently removed the paper gown from Lindsey's grasp. Dr Sanders tried not to stare as he moved the stethoscope to her heart. Lindsey's breasts were just beginning to bud. He loved the way a preteen girl's chest developed, the small pointed mounds capped with a light brown nipple. Lindsey's chest wasn't flat but nor was it very far developed. Her tiny pointed buds perked up in the cold air of the room. Lindsey felt herself blush as the doctor listened to her heartbeat. She was quite embarrassed by her breasts. They looked so small and strange! It was exciting that they were starting to grow but Lindsey wished it would happen quicker. "Sounds normal enough," Dr Sanders told Lindsey. "Why don't you lie down? That's right, keep your gown at your waist. Have you checked yourself for breast cancer, Lindsey?" Lying flat on her back, Lindsey shook her head as she looked up at the doctor. "I know you're young, but it's something you should know how to do," he told her. "Let me show you... Put your hand behind your head. That's right. I'll do it first... You use your hand like this, see, and massage your breast in small circles around the nipple." Dr Sanders felt his cock harden as touch Lindsey's mostly flat chest. "Check for any hard lumps," he advised her, pinching and squeezing her nipple. "Nothing on this side! Let's check the other side..." Lindsey moved her other hand behind her head. She felt very uncomfortable as the doctor touched her chest. She had never touched her chest like this and it felt odd. A slight tingle tickled between her legs. Finally, the doctor stopped. "Okay," he said, "you can sit up again." "Should I re-tie the gown?" Lindsey asked. "Well, okay," Dr Sanders said reluctantly as he stole one last peek at her budding chest. "Go ahead and then I will need you to face away from me and bend over on the exam table." "Ummm," Lindsey said hesitating as she finished re-tying the gown. Dr Sanders smiled at her. "I know you're embarrassed but it's important as a young woman to have a full physical exam," he said reassuringly. "Some people dislike the rectal examination more than anything, but it has to be done." Lindsey watched as the doctor put on a pair of rubber gloves. Reluctantly, she turned and bent over the exam table, presenting herself to the doctor. She flinched as she felt his touch on her butt. "It's okay. Relax." She felt him rubbing something against her anal opening. With a gasp, she felt his finger slip inside her. "Relax, Lindsey," the doctor said again. He began to probe inside her. She felt her anal ring tighten around his finger as he stretched her out. She felt so embarrassed having a doctor's finger up her butt! She could even feel his breath on her rear cheek. Dr Sanders didn't know if he was going to be able to contain himself when the eleven year old girl bent over the exam table and presented her pert ass to him. The hospital gown fell to either side, revealing her rounded butt. When she bent over, her legs parted slightly revealing her tempting pink anal rosette that crowned her closed slit. The doctor applied a bit of lubrication around her puckered opening before dipping his finger inside. His cock leapt as he heard her gasp at the penetration. Her anal sphincter tightened and clasped his finger in a powerful grip. He could only imagine what it would feel like around his cock. Withdrawing his finger, Dr Sanders removed his rubber gloves. Reaching for the Medical Waste Box, he said, "All right, Lindsey. We're all done with that part. It wasn't so bad was it?" The young girl stood up and turned to face him, her face red with embarrassment. "Now," he said, "I'd like you to lie down again on your back and place your legs in the stirrups." The worse part is just beginning, Lindsey thought to herself grimly as she did what he asked. The metal was cold against her feet. She watched as he rummaged in a cabinet. "Oh dear," Dr Sanders said, his back to her. "I'm out of rubber gloves." "Oh." "Well, you don't mind if I do the examination without them, do you?" Dr Sanders asked brightly. "Um, no. I guess not," Lindsey replied, not sure of how to respond. Gleefully, Dr Sanders closed the cabinet door which housed a full supply of gloves. He approached the young girl, her legs spread as her feet rested snugly in the stirrups. Only the thin paper gown separated him from her girlhood now. Lindsey saw him approach and she held her breath as he pulled aside her paper gown. This was it. She didn't have any secrets from the doctor now. Her face reddened some more. Dr Sanders tried not to stare at the preteen pussy spread out before him. Lindsey was a beautiful girl. A tuft of dark pubic hair had begun to spiral from the top of her slit but she was otherwise hairless. He took a moment to relish her smooth and flat tummy before returning to the valley of her girlhood. The plump flesh of her crotch was interrupted only by the darkened slit that reached down to her anal rosette. "Let me read your file again," Dr Sanders said reaching for his clipboard. He wanted to savor the view of this preteen girl open before him. From time to time his eyes would flicker back to his waiting patient, stealing a glance. "Dry and inflamed labia," he said out loud, pretending to think. Lindsey was dying a thousand deaths as she waited. She felt so vulnerable and exposed with her legs spread like this. A small part of her wished he would start the exam so she could leave. "Lindsey?" the doctor began. "It says here that you masturbate twice a week. Is that correct?" Lindsey flushed scarlet. It was bad enough with the female nurse, but now with a male doctor it was even more terrible. "Um, yes," she squeaked. "And you produce lubrication when you masturbate?" "Um, yes." "A lot?" "Oh... Um, I don't know," Lindsey said mortified. Dr Sanders glanced again at her spread crotch. "Would you say you become just slightly moist or very wet and slippery when masturbating?" he asked, enjoying himself. "Oh, well, um..." Lindsey stammered. "Just a little moist?" Dr Sanders asked. "Well, um, no," the eleven year old stumbled. "Maybe, uh, somewhere in between?" "Of course," Dr Sanders smiled at her. "Perfectly normal." He approached the table and casually let his finger slide along her hairless slit. "If you were masturbating frequently but not producing any lubrication, that might explain your inflamed labia." "Oh, uh..." Lindsey didn't know how to respond. She felt the doctor's finger touch her privates. The young girl closed her eyes to restrain her mortification. She couldn't speak as she felt his fingers part the folds of her girlhood. Dr Sanders marveled at the hairless slit spread out before him. Her baby clit peeked hesitantly out of its little hood as he parted her lips even further. Her inner labia was indeed slightly red and appeared irritated. The entrance to her vagina tempted him to no end in all its pink and glistening allure. Lindsey's pungent scent filled his nostrils and he fought the urge to taste her beautiful young pussy. Covertly licking his index finger, Dr Sanders let his digit press gently at Lindsey's innocence. Her warm and moist vagina beckoned him further and he let his finger slip further into her wet hole until he had buried his entire index finger. "Do you play sports, Lindsey?" he asked her. Lindsey swallowed hard. She felt his finger embedded deep inside of her. No one had ever done that before. It felt strange to think of her vagina clenching his finger. "Um, yes," Lindsey answered finally. "Soccer. And gymnastics." "I see," Dr Sanders replied. "That explains the absence of your hymen." Lindsey wasn't sure how to respond to that. She lay in silence as she felt his finger probe and twist inside her most secret hole. Suddenly, she felt another finger caress her special spot. Her clit. Involuntarily, her muscles spasmed and she clenched down hard on his finger as a tingle of pleasure shook her young body. Despite the pleasure, Lindsey's embarrassment only grew. After all her years of masturbating, she knew how sensitive her clit could be. Sometimes, all it took was a few strokes and she could orgasm. The young girl prayed now that she wouldn't have an orgasm in the doctor's office. How could she live through the embarrassment? Dr Sanders almost fainted with desire when he felt Lindsey's pussy tighten around his finger. He had merely brushed her clit and the girl had responded beautifully. She must have quite a sensitive clit, he reasoned, because it now poked out, pink and erect, from underneath the hood. The doctor could almost swear he could see it throbbing. With his finger still buried in the young girl, Dr Sanders let his thumb take two quick swipes at her clit. Once again, her vaginal muscles clenched his finger and this time the preteen girl squirmed on the exam table. A thin trickle of lubrication was flowing from her vagina now. Dr Sanders couldn't take it anymore. His thumb returned to her clit and he began to massage Lindsey's pleasure button with sure and steady strokes. He was salivating at the sight of Lindsey's nearly hairless crotch only inches from his face. Lindsey bit her lip as she felt the doctor begin to massage her clit. She flinched and tried to close her legs but they were still resting in the stirrups. "Um, Dr Sanders?" Lindsey stammered tentatively. "I, um, don't know if... ohhh..." The eleven year old girl was cut short as the doctor increased the pressure on her clit. Lindsey tried to lift her legs out of the stirrups but they felt impossibly heavy and weighted down. It didn't matter anymore. She was too close now. Lindsey could feel her orgasm building up like a mighty explosion rushing toward her. The pleasure struck her young body in full force. Lindsey closed her mouth, desperate not to make any noise as wave after wave of intense pleasure rocked her body. "Ohhhhhhhhh..." she moaned, unable to contain herself. Dr Sanders couldn't believe it. His boxers felt drenched with pre-come as he watched this preteen girl orgasm. He had only been touching her clit for ten seconds at most when she came. He watched as her buttocks tensed and her back arched while the orgasm slammed into her. His thumb mercilessly kneaded her clit as her vagina tightened like a vise around his finger. He listened as Lindsey let out a single long and low moan of pleasure. Slowly, the young girl came down from her orgasm. Dr Sanders drooled at the sight of the lubrication that flowed freely from the muscle clenching his finger. He saw Lindsey go limp on the table and her legs relaxed in the stirrups. Reluctantly he withdrew his finger from Lindsey's girlhood. Standing up, he surveyed the spent preteen girl before him. Her blond hair was matted against her forehead, wet with perspiration. He wiped away a strand of hair from her forehead. Lindsey was jerked from her delicious afterglow by the doctor's touch. Immediately she realized what she had done. Her hands covered her face in shame. "Oh Dr Sanders," she blubbered. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! Please don't tell anyone! Oh god..." "There, there, Lindsey," he said, soothing her. "It's nothing to be ashamed about. It's a perfectly natural reaction." He stroked her shoulder as she wept. After a few minutes, Lindsey had recovered enough to look at him with red, worried eyes. "Really?" she whispered. "Don't you worry about it one bit," he told her. "I would never tell anyone. And let me say, you're not the first to have an orgasm on my exam table," he said, lying. Lindsey gave him a rueful smile. She wasn't crying anymore. Dr Sanders patted her arm. "And we do know now that you produce sufficient lubrication," he said, smiling. Lindsey blushed with embarrassment and looked away. "So here's the deal," Dr Sanders said. "Why don't you get dressed and I'll go get you some medicine to get rid of the dryness and redness of your labia? I'm betting it's either an allergic reaction of just plain growing up. I see it happen to lots of girls." "Okay," Lindsey said sniffling as she sat up. Dr Sanders smiled at her again as he left the room and shut the door. Lindsey got down from the exam table, feeling shaky as she stood up. She undid her paper gown and reached for her clothes. As she dressed, the eleven year old girl noticed with embarrassment that the paper lining of the exam table was soaked with her fluids. A small puddle had formed where her butt had been. She hoped the doctor didn't notice. * * * * * Dr Sanders stood in his office, masturbating furiously. His balls had felt like they were going to explode if he didn't get any relief. In his mind, he replayed over and over the image of Lindsey's spread pussy as she came, her juices flowing like a river as her preteen cunt almost broke off his finger. Feeling his orgasm rise, Dr Sanders quickly grabbed a small container on his desk. Groaning, his knees weakened as he shot his thick, white semen into the container. He milked his throbbing cock to get every last drop out. Finally satiated, he collapsed into his chair. He allowed himself a moment to recover. Dr Sanders already knew his game plan. Zipping himself up, he headed to the small pharmacy located in the office. He quickly found what he was looking for: a small bottle of pills and a jar of aloe cream. Returning to his office, Dr Sanders stopped by a medical workstation to grab a small container of powder. Once safely in his office, Dr Sanders opened jar of aloe cream and dumped in the contents of his container. He watched as his thick semen mixed imperceptibly with the aloe cream. Next he took the container of powder and sprinkled a few teaspoons with the aloe and semen mixture. With a wooden stick, he mixed the ingredients thoroughly before putting the lid on. Taking this mixture and the bottle of pills, Dr Sanders returned to the exam room where Lindsey waited. "Hello?" he said knocking on the door. He entered and found Lindsey already dressed and waiting. He grinned at her. Shyly, she returned his smile. He handed her the bottle of aloe and the pills. "Here you go," he told her. "One bottle contains pills. Take one pill in the morning and one at night. The other is some soothing lotion that you can apply to your entire labial area. Together those two things should help with the dryness and inflammation." "Thank you, doctor," Lindsey said bashfully. "It was no problem at all," he said warmly. She got up to leave. Like a gentleman, he escorted her to the waiting room door. "Take care of yourself!" he waved. Lindsey waved back and left. Dr Sanders returned to his office. With a devious smile, he couldn't help but feel aroused by the thoughts of what would happen to eleven year old Lindsey in the next few days. The pills he had given her were hormone therapy pills meant for women entering menopause. At the dosage he had prescribed, Lindsey's hormone levels would soon match that of a woman in her sexual peak, which normally happened in the mid to late thirties. The aloe, of course, would naturally sooth her inflamed labia. But Dr Sanders had also added a mild allergen that was originally designed for allergy tests. Essentially, it was an itching powder. Once Lindsey applied some aloe cream to that sensitive clit of hers, she would have no choice but to scratch it to relieve the itching. Dr Sanders smiled at the thought of the horny eleven year old frantically diddling herself all day long. And, of course, there was the added bonus of the young girl unknowingly spreading the doctor's semen on her privates each day. Dr Sanders could feel himself getting hard again already. ************* If you'd like to send comments or feedback on this story, please use the form at