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 Hello Kitty! (part one)  

[Mm(transv.), oral(1st, nc?), F-solo, m-solo, humil, nosex(so far)]

* * *

"Right then Jimmy, if you’d just go behind that screen there and take off your clothes."

Doctor Roberts had already ushered Jimmy Larson’s mother out of his examining room, leaving him alone with the 13-year-old boy. His mother had brought him in for a physical, as she was worried about his lack of development. She had been referred to him by her family doctor, who was a close friend of Dr. Roberts, and who knew his… speciality.

Jimmy meekly did as he was told, stripping down to his underpants, then, after a pause, stripping them from his diminutive frame too. Heaping them on the chair provided, he stepped back out into the main part of the exam room.

"Hands by your sides then, I’ve seen it all before," said Dr. Roberts heartily. Jimmy complied, removing the hands that had been hiding his privates from view.

"OK, then. First I’m going to take your measurements, and your weight. Then we’ll look into your general fitness, and do a few other tests. It might take a while, but nothing too strenuous, I promise!" Jimmy, eyes downcast in embarrassment at being naked in front of a stranger, didn’t see the glint in the doctor’s eyes.

Good as his word, the doctor thoroughly measured Jimmy, head to foot and every direction in between. His hands were cool against the heated naked skin of the embarrassed teen. With his mind purposefully straying everywhere but on what the doctor was doing, Jimmy didn’t feel the doctor’s hands linger on his butt-cheeks, or on the insides of his smooth thighs, stroking the youngster’s skin tenderly.

After measuring Jimmy’s weight, the doctor invited him to sit for a minute or two, while he asked him some questions.

"Do you play sports, Jimmy?"

"Sometimes, sir. I play catch with my friends, and soccer."

"Are you quite fit? Do you get tired easily?"

"Same as anyone else, I guess."

"How about girls, Jimmy? Do you like them."

"They’re ok…," replied the youngster, wondering what this questioning was about, and when he’d be able to get dressed again.

"How about boys?"

"My two best friends are guys."

"Let’s change direction a little. Have you had an erection yet?"

Jimmy blushed furiously, and couldn’t meet the doctor’s gaze.

"Yes, sir…," he whispered in reply.

"And have you rubbed it; masturbated?"


"And did you ejaculate? Did you cum?"

"A bit sir…."

"Good, good. I know it’s an embarrassing subject, but you must remember that there’s nothing wrong with things like that – they’re all a part of the natural process of growing up. So, how often do you rub yourself?"

"…Maybe a couple of times a week…"

"Are you sure that’s all?"

"…Maybe a few times more than that…"

"Every day?"


"Good. A what do you think about when you do it?"

"…Don’t know…"

"Okay, I won’t press you on that. I need to do a couple more tests, then you can relax for a bit. I’d like you to jump up onto my exam table over there, and kneel on all fours."

Jimmy hesitated. But he was a doctor, wasn’t he? Anything he did must be for Jimmy’s own good. He stood, and made his way over to the padded table. Behind him, the doctor was stretching a pair of tight rubber gloves over his hands. As Jimmy mounted the table, and assumed the requested position, the doctor smeared some clear gel over the fingers of both gloved hands. He walked over to Jimmy.

"Now, I’m going to do what’s called a proctological examination, to ensure your insides are working fine. This may feel a little uncomfortable, but I promise I’ll do everything I can to make it feel okay for you."

Jimmy was scared. He’d heard of proctological exams before, and did not like the idea. But the doctor’s lubricated fingers were already at the sphincter of his anus, and one was pushing forward. Jimmy’s butt instinctively clenched tight, but the gel and the latex gloves, and the professional way the doctor went about his job, soon overcame Jimmy’s stern resistance. Doctor Roberts’ middle finger slipped up inside the teenager’s rectal tract, bring a grunt from Jimmy.

"There, that’s the worst over with. This won’t last long, I promise."

Jimmy’s toes were curled and his teeth were clenched. His anus felt like it was burning as the doctor’s finger moved higher inside him. He was blushing again, his naked body turning pink, to the doctor’s hidden delight.

For the doctor, this was always the make-or-break point of the process, and also the part he loved the most. Everything up until this point was a preparation, removing the youngsters’ resistance to the doctor’s will. If all went well at this delicate stage, he knew that Jimmy would be his. His penis stiffened in his pants at the thought.

Jimmy was beginning to get used to the feeling of fullness in his bowels. He could feel the pressure of the doctor’s invading finger pushing upwards, but the walls of his anal tract no longer felt as though sandpaper was being scraped along them. To his shame, he could feel stirrings in his small cock.

He prayed with all of his might for the treacherous thing between his spread legs to droop again, but couldn’t force it too – every movement of any muscle in that area of his body brought a resulting clenching of his anus, and a vivid reminder that the doctor was still there. What would the doctor think about him getting a hard-on from this examination?

The doctor was smiling behind Jimmy’s back. He could feel the pulsing of the boy’s anus around his finger, and knew from experience that it was the teen’s reaction to the stirrings in his crotch. It was a struggle the boy couldn’t win, and the doctor’s grin widened. The boy was his. There was only one thing left to do to complete the young teen’s subjugation.

Jimmy’s cock was filling with blood at an alarming rate. Soon it bulged harder than he had ever felt it before, and he felt like bolting out of the exam room in shame. Suddenly he felt the doctor’s free hand reach under him, and gently grasp the hot shaft of his young cock. The hand was cool and slick with gel, and Jimmy was surprised to hear a groan escape his trembling lips.

The doctor pushed forward sharply with his buried finger, and Jimmy involuntarily hunched his hips forward, sliding his cock through the doctor’s slick latex-gloved other hand. In surprise Jimmy drew himself back again, resulting in the finger in his rear being pushed even further into him. A vicious-circle soon developed, with Jimmy twitching forwards and back, desperate not to show how good it felt when his lubricated shaft slid across the doctors palm, but equally desperate to avoid the finger in his anus from sliding any further up him.

The doctor’s grin was evil. He had almost reached the boy’s under-developed prostate, and knew that this session would not last much longer. The boy was working himself between the doctor’s finger and hand perfectly, with no help from the older man, and although the doctor knew it would be a shame to rob him of his rhythm, he had one last thing to do. Removing his hand from the boy’s cock momentarily, he reached over to the table next to him, and moved a small plastic dish to the exam table under Jimmy’s belly. He then returned his hand to the heated cock-shaft, noticing with glee that the boy had not stopped his jerking hips the whole time.

Jimmy had his eyes closed, and was oblivious to the doctor’s movements. All he felt now was the feeling of impending release; the feeling he got when his played with his immature cock under the covers at night, and knew that his cum would soon be spurting from it. Moans were rhythmically escaping from his lips, but he hardly noticed – all he could concentrate on was the contact of the finger in his backside with the sweet sensitive spot it had just reached. His legs were shaking, his toes were curling and uncurling, his head was thrown back, and his tongue was licking his lips over and over again.

The doctor could feel the boy’s prostate as his finger bottomed out in Jimmy’s rectum. He rubbed and rubbed the spot, knowing that the boy would be driven wild by the pressure. Sure enough, the boy gave one last desperate hunch forward and back, then his cock pulsed wildly, spraying the bench under him with runny boy-cum. The doctor managed to direct most of it into the dish he had placed there not long before, and Jimmy obliged by splattering it with thin white cream.

For Jimmy, the orgasm was the most powerful he had ever experienced. Throughout the doctor did not let-up on his manipulation of the boy’s rectum or cock, and Jimmy repeatedly grunted with pleasure and release.

It was some minutes later that he realised that the finger and the hand were no longer touching him, and that his knees hurt like hell where he had been kneeling for so long. The doctor had wiped the spilt cum from the surface of the bench, taken the dish from under Jimmy, and was examining a sample of his sperm under a microscope on his desk. The boy, unsure of what to do, lowered his exhausted body to lie on the bench, and tried to ignore the burning in his anus.

"Alright Jimmy, you did very well. The examination’s over now, so you can get dressed again if you’re up to it."

The 13-year-old raised himself stiffly from the bench, and stood unsteadily on the floor. His embarrassment was still at the forefront of his mind, but he was too weary to let it affect him. He walked slowly behind the screen, and started to re-dress.

"Once you’re done, can you go and ask your mother to come in here? You can wait outside and…recover."

Jimmy did as he was asked, finding his mother in the waiting room, and gingerly taking a seat there himself while she went in to see the doctor. Would the doctor tell her what he had just done? Wouldn’t there be some kind of confidentiality?

In the exam room, Jimmy’s mother, Sue Larson, sat nervously in front of Dr. Roberts’ desk.

"Is my son ok?"

"Mrs. Larson, this is never easy to say to a parent, but it has to be done. I believe that your son has a disorder known as G.A.D. – Gender Amorphic Disorder. In layman’s terms he is neither one sex nor the other, although that is a gross over-simplification. Let me see if I can explain it a little better."

Dr. Roberts knew that Sue Larson would not be a problem. Her wide-eyed acceptance of the authority of the medical profession had been communicated to him by her own family doctor, a confidant and one-time lover of Dr. Roberts. She had told him that Sue Larson was as meek as her son when it came to doctors, despite the fact that she was a successful business-woman in her daily life.

"When a sperm meets an egg within a woman, the resulting foetus develops according to the pattern laid down in the mixture of DNA provided by both father and mother. Part of that mixture includes a definition of both the gender identity and gender actuality of the child. In the majority of cases these two things match, and a normal person develops. When these do not match, a transsexual is born. You’ve heard of such people?"

Sue Larson nodded, her face pale.

"Transsexualism is, therefore, defined before birth and cannot be reversed. Individuals feel trapped in a body that is not their own, and often display self-destructive tendencies as a result. A sex-change operation corrects the physical symptoms of this, but often the psychological damage is too great, and such individuals rarely live happy lives. It’s a sad fact that up to seventy percent of them attempt suicide at some point in their lives."

Sue looked close to fainting. "My son isn’t one of them, is he?" she asked, imploringly.

"No, not quite. The good news is that G.A.D. is not quite the same as transsexualism, and if action can be taken early enough, the sufferer can lead a happy normal life."

"Oh, thank God!" Sue had never been so relieved in all her life.

"G.A.D. is a condition, again defined before birth, where a person has the sexual organs of one gender, yet the emotions and development, even the temperament, of the other. Your son is male at face value, yet will develop more like a girl of the same age, and with a personality to match. G.A.D. sufferers do not have the same feeling of being in the wrong body, and there are major differences between suffering from this disorder and simply being effeminate or homosexual. This condition is not common, and as such the treatment may seem a little…unusual."

"Oh, I’m willing to do anything to help my son, doctor." Dr. Roberts smiled inwardly. He was sure he had her now.

"I’m afraid you must accept that your son no longer exists. From now on you have a daughter, and you must both adjust your lives accordingly. If it helps, you could think of Jimmy as having been a tom-boy for most of his, or rather her, life, but now that puberty has set-in she really must start acting as girl, and learning the things that young ladies should know.

"We do not recommend gender-corrective surgery for G.A.D. sufferers, as experience has shown that once the lifestyle adjustment is made they are far happier staying as they are, rather than becoming fully one gender. Certain…adaptions will be necessary, however."

Sue had regained some of her composure. "I understand. What do you recommend?"

"I’m afraid that Jimmy’s outward physical appearance will need to be altered. Most of these changes will be cosmetic – hair, clothing, and such – but as Jimmy gets older a more womanly shape will need to be developed if she is not to be seen as being a boy in drag. I’m speaking of a narrow waist, fuller hips, a lack of hair where girls would not normally have any, and especially of the development of breasts."

"Yes…yes, I suppose you’re right."

"Now all this can be achieved through the application of hormones, and through the constant vigilance by you. Your husband has passed away, hasn’t he?"

"Yes, three years ago."

"And Jimmy is your only child, correct?"


"Believe it or not, your home circumstances are actually ideal for the girl – you’ll be able to guide her through this difficult stage of her life without distractions, and most importantly you’ll be able to exert a much greater level of control than if other family members were involved. You’re going to have to be strong for her sake.

"She’ll want to keep things the way they are at first, and you must have the strength to overcome her resistance. Don’t underestimate the strength of that resistance either – it will be emotionally hard for both of you to bring about this change, and the full process may last years, but the result will be a happy and well-adjusted young lady. I can promise you that she will not be as happy staying as she is."

"Doctor, I don’t mean to sound impertinent, but could there be another explanation for Jimmy’s under-development?" Sue’s eyes pleaded for hope, despite her defeated posture.

"Mrs. Larson, I am one of the country’s leading specialists in G.A.D., and if I could offer you any other explanation I would, but Jimmy is a classic case. I didn’t want to reveal this to you, but it seems that you need convincing once and for all."

Dr. Roberts moved the microscope on his desk closer to Jimmy’s mother.

"This is a sample of Jimmy’s sperm. As you can see, the motility is almost zero. Jimmy will never be able to father a child, as her female side is far too strong." Sue looked into the eyepiece of the instrument, and saw the fresh sperm. The little creatures were hardly moving, only an occasional twitch showing that they were living at all. What she couldn’t see was the chill-unit built into the base of Dr. Roberts’ specially constructed microscope, which would have reduced the sperm of even the most virile man to dormancy.

"I think you should also know how Jimmy produced this sample. I provided her with a specimen dish, and asked her to go behind the screen and to take her time. Instead she placed herself on my examination table, and proceeded to stimulate her anus until orgasm was achieved. Frankly I was shocked, Mrs. Larson. No G.A.D. sufferer that I have examined has ever been that brazen before, and I sincerely hope none will ever be so again.

"However, the manner in which she achieved orgasm – anally – finally convinced me that she really would be better off living her life as a girl. It was not a homosexual act, but the act of a young girl masturbating the only way she feels natural with – via stimulation of a hole, rather than the more obvious male penis. I’m sorry if this has shocked you, I truly am, but her behaviour was born of the confusion she feels, and which I am hoping that we can cure her of."

Dr. Roberts’ mask of sincerity worked it’s charm on Jimmy’s mother. Through tearful eyes she signalled her agreement with what the doctor proposed.

"Good. I’m willing to take Jimmy on as my long-term patient. It means she will get regular physicals to chart her progress, and I will be able to supply the appropriate hormone treatments. I will also be able to provide a shoulder for you both to cry on, and hopefully I can offer all the advice you need through this process."

"Oh, thank you doctor. Thank you so much!" Sue broke down into tears, a mixture of grief over the loss of her son, joy at the gaining of a daughter, and gratitude for the kindness of her saviour – Dr. Roberts.


Dr. Roberts’ receptionist, a pert young blonde woman, listened to the message on her intercom.

"Jimmy Larson, please go into the doctor’s office," she called.

Jimmy, who’s tender rectum had begun to ease over the half-hour he had been waiting, stood and made his way over to the office door. He paused at the threshold, unsure of what awaited him on the other side. Knowing that he really had no choice but to go in, he knocked once on the door, then entered the office.

He immediately could tell that his mother had been crying, and he began to worry. Had the doctor told her what had happened? Had the physical shown-up something bad? Nervously he took the seat next to his mother.

"Jimmy, the doctor has been explaining some things to me. I know what happened in here, but it’s ok, I still love you, and we’re going to get through this."

Jimmy went pale – so he had told her! But far from being angry with either the doctor or himself, his mother just seemed anxious about something. That must mean that something else was wrong!

"Am I ok?" he asked, timidly.

"Yes honey, physically you are, but the doctor has discovered that you have a condition which is what’s been causing you to develop slower than your friends. It’s not going to hurt you, but we need to make some changes to our lifestyle, and it’s not going to be easy. I’ll explain better when we get home, but the doctor just wants to give you a shot before we go."

Dr. Roberts had been preparing a needle while Jimmy’s mother had been talking. Jimmy hated getting needles, and knew this one wouldn’t be any different. As his mother rolled his sleeve up, and the doctor advanced on him, smiling, Jimmy fainted.


Jimmy woke on the back seat of his mother’s car. He was strapped-in by the seat-belt, and his mother was up-front driving.

"What happened?" he asked.

"It’s ok, honey, you just fainted when Dr. Roberts tried to give you the shot. He got it in easier with you passed out, so we didn’t wake you. He helped me put you in the car. We’re almost home, and I think you should probably rest-up before doing anything else."

"What did the doctor say about me, mom?"

"Hush honey, I’ll tell you after you’ve rested."

They drove the rest of the way in silence, Jimmy wondering what could be so wrong with him, and his mother wondering how she could tell him that he would soon be a girl.

* * *

After Jimmy and his mother had left, Dr. Roberts closed his office for the day, letting his receptionist leave for home early. Once he was alone he picked up his phone, and called Marsha Higgins, Sue Larson’s doctor.

"Marsha, they’ve just left, and it went better than I’d ever hoped possible!"

"I told you they were ideal," purred the voice on the other end of the line. "Jimmy’s such a pretty young thing that I knew you’d take to him straight away. And I bet he’ll look as cute as button when you’ve finished with him!"

"I think he might be my best subject yet. High cheekbones and that red hair will really add to the effect. I gave him the first of his XBT treatments today. The doseage I gave him was larger than I’ve ever given before, but I think combined with his natural tendency toward timidity it’ll almost completely destroy his ability to resist what’s about to happen to him. If this works, you might be able to go public with testing."

"I hope so. Ten years is a long time for something like this to stay secret, but once it’s out in the open pharmaceutical companies are going to be falling over themselves to pay me. And you’ll get a fair share, don’t worry. The world’s foremost synthetic female hormone is almost ready to be born!"

* * *

Jimmy had allowed himself to be helped into the house by his mother. His legs felt strangely weak after his ordeal at the doctor’s office, and he was glad to be able to rest. His mother gave him a sleeping pill, and he lay in his darkened bedroom, gradually drifting back into unconsciousness. The last thing he heard was his mother calling to him, saying that she had to run some errands, but would be back to look after him soon. Then all he knew was dreamless sleep.

While her son slept soundly, Sue Larson visited the local shopping mall. After breaking the news about her child, Dr. Roberts had gone on to explain that a gradual shift from one gender-identity to another would cause more harm than good, and that a complete reversal was necessary. Every part of her male life would need stripping away and replacing – her name, her possessions, her clothes; everything. A return to school after the current summer break would not be difficult, as Jimmy would turn fourteen in a few weeks, and was due to move from middle school to high school anyway - she would simply be enrolled at a school further away, where no-one knew her as Jimmy.

Sue had reluctantly agreed that the process would be much quicker, and therefore less damaging to both of them, if this was all accomplished at once. Trying to phase-in the change from boy to girl could only create heart-ache, and she was not sure her resolve would stand up to that.

Her first stop had been to her lawyer, Tina Collins. They had been friends since college, and trusted each other completely. When Sue had explained her predicament, her friend immediately agreed to arrange the legal aspects of the change, beginning with Jimmy’s name. Dr. Roberts had insisted that Jimmy would be highly reluctant to choose her own name, and therefore Sue must choose for her. She had settled on Katherine – Kitty for short – after Sue’s grandmother.

Sue had then made her way to the mall. Armed with a charge-card, Kitty’s measurements provided by Dr. Roberts from the exam results, and a firm resolve to help Kitty adjust to her new life, Sue visited many shops, arranging for her purchases to be delivered rather than be weighed down by bags and boxes. She also visited an interior design company, and arranged for them to visit her house the next day, to re-fit one of the spare bedrooms. Finally, she made her way back home.

Jimmy was still fast asleep when Sue returned. The first of the deliveries arrived not long after, and Sue saw to their storage out of sight. A steady stream of purchases were brought to their house, and all were packed away, until finally everything had arrived.

Fearing that she lacked the nerve to break the news to Jimmy while she was still reeling from it herself, she took another sleeping pill to him, waking him just enough to ensure that he swallowed it, then left him deep asleep. After a relaxing bath, and a glass of wine, she too went to bed.

* * *

Early the next morning the interior design team arrived. After checking that Jimmy was still sound asleep, Sue set them loose on the spare bedroom, and in the course of three hours it was transformed. Gone were the neutral pastels and pine furniture, and in their place were subtle pinks and purples, with a range of matching designer furniture, the centre-piece of which was a king-sized canopy bed. Sue was impressed, and thanked the team profusely.

She then set about moving all her purchases into the new room. The closet was soon full of a range of beautiful dresses, blouses, shorts, skirts and tops. No jeans or pants had been included, as Dr. Roberts had been very firm that Kitty should be made to feel as feminine as possible at all times. Sue had agreed, though she had been very careful to pay close attention to the latest styles and fashions when choosing the outfits.

Shoes, boots, and sneakers in an array of styles were placed in the shoe-racks, and the drawers were filled with jumpers, T-shirts, crop-tops, and all manner of girlish items. Cosmetics were placed on the vanity, and an emerald-green satin night-dress was laid-out on the bed. Finally, Sue unpacked Kitty’s new lingerie.

Sue knew the value of lingerie in making a woman feel feminine and special. Unknown to anyone, she had quite a collection of erotic underclothes herself, and would often wear them to work for her own secret pleasure. Urged on by Dr. Roberts’ insistence on femininity, Sue had taken a chance and had bought Kitty a fine selection of extremely sexy lingerie – stockings, suspender-belts, bras, teddies, basques, thongs, camisoles, and pantyhose – in all the colours and styles that Sue herself favoured. Of all the things that Kitty would resist, Sue knew that these ultra-feminine items would be the top of the list, and that getting her to accept them at an early stage would be a huge step forward.

Once all Kitty’s new finery was packed away in it’s proper places, Sue knew she would have to take care of Jimmy’s old belongings. Some of them Kitty would naturally keep, as they were important to her, but Sue was confident that the majority if her old possessions were now surplus to requirements. She set about making a list. On it were all the items that Sue considered appropriate from Kitty to keep. She peeked into Kitty’s bedroom to she her still fast asleep, and took a quick tour of the room, adding things to the list. She then made a call.

Once she was finished, and had placed the list out of sight in Kitty’s new bedroom, she re-entered her new daughter’s old room, and gently woke her up. Jimmy came back to consciousness slowly, and found himself cradled in his mother’s arms. For a few sweet moments he felt utterly relaxed, until with a start he recalled the events of the day before.

"Mom! What did the doctor say? You’ve got to tell me!"

"It’s OK, baby. It’s nothing for you to get worked up about. We’re going out for the day, and I’ll let you know then. Hurry up and shower, and I’ll get you some clothes ready."

Jimmy hadn’t had his mother choose his clothes for years, but was still too groggy to argue. He slipped out of bed, and made his way to the bathroom. The warm shower helped him to wake up, and by the time he had finished he was wide awake. The anxiety he felt at not knowing what the doctor had said also helped.

After drying himself off he made his way back to his room. He could hear his mother downstairs taking things out to the car, so he guessed they were going for a drive. Laid out on his bed were a T-shirt and jeans, which he put on over boxer shorts. He found some socks, and an old pair of sneakers, and went to find his mother.

Sue had loaded the car with some picnic supplies, and a blanket. She intended to take Kitty up to the lake for a few hours, so that she would be kept away from her old room for a while. She heard her come out of the house, and saw her wincing in the bright sunlight.

"C’mon then. I thought we’d go for a trip up to the lake as it’s such a nice day. I’ve packed some food, but you might want to grab some sunglasses and the sun-cream."

Jimmy went back into the house, and found both items, then rejoined his mother outside.

"Mom," he asked, as the car pulled away from their house, "why did the house smell of paint?"

"You were asleep for quite a while, so I thought I’d get some work done. I’ve been finishing up the decorating in the spare bedroom. You know that I always thought it looked unfinished as it was."

They drove on in silence. Jimmy was still anxious about his ‘condition’ that his mother had mentioned the day before. What could be wrong with him? He felt fine, so maybe it had something to do with what the doctor had done to him on that exam bench. He went pale – maybe the doctor thought he was gay!?! He thought it was best to keep quiet for now.

They drove up into the hills, until they reached Lake Tarn. It was their town’s local scenic beauty spot, located just behind a wooded ridge that overlooked the town and it’s surroundings. A rough road lead off the highway to a parking area that doubled as ‘lover’s lane’ after dark, but during the day it was a peaceful family picnic spot.

Jimmy spread the blanket on the grass, while his mother unpacked their lunch. They hadn’t picnicked like this since his father had died, due to his mother’s work-load, and Jimmy knew this special event had something to do with what his mother had to tell him.


"Yes, baby?"

"What’s wrong with me?"

His mother sighed. This was it.

"OK, honey, I guess it’s time you knew." Sue took a deep breath. "We were referred to Dr. Roberts because Dr. Higgins and I were worried about how you were developing. Dr. Roberts is a specialist in that kind of thing.

"After he examined you, he called me in and told me that you have a condition called Gender Amorphic Disorder. This isn’t going to be easy for you to accept, but the doctor says that even though you have the outward appearance of a boy, you’re actually a girl…"

Sue paused, and looked into Kitty’s face for her reaction. She was sitting perfectly still, staring into space, a look of disbelief slowly creeping onto her face.

"No, mom, no…"

"Yes, honey. I’m sorry that this is so hard for you to accept – I suppose that’s only natural – but Dr. Roberts is sure about this. He’s one of the leading experts in this condition, so we’re really lucky to have him!" All the time she was speaking Sue was trying to edge closer to her daughter, as she wanted so much to comfort her, and hold her in her arms.

Jimmy was moving away from his mother. How could she be saying these things to him?! He wasn’t a girl, couldn’t she see that!?! Oh, God! This must have all come from what he did on the exam bench with the doctor!! It couldn’t be normal for someone having a proctological exam to cum into the doctor’s hand, so maybe there was something wrong with him! But not this, surely!?!

Jimmy’s eyes began to tear-up, and his mother rushed to his side.

"Oh, my baby! I’m so sorry this has to happen to you, but you’re not alone, you’re never alone, and I’m going to be with you, and help you through this every step of the way!" She cradled Kitty against her chest as the young girl burst into floods of tears.

The pair sat like that for some time – Jimmy hugging his mother tightly, while his mother let her daughter cry herself out. Neither of them noticed the rain-clouds above them swiftly gathering until the first heavy drops of rain splashed down around them.

"Uh-oh. We’ll get soaked all the way up here. Best get everything packed away." Jimmy pulled away from his mother, nodding agreement, and they began to tidy away their picnic. Although Jimmy helped to pack the picnic back into their car, his mind was somewhere else entirely. He wasn’t a girl, he knew it in his heart, and no doctor could convince him otherwise. Even if his mother believed it, he’d have to show her how much of a boy he could be.

He was the first to admit to himself that he wasn’t as well developed as other boys his age, seemingly not having entered puberty in any big way yet. His voice was unbroken, and his body wasn’t as hairy as of lot of the guys he saw in the showers after gym-class. He was athletic, but not tall or strong, and consequently wasn’t able to compete against many of the other guys his age in a lot of the sports they played. He was good at soccer, being fast, though he realised with a sinking feeling that in this country it was a sport often associated with girls.

He liked wearing his hair longer than many of his friends; it almost touched his collar now, though there were guys at school with longer. He’d never been on a date with a girl, but he was definitely interested in them. Since he was fairly sure the doctor had told his mother what had happened on the exam table, Jimmy wondered if she thought he was gay, maybe they both did, and all this was over that one incident. If only he could turn back time! There was nothing he could do to take all that back, but from now on he’d work his hardest to show it wasn’t true. First thing he’d do when they got back to town would be to take a trip into town, and he’d try his hardest to get himself a date with a girl.

Sue looked over at her daughter. She was obviously thinking things through. Would she accept this easily or not? Oh, how she wished she knew what was going on in Kitty’s mind right now.

The pair re-entered their car, and like the other families that had been picnicking up at the lake, they made their way through the rain back to town.

* * *

The whole ride home, Jimmy wanted to confront his mother and tell her he wasn’t gay. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it, not with the knowledge of what had occurred in the doctors office fresh in his mother’s mind. So he’d go through with his plan to get a date, and give his mother some evidence to refute what the doctor had claimed.

They had driven in silence all the way back, Sue wanting to give Kitty the space she needed to let the news sink-in. There was a big shock coming to her, her mother knew, and she wanted Kitty to have this time to collect her thoughts and feelings.

While Kitty unpacked the car, Sue saw an envelope had been hand-delivered to their mail-box. She recognised the hand-writing as belonging to Tina, her lawyer and friend, and opened it quickly to find Kitty’s new documentation. Wow, she thought to herself, Tina sure works fast! Sue tucked the envelope into her shoulder-bag, and went to help her daughter.

"We’re both soaked through, why don’t you get yourself another shower, and I’ll set out the food we didn’t eat." Sue steered Kitty straight to the bathroom, not allowing her to visit her old bedroom first. "Leave your clothes outside the door while you’re showering – I’ll get you some fresh ones."

Jimmy let himself be convinced – a shower would be a good idea if he was going out later. In his pre-occupied state he saw nothing wrong in letting his mom take his wet clothes away.

After showering, and towelling himself dry, he wrapped the towel around his body and made his way to his room. He didn’t see his mother watching him from the top of the stairs. Jimmy opened his bedroom door, and stopped – his room was completely bare. No posters on the walls, no furniture, no clothes hanging in his open closet – nothing. He turned around in confusion, and found his mother standing behind him.

"I’m afraid this was doctor’s orders," she told the stunned youngster. "The Goodwill people have been by, and taken almost everything. The things that I told them not to take are in your new bedroom." Sue steered her child along the hall to the door of the newly-decorated room.

This was the moment of truth. Jimmy’s belongings were gone, and Kitty’s new life lay behind the door. All she had to do was accept it, and she’d be happy. Sue opened the door.

Jimmy stood in the doorway to what his mother had called his new room. With it’s pink décor, and lace adornments, not to mention the huge frilly canopy bed, it was very definitely a girl’s room. A single box containing some items he recognised from his old room sat on the floor next to the door, and an envelope lay on the bed. His mother gently guided him into the room.

The new carpet was thick and luxurious under his bare feet, and everything smelled clean and new, with just a hint of the fresh paint that he had smelled earlier. Now he understood what his mother’s redecoration had involved.

Sue crossed to the bed, and offered Kitty the envelope. Kitty took it, and shook out the contents. Inside were all the documents a girl of her age would have, made out in the name of Katherine Ann Larson. She stood there staring at what she held, and a single tear rolled down her face.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she whispered.

Sue’s heart could have broken. She gathered her daughter up in a tight embrace, tears falling down her own cheeks.

"Baby, I’m doing this because I love you, and I want you to be so happy!" Kitty hugged her back, openly sobbing. "It was all explained to me by the doctor – you’re really a girl, only with some of the physical attributes of a boy, and I’ve been treating you wrongly all this time because of it. He said the best thing I could do for you was to give you the life you should have been leading, and to completely forget about your old life. Jimmy doesn’t exist anymore, honey, it’s just Kitty and me now!"

"But mom!" Jimmy said pulling back from her embrace, "I’m not a girl, I’m a guy! I don’t feel like a girl, I don’t want to be one!"

"I know that’s how you feel right now, baby, but that’s the shock talking. The doctor knows these things better than either of us, and we’re going to have to follow his advice. He told me to give you a complete change, a completely new life, and that way you’ll accept it quicker. It’ll be hard for both of us to begin with, but we’ll get through this together. I know we will Kitty, because I love you so much!" Sue gathered her crying daughter back up in her arms, and they cried themselves out together.


Some time later, Sue pulled Kitty away from herself, and wiped both their eyes with a tissue.

"You’ll have to learn to keep some mascara with you at all times if you’re going to cry this much!" Sue said with a half smile. Jimmy tried to smile too, but couldn’t quite manage it. He loved his mother so much, especially since his dad died and she was all he had left. He knew that she wouldn’t be doing this unless she truly thought it was the best thing for him, but he had to get her to see that it wasn’t right.

"Mom, this isn’t me. I’m not called Kitty or Katherine, I’m Jimmy – James Larson, your son. Please don’t make me into something I’m not."

"That’s just it, baby – this is who you are. That’s why you’re not like the boys you used to compare yourself to, and that’s why I was worried about how you were developing. And to be frank with you, that’s why you did what you did on the doctor’s exam bench."

Jimmy blushed from head to toe, and looked away. He couldn’t argue against that, because he had cum from what the doctor had done to him, which he knew couldn’t be normal. So who was he to say there wasn’t something wrong with him? Maybe it was something he couldn’t see yet, but the doctor could? He had to speak to him.

"Mom, could I see the doctor again?"

"You’ve got another appointment with him in two weeks time, so he can see how you’re adjusting to your new life. But before then you’ll have a lot of work to do. The clothes you were wearing earlier were the only boy clothes you had left after the Goodwill people came. When you were in the shower I got rid of them too, so the only clothes you’ve got now are the ones in this room," Sue indicated the open closet doors. "I’m going to give you as much help as I possibly can to get you used to your new life, starting now. I’ve taken time off work, and we can spend all our time bringing you up to speed on what a young lady of your age should know. If you’re going to go out in public to see the doctor, we’ll have to start preparing for that now."

Jimmy panicked. He hadn’t thought of that, but his mother was right. Now that he had none of his old possessions, his only choice was to adapt to this new life as quickly as he could, otherwise he would be hiding at home, naked, and living in this ultra-feminine room for the rest of his days. If he wanted to see the doctor and plead his case, he’d have to accept this new life at least temporarily. He hung his head and nodded.

"Mom, could you at least still call me by my name?"

"But Jimmy isn’t your name anymore, sweetheart. Those document’s you’re holding show that you are legally Katherine Larson, my daughter," Sue explained. "And how strange do you think it will be if people see me with my daughter and I’m calling her Jimmy? You’re Kitty, named after your great-grandmother, and that’s what you need to get used to."

Kitty hung her head, and nodded submissively.

"Now, lets get you dressed, and we can go and finish our food. I’ll show you what you’ve got in your closets."

Sue lead the way to the open walk-in closets facing the bed.

"This one has all your skirts and dresses. Skirts hanging at the front, and dresses at the back, arranged in order of hem-line length, so that you can see your full selection at a glance. These little loops on each item of clothing are what you use to hang them from the hanger on the rail, so that they fall properly and don’t crease – I’m not going to let you get away with the kind of messy room you’ve had up until now, now that you’re a young lady," she said, not unkindly, "so you’ll have to remember to hang your clothes up when you’re not using them.

"I’ve not got you any long dresses or skirts as it’s summer, and I thought you could pick out your cold weather clothes when you’ve developed more of a taste for what you like. Also, if you’re planning to go to any formal dances, the best part is picking out the dress, so I’ll leave that choice up to you too!"

True to her word, all the skirts and dresses in the closet were short, sometimes with summer in mind, but others were just short period. Kitty thought to herself that any girl wearing such mini-skirts would turn heads, and she blanched at the thought of putting one on herself.

"In this other closet are the tops that need hanging up – some don’t, and I’ve put them away in your drawers over there. These are mainly your blouses and such."

The choice was again large, and Kitty noticed that many of the blouses and tops were figure-hugging, or fitted. She wondered how they would look on her less-than-curvy frame.

"Your shoes are on the racks in the bottom of each closet. I’ve tried to put more formal ones in with your skirts, and your sneakers and everyday shoes in here. You’ll have to learn what shoes look good with what clothes, but it’s something that not every girl your age knows, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ll help with that too."

In the rack were several pairs of brand new sneakers, including a couple of pairs that Kitty knew to be expensive. They were all definitely girls’ style, though. Alongside them were various pairs of ordinary slip-ons with low heels, and the black patent high-square-heeled buckle shoes popular among school-girls of his age. In the other closet he found black leather knee-boots, calf-boots, and ankle boots, alongside strappy sandals and court shoes in various colours and styles. All had what looked to Kitty to be wickedly high heels, beginning at around three inches, and raising to around five on one pair of boots.

"These drawers have your everyday clothes in – the ones that don’t need to be kept hanging up – T-shirts, jumpers, socks and the like." said Sue, as she showed Kitty the remaining storage spaces. "This one I’ve saved for last. When I was growing up this way always my favourite part of being a girl, and now I hope I can pass that pleasure on to you."

With that, Sue opened the three large drawers closest to Kitty’s bed. The top drawer contained a mixture of bras, basques, and camisoles, all in satin and lace, in every colour conceivable. Kitty was shocked. She had always considered underwear to be purely functional, but here was her mother delighting in showing her a range of underwear fit to grace the models in Playboy.

The second drawer had panties, thongs, and cami-knickers to match the items in the top drawer, in seductive satin and brief lace. Kitty could feel a stirring between her legs, and held her towel closer round herself to prevent her mother from seeing.

Sue opened the last drawer, and Kitty saw pair after pair of panty-hose and stockings – thigh-highs, over-knee socks, and full lace-toped affairs that required garter belts. These too were included, also matching the lingerie in the other drawers. Kitty hardly knew what to do with many of these items, never dreaming that she would get more than a fleeting glimpse of them for years to come yet. Mostly the hosiery were of various shades of black, with ivory, patterned white and cream too. Panty-hose in reds, browns, and various other shades were also present. Kitty could even make out a couple of pairs of fishnets, one normal, the other with the larger holes that she knew were popular among girls who went night-clubbing.

"There’s this too," said Sue, holding up the satin night-dress that had been laid on the bed. "I always sleep in something similar, but you can sleep in panties and a T-shirt until you get used to things if you’d like. There’s a couple more like it hanging up in your closet, but different colours."

Kitty sat on the bed, and tentatively reached out to touch the soft cool lingerie. Sue crossed to the vanity, and showed Kitty the make-up and jewellery she had bought for her.

"I’ll show you how to do your make-up later – girls of your age don’t wear much if they don’t want to appear trampy, but sometimes they use it to make themselves look older, for a date or something like that. You’ve got a nice selection of jewellery too. I’d particularly like you to wear this."

Sue carried a gold chain over to where Kitty sat on her bed, and clasped it behind her daughter’s neck. Kitty looked down, and saw a small heart-shaped pendant. When she turned it over, she saw an inscription on the back, which said ‘From Mom, with all my love forever xxx’.

"It’s nice," whispered Kitty, as another hot tear rolled down her cheek.

Sue’s heart welled up. That was the first sign that Kitty had shown that she wasn’t about to run screaming from the house. Maybe she’ll be ok after all, Sue wondered to herself.

"I can see that you’re not comfortable in that towel, so lets get you dressed," said Sue, and Kitty immediately blushed, covering the bulge in the towel over her groin with her hands. "It’s okay, honey, this change will give both of us an opportunity to have a more grown-up relationship. Whereas before I had a young son, now I’ve got a teenage daughter, and I’ll treat you like the young lady you are. I don’t mind discussing sex with you as your growing up is something we’re both going to have to get used to, so it’s okay for me to know you’re turned on by your sexy lingerie. I know mine turns me on!" Kitty’s tears were replaced by intense embarrassment, and her face turned more crimson that it already was.

"Having said that, would you like to pick your own clothes, or shall I help? When I was your age I’d have really liked someone to tell me what looked hot and what didn’t, but I’m willing to take a back seat if you want me to." When Kitty wasn’t immediately forthcoming with an answer, Sue busied herself making some selections. On the bed she laid out three outfits that she thought Kitty would suit to begin with. It would also give Sue an idea of what tastes in clothes her daughter naturally had.

Firstly, Sue teamed a baby pink tight-fit T-shirt with a denim mini-skirt and pink ankle socks. She thought of this as Kitty’s ‘little-girl’ combination. For the second outfit, she matched a short light blue summer dress with thin shoulder straps, to a pair of sheer white panty-hose, and mentally dubbed this a ‘preppy’ outfit. For the third combination, she chose a tight black belly-top, with a pleated short white tennis-skirt, and a pair of tube socks, which she thought of as ‘Sporty-Kitty’. She also chose a pair of white Nike sneakers that would go with all three outfits. A white padded bra and matching panties completed the selections.

Kitty sat and looked at the chosen clothes, seeing how well and how easily her mother had put the combinations together. She still wasn’t convinced that she wanted to take this step, the first on what she might come to think of as a slippery slope, but she also knew that the clothes in this room were the only ones available to her – without brothers to borrow from, and with all of her father’s old clothes long gone, only the clothes in this new wardrobe or the clothes in her mother’s closet were in the house, and she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere else without them.

Kitty accepted her rationalisation of the situation, and thought about the choices before her. She rejected the pink outfit, seeing it as being far too ‘girly’. Similarly she rejected the sports clothes, seeing them as more what a girl would wear for phys ed, rather than for wearing round the house. She slowly pointed to the preppy outfit.

"Those," she whispered, and her mother smiled. That was the outfit that she had hoped Kitty would choose. The fact that Kitty had chosen the more grown-up and sexy outfit of the three, gave Sue immense confidence in her daughter.

"Okay, then. Bra and panties on first, then panty-hose. It’s important to remember that panties go under panty-hose, but over a garter belt – otherwise you’ll have to undo your stockings every time you need to use the bathroom." Kitty nodded absently. This was the moment. Her mother was obviously intending to help her dress, so she stood, and let the towel drop from her body.

Sue drew in her breath. This was the first time she had seen Kitty’s penis when it was erect, and while she acknowledged that it was definitely on the small side, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for the girl that she had a working cock that she probably wouldn’t get to use, instead of the pussy that she should have had, and which could have brought her so much pleasure.

Then a thought struck her. Kitty’s body had a covering of fair hair, thickening slightly around her nipples and under her arms. More importantly, she had a covering on her legs, and Sue could remember that she had started removing her leg-hair at about Kitty’s age.

"Wait a minute, honey. We’re going to have to do something about your hair before you get dressed." Kitty touched her head and frowned, not understanding what her mother meant.

"Not there, silly!" said Sue, laughing properly for the first time that day. "Your body hair. It’ll snag on your hosiery. Come with me."

She led the unresisting youngster to her own en-suite bathroom, and brought out her hair-removal cream from her cabinet.

"This is the stuff I use on my legs and under-arms. It’s so much less painful than shaving or waxing, but it doesn’t give as close a finish, so you’ll need to use it that much more often. I’ll get you your own supply. I have to admit that I forgot when I went shopping for your things."

Over the next half-hour Sue showed Kitty how to apply the cream to her body, smoothing it over evenly, then waiting until the foul-smelling substance had done it’s work. They then sponged it off, eventually leaving Kitty pink and hairless, save for a small patch of fine red pubic hair.

"Some girls like to remove that too, but I think it’s okay as it is – your bikini-line is certainly done," remarked Sue. Kitty didn’t see the need for removing all her hair, but she had to admit to herself that the cool smoothness of her denuded body felt amazing. They had used the cream on the rest of her privates too, so that hair on her head, and the tuft above her now flacid cock were all that remained.

"You might find that you’ll need to do your face occasionally too, but I’m hoping that that won’t be a problem soon," Sue added. Kitty, who was still revelling in the feelings of her smooth skin, hardly heard her mother speak.

They made their way back to Kitty’s bedroom, after she had received her third shower of the day and dried herself off, and Sue helped her put on her first bra.

"It’s best for these rear-fastening ones if you put them on backwards, so that the catch is on the front, then twist them round your body before putting your arms through. You try."

Kitty did as she was instructed, and she got the hang of it immediately. The fit was perfect, and the pads in the cups brought her chest out to almost a B-cup. Next came her panties, a plain pair in matching white satin. Kitty was again amazed at the feeling of the cool satin on her naked hairless skin around her privates, and her cock began to bulge again. Sue noticed, and smiled to herself. In just panties and a bra, with her collar-length red hair wet and hanging loose, Kitty looked her age. Sue was surprised at how passable she already looked, and predicted that with a bit of help Kitty could easily pass for a diminutive fifteen or sixteen-year-old. Sue found herself being a touch envious.

"You’ll want to tuck that between your legs more," remarked Sue, pointing to Kitty’s bulge. Kitty blushed again. "When you sit you’ll need to be able to cross your legs like a lady, and with that between them you’ll have difficulty. If you stand with your legs together, and your cock and balls trapped between your legs so that nothing shows from the front, that’s how you should get used to being." Sue helped Kitty achieve the correct posture, and she could feel the bulge beginning to subside. "It’ll help stop you from getting hard, and will keep everything out of the way, and your panties looking streamlined. When you walk, keep the tops of you thighs together and nothing will fall out of place. That’ll also get you used to walking like a girl, as it’ll add swing to you hips. You can practice later."

Sue next showed Kitty the best way to pull up a pair of panty-hose, rolling each leg up, and slipping the foot in, before unrolling the hosiery up the leg to the knee, repeating the action for the other foot, then rolling both legs up to the top. Stockings, Sue explained, were done in the same manner, but one leg at a time, and would either grip the thigh in the case of hold-ups, or would have to be attached to a garter belt. The white panty-hose Kitty had put on were sheer, and she noticed they added a sexy shine to her smooth legs.

Kitty pulled her dress down over her head (with Sue reminding her that some dresses were meant to be stepped into and zippered up), and fitted it down over her body. The hem-line fell at mid-thigh, leaving a nice amount of shiny white-encased leg showing below it. The dress itself was thin cotton, and showed the outlines of Kitty’s underwear. It was a perfect fit, pulling in slightly at Kitty’s undeveloped waist, flaring out around the skirt. Kitty slipped on the Nikes to complete the outfit, feeling how strange it was to have the silky panty-hose between her feet and the cushioned sneakers.

Sue motioned for Kitty to join her at the vanity, and seated her daughter before the mirror.

"You have gorgeous hair already, but I’m going to show you how to get the best from it. While it’s still wet, spray a little of this styling gel on, and use this heated brush to comb it through, flicking the end out as you go." Kitty followed her instructions, and her hair soon dried. Normally Kitty’s hair fell straight, and she tucked it behind her ears. Now, it shone, and an outward curl had been added at the end. Her mother helped her to achieve a razor-sharp centre-parting.

"These little clips are called barrettes," explained Sue, "and they help keep your hair held back." She showed Kitty the blue accessories, and helped her fit them just above her ears, so that her hair was swept back behind them and wouldn’t fall in front of her face. "With your ears showing like that you’ll need some decoration on them too. Here," she said, choosing a pair of small gold clip-on earrings from the jewellery collection, "these will match your necklace."

Kitty looked in the mirror, and was taken aback. Facing her was a beautiful young woman, with shining red hair.

"You look good," commented her mother, "but you can look better. Let me just give you some make-up, not too much, and you’ll be done."

Kitty thought that the girl in the mirror looked fantastic as she was, but her mother showed her how to apply mascara to her eyelashes, some cool blue eye-shadow to her lids, a hint of blush to her cheeks, and a light coat of cherry-coloured gloss to her lips, which she made Kitty smudge together until she was satisfied. For Sue, it was like playing dress-up as a kid, but for Kitty it was the most amazing transformation she had ever seen.

The girl in the mirror now looked about fifteen, maybe sixteen at a push. The make-up, while understated, seemed to accentuate Kitty’s naturally creamy skin, and made her blushing cheeks look healthy, even coquettish.

"Mom…" was all Kitty could manage.

"I know, honey. You’re beautiful!"

Kitty looked at herself. Could the doctor have been right? Could she really have been meant to be a girl? Her high cheekbones, slightly up-turned nose, and pouty lips seemed made for this girlish look, and her body seemed to fit so naturally and so comfortably into these sexy clothes. Without realising it, when she had taken a seat on the chair she had crossed her slender legs, not by resting one ankle on her knee as a boy might, but by crossing at the thighs and letting one leg drape in front of the other. Her mother had noticed, however, and knew that her daughter was a natural.

All Sue’s doubts about the doctor’s diagnosis vanished as she led Kitty over to stand before the full-length mirror in the corner of her room. The girl stood around five feet two in her stockinged feet, five feet three in her sneakers. Her legs were naturally long and slender, accentuated by the sexy hosiery and the shortness of her summer dress. The dress itself fit her petite torso like a glove, the B-cup bra provided a pleasant bulge on her chest. Her neck was slender, and the gold chain looked perfect hung around it. Kitty’s face was a picture of youthful beauty, framed by her gorgeous red hair.

Kitty looked on in wonderment, while Sue sighed – it wasn’t given to many girls to be this beautiful, and she wondered how Kitty would take to it.


Later, at the dinner table, as the two ate the remains of their picnic, Sue remarked: "I think we’ll have to get you some magazines. They’re invaluable on giving girls tips on hair styles and make-up. And boys too." Sue watched Kitty’s reaction closely.

Kitty heard her mother’s remark, and coughed out the mouthful of salad she had been eating.

"Mom! I’m not interested in guys! I like girls!"

"Young lady, you are a girl! Unless you’re telling me that you’re gay, then you should be interested in boys," Sue replied sternly. This was something that Dr Roberts had impressed on her strongly – Kitty should be made to feel that her natural urges toward boys would be actively encouraged, while any mention of being attracted to girls should be dealt with accordingly. Only by showing her a firm example, he had explained, could Kitty learn that her natural feelings are the right ones, and what she had been taught to feel about girls during her time as a boy was a thing of the past.

Kitty was taken aback. Dressing as a girl was one thing, but being attracted to boys!?! If only she hadn’t cum in front of the doctor, none of this would be happening to her!

"Are you gay, Katherine?" asked her mother, sharply.

"No, mom," Kitty replied, feeling trapped, "but…"

"But nothing. End of story."

They both fell silent. Sue hated herself for having to be so firm with Kitty after she had shown so much promise that day. Kitty herself felt more confused than ever, but hoped that all of this would be cleared-up at her next doctor’s appointment.

After some time without either of them speaking, Sue continued: "So, we’ll go to the store after this food, and we can pick out some magazines for you." Kitty didn’t have the heart to argue, and silently nodded her head in agreement.


The fact that she’d agreed to go to the store dressed as a girl only really sank-in when her mother told Kitty to get her denim jacket and clutch-purse from her closet, as they would match her outfit nicely. After all, as Jimmy she’d been to the store many times, and it had slipped her mind that something would be different this time.

"Mom! I can’t go out of the house dressed like this! No-one’s going to believe I’m a girl!"

"Kitty, I’ve had just about enough of your back-talk. You’re not too old to be put over my knee, young lady!"

Kitty was horrified: "But… you haven’t done that in years…"

"Naughty young ladies need some encouragement now and then, and I think a warmed bottom might provide that. Unless you want to stop arguing and go fetch your jacket?"

Kitty accepted defeat, and did as she was told. She had never had much of an inclination toward winning fights, verbal or physical, and added to that she had been feeling strangely weak ever since the visit to the doctor’s office. She had no illusions that her mother probably could put her over her knee anytime she felt like it.

Standing before the mirror in her bedroom she had to admit that her mother was right – the jacket did go very well with the sexy little outfit she was wearing, and that as Jimmy she would have considered any girl dressed like she was a real ‘looker’. Maybe she could pull this off, if she kept her head down, and avoided speaking.

Kitty joined her smiling mother in their car, and they set-off for the store.

* * *

The local Stop’n’Shop doubled as a hang-out for the mid-teens of the town, those still not old enough to have their fake I.D.s believed, but too old to be stuck at home every night.

When Sue had parked their car, she turned to Kitty and said: "When young ladies get in and out of cars they have to remember to keep their legs together if they want to avoid people seeing their panties. You didn’t do too badly getting in, but in future sit in sideways and swing both your legs in together. It’s the same for getting out – put both feet on the floor and step out. That’ll help keep a certain something from falling out of it’s ‘nest’, as in public is the last place you want that bulge showing!"

Kitty blushed, and nodded quickly in understanding. She was terrified, but more determined to stick close to her mother than she was in arguing that she should stay in the car. She doubted that her mother would have let her anyway, but she also didn’t like the idea of being there alone and unprotected.

The pair got out of their car, Kitty desperately trying to remember everything her mother had told her about how to move and act, and crossed the parking lot to the store. Gathered outside were a group of teenagers, four guys and two girls, all aged around fifteen. As Kitty and Sue neared, Kitty’s terror deepened, as she noticed two of the guys turn to stare at her.

"It’s okay, honey," she heard her mother whisper, "they’re just checking out the new babe in town. They don’t suspect anything."

Kitty could see from the looks in their eyes that what her mother had said was probably true. She concentrated hard on all her lessons so far – keeping her thighs together, taking smaller steps than she was used to, tucking her elbows in – and she added keeping her eyes downcast, and avoiding their hungry gazes.

One of the girls noticed that all four guys were now openly checking Kitty out, and she cuffed one of them, obviously her boyfriend, on the shoulder. Kitty noticed that she added an evil glance in her direction too. The group returned to their conversation, though Kitty caught a whisper from one of the guys to another to the effect that he’d like to "fuck that sexy little cock-tease ‘til she squeals". Kitty bit her lip, and walked on.

Inside the store was bright and busy, but Kitty’s anxiety had lessened. She had been more worried about the teens outside than the adults making their purchases, and now that that danger had passed, she breathed a inward sigh of relief. Sue guided her over to the magazine rack, and began discussion the relative virtues of each one on display.

"This one has a lot of sex advice and articles about boys, while this one focuses more on fashion. Here’s a specialist hair one, which I think you should get," said Sue, handing each magazine to Kitty in turn, "as it’ll give you more ideas on how to style your hair for different occasions. Boys might only have two hairstyles – tidy and not – but girls change their hair more often than their nail polish colour, and you’ll have to learn how to do that yourself. Speaking of which, here’s one with an article on choosing the right nail colours…"

This went on for some time, and in the end Sue had chosen eight magazines that she thought Kitty should read.

"Now, here’s some cash – you just go over to the clerk and pay for these, while I pick some things out that I need." Kitty went white with fear.

"Mom! I can’t!" she whispered. "He’ll notice something’s not right!"

"Kitty, I know you heard what those guys outside were saying about you, and you passed within three feet of them without them noticing anything. Even the girls were fooled! Don’t you think that if you can manage to fool girls near to your own age, you can fool a middle-aged store clerk?" Kitty had to admit that this was true, and that her mother would continue this shopping trip until Kitty had done as she was told, so reluctantly she approached the clerk.

The transaction went without hitch, with Kitty keeping her eyes down and her mouth closed, not even returning the clerk’s cheery "Have a nice day, miss!". As she turned around to find her mother, she discovered that she was nowhere to be seen.

"I think your mom went back to your car, miss," said the clerk who had served her, as he eyed the young girls pert rear. Kitty turned and looked out of the window, and sure enough there was her mother sitting waiting for her in their car.

"Thanks," mumbled Kitty, and walked to the door. As she reached it, however, one of the guys who had checked her out on her way in to the store, the very one who had made the lewd comment to his friend, deliberately walked into Kitty as she was about to leave the store, scattering her magazines everywhere.

"Hey, I’m sorry!" he said without much sincerity, as they both bent to gather them up. Instead of handing the magazines back to Kitty, he began to read out-loud the cover-story titles on the four he had picked up. Kitty could see his friends laughing outside, and she blushed crimson.

" ‘Sex tips to keep your guy’… ‘I was pregnant at 12’… ‘Plan the perfect necking session’… Is that what you girls think about all the time; sex?"

Kitty reached out to grab the magazines from him. He pulled them back out of her reach.

"Ah, ah! Naughty! You’ll have to earn these. We’ll start with your name…"

Kitty stared at him. She had planned to get through this trip uneventfully, but her mother obviously had different plans for her – why else would she have left her alone in the store? Her anger at this boy’s actions made her hope she could brazen this out.

"Kitty," she replied, through gritted teeth. "Those are mine."

"Well, that’s one that you’ve earned," he said, handing her the top magazine in his bundle. "Three to go. Where do you live, Kitty?"

"Pine Reach." Another magazine was passed over.

"See, this isn’t too hard. Are you a virgin, Kitty?"

She knew that she could either run from the store in shame, or she could continue this boy’s game. After a moment or two she answered: "Yes."

"Final question. Do you want to stay a virgin?" His friends had been listening in, and they renewed their laughter. Kitty could feel tears pricking hotly behind her eyelids. She had one magazine left to get, and she would prefer to leave without having to run across the parking lot. A good answer was the only way out.

"If the choice is that or fucking guys like you, I’ll take being cherry any day!" She grabbed the remaining magazine from the shocked boy’s unresisting hand, and marched past him out of the store. As she passed his friends, she heard one of the girls say: "You go girl! Give as good as you get!"

Kitty made it to the safety of her mother’s car before bursting into tears.


Back at home, Sue cradled the still tearful Kitty in her arms.

"You did so well, my baby, I just knew you would!"

"How could you leave me, mom!?"

"I could see how close you were sticking to me – I had to let you know that you can survive perfectly well on your own as a girl. It’ll come naturally to you. And from their reaction I could tell that they were impressed. None of them suspected a thing, I can promise you that! I was so proud to see you sticking up for yourself!"

Kitty consoled herself with that thought, and eventually her tears dried-up.

"Well, seeing as how you went to so much trouble for these magazines, you may as well read them. I’ll test you tomorrow on their content, so pay attention."

For the rest of the evening, Kitty read the articles in her magazines, immersing herself in the world of teen fashion and boy-chasing. Her mind kept straying back to the incident at the store, and gradually she warmed to the fact that she had stood up to a guy and won, something she would have had a hard time doing even as Jimmy, and even though it was her fear of her secret being discovered that had fuelled her bravery. Maybe, she thought, just maybe she could pull this off, at least until she saw the doctor again and everything was straightened out.


Unknown to Kitty, Sue had already been in contact with the doctor, telephoning him at his home number to report on Kitty’s progress.

"Katherine is a wonderful name, Mrs. Larson. And I think having Kitty as a pet name will make your daughter feel just that bit more feminine – I can’t praise you highly enough! Now, tell me about her first day."

"Well, she’s showing signs of good taste in clothes, and she looks just wonderful made-up. I can’t believe how we could have missed the fact that she was born to be a girl!"

"Don’t go blaming yourself for anything, Sue. When babies are born they all look pretty much the same – there was no way of knowing that her penis was giving a misleading indication of her gender. You did what you thought was best, just as you’re doing now." Sue felt calmed by hearing his words. "Now, have you encouraged her regarding boys?"

"Oh yes, doctor. I had to reprimand her earlier when she expressed an interest in girls, but I think that shouldn’t be a problem. There was one boy who took a shine to her when we were out at the store today, so I gave him our address and told him to come by on Friday night for a date with her. I remembered what you said about having to force this issue harder than the others if she’s to adjust completely, and I think he is just what she needs."

"Excellent! Sue, you’ve done wonders in just one day," said a very pleased Dr Roberts. "Her hormones should be taking effect at some point over the next twelve hours, so I’d expect her to make even better progress tomorrow. Over the next three days between now and her first date you should notice a dramatic change in your little girl. As long as you remember to keep her lessons reinforced through strict discipline I’m sure this whole process can be completed in record time. I sincerely look forward to seeing her in two weeks."

Sue ended the conversation on a high. She had done everything that could be expected of her, and the doctor was pleased. Kitty was going to be just fine.

* * *

Kitty had finished her studying of the magazines not long before midnight, and after showing her how to remove her make-up and apply moisturiser to her skin, her mother had sent her to bed. She’d be able to have a final cram session in the morning, but for now her mother wanted the magazines to write the test questions from.

Kitty discarded her sneakers, pulled off her mini-dress, and rolled her panty-hose off her legs. Reaching behind her she managed to unclasp and remove her bra, and finally her panties joined the pile of clothes on her chair. She stood naked, looking at the night-dress lying on her bed. Her mother expected her to wear it, but had trusted Kitty to be able to get herself ready for bed.

With a sigh, Kitty picked it up, feeling again the lightness of the cool satin. She wriggled it down over her head, and marvelled at the feeling of the smooth material on her hairless skin. Gooseflesh rose on her skin, and as she smoothed the dress over her slim frame, she felt a stirring in the now unfettered area between her legs.

She slipped quickly under the bed clothes, and turned off her bedside light. Her cock was now almost at full erection, and her hands slid down her satin-covered frame to her crotch almost without her noticing. Cupping her testicles in her left hand, Kitty began to gently tug at the shaft of her cock with her right hand, her eyes closed, and small moans escaping from her perfect rosebud lips.

Now that she was alone, she could not deny that she felt so aroused to be wrapped in this feminine luxury, and even admitted to herself that the feeling of her sheer panty-hose on her newly smooth legs, and the way her dress had swished around her thighs as she walked, gave her a knot of sexual tension in her stomach like she had never felt before.

Part of her hated herself for being so weak in the doctor’s office, and for feeling turned on in this situation, but another part of her, one she had never felt before, made her realise that she loved being made to wear these clothes, and being forced to be a girl, and it was that part of her that was guiding the hand around her stiff young shaft, pumping herself toward an orgasm.

It was that new part of her that pushed away the bedclothes and raised up her night-dress to her chest, tracing a finger on her left hand down past her balls, and between her drawn-up spread legs to the pucker of her anus, and which massaged, and probed, and pushed against her forbidden opening, until the end popped past the tight muscle, and sank into the hot dark depths.

It was that part of her that caused her to utter a low drawn-out moan at that precise moment, and to spray her taut belly with hot cum, spewing wildly from the cock in her still-pumping hand in response to the spasms of her shaft and the thrusting of her slender hips against her invading finger…

As Kitty’s young body relaxed back down, the force of her orgasm quickly caused her to slip away into a deep contented sleep, her sticky fluid still cooling on her belly. She did not hear her mother’s receding footsteps in the hall outside, just as she had not heard her arrival outside her bedroom door moments earlier, or the quiet gasp as Sue spied her young daughter through the crack in the slightly open door furiously masturbating in her bed, rubbing her erect shaft, and probing her anus deeply with a finger.

Sue moved quietly away to her own bedroom, and silently closed the door. She was heated with her own desire to pleasure herself, finding her daughter’s enjoyment of her own body highly and disturbingly arousing.

Sue quickly stripped off her own clothes, in need of the same release as her daughter. Reaching into one of her bedside drawers, she extracted a slim gold vibrator, and a tube of lubricant. Smearing a small amount of the clear gel on the shiny surface of the sex toy, she set the speed to medium, and tentatively applied to her clitoral hood.

Sue gasped, and her hips bucked. She had not realised that she was as worked up as she evidently was. Turning the vibrator down to a more manageable setting, she teased the opening of her pussy, running the tip of the buzzing toy along the folds of her tender lips. She could feel the slickness of her own juices freely oozing from deep inside her cunt, and she took a deep breath before sliding the gold shaft high inside her.

Her own groan of pleasure was more vocal than her daughters’, but with the same cause. The insistent buzzing of her slim toy, and the frantic rubbing of her clit with her free hand, sent Sue over the edge with amazing speed. Her own hips bucked and bucked, her eyes screwed shut and her teeth clenched tightly, and she whimpered and groaned her way through a terrifying orgasm.

Nothing she had experienced since her husband’s death had even come close to what she felt now, and she hunched her hips repeatedly to draw-out the feeling. On and on it went, her pussy spasming wildly around the metallic invader, her clit a centre of fire above it. Her free hand moved to her breasts, mashing them, and roughly mauling her own nipples.

Finally, her back arched, and she cried out a final strangled "YES!!!", then collapsed back onto her bed in exhaustion.

* * *

Sue woke the next morning to find herself still naked on top of her bedclothes. Like Kitty, she had experienced an unexpectedly powerful orgasm, and had drifted off into unconsciousness soon after.

She rose, and stretched the stiffness from her body. Looking at herself in the mirrored doors of her closet, Sue again felt the pang of envy for her young daughter’s beauty. At thirty-five Sue was far from getting old, and new that she was still attractive. Her blonde hair fell freely almost to the small of her back, and her waist retained the narrowness it had in her youth. Her breasts were on the small side, but not looking disproportionate on her petite frame, and were still firm. Her hips flared out a little more than she would have liked, and she constantly criticised the size of her thighs, but deep down she knew they were not bad at all.

Her face was even and her blue eyes were clear. Kitty had inherited her mother’s eyes, but her father’s hair and skin tone, so that where Sue was tanned, Kitty would always remain pale. Sue preferred the term ‘creamy-skinned’.

Entering her en-suite bathroom for a shower, Sue began her day.


Kitty woke early to the sound of birdsong in the tree outside her window. Given that this was a new bedroom for her, she was not used to the way the sun streamed in through the curtains, and the fact that a tree full of birds sat right outside. Glancing at her alarm-clock, she saw that it was barely eight in the morning, and she considered laying in bed until forced to rise.

Looking down, she noticed that her night-dress was stuck to her belly in several places, and she cursed under her breath, remembering cumming on herself the night before. Peeling the green satin away from her skin, she noticed that the cum had soaked little patches through it – it would definitely need washing.

Kitty rose from her bed, and pulled the night-dress up over her head. At something of a loss regarding what to wear, Kitty was in the act of putting the bra and panties she had worn yesterday back on, when there came a knock on her door. Her mother walked in, and frowned at Kitty

"What do you think you’re doing, young lady?!"

"I’m… getting dressed…" replied the confused girl.

"Not in the same underclothes as yesterday you’re not – they go straight in the laundry hamper. And look at that dress! Didn’t I tell you to hang your clothes up?" Sue sat on the edge of Kitty’s bed, and patted her lap. "Come here."

Kitty stood for a second in shock, then walked to her mother. Sue took hold of Kitty’s arm, and pulled her down over her lap, yanking down her panties past her knees.

"I did warn you what would happen, Kitty," said Sue, smoothing her hand over her daughter’s exposed butt cheeks, "so you only have yourself to blame for this. Count off every stroke, and thank me after each one."

The first smack came down hard on Kitty’s left ass cheek. She yelped with pain and surprise, not having believed until that moment that Sue would carry through her threat. When she failed to count off the stroke, Sue slapped her other ass cheek just as hard.

"You’ll get ten strokes from the time you start counting, so anytime you’re ready…" Kitty’s mother said, punctuating her words with onother slap, this time aimed at Kitty’s upper thigh.

Kitty squealed again, and sobbed "One…thank you…," and the spanking began in earnest.

In total sue delivered fifteen stinging slaps to Kitty’s unprotected backside, the young girl gaining the extra blows for failing to count off the strokes in time. Her ass and upper thighs were on fire, and her skin burned red under Sue’s now gently stroking fingers.

"I hope that will teach you to pay more attention to what I tell you. I can’t afford to let you get lax in the way you conduct yourself, and you need something to remind you to keep focused if you’re to make this change successfully."

Kitty sniffed back the last off her tears, and nodded submissively as she was allowed to stand straight again.

"Now, choose something from your underwear drawer, and we’ll pick you an outfit."

Kitty opened her bra drawer, and after some thought selected a black lace one. A quick search of her panty draw produced a thong that matched.

"Ooo! They’ll look good with some stockings," said Sue, and she brought out a pair of black thigh-highs from Kitty’s hosiery drawer. "We’ll build your outfit around this. We’re going to do some more shopping today, this time at the mall, and I want you to look your best."

Kitty paled again, but decided not to risk another painful spanking by arguing. Together they searched through her closets, and eventually chose a black form-fitting dress and leather knee boots. The hem-line of the dress, while being quite short, was still low enough to prevent Kitty’s stocking tops from peeking out.

"Get yourself a shower, and I’ll make breakfast. I’ll help you with your hair and things afterwards. Then it’ll be test time!" And with that Sue left Kitty alone.


Kitty showered, marvelling again at the fresh smoothness of her young body. Drying herself was so much easier than when her body had possessed even just a fine layer of hair, and in no time she was back in her room, dressing herself.

This was her first time with hold-up thigh-highs, and the latex band inside the stocking top felt odd as it gripped the flesh of her thigh. When they were in place, however, she had to admit that they made her legs look very special – Kitty wondered to herself why girls didn’t wear this kind of thing all the time.

The lace of her thong and bra felt very different to the cool satin of yesterday’s underwear, but not altogether unpleasant. It also showed Kitty’s pale skin through the black material, sexily matching the sheer black stockings.

As Kitty fastened the tight bra around her body, and adjusted the padding in the cups appropriately, she noticed a slight soreness and swelling in her nipples. Was it her imagination, or had her aureoles grown? Her nipples were certainly standing out more.

"Mom?" she called.

"Yes, honey?"

"Could you come and have a look at something please?"

"Sure baby," replied her mother, as she made her way upstairs. "What’s up?" she asked as she entered Kitty’s room.

"Look at my nipples," said a worried Kitty, indicating to her mother what she meant.

"Ah, I think my daughter’s developing into a woman. Those, my dear, are the beginnings of your breasts," observed Sue, and she hugged Kitty to her.

"My breasts? But how?"

"You’re a girl, as Dr. Roberts and I have been trying to tell you. Girls grow breasts when they get to your age – it’s just nature. Perhaps this will help dispel some of those doubts I know you’ve been having." As she spoke, Sue stroked her daughter’s soft red hair tenderly.

"But…," began Kitty, then stopped. Maybe her mother was right, and so was the doctor. She couldn’t deny that girls of his age had budding breasts, and that her own nipples showed signs of change. Could this really be a sign that what they had been telling her is true?

"Fishing up getting dressed, hon. You look great, by the way!"

"Thanks mom," replied Kitty, blushing.

"It’s okay. Breakfast in ten minutes."

Kitty returned to getting dressed, as her mother left the room. The dress that had been chosen for her was one she had to step into, and she found zipping it up at the rear difficult. Using the same tactic as with her bras, Kitty slid the dress around her body, and zipped it at the side, then rearranged it before putting her arms through the thin straps. The black material of the dress was slightly stretchy, and given it’s tightness it moulded itself to Kitty’s young form as if it had been painted on. She was glad that the material was also thick enough to hide the lines her underwear made on her body, as otherwise it would have been no secret what she was wearing underneath. The satiny lining of the dress rubbed wonderfully on her bare ass cheeks, cooling further the fire that her mother had put there, and Kitty decided that thong panties were definitely for her.

Slipping her feet into the leather boots, Kitty zipped them up, and took her first steps in high-heels. The heels were only around three inches she guessed, but never having worn anything of that height before it felt like she was walking on stilts. Her feet arched uncomfortably, and her weight was pressed unnaturally onto the balls of her feet. Gradually she adjusted to this feeling, and noticed with slight satisfaction that the shape of her legs had changed considerably, into a much more slender and sexier form than before. As good as she had thought her legs looked yesterday, she had to admit to herself that they looked fabulous now.

The black leather boots had a pointed toe, and a stiletto-heel, and Kitty thought it best to practise walking around her room, until she felt reasonably sure that she wouldn’t fall and break a bone when she had to step out in public. Remembering to keep the tops of her thighs together, Kitty found she could manage quite well in the boots, provided no-one was going to ask her to run anywhere, but on looking in the mirror over her shoulder she became quite alarmed at the sexy swing of her ass that the walk and the boots brought out. Her cock, confined as it was in her tight thong, ached to come to erection, and Kitty was stunned by the arousing sight.

She was broken from her shocked pause by her mother’s voice calling her down for breakfast. Hurriedly fastening her chain around her neck, Kitty left her room, successfully negotiated the stairs – something she had not been sure she could do in her new boots – and presented herself to her mother.

"Wow!" was all her mother could say, as Kitty entered the kitchen. Kitty gave a half smile at the compliment, still unsure of herself, but acknowledging that she looked hot in this outfit.

"I’ll just brush your hair through a couple of times before it fully dries – you don’t need to style it today," said Sue, sitting Kitty down at the table. As Kitty ate her cereal, her mother tenderly combed her hair through, noticing how much fuller and shinier it looked. Maybe that was the hormones too, she thought to herself. Sue fixed Kitty’s hair behind her ears with a couple of hair grips, noticing with satisfaction how naturally Kitty now sat, making sure that her skirt covered her stocking tops and that her legs were kept together, then she joined her daughter at the table.

When they had finished, Sue showed Kitty through into the main room.

"Here’s your test paper – I’ve hidden the magazines, so you can’t peek at the answers. You’ve got an hour to finish it, while I wash the breakfast things and do some chores. I ought to warn you that you’ll receive a forfeit for every question you get wrong. Good luck!"

Kitty was left to it. She looked through the questions, knowing full well that she had never had much luck with written tests before, and saw with a growing unease that some of the questions were beyond her knowledge. With a heavy heart she began.

An hour later she was on the second to last question when her mother re-entered the room.

"I hope you’ve done as well as you can, because that’s all the time you get. Hand over your paper." Kitty reluctantly complied. She knew she had answered some questions correctly, but some had baffled her, and she hadn’t even had time to finish. She wondered what kind of forfeits her mother had in mind.

Sue sat in silence while she flicked through Kitty’s answers. Unknown to her daughter, Sue had made the test as hard as she could without making it impossible for Kitty to do – her intention was both to test the boundaries of her daughter’s knowledge, and to force her into accumulating forfeits, which to Sue’s mind were a far better system of keeping discipline than administering frequent spankings.

Despite what Dr. Roberts had instructed her to do, Sue did not enjoy inflicting actual pain on Kitty, and preferred to keep that for only when it was necessary. This morning’s spanking, for what had really been a very minor infraction, was mostly to give Kitty something to remember, and to dread when threatened with it. If Sue could arrange things so that Kitty’s own actions accumulated forfeits, which could be replaced by spankings should Kitty fail to complete the forfeit as instructed, then Sue would hopefully never have to resort to corporal punishment again.

"I’m not impressed, Kitty," said Sue, looking up from the paper. "You answered ‘What colours of eye-shadow look best with blonde hair?’ with ‘golds and browns’. The answer is blues or greens, depending on eye colour."

Kitty’s heart sank further. That was one of the questions that she had thought she had answered correctly – if she was wrong about that, what would she be right about?

" ‘What foods should be avoided before a make-out session?’ should have been garlic and onions. ‘Lip-gloss is used for…,’ adding shine over lip-stick. And ‘What is the most reliable form of contraception?’ is not ‘abstinence’, as no-one really expects a girl not to put-out for the guy she likes once in a while – I was looking for a responsible answer, not a pedantic one." Kitty was now afraid. "You look to have answered thirty-seven out of fifty correctly, so that’s thirteen forfeits. You can exchange any of those forfeits for a spanking like you had this morning, or you can follow my instructions for each one fully. If you don’t do the forfeit properly, you get the spanking anyway. Understand?"

"Yes, ma’am." Kitty was heart-broken. Everything had been going so well. She was so confused about what was happening to her, and her mother had been really good for the most part. But these spankings and forfeits were unfair. Couldn’t her mother see that she was having a hard enough time of things already? She began to cry.

Her mother sat next to her, and hugger her daughter close. "Hush, baby," she cooed, "it’s not that bad. You can’t expect a mother not to want to keep discipline for her child, and the better you work at this the less forfeits you’ll get. I promise that they won’t be too bad, honest." Sue stroked Kitty’s head as she cradled her to her breast, until the young girl stopped crying.

"I tried my best, mom, I really did!" protested Kitty, as she sniffed back her tears.

"I know, honey," said Sue, gently. "I’ll tell you what – as you’ve done such a good job getting ready this morning, and with the effort you’ve obviously gone to with those boots, so I’ll take off three forfeits. Consider them paid." Kitty smiled shyly. Maybe the forfeits wouldn’t be so bad after all, if that’s that kind of thing she had to do.

"Now, it’s time for us to get to where we’re going. I thought we could take a trip to the mall, do a bit of shopping, have some lunch, and then I’ve got a surprise for you," said Sue. "I’ll just finish up getting ready, and we’ll go. Pick out a jacket from your closet, maybe that black fitted one, and bring along your purse too."


On the ride to the mall Kitty was more relaxed than she had been on her way to the store last night. If she could fool kids near to her own age that she was a girl, and even find herself turned-on by it afterwards, then she could pull this off too.

She was surprised at her own bravery – as a guy she would never have accepted things as calmly as she was now, and while she couldn’t deny that she wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her mother, she didn’t feel as bad as she thought she would have done. Maybe what they were telling her was true, and that she was only now finding her true place in life.

She also had to admit one further thing to herself – the clothes she was wearing, and those she had worn yesterday, and the night-dress she had slept in, all turned her on more than she would have liked to have believed possible. She knew that girls took pleasure in what they wore, and sometimes elevated the attention they paid to their clothes to almost religious proportions, but she had never understood why before now.

Wearing girl’s clothes had been a revelation for Kitty. Sure, they were far less comfortable than guy’s clothes, but they just felt more special, like they had a kind of magic in them, and that feeling transferred to her when she was wearing them. She felt special showing off her legs, or feeling the cool touch of satin on her skin, or even feeling the constriction of a brassiere round her chest. There were a hundred constant little reminders that the clothes she wore were very different from anything she had worn before now, but strangely she found she didn’t mind.

Sue noticed Kitty touching her clothes subconsciously, smoothing her fingers over her stockinged legs, or adjusting her skirt modestly. She smiled to herself once more. Kitty was accepting this whole thing far better than she could have ever hoped or dreamed of, and Dr. Roberts was so proud of her. Sue was sure that soon her daughter would be a fully fledged young woman, and this whole painful process would be complete.


Sue parked the car, and the pair of them set-off arm-in-arm into the mall. It was Kitty’s mother who lead the trip, guiding her daughter through the various shops and boutiques, explaining things, answering her questions, and tutoring her further in the womanly arts.

Kitty learned about the etiquette of changing rooms, how to sample perfumes, and how to shop like a girl in general. By lunchtime her mother had fitted her out with three new thongs – in styles chosen by Kitty based on her new-found liking for satin and lace – a couple of matching bras, a minuscule leather mini-skirt, and various bottles of seductive scents.

Kitty had initially balked at trying the mini-skirt on, but after some stern persuasion from her mother, and an agreement to release her from one of her forfeits, she had stepped into the private changing rooms, hiked up her dress, and slipped the skirt up her legs. It was lined in scarlet silk, and the feeling of it nestling snugly around her ass and bare upper thighs made Kitty’s cock strain against her thong once again, and her knees feel weak. She slipped it back off, knowing that it was far too short to ever cover her stocking tops, but had allowed her mother to buy it for her.

After a quick lunch of salad and pasta, Sue lead Kitty to a boutique at which she had made a prior appointment.

"Kitty, it’s time you had some professional instruction in the art of fixing your hair and make-up, so we’re both going to have make-overs. You’ll be using some of your forfeits up in here." Kitty’s stomach churned.

"Mom! I can’t have anyone seeing me that close up! They’ll be able to see I’m not a girl!"

"Katherine! You are a girl! Having someone seeing you close-up isn’t going to change that, and they’re not going to be checking in your panties!" Sue could understand Kitty’s reluctance, but had to keep a firm resolve in the face of it. "The forfeits you have to complete are these: learn the three hairstyles they’re going to show you, so that you can do them yourself unaided at any time; chat to the beautician about your boyfriend; and have your ears pierced. One forfeit per piercing, and I’m, going to ask that they do two in each lobe."

Kitty was stunned. So much for simple forfeits. "I don’t have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t know how to chat with a woman about one, and I don’t want to get your ears pierced!" Her raised voice was beginning to attract attention from other shoppers.

"Katherine, you will do as I say, or you will suffer the consequences," answered Sue in a low voice. "And you’ll still have the forfeits hanging over your head after your spanking for not doing them. Everyone has to do unpleasant things in their life, and if you think this is bad just wait ‘til you’re grown up." She softened, looking into Kitty’s tearing eyes. "It’s okay, honey – I’m not asking you to do anything I’ve not done. It’s something that thousands of girls your age do everyday, and which many of them can’t wait until they’re old enough to do. Make your mom proud and be brave, okay honey?"

Kitty had been ready to rail against her mother’s anger, but she was defenceless against her kinder side. She dropped her gaze to her feet, and sniffed back her tears. "Okay, mom," she said in a whisper.

"Good girl," said Sue. "Let’s go."

The boutique was cool and quiet compared to the warmth and bustle of the main mall. It was decorated in marble and bronze-tinted mirrors, with screened off private sections, and fern plants every few yards. An elegant young woman standing behind a small lectern greeted Kitty and Sue, checked their appointment in a large book, then led them through into one of the private areas at the rear of the premises.

Kitty was shown to a seat similar to the ones in the barber-shops that she had visited as a guy. Before her was a sink set into a marbled work surface, with another bronzed mirror above that. Sue was seated behind her, facing a mirror on the opposite wall. She would be able to hear all of Kitty’s conversation, but would not be close enough for Kitty to look to her for support.

Kitty seated herself comfortably, and allowed another assistant to drape a black cloth around her shoulders and neck, covering that with a fresh scented towel.

"Katherine, isn’t it? My name’s Jane," the assistant informed her, "and I’m going to be working on your hair today." The assistant was a typical perky beauty-college graduate, with a smile full of even white teeth, and a perfect complexion. Kitty found herself attracted to this beautiful girl, whom she estimated to be around twenty-one, although she was beginning to be more confused over the appropriateness of that response.

"People usually call me Kitty," she replied in a small voice.

"That’s lovely. Kitty it is." Jane took a brush to Kitty’s hair, gently easing it through to ensure that there were no tangles. She then moved onto a comb, and then an even finer-toothed comb, until Kitty’s hair was separated as far as possible. She turned Kitty’s chair away from the wall, and dipped the back down until Kitty’s hair draped back into the sink.

For the next twenty minutes, Jane washed Kitty’s hair, and massaged shampoo and conditioner into it, before rinsing it thoroughly out into the sink. Kitty had closed her eyes, and allowed her scalp to be manipulated by this sweet-smelling girl. She worked in silence for those first twenty minutes, allowing Kitty to drift into a calm meditative state. She was roused from that when Jane righted her chair, and brought her back around to face the mirror.

"So, Kitty, I’m told by your mom that you want to learn how to do your hair nicely because you’ve just gotten yourself a boyfriend. You’ve got a date Friday night, yeah?"

Kitty tried to think quickly, assuming this was part of the forfeit that her mother had mentioned.

"Yeah, I’ve never had much idea about hairstyles, and I thought this might help. I wanted to look good for him."

"You’ve come to the right place, girl. We’re gonna make you look stunning!" Jane had combed Kitty’s wet hair back out straight, and was lightly blow-drying it.

"First lesson is to always style your hair when it’s slightly wet. Never use a towel to dry it, as you’ll just get it all tangled up. Blow dry is best, but if you can’t manage that comb it through over and over again until it’s ready. See how that feels?" she asked, taking Kitty’s hand and placing it against her hair. "That’s the kind of dampness you need." Kitty was concentrating her hardest on appearing as feminine as she could in front of this lovely girl, while at the same time taking in everything she was being taught.

Jane proceeded to trim the very ends of Kitty’s hair, giving it what she called a light ‘feathered’ look. She then launched into an explanation of three styles she was going to give Kitty – a bob, ringlets, and something she liked to call ‘the ploughed field’. The bob was simple, and involved running a round brush through the underside of her hair, curling towards her neck at the end to create the trademark inward flick. Jane explained that it was becoming more and more popular to reverse this into an outward flick, which was simply the same process but on the outside of the hair. The amount of styling mousse she used was up to her, and would dictate how stiff and styled her hair would look, and also how long the style would hold.

Jane combed Kitty’s hair through, dampened it again, and moved on to ringlets. These, she explained, were achieved with a curling iron used vertically in her hair. The hair would be wrapped around it and held for a while until the heat gave it a temporary curl. To make them permanent a chemical treatment would be needed. Jane took some time over this style, and when she was finished, Kitty was amazed. Her face was framed by cascades of loose shining red curls, parted at the centre, and covering her ears. She was almost sad when Jane again combed the style out.

The third style involved Kitty’s hair being parted many times evenly across her head, with her soft hair being rolled over itself and pulled backwards, to be fastened at the back of her head by hair grips. Jane then applied hair-spray to the loose ends of the hair, allowing her to style them with the aid of more hair grips up and out at various angles. Jane explained that this was the most complicated to achieve, and needed the hair-spray to have any chance of holding it up, so she would leave this one in for Kitty to go home with. Looking at herself in the mirror, Kitty did have to admit that her head had taken on the resemblance of a furrowed field.

This last style had drawn her hair up and away to the back, leaving Kitty’s slender neck, her pretty face, and her small ears uncovered. Jane added that this would help with her make-over, as she wouldn’t be getting her hair in the way.

Behind her, Sue was pleased at how things were progressing. Her own facial had allowed her to sit and relax while listening to Jane teach Kitty the art of advanced hair styling, and she could tell that her daughter was dutifully paying attention.

Jane called over a colleague of hers, whom she introduced to Kitty as Amber.

"Hi, Kitty, I’m going to be giving you your make-over. I promise to do justice to Jane’s beautiful hair-style!" Jane laughed, and said goodbye to Kitty, leaving her with Amber.

The beautician was younger than Jane, Kitty guessed at around eighteen, with straight red hair like Kitty’s, though longer. Amber’s hair was also shot through with light streaks of blonde, and Kitty wondered absently how that would look in her own hair.

As Amber worked, Kitty maintained a conversation as per her mother’s instructions, while trying to absorb everything Amber was teaching her about make-up.

"So Kitty, Jane tells me this is all so that you can get yourself ready for a date Friday night. Who’s the lucky guy?"

"Um, he’s a guy I know from school. He’s a year older, but we got talking one day and he asked me out."

"Handsome is he?"


"What’s he look like?"

"He’s tall," said Kitty, thinking fast, "with brown hair and eyes, and he’s a football player."

"You like a guy with muscles then?" said Amber with a smile. "That’s a shame. I was going to try and set you up with my brother – you’re just his type, and he’s too nice a guy not to have a girlfriend. Not a football player, though." Kitty smiled.

"He’s more your own age too. What are you, fifteen?"

"I’ll be fourteen in a few weeks."

"Wow! You don’t look it! I’ll bet you must be popular with the older guys, looking as good as you do!" Kitty was blushing, though the light foundation that Amber had applied to her face hid it well.

"Thanks," she said, shyly.

"Well, if you ever get tired of football players, just come and find me. My bro really is a nice guy, and I think you’d like him."

Amber had applied the foundation as a base, and was now teaching Kitty how to apply a minute amount of blush to highlight her cheeks, and was showing her lipstick and eye-shadow shades that matched her complexion. An hour later, Kitty was confident that she could make herself up just as well as any other girl her age.

"Now, there’s just the one thing left – your ears," said Amber, wiping Kitty’s lobes with a cue-tip. Kitty had been feeling so relaxed in the company of this good looking young woman, that she had completely forgotten about the ear piercing that her mother had promised her.

"Um, will it hurt?" she asked, nervously.

"You’ll only feel a little punch. More like a squeeze than pain." True to her word, the four piercings went in smoothly, two in each ear-lobe, and Kitty was left with four small gold studs adorning her ears.

"Oh, you’ve gone a bit pale. Would you like a glass of water?" Kitty nodded.

While Amber was away seeing to her drink, Kitty saw her mother approaching her in the mirror. She had obviously finished her own make-over some time before, and had left Kitty on her own in the store while she had continued shopping.

"Honey, you look amazing!" she exclaimed, seeing Kitty close-up. "Those studs make your ears look so sexy!" Kitty smiled, and took the drink from Amber as she returned.

"Kitty was the perfect student, Mrs. Larson," commented Amber. "She’ll be able to wear proper ear-rings in about a week – she just needs to give the holes a chance to heal a bit first."

Sue looked at her daughter with great love and pride. Kitty, despite the soreness of her ears, and the nausea that was slowly fading, smiled back at her shyly.

"She was just telling me about her hunk of a boyfriend too. I was trying to set her up with my brother, but she wouldn’t have it." added Amber.

"Well, Kitty and her date aren’t going steady or anything," said Sue, to Kitty’s mounting horror. "I’ll give you her phone number, and you can pass it along to him. I’m sure she’d love to see him at least once." Sue gave Kitty a meaningful look behind Amber’s back as the beautician looked to Kitty for confirmation. Kitty looked at her mother, then nodded at Amber.

"Okay," she said, and tried not to let Amber see her fear.


By the time Sue and Kitty left the beauty parlour it was early evening, and Sue suggested that they eat out rather than returning home.

"I’ve bought you a present to celebrate your emergence as a woman, and looking at you I think you’re ready for it," she added.

They ate at a restaurant near the mall, and Kitty noticed for the first time that her appetite had diminished over the past few days.

"That’s normal for a girl of your age," her mother reassured her. "You’ll find that you’ll not want to eat as much as you used to in order to keep your body trim and sexy. It’s a lot harder for us girls to burn-off the fat than it is for guys, so we have to make some sacrifices."

When the meal was over, Sue presented Kitty with a package wrapped in plain brown paper.

"I bought you this while you were in the beauty parlour. Go to the bathroom and unwrap it there. I’ve put some instructions in with it." Kitty was mystified, but did as her mother asked.

This was Kitty’s first time in a female restroom, and she was amazed at the difference between it and the male restrooms he had previously used. Gone were the urinals that she was used to, and in their place was a huge mirrored wall. The whole place smelled very different too.

She made her way into one of the many stalls, and sat on the toilet to open her package. Inside was a plain box, and a note from her mother:

Kitty, you can consider this another one of your forfeits. Inside the box you will find a present to help take care of any ‘urges’ that you may have. Included with it is some lubricant to help you use it more comfortably.

Kitty’s eyes widened as she read, and leaving the note half-finished she hurriedly opened the box. Inside was a flesh-coloured rubber object, around four inches in length, and quite solid and heavy. It had a rounded tip, then tapered outward for about three-quarters of it’s length, to a diameter of around four inches. In cross-section the whole thing was more lens-shaped than circular. Beyond the bulge, it’s thickness dropped back down, and it ended in a flattened cross-piece. Also in the box was a tube of what claimed to be water-based lubricant gel.

Kitty read the rest of the note in horror:

You probably won’t recognise this, but it’s called a butt-plug. It’s purpose is to be inserted into someone’s rectum for sexual pleasure – the thick part gets held behind the sphincter stopping the body from squeezing it out too easily, and the bit on the end stops it from being sucked completely upwards into the body (this does happen – be careful!).

I want you to lubricate it slightly – not too much or it’ll slip back out – and push it up inside yourself. You’ll wear it for the rest of the day. – Mom xxx

Kitty felt sick. Her mother expected her to wear this rubber device inside her ass, as if it was the most natural thing in the world for Kitty to do! Where had she gotten this thing!? This all started with that one mistake at the doctor’s office. The doctor must have told her mother that she liked having her ass stimulated, and her mother had gotten her this to use. Her mom probably thought that she was helping to bring Kitty’s sexuality out, but Kitty just felt wretched.

It was true that she had cum under the doctor’s fingering, and it was equally true that Kitty had repeated the episode in bed just last night, curious to again feel the pressure against her sphincter and beyond, but to have her mother encouraging, even forcing, her to do things like that, and providing her with something to do it with, turned Kitty’s stomach.

She sat dejectedly on the toilet, wishing with all her heart that this whole thing would just go away, when she was startled by a knock on the cubicle door.

"Kitty?" came her mother’s voice. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah mom," the teenager replied.

"Have you done what you’re supposed to be doing yet?"

"No mom…"

"Well hurry up. You can’t stay in there forever, and I expect you to have done what you came in for. You know what’ll happen if you don’t."

To anyone else in the restroom, this conversation must have sounded more than a little odd, but Kitty didn’t notice. She sighed with relief when she heard her mother leave the room, but knew it was only a temporary reprieve. Eventually she would have to go back out to her, and her mother would be expecting her instructions to have been carried-out. Kitty had no real choice, as failure to follow instructions would mean a spanking, and she’d still be expected to go ahead with this forfeit afterwards.

Kitty stood back up, and pulled her dress up around her waist. After pushing her thong to around her ankles, she lubricated the shaft of the plug, and bent at the waist, placing the plug’s tip against her tender anus. Gritting her teeth she pushed it forward against the ring of muscle, but found she couldn’t make much headway.

Straightening back up, Kitty placed some lubricant on her index finger, and squatted over the toilet bowl. Reaching behind her she applied her finger to her ass and pushed, and slowly the digit disappeared into her hole. After wriggling it about to lubricate her anal entrance, Kitty reapplied the butt-plug to her hole, and found it’s progress past her sphincter painful but easier.

Slowly, and suppressing grunts and tears, Kitty forced the rubber shaft up her anal passage, having to stop several times to allow her muscles to adapt to the rough invader. After some five minutes, and just when Kitty thought the walls of her ass would tear open, the thickest part of the plug slipped past her muscle, and the whole thing was suddenly sucked up, stopping when the cross piece met her ring. Held tight like that, Kitty knew that some effort would be required to pull the plug back out of her body, and she did not relish the thought.

Gingerly Kitty bent, groaning under her breath at the feel of the plug hard inside her, and pulled up her thong. Straightening, and suppressing a gasp, she smoothed her tight skirt back down over her thighs, and made certain that no outward appearance of what she had just done remained. Collecting the packaging, the lubricant, and her mothers note, Kitty stepped out of the stall, and after checking her appearance in the large mirror, she exited the restroom.

Sue was smiling as she saw Kitty’s shortened steps, and slightly pained expression. She could tell that the teen had followed her instructions, and was even now trying to get used to the burning in her rear, and the feeling of the hard invader under her thong. Sue had decided that Kitty would wear this device for at least four days a month from now on, to simulate what it would be like to have her period. Just because she didn’t have the physical attributes necessary to experience that part of being a woman, didn’t mean she could get away without it! Besides, Kitty would get used to using her butt plug as a masturbation aid before long, and Sue was sure that she would grow to like it. And it would get Kitty’s anal passage ready to receive anything else she might want to have up there in the future…

Sue put the box and packing away safely, letting Kitty keep the lubricant in her own purse. Then the two of them exited the restaurant.


As they left the mall, Sue steered Kitty towards to bus-stand.

"This is your last forfeit for the day, honey," said Sue. "You’ll be making your own way home. How you do it is up to you, but I’ve put just enough money in your purse for a bus, so I suggest you use that. You won’t be able to walk all the way in those heels after a day of shopping I’ll bet."

"But why?" said the bewildered teen.

"I want you to get used to being an independent woman. Other girls your age don’t get their moms to ferry them all over the place, so why should you?" Sue did not add that she also wanted Kitty to get used to sitting with her butt-plug in place without anyone else noticing her discomfiture, and this would be good practice.

"I’ll have a nice hot bath waiting for you when you get home. See you soon!" called Sue, and then she was gone.

Kitty looked about her disconsolately. The bus-stand was nearby, and was brightly lit, though that did not bother her anymore. It was also busy, with people of all ages waiting to be taken home from a day of shopping. Swallowing her fear, Kitty walked over to the stand, and after checking which bus she needed, she stood at the edge of the crowd to wait.

After fifteen minutes or so, her bus arrived, and she got on, being careful not to fall from her heels as she climbed the steps. The bus was already full, however, and she could not see a spare seat anywhere. The aisle was half-full of people standing, so she made her way down the bus to join them. Other passengers getting on after her filled up the rest of the aisle, and soon the bus was full. They set-off, and Kitty grabbed a hand-hold to steady herself.

Five minutes into the journey, Kitty felt a hand brush against her stockinged thigh. Surprised as she was, she reasoned that it must have been an accidental touch, which real girls must get all the time, and which she wouldn’t have noticed had she been wearing pants. When the hand returned half a minute later, she knew it was no accident.

This time Kitty felt a hot palm press against her leg, and run from the back of her thigh up under her skirt to the top of her stocking. She jumped forward as far as the press of people around her would allow, and twisted round to see who’s hand it had been. Behind her was a man, she guessed aged around forty-five, leering at her suggestively. He leaned close to her, Kitty unable to get any further away from him due to the bodies pressed around her.

"Hiya, girlie. You must be a real slut to be wearin’ stockings ‘n’ kinky boots out on your own." His voice was a harsh whisper in her ear, so that no other passengers could hear. "You lookin’ for some action?"

Kitty stared wild-eyed at him, and shook her head vigorously.

"Aw, sure you are. Lookin’ so hot ‘n’ all. Bet you wanna suck on my cock for me, don’t you now?"

Kitty didn’t know what to do. She knew she was safe enough on the bus, but what if this creep decided to follow her home?

"Mister," she whispered back, "I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m a lesbian. I go for girls, not guys."

"Aw, hey, lesbians are just girlies who can’t get no cock. Tell you what I’m gonna do – I’m gonna slip some greenbacks into that sexy stockin’ top of yours, and we’re gonna get off at the next stop, and go somewhere private. You show me a good time with that pretty lil’ mouth o’ yours, and I won’t have to follow you home and just go ahead and take it whenever I want…" He let the threat hang in the air between them. When Kitty failed to respond, her mind blank with horror, the man reached into his pocket, took out a few dirty crumpled bills, and folded them smooth.

"Here’s twenty," he said, reaching down under her skirt, and running his hand back up her leg as before. "You do a good job and you get to keep it. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll just be taking it back afterwards…" He reached the top of her stocking, and pushed the folded notes between the tight rubberised band and her smooth leg flesh. Kitty gulped, and avoided the man’s gaze. His body smelled sweaty and masculine pushed so close to her own, and she knew from his size that he could easily overpower her.

"What if I still don’t want to?" she asked him, timidly.

"Then I’ll still just find out where you live. I can wait. You can leave this bus with some other people, and get home safe, but I’ll still find you, and I’ll still get what I want eventually…"

Kitty knew what he said was true, and dropping her eyes to the floor she nodded.

"Good girlie. Now you just make your way down to the doors, and be ready for the next stop." Kitty did as she was instructed, squeezing her slim body through the press of people toward the exit. She knew the strange man was close behind her.

At the next stop, they left the bus, the only passengers to do so. The area of town they were in wasn’t well populated, or lit for that matter. The man took Kitty’s arm in a strong grip, and steered her to a dark blind alley a few yards away. Kitty heard the bus’ engine receding into the distance, then all around them was quiet.

"Now then, girlie. You just set yourself down on them pretty knees of yours, and open up that mouth. When I blow I’m like a fire hose, so make sure you take it all down your throat." The man pulled down the zipper of his dirty jeans, and reached inside to bring out his cock.

This was the first penis Kitty had seen apart from her own, and she marvelled at the size. She guessed that it wasn’t impressively long, but it’s thickness was far greater than she could ever imagine her own being. The strong smell of sweat hit her nose as she knelt down before the stranger, her knees settling into the mud on the alley floor. Her face must have shown a reaction, as the man gave a chuckle as he held his rapidly stiffening cock out to her.

"That there’s the smell of a real man, girlie. Bet none of the lil’ boys who’ve been in your panties have smelled as good as me!"

Placing his free hand on the back of Kitty’s head, he guided his bulging cock-head to her pretty painted lips. Kitty’s mouth refused to open, and the man pulled his arm back as if to strike her on the side of the head. Quickly she opened her rosebud lips wide, and the man grunted in satisfaction as he pushed his fat cock into her wet mouth. He gripped each side of her small head, as he began to thrust his pelvis back and forth, pumping his rock-hard cock in and out of Kitty’s mouth. Her tongue involuntarily rasped along the underside of the shaft, and he grunted in appreciation.

"Yeah, girlie, you go to town with that hot tongue of yours. Don’t be shy now."

Kitty was gripping the front of the man’s thighs to steady herself, as he fucked her face like a pussy. She knew she was effectively being raped, the payment he’d given her meaning nothing. But shouldn’t she be more disgusted than she was? She freely admitted to herself that she was terrified beyond belief, but she also knew that her own cock was straining hard against her confining thong panties, and that she had an urge to push the plug in her butt further up into her bowels.

Reaching under the hem of her skirt at the back, Kitty pressed her fingers against the cross-piece of the plug under her thong, and moaned as the deeply buried tip pressed even deeper into her. Was this what women felt when they had sex, she wondered? Do they feel this urge to be penetrated too?

Her rapist laughed at the hot little slut he had found, as she moaned around his thrusting cock.

"Yeah, you sluts are all the same," he said, "you act like you’re all fine and that, but put you on your knees and you just can’t wait for my cock!" He continued to pump into her mouth, as Kitty impaled herself again and again on her rubber anal toy. It felt to her as if she was being double-ended, fucked by two well hung studs, and totally at their mercy. In reality, she was totally in her rapist’s mercy, but he was far too concerned with his own pleasure to be of any threat to her.

The man was nearing his orgasm, though Kitty had no way of knowing that. She was by this time twisting her butt plug hard in her rectum, the elongated cross-section of the toy pushing her inner walls to their limits. Had she been on her own she knew she would have cum by now, but without being able to stimulate her cock she could not reach the release she was desperate for, and she could not risk touching it in front of this man.

Suddenly the man gripped her head tight, and thrust his last into her mouth. His cum poured from his pungent cock, and Kitty had to desperately swallow or risk drowning in it. She did not have time to dwell on it’s acrid flavour as it slipped down her gullet, or to think of the risks a belly-load of a stranger’s cum would present. All she could think of was getting her skirt back down, and her butt-plug hidden before the man noticed what she had been doing.

She needn’t have worried, though, as her rapist had spent himself fully in her sweet wet mouth, and collapsed back against the wall behind him exhausted.

"Yeah…" he said, even more breathlessly than Kitty was. "That’s the best lil’ mouth my cock’s had in a long long time! Here," he said, throwing her another ten dollars, "that’s a tip for a job well done." And with that he staggered off into the night.

* * *

Kitty had taken a cab home, now having enough for the extra expense, though she had been forced to walk some distance before finding one. She figured that the time her whole ordeal had taken would have been equivalent to the bus ride anyway, so her mother wouldn’t have noticed any lateness. She had stripped off her stockings before hailing the cab, and washed the mud from her knees in a puddle. She was beyond caring that she must have looked like an underage hooker.

When she arrived home, her mother asked her what had happened to her stockings. Kitty had thought quickly, and said that she had laddered them getting off the bus, and they’d had to be thrown away. Her mother looked at her for a moment, before seeming to accept her story, and ushering her upstairs to her room.

"Okay, honey. I’ve run you a bath, but for now I want to check that you’ve been a good girl. Strip your clothes off, and get up on the bed."

Kitty slowly did as she was told, her body aching by this time. She had considered leaving her boots off completely after she had stripped off her muddied stockings, but had thought that her mother would probably have punished her for coming home barefoot. Her feet hurt terribly from wearing the uncomfortable heels all day, her knees ached where she had been kneeling in the mud, and her ass hurt from where she had abused it with the plug. Added to that her nipples were even more sore than before, and her whole breast area had noticeably swollen. She felt thoroughly miserable as she assumed the kneeling on all fours position that her mother indicated.

"Good girl," her mother said soothingly, as she inspected the plug in the naked girl’s ass. "It looks a bit sore, but you don’t seem to have damaged yourself. I think you’ll be fine to wear this for a day or two more, but we’ll take it out for now. You can use the bathroom, and then have a soak in the tub with it out. I expect it to be cleaned and put back in when you come downstairs later. I’ll put some casual clothes out for you."

Kitty felt her mother’s cool hands against the ring of her sphincter, and she clenched her ass in embarrassment.

"It’ll hurt more when it comes out of you don’t relax," her mother warned her, and with great effort of will on her part, Kitty relaxed her anus. Sue gripped the cross-piece on the butt-plug, and slowly extracted it from her daughter’s rectum. No blood was visible, and Sue was even more pleased to see that Kitty’s ass was clean inside. Wrapping it in a tissue, Sue left the plug for Kitty to wash and re-insert after her bath. The girl herself had slumped on her bed in exhaustion.

"Come on," said Sue, "you can relax in the bath."


Later, alone in the bath, Kitty’s mind was fixated on the ordeal she had suffered in that darkened alley. She had undeniably been raped, although no force had been used. Coerced was maybe a better word. And she had known what was going to happen to her, hadn’t she? She could have tried to get help from someone on the bus, but she hadn’t – did that mean that deep-down she had wanted to know what it was like to be subjugated by a man, and forced to please his cock with her mouth? To be treated like a hooker, even to be paid like one, and to be made to swallow the cum from his spurting cock.

Kitty’s own cock was painfully hard – denied release earlier it now demanded attention. Her right hand went to the heated shaft under the water, while her left again found it’s way to her abused anus. In full knowledge of what she was doing, Kitty replayed her rape in her mind, furiously masturbating while she did – recalling the smell of the man’s genitals, the taste of his cock as it rubbed over her tongue, the feel of his shaft between her painted lips…

Oh God! she suddenly thought. Her lipstick! She stood up in the bath, and looked over at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her cock deflated quickly as she saw the smeared lipstick around her mouth, an obvious sign that something had happened. No wonder her mother had looked at her like that! She must know!

Kitty sank back down in the bath, and began to silently cry. She had sucked a man’s cock, and been paid for it, and now her mother knew. She’d be branded a slut, and never be trusted again. But the worst thing was that she enjoyed it. She had fucked her own ass with a butt-plug while slurping down the guy’s cum, and she had been aching for her own orgasm. She must be a girl! They were right!

Sue, standing quietly by the slightly open bathroom door, saw Kitty realise that her make-up was smeared over her lips, and saw her sink back down into the bath, holding her face in her hands. Sue’s heart was close to breaking as she watched her only daughter crying, but she restrained herself from rushing in to comfort her. Dr. Roberts had impressed on her how strong she would have to be, to provide Kitty with an example to look up to. Breaking down into tears with her own daughter wasn’t the kind of thing he meant, and Sue was determined to do this right.

Sue made her way quietly back down stairs. She had noticed Kitty’s lipstick as soon as she had walked in the door, along with her lack of hosiery. What had she been doing since they had left the mall? She couldn’t have given herself to a boy that quickly had she? Was Kitty taking to her new life so fast and so easily that she had turned into a slut overnight!?! Sue calmed herself. No, Kitty wasn’t that kind of girl. Her reaction when Sue had made her talk about her boyfriend in the salon had shown that. Sue’s plan to use that boy from the store to bring Kitty’s sexuality out was still on track, but Sue had to admit her curiosity at what Kitty had been doing.

Kitty forced herself to stop crying, knowing that there was no way her mom could have known how she had ended up in the state she was. She removed her smeared make-up, then went back to her bath, all thoughts of masturbation gone.

"Kitty?" she heard her mom call from downstairs. "That’s about long enough, don’t you think? You’ll go all wrinkly if you stay in there much longer!"

"Okay, mom," Kitty called back, and raised herself from the bathtub.


Twenty minutes later, Kitty returned downstairs. She had dried her still hairless body, and cleaned her butt-plug before re-inserting it. Her anus was beginning to get used to the feel, and she knew that it wasn’t as terrible as she had at first thought. As it slipped inside her rectal passage, her penis grew momentarily hard again, before fading back down to be tucked away between her legs.

She had also brushed out her hairstyle, confident that she had paid enough attention in the salon to be able to re-apply it when she needed it. She tied her hair back in a loose pony-tail, revealing her sore reddened pierced ear-lobes. She dabbed some antiseptic on them, and moved the studs around to ensure the liquid got to where it was needed – the last thing she wanted was to have her ear-lobes get infected.

She dressed in the panties and satin night-dress that her mother had laid out for her on her bed, and made her way to find her mother.

Sue was waiting for her in the living room.

"Kitty, come and sit with me for a minute – we need to have a talk." Kitty’s heart sank, but she did as she was told.

"Now, I know you said you laddered your stockings getting off the bus, and I’ve got no way to disprove that, but it will mean one forfeit for each stocking. Unless you want to tell me anything else that might have happened…?"

Kitty knew that her mom was referring to her smeared lipstick. She had to think quickly.

"Um, there was… a boy… on the bus…," she could hardly bring herself to tell her mom this, but it was far better than telling her the truth.

"Ah, I see. A quick worker aren’t you?" Her mom said, laughing.

"It wasn’t like that! He grabbed me and kissed me as I was trying to get off the bus. That’s when I laddered my stockings!"

"Of course," said her mother, her eyes twinkling. "And did you let him kiss you, or did you fight back?"

"Well, it kind of happened so fast… I don’t really know…"

"Did you enjoy it?"

Kitty thought about her reaction to having to suck the stranger’s cock. "Kind of…," she replied.

"Good," said Sue, delighted. "In that case I’ll let you off your forfeits. But I do want to talk to you about something else." She was relieved to hear that Kitty had enjoyed her first kiss, no matter how unconventional the circumstances may have been.

"Do you remember the boy from outside the store, the one you made such an impression on?" Kitty nodded, warily.

"Well, before you and he had you’re little ‘encounter’, I spoke to him about the possibility of you two going on a date – it was obvious that he liked the look of you from the moment he first saw you."

Kitty paled, "Mom! No!"

"Hush, Kitty, it’s okay," said Sue, soothingly. "He’s coming over here Friday night, but I’m not going to make you go out anywhere with him – you’ll just have a romantic night in front of the TV. You see, when I said that you had to tell people you had a date on Friday, I wasn’t actually making you lie."

* * *

Well, that’s the end of the first installment of Jimmy’s story. I’ve already started writing the next part, but you’ll just have to wait for that.

Thanks for reading!

Jade, 23/03/2003.

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