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* * *

Girl on a Bicycle

[Mf, 1st, oral 1st, exhib? rom?]

I first saw her through my living-room window, riding her bike round and round in front of my house. The squeal of her brakes had drawn my attention, but it was held there by her beauty.

She had very long light-brown hair, straight and unfastened, so that it trailed around her shoulders as she rode. An elfin face, but with serious features, which in hindsight I know made me overestimate her age by several years. A tight blue cropped t-shirt showed no womanly curves yet, but revealed long slender arms, and a smooth flat expanse of bare belly. Her bike had caused the hem of the short blue denim skirt she wore to ride up even higher, although her youthful innocence had not alerted her to this fact. It revealed long slim bare legs, athletically toned even at her age, ending in little white sports socks and stylish white trainers. On each circuit as she came to face my house I caught a flash of brief white knickers within the shadow under her skirt, and each time my heart lurched in my chest.

She had a younger-looking friend standing by, obviously waiting for a turn on the bike, and before long she rode back to her. I was treated to another squeal of unoiled brakes, and another glimpse of the tight white knickers as she swung off the bike, and handed control to her friend. Together they made their way back towards the T-junction that would lead them out of my cul-de-sac, and into the main part of my estate. I couldn’t help wondering why I had never seen her here before, and whether I would see her again.

* * *

That was Sunday. The next morning I prepared to head for work as usual. I backed my car out from my drive, and pulled forward onto the street. As I neared the middle of my estate, I saw two girls walking towards the far end of the road. My heart lurched once more as I recognised the long brown hair of the girl with the bike. Walking with her was her friend from the day before, and I briefly wondered if they could even be sisters, despite not looking alike. My attention was quickly drawn back to the taller of the two youngsters.

Both girls were wearing school uniforms, but I’d never seen one look sexier than on her. Her black shoes had square three-inch high-heels, that accentuated the slender muscles in her legs, and raised her to around five-feet four-inches tall. Her legs themselves were clad in dark black tights with a sexy diamond pattern, and were shown-off almost in their entirety by the tight black micro-mini school skirt she wore. This moulded itself beautifully to the slight roundness of her backside.

As I drove past I couldn’t help but turn my head to stare, to confirm to myself that it was her. The face was the same, with a hint of pink gloss on her pouty lips and mascara round her blue eyes. I remember thinking to myself that such make-up would never have been allowed when I was at school, and that the boys in her class should count themselves lucky to be able to even be near her, let alone get to know her better.

She wore a tie identifying her as a pupil at a local secondary school hung loosely round the open neckline of her white blouse, and I caught a brief glimpse of a sexy white choker round her slender neck. Looking in my rear-view mirror as I drove on, I thought I could see her looking directly at me and smiling slightly. I realised she must have noticed me staring as I drove past, something that a girl as attractive as her must be used to, despite her young age. I flushed, and felt a twinge of guilt as I realised that I was lusting after a girl that couldn’t be more than thirteen years old – half my own age!

* * *

That night I sat watching TV in my living room, when a squeal of brakes drew my attention once again to the window. There she was in the early evening twilight, still dressed in her school uniform, riding her bike in circles in front of my house as she had the night before. Her tie was missing, and I noticed with excitement that an extra button on her blouse appeared to be undone, allowing me to see quite a large part of her bare upper chest. The sexy white choker was still in place, and this time I could see a small gold pendant attached to it, resting just above her collar bone. She had pulled her long hair back into a pony tail, emphasising the elfin nature of her face, and showing off the length of her neck and her delicate ears.

She was alone this time, and as she circled I thought I could see the beginnings of a smile appear again on her soft red lips. A moment later I was shocked to realise why – she kept stealing glances at my car parked on the drive opposite my house, and it was clear that she recognised it not only from that morning, but from the night before. She had deliberately come to show-off for me! A dangerous game for a young girl to play, I thought to myself, but I wasn’t going to complain!

Her school skirt, shorter even than the denim mini from last night, had ridden up to the extent that it failed to fully cover the roundness of her butt-cheeks as they pressed against the saddle. In front it had disappeared completely beneath the overhang of her white blouse, but as with before on each circuit I could see between her slightly parted legs to the shadows of her crotch. She still wore her dark tights, and I guessed that either these were thick enough to obscure her knickers from my sight, or she wore black ones today, because I could see nothing but tempting shadow.

I sat almost paralysed with indecision. I so much wanted to let her know that I could see her, and that the view was very much appreciated, but in the more rational parts of my brain I knew that such a course of action would be the beginnings of my own even more dangerous game. The decision was taken out of my hands, though, when her bike wheel scraped along the kerb causing her to loose her balance and fall. I heard her cry out in pain, and without stopping to think I ran to her aid.

As I reached her lying in the street I saw that she had landed mainly on her knee, leaving it quite badly grazed. Her patterned tights were holed on that side, and one shoe had managed to come off. She was fighting hard to keep from crying.

"Are you OK?" I asked, knowing even as I said it that it was a stupid question. I bent down next to her, and helped her into a sitting position. My hand was supporting her back, and the knowledge that she did not yet wear a bra flashed through my mind. I held her hand with my other one, feeling how small and delicate it felt against mine..

"Thanks…" she said, wincing as she put her weight on her hip. She must have come down hard on that too.

"You’ll need to get some anti-septic on those grazes. Do you live nearby?" I had already guessed that she lived on the estate, but was subconsciously angling for her address.

"Not far, but I’d rather just rest for a minute. My parents are going to be really pissed off when they see what I’ve done to my tights!" I marvelled at the easy way she swore in front of a complete stranger. She was well spoken, but obviously wanted to be seen as being more grown-up than she actually was.

"Well, I can’t leave you sitting in the road - how about you come inside with me, and I’ll get you something for the cuts?"

"OK, thanks" she replied, as I helped her up. She balanced on one foot, while I reached for her other shoe, and placed it under her foot. I could see that her toes were small and her nails unpainted, as they showed through the feet of her now ruined tights. She held on to me as she slipped her foot back into it’s shoe, and leaned into me as I helped her limp up my front path and into my house. I led her into the living room, and let her down onto the sofa.

"I’ll get your bike while you rest here." I said, and left the room.

After I had man-handled her bike through into the hall way of my house, I rejoined her in the front room. My heart lurched once again as I saw that she had kicked off her shoes, and was in the process of rolling her tights down her long smooth legs.

I must have been standing there gawping like an idiot, because she looked up at me and blushed.

"Sorry, but they’re no good now, and you said I needed some stuff for my knee."

"That’s right, sorry. I’ll get it now." I said, and left the room.

The image of her sitting on my sofa, her short skirt still barely covering her crotch, slowly pushing her sexy tights down her smooth lightly-tanned young legs is one that will stay with me for many years.

When I returned with the anti-septic, some cotton wool and a bowl of water, she was sitting with her injured knee drawn up close to her face, inspecting the damage, and picking bits of grit from the wound. Her other long bare leg was casually stretched out in front of her, aiding her balance, but equally aiding me in my uninterrupted view of her tiny black thong panties that covered the sweetest-looking little pussy bulge I’d ever seen.

I gulped hard, and forced myself to ignore the sight before she noticed my lustful stares at the part of her body she was obviously too young to appreciate needed covering up from men like me. Instead I sat beside her on the sofa, out of view of her barely covered crotch, and set about cleaning the grit from her skin. She winced every time I touched the stinging anti-septic to the injured area, but didn’t say a word until I’d finished.

"Thanks, that’s much better," she said, smiling widely at me. "I’m Naomi by the way." She offered me her hand to shake, in a surprisingly formal way.

"I’m Paul," I replied, noticing again how small her hand was as I took it in mine. Smiling in silence, we held each others hand for a second or two longer than necessary, before reluctantly letting go. She looked away, suddenly the shy schoolgirl again.

"Listen, I wouldn’t like to think you were going to get into trouble for tearing your tights, just because you fell off your bike. Some of the bigger shops will still be open in town – if you wanted to I could drive you there and help you get some replacements. Your parents would never have to know what happened." Okay, even to me it sounded like a lame excuse to spend more time with her, but the way her face lit up I knew she didn’t mind.

"That’d be great! I’d have to phone my mum and dad first, though. I’ll tell them I’ve gone to the shops with my friends, so they won’t expect me back for a few hours." I let her use my phone, while I got ready to go out again. By the time I came back she had finished calling home, and was standing with her sexy high-heeled school shoes back on her now bare feet, ready to go.

* * *

The drive to the shops in the town centre was equal parts heaven and hell. Naomi’s natural fragrance smelled wonderful in the close confines of my car, and I never tired of stealing illicit glances at her fabulous long legs stretched out in front of her. I knew that I had to restrain myself, though, as any false move could lead her to reporting me to the first security guards or police we might see, and my future would go down the toilet. Even just an accusation of doing something improper with an underage girl could lead to a witch-hunt these days. So contained myself, and before long we were in the lingerie department of a large store, shopping for hosiery.

I’d only shopped for girl’s clothes on a couple of occasions, as presents for now ex-girlfriends, so I took a back seat to Naomi’s expertise. I could tell that she hadn’t brought much money with her, when she kept having to put the best matches for her ruined tights back because of the price. It didn’t take me long to volunteer the use of my credit card for anything she might want to buy, and after some initial arguing Naomi agreed. She was still reticent about spending too much of my money, though, and she kept saying that she didn’t know how she’d pay me back if she spent too much. I told her to let me worry about the money, and that she should consider anything we bought to be presents – I didn’t need paying back.

I loved the way that even then it took some real persuasion from me before she picked out an expensive pair of tights that exactly matched her own. I took the initiative, and added two more packs of the same style to our basket, and she gave me a huge smile in return. That was the break-through, and taking her warm hand in mine I led her through every department in the store, pointing out hosiery and lingerie and clothes that would look good on her, and accepting her advice on my suggestions in return.

I hadn’t been thinking straight at all, and it wasn’t until we were back in my car almost two hours later, with over three hundred pounds worth of new clothes for Naomi in the boot, that I realised what I’d done.

"You know, it might be a little difficult keeping all of this from your parents – aren’t they going to wonder where you got the money for it all when you were just out shopping with your friends?"

"You’ve got a point," she replied, her brow creasing in thought. "I know! If you wouldn’t mind, could I keep them at your house, and kind of smuggle them into mine a bit at a time so my parents won’t see them?"

It was brilliant both from her perspective and mine. She could get almost an entire new wardrobe past her parents without them getting suspicious, and I would be guaranteed to see her regularly for at least the foreseeable future.

"Okay," I agreed, hoping I didn’t sound as desperately eager as I felt.

* * *

Back at my house, we unloaded the many bags of clothing, taking them up to my spare bedroom. As I stashed them in the wardrobe, Naomi dug around in the bag with her new hosiery in, and found a pack of the tights we had originally gone to get. Sitting down on the bed, she kicked her shoes off, opened the pack, and proceeded to roll the black lycra over her pretty feet, and up her sexy long legs.

I had my back turned in an attempt at giving her some privacy, but in the mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door I could see every move Naomi made, and every flash of her tight black thong under her micro-mini skirt. I was shocked out of my trance when Naomi looked up at me, and made eye contact in the mirror – I swear I never knew until that point that a 13 year old girl could produce such a provocatively dirty facial expression as the one she greeted me with.

I knew I was blushing furiously at being caught, and Naomi herself had turned slightly pink, but before I could look away in embarrassment she let go of the tights that were still bunched up around her knees and opened her legs as far as the lycra would stretch, leaning back to allow me a completely unrestricted view. My eyes were drawn down to the black satin pulled tight over her sweet pubescent pussy bulge. I could tell through the flimsy covering that she was only lightly haired, and that her lips were partly open due to her own arousal. I realised then that she was as hot for me as I was for her.

I turned to face her, and she stood to meet me. At just over five feet tall she was substantially shorter than me, but she stood on tip-toes, and I bent down to her, and our mouths met in the most sensual, sexy, and deliciously forbidden kiss I’ve ever experienced. I encircled her slim body with my arms, and she pressed herself tight against me, our hot mouths now open wide, and our wet tongues wrestling with each other. She was obviously not an experienced kisser, but her arousal gave her confidence, and she was following my lead eagerly.

The kiss lasted for what seemed like an age, and to this day I couldn’t say how long we stood exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, and bodies with our hands. I loved the feel of her tiny girlish body against mine, feeling so lucky that such a beautiful young girl would let me run my trembling hands down her back to her pert rear, gently squeezing each bum cheek, before travelling back up her body, and slipping round her front to her budding chest. Bra-less under her white school blouse, Naomi’s nipples were hard and hot under my touch, even through the crisp cotton. She moaned as I rubbed across the sensitive swellings with my thumbs, her hands clasped together behind my head, making no attempt to stop me or escape.

Any thoughts of right and wrong had long since left my head, as I broke off the kiss and bent down to gather my new lover up in my arms. Naomi settled herself comfortably against my chest, and allowed herself to be carried through into my own bedroom. Laying her down on my large bed, I kicked off my shoes, as she slipped her new tights back off her smooth tanned legs.

Before joining her I gazed for a second at the girl who had captured my heart against all reason, and against the dictates of civilised society. Her sexy legs were impossibly long for such a young girl, and her waist, around which her tiny school skirt was now bunched, was just showing the first signs of a developing hourglass figure. Her black thong was so tiny and tight over her crotch that my imagination was unnecessary, especially regarding the sticky evidence of her youthful arousal. Her crisp blouse was in disarray, with the open button of her neckline showing her bared chest almost to the small swellings of her budding breasts. Those tiny swellings were capped by hard points of pink flesh, showing clearly through the material, and again showing that our minds were one in what we were doing.

The white choker round her slender neck contrasted sexily with her lightly-tanned skin, and her long light-brown hair framed her face as she lay back on the pillow looking up at me with longing in her young girl’s eyes.

I would never have believed that a 13 year old girl could want a man as much as Naomi obviously wanted me, and had I not lived through it myself I would not have believed that I could have experienced absolutely no fear at the prospect of forbidden love with a girl half my age. As it was, all I felt was love and arousal as Naomi reached up to take my hand, and pull me down onto the bed with her.

I lay next to her, leaning over my youthful new lover and pulling her close to me, as we shared our second passionate kiss. This time I was able to roam even more freely over her small sexy body with my free hand, unbuttoning her blouse to give me access to her hot naked chest and hard crinkled nipples. As I toyed with each one in turn, stroking and lightly pinching them between forefinger and thumb, Naomi moaned deeply, and lurched under me, never breaking our kiss, or opening her sexy blue eyes.

Leaving her nipples my hand moved down over the flat expanse of her smooth young belly, over her bunched up school skirt, and down to cup her pubis. This brought a second, louder moan from my lover, and her eyes opened to gaze into mine. I pressed the flat of my hand against the sticky material of her tiny thong panties, feeling the under-developed folds of her slick pussy lips underneath, and she pushed her hips forward to meet me, moaning even louder.

I returned to kissing her, hugging her to me with one hand, while gently rubbing her pubic mound through her now completely soaked panty crotch. Her tiny budding clit was standing proud of its hood, and was being stimulated by the slick cloth and the increasing pressure of my palm. Her bare legs were splayed wide, and she was making no attempt to stop my sexual assault of her barely-teenaged body. Her hips began to jerk up and down, trying to find a rhythm with my rubbing hand, but her movements were too erratic. I soon found out why, as she suddenly broke our kiss, clamped her legs tight around my hand, and reached a shuddering climax, moaning and gasping her way through a beautiful orgasm.

Afterwards, Naomi lay quietly in my arms in the afterglow of her orgasm. I cradled her close to me, smelling the sweet perfume of her skin, and the heady musk of her sexual juices. All modesty gone, she lay with her tiny breasts exposed to my gaze, unashamed that an almost total stranger could see her intimate parts. Some time later she stirred.

"I could do with having a shower," she whispered. "If I go home looking all messed up like this my parents will know something’s up."

"Good point," I answered smiling down at my teen lover. "There’s towels in the bathroom cupboard, just help yourself to whatever you need."

We peeled ourselves away from each other, I showed Naomi where the bathroom was. As she showered, I finished putting away her new clothes in the spare room, then I tidied my bedroom, and took her new tights downstairs to leave near her bike where she wouldn’t forget them.

After that I sat with my head in my hands on my sofa. The realisation of what I’d just done was really beginning to hit me, and paranoia was setting in. What if someone found out what we’d been doing? It’s one thing buying a girl clothes, but it’s entirely another rubbing a 13 year old’s pussy until she came under you. I could only hope that she wouldn’t realise the power she would now have over me if she ever decided to use blackmail. I heard moving around in the spare room, and knew Naomi was now out of the shower.

It wasn’t long before she came down the stairs into the living room. Her long hair was damp and dark, but still shone beautifully. Her school uniform had been replaced by a minuscule black mini-dress, that she knew had been one of my favourite purchases for her. I could see that under it she wore black hold-up stockings, as the lacy tops were visible even pulled high up her thighs.

"You like?" she asked coyly, twirling to display how the black material hugged her slim nubile body, and mouth-watering rear.

"You know I like a lot!" I said laughing, but still completely unable to tear my eyes away from her.

"Well," she said, "I think you’ll like this even more…," and with that she peeled the tight black dress from her body, revealing a seductive black and red bustier of her own choosing, a tiny black fishnet thong that showed her puffy pussy in all its pubescent glory, and the sheer black hold-ups that I already knew she was wearing.

My jaw hit the floor. Even at 13, still skinny and undeveloped like a child, Naomi was stunningly sexy. She placed her hands on her hips, and gave me another, much slower and more seductive twirl, letting my gaze travel up and down her exposed body, lingering on the naked cheeks of her perfect bum, with the tiniest of strings between them, and the long slim legs that I loved so much.

I was so shocked by the sexiness of this private show, that I just sat there as Naomi lowered herself to her stockinged knees in front of me.

"Paul," she said softly, "I want you to teach me something…"

"Anything," I whispered truthfully.

"I want you to teach me how to give you a blow job. I’ve heard about that at school, playground rumours and all that, but no-one’s really explained what happens. I really want to make you feel as good as you make me feel."

I was stunned, but far too turned on to disagree, or to continue my earlier thoughts about the possible consequences. I pulled her to me as she knelt between my legs, and kissed her pouty hot lips. As my tongue entered her mouth, I felt her small hand begin to tug on the zip of my jeans. With a little help from me they were soon open, and breaking our kiss, we both pulled them and my underpants down my legs.

How many men would have exercised any form of self control in the same situation? Sitting half naked on my sofa, with the sexiest young girl I’d ever met on her knees before me dressed in slutty lingerie, and begging me to teach her how to suck my cock. I did what any heterosexual man would do, and guided her young head down to my waiting erection.

My cock was harder than it had ever been, anticipating the feel of a pubescent mouth, and child-like tongue. Guiding her gently with hands and soft words, I instructed her on how to hold me with one hand round the base of my shaft, leaving the other free to play with her pussy in its fishnet thong at the same time. I had her lick my musky cock-head first, getting her used to the taste and feel of the straining hot flesh, before finally succumbing to temptation, and pushing my hips forward to bury my swollen cock in her willing waiting wide-open mouth.

The sensation of having my cock engulfed by Naomi’s hot wet mouth, and the gentle suction I told her to apply, as she rubbed my shaft up and down with her tiny hand, and licked the underside of my cock-head with her girlish tongue, was truly indescribable. I had never experienced a feeling like it with any other girl before. Of course, no other girl who had gone down on me had been as truly sexy as Naomi, or had allowed me to guide her every movement to maximise my pleasure, but it still showed immense natural talent to produce the best blow-job of my life.

I could feel myself getting close, even after only such a short time, and I took her head in my hands, holding it and telling her to suck and lick my cock all she could. My hips were bucking off the sofa, jabbing my cock into the pink ‘O’ of her suctioning lips, but she took it all in her stride. I was unaware of her own hand being a blur in the confines of her tight fishnet panties, pinching and rubbing her little clitty for all she was worth.

Suddenly I gripped her head and held it steady, pumping my cock into her, face-fucking my child-lover as I released a torrent of pent-up semen into her throat. She gulped and gagged around my spasming cock-head, as I whispered over and over for her to swallow my hot cum.

Finally my spurts died down, and I realised I had Naomi’s head in a vice-like grip. Shocked, I released her, and she flopped backwards, gasping for air, and coughing to clear her throat of thick gobs of my cum. Concerned, I moved to her, but she just laughed, and finished up by spitting a small slick of semen into the palm of her hand.

"So that’s what it looks like," she said, breathlessly.

Relieved at not having hurt her, I sat back on the sofa, and mentally cursed myself for loosing control. It had been a truly mind-blowing blow-job, and the best orgasm I could ever remember having, fuelled by the past few hours in the forbidden company of this teenage lolita. But at the vital moment I’d risked losing her, chancing a rape charge for half a minute of rough oral. I’d lost control like that with a girlfriend once, and she’d thrown me out that instant, never to take me back. I didn’t blame her then, and I wouldn’t have blamed Naomi now, but to my intense relief she didn’t seem to mind.

"I’m so sorry for doing that to you," I said, "I didn’t mean to be that rough."

"It’s ok, honey," she said soothingly, "I don’t mind. I quite like the fact that I can get you off that well. It makes me feel like I’ve done a good job if you loose control of yourself."

"But I might have hurt you without meaning to. I could have gone into your throat and choked you."

"Nah," she replied with a grin, "I’d have bitten your cock off if you’d have done that, whether you were holding my head or not!"

We both laughed, and I relaxed again. She licked the cum she’d spat onto her palm back off her hand, having finished examining it.

"It doesn’t taste of much when its going in, but its much stronger when its been hanging around a bit," she observed.

"Tastes bad?" I asked.

"Ask me again when I’ve had some more," she replied, with a sexy smile. "So, how long before he’s up for action again?"

As she toyed with my half-hard cock it began to stiffen again, as I enjoyed the feel of her small hands on my sensitive organ.

"Not long by the looks of it," I replied.

"Good, ‘cause I need a fuck!"

I was shocked! I knew she was forward, and I knew she was into me, but to just come out with something like that minutes after finishing her first blow-job and having received her first belly-full of cum, was astounding. I didn’t know if I was ready for taking this teen’s cherry.

"Wouldn’t you rather wait until you’re older, and you’re with someone you love?"

"Paul, you still don’t get it, do you?" she said, with a suddenly grown-up expression on her beautiful face. "I am with someone I love, and I’m as grown-up as I want to be. I want your cock to be the first one in my pussy."

Her words were definitely having an effect on my cock, and it was swelling to huge proportions under her hand. I had come this far, and knew that I could hardly get into any more trouble than I already was. I wanted Naomi so badly, and if she was more than willing to open her sexy legs for me to split open her pussy for the first time, I wasn’t about to argue any further.

As she peeled herself out of her bustier, I pulled my t-shirt over my head, then pushed her gently backwards, laying her flat out on the soft rug on my living room floor. Fortunately the curtains were closed, as any passer-by would otherwise have been able to see a naked 26 year old man with a hungry look in his eyes pulling the sexy panties from a 13 year old girl’s little body, sliding them down her stockinged legs, and throwing them to one side, before dipping his head to her crotch, and licking her pubescent cunny for the first time in her life.

Naomi moaned loudly as my hot tongue made contact with the puffy lips of her recently played-with pussy. Her teenaged clit was sticking up high, and I nipped at it with my teeth, causing her to gasp and squirm. Holding her hips firmly, I entered her young hole with my tongue, and pushed it as far in as I could, seeking out her maidenhead. I found it, and discovered small holes in the membrane that I knew would make what was coming easier for both of us.

With Naomi’s pussy thoroughly soaking with her juices and my saliva, I moved up her supine body, until we were face to face. Her expression was equal parts fear, excitement, discomfort and lust, as I lined my cock-head up with the entrance to her slit, and pushed forward.

She squealed and screwed her eyes tightly shut as the thickness of my cock stretched her teenie pussy for the first time in her young life, but she was unable or unwilling to move away from the hard invader. I was grunting with the effort of ploughing slowly into her, drawing back momentarily every time I encountered resistance, then pushing sharply forward again. This was the first time I had taken a girl’s virginity, and somewhere in my mind I knew I should be being gentle, and be taking her slowly and considerately, but the uncontrollable beast that had caused me to face-fuck Naomi during her first blow-job was in me again, and all I could concentrate on was the incredible tightness of this young girl’s cunt around my super-hard shaft, and how good it would feel to fuck her hard and fast.

I had breached Naomi’s defences, forcing my way into her young cunt-hole though force and perseverance. The girl herself was moaning, and gasping , and squealing with every forward thrust, until she suddenly froze as one of my thrusts made contact with her hymen. I didn’t pause, though, and the head of my cock pushed forward once again, tearing the thin membrane from small hole to small hole, until they had joined up into one big hole, enough for my shaft to push on through into her waiting cunt beyond.

Warm blood began to mix with Naomi’s juices lubricating my cock, and I could feel the sticky mixture bubble up at the entrance to her speared pussy, coating her pubis and my shaft and balls in pink froth.

I was fucking her in earnest now, my cock stabbing against the stub of her pubescent cervix with each thrust. Naomi had taken to squealing with every inward movement, until the force of my thrusts turned her squeals into screams. Knowing that not even the police breaking down my door would cause me to pull out of my teenage lover right at that moment, I still didn’t want the possibility of them turning up anyway, so I took my weight on one hand, and clamped the other over the little girl’s mouth, muffling her noises enough so that I knew they wouldn’t carry outside my house.

Her sexy stockinged legs were widely splayed either side of my frantically humping body, and her nipples were like warm bullets rubbing against my chest, as I slammed my pubic bone hard against hers. I was in her unbelievably tight cunt a far as I could go, which was an impressive depth for a young girl’s first time, and I knew the friction of her pussy walls clamped tightly around my shaft would mean I wouldn’t last much longer.

Just as I knew I was reaching orgasm, Naomi suddenly rammed her body back against my own, and came harder than I’d ever seen a girl cum before. She bucked wildly, screaming over and over again beneath my muffling hand, with her already tight cunt muscles squeezing my cock painfully. This sent me over the edge, and in a blur of thrusting bodies I joined her in orgasm, flooding the inside of her young body with hot sticky cum.

Our combined orgasms lasted longer than I would have believed possible, but eventually, inevitably, we slowed to a standstill. The guilt I had experienced at assaulting Naomi’s mouth earlier was magnified a hundred times when I realised how savagely I’d fucked her. It was a first time I was certain she’d never forget. Naomi, however, just lay in my arms beneath me, a contented smile on her beautiful face, gazing up at me with her amazing blue eyes.

"Thank you, Paul," she whispered, "thank you so much."

It took a moment for me to realise what she was saying, and that I wasn’t about to be reported for a serious sexual attack. She’d taken my cock into her virgin pussy, allowed me to rip open her hymen, and let me flood her belly with cum, and had thanked me for doing it afterwards! I was in heaven!

I kissed Naomi and she eagerly responded, our mouths joining like our sex organs still were, locking together in love. She moved sensuously beneath me, massaging my softening cock with her ultra-tight young pussy muscles, and rubbing her sexy stockinged legs over my naked back and thighs. Finally we parted, and as my cock softened further I knew that the product of my tearing of her hymen – copious amounts of her blood – was already mixed with our juices, and was leaking out of her abused hole onto the rug below us.

I pulled out of her with a sticky pop, and true enough, a gush of red and pink followed me. As Naomi lay there in post-orgasmic bliss, I hurriedly grabbed some kitchen towels and cleaned myself, and her, and the floor of the evidence of our lovemaking. The rug was ruined, but it was an experience I would have gladly paid anything for – a new floor covering was nothing.

Naomi and I lay on the floor and cuddled as we talked about all that had happened. She explained that she had seen me around on the estate, not long after her family had moved to the area, and she had developed a huge crush on me. Riding her bike in front of my house in a mini-skirt was her way of getting my attention, and she was pretty pleased with herself that her plan had worked. Today had gone better than she had ever dreamt was possible, and she had no regrets over having lost her virginity to the man who had taken it so many times in her fantasies.

I was blushing when she said that, but hugged her tighter in appreciation. I kept on apologising for being so rough with her, and for loosing control just when she needed me to be gentle and patient, but she waved away my fears. She loved the fact that she could turn me on so much that I would completely loose control with her, and just be all animalistic and manly. It gave her confidence that she was doing things right, and it made her feel all girly and controlled and loved, plus dirty and grown-up. She made me promise I would always fuck her roughly, and I swore on my life that I would.

* * *

This story is not yet finished, but it's complete enough as it is to post what's written so far. Keep checking back to see if I've posted more! Jade xxx 31/5/2003


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