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Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden. _____________________________ Part 4 Bill had had an equally satisfying release with his little girl, and they laid there on the warm sand, with the last drips of cum running out of their cocks. "You're not a newbie anymore, Davey Boy!" Bill exclaimed. "Man, that was incredible! That little girl was unbelievably good!" "Don't'll find a lot of that, here. Little girls have the sweetest mouths on the planet! And that's not all they have! You'll learn, and then you'll be even more amazed......especially when you realize all this was here, just waiting for you, the whole time you were trying to repress your secret arousal." "Ya, well those days are over, thanks to you, Bill." "No thanks necessary. You brought us all a new little girl, to enjoy. Now, you just lay back and enjoy yourself, and you'll be taken care of, like you never imagined." ________________________________ The girls had all joined back up, and ran over to where their fathers were laying. The men half sat up, leaning back on their forearms. "You girls helping Mindy get adjusted, I hope?" Bill asked his girls. "Yes Daddy!" They both replied. "You should've seen her. She played with three men, already!" Mindy looked down at the sand. Obviously she was a little embarrassed. "What a good girl!" Her father commended her efforts. "Three of the luckiest men in this place!" Mindy looked at her father, and smiled. "All of them had really big cocks, like yours, Daddy." "Well, it seems you know what you like, doesn't it? I think if I were a little girl and I wanted to play with cocks, I would pick the big ones, too." He returned his daughter's smile. "Our hut is right over there." He pointed to it. "Our names are on the door, so when you get tired or need to lay down, to get out of the sunshine (as everyone referred to the bright lights), or if you need me, you go there, okay?" "Uh huh." She nodded her head. "If you want anything else to eat or drink, just go to the snack bar and ask for it. Alright?" "I will, Daddy." "Tomorrow's going to be a big day, so don't stay out late.....and keep in touch with Carolyn and Jennifer. You're still new here....remember that." "I will, Daddy." "Good girl." The men laid back down, and the three girls ran off to play on the swings, near the snack bar. "Relax Dave. Your little girl's going to be just fine, here." "Looks like, huh?" "Yup." Bill replied. A smile formed on his lips, as Dave looked over to him. _____________________________________ Saturday morning started, with the din of people outside the door of the hut. It woke Mindy up, who usually got up before her father, on their weekends together, anyway. She carefully climbed out of bed, trying not to wake him up, by doing so, and unlatched the door. Cracking it open, her eyes were greeted with a steady stream of men and little girls coming from the locker room, spilling out onto the beach, each finding their place, for the day. Some brought towels, and some didn't. Some of the men were alone......a LOT of the men were alone, she quickly realized! Mindy watched them walking in, with their hard cocks wagging back and forth, and she felt a shiver go through her body. It was a good kind of shiver, and she liked feeling it. There were men with big cocks and men with small cocks. Lots of them had cocks that were somewhere in between. Mindy liked looking at the big cocks, most of all. They were the ones that gave her the biggest shiver, and the ones that she thought were just the most interesting ones to examine. She saw lots of cocks that she thought would be fun to play with. That was good, because the more of those there were, the more exciting her day would be, she figured. That was a good thing about this place being what her father called a `nudist colony.' Everyone walked around without any clothes on, and you could see everything! Mindy liked that a lot! She never even knew that men had cocks and balls, before she found out last weekend. She couldn't take her eyes off her father's cock, when she saw it for the first time! It was so long and so big.....and when Carolyn put her mouth over the big head part, she couldn't believe it! She didn't know what in the world Carolyn was doing. Then, she saw that she was sucking it, and it seemed to make some kind of sense. She even wanted to do it, after watching Carolyn pull it out and put it back in a few times. It looked so `shivery' to see it all wet and shiny, like that. Later that weekend, when she actually got to have her father's cock in her mouth, she knew that she really liked sucking on cockheads, a LOT. And she liked feeling them squirt, too. She didn't know why, but last night she noticed that it made her wet between her legs, when she sucked those three men. She really enjoyed all of their cocks, but the first one was the biggest, so it was the best. She even liked licking it all over, after it was done squirting. It gave her a chance to look at it, up close, and see how beautiful it was. Plus, the big one stayed hard, even after he came. Licking or sucking, big cocks were definitely the best! There were already so many people out there. She couldn't imagine when they all got there? She didn't even know what time it was. It was always noontime in the dome, with those bright lights! That's how it seemed, anyway! Then Mindy watched a very tan man walking across the sand. He was like a football player, he looked so big and strong! He had a hard cock that was so big! She got some real shivers that wouldn't stop, from looking at its big head, and long thick shaft. He came right over near the hut where she was peeking out of, and sat down on the sand, with his back to her. Then he laid down, and his huge cock stuck straight up in the air. She watched it throbbing. It was fascinating to see it pulsing, like that, and she couldn't take her eyes off it. Mindy slipped out through the opening, and went down onto the sand, to where the man was laying. She knelt down beside him and wrapped her small hands around his big thick shaft. It felt so strong and so much bigger than anything she had ever imagined a cock could be. She could feel it pulsing in her hands. The head was enormous, and swollen so tightly it shined like a big red apple. Her eyes were glued to it, as she moved her face closer and closer, examining every feature.... staring so intently! Her mouth opened wide, and her lips touched the sides of his cockhead, while the tip went into her mouth, already half-filling it, with barely any of it past her lips. Her body shivered uncontrollably and she pushed her mouth down over more of his shiny red head. It filled her mouth so completely.....her jaw stretched open as far as she could stretch it! She felt the lobes of his glans pressed tight against her tongue, and her tongue molded itself against them and up into the crease between them. She felt the whole underside of his swollen head slide against her tongue, as the top of his head scraped against the roof of her mouth. Finally, the biggest part of his flared glans passed through her lips, and her mouth was totally full of cockhead. She began sucking it, ferociously, unable to control herself. All she could think of was making it cum! She desperately wanted to feel it start squirting into her mouth. She even hoped it would squirt right down her throat into her belly, and keep squirting till she was full of his cum. She sucked so hard, and then pulled her mouth off it, to look at it again. It was so wet, and there was a thick string of juice hanging off it, going straight to her mouth, like she had seen when Carolyn was sucking her father's cock. Clear juice was dripping from his cumhole, and she licked it into her mouth, before forcing her mouth down over his whole head, once again. Again, she began sucking ferociously, and moving her tongue under his glans, the little bit that she could. She felt his hand gently press against the back of her neck, and slowly his big swollen head moved deeper into her mouth, till she could feel it pressing against the top of her throat. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, and she sucked for his cum to shoot out. She felt the man's hand release her neck, allowing her mouth to slide back the slight bit that moved the tip of his head from her throat, as she continued sucking. Then, Mindy pushed her head forward, on her own, forcing more of his cock into her mouth, again.....against her throat. She held it there, as the first spurt shot down her throat. He pulled back slightly as the next spurt shot against the back of her throat. She gulped hard and fast to swallow the cum. She felt it blowing past the corners of her mouth....running down her neck....while it filled her throat, and what little space there was inside her mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could, but there was just too much cum to swallow it all! Mindy was delirious with desire for everything this man could give her. Even as she choked on his thick spurts of cum, she wanted to feel more of it squirting into her mouth, for her to swallow. The wetness trickled from the slit between her legs, and when the man saw that, he couldn't help but slowly slide his hand across the sand. reaching his fingers to touch her wetness.....touching little Mindy where no man had ever touched her before, his fingertips slid along her tender slit, as he shot his cum out, for her to drink. "Oh are so fucking good!" He told her as he slid fingertips against her wet slit. Her body shivered all over, and whatever he was doing, she didn't want him to stop. She tried to push her hips forward, so she could feel his fingertips pressing against her harder. Finally, she managed to feel him touching her more firmly. It felt like he was almost going inside her. It felt so good, as his cum ran out of her mouth....running down her neck, across her chest and belly, before she remembered to keep lost in feeling him touch her wetness. He slid his hand away, before anyone saw what he was doing, and brought them to his lips, where he sucked the delicious flavor of little girl juice, from his fingers. The spasms ended, and the cum stopped spurting into her mouth, but little Mindy's euphoria would last for quite some time, afterwards. She wiped the cum from her chest and belly, and then licked it from her hand, as the man lied there and watched her, his cock still pulsing over her. "You are an amazing little girl." He told her. "I hope I will see you again, very soon." "Me too." She told him. "Do you always get wet, like that?" "N-N-No......Not always," was all she could think to say, since she couldn't tell him that she had never gotten wet like that with a man, before. "It tastes delicious......your sweet little girl juice. Please don't tell anyone I touched you there. I could get thrown out of here, for that......but when I saw you so wet, I couldn't stop myself." "I won't tell. I liked it. It made me shiver......good shivers, I mean." She added. "No one ever touched me there, before." "Really?" "Uh huh." She nodded, as if to stress the fact. "You are the fifth man I have ever been with, to suck his cock." "No!" He said, incredulously. "Yes sir," she quickly replied. "I sucked my daddy;s cock for the first time last weekend, and I sucked three more, last night." She told him defiantly. " learn fast, huh?" "I like to suck cocks." "I see that." "I like big ones, like yours, the best. Yours is the biggest one I've ever seen. That's why I had to sneak I could suck it." "Sneak out?" "We're staying in that hut, right over there." She turned and pointed to the hut her father was still sleeping in. "My daddy's still asleep, but when I peeked out and saw your cock, I knew I had to make you cum." "I'm sure glad you did. Could you tell me your name?" "It's Mindy. We came with Bill and his girls, Carolyn and Jennifer, last night." "I'm Tom, Mindy. Nice to meet you. So this is your first time here, Mindy?" "Uh huh. But my daddy says we're going to come here all the time, now." "That's good to know. I'll probably be here all the time, too." "Then maybe you can feed me again." "Feed you?" "Ya. My daddy says that this is where men come, so little girls can play with their hard cocks, and they can give all their cum to hungry little girls like me who want to fill our little bellies with it." "Well,I guess that about covers it. Your father's a smart man. You better run along now, Mindy, before your father worries where you are." "Ya.....I guess?" "Bye Mindy. I'll see you again." "Bye." Tom watched Mindy's cute little ass run back to the hut, and go inside. Then he stood up, brushed himself off and headed back to the locker room. "Plenty of day left to take the boat out, and go fishing,: he said to himself. (To be continued)