Bruce and Laurie Part 1

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Note from the Author:  This is the first story I have ever tried
to write, hope you like it. Please let me know what you think.

Bruce and Laurie Part 1

Written By Jack Solstice

         Chapter 1

Bruce was a typical 13 year-old boy, who was shy around girls. He
had very few friends, those who he did have, were like him, the
outsiders; loners who really did not like people that much.  He
would spend most of his days in his room after school and if he
was not there, he was in the garage working on his go-cart that
his father had gotten him for his birthday last year.

Recently Bruce has found out how to masturbate and he wanted to
have sex, but was shy around girls his own age.

Bruce had a problem though, he wanted to have sex so much that he
masturbated four or more times a day.

Bruce also had a little sister, who was a constant pain in the
ass, her name was Laurie she was 8 years-old.

Well he had been talking to his friends, and reading as much as
he could in books, trying to find out information.  Then he
remembered his parents had bought him such a book that was for
educational purposes.

He went after those books, two of them; one “What’s Happening to
me?” was still in his parent’s room, but he knew where. He had
one, “Where did I come from?” so he went to get the other, but
had to be careful as he was not allowed in his parent’s room.
Although he had to get the book… and he did.

So he began reading the book, it talked about how boys and girls
both masturbated but he did not understand HOW, a female
masturbated, that interested him immensely.

So he started to think of ways of how to get a look at his
sister.  He began to charting when his mom, gave his sister her
bath, because she had hair to her ass; and Laurie could not get
it cleaned by herself. Then about one week later Bruce got his
chance, his parents where going out with friends, and family for
some type of dinner, and he had to watch his sister. His Mom told
him to help her get her bath, which he replied he did not want to
do.  She promptly told him he would, or would be grounded… so he
agreed. Little did his mother know, this was exactly the
opportunity that, he had been waiting for.

           Chapter 2

Bruce’s parents left around 3:00pm and his sister did not get a
bath until eight. His mom told him they would be back tomorrow;
the food was in the fridge; and to call the neighbor next door if
he had any problems.

He spent the next couple of hours in the garage fooling around
with his go-cart. He had broken the frame last weekend, at his
grandfather’s house. He was trying to get it cleaned up, so he
and his father could weld it back together. About the time he
finished Laurie came out and told him, she was hungry and to make
her something to eat. He told her he would be in, in a few minute
to heat up dinner; she then went back into the house.

He went into the kitchen and fixed dinner for both of them. Now
he told her, since it was about seven not to get too comfortable,
and that she would be getting a bath in an hour. She replied that
she would prefer to take one now. He told her to go upstairs and
start the water; he would be up after he finished the dishes, at
which he was almost done drying them off.

Laurie went upstairs, and Bruce heard her start the water; about
the time that he finished.  The water shut off, and he went up
stairs to help. Bruce thought to himself "now for the fun".

Now Bruce had on numerous occasions seen his little sister naked,
but when he got up to the bathroom she was not there.  He went
into Laurie’s room to find she had nothing on, but a pair of
white panties. Bruce was confused; she was on the floor with her
hand in her panties and kicking her leg every few seconds.

Now Bruce wondered WHAT WAS she doing, but as she was facing the
television in her room; all he could see was her doing something
in her panties. Then it hit him… she was playing with herself. He
couldn't be happier. See his mom caught him a few weeks before;
and his mother had whooped his ass; he had a red ass the rest of
the day.  Now he had something on his “pain in the ass” sister.

            Chapter 3

So Bruce seizes this opportunity to interrupt his sister Laurie
by yelling,
“Hey Laurie what are you doing!!"

This startles Laurie at once starts crying saying "Please don't
tell mom what I was doing. I don't want to get a spanking." While
crying she had now pulled her hands to her face and was shaking,
so hard she had started to hiccup.  Because she was crying so
hard finally he said… they would talk about it.  He told her to
“Go, get into the bath tub”.  She meekly complied and stopped
crying, thinking it would be ok.

Laurie ran to the bathroom… with Bruce following right behind
her. When he walked in she had her back to him… showing him her
panty covered ass.  He watched as she pulled off her white
panties exposing her cute white preteen ass to him. As she bent
over he was able to catch a glimpse of her pussy crack. Bruce
told her to get into the bath so he could wash her hair. Laurie
climbed into the bath tub, when she did it gave Bruce a total
view of her little hairless pussy. Bruce immediately got a raging
hard-on which his little sister luckily did not see.  He pushed
it down his pant leg because he had a tent in his pants.

Now Bruce… was really looking at her, as a girl instead of his
sister. She was very pretty.
She was about 5' 1'' and weighed about 65 - 70 pounds.  She
looked underweight, but Bruce new she had always ate more than he
ever did. She had a very flat tummy; nice little legs that were
very muscular for her age.  You could see clearly defined muscles
in her legs.  She had a very, curved pussy… that was very cute,
not like some of the pictures he had seen on the internet.  She
had a little more meat there and he loved it.  For some strange
reason he wanted to taste this forbidden fruit, but he would have
to wait for the right time to do so.

Then he looked at her ass again it still had most of her baby fat
on it, and it was small, but very nicely curved.  She had a
child’s bubble butt; small but she had an ass he wanted to
squeeze. But he did not want to do, that just yet there would be
time for that. Bruce now glared at her chest, very flat but
Laurie had cute little pink nipples. Then he glanced at her face
she was very cute, with little lips that he just wanted to kiss.

During all this Laurie became aware of his scrutiny, and did not
understand but it made her feel funny to be looked at in this

She said, "Bruce what are you staring at?"

This brought poor Bruce out of his fantasy, and made his erection
go down. He told her to pass the shampoo, so he could wash her
hair. Laurie gave Bruce the shampoo… and he began washing her
hair. Bruce was just about done with her hair… when the phone
rang it was their mother, asking if everything was “ok”.  Bruce
assured his mother that him and Laurie were ok.  Mom told him to
tell Laurie that “She loved her” then said that “She loved him
too” and she hung up. Bruce went back into the bathroom and seen
his sister was waiting for something.

"What?” said Bruce.

"Who was that?" asked Laurie.

"That was mom, she said, ‘she loves you!’" Bruce responded.

"What did she want?" Laurie questioned.

"She just wanted to make sure we were ‘ok.’" Bruce stated.

"Oh." Laurie responded.

"Will you wash me? I don't wanna!" asked Laurie.

"Why, do you want me to do it?"

"Because, I want you to… mom sometimes washes me, and I like not
having to wash myself."

"That was not the agreement I had with mom."

"Please, I want you to finish giving me a bath… pleeeeeease!!"

“Well, ok… I guess it won't kill me"

"Yay… Thank you, Big Brother!!!!"

Bruce could not believe his luck, he was going to be able to wash
her… and he would be able to touch his sister, in places that he
really wanted to touch, but would have never asked to do… because
he would have been in loads of trouble, and then he would never
had a chance.

He asked his sister to give him the soap… it had fallen into the
tube.  When she went to grab it, he was treated with a full view
of all… of his sister’s hidden treasures. As she bent over her
preteen pussy opened, just slightly, and he was given a quick
glimpse of the beautiful pink, of some of her pussy.

He got an immediate raging hard on so bad… that it hurt. She
noticed his discomfort, and asked “What’s wrong”… he responding
“Nothing, I’m ok hand me the soap”.  She did and he lathered up
the wash rag, it was close to ‘thread bare’ he had picked this
one on purpose… because it would give him the best part of his
sister, while washing her, he would be able to feel her goods… he
was ecstatic.

He started at her face, he told her to; close her eyes… so he
could do her face.  She did, and he got a good amount of soap on
her face.  He smiled now… his sister could not open her eyes
without getting soap in them.  He proceeded to wash her back… to
just above her ass.  “Such a cute ass,” he thought to himself.

He turned her around, and started on her chest feeling Laurie’s
little nipples though the deteriorating fabric.  He paid special
attention to her little nipples… first the right then the left
causing her to giggle, and exclaim, that what he was doing

So he moved to her tight little tummy and began washing it… her
stomach was so smooth.  Bruce then moved onto her legs, so nice
and soft he almost lost his load in his pants, but he forced it

When he got to her little butt he knew he was going to lose it
but it was fine with him… he would clean up with a shower, after
she was done.  He asked his sister to “bend over” so he could
wash her butt. Laurie bent over at the waist, and he now had his
sister's goods right in his face.  Bruce was in heaven… he
started washing her butt; it was so soft but firm, at the same

He knew he wanted to be touching her hairless preteen pussy when
he lost it so he washed it quickly but firmly… reveling in the
soft smoothness of her ass.  Bruce felt the stirring in his balls
begin… so he "accidently” ran his finger though the crease of her
virginal vagina. She jumped a little at this contact, but let him
and Bruce lost it… shaking in the first orgasm that he never had
to touch himself for. To him it seemed to last forever… and he
loved it.  Although all this, he only gave a soft whimper that
his sister Laurie never herd.

He quickly asked her to spread her self so he could do her butt
and ‘buggy’ for her… she reached behind herself and spread
herself. Bruce was once more treated to an even better view of
his sister’s asshole.  So pink it was… he ran the wash cloth over
it and she giggled, again “that tickles” she whimpered.

He finished and asked her to spread her buggy so he could wash it
too. Bruce for the first time, in his short life, was given a
full view of a real live girl’s sex.  He was hard again… he
noticed the small opening that was her vagina.  He had so wanted
to rub a finger in it, but was afraid she would tell.  So he
gently washed her little puss savoring the ultra smooth skin that
was her pussy.

He finished washing her and grabbed the shower head off the
holder and turned the water back… on testing it because he did
not want to scald is sister. He rinsed her off and told her to
shake the excess water from herself before… giving her
instructions to get out and dry off.

Laurie was thinking why her brother put his finger in her “buggy”
as she called her vaginal area since she was very young. It
shocked her some, but it felt good to have it there… although mom
said, “no one” should touch her there, but Bruce was washing her.
So she just put it out of her mind saying he was washing her down
there. But she was not able it felt strange but part of her…
wanted him to do it again, it felt better… no matter it was only
there for a second. She wanted him to do it again… because that
short contact felt better than what she had been doing; "Doing
her ‘buggy’" as she called it.

She wanted him to do it, but it was wrong… Mommy had warmed her
no one was “ever” to touch her privates, except for a doctor. 
She thought maybe even if it was wrong… “I can get him to do it
again”.  Then she looked at him and “gasp”… he had a big wet spot
in his pants.  She did not splash him… how did he get water on
his pants, but evidently he did somehow.

She looked at her big brother and asked, “Bruce could you dry me

Bruce was watching her trying to get as much of a view of her as
he could… so he would have something to think about, as he beat
off later that night. When she asked him that he thought well… “I
can try to get another feel of her cute ass” but he wasn't going
to give in that easily.

He said, "Why, you are old enough to dry yourself off?"

Laurie thought quickly, because some part of her mind wanted him
to touch her again… but the other knew it was wrong. She was not
going to stop this.

She replied, "Because you washed me at least you could dry me
off.  I'm getting cold… please!"

Bruce was now of two minds he wanted to, but the nut he shot in
his pants was an unpleasant feeling. He thought about it and
decided… “Hell might as well this might be the last time he get
an offer like this”… although catching her masturbating he still
had not decided what he was going to make her do for payment, to
keep his silence so he thought “ok”.

He walked over to the toilet and told her to, “come here and give
him the towel” she did… then Bruce started to dry her.  He
decided to save her puss for last.  He finished drying her
ignoring her puss… acting like he was done.

Laurie stopped him, “Hey you forgot my buggy it’s still wet and
my butt is too, but be gentle you need to be careful… or it will

Now Bruce was planning on drying her buggy, but wanted to see
what he was dying so… he told her to “move back, face the door
and bend over and he would dry it for her”. She got a funny look
on her face but complied with his orders, and moved, then bent
over.  He got as close to the corner of the towel and dried her

Bruce still did not have the view he truly wanted, so he told her
to “lay down” so he could dry her “buggy” she paused for a
minute, but did what he asked. He gently spread her legs as far
as he could, so he could see her pussy, and very slowly began to
dry her most personal place. He was about to loose it in his
pants again. He gently wiped the outside of Laurie’s very bald
very pretty preteen pussy… when he looked up his sister was
looking at him.  She was red in the face. He did not care.

He softly asked her to spread her buggy… she responded, that
since he was drying her it was… his job, to do so.  Bruce could
not believe it… he was going to touch her on her pussy, and she
was not going to stop him, just that thought set him off. He
carefully reached toward the forbidden place of his sister's
child sex. As he got his hand to her sex he looked at her she was
red faced; but watching very intently with a unsure look in her
eyes, it was that very look that scared Bruce the most.

He looked down his hand was touching her pretty pussy, and when
he realized it, he lost control.  It felt like he dumped a bucket
in his pants, and he was getting dizzy when his orgasm was over.
Laurie was going to say something but stopped, before she let out
a word.  She didn’t want to ruin the moment they were sharing.

He gently spread her pussy reveling in being able to touch such a
wonderful place. It was baby smooth.  When he did this Laurie
moaned… Bruce heard it and pulled his hand away from her like he
was burned. He asked “are you ok”… Laurie smiled as said, “I am
still wet there” he hadn’t dried her completely.  Then spotting
his pants she noticed the lump and an even bigger wet spot.

Then Laurie asked, “Did you pee yourself?”… Bruce told her “No,
it is the water from the floor I just stuck my hand in, and wiped
off on my pants.”  She gave him a look as if she did not believe
him, but left him alone.

He gently put his hand back onto her sex and spread the lips of
her pussy, and he looked before gently drying her… it was so pink
he wanted to touch it; but was afraid that she would tell. Bruce
gently wiped off all of her buggy, slowly and softly making her
moan again; this time he just kept going until finished.

Then Bruce decided to take a chance, and very gently ran his
finger all the way through her crack; making her jump and moan,
then go stiff and silent again. He jumped up and ran to his room
telling her to get dressed.

Poor Laurie was confused now. She had pushed her brother to dry
her buggy, and he got the strangest look on his face.  When he
did that she thought he was enjoying touching her. When he did
touch her, she got the "willies" in her tummy down there like
when she was, “doing her buggy”.

She was confused because she liked it, but was not allowed to
have anyone to touch her there. She got up went to her room,
because she had seen the look on her big brothers face.  Before
he left he looked embarrassed, she made her brother do something
he did not want to do. As a result she thought he was going to
hate her.
She did enjoy the look on his face when he spread her buggy open;
it was like he had found a million dollars. She thought about
what she was going to tell her brother, but he would have been
mad at her, at school a few weeks ago.

In the girls bathroom Laurie had heard some older girls talking
about how their boyfriend had licked their pussy’s dry; and that
how it was just the best feeling ever. She had wanted her own
brother, to lick her buggy dry.  It was suppose to feel really
good, but she decided not to ask him to at the last second.

Laurie then started to cry, because she just knew, her brother
was mad at her. While she was crying she thought about how he had
asked her, to open her buggy up; so he could dry it; and how he
asked so softly that she almost couldn't hear him.  This also
confused her; “Why did he want her to hold it open, so he could
dry it?” “Why had she told him that since he was drying her it
was his job to hold it open?” Then she thought about how he so
gently opened it, she thought she herd him gasp, but was not
sure. Then she thought about how good it felt, and how she had
moaned in pleasure, when his hand made contact with her buggy.

Laurie was balling now, thinking about how Bruce had a big lump
in his pants; then he seemed to have wet himself. She was sure he
had peed himself, because it was wet very quick like he was
peeing. This thought made her feel real bad, she scared her
brother. Now she was one hundred percent, sure that he hated her,
and would never talk to her again.

So much had she looked up to him, all the times he stuck up for
her, at great personal loses. Then when he took and ran his
finger through her buggy she never felt anything like that
before, even when she was “doing her buggy”.  Then he ran to get
away from her, she felt like the world just came apart, and
started to cry uncontrollably.  Still naked she could no longer
stand, and collapsed on the bedroom floor.

Laurie then thought of how he had caught her rubbing herself, and
now she was really scared he hated her, and he found her doing
something she was told next time she'd be grounded for a month
for. While this, could get her grounded for a long time if he
said anything to her mother or father.  She now felt like shit.

Bruce went to his room with hopes of getting cleaned up, he just
got finished wiping all the nut off himself, with a tee shirt
when he herd his little sister crying.  He thought to himself,
"Oh Shit! …Now I’ve really done it, I’ve hurt my baby sister" he
then felt really bad.  He put some boxers on and rushed out of
his room to find out what was wrong and if he could fix it.

Knowing he had hurt her, she was going to hate him.  She would
tell mom and dad, he knew if she did, he would be screwed. When
he entered her room, she lay naked on the floor sobbing,
uncontrollably, ands it was his fault.  Bruce now felt like shit,
the scum of the earth; he went over to his baby sister and tried
talking to her.  Laurie just ignored him and kept crying.  He
felt he had to do something, so he left and went downstairs.
Downstairs he grabbed a movie that they both like to watch
together, and ran back upstairs.  Bruce threw it in his room and
hurried back to his sister, who was still crying.  He gently
picked her naked body up, and carried her to his room and gently
laying her on his bed.  He then grabbed a shirt and tried to put
it on her, but he could not get her to move, so he put the movie
in. He thought they could watch the movie together and maybe this
might help comfort Laurie.

He could she was watching him.  He thought about it, and then he
lay down on the bed next to her, and pulled her close to him.  He
hoped that her being in his room would help. She was not allowed
in his room normally, it was his room and she knew she was not to
go in there. He still felt like shit but cuddled with her

After about ten or more minutes, she started to stop crying and
rolled over, in the process of doing so Laurie rolled right on
top of her brother.  Bruce was shocked she really never had been
this close to him; and he loved the feel of her soft skin and of
her long hair brushing against his skin; and the smell of her

Bruce began stroking up and down her legs, loving the feeling of
her soft skin.  He then moved his hand to her back and just began
holding her. He wanted her to know even though he had hurt her,
he still loved her and did not mean hurt her.  Although he knew
he had, he just wanted to hold her hoping that maybe she would
not tell, that he had hurt her, thus saving him from getting into
trouble.  But there was a catch he was still a teen so his cock
became hard again, and came out of his boxers and pressed right
next to his sisters ‘buggy’ and ass.

Laurie knew her brother came into the room to see what the
problem was, but she was to far gone, crying.  She was crying
because she knew she had screwed up, and was going to be in
trouble.  She did not care, nothing mattered anymore, she had
hurt her brother and she did not know how to fix it. Then she
noticed the sad look on his face when he had left, and this
melted her heart, and made her cry even harder. She heard him
come back and go back into his room; she felt like the world had
ended… now he was done for the night, she felt hollow.

All of a sudden, like out of nowhere he returned to her room, she
did not hear him come back, he picked her up. She had no idea
where he was taking her, or what was going to happen.  She was
really scared now, and started shaking.  Then she felt herself be
laid onto a bed and she thought, “Where am I, what is he going to
do to me… because he is angry with me?”  Now she is was terrified
and is really bawling.

Then Laurie saw him put a movie in the VCR. The Movie was Forest
Gump it was one of their favorite movies.  She felt Bruce get
behind her, and start to cuddle with her; she felt glad, maybe
she would be able to work it all out with him. Then she thought
“But what is he going to want?”

She was not sure, but was willing to do or give anything, even if
it hurt her to get Bruce happy with her again.  Then she felt the
strangest sensation, she knew where both of his hands were. He
was holding her close, they both were on her back, but something
was sliding up between her legs.  Whatever it was, it ran past
her buggy making her Shiver, it tickled her buggy, and when it
stopped it was resting in her butt crack  It felt all hot and
smooth, she was enjoying his holding her, but she wanted to know
what was sliding on her butt and buggy.

It made her uncomfortable to have something between her legs; she
looked back but could not see what it was.  This intrigued the
young girl, and irritated her at the same time, because it
excited her and scared her at the same time.

Bruce was now scared, he knew his sister could feel his dick
because she turned around to look.  He knew Laurie had turned to
see what it was that crept between her legs.  He quickly thought
of something that was vile, his own mother naked, his erection
fell like someone had pricked a balloon.  He knew it went back
into his shorts as he could feel it.  He shifted slightly so the
hole would close in his boxers. He felt relieved that it had gone
down and she just looked at him. Wondering what just happened but
did not say anything.

Then Laurie laid her head on his chest and began to watch the
movie, about half way though it she fell asleep.  After she was
asleep for about 15 minutes Bruce gently rolled over and cuddled
with her. Then she decided to turn, to sleep on her back with her
legs slightly spread.  This gave him a heart stopping view of her
virginal pussy.  It was at that time when he decided he had to
use the bathroom.  He left the room quietly.

When he returned he stopped dead in his tracks, Laurie was laying
in his bed on her back with her legs propped up, and completely
spread, showing everything.  Bruce quietly walked over to the bed
to lie back down.  Then he got an idea, if she was asleep.  This
was the perfect opportunity to look at her vagina maybe even get
a quick taste, as she did not wake easily. He wanted to know if
what he had been hearing at school was true, that a girl’s pussy
tastes really good.

Bruce went over to the bed and gently sat down by her and called
her name, “Laurie”.  “She was not stirring” he thought, so he
shook her gently, and when she did not wake he knew it was safe.
He moved as quietly as he could hoping that he would have about a
good twenty minutes to explore a real live pussy.  He was so
excited; he was so enthralled; that he got another hard-on.  He
decided to keep it in his boxers, this time. As he reached the
end of the bed Laurie had not moved at all.  Bruce gently sat on
the bed and laid down six inches, from the most beautiful pussy
he had ever seen.

He gently touched her above her slit; he wanted to make sure she
was really asleep.  She didn’t budge, he decided it was safe. 
Ever so gently he ran his hand over the smooth skin. Bruce was
ecstatic he was finally able to touch a pussy up close, and not
be judged for being stupid or foolish.  He gently ran his finger
through the slit not penetrating, just tracing it. Laurie never
even moved; then he got bolder using both hands.  He opened the
forbidden, and unknown place, and he saw the beautiful pink,
smooth skin of his sisters vagina.
Then Bruce looked and saw the little hole where the vagina was,
it was pink but slightly red like; a red rose it was starting to
change in color, in was turning to an even deeper red.

Now Bruce got a little brave and moved his face closer and
inhaled deeply, he smelled the most wonderful fragrance, he could
not describe.  This smell drove him to next look at his sister,
she was out cold.  He gently stuck out his tongue and got close
enough to lick her pussy, and moved forward inch by inch until he
made contact. “Oh, what a taste”, he thought to himself, when his
tongue touched her pussy for the fist time. “So sweet the
flavor”, he began licking all of the pink skin between the lips
of her pussy.  He did this for probably five minutes; then a
little bit a clear liquid came out of Laurie’s little virgin

He licked the juices up and he wanted to taste them forever, but
it was not to last.  As the liquid came out she began to move. 
He quickly moved next to her, in a flash, because he did not want
to think of the trouble he would be in if he was caught with his
tongue in her pussy.

As he laid there next his beautiful sister, he himself went to
sleep; not caring about need to beat off but wanting to sleep
next to his first girl; that he was able to lick her pussy.  He
fell asleep thinking about how good Laurie’s pussy tasted.

Laurie started to feel sleepy, safe that she was next to her big
brother she drifted off, for a few minutes until Bruce decided to
get up; that woke her up she could not get comfortable without
him.  So she laid back and spread her legs enjoying the cool air
on her buggy when he heard her brother returning, she played

Laurie was embarrassed that she had her buggy showing, but the
air felt good and she would have never gotten comfortable without
it.  When he came into the room she had seen him pause and glance
over her.  She was unsure of what he was looking at, but he
stayed for a second, at the doorway then he crept back over, and
said her name “Laurie” he said it softly but something in his
voice made her stay quiet.

Then Bruce shook her gently, it took everything she had not to
laugh, but she held it in, “this was fun” she thought to herself;
then watched him he kneel down between her legs. Now she was
confused again, she though “What was he doing between her legs,
so close to her buggy?” it was making her uncomfortable again.

Then Bruce began touching it again, this scared her and she just
stayed limp when he ran his hands over her buggy.  Then he slid
his finger gently though her crack, this sent her though the
roof.  His finger felt so good, but it was wrong no one was
allowed to touch her there unless, it was a doctor.  She felt the
butterflies in her stomach, like when she was doing her buggy.

Then Bruce started holding her private place open and was looking
at it.  She could feel his breath on her buggy.  The feeling of
his breath softly blowing on her, sent goose bumps through her. 
Laurie knew she should be stopping him but couldn't bring herself
to.  It just felt so good, yet it was very confusing.

She wanted to cry, but did not when she saw him move his face
closer.  “What was he doing?”  Just then she felt him inhale it
began to freak her out.  She became nervous and scared; and
wanted to go into her room, but couldn’t till he was done.  “Who
knows what would happen if she said anything to anyone?” about
the situation currently going on.

Then she thought she seen his tongue come out, “What is he
doing?” then she felt it, he was licking her pussy.  “Oh… god
that feels, so good” she thought.  It seemed like it went on
forever to her, when he quit she was disappointed, because he had
stopped. It felt so good, it was one hundred times better than
when she did it.

Now she felt all wet in her buggy hole; she wanted him to lick it
dry because it felt so good, but she had to move when she felt it
start to become wet; she moved and it was all over.

He hurried to get next to her just like nothing had happened. 
Him cuddling with her, made her know, he loved her. She knew,
“What he did was wrong”, but she really liked it. “Maybe she if
played being asleep again”, he would do it again. She hoped he
would but could never ask, he would be mad, she knew this.  She
had known it was wrong from all the talks she got from her mother
and father. She thought, “If it felt this good… How could it be
wrong?”; “How could she not be allowed to do this?”; “Why was it
bad touch if someone touched you there?”

She did not have anyone to ask just yet, as she was going to
"wake up" from her pretend sleep. Her brother had fallen to
sleep, so she cuddled close and fell back to sleep. It felt good
to sleep next to her brother; she felt his arm around her gently
holding her.  She enjoyed the feeling of his arm around her and
this comforted her as she drifted off to sleep.

Bruce woke up a few hours later, with his still nude little
sister next to him.  He was groggy and was waking up, and then he
realized where his hand was it was cupping his sister’s young sex
between her legs. Laurie had closed her legs tight around his
hand ad she was making short humping motions.

Then he whispered to her, "Laurie… you awake?"

He heard a gasp come from Laurie, and then she replied “sorry”
and jumped up ran from his room crying.  She ran to her room and
slammed the door and locked it.  Bruce now felt like shit, she
had been using his hand to play with herself.  He was at a loss,
“Why did he have to say her name?” he thought.  Now he felt bad
that he had scared her after all she had trusted him enough to
masturbate herself with his hand.

Bruce felt his hand, it and had some of the liquid from Laurie on
it. He licked his hand and oh what great flavor, it tasted so
good.  He got up and went to the bathroom.
Bruce went to his sister’s door and tried the knob… it was
locked, so he knocked asking her if she would open the door. 
Laurie just started crying harder now, he started to cry, tears
running down his face.  He went back to his room to get a screw
driver to open her door.  He found one and unlocked her door; she
was lying on her bed ass up in the air, with her face buried in
the pillow crying.

Bruce walked over to and got into her bed, he then tried to
cuddle Laurie; she had seen him get red in the face and ran out
the room.  He called after her, “Laurie… I am so sorry, please
come back… PLEASE!!!!”  The last word came out as a wail, this
stopped her dead in her tracks, and she stopped turned around and
just held her arms out to him.  He knew she wanted him to pick
her up so he ran to his baby sister and picked her up.

Bruce then took her back to his room and just held the naked 8
year-old to his chest. He felt so bad for scaring her. He gently
began stroking her back and she quieted down.  He asked her, “Did
you like using my hand?”  She was starting to tear up again, he
told her, “Don’t cry… I am not mad at you… if you want my hand
back you can have it”. She just nodded to him.  He was shaking
with fear and lust at being able to touch his little sister down

“Can I watch?” Bruce asked.  She went very red in the face with
embarrassment and nodded, she took his hand, and placed it on the
softest skin Bruce had ever felt, and started humping against it.
 He just watched during this time, his dick became rock hard and
came out of his boxers; it took a few minutes for her to realize
it, she gasped went stiff, shook a little, as her breathing
became ragged, then had a big smile on her face until she had
seen his dick.  She asked, “What’s wrong with your pee-pee… it
looks like it hurts.” He responded, “It does a little… and I
usually play with it.”  He very quietly asked, “Can I use your

She thought about it then responded, “Yes.”  She held her hand
out.  He then realized he had some of her cum on his hand, and
with out thinking about it licked it off.

“Eww… What did you do that for?” Laurie asked

“It tastes good… like honey” Bruce responded.

“That’s gross… Where did it come from?”

“Well…From your buggy.”

“What it never pees… its gets a little damp, but it’s never wet
like that” she stated and then went on to say, “Why is my buggy
all wet?”; “It feels like I peed my self” while running a finger
though herself.

“Can I ask a question...? Would you be mad if I asked if I lick
your buggy to clean all the wetness from it? ... PLEASE? “

“Eww… that’s gross, I pee from there… Why would you want to lick
my ‘buggy’ hole?”

“Because… the stuff is not pee, but something else… I will tell
you about later, but” “Please can I…Please.” Bruce pleaded.

Laurie thought about it, and then she remembered the girls in the
bathroom, and earlier when he did.  It now just seemed nasty, and
she really did not want him to, but reluctantly she just said
“Ok… be gentle… I don’t want it to hurt.”

Bruce was all smiles he thanked his sister, and asked her to lay
down, and when she did he positioned her legs up and apart and
began.  Nearing her buggy he could see the fear and uncertainty
in her face, he almost stopped, but he was consumed so by lust
and he knew that he would do it gently.

As his tongue made contact, she jumped at the feeling, but tried
to be brave; then once he started licking it began to tickle, and
feel really good; better than when she did her buggy.

Bruce was in heaven, he was licking a real pussy, and it tasted
so good.  Then Laurie began to make little mewing sounds, they
sounded so cute.  She began pushing her buggy to his face; he
decided before he was done, he wanted to stick his tongue in her
vagina. She began gasping and moaning, “Oh” over and over, in
quickening intervals.

Then she shook and quivered hard; arched her back and moaned,
“Ohhhhhhh god.”  Laurie went still and a little clear fluid
started flowing out of her vagina.  Bruce took this opportunity
to start pushing his tongue up inside of her virginal vagina.
Licking inside trying to find the source of her young nectar,
then when it stopped he was disappointed it was over. Laurie was
looking at him with a big smile, and said “That was the best
tickle feeling I have ever had in my buggy.”

Bruce asked, “Can I use your hand now?” he moved over closer and
took her hand in his. “I can help show you how”, he exclaimed.

“No… that’s ok I would like to try… myself”, Laurie replied.

Bruce was already close to cumming that he said “Ok… but I warn
you some thick white stuff will come out” He thought a little and
continued “Please don’t get scared of it and run off again”

She said, “Ok…I won’t.”

Bruce then guided her hand to his five inch hard dick, “Oh” was
the first thought he had, god what a feeling he showed her, how
to move it up and down his dick.  This was so much better than
when he did it, after about the tenth stroke he came… “Oh god”
Bruce thought, “It’s so good.”  Then he looked at his sister, she
had his cum all over her, she got scared and was about to cry, he
could see the tear forming in her eyes, so he scooped her up and
held her close; thanking her and saying “It was better than I
ever made it feel.”
She asked, “Why did you pee on me?”

Bruce told her, “It’s not pee… but cum that came out.”

Laurie asked, “What’s cum?”

Bruce exclaimed “I will explain later… but first we need to

On a whim he asked, “Would you like to shower with me.”

Laurie now remembered, when she was younger showering with her
big brother and how much she loved it, and missed all the fun
they had.

To be continued in part 2 of Bruce and Laurie…