Erotic Mind Control Stories
 June 26,  2011 
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Unfinished Projects on the Back Burner Page


Alien's Gift
Graduating high schooler Colt Winters is abducted by Aliens and when they return him, they've bestowed him the "Alien's Gift".  Colt now has the power to have fun with his step-sister, Sheri... the high school 'hottie' cheerleader, Leah... and a whole bunch of other hot girls.  This incredible saga also includes Alien's Gift II by Ardin Resolute.
Warning!  Rated XXX-I:  Contains Incest!
Alien's Gift - Tempest & the Twins
Charlie Tempest is bent on payback against all those hot looking chicks that ignored him during his high school years, but his main focus is on the twin beauties, Jessica and Jade.  Jessica, who is happily married, and Jade, who is a F.B.I. agent.
Warning!  Rated XXX-I:  Contains Incest!

Beach Babes  (27K) FINAL
Two college coeds vacation down in Florida and become the unwilling subjects of mysterious cards.  This story is set in Boris Ludmenkov's "May I Show You Something" universe.  Rated R

Buffy's New Reality  (58K)  FINAL
FANFIC!  Thanks to a brand new reality, Buffy is feeling mighty horny these days... fucking Spike, Giles and Faith along the way!  Just what has happened in Sunnydale to cause all this fucking?

The Charmed Ones Trilogy
FANFIC!  What happens when a millionaire playboy uses subliminal technology on a few witches?  In the 1st Chapter, Phoebe finds herself experiencing new desires that she never knew existed.  In the 2nd chapter, Piper feeling incredibly passionate... and in the 3rd chapter, the very feisty Prue is enslaved like never before.  With the witches constantly coming, who is left to save the day?  Rated XXX-I  Warning: Contains Incest

Dear Clubhouse Letters: Encounter with a Warlock (24K)
WARLOCK'S UNIVERSE - Set in Born Blitzed Dear Clubhouse Letter universe and Derek Warlock's universe.  Heather writes about her embarrassing, yet extremely wet encounter with Derek.   Rated R

Dominoe: Daughter of Desire  (39K)  FINAL
Set in Trent Wolf's Dominoe universe.  Dominoe tracks the Savan Virus to an all girls college, where the very beautiful Stephanie has a few surprises for her.   Rated R

I Can Handle This: The Sequel  (27K)  
A story by the name of "I Can Handle This" by the author Mmmmn!  It was one of the HOTTEST, most graphic stories I've ever read!  To show my thanks for such an incredible read, I wrote the authorized sequel to it!   Rated X

Janene's Wishes  (17K)  Has already undergone one thorough revision - WARLOCK'S UNIVERSE
WARLOCK'S UNIVERSE - A young high school girl working in a mall is visited by a boy with power.  Derek grants Janene three wishes and she should really be careful what she wishes for.  Rated R  Received a BEamer Award for the BEST SHORT Story of 98!!!

Lois and Clark: Ambition, Part Two  (45K)
FANFIC!  Yes, a fanfic folks...  Lois Lane struggles with her new condition, sexually enslaved to Jack Stone, while Jack looks to other trinkets to add to his collection.  This is part two of a story that was written by Trent Wolf - Here, read part one first!  Rated R

Master PC 
This story is complete and fine tuned to perfection!  A High School senior discovers a new computer program which enables him to reprogram reality!  Warning!  Rated XXX-I:  Contains Incest and Explicit Sex!  Go to the Master PC Universe and read all the other stories in this universe that were written by other authors!

Master PC - Leftovers  (51K)
Heather suddenly finds herself free from an unscrupulous mind controller, but still must deal with her physical and mental alterations... but what happens when Danny inherits the Master PC program... and all the girls already transformed?  Does his high sense of moral values enable him to resist temptation?  Rated R

Origin of Hootersville, USA  (42K) FINAL
When four high schoolers investigate what they believe to be a plane crash, boy are they in for a surprise!  What they discover ends up being something far beyond their wildest dreams!  Rated XXX-I  Warning: Contains Incest

Sabrina & Tabitha - Teen Witches
Part 01  (45K)
Part 02  (31K)
Part 03  (40K)
FAN-FIC - Sabrina meets Tabitha, who she believes is her twin cousin.  Not!  Tabitha is really Sabrina from another dimension and whereas Sabrina is straight, Tabitha is a lesbian, and whereas Sabrina is good, Tabitha is evil...  I'm sure you get the picture.  Rated R

Serena Meets A Vampire
Serena, a sexy witch, tells us the story of when she crossed paths with a Vampire.   Rated R

Sibling Love
Gary must rescue his younger sexy sister from a mind controller. Rated XXX-I

Spring Forward - Fall Back
Chris is a new mind controller governed by rules.  He makes a bet with his friend which leads to life altering changes for a lot of hot looking girls.  Rated R

The One Who Loves Least Controls the Relationship (41K)  FINAL
A mind controller out for some sex runs across two hotties with some serious issues.  After a little manipulation, one no longer loves least which he believes evens up the playing field.   Rated R

Twins Enslaved - Amber's Tale    (52K)  FINAL
WARLOCK'S UNIVERSE - Twin sisters run into Derek Warlock, who changes their life forever!  Wait till you read about their birthday presents!  This tale is told through Amber's eyes.  Rated XXX-I Warning: Contains Incest

Veronica Doll A.K.A. Barbie
Part One  (48K)
Part Two  (38K)
Australian beauty Veronica Doll visits a FAIR with her roommate.  After 20 minutes in a VR Booth their lives change unlike they never could have imagined!  Rated X

Young Sorceress
Part One  (41K)
Part Two  (41K)
A Young Sorceress Apprentice is left in charge of the Magic Shop for a few days... and when she is coersed into casting a spell for her bestfriend, Danielle, she suddenly finds herself in a whole pile of trouble - and much more than she ever could have imagined.  Rated X

Magical TransGender Stories

Lover's Desire  (30K)  FINAL
A very rich newlywed fears his new wife married him for his money, so he visits the Spells R Us shop and purchases a potion promising to transform him into the ideal form for her!  This was the first magical transgender transformation story I wrote.  Rated R

Lust Potion 69  (41K)  FINAL REVISION
A High School boy slips the school's hottie a lust potion binding her to him forever,  Unfortunately, the potion has some powerful side effects!  Rated R

Rings of Transformation  (35K)  FINAL
Bart must join forces with the wizard in the Spells R Us universe to save his girlfriend from a lesbian using voodoo!  Rated R

Sex Genie: Ring of Desire  (56K) FINAL
Tony purchases a bottle containing a honest to God, SEX GENIE!  The three wishes Tony is granted must be of a sexual nature, but little does he realize his ex-girlfriend is secretly listening in.  Rated X

Sex Genie: Altering Realities  (47K) FINAL
Jack is in lust with Danielle, the new office Intern.  After finding a bottle containing the SEX GENIE, he uses it to transform himself into her fantasy lover.  Jack is suddenly in for a brand new arousing reality!  Rated X

 Sorcerer's Curse  (22K) FINAL
Chris's new girlfriend Danielle is a hottie who isn't shy about her sexuality.  The only thing she won't do is allow him to fuck her.  This becomes increasingly frustrating for Chris, so he decides to wake her up one morning already inside of her.  What Chris didn't know was his girlfriend was cursed and by fucking her, he would reap the arousing benefits.  Rated R

The Womanizer, Another Tale
What happens when a high school Soccer star is frustrated with his girlfriend for not putting out?  He purchases a gadget that promises to surface the FEMALE HEAT in her... but then what happens when he doesn't read the fine print with the appropriate warning label.  Rated R