Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. A Journey Into Discovery By: James Wentworth We had been driving, for what felt like hours. I say we, though it had been my Mistress behind the wheel the entire time as I sat blindfolded in the front seat of the car. It was a new feeling, an almost form fit leather blindfold bound tightly in the back, laced to insure it was held firmly in place, no opportunity for slippage, no cracks of light slipping in around my cheeks like the more simpler cloth variety we had played with occasionally. Certainly not as "confining" or isolating as the full hoods I had worn during most of encounters with sensory deprivation. It didn't give the same sense of isolation that draws one into oneself, focusing you on "you" allowing you to feel everything, internalize it with the experience. Blind, to the physical world, but open to all its sensations, fully a part of what was to come, not a player in some game created by the minds eye. This one left me blind to the world around me physically, but fully involved in every sensation. This was something different to me. At times in the past, just a simple cloth, or scarf was used to blindfold me. These moments were what one might call, more "playful" ones. There were those experiences, bound to her four poster bed, ankles and wrists firmly captivated, body taught with just enough slack to "wriggle" but never really get out of the way of what was to come next. I had been subjected to many teasing sessions whilst restrained in such a fashion, feathers used to tickle and tease me for hours on end. I must admit a certain aversion to tickling as being extremely ticklish I had a penchant for losing control completely when she was in a rather playful mood. In general, I would say she reveled in breaking me down to the point of begging, which happened early, and was prolonged until I could no longer draw breath to protest, or affirm my absolute devotion to her desires. Other times, however, her sadistic side would become evident. No amount of begging or pleading led to her relenting in any fashion. She would begin slowly, but increase my torture steadily and unceasingly until not only did I lose control of conscience thought, but my entire body. These cessions always finished with me wetting myself, my urine spraying all over me, and the bed, or table I was confined to, a release I might add that was as intense and gratifying, in its own way, than any orgasm I was allowed. Reflecting on it now in my current state, I realized that I should have known what was coming, or perhaps I did and simply chose to ignore it, but every time a cession took this path to ecstasy there was a rubber mat on the bed, or we played in Her Dungeon, where any messes could have been easily contained, and certainly added me in cleaning up after these sessions later. In truth I don't think it mattered, I simply reveled in her control. Other times it was the never ending battle of hot and cold, ice cubes and hot wax, interweaving in a dance of intense pain and pleasure. Alone, both had their merits and delightfully intriguing sensations and results. The inherent pain and shock of an ice cube on your nipple, followed by the numbness, that in truth made any other stimulus that much more intense, clamps, biting, the tails of a flog ripping across them. One might think having parts of your body numbed would help overcome pain, in truth it truly internalized it, intensified the feeling deep inside, not limiting it to something one felt on the surface of their body. And for me the ultimate in cold play was being taken with an ice dildo. I don't know that I can adequately describe the feeling of being probed with a phallus made of ice. The intensified pain of initial penetration as you're opened completely by something so cold, and then penetrated as deeply as this frozen delight can penetrate you. I was overwhelmed when she introduced this to our repertoire. My ass was hers, but the feeling of this violation was incredibly erotic, while at the same time, always left me with a sense of loss. I know it sounds odd, but there is nothing more disappointing than being filled with a large cock, that slowly disappears over time, leaving my ass literally gasping for fulfillment where none was to come. Hot wax was something I truly never "enjoyed" on its own, but was amazed at how even with this sense of pain she could own me, and drive me to extremes of pleasure. The rush of endorphins my body would have was euphoric as one might expect, yet the levels of stress generated always left me spent physically. I can remember trying to guess where the next drop would hit, to gage how long it had been to better prepare for the stinging bite to tear into my flesh. As you may be able to guess, I failed utterly, she simply knew me too well, and how to take my body beyond anything I imagined. The most memorable of these occasions, truly was the longest, I am sure because of what her imagination had created in her minds eye as to what she wished to see. For this session I was completely immobilized to the table in Her Dungeon. My arms and legs taught down the sides of her medical table. There was no "wiggle" room at all and my body was completely exposed an open. I don't know if you can understand how intensely pleasurable this can be, as breezes dance across your flesh, tantalizing parts of you that rarely see the world. Beyond just this incredible feeling of being immobile and exposed, I had been placed in a cock ring, which always left me with an immediate and intense erection, that she spent several minutes slapping and teasing and coaxing into rampant readiness. I truly had no idea what was to come next, simply assuming I was to be teased and denied, and left wanting. And then, it hit! The first spatter of wax dropping onto my hardened cock, drew forth from me a wail, that expressed my bodies desire to run away, to flee, that was completely denied my be leather and steal, and a will stronger than I have ever known, Hers. It was mind blowing, to say the least. A constant contrast between true pleasure, of her stroking and squeezing my balls, tracing her vinyl clad finger tips dancing along my engorged cock, driving it, and subsequently me crazy, and the stingingly erotic pain or hot wax coating my shaft, and balls in explosive bursts. It was like being wired to an electric cock harness every time wax would strike. It was an incredibly blissful combination of sensual pleasure and endorphins racing through my body in response to pain. A heady mixture that truly gave her what she wanted, me, and all of me, was hers to use and abuse as she wished. This truly did continue for what felt like hours, until my hardened cock, and sensitive sac were both completely encased in hardened wax. The number of times I thought I would simply explode, were lost in the fog of amazement at realizing I had never flagged, my cock had been superheated over it's entirety, and there it lay, melted to my body, unflagging, raging for release! For once, not the only time to be certain, but gratefully so in this instance it was granted to me, without any begging. Thankfully so, as at that time, there was no energy left to me even to beg. She simply voiced her expectations that I was going to cum so hard I would burst through my enclosure, and grabbed my cock harder than I ever recall. Coupled with the pain of crushed wax tearing into my flesh did just that. She grabbed and stroked and commanded my release, something that apparently my body was only too willing to grant her as I exploded inside my wax cocoon, my cum erupting all over her delightful gloves, my balls straining to release every drop that had been literally boiling inside me praying for escape. An unfortunate side affect of all this reminiscing was of course, now I sat blindfolded in the car, wondering where we were going, what was to happen, and now, hindered by an erection straining at the sheath I had been placed in! And restraining a slight chuckle that yearned to escape my lips as I realized I should have been more thankful at that moment that one of the requirements of my servitude to her was that I be completely bare at all times, shaven meticulously. Though not the most naturally hairy individual, any hair would have truly added a degree of pain to the removal process of the wax that I doubt I would have enjoyed. Ah this blindfold, even when I felt so involved in everything around me I realized as always, left to my own devices I reflect. I even began to wonder if this was part of her silence, to allow me to reflect, and drive myself crazy with desire and wonder. She was always so good at teasing me, leaving me on the edge of a great precipice over which I begged to be lead, and yet, here, my own imagination and reflection were proving to be almost as potent. I apologize in the lapse in my reflections as my thoughts wandered. As I said, I was thankful that I was required to shave at all times, Her "Good Little Bare Slut" as she often referred to me in the company of others. While shaving had become a regular part of my personal daily regimen, the very first time, she had just required that I trim myself to a of an inch and that the rest would be taken care of, as I might not know just exactly what areas to tend to. It was an experience early in our relationship, that started as what I considered extremely daring and kinky sex, to what would become a Domme and Her dutiful submissive. She had indicated that she preferred her lovers to be well groomed, and had planned a day at the spa for me. I, of course, naively believed that meant a manicure, the calluses being removed from my hands and soaking in lotions so that my hands would be softer to the touch and more pleasurable for her. In retrospect, it was the first step in her expressing her control over me, and that I was hers to control, use, even humiliate if She so desired it. We arrived at the salon early in the morning, and for most of the morning everything was as I expected no wrinkles or surprises, perhaps a little demasculinating, what with a manicure and a pedicure, which just seemed so "girly" to me. Of course, whatever makes Her happy, and gets me laid, was fine by me. After several hours of soaking, buffing and polishing I thought that our day was through, and lunch would soon be on the agenda. I had gotten up and made the pretense of getting myself back together in preparation for leaving when she indicated that we weren't finished yet. "Shave and a haircut" I asked jokingly as I smiled at her. "Not exactly, but close" She replied, a hint of a devilish grin expressing itself in her features. She asked if I had trimmed as she had ordered (which now I can honestly say I remember her saying "ordered" not "requested" though this hadn't occurred to me previously). To which of course I replied "Yes". "Good" She said, "One more session with Tabitha, and THEN, our day is complete". I acquiesced, with a hint of curiosity at what really was left to tend to on my body, and followed her and a lovely young blond woman into one of the small rooms in the back with a massage bed. This of course was all the more refreshing to me as what man doesn't enjoy a massage, let alone one from a lovely young attendant, and of course my kinky mind was thinking, my Mistress would be there the entire time. I couldn't have been more wrong, and right, all at the same time. I was then ordered to undress, but as I started to lay down on my chest, I was quickly corrected and told to lie down on my back, it wouldn't do much good to be on my chest, yet!? I indicated that I'd always preferred massages to start on my back as they were more relaxing. To which Mistress replied, "Oh dear, you aren't getting a massage, Tabitha is going to make sure you have all that hair removed. Her specialty is waxing, not massage." I think she saw the panic flash across my face as She simply said "You do want to make me happy don't you?" At that I was hers, at least in terms of the moment. Let me just say that there is nothing more "humiliating" and intriguing than being completely exposed to not only your lover, but her friend as they are both about to inflict serious pain on you. The most embarrassing part (at least up until this point) is that when someone starts out waxing, and warm wax is spread gently but firmly across parts of your body that yearn to be touched, is that you can't contain the arousal that results. Never having known the "abject terror" of having that first strip of wax removed, left me with a burgeoning hard on as the wax was applied. Slightly embarrassed that my "lover" could see me getting aroused at the touch of another woman, I was slightly delighted to see a smile on her face, and then it HIT!! That first strip was torn off, along with my dignity, pride, and any sense of manliness as a scream the likes of which God had as of yet probably not heard coursed through me! Tense, taught, writhing in pain, yes that erection was gone in a flash, a flash of exploding light in my brain!! "I'm going to die" I squeezed through rigid jaw muscles. To which a peal of laughter escaped both of their lips, and simply "You're not going to die my dear" Mistress stressed "Tabitha knows what she's doing, simply relax, and things will go much easier". To some extent this did relieve some of the intensity of the pain, though pain, is still pain. Particularly of note was the first strip of hair removed from my testicles, which simply moved of their own accord to make sure I gasped or moaned to the girls delight. After at least a half an hour, when I was relieved to think there was no more hair to require dismemberment I sagged down on the table to catch a breather. "Not quite done yet sweetheart" Tabitha said, "Now I need you to rollover!" "Roll over??" I said "what on earth for". "To make sure the job is thorough, and complete of course" Mistress indicated, "Now stop being a little girl, unless you wanted to be treated like one" She smirked. I complied, albeit reluctantly. It was one thing to have all the hair removed from my cock and balls by a complete stranger in front of my lover, though painful, still rather arousing. However, on all fours, my ass completely open and exposed was an entirely different sensation. This was humiliating, even Mistress had yet to see my ass like this, spread and open, complete for inspection. Now, I felt like a piece of meat, which of course is probably exactly the response she was looking for. Nothing, and repeat, NOTHING, can prepare you for having your ass waxed. Certainly not long in duration, just two extremely shocking swipes, and several smaller ones to catch any stragglers, but the pain and humiliation were both the most extreme I had experienced to this point in my life. Then I felt Mistresses fingers gently running through my hair as I pressed my burning forehead into the cooling softness of the towel draped over the table. I will admit I had broken out in a sweat from the pain, enhanced by the cool breeze of a ceiling fan washing over me. "All will be fine sweetheart; you aren't going to die" She said, "Besides Tabitha is going to use some lotion to ease some of the burning". At first I thought she meant me to roll over so that Tabitha would have easier access to the large patch that had been removed from above my now flaccid and disinterested penis. However before I could comply I felt Tabitha's hands reaching under me to lotion up my new bald patch above my cock, and around the insides of my thighs. Gently, she plied my burning flesh with lotion, which then, to me turned only slightly uncomfortable as she took my sack into her cool hands and began kneading the soft flesh of my balls in her palms. I felt slightly guilty as I looked up at Mistress, an inquisitive look on my face, as my body couldn't help but respond to the delightfully pleasant sensation of someone stroking and teasing my balls while my lover stood by and watched. A sly smirk was all I received in response. A look that should have indicated all was not as it seemed. Then of course, the massaging of my balls stopped as her hands were removed, and I left with a hard on daggling down between my thighs. Mistress bent down to kiss me, saying "This isn't so bad is it", as the first dollops of lotion dripped onto my sphincter. Of course the bodies natural reaction, and mine being rather normal like that, is to pucker up at such an intrusion. Which of course only fuels to slightly draw some of the lotion into ones self, and thus result in one opening back up. Tabitha began at first with just what I could tell to be a gloved finger, rubbing around my most sensitive (and up until this point private) opening. The cooling feeling of course got me to relax, up until the point that Tabitha's ministrations began to be a bit more intrusive. "Just relax" Mistress whispered, almost as if She read my mind, though in truth, it was like a conductor with an orchestra, everything building slowly to the piece she had chosen. Tabitha's finger probed steadily inside me, parting my sphincter and darting inside in on consistent motion. She didn't stop as my ass grabbed at her intruding digit trying to expel it, or at the gasp that escaped my lips. I continued to kneel there, prostrate, Mistress fingers running through my hair as Tabitha continued to work her finger in my rhythmically. Turning and stroking my insides in an oddly pleasurable fashion, probing deeper until her knuckles would but against my sphincter. She would do in deep and then curl her finger stroking my prostate as she withdrew, adding to the intense sensations of humiliation, exposure, discomfort and yes, raw pleasure. Just when I thought it could get any more intense, I felt a hand grasp firmly around the base of my testicles at my cock as Mistress leaned in close and whispered "wouldn't want this to end too quickly now would I? Just relax now, and let Tabitha work her magic" I only briefly wondered how it could get more intense, until a second digit probed in with the first, not gently as the first finger was worked in, but deep and slow and she wiggled her fingers as she drove them deep! As her knuckles drove into my sphincter, Mistress squeezed my sack shut, resulting in my cock springing immediately too attention. Then driving me even crazier Tabitha curled both fingers to either side of my prostate as she stroked in and out of my once virginal ass. "Ooohh...yesss" The gasp escaped my lips without a thought. Mistress simply whispered, "Good boy, I thought you might like this, completely bare, completely exposed, and obviously loving every moment of it!" And of course, she was right, I was absolutely in heaven at this point and my body began to respond of its own will, writhing back against the fingers now literally fucking my ass and stroking me from the inside out! "Oooh look, I think he likes it!" Said Tabitha as my body began thrusting back to meet her fingers as she penetrated me deeply. Practically forcing her fingers across my prostrate, I was being driven insane with the pleasure of the entire scene, trying to get Mistress to stroke my cock. "Yes, that's it fuck her fingers, learn to love it, beg for it, beg for release" Mistress exalted, as she begin to squeeze and release my balls in rhythm to Tabitha's fucking me as I fucked her back with my ass. "Beg for it; beg for release my horny little pet!" Her voice exhaled rising in intensity. "Oh God!" I moaned, "Please make me cum, I need to nut so bad! Please get me off, I want to cum so bad!" I said, thrusting harder. "Oh you'll cum" Mistress said "Cum like a bitch in heat, but not how you're thinking pet." And then it happened. My body, wanting to shoot so bad, my cock practically bursting with sensations, balls on fire, just melted in their attention! Tabitha started twisting and turning her fingers concentrating on my prostate, pressing gently in long, what could be considered milking motions (which of course looking back now makes entirely perfect sense) and it just happened! Long strings of cum just started pouring out of my cock, all over the table, it didn't erupt from my body with the intensity of an orgasm, but simply seeped forth under their ministrations. There was no mind blowing orgasm, just complete and total draining. I don't think I had ever come so much before, but in such a frustrating fashion. I wanted the big explosion, the stars in my eyes, loss of breath, and the intense fire of my load bursting forth. In stead all of me was simply milked from my cock and left bare, spent, satisfyingly unsatisfying. Mistress milked the last drops from my now spent cock, squeezing out every ounce as she said to me "Good pet, now you are fully clean, outside, and in. I bet you never thought this would be what your first threesome would be like. Just realize, it's not always about you, you'll get everything you want and need and be all the happier for it." I felt Tabitha withdraw her fingers as Mistress finally released my cock and balls. I heard Tabitha say "That was truly enjoyable, of course next time we'll have to see just how much he can take" as I collapsed onto the table, not fully registering what she had said, and the impact it would have on me as my relationship with Mistress progressed. I can still remember even now the jumble of emotions and feelings running through my head, perhaps as they paralleled the curiosity running through it now. I can remember how absolutely humiliated I felt, demasculinated, violated on some levels, and yet how intensely pleasure it all was, even down to being drained. The thought of being exposed, left completely bare, physically, mentally emotionally. It was an intoxicating mixture. I was rock hard reliving it in my head, everything from being bared, waxed, probed, and sucked dry of my very "sense of self". I recall just how it felt to have created such a false image in my own head, a nice afternoon at a salon. Who wouldn't have thought, "How delightful", my lover surprising me with a wonderful massage, and to see such a gorgeous woman on the opposite side of the table. The fantasies it had fueled in my mind, two gorgeous women, and I, alone in a room, the possibilities had seemed endless. So endless, that my imagination hadn't even touched on what the reality would prove to be. And yet even with my "imagined reality" being turned upside down I could not deny how intensely erotic it had been. Thus, my confusion and the aforementioned erection that was yearning for any kind of release. Another thing I remember was that during the entire trip home, Mistress never said a word, simply left me to my own thoughts at the time, my own reflections. And left wondering, just what was she thinking? Just as she did now, did she know me that well, even back then, when she began my training? My predicament must have shown quite obviously, the emotions splayed across my face, the more than apparent erection tenting my trousers, even going so far as to leave a fairly obvious wet spot that had leaked through my boxers and my slacks. I was almost embarrassed to get out of the car! I know she could see it, had even caught a glimpse of the slightest smirk on her lips. Fortunately, grabbing all of our packages from the days shopping gave me an excuse to quickly cover up, hiding my embarrassment as I followed her in to her home. "So did you enjoy yourself today my pet" She asked in a coyish tone, as she turned to look me straight in the eye. And I, simply stood there for a moment, like a dear caught in the headlights. It wasn't like my brain was consciously processing anything, no "I was so embarrassed" or "I absolutely loved it" or even a "No, not at all, especially in front of a total stranger". My mind was truly a blank canvas, a white wall at that very moment. Thus, the only words that came out of my mouth were the simple truth, not, what I thought She wanted to hear, or what I thought I should say, but the simple honest truth "Yes, I did very much". I know my degree of humiliation at that moment must have been intense as I could feel my entire face burning, a combination of guilt at enjoying it so much, coupled with an even greater amount of embarrassment at truly enjoying it, mixed with how "wrong" it should have felt", and knowing that, this was me, the inner me just speaking it's mind and a true sense of fear that She would be disgusted or turned off in some way by all that I had so meekly allow to happen to me! When the words "I thought as much" escaped her lips, and that mischievous grin formed on her lips, the sense of relief I felt was truly indescribable. It was as if someone drenched my entire face in ice, and the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. "I'm glad you did" She said "but now I am in need of some attention and apparently, so are you" and with a wink she grabbed my hand and literally dragged/let me into the bedroom. Clothes were done in mere seconds and without hesitation she practically threw me onto the bed. She climbed on top and simply sat on top of me engulfing my erection without hesitation. My body began screaming in pleasure almost immediately as with energy I had never felt before she literally just began grinding and pounding her on me. The look in her eyes and the expression on her face was ravenous, almost animalistic. This was the look of shear power! She took me and used me and I reveled in every moment of it! I wouldn't have been shocked if in a moment of feral passion she sank her teeth into me her expression was so wild and commanding. Orgasms began to shake through her, causing her to grip me all the more vice like inside her and yet she never stopped. At one point I though to reach up to play with her nipples to drive her crazy. She immediately grabbed both wrists with a strength belied by her petite frame and pinned them over my head. Her breasts planted on my face as she never once slowed in her pace, screaming out, "Don't move!" And so, all I could do was revel in the energy, the sweat of our bodies mingling betwixt as the intense fire that was her passion burned at my very soul! She rose up to grind even more intensely, the entire time her eyes pinned me to the bed, hands held fixedly over my head, adhering strictly to her command not to move! As I could feel Her orgasm grow, I could feel mine building inside me, milked yet again, though this time by the fiery intensity of Her vaginal muscles, the throbbing that was Her impending orgasm drawing out my own. I wanted ever so much to grasp Her to me, sending us both over the edge, but the look in Her eyes, the power in Her command told me to do so would have been a very bad thing. And then it happened, "Cum with me!" She screamed as her body rippled power, and I had no choice, her convulsions drawing my own explosion along with hers, feeling an ecstasy I had never experienced before! Our bodies heaved and writhed together in one orgasmic mass as the energy played out between us, gasping and shuddering and collapsing into each other. The intensity of that moment was truly what one might call overwhelming. We simply snuggled, her body pressing down on mine, for several minutes, our mingled fluids leaking from inside her coating my balls before they pooled on the bed, just reveling in the afterglow. After a few minutes of her gazing at me, now with a somewhat bemused glance that I didn't quite understand she suggested we take a shower so that I could help her clean up and that after I should change the sheets for making such a mess. It was the simple things, the subtle guidance like that that I never caught on to, ah how affective hindsight is! Life developed a new sense of "normalcy" from that point forward, and began I began my own evolution, without even knowing. "Waxing at Tabitha's" our own new play on words became a regular occurrence. While milking wasn't a part of the experience, I was always left completely smooth "down there" and each and ever time she would be certain to lotion me thoroughly, outside, and in. "All in the interest of health and making sure there were no unsightly ingrown hairs" would be her comment. Though when applying lotion on my ass, I was never quite certain why she was worried about hairs "inside me". And over time she even began penetrating me with three fingers, sending me home to Mistress, in desperate straights. I did not know it at the time, but my ass and pleasure were being intertwined by my Mistress, Tabitha would work me up by pumping my ass, and release was only allowed when I finally got home to Mistress. Yes, quite affective, and yes, I was completely oblivious. Even our love making took on a new swing going forward. Certainly Mistress was for more forward, and controlling, taking charge, especially when I would come home from Tabitha in "dire straits" and need of release. Far more adventurous culminating several months later in that one moment, that moment which redefined our relationship, and simply put, redefined me, and who I was. One afternoon, Mistress had me stop by her home on my way to a late afternoon/early evening session at Tabitha's salon. She gave me a box and all she said was "This is for you pet, I want you to unwrap it in front of Tabitha after she has completed your waxing, and she will know exactly what to do with it, and you are not to argue! Is that understood?" Just the tone she used would have been enough to keep me from arguing, but the look in her eyes was enough to instill a feeling that to not comply could have dire consequences. Knowing just what shape I would be in after coming back from Tabitha's, I was in no position to argue and acquiesced with only feeling the slightest trepidation. I arrived a bit early as always, ensuring Tabitha would not be left to wait for me. I was surprised as when I walked in the receptionist was just getting ready to leave. Though, she greeted me with a smile and said Tabitha was ready for me and just asked me to remind her to lock up after she left. Simple enough and I headed down to "The Room of Torture" as I had dubbed it myself, already removing my coat, and unbutton my shirt as I went. As I walked into Tabitha's room I was greeted by her ever friendly smile and upon seeing the gift in my hands she said "Ah I see you brought it" with a playful little smile on her lips. Obviously I had no idea what was in the box, and was only slightly surprised that Tabitha appeared to. I placed it down on counter as I continued to undress. Once finally naked, I climbed up on the waxing table and spread my legs for easier access and Tabitha began the slow drawn out process of removing the two weeks worth of light growth I was sporting, painful winces intermixed with the sensually soothing feel of warm wax being applied to my skin. As I thought about it, it certainly was an interesting contrast of "pleasure" and pain, and yet another omen of what was to come that I remained completely oblivious to. As always, when Tabitha had finished with my lower abdomen, inner thighs and crotch she had me roll over on all fours for her and raise my ass up to finish her task. Fortunately, the pain was over quickly and Tabitha once again began applying the soothing lotion to my freshly bared skin, easing away the burn in my flesh, while instilling a fire in my quickly hardening member, and an aching in my balls! Her soft, soothing touch always seemed to set my insides on fire and this time was no different. There was a brief pause as she walked to the counter and placed my "gift" before my prone form on the table. "You don't get to open it yet" She crooned "but I want it handy when the moment is right just as I have been informed to do" At this point, she resumed her position behind me, as I assumed she would continue with applying lotion to the remainder of my still tender flesh, ah how complacent I had become with how things had been. I actually flinched as a rather cold drop of lotion landed directly on the opening to my taught little ass. I could feel my sphincter shrink at the cold, which of course only made Tabitha giggle at my bodies' reaction. "We can't have that" She said, as I could feel her gloved hand starting to probe at my now tightened little opening. "You'll need to relax, not tighten up, at least if you want to make this easier on yourself, dear, dear boy" She purred as She continued to insert and probe. I, as of yet, still had no idea what She meant, or at least not to the extent I may have, though I did realize that I was about to be penetrated again, a first without Mistress being involved. Tabitha worked the lubricating gel around my now relaxing opening while Her other hand gripped my fully aroused member round the base and balls holding it tight, almost pulling my body back against Her probing fingers. Just as my ass began to relax, she simply drove to fingers deep inside me! I couldn't help but grunt and gasp in pleasure/surprise as her fingers were completely slid all the way to her knuckles and as she began to pump them in long deep strokes. The alternating pleasure of her squeezing and kneading my balls, or her thumb reaching up to rub the underside of my head, or the lightest of strokes along my shaft kept me from focusing on her anal intrusions. Thus, with this distracting tactic of such pleasurable attention I was totally non resistant when a third finger joined the first two, stretching me out and yet filling me as completely as I had ever felt before. "Mmm, Good boy!" I heard Her say, "Take those fingers deep inside you. Doesn't that feel delicious, if I didn't know any better I'd think you had done this before" The "surprise" in Her voice was belied by the mocking humor in the tone of Her voice. I could almost see the lilting smirk that must have been on her lips, one, in the future, I would see many times. Her fingers probed deeply, not longer concerned with my recuperation from the waxing, but completely penetrating, pleasuring, and expanding me. Her hands worked simultaneously to open my most private of holes and stroke and tantalize my cock into an over eager state of readiness and need to explode! Just as I felt I was ready to burst her hands clenched down tightly around the head of my cock, almost painfully, pinching off any ability my body had to culminate it's well needed release! I was so over come with sensation I was unable to comprehend how timely she was with her ministration of cessation, though one might easily surmise my body was sending out blatantly evident signals. "Not yet, oh no definitely not yet" She doled out strict tones "I'm under strict guidelines that you aren't going to be allowed release any time soon!" Then, as she gripped the head of my cock, restricting the flow of blood both in and out of that most sensitive of pleasure organs, the true pain and pleasure began. Now, she added her pink to the digits pressing fervently against my already taught opening. She twisted her three fingers inside me. Her thumb no resting directly under my balls, rubbing against my prostrate from the outside as her twisting allowed her four fingers to stretch me enough to slip in and work their way inside. I know that a pain filled gasp escaped my mouth. I can only begin to describe the intense pain of having one's flesh expanded so much, yet the acute pleasure at being so "full" at being so stimulated over so many areas of my body. I was so overwhelmed with so many sensations, that I was unable to communicate in anything but garbled responses, which could have been interpreted as grunts of pain or howls of pleasure. Release was beyond my rational mind, simply being stretched and penetrated fully. Her hand was completely inside me with the exception of her thumb developing a slow but intensifying rhythm that left my balls literally boiling attempting to explode beyond the death grip around the head of my shaft! As my gasps and grunts became more and more extensive and the pressure began to reach a fever pitch everything simply, stopped! Her grip was still intense in it's pressure, but her hand, expanding me in ways I had never though imaginable, simply came to rest deep, deep inside me. I can recall, kneeling there, held tightly in Her grasp, panting like a dog in heat, as all that energy and need was slowly allowed to release as I heard Tabitha say, "Now it's time to open your gift". My first thought was "what gift? What she is talking about, good lord please grant me release" until I recalled where I was and the box, gift wrapped and apparently tightly grasped between my hands. I slowly came back into "focus", my eyes locked on this package in front of me, while trying to draw my brains attention away from everything Tabitha was, and hand been, doing to me from behind. I grasped the ribbon between my fingers and pulled, releasing the bow and allowing it to flutter by the way side. I carefully unwrapped the paper, not simply tearing in, as I don't think I would have had the energy to do so, but also out of some semblance of reverence for a gift that would be opened under these circumstances. Opening the box I found two things, a leathery contraption covered in metal studs with several snaps and loops and a couple draw strings. I was absolutely at a loss as to what it might be, but upon pulling it to examine it further Tabitha gasped out a pleasurable little cackle upon seeing it "Ooh, that looks delicious I'm sure you'll have fun with that". Secondly there was a second box about the size of a baseball, but as I opened that what I found was a metallic device. The best way to describe it was like a rounded metal turnip with a base on it. It was stainless steel, and quite shiny. And again as I looked it over, Tabitha just exhaled one long "ooooh" and simultaneously twisted her four fingers imbedded in my ass. It was roughly four inches long; at it's widest probably three to three and a half inches in diameter before rounding back down at the base to a stem of about two inches. Tabitha asked me to pass the steel device to her, and I did so passing it down between my legs. As my hand and the object neared hers, she made certain to yank back on my cock, making sure I didn't make any furtive attempts to touch myself. I audibly gasped as Tabitha's hand was removed from my ass, a feeling of intense stretching, followed immediately by a sense of loss and emptiness. If only I had known what was to come I might have actually reveled in that brief moment of relief rather than actually feeling, well, empty and wanting more. And then it began. I could hear Her squirting the bottle of lube again, and just thinking, that there would be more of the same, and wondering just how much I could take of Her hand pumping in and out of my ass before, restraint or not, I just exploded all over the table! Much to my surprise however, the first pressure I felt was the rather cool tip of what I knew to be this device against my rectum, which of course puckered up at the initial intrusion. Tabitha of course had seen this coming, and simply said "You'd best relax as this plug is going in, and you have to be home soon. If I have to force it will, but life is so much simpler when you just let it happen. Now be a good boy and open up". With that said, she simply began to apply more pressure and as much as I could I relaxed to allow her to finish this intrusion. I will say the feeling of the plug was vastly different than her fingers and eventually hand. The feeling of having my ass stretched around it's entire perimeter was more painful than pleasurable, though at the same time I could feel my ass wanting to pull the plug in the fill the void left when Tabitha removed her fingers. Try as I might, relaxing enough to allow easy entry simply wasn't possible, but true to her word Tabitha made it happen! With a few harsh strokes on my cock leaving me wanting to cum all the more She rammed hard and with an audible "Plop" I could feel the stainless steel plug sink into place and my sphincter grabbed right around the base. The feeling was almost indescribable, the burning pain of being stretched so taught, coupled with the relief of my opening finally being able to contract around the shaft! I had to grit my teeth in accepting it, and then just hold my breath as my body acclimated itself to the intrusion. Pain, and pleasure, discomfort and arousal, the combination was heady and was ripe to take my breath away. And the whole time I sat the absorbing all the sensations Tabitha was lightly stroking my cock maintaining my erection and insistent, almost desperate need, to cum! Eventually I felt Tabitha's hands leave my cock and I could hear her move to the head of the table where my head rested on the cool towel beneath me accepting my predicament. I could feel the sweat beading on my brow, my ass burning, my body full. I can't honestly say I recall what She said at the moment but I know the leather contraption I had been holding in my hand was removed and She returned to Her place behind and beside me. As I slowly regained focus I could feel her continued attention to my cock. As I did so I could finally comprehend what she was saying "And this will guarantee that your little cock doesn't take care of itself before your Mistress allows." I could feel Tabitha slipping the leather "noose" around my cock. Looking down I could see now that it was some kind of harness. A large loop slid down my cock and she was just then sliding my balls through that, while snaking the smaller loop at the opposing end around the head of my shaft. As both loops were in place, one around the head, the other the base of my cock She took two of the "free pieces" and with some extreme tugging and shifting, snapped them both into place around each of my testicles back to the harness itself. Both of my balls stood out now, spread in a "Y" and extremely red from their forced captivity, and strain for relief. My cock almost looked like a warrior in a gladiator movie! Apparently that wasn't all, as now I could see Her taking both of the "free cords" and with a quick jerking motion, snapped them both taught, squeezing off the head of my cock and the shaft simultaneously, leaving my cock straining as hard as I had ever seen it, yet, completely free of feeling. The cords locked in knots around a metallic loop in the harness preventing any slack, and keeping my cock as rigid as a steel bar. "That will do, for now. I'm certain your Mistress will love your new look. Now it's time you cleaned yourself up and headed home pet, as you have a big evening ahead of you!" Tabitha said, as She backed away admiring her work. I just knelt there on the table coming to grips with my situation, allow my head to clear as I looked back and forth between Tabitha and my angry cock as if to say "please", pleading for the sanity of an ejaculation, any kind of release, even the milking I had received the first time! Unfortunately, it was not to be, as Tabitha's expression turned a bit more severe as she scolded, "Hurry up, your Mistress is waiting and I don't have all night to deal with your pathetic situation. All will be explained in time, but don't test me!" And so, I gathered myself as best I could, and dressed myself, though the spectacle of watching me getting dressed with a huge plug in my ass and trying to cram my angry cock into my pants must have been amusing as Tabitha couldn't help but stifle a grin and a chuckle. I must admit I'm still amazed at how quickly she and Mistress can do that. The interplay of emotions they are capable of from moment to moment as their whim dictates always keeps me on my toes even to this day. Even the trip home was something to be remembered. Trying to sneak myself out to my car with a very obvious and rampant tent in the front of my slacks, replete with wet spot forming at the head of my cock, was an adventure in and of itself. Then practically losing my breath as I sat down in the front seat! My fingers lashed on to the steering wheel in a momentary grip of death as the plug was rammed deep inside me. I had to take a moment to adjust to the feeling as I tried to relax enough to just start the car. And then, just keeping focused between hitting the gas pedal or the brakes as every move caused the plug to stimulate me, or the head of my cock to rub in my slacks just the right, or wrong, way! The entire 15 mile trip I was on the edge of pure bliss and pure torture, not knowing which feeling would assail me next. I will admit I am surprised I managed to make it home without getting in an accident, especially when I hit a pot hole that just ravaged my body from both ends! Have the plug slammed deep and every inch of my cock bitten by the leather harness while my cock was stroked by my trousers, yes I was quite surprised I didn't cum, or just end up having a brain aneurism from the overload of sensory input! Somehow though, I arrived in one peace and sat, "just breathing" as I like to say, in Mistresses' driveway, gathering myself before finally seeing her, knowing this was all of her construction. I pulled myself together as much as possible and put forth my best efforts simply to march up to the front door with as much dignity as I could muster. Fortunately I was able to drape my jacket over the resounding tent standing forth in my pants, as there was just naught to be done about it. I tried my hardest to just walk like normal, as casually as I could, but the plug required its own adjustments. Shuffling one foot in front of the other just drove me insane, one step left me gasping for breath, the next wincing in pleasure/pain. Finally I just gave in to it, picked up my pace and just allowed myself to feel everything as I finished my trek up the path to door. I was almost white knuckled again as I gripped the door handle and pressed the door bell. Normally I would just hear her say "Come in" or barring that simply let myself in. However, this time was different, when I tried the knob the door was locked. I knew she was home as her car was right there in the driveway and I was a bit curious as to why the door was locked. I actually had to wait a couple of minutes, and even went so far as to press the door bell again just to let her know I was here in case she had been occupied the first time. When she did finally arrive at the door I was greeted by "Someone's a bit eager to come in isn't he?" to which all I could reply was "Yes" "Let me take your coat" She said as I entered the door. This obviously left me in a bit of a predicament. I realize the gifts were from Her, but I was standing there with an obvious raging hard on and the only thing keeping that and the slight stains on my pants from Her view was my jacket. Unfortunately, the choice really wasn't mine to make, as She said "Now don't dawdle, give me your coat I've been waiting to see you all afternoon!" There was a bit of a mischievous tone to her voice as well as a matching smirk on her face, coupled with more than just the slightest hint of command. I knew I didn't have a choice, and not just because she practically tore my coat out of my hands to hang it. "How was your trip to Tabitha's" She asked as she leaned in to kiss me. Enjoyable as always I replied, though obviously this wasn't a typical visit and based on my current predicament I would have said I far more than enjoyed it! "I would asked if you liked your gifts, but I think that's fairly obvious my pet" as She pressed up against me and kissed me, Her hands going directly to my cock, stroking it through my pants. At the time I thought she was referring to my cock as her pet, though if I had taken more time to think about it, even then she was referring to me, knowing what was to come, and what my response would be. As I said from the beginning, once upon a time, I was very nave to the world I would soon enter with her. I stumbled out the response that "Well, they certainly are quite interesting, but may take some time to get used to" as I looked down at my feet, now even more aware of the feeling of my ass stretched around the plug and my cock straining against it's restraints. I wanted nothing more than to get rid of them both and pounce her, releasing all this pent up sexual furor. Of course she had a completely different agenda, one that would change my life. "Join me for a drink?" She quipped, with a lascivious smile crossing her lips. She simply gestured me into the kitchen, not so much concerned with my response as expecting my tacit agreement. As I headed into the kitchen, with my now modified gate she actually smacked me on my ass, not on a cheek, but right in the middle of my ass, directly on the end of the plug driving up into me! The shock elicited a groan and literally brought me to my knees as I was certainly not expecting it. "Hurry up now pet, you don't want to keep me waiting do you?" She laughed with more than a hint of sternness to her voice. "I have been waiting to see you all afternoon" I did my best to pull myself together and struggled my way into the kitchen as best I could with my body agonizing to walk with my ass throbbing around the plug. Her smirk was evident as I managed my way to the island in her kitchen where two glasses of wine awaited us. "I take it you like your new presents" She quipped, her gaze evident on the erection that was waving about in my trousers with no hopes of concealment. A languid little laugh purred forth between her lips as with one hand she passed me a glass of wine, whilst patting the head of my cock with her free hand. Her eyes never left mine as she gave my cock head a nice little squeeze through my slacks, leaving me in an ever growing predicament of arousal that was only too apparent in my eyes. I certainly couldn't deny it, between the erection raging in my pants and the constant clash between pleasure, pain, and embarrassment created by the plugging stretching and rubbing and stimulating my ass in all the right/wrong (?) places my body certainly was enjoying them and I must admit, so was I. And all I could say was "well, yes, I guess so". Too many thoughts running through my head kept me from admitting, that "Hell yeah I'm so turned on I could jump you in a heartbeat and fuck you like no tomorrow!" What kind of man admits he loves having his ass spread wide and filled deep? Admits he enjoyed having his cock roped off and strung up like a prize steer? Loved having his very manliness waxed and left bare? To have his lover take away every essence of what made him a man? Well, to be honest, I was realizing at that very moment, that I did, but I couldn't admit that to my lover could I? What kind of woman wants a man like that? Obviously I was about to learn, just exactly what kind of woman wants a man like that, and oh so much more! She laughed with a huge smile as She said "I'd say more than guess so if this is any indication!" At which point She reached forward deftly unzipping my pants and springing forth the hardened steely shaft that was my cock! The head was bright red, with just the simmering of precum coating the slit, the entire shaft strained against the restraint, my balls fit to burst at just the slightest touch and yet so far from being able to do just that. She ran Her thumb lightly up and down the slit coating it with my drippings and then running it around in circles over the head of my cock "I'd say a lot more than you guess, wouldn't you pet?" She crooned as she leaned in "feels like you are fit to burst, aren't you? You poor little thing, I'd be you'd do just about anything to cum wouldn't you my dear?" The purr of her voice in my ear left me literally weak in the knees as those fatal words escaped my lips "Oh God yes, I'd do anything just to cum right now....." The words trailed off in a whisper, not a statement of desperation or, need, simple truth spoken with pure honesty. "Anything you want lover, please let me cum" My body was thinking how much I desperately wanted to just explode inside Her, feel the joy of fucking the hell out of my lover and bursting forth in brutal ecstasy. My brain was willing to go along with anything she said that got my cock the release it needed, though I think even then my subconscious new that it had walked into a trap, it had done so willingly and with the full expectation of doing just that, anything she asked. "Mmm really? Anything? Are you certain you mean that pet" She whispered huskily into my ear. She backed her face away from mine to gaze into my eyes, one hand still stroking my cock. Her free hand grasped my chin hard, yanking my gaze directly to hers, painfully holding my head in place as now with a definitively sterner tone and raised voice said "Do you truly mean ANYTHING? I will take that as an absolute, if you say it, mean it, and know, that anything will be mine, do you understand!?" And there it was, not in the absolute sense that I knew the exact connotation of what she meant, but knowing that my answer held a great deal of weight and seriousness. This wasn't a game to get me to say what she wanted to hear. This was my willingness to do whatever it took for the pleasure of my own release. Was I that willing to be that "selfish" for such selfish reasons? "Yes", sincerity showing in my eyes, and without hesitation I said it. SLAP, her hand came free from cock and smacked me across my cheek "Yes, What?" She said. "Yes Ma'am" I said with a bit of a confused yet pleading tone in my voice. Not quite sure what she meant but more than willing to play along as I thought I must SLAP! Even harder this time, with intent, not just the shock of surprise. "Yes, Mistress!" She scolded. Her gaze firmer the set of Her jaw expressing this was not a game, but simply how it must be "Yes, Mistress" I replied as sharply and succinctly as I could, all the truth of my words shining through my eyes as I came to realize that I truly did mean it, that I would do anything, yes to cum, but for Her, to Her, that She might let me cum. "Good, my pet. I'll expect you to mean that, and I plan on holding you to that. We have much to explore together and I want you to know I do look forward to doing just that. Exploring with you, teaching you, introducing you to many things, these are all things I hope you are ready for. Tonight is but a taste, but there is so much out there for you to enjoy that I know I can bring to you, if you are but ready" She said with a simple truth in Her gaze, spoken matter-of-factly with the sincerest tone to Her voice. "For tonight" Her free hand grasping my aching cock "I'll hold you to it in a much more personally pleasing fashion" She finished with a cackle as Her tongue licked Her lips as a cat eyeing the proverbial canary. "For now, why don't we get started by having you undress so I can see your new gifts" She smiled as she simply stepped back to admire. At this point, fit to burst and ready for release I simply tore off my clothes as quickly as I could, standing there before her in all my glory. My cock was still standing at full attention bouncing about as I shifted slightly from foot to foot. I was only slightly uncomfortable under her watchful gaze, and curious now as to just what she had in mind, but eager to finally get to cum. "Yummy" She purred as she regarded my cock with a watchful gaze. Stepping in closer she began to stroke the leather of the harness that was now sheathing my cock. "He looks like a gladiator eager for battle, ready to risk his life for the rewards of victory, even at the risk of utter defeat." All I really wanted was a few well placed strokes to the head of my cock which would have me splatter my load all over Her kitchen floor, instead all I got was two watch her artful fingers dancing across the dark leather surface, allowing me only muted sensations to my cock. The teasing was obvious, and intentional, and just drove me all the more crazy in the process. "Turn around, I want to see your other gift" She ordered. I complied, simply spinning around. "Bend over; I actually want to see it!" the tone of command in her voice becoming more and more evident with each simple order. I did as she had demanded bending over as much as I could whilst being reminded of the presence in my ass of the plug as it strained inside me as my body contorted slightly. SMACK!! I felt a sting to my ass that literally made me jump as my sphincter contracted around the plug! A slight groan escaping my lips in the process! "I said bend over!" She said, the displeasure in her voice evident and the increased volume indicating her disappointment in her expectations not being met "Now bend over and grab your ankles so I can see your gift now!" This time I fully complied with her request, despite the heightened sensation inside me as I bent fully forward grabbing both my ankles, one in each hand. I could feel the plug pressing against my prostate, driving me crazy, my cock poking out inches from my face! I almost wished in that moment I was slightly more flexible, I'd take care of myself at this point if I could! "Mmm very nice! She purred as she stepped in close to inspect. Another groan escaped me as her fingers found the toy, giving it a few playful pats, before she pressed her hand firmly against it, driving it deeper inside me! It was all I could do to keep my balance, one of her hands pressing firmly on my lower back, the other teasing me with the toy! "And how does it feel having your sweet little ass stretched around your new butt plug pet? Do you like it?" She asked. The entire time, just teasing me with it, pressing it deeper inside me. "Yes Mistress" I replied, remembering to address her by her correct title. I certainly didn't want to displease her, and didn't know if I could handle the shock of another slap to my ass like the last! She moved directly behind me now stepping in close. I could feel both of her hands grasp my hips as she pressed her pelvis tight to my ass. I was going nuts as she ground her pelvis against the plug! She was humping it into me, pulling me tight to her as she literally took my breath away! "Good boy" She crooned, "I can tell you like it" She laughed. I think this was made rather obvious by the moans and gasps escaping unchallenged from my lips as I simply fought to hold my position in front of her! A hard thrust ramming the plug as deep in me as the base would allow and a quick slap on the ass and she stepped back, apparently still admiring the view from behind as all I could focus on was my cock pointing at my face, and the sudden lack of her support to keep me up. "Stand up pet, I have a few more gifts to give you before we see just how far we can take "anything" together" She commanded as I heard Her walk across the kitchen. The blood rushing to my head, I suppose both of them actually, and the insistently changing pressure of the plug in my ass almost made me swoon when I finally did regain an upright position. When my vision did finally clear I saw discovered Mistress had placed several boxes on the island counter. The first box was somewhat large and as she opened it Mistress removed four leather cuff looking devices, each with a large metal ring in them. "These restraints will make sure that I am able to hold you to your promise of anything" She said as she stepped forward and began to fasten one to each of my wrists and ankles cinching them tightly in place around my appendages. She gave each ring a hard tug to assure herself that they were firmly in place and there was no wiggle room left for me. She then removed a leash out of the second box, which she brought forth and then used to clasp the rings of the wrist restraints together. The third box was significantly smaller and what she pulled out looked like a metal chain with clamps on each end. I had no clue what this could be but was quick to learn. "This is going to hurt pet" She smiled, "but you will eventually learn that there is a great deal of pleasure to be had in pain" I looked at her curiously as she approached with the device. My expression obvious yet no further information was forthcoming. As Mistress stood before me she warned "You are to keep both hands at your sides and you are not to move is that understood my pet?" "Yes Mistress" I replied still not certain what as to come. Though once she grabbed my left breast in one hand I'm certain my eyes opened wide. Our gazes locked, hers fixing me in place, She bit the clamped end down on my nipple! The pain was intense, I started to double over as a gasp escaped my lips. SLAP! The sharp smack brought me immediately back to attention. The sting in my cheek far outweighing the biting pain in my chest! "I told you not to move slave!" She expressed with an elevated tone "Now if you don't want another reprimand I expect you'll take the next one a bit more stoically" She grasped my right breast even more tightly, her nails dug hard into my flesh! I think she may have been testing me, to see if I would flinch, fortunately I was able to remain in place as the clamp bit down hard on my nipple. She began to tighten both simultaneously, and though my vision swooned I managed to stand firmly and take the pain without moving in any fashion. I must admit I was quite surprised that as they pain settled into my sensitive flesh I could understand her implication that it could be pleasurable. I stood at attention as she grasped the chain and began to pull firmly on it, seeing just how much I could take. The biting pain was intense and I held back as long as I could before slouching my soldiers slightly to alleviate some of the pressure. With a quick jerk to let me know who was truly in control she released the chain and let it fall to my chest. Just the slight jumps as it bounced on my flesh was enough to send pain and pleasure dancing through me. Most surprising at the time was that my erection had never flagged once and if anything became more intense with the combination of sensations dancing through me. I simply reveled inside myself as I heard her walking back to the counter. The sensations of pain and restraint almost seemed to naturally pull me into myself, giving me a greater awareness of my body than I think I had ever truly had. I stood and "felt for lack of a better term, well at least until a sharp slap to my cock left it bouncing up and down in front of me! I opened my eyes to see Mistress standing before me with one of the largest, most beautiful, and evilest grins I had ever seen on her face. The expression yelled "I know he likes it" even if the words never left her mouth. Mistress's free hand held a rather intricate leather blindfold. "This, will keep the rest a mystery" as She walked behind me and fastened it firmly in place. This, was intense, not like play blindfolds I had shared with lovers in the past, I was completely blind, no light slipped around the edges and thus I was completely at Mistress's mercy. "Now, you are going to follow me into the bedroom and from there, the journey shall begin" She stated, no purr, no laughing, not overly strict, just a simple statement of what She knew to be fact. I must admit I was a bit nervous, not about what was to come, but about tripping over my own feet or crashing into something. She began by clasping both of my wrists together and then I heard a clink as of metal latching or clicking together. I felt the tug on my wrists and with a slight stumble began following as best I could. I did my best to keep pace which meant throwing caution to the wind while following. It is somewhat surprising as I think about it, the number of times I had made the trip through her kitchen, down the hall and then up stairs in to her bedroom. I had made this trip countless times and would have thought when horny I could do it blindfolded! Well in truth, when fully blindfolded my brain was wracking itself silly trying to use my other senses and I was as lost as a French girl in Chinese math class! When we finally stopped she grasped me by my waist apparently positioning me exactly where she wanted me. "Now, raise your hands high above your head" She stated, and I complied. "Higher and then swing your wrists slightly forward!" I felt the hooks slide over something and when my arms tried to lower themselves I felt them catch. I was trying to picture in my mind where I might be in her bedroom and what I might be hooked on but all that came to mind was a hanging planter, and visions of being locked into the hook in the ceiling came to mind. The feel of the cuffs being pulled taught until I was stretched out upright confirmed this as I realized she could raise or lower the hook via a chain on the wall for easier watering. "Now, spread your legs!" again a firm statement responded to with immediate compliance on my part. With my legs spread wide I could sense her kneeling down before me! My first thought was, finally, a blow job and release! I could feel the smile spreading across my cheeks. What I heard was another metal clink near my ankle and then my legs being forced slightly further apart followed by a second clink. I tried to move my legs, but in the process of realizing they were spread apart by some immovable object I lost my balance and started swaying from the hook sporadically! It took me several seconds of swinging a bit wildly side to side and in arcs before I caught my balance and had myself fully upright again. SMACK!! This time a hard slap to my ass had me stinging! "I expect you won't try to move again until given permission now will you!" She yelled and I quickly stated my agreement! "Now I'm going to get myself ready and I expect you to stand there until I am" She crooned, "You've obviously learned that moving around is not in your best interest" Before I could even begin to question I could hear her footsteps making their way to her master bathroom. Now a bit of concern plagued me. Just what did she mean by getting ready? What more was there than to get naked, tease me for a while, and then have me ejaculating like gangbusters! Quite a bit I was beginning to believe, but just how long was I going to be waiting here? I could hear muffled sounds from the bathroom, but nothing I could decipher in detail. I was feeling warm all over, especially the burning flesh of my cheeks and my ass from the slaps, and my nipples were starting to ache from the tug of the chain and pinch of the clamps. Yet, through it all, my cock was still erect, not raging as before, but with no intention of flagging at the moment. I can't honestly say how long I stood there suspended from the ceiling with my legs locking in place. I can say it felt like hours, no clue what was to come left to let my mind wander it took forever. Knowing Mistress now, and how long it takes her to prepare herself for sessions or play, it may very well have been close to an hour before she did return. However long it was, I do stood as motionless as possible, keeping my balance, and just as importantly keeping silent. However long it may have taken I finally heard the bathroom door open and Mistress slowly strolling across the floor towards me. I could feel her getting close, not so much by sound, but at this point by sheer presence. It was almost as if she walked with an aura about her. "Ahhmmmmm!" I moaned deeply and loudly as she gave a hard tug to the chain on the clamp tugging deeply at both my nipples! My breath caught in my throat as I fought to hold my position. "Mmmmmmm" this time a more suppressed moan of pain and pleasure trickled forth through my lips as she pressed firmly at the plug still entrenched deeply in my ass. I had almost forgotten about just how intrusive it was inside my as my body had relaxed to accommodate it, but now its presence was again well felt. "I think my pet enjoys a bit of pain with his pleasure, and so we are going to see just how much my dear" She purred. "I have several toys I'm about to introduce you to. The first is a flogger, this one is leather with 20 heads on it about 24 inches long. It will sting, or simply beat you as I wish. The next will be my nice leather paddle. Much more impactful and intense, it will truly tell me how much you can take. It's also 24 inches long from handle to the end of the paddle, but much firmer and much, much harder. Lastly I have my personal favorite and that is my riding crop. I do hope you enjoy it, well, in fact, I know you will, just for me" Her statements were descriptive almost matter of fact. I know it was as much for my own sense of safety, but also know upon reflection that for her, life was too short to spend a great deal of time on minor details that all too soon would be fully felt and enjoyed. I listened intently, trying to picture in my mind from her descriptions exactly what she was going to use, but my mind was still a bit vague and so giant implements of torture were dancing through my thoughts. I'd heard of all of the aforementioned, either from spanking devices, implements to whip horses, or in reading about medieval torture chambers. And of course the prevalent thought in my head was, "Dear god what have I gotten myself into?" I felt her approach from behind, and as she pressed her body against my back I could feel her wearing something soft yet tough. My guess was leather, but time would tell. She reached her arms around my head and then as she leaned back I could feel the "tails" of her flogger press against my face. "Inhale deeply pet" She cooed "I want you to learn to love the scent, the feel, the power that is leather as you are going to be experiencing a great deal of henceforth. It truly is my favorite!" At first she was content to just pull it firmly across my mouth and under my nose. Then she dropped it slightly and wrapped it around my throat. While she used her body to hold me in place she used the strands of the flogger to cut off my breath. Perhaps in a show of just how powerful it could be, or perhaps to show just how powerful she was at this moment. In truth my life could be in her hands with my current predicament. After a few moments she released her double grip on the flogger and allowed the strands to gently dance down my back. The next thing I know, my true journey began. The first swipe wasn't overly harsh, located directly between my shoulder blades! It was the shock more than pain that made my body tense. After that Mistress began a series of blows between my shoulders up and down my back that increased in pace and intensity. It was like she was building up, testing my limits, well not like it, that was exactly what she was doing, only at the time I had no clue. The rhythmic beating just almost sensual in it's nature and definitely hypnotic. I found myself zoning into "me" as she continue to apply the last to my back. Harder and harder, now wrapping around to my stomach as she lashed my sides. These moments kept me in reality as the pain was much more significant. "Ahhh!!!" it was when she came around the front that I gasped my first expletive of pain, first sound of any kind. The lash tugging on the chain between the nipple rings snapped me right back into reality! "Ha ha ha" She laughed "just making sure I didn't lose you just yet we have to test your limits still" And with that the true beating began. The lash across my chest and exposed stomach were quite painful. By no means excruciating, but I felt each bite of each tongue of the lash that hit me. I could feel my flesh burn under her blows. Up and down my arms, back down my chest, across my back, and then the true pain began. Though her location had changed, her intensity had simply increased as we went. As she first struck my inner thighs, clipping my balls a loud moan/muddled scream of pure pain blasted forth followed by several more before she stopped. "Tsk tsk that won't do. You aren't ready for me to stop already are you? Your cock is as hard as ever so I can't really have hurt you know can I pet?" She drolled Truthfully, as well as because I did not wish to disappoint her so quickly I replied "No Mistress" "Then we'll have to do something so you don't scare the neighbors with those moans of yours pet" I could hear her walk across the room in the direction of her dresser and return circling behind me. "Open your mouth pet" I did as requested, though apparently not too her liking as one hand grasped my right ass cheek and dug her nails in deep! I screamed out in response, definitely mouth agape "Now that's how wide I want it if you know what's good for you pet" She indicated. As I now opened my mouth as wide as I would for the dentist I felt her hands reaching around my head again. Before I knew what was happening a ball was crammed into my mouth prying it open. I tried to shake my head to understand better what was going on but before I could say anything I was completely muffled with some kind of latex ball in my mouth with her hands working something together behind my head. Any sounds I tried to make or questions I tried to ask were simply muffled through the gag and came out as garbles. "I'll know when you've had enough pet, don't fret, you're bound to fall again and we don't want that now do we?" The sweet condescendingness and confidence that danced through her words did little to relax me, but left no doubt that she was quite assured of herself. I did my best to relax and breathe as best I could. Though, breathing through my nose at first left me starved for breath I soon calmed myself and relaxed backing into position. Just as I felt normalcy had returned I was wracked again with the pain of the flogger thrashing my now sensitive flesh. The screams that I would have loved to exhale were caught around the gag in naught but a gargled blur. Mistress had recommenced with blows to my back, harder than before grinding from the top of my spine at my neck all the way to my ass! She took particular pleasure now with that particular part of my anatomy. Each blow alternately striking each cheek, their thrumming driving electric jolts through the plug burrowed deep in my ass keeping my entire body alight with sensations! WHACK! I almost lost my balance as the first blow tore into the extremely soft and sensitive flesh of my inner thighs! The second on the opposing did take my feet away and I was left suspended from the ceiling. There was no pause this time, Mistress continue to flail away at my most sensitive flesh repeatedly even taking turns whacking up between my legs to let the tips of the flail strike my testicles! I felt as if the breath would be knocked from me! "I suggest you stand straight or it's going to hurt more than it needs do. Your arms can only hold you so long pet! If you work with me rather than against me, we shall both enjoy ourselves much, much more!" This was said with a snarl, and vivacity I knew I could not deny. I pulled myself up as best I could and struggled to my feet. I planted my feet as firmly as I could to receive the blows as they came. I stopped trying to anticipate where the next would come from as this just through me off when took a different tack and struck from the unexpected location. As I relaxed and absorbed the punishment my body was taking I soon found myself finding that inner zone of peace again, almost relishing the blows. Pain seemed to leave me behind as my flesh began to burn and the blood flowed through my body. I can honestly say I was never so in tune with every inch of myself! I don't know exactly how long I stood there relishing in the attention. Though every blow to my balls or that struck the plug left me trying to roar around the plug! She took particular pleasure in these responses and would be sure to land a series of blows to invoke the cries around the gag. Every so often she would rail across my chest or stop to pull on the chain between the clamps bringing me weak in the knees yet again! As I felt a warm sheen of sweat form on my brow there was finally a pause and I simply enjoyed breathing without the fear of the next blow. Every inch of me seemed to burn and though completely naked I was intensely warm from all the attention. "Ready for more pet" She inquired, This, as the most intense pain yet tore through my left ass cheek! I didn't even have time to try to say "Yes Mistress" and it simply came out as a garbled moan. From her description I would say she had broken out the paddle. A huge swath of burning pain tore across my cheek, with intensity unrivalled by any of the previous blows! Quickly my right cheek joined the left in the throes of agony! Both clenched tighter than I ever imagined possible, and thus made me that much more aware of the plug stretching my sphincter. The next blow was directly on the plug, driving it depths I didn't know I had! This time as my knees went week there was no scream of derision or warning to regain my posture, simply a greater series of blows that let me struggling to regain my footing! I couldn't keep up with the pace as just when I expected a blow there was peace, and when I would relax blows would reign. She kept me literally and figuratively on my toes as she changed her pace, sometimes a series of intense shots to one cheek. Others, a series of playful slaps alternating between each, tapping at my balls to tease me, whacking as if her life depended on it, I could never tell which was next to come, though I found myself wondering how much more I could take! The paddling didn't last as long as the flogging but she finished this time by bouncing my cock up and down on the paddle like a ping pong ball! This just brought my hard on fully back to life and completely back to my attention. My god I needed to cum so bad! Yes I think right now I truly would do anything for release! As she finished up with the paddle I pulled myself back to a full standing position, knowing that all that was left was her favorite, the crop, and just wondering how that would feel, and honestly, how much more I could take! The way she started with the riding crop I really could tell that this was as much for her and her enjoyment, the tease, the anticipation, driving me crazy, this was why she loved it. I could feel the leather end of the crop just lazily gliding across my flesh. It felt as if she was using it to trace lines on my flesh. Later, I would learn she was tracing those left behind by the flogger. She would tease it around my neck, drive me crazy tapping each nipple with it, and leave me ready to burst rubbing it up and down the length of my cock! And reading my body, she knew just when to stop to prevent just that! My balls danced on the end of it, playful taps left me moaning for more! Just when I though I would love this as much as she did, I realized just how deadly an instrument it could be! With precision accuracy she began to strike intense pain through every key part of my body. The nipples that had so teasingly enjoyed its attention coupled with the pain of the clamps had me gasping in pain with series of strikes! The strikes to the insides of my thighs seemed to hit the most sensitive of spots! Again her pace varied, she took pleasure this time in leaving me waiting. Minutes might pass between strikes, followed by a series of quick timed intense strikes to my ass! This truly was pain! I stopped trying to scream and just a garbled series of mush escaped around the gag. The strikes to the plug in my ass were all dead on, some hard to drive it deep inside, others just intense enough to leave a throbbing echoing throughout my ass and cock! At one point she just struck my cock repeatedly like she was bouncing a basketball or beating a boxer's punching bag leaving it dancing before me. Even never having been on the receiving end before of such an assault I could tell she had enjoyed such pursuits before as all of her strikes seemed to dance together to leave my body singing in pain and pleasure and not quite sure which was which! I was stinging from head to toe by the time she had finished. My body was jelly in her hands, a mass of quivering flesh hanging from the ceiling by my wrists. Until she finished, I hadn't realized that I truly was hanging by my arms. I did my best to struggle to my feet as I heard footsteps heading back to the dresser. I could only hope that whatever punishment she had devised for my falling again would not significantly more intense than what I had just experienced as I didn't know how much more I could take! "Mmm I truly do think you enjoyed that pet" She purred as she returned to my burning form. "And obviously in need of a bit of a respite" Her hands were soothing as her fingertips and nails trailed across my flesh. Her palms rubbed aching muscles relaxing me, then traced lines across obvious whelps making me jump! The coolness of her flesh was like an ice cube on my skin as it sent chills all over my body. After a brief pause I felt a drizzle of something slippery down my back! She started rubbing lotion or oil into my skin. An audible sigh of relief escaped through my nose and I even was able to relax around the gag in my mouth. I could feel my back being coated to a slippery sheen. I assumed this was part of the process, helping me to recover from the beating. I could feel the slippery substance gliding down my back and around the plug. I was immensely relieved as I felt her fingers briefly pry my cheeks apart as she slipped it out with an audible "POP". Relieved, but now, empty? My god the feeling of emptiness what tore through me as the offending device was pulled from me! "Aww look at your sweet little sphincter puckering as if it wanted to suck it back in like a babies lips to a bobble" She couldn't help but giggle, and I couldn't help but blush at the image it created and the truthfulness of her statement I felt in my core. "I could see my sweet little pet needed a bit of a breather" She stated matter of factly as her hands continues to lather my back in what I assumed was baby oil from the scent titillating my nostrils. It wasn't truly a massage but more like a coating of my back as I could feel it covering every inch of my back down to my ass. "I actually got a new toy for me, and well I think you will enjoy it as much as I will. I have been dying to find someone to try out a cat o' nine tails with, and as much as I wasn't certain it would be you, well you did say anything, and with the way you've responded I know I'll enjoy it!" Again her foot steps trailed away soon returning with a "swooshing" sound swaying before her to lead the way. "The nylon strands looked delightful and the tips have been hardened and covered! And on a tip from a friend, well the baby oil should simply make it that much more enjoyable, well, at least for me" She cackled as she finished her remark And I screamed!! The tips literally smacked across my back, the strands dug in, and the oil in my back just worked to intensify the strikes tearing into me. The whirling of strands were punctuated by hard strikes on each stroke to my back and shoulders along with a garbled wail around the gag. I could feel each powerful blow left and right left and right, with the sounds of the flail that I could hear around my moans of pain I could almost picture her working a figure eight pattern striking on each and every cross path working her way up and down my shoulders and spine to my ass! Each moan escaping louder and louder as she went faster and harder building to an intense crescendo that once again had me hanging from my arms begging for respite that was not to come! I was truly blubbering under her ministrations by the time she finished with one last cross stroke that reached over my shoulder and wrapped around to have all nine heads striking a blow across my chest! I hung limp now, wracked with true pain, any pleasure for me disintegrated with my resolve, and ability to hold myself upright. "Yes, that was delightful, though, I think I may have broken you" I heard through the fog that was my body screaming its own internal plight to my ears. As I hung there simply trying to recompose myself I felt as much as heard the clink of first one and then the second link on the bar between my ankle cuffs. My legs drew wobbled at first as they were freed and then caught myself. Next a burst of pain shot through my body bringing me back to my knees as she released the clamps from both my nipples simultaneously! The blood flowing back to my nipples was worse than the pain of having them clamped in the first place! As I began to stand light suddenly flooded my eyes as Mistress removed the blindfold! The smile on her face as her face came into clarity was absolutely beaming with pleasure. I had never seen her more beautiful, while harboring thoughts of just how evil she was! "You are an absolute dream pet, and deserving of a much needed reward I think. Now stand up that I may remove you from the ceiling hook" I looked up to see just that. The hangar for the plant that normally draped down in the open space in her bedroom had been replaced by a rather sturdy looking hook and length of chain. This ran draped to the wall where it could be raised or lowered accordingly. I slumped slightly against her, quickly trying to catch myself as I was released. Though she caught me, and wrapped her arms around me in a brief hug, then kissed my forehead while patting my shoulders. "Why don't we see if we can get you into the bed for your reward" She whispered into my ear as she led me to the large four poster bed that dominated her bedroom. "Lie down on your back for me pet and spread your legs and arms wide" She cooed as she rolled me onto the bed. In my current state I honestly could do no more than comply! I was taking in the extremely angry red lash marks that laced across my flesh, matching now with the intense burning I felt over my entire body. I couldn't help but take in Mistresses attire. She had on the most striking looking leather corset! A rather deep jet black leather, demi-cupped to leave her breasts exposed, and I could see her chest was flushed from her exertions but also from the true exultation she had taken in our adventure thus far! Her legs were adorned in thigh high leather boots with imposing looking heels that must have been 4 or 5 inches long. She was taller than I was at the moment even had I been able to stand fully erect. The tips of black stockings peaked about her boots enticing to me as they ever had been and causing a stirring in my flagging loins. She wore matching leather wrist cuffs on each arm, all the way up to her elbows, leaving her hands uncovered. Mistress looked like something out of Xena warrior princess though far more sexually appealing, and truth be told, far more intimidating! Otherwise she stood there in her own perfect naked glory her amazing ass and beautiful sweet kitten there for me to see! She was a statuesque beauty! And I still wanted her with all my being. It was while I was staring that she had been making her way from first my left arm to foot that I realized she had linked the wrist restraint to a hook on the bed and just finished my ankle when I was able to gasp around the gag. Before I could move my right leg out of the way she had grabbed my ankle and linked it to the bed as well! By the time she got to my right hand I was only able to put up the briefest struggle and give her the most inquisitive look I could muster before she had wrestled that to the bed and tied me up completely. Then she finally leaned over me and with her breasts dangling tantalizingly over my face reached around to remove the gag from my lips. "Can't have you squirming away on me yet can I pet?" She laughed at me. Her breasts danced alluringly before my eyes as she giggled inches away "I have so much more to enjoy you with, and well, anything does mean anything, but now I think it's time to please you just a bit" There was so much I wanted to say, to ask, yet all that escaped my lips was "Yes Mistress" It didn't hurt that her adept fingers had found their way to my cock and began teasing the flesh of my shaft that was exposed and dancing around my balls. Her nails trailed lines up and down both thighs at the same time finishing by wrapping both around the base of my shaft. Still lubricated from the baby oil from the last flogging they swirled around the base of my cock bringing me to full attention in no time! A playful slap and she was all smiles as she backed away from the side of the bed and moved around to climb back on between my spread legs. The look in her eyes was of a hungry sexual tigress as she stalked forward on all fours as if my cock was to be her pray! The pleading look I attempted to give her was "Devour me" when all I wanted was the continued touch! She reached forth and began ever so deliberately releasing the bonds that held the cock leash in place. I could feel my cock screaming as its restricting grip was released. God yes I'm going to cum!! That's the only thought I had in my head as my cock popped free and she tossed the sheath to the floor! Again she grabbed my cock in both hands and began every so slowly to stroke it! Her mouth lingered inches away from the head of my cock and I could feel her breath every time she exhaled! Ever so slowly she began to increase her pace as her lips inched ever closer. Oh, god I need this as my eyes closed and my body burned with desire. The fire that was every inch of my beaten flesh was bubbling up as molten lava in my balls preparing to erupt as never before. Moans began to pour forth, "Oh god yes Mistress" I cried as my body began humping her hands closer and closer I was going to.... Stop!? "Nooooo God nooo!!" I pleaded as my eyes open to gaze at her. All I saw was the biggest smile on her lips as she licked them with her lips, and left my cock bouncing freely! "I can't have you finishing quite that fast now can I" She literally laughed out loud at this and gave my aching balls a slap! "I have ever intention of enjoying this pet, and I will be pleased completely before you get to be" After my body relaxed and the urgent need left me she was right back at it. This time one hand firmly grasped around the base of my cock and balls the other hand using her thumb to glide up and down the vein at the base of my shaft to the head of my cock. Her ministrations coaxed a bead of precum to the head of my cock which she then used two finger tips to rub around the tip and then all around the head of my shaft coating in my own secretions. As she got it nice and slick I watched as she formed an ok symbol with her free hand and used it to start stroking the length of my shaft, slowly, agonizingly pleasurable. Yet again her mouth approached my cock. She kept her eyes fixed to mine the entire time as her tongue reached out to lap in slow luxurious strokes just beneath the head of my cock as her fingers continued to stroke it. Her tongue dancing from that devilish smile had me weak in the knees and literally trying to claw out of the restraints. I knew enough not to thrust, but as her lips enclosed the head of my cock my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I emitted a long slow pleasurable moan. This felt amazing and as I reveled in all that she did she began to pump faster and faster with her fingers working the shaft into a frenzy. "Mmm I can feel your balls tightening up ready to empty forth that huge load of cum you've been preparing all day" She purred right on the head of my cock driving me even further into delirium. Her hand began massage the base of my cock and balls working them into a fever pitch yet again as her mouth encompassed the head of my cock, her hand firmly gripping the shaft as she began to stroke. My hips began to thrust again of their own volition. I did beg this time, "Please Mistress, Please Mistress Oh god please let me come!!" More of a his than true exclamation but the need was building as she stroked faster and faster, working my balls to a boil, ready to burst forth with an unrivaled intensity! She sucked even harder on the head, gripping tighter just as she knew I liked stroking in rhythm to my hips, and her lips pressure around my cock! Squeezing and stroking "Oh God please!" The point of no return, I could feel my cream boiling up my shaft and... "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!" This time she hadn't backed away but she clamped down like a vice at the base of my cock, her other hand clasped at the base of my head and even her lips squeezing down in a lock of iron pinching off the flow of come as surely as if she'd clamped it in a vice!! As my frenzy subsided and bucking ceased her lips left my cock and she just laughed "Ha ha ha poor pet wants to cum sooo bad doesn't he?" "Yes Mistress please Mistress I'll do anything!" the words slipped forth from my lips without a thought, all caution thrown to the wind. "Oh I know you will pet, and tonight is truly just a start!" She paused briefly to get up and walk from the bed back to the dresser. She returned with a bottle of lube in one hand and a shiny metal object in the other. It was oddly "T" shaped like it had a handle with the longer section curved with a bulbous tip. I didn't know what it was but I was fairly certain from previous experience where it was going! She started by lubing up my cock taking her time in coating it from stem to stern allowing extra lube to glide down the crack of my ass. Next, came her fingers which she used to scoop up the excess lube and as she stroked my cock with her right hand while her left started to slide two fingers inside me. With all the stretching from the plug earlier her fingers slid in easily and she lubed up my insides while she stroked my cock, paying particular attention to stroking my prostate, building that urge yet again! My head lolled back in the pure ecstasy of the moment. My cock writhing in glee and my ass actually craving the attention she gave. Sweet moans of pleasure poured forth. I no longer fretted over cumming but just reveling in the pleasure knowing I would burst! Sadly before I could reach that moment her fingers withdrew from my ass and momentarily from my cock. I looked up in time to see her lubing up the shaft of the toy, and then wiping her hand free of lube. I spread my legs wide in anticipation of what was to come and she simply smiled back. "Such a good boy knowing exactly what your Mistress wants and needs shall always get you bonus points and potentially rewards" And with that the tip of the toy slid in, she didn't pause, simply glided it all the way into my depths. The feeling was intense as the bulbous end passed my prostrate as she bottomed out. Again she grasped my cock and began that slow pleasurable pace of hers as she grasped the handle of the toy and began to pump it slowly in and out of my ass in tempo to her strokes. This was amazing, my prostate was going crazy and my cock was right along with it! Pure bliss was the only way to describe it and all I could do was lie back and enjoy the ride! Her pace quickened and as to be expected my body responded, thrusting away yet again in the throes of passion hoping against hope to allow my orgasm to rip through me. Faster with her hand, deeper with her probe, "Mmm Oh God yes, more Mistress please Mistress, I am yours, oh God please...please..please" The last said with pure pleading and need ready to explode!! And as previous right before that delightful heavenly bliss was rewarded me she rammed the probe deep and squeezed off the head of my cock, bottling that explosion of sperm in my shaft!! Oh God what was I going to have to do to cum!!! "I think it's my turn for some attention pet, you've been getting it all thus far!" And with that I felt her move and as I opened my eyes I could see her twist around to mount my face, thinking finally we would sixty nine to orgasm. As I readied my tongue to lap that most delicious of pussies I know so well, she shifted forward a bit, still grasping my cock but no longer working her probe. Her ass was directly over my mouth "You, my pet are going to learn to love and to worship this ass. One thing I have not told you is that I revel in my lover eating my ass relishing my taste! And you are going to learn to do this whenever I may wish!" I certainly can't say I was averse to the idea. I loved her ass and its exquisite curves! She was always clean and fresh, and doing something so wonderful as this, was a turn on in and of itself. My tongue, of it's on volition, was out of my mouth and she lowered her ass directly onto it. At first I lapped gently all around her hole, thinking back to all the times that she had prepared my ass for attention. Licking delightful circles, tasting her succulent rosebud, I began doing just as I hoped she wished. As she pressed back, smothering me in her muskiness I pressed forward, feeling her opening relax to take my tongue deeper and deeper inside her! She was stroking my cock to the pace that my tongue worked inside her, almost goading me to greater and deeper attention. And I complied, willingly, knowing that if my pleasure was tied to hers then I would more than happily please her as much as I could! She pressed back further driving my tongue deeper inside as she began to grind her pussy down on my chin. I worked my tongue as deep in her ass as I could sucking at her inner depths as her motions allowed reveling in her taste and her response. Faster and faster her pace went, deeper and deeper tongue dove into her, harder and harder she stroked my cock! My chin was getting wet and I could feel her juices trickling down around my neck. Breathing was a second thought as I could sense her pleasure reaching a crescendo with mine. She began to moan and grind harder on my face. I sucked and licked for all I was worth my lips spread wide to allow my tongue full penetration into her succulent ass as she pressed me down into the bed with her ass! Clasping and clenching, the hand on my cock was driving me crazy! She raced to the edge and I was being dragged along with her to the finale of a lifetime! And then it happened!! I was awash in her juices as my tongue was forced all the way into her ass, he sweet cream leaking from her delicious folds and down her neck! But dear god, her hand had clenched down on my cock like a vice as it was prepared to blow with her! Trapped yet again, taken to the verge and left hanging on a precipice whilst the throes over her orgasm alit over my face and tongue bathing me in her pleasure! Her ass squeezed down on my cock as her body throbbed, sucking it further if possible and my chin was inside her, the curved edge of it ground against by her G-spot! I was literally crying. To be so close, yet so far! Yet to have to share the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced with her! I was blissfully unhappy for myself and yet elated that I could do this for her! And still her hand clenched my shaft pinching off any pleasure in a death grip! As her orgasm subsided she slit back slightly. My tongue popped free of her delicious ass but was immediately absorbed and lapping up the sweetness that was her. She tasted incredible, like the sweetest honey and I swallowed every drop, licking her clean of every clinging bit of cream my tongue could find! She climbed off my body turning around to lie next to me, touching and teasing my flesh from head to toe, gazing in my eyes smiling. "Mmm that was wonderful pet, you certainly took to that quite well!" She again purred in a soft whisper directly in my ear. "I'll make sure to put that tongue to very good use often you can be certain of that" "Now it's time for the harness to go back on this bad little cock of yours. I have some more fun planned and I don't want to worry about him going off unexpectedly" She cooed as she slid off the side of the bed and walked to the dresser. Returning, she cinched my cock still raging cock back in its harness, pinching off any hope for release while taking this opportunity to tease it back to angry, needy readiness! Next she began unfastening the hooks on the bed from my arms and legs, allowing me freedom of movement! My first thought was "Grab your cock and cum you need to so bad" But in realizing her predilection for administering punishment and pain I realized this to be the worst course of action available to me and dutifully lay there awaiting her next command. "I'm going to enjoy this next part my pet, very, very much and I think you just might as well" She said with a wink as she again made her way to the dresser. She returned, with a shiny black dildo in hand that was attached to some kind of leather harness. I knew she meant to use it in my ass, and was a little bit intimidated. I still had the device inside me that was resting delightfully on my prostate. My sphincter puckered just at the sight of the large shiny black phallus she was carrying towards me! It was at least 8" long and definitely thicker than the base of the plug that had been in me all afternoon, though fortunately not as thick as that had been at its widest! "I know your are going to love this pet, I can tell just how much you love having your ass played with and stuffed full, and just how much it was begging for more when it was empty earlier! You had best get used to this and love it as much as I want you to as your ass is going to get a lot of attention in the future." The entire time she made this declaration she glared at me with a look that said "doubt me at your own risk" and for myself I didn't doubt nor deny her for one second. She began to slide the leather harness up over her boots and then began fastening clasps and cinching buckles and before I knew it she stood before me in all her Dominant glory! She was decking out from head to toe in black leather and now she stood there with that huge cock before her. I'd heard of strapons before but never seen one, certainly never seen one on before, and here Mistress was, my lovely beauty looking very comfortable and practiced with it. "On your knees!" She commanded, and I responded flipping over on to all fours on the bed. She soon climbed in front of me on the bed and knelt down with that cock inches from my face. She swayed her hips in a slightly circular motion causing the cock to dance before me like a cobra. And I must admit I was hypnotized by the snake. I had no clue what she wanted to do from this position but I couldn't take my eyes off the dildo before me. "You know what do slut" She began "take it in your mouth and show me how much you want this cock! Suck it like the good little cock loving slut you know you want to be!" All said with confidence and as mesmerized as I was I didn't even think to argue, I just leaned forward and took the head of this massive cock between my lips! I had not clue what I was doing having never sucked or licked a cock but instinct took over fairly quickly, that, and imagining what I liked and practicing that on this glorious member. I sucked on the head getting it nice and wet then let my lips pop off and watched it sway before Mistress' hips. I reached forward with one hand to grab the shaft and lift it up, then took my tongue and started licking under the head and trailing my head down the shaft. I started swirling my tongue around it's diameter as I made my way back to the tip. "Look at me as you suck my cock slut! I want to see just how much you want my cock!" She commanded and a demanding tone. "Yes Mistress" I whispered, barely audible as I began to look up "What was that slut?" "Yes Mistress" I said in a much more confirmative tone, "Yes I want to suck your cock" I locked gazes with her again as I took the head of her cock in my mouth again and began to slowly work my way up and down, relaxing my mouth to take in this heavy intrusion, letting my tongue glide along the bottom of the shaft as my cheeks puffed out and I sucked deeper. I took the cock all the way to the back of my throat slightly gagging as I felt it hit deep and then working my way quickly back off the shaft! I began my slow work of sucking it back deep in my mouth all the time stroking the remainder of the shaft while gazing into Mistress' eyes. I was able to get a little more in my mouth and relax my throat as I hit bottom and didn't feel the gag reflex of the previous attempt! I kept this up for a minute or so each time slowly working deeper until I was able to get four or five inches of this cock in my mouth. I began picking up the pace of deep throating and stroking it. Occasionally, I would back off to allow Mistress to see me swirling and licking my tongue around the head of her cock and then bobbing my lips around it. Again I started the process of taking all of it that I could down my mouth and stroking her shaft. "That's not going to do at all slut, you are giving cheaters hand! All hand no mouth! I want you to learn to suck a cock properly, and that means deep throating!" She said this sternly with more than a hint of disappointment. "Put your hands down and open your mouth slut. I'm going to teach you how to take a cock!" I complied with her orders, hands and knees on the bed, mouth agape, the head of her cock in it as she leaned forward to grab me by the hair. "When I tell you to suck a cock I want you to suck it slut! No questions asked, and with every once of ability you have!" And with that she began cramming her cock in my mouth! She worked it deep and hard immediately hitting the back of my throat with the shaft and causing me to gag! I did my best to hold it in and keep sucking but her pace just quickened, driving it deeper and further her hands holding my head in place as she fucked it, pulling my head down deeper! I gagged harder each thrust as she slid the cock past that point in my throat, by now up to of this monster cock was ramming the back of my throat and onwards, I could see about two inches to the base! One really hard thrust drove too deep and I gagged in earnest, spitting up the cock and pulling my head back! SLAP She slapped me hard across the face "That just isn't going to do slut I'll have to have that trained out of you! I don't want you choking or spitting up on a cock now do I!" She was ranting now "When I present you with a cock I want you to suck it like you mean it, show how much you love it! How are you going to do that choking on it! What if it starts cumming in your mouth! You had best not spit that up for certain!" She was practically screaming now, and very disappointed by the sounds of it! The look in her eyes almost broke my heart in the way her displeasure shown. "That will have to do now, but lets hope your ass does better! Turn around and get that ass up here! No lube this time, I'm too disappointed to take it easy on your slut ass! That will definitely be taught to make up for the short comings of your mouth!!!" I did as I was ordered as quickly as I could. I spun around and lay my chest down on the bed lifting my ass up in the air. "Oomph" Before I even had a chance to get settled she yanked the plug that had been massaging my prostate out of my ass, yet again leaving it gaping and this time in the slightest degree of pain! "Get ready to have your ass fucked off slut! And be left begging for more" She screamed as she prodded the large head of her cock against my puckered opening. And then the pleasure and pain truly began! She started ramming her cock into my ass. The pain as my sphincter yet again expanded to accommodate this intruder was intense. Where as before Tabitha had eased with fingers or the toy Mistress took my ass as hers. She drove as far in as she could and then back out for before driving forth again. Each thrust literally took my breath away! Thank god my ass was thoroughly lubed from it's prior intrusion or I truly would have been in pain! Mistress grabbed my head as she cackled out "There's a good slut, take that cock, you love having your ass filled don't you slut!" My face was buried in the pillows as I just tried to catch my breath. I held my body up so that my ass was readily hers! The harder and deeper she pounded the more my stomach began to rest on my thigh and my face pressed into the pillows. I began to cry out, I don't know if it was pain or pleasure but I needed to evoke. I was babbling and crying out and moaning mindlessly of what I said. She kept driving into me until I finally felt her stop! It was at this moment that I actually began to breath normally and was stunned to feel her harness biting into my ass, her full weight on me as I had accepted all of her cock in me! "Well that didn't take long at all did it slut, your ass just swallowed that cock!" Before I could say anything she started fucking me again! At first it was hard and fast she would pull out about half way and just drive back in. She had a firm grasp on my hips and would pull me hard against her as she drove her cock deep inside me! I buried my face into the pillow and bit down to keep from screaming and just allowed whatever moans and pleas to pour forth of their own volition. As muffled as they were by the pillow I don't think she could have understood a word of my non coherence anyway. Every thrust that bottomed out continued to take my breath away and the energy she had for fucking me amazed me. I was prone on the bed, thinking dear god this has to slow down soon, and yet ever did she fuck me further into submission! "You love that cock in your ass don't you slut! Don't you!" I comprehended what she said and did my best to please her and to be honest speak the truth, it was a feeling unlike anything I had ever felt before. I did my best to say so "Yesss Mistressss...." Apparently it came out as more of a hiss as a clear admission of truth. "What was that slut! Tell me love my cock in your ass and how much you want me to fuck!" This demand was punctuated by slaps to my ass and then by her driving her cock balls deep inside me and keeping me spitted that way! "Yes Mistress, I love your cock in my ass, I love being your slut! Please fuck me more Mistress!" I pooled all the strength left to me to scream out the response and was rewarded by Mistress leaning all her weight into her cock driving it in to my ass as she leaned down bit my shoulder hard and then whispered in my ear "that's that I though slut, you are mine now!" And with that She began fucking me like no tomorrow. Her pace varied from the rapid fire deep thrusts to long slow agonizing thrusts. She would pull the entire length of the cock out until the head was resting inside me and then drive it all the way back in! The feeling as the head passed my prostate was intense and almost had me coming all over myself each time! I'm certain if not for the harness I would have burst! Next she went back to pounding me hard screaming out in ecstasy. Then she pulled all the way out and proceeded to abuse my opening. Over and over again she'd pop the head all the way out, and then immediately drive it back through my sphincter! "I love watching your asshole gape as I pull out my cock slut, wide open reading to be invaded again and again!" And she did just that! She started popping it in and going just a bit deeper. And she kept this up for a bit, using about half the shaft to fuck me, just until the head of her cock passed my prostate and then pulling out it's entirety and driving it back in! She leaned forward again grabbing my hair as she slammed the entire shaft back in balls deep! God it felt amazing and it hurt so good at the same time! "Now I'm going to cum in your ass slut! Beg for it!" As she began grinding her hips into the base of her harness thus driving her cock inside me I did just that! "Please Mistress, Please cum in my ass, fill my cock with your cum Mistress, please let me take it for you! I just kept repeating this mantra and like pleading as I felt her grinding intensify. I could feel the motions of her hips as the head of her cock would move inside me, and I could feel her pressing harder and harder on my ass driving me into the bed! Harder and harder she ground, almost frenetically with wild abandonment! "Yes, Yes!! YES!! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss takei it SLUT!!" She screamed as I know yet another orgasm burst through her! The way her body slammed forward yet again took my breath away and all I could do was gasp for breath, moan in pain, and revel in an orgasm of hers! As her body collapsed on mine I tried to relax beneath her. Her breathing and the shaking that would occasionally course through her continues to shift the cock inside me keeping my on edge. After a few minutes she kissed me lightly on the back of my head and began to lean back! With a nice long slow stroke she eased the cock all the way out of my ass. An audible pop told me it was finally out, and I know my ass gaped for several seconds before closing up! "Mmm now that, definitely was deserving of a reward my slut! You have an ass that just loves to be fucked!" She decried as she gave me a playful swat on my ass cheek. "Roll over pet, and spread your arms and legs again, I need to fuck, and you need to cum!" With more energy than I imagined I could muster I did just that! I was shocked to see my cock still erect in its sheath as I splayed out on the bed. She gave it a playful swat and smiled at me as quickly chained me to the links on the bed. Next she began the process of extricating herself from the strapon harness and letting it drop to the floor. Lastly and with great joy on my behalf she removed the sheath! Thank god, was all I could think yet all I did was simply smile at her. She climbed back onto he bed with catlike grace and maneuvered herself over my body. I could feel her wet lips press down on my shaft as her body pressed down against me! God it felt amazing! As she leaned in to kiss me she pressed hard with her clit on the head of my cock and as she leaned back she began gliding her extremely wet pussy along the length of my cock. My god this was intense! I began thinking this was how she intended to make me cum, spraying my seed over my own body just by stroking me off with her pussy lips. Fortunately that was not to be the case. Just as she had me on edge, she leaned back, grasped my cock in one hand and lowered herself down on top of me. She didn't say a word, just began by squeezing my cock with her pussy lips driving me insane and then added to that by starting to glide up and down on my shaft! This was heavenly but dear god it was too much! I looked at her pleadingly but couldn't hold back!! With all the teasing and denial, the pain and pleasure, the feeling of finally being inside her was too intense, too overwhelming! I tried my best to hold back, to please her more before releasing the torrent of semen that had built up inside me, all to no avail as my cock had needs of its own! "Oh God No!!!" I literally screamed as my cock just erupted within seconds in violent spasms! Jet after jet exploded inside her and she kept milking my cock, riding up and down, sucking out every last burst that I fired inside her! The scariest part wasn't that I had disappointed but that look of the cat yet again, pure satisfaction and a look that said that was exactly what she had wanted! She truly was gloating at the power she held over me! "Someone was ready to cum wasn't he my pet?" She cooed! "I'll take that as meaning you liked it! I'm glad you did, but as you can tell I'm not quite done yet! Alas I don't think your cock is going to be up to the task for a bit, so I hope your tongue is ready to clean up your mess! And, give me the pleasure I deserve!" Before I could question her she climbed up my body, spread her thighs to either side of my head, and planted her pussy right on my mouth! "I want you to suck up every drop of cum from my pussy pet! And, I want to cum all of your pretty little face!" And with that, she grasped my head pulling it tight and ordered me to lick! I had never eaten my own cum before, but it just began pouring out of her and onto my face and into my mouth! I did my best to please her lapping up every ounce of juice that was pouring from her! At first copious amounts of my own cum were guzzled down my throat, then a mix of hers and mine as her arousal began to build. "You had best get used to that pet, cleaning out my pussy is going to become one of your main tasks along with licking my ass!" Those were the last words she said, and I wish perhaps I had paid more attention to the exact words used and not just assumed she meant my own, as they held much greater meaning for what was to come, as much of what she had said that night had a much greater connotation to it! Yet all I did was continue to lick up every drop of cream from her sweet lips until she ground herself to several more orgasms! That was not the end of the evening, but it was the end of our "session" She soon released me from the cuffs and we snuggled and talked about what we had enjoyed together and how I felt, and she teased my cock to hardness twice more that night and rode me to joyous orgasms for both of us. Each time her pussy was pressed to my lips or my face was eagerly diving between her thighs to lick clean the mess I had left behind! This was the start of a great adventure more of which is to come 