Becoming A Slut Wife: Sarah (6)

By Just plain Bob


The next three months went quickly by.  She was giving Tim all the sex he could handle, seeing to Dave’s needs (and the needs of several of his better customers) and seeing Brian every Tuesday.  The only fly in the ointment, at least from her standpoint, was that every time she tried to get something going with Melvin something always got in the way.  Four times she was almost sure she had him alone, but each time either Dave or Jenny did something to prevent her from trying on Melvin.


It all came crashing down on a Monday in October.  She got a call from Brian: 


“We have to cancel tomorrow sweetie, and probably all the rest of our Tuesdays.”


“Why?  What is going on?”


“Tim came to see me this morning and asked for some time off.  I asked why and he said he had some personal problems that needed to be looked into.  I pushed him and he blurted out that he thinks you are cheating on him and he wants the time off to follow you and see what you are up to.  I had to give him the time off sweetie, so watch your back.  I’m going to miss you babe.”


As she hung up her heart was beating fast.  The one thing she never wanted to happen was happening.  What had she done to make Tim suspect her?  She thought back, but couldn’t think of anything she might have let slip.  She went into Dave’s office and told him about Brian’s phone call.


“It is over Dave.  No more playing.  Tim will be watching me like a hawk now and I don’t dare do anything that might give what we’ve been doing away.”


“Don’t worry sweetie.  What goes on in this building he has no way of seeing.”


“No Dave, no more.  I don’t want to take the chance of making the least little slip.  I can’t lose Tim, I’d die if he left me.”


“Go on back to your office sweetie and let me think on this.”


That night at home she tried to see if Tim was any different around her, but she saw no signs that he was suspicious.  Could Brian have been wrong?  He wasn’t, and she got the proof the next day.


Dave called her into his office ten minutes after she got to work.  “Tim is parked just down the block in a rental car and he’s watching the building.  I guess he thinks you leave here during the day to meet your lover or lovers.”


“How do you know that?”


“I hired a private investigator to watch him and keep me informed as to his movements.”


He took out his cock and waved it at her.


“I’m not doing that any more Dave.”


“Yes you will Sarah.  You will because I want it and you want it.  I agree with you that now Tim is suspicious it isn’t worth the risk any more, but I want one last day.  You are going to be mine all day Sarah and then I’ll never touch you again unless you come and ask me.  Now please suck my cock while I tell you what we are going to do.”


She had sucked Dave’s cock, deep throating him the way he liked, and after she had swallowed his cum she had sucked him hard again and then moved to the leather couch and spread herself wide for him.  After taking a load in her pussy she had again sucked him hard and then she had leaned over the back of the couch and let Dave take her ass.


“How does it feel to know that your husband is right outside just down the block while I fuck you.  Does it excite you?”


“Yes” she had panted as Dave drove his cock up her butt.


“Does it turn you on to cheat on him while knowing that he is trying to catch you with another man’s dick in you?”


“Yes, oh God, oh God yes, yes, yes.  Fuck me lover, fuck me hard and make me cum.”


Dave pulled her off the couch and led her over to the large window.  She leaned down and put her hands on the windowsill and spread her legs and moaned when Dave slid back into her ass.


“See that black Honda Accord parked down there?  That’s your hubby Sarah.  He’s trying to catch your cheating ass.  He wants to catch you having a good time.  Are you having a good time Sarah?’


“Oh God yes Dave.  I love you in my ass, fuck me lover, fuck me.”


“Look down at him Sarah.  He can’t see you through this tinted glass, but you can see him.  Does it excite you to watch him while I fuck you Sarah?”


She moaned and shoved her ass back at him.


“Can you see his eyes Sarah, can you look into them while I fuck you?”


She moaned again, “Make me cum damn you, make me cum.”


“Are you my slut Sarah?”


“Yes damn you, yes.”


“Say it Sarah, say it.”


“I’m your slut Dave, I’m a cheating whore and I’m your slut.  Now make me cum damned you, make me cum.”


She lay on the leather couch, legs splayed wide and with a teardrop shaped blob of cum barely hanging from her pussy lips.  Dave looked down at her as he tucked his cock back into his pants.


“I hope your desk is clear and that you have nothing pressing.  Since today is my last day I intend to make the most of it.  Next on the list is to have some fun with your husband.”


She sat up alarmed and he laughed, “Not to worry my sweet slut, he will never know, but you and I will.  What we are going to do is go have lunch with Jason Boggs.




Where is he?” Dave asked Melvin as the limo cruised along the highway.


“Three car lengths back.” 


She was naked on the rear seat (except for heels) and Dave was sliding his cock into her hot ass.


“He’s only sixty or seventy feet away Sarah.  How does it feel to be fucked so close to your husband?”


She moaned and gasped, “It feels so good baby, your cock feels so good.”


“You like my cock in your ass while your hubby is so near?”


“I love your cock in my ass.  Fuck me lover, fuck me.”


“Get up on your knees and look out the back window.”


She did what she was told and then he slid his cock back into her butt and started slowly stroking back and forth. 


“See him back there?  See him trying to catch you cheating on him?  Watch his face Sarah, watch his face while I fuck your tight cheating ass.  Think he suspects what you might be doing Sarah?  Think he is back there saying to himself, “I wonder if Sarah is getting fucked on the back seat of that car?” 


“Fuck him and what he is thinking Dave, just fuck me, make me cum” and she shoved her ass back to meet Dave’s thrusts.


“Should I open a window Sarah and tell Melvin to slow down?  Maybe your hubby will speed up and pass us so he can look in the window.  Would you like that Sarah?  Would you like to be looking into each other’s eyes when I cum in your ass?”


She shoved back harder, “Fuck me you bastard, pound my ass, make me cum.”


“Where is he Melvin?”


“Two cars back.”


“Hear that Sarah?  He’s closing in.  He’s getting closer to his cheating wife.  Aren’t you glad for tinted windows Sarah?  You can see him back there, but he can’t see you.  He thinks someone besides him is putting a cock in you and we know it’s true, don’t we?”


“Please Dave, make me cum.  I’m so close lover, make me cum, get me off Dave, get me off.”


“Not yet my sweet slut, not just yet.  Slow down a little Melvin, maybe the car behind us will get impatient and pull out and pass us.  That will leave the slut’s husband right behind us”


The limo slowed and moments later she saw the car behind them pull out to pass and the black Accord moved up.  She could see Tim and she could almost see his eyes.


“See him Sarah?  See how close he is?  Do you think he knows how close he is to his wife while she lets another man fuck her?  Does it excite you Sarah to be looking into his face while I’m cumming in you?”


She was looking into Tim’s face when she felt Dave’s cum splash inside her and she responded with a screaming orgasm of her own.


“Get dressed Sarah, we’re almost to the restaurant.”




She was reviewing the contract language with Jason when Dave’s cell phone rang.  He took the call and when he disconnected he said:


“That was the private detective.  He says your husband is sitting in the coffee shop where he can watch us.  Just act natural and don’t look that way.”


He put the phone away and said, “How about it Jason, ready to sign on the dotted line?”


“I don’t know.  I was supposed to get an afternoon with Sarah, but you tell me her husband is following her.  She was my incentive to sign with you and it looks like it isn’t going to happen.”


“Do you like kinky Jason?”


“Depends on what you mean by kinky?”


“How would you like to enjoy Sarah while her hubby is only sixty or seventy feet away and completely unaware that you are doing her?”


“You serious?”






“As soon as we finish lunch and you hand Sarah a signed contract.”


“You have a pen?”


“Yes indeed I do.  Ready to be a slut again Sarah?”


“Yes Dave.”


“Tell Jason what you are Sarah.”


She looked at Jason, “I’m Dave’s slut.  I am a cheating whore of a wife and I’m Dave’s slut.”


They were cruising down the highway and Sarah was sitting between Dave and Jason.  Their flies were open and their cocks were sticking up.  She had a cock in each hand and was slowly stroking them both when Dave asked: 


“Where is he Melvin?”


“Three cars back.”


“Okay Sarah, I’m going to open the window on the drivers side.  When hubby pulls up along side of us I want you to be jacking us off just a little harder than you are now.  I want you looking over at Jason like you are talking to him.  I don’t want you looking out the window and letting your hubby know we know he is there.  Don’t let him see your arm movements, but try to get one of us off just as he goes by and looks in the window.  Think you can do that?”


“I don’t know Dave.  I don’t think I can get either one of you off unless I go faster than you want me too.”


“Just try Sarah, do your best.  Slow down Melvin.  Force the ones behind us to pass.”


Melvin slowed down and after a minute the two cars between them and Sarah’s husband pulled out and passed them.  Tim pulled up behind them and Melvin slowed down a little more and Tim had to pull out and pass them he would call attention to himself and seconds later Melvin said: 


“Here he comes.”


She felt Dave’s fingers push into her pussy and she moaned just as her husband drove by and looked in the window.  Dave laughed:


“That’s the closest you’ll ever come to catching her you stupid doofus.”


She let go of Dave’s cock and looked at him, “What did you just call him?”


“A doofus.  He’s a stupid doofus.”


“He is also my husband you fucking asshole.  Play with your own dick from now on.”


She turned her full attention to Jason.  “Ready for some hot mouth honey?”


“Oh God yes.”


“You got it honey” and she lowered her head and swallowed his cock.  Dave still had his fingers in her pussy and she reached down, grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away from her.


“Sarah, don’t be that way.”


“Fuck you Dave.  He is my husband and he doesn’t deserve what I’m doing to him.  I’ll be god damned if I’ll let you call him names just because he is unlucky enough to have a whore for a wife.”


“I’m sorry Sarah, my comment was uncalled for.  Please forgive me?”


Sarah ignored him and concentrated on pleasing Jason, but she didn’t object when Dave slid his fingers back into her cunt.  She was already hot and Dave’s fingers just made her hotter.


“Where is he now Melvin?”


“One car in front of us.”


Dave put the window up.  “Pass him.  We don’t want to lose him so it’s best that he be behind us.”


She was on her knees on the seat with her head in Jason’s lap and Dave was just moving in behind her when they passed Tim.  Dave drove his cock into her pussy and got an “Uumppf” from her and he said:


“He is less than ten feet away from your cheating ass.  Does it turn you on to know that?”


She answered him by shoving her ass back at him and Dave laughed and said:


“You just think that this is your last day.  You are too much of a slut to quit Sarah.  I’ll be fucking you until I’m too old to get it up any more.”


He was wrong, but she wasn’t going to argue about it just then.  She had a cock in both ends of her and she was close to getting off.  “Will you just shut up and fuck me?”


“Where is he Melvin?”


“Two cars back.”


“Sixty feet from your hubby and you are slamming your ass back at me and telling me to fuck you.  You are such a slut Sarah.  I can’t believe how turned on you are knowing how close he is and that he is trying to catch you at doing what you are doing.”


She took her mouth off Jason and turned to him, “Will you please just shut the fuck up and fuck me.  Make me cum damn it, get me off.”


She lowered her head back down and took Jason’s cock back in her mouth and thirty seconds later he bathed the back of her throat with his offering.  She kept on sucking him until he started to stiffen again.  She took her mouth off him and started jacking him off while she looked back over her shoulder at Dave and said:


“Make me cum you bastard; stop that slow shit and fuck me hard.  I need to cum damn it, fuck me hard and make me cum.”


Dave rammed her hard and fast and she felt her orgasm rushing at her and she raised her head and looked out the rear window and at her husband as her body shook with her climax.  Dave laughed, “God what a slut you are Sarah” and then he came in her.  He and Jason switched places and twenty-six miles later Jason filled her box with his seed.  When Jason pulled out of her Dave told Melvin to find a gas station.  Melvin filled the tank and then got back in the car. 


“Where is he now Melvin?”


“Across the street in the Safeway parking lot.”


“Can he see you from where he is parked?”


“No, just the rear half of the car.”


“Climb over the partition into the back.”




“Get back here Melvin, it’s your turn.”


“Yes sir!”


Once Melvin was in the back Dave climbed up front, started the limo and pulled away from the pumps.  They weren’t even off the gas station’s lot before Melvin had his cock in her mouth.  She sucked him for a minute and then let his cock slip from her lips:


“You’re already hard so I need my mouth to get Jason ready.  Take my ass baby, Jenny says you have always wanted my ass.”


Jason’s cock was already in her mouth when Melvin started to ease his cock into her back passage.  She squealed around Jason’s pole as Melvin pushed deeper and deeper into her and then she lost it.  The wickedness of taking a black man in her ass and sucking off a man she had never met before lunch time that day while her husband was in sight was so erotically stimulating that she became a mindless piece of meat for the two men who had their cocks in her.  Melvin came in her ass and then switched places with Jason (after wiping his cock off on her panties) and when Jason came they switched again.


When the limo pulled into the parking lot at work she was astride Jason who was in her pussy and bent forward looking out the rear window at the black Accord while Melvin’s black cock was buried in her ass.


“Come on guys, you will have to finish in my office.  If we all just sit here in a parked car her hubby could get wise.”


Melvin and Dave quickly changed places and then Melvin got out of the car and opened the door for them.  She unsteadily stepped out of the car and hoped that Tim was far enough away that he couldn’t see the cum running down her leg.


She was on her back on Dave’s desk with her legs up on Jason’s shoulders, her nails biting into his back, while he plunged his cock into her pussy.  Melvin had Jenny on the leather couch and was fucking her in her ass for the first time and she was squealing like a pig.  Jenny had been at her desk when she Dave, Jason and Melvin had gone into her father’s office.  She had waited several moments before curiosity over why her boyfriend had breezed right on by with out a word got to her.  She had opened the office door and looked in just in time to see Melvin’s cock slide into Sarah’s ass while she was bent forward over Dave’s desk.


“God damn you Melvin, what the hell are you doing?”


“Getting some of what you won’t give me.”


“Well you better stop right now if you ever expect to get any more pussy from me.”


“See you!”


“What?  What did you say?”


“See you around.  I ain’t wasting no more time on any woman who won’t give me what I need.”


“You don’t mean that!”


“Oh yes I do.”


Tears formed in her eyes and Jenny was all set to turn and leave the room when Sarah cried out: 


“Oh God, oh God, oh yes, like that, just like that, harder lover, fuck me harder.”


Jenny had gotten so mad at Sarah calling Melvin “lover” that she had gone over and pulled Melvin away from Sarah and pulled him over to the couch.  She pulled off her panties, got on her knees and snarled:


“You want my ass?  Then take it damn you, take it” and Melvin did.


Jenny’s dad was standing over at the window looking out:


“He’s still there Sarah, still sitting there and watching the building.  I guess he is going to follow you until you get home.”


Sarah wasn’t listening and right then she didn’t care beans about Tim.  When Jenny had pulled Melvin away from her she had been near her orgasm and she had cried out in protest.  Jason had quickly moved to her and pushed her up on the desk and had mounted her.  Jason had her on the ragged edge of another orgasm when Dave had made his comment about Tim.


“Fuck Tim” she had thought, “If he doesn’t trust me, fuck him.”


It was four-thirty before the party was over.  Jenny had been possessive as hell where Melvin was concerned so Sarah had to settle for just Jason and Dave and by four-thirty neither man could answer the call again.  She had gotten dressed and had gone to the ladies room to clean up before going home.  As she got ready to leave the office she said to Dave:


“It has been fun lover and I’ll always remember it.”


“You won’t stop Sarah, you are too much of a slut and we both know it.  I’ll give you a week and you’ll be back in here licking my cock.”


“No way Dave.  I’m not taking any more chances on losing Tim.”




She was home fixing dinner when Tim walked in.  She greeted him with a kiss (she had brushed her teeth and gargled) and had asked him how his day had gone.


“Just another day at the salt mine.  What’s for dinner?”


“Vegetable linguine.”


“You hate that.”


“Yes, but you love it and since I’m not eating tonight I thought I would make it for you.”


“Why aren’t you eating?”


“I don’t feel so good.”


“What’s wrong?”


“It was probably something I ate today.  Your fault by the way.’


“My fault?  How is it my fault?”


“I was able to take a long lunch today so I called you to see if you would have lunch with me, but no one could find you so I ended up going to lunch with Dave and having lunch with a customer.  Where were you?”


“Probably out in the warehouse.”


“Anyway, I had a large Greek salad and I’m thinking the salad might have had some bad olives or mushrooms.  My stomach has been queasy all afternoon.  I’m going to go upstairs and lie down.  Don’t worry about the dishes, I’ll get them tomorrow.”


“Just my luck.  I was planning on getting frisky with you tonight.”


“Sorry honey, but I don’t think my tummy could take the bouncing.  I’ll give you head as long as you don’t mind if I don’t swallow.  God knows what that would do if it got mixed in the mess that’s in my stomach now.”


“No sweetie, it won’t kill me to go a day or two without.”


Good, she thought, two days should give my pussy time to tighten up. 


Whether two days would have been enough or not she never found out because on day two her period started.  When Tim got home that night she offered to give him as much head as he would like and then she casually dropped the comment: 


“Or we could try anal sex.”


“Damn it Sarah, why do you keep after me about that?  You know that I think that is disgusting and perverted.”


“I keep trying Tim because I want to see what it is like.  I may not even like it, but I’ll never know if I don’t try it.  It would be perfect for times like this when I’m on the rag and it is automatic birth control.  I wouldn’t even have to put in my diaphragm.”


“Well it isn’t going to happen Sarah so give it up.”


“Yes dear.”




The rest of the week, knowing what Tim was up to, she kept an eye on her rear view mirror and watched him follow her to work.  She watched from Dave’s office window as he parked down the street and watched the office and then she watched him follow her home.  By Friday she was so pissed at Tim she was sorry that she had cut off Dave.  It was irrational of her and she knew it because after all she had been cheating, but she was still pissed at him that he could even think that of her.  Didn’t he know how much she loved him?  Following her to see if she was cheating?  The very idea!  It would serve Tim right if she did go into Dave’s office and spread herself out on the leather couch for him.


She had a lot of time to think on her drives to work and then home and she tried to think of what she had done to make Tim suspicious.  She knew she hadn’t said anything to give herself away.  She came straight home from work every night.  She didn’t have a ‘night out with the girls’.  She had gone over their bedroom with a fine toothcomb after the two weeks Brian had slept with her so she knew he found nothing there.  Could he have seen her go into the hotel on the Tuesday’s she met Brian?  No, not likely.  They had stopped that before Brian went on his trip.  The only thing she could think of was her pussy.  Maybe it had started feeling different to him.  Loose – could that be it?  She had started feeling loose to him?  She hadn’t even thought about that, but with all the sex she had been having with Dave and his customers she probably wasn’t as tight as Tim had been used too.  Well time would take care of that and she wouldn’t have that problem anymore because Tim was the only one who would ever fuck her from then on.




That was a lie of course.  Dave had almost nailed it when he said she would be back in his office and on her knees licking his dick within a week.  Actually it was three weeks and even then she told him that her pussy was off limits.


“It is Tim’s pussy and only Tim’s pussy.  I’ll give you blow jobs and since Tim won’t give me anal sex you can have my butt too, but that is all.  You and only you, no customers, not even one.  Maybe Melvin if he can sneak past Jenny, but that’s all, agreed?”




Dave of course told Brian that he was back to doing her and Brian called wanting to get back in the game.  She hated to do it, but she shut him down.


“I can do Dave because he is here inside the building and we have all the privacy and security we need.  With you I could never be sure that Tim wouldn’t follow me again or hire a private detective to do it.  I’m a hundred percent safe doing it in Dave’s office, but anywhere else would be a question mark.”


“So I’ll just come to my good old frat brother’s office and we can do it there.”


“No Brian, no!  And I mean it.  I’m not taking any more chances and when I hang up I’m telling Dave that if he lets you come over I’ll cut him off cold.  It was fun, I loved it, but it is over!”


Well, that was true, but only up to a point.  At every one of Tim’s company Christmas parties over the next fifteen years Brian managed to get her into an office and screw her.  On those nights it didn’t much matter because Tim go so blitzed he wouldn’t have known loose from tight even if she would have given him sloppy seconds, which of course she never did.








It was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and they were lounging by the pool at a resort hotel.  She was working the New York Times crossword puzzle and he was lying on a blanket looking at her. 


“Sarah, can I ask you something?”


“Of course you can love” as she tried to come up with a word for five down.


“Have you ever been unfaithful to me?”


Without looking up from her puzzle she said, “Yes dear.”


“You have?”


“That’s what I just said.  What’s a nine letter word for fatigue starting with T?”


“Tiredness.  I’m not kidding Sarah.”


“Neither am I my love.”




She looked up from her puzzle and stared into space as she thought back.  “Let’s see now.  It would have been twenty, no – nineteen years ago.”


“You aren’t kidding me, are you?”


“No Tim, you asked, I answered.”


“Who was it?”


“My boss Dave.”


“For how long?”


“Five days.”




“Because you pissed me off so bad that I let Dave have me.”


“I pissed you off that bad?  What the hell did I do?”


“You somehow got it in your head that I was cheating on you so you rented a car and started following me.  Did you honestly think you could park down the block and watch the building and not be noticed?  You thought that none of my coworkers who had seen you at countless company picnics and Christmas parties would recognize you?  I hadn’t been at my desk ten minutes before a dozen people wanted to know why you were parked down the street watching the building.


“It didn’t take an Einstein to figure it out.  I spent the entire day with people looking at me and thinking I was a slut who had been caught onto by her husband.  I kept getting up and going to the window and looking out and you would always still be there.  By that afternoon I was so pissed at your lack of trust that I decided if you were going to give me the name I would play the game.  Dave had been coming onto me since the day I hired in so I went into his office and told him I couldn’t fight it anymore, I just had to have him.”


“Why only five days?”


“You only followed me for five days. You stopped following me, I stopped screwing Dave.  What’s a seven letter word for oracle starting with a P?”




“Why did you start following me?”


“I don’t know, I just had a feeling.”


“Well I’m glad you had that feeling because I never would have given in to Dave otherwise.”


“You were glad you gave into him?”


“You bet.  I got something that I always wanted.”


“What was that?”


“Anal sex.  That was the deal.  He could have my ass, but that was all.  Mouth and pussy were yours exclusively even if you didn’t trust me.  I felt I could give him my pooper since you didn’t want it anyway.”


“Just the five days and that was the end of it?”


“Yes dear” she lied remembering all those days bent over Dave’s desk while he plowed her ass; right up to and including the day before they left for this trip.


“And that was the only time?”


“Yes baby, now be a sweetie and put some more lotion on my shoulders.”


“Yes dear.”